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Another guy comment. First of all, I like this site's scientific approach. The variation amongst humans--despite our fundamental similarities--is intriguing. But let me just state for the record, as a guy who enjoys nipples, areolae, etc., the most important factor is the person they are attached to. You have no more control over your breast size, shape, etc., than your nose size, skin color, hair distribution, etc. We all have to play the hand we are dealt. Don't let any magazine fill you full of uncertainty. Your breasts are fine! The fact that they are attached to you, and you are a great person makes your breasts great!


Thank you so much for this! I have flat, slightly inverted nipples, which I've felt a bit self-conscious about. When I've seen pictures of naked in movies and such, I've always wondered if there's something wrong with me, or if my nipples simply aren't finished developing (I'm 19). Now that I know I'm not the only one, I don't think I'll care at all if anyone comments.

Again, thank you so much. The myths surrounding breasts and nipples are many, and I think many girls in their teens and twenties feel really self-conscious about not having "movie"-breasts, since those are "the normal ones".


I'm 22, I have inverted nipples and always felt that was normal until my Dr pointed it out at a check up at 16. I had a rough time breastfeeding, I pumped instead. But I think its awesome because I can go without a bra with a cute dress and ppl cant tell if "I'm cold ". I like they are different, my friends joke about them but then tell me they are kinds jealous. So I say embrace it and if you're confident about them, than whoever sees them either won't notice or love ur confidence.

Here are some things to cheer you up:

In a bus filled with 100 people(...its a very big bus, okay??), there will be about 10 to 20 people that have inverted nipples! That means there is a good possibility that the person you fancy has encountered one of those and won't find them unusual or weird in any way. Phew, I just felt a large rock fall off my shoulders right then...

I read more than 10 reviews in the last 15 minutes saying that the person's boyfriend/girlfriend/husband loved/found nothing wrong with their nipples! If you have a baby, he/she will love your nipples to death too, I promise!

For those of you under 20, there's even a big possibility that those nipples will come out of hiding over the next few years!

16 and feeling gOoD aboUt MySelf, BeCca.

I have inverted nipples myself in a pinkish-orange colour... In my teenage years I used to be so self-conscious about them that I never took off my bra in front of other people. Years later, I have a partner who absolutely doesn't mind my nipples at all. He even gave them cute nicknames. So don't spend too much time thinking about your body being different .. Someone will appreciate it!


I had really sore cracked nipples the first week I was nursing my daughter. I was putting Lasinoh cream on my nipples, but it was so thick that putting it on was painful. Then, a friend suggested the Made from Earth Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy.

Wow, what a difference, it is oily but goes on smooth and heals the nipples like you would not believe. It does have a GREAT smell. Highly recommended!


I'm 22 years old and I'm currently trying the niplettes. I hope they work. My husband doesn't seem to care that they are inverted but I sure do and always have since I was a child. I wanted to have surgery but a comment on this website has now scared me that it might not work and could just cause scars. So hope this works. I think I will try piercing them for a while too if this works it doesn't go back in..


I am 20 years old and have inverted nipples. For years I've felt embarrassed about them and wont want anything to do with it. When I take a bath or get extremely cold they do pop up but they sink rite back in. For years I've tried to stay out of relationships because I was always afraid of what my partner would say. Although it looks good in a bra my self esteem has fallen dramatically because of it. Thanks to this website I now know that their are many other people like me with the same problem. I am now thankful for the body that I have and any relationship that I try to enter the person will just have to understand!!!!!! Thanks


I am a teen and was so worried that i had breast cancer because of my inverted nipples and Montgomery glands. I am still growing so i was wondering if that was just a part of growing up or if it was truly something to be worried about. This website helped me soooooo much and i feel much better about myself. Thanks so much!

I've one inverted nipple, my right. But my left is normal! Sometimes it's white inside, sometimes it's irritating but I'm not feeling pain. It makes me confused!


I am very thankful for this website, I was worried about how my breasts look and by reading this site I realized I'm not the only one. Bodies come in all kinds of shapes and just because your nipples don't look like a hot pornstars that doesn't mean there is sonethong wrong. Be proud of what you have and work it girl : ) thank you again!!!

Shanay Johnson

I am 16 and I am very conscious about my breasts. I know I shouldn't be because my breasts are "normal" but I am. It's not much that I don't like them, I just don't really want other people to see them bare, not even a doctor. One of my nipples are inverted, but it I don't really mind it that much. My other nipple used to be inverted, but it eventually popped out. Being a teenager, and a late bloomer, I hope that the other one will pop out soon too, but this site has made me more comfortable with it being inverted. We are all only human, nobody is perfect.


I truly appreciate this website... I was feeling insecure about my 21 y/o breast and after looking at this website & reading the testimonies of the other women I am grateful for the breast that I have and now feel that they are more beautiful & help define me as an individual... Thank You so much!!!


I am 18, have inverted nipples and have almost always felt self concious about them. Fortunately this site has opened my eyes and is allowing me to accept myself a bit more.

I do worry about breast feeding but hope that this will sort itself out if/when the time comes. I would never pierce my nipple or get plastic surgery to right this problem (I have a low pain threshold) but thanks to this site I don't feel that it is a wrong at all.


Hello, I am in my mid 20's and I was born with severely inverted nipples. After years of feeling shy and embarrassed about my breasts, I tried accepting myself and my breasts for how they where and I found a partner who did the same. A while later we were blessed with a child and I even managed to breast feed for a whole year. (It was painful at first but it soon eased). One of the side effects of breast feeding was that my nipples where no longer inverted. However after a month or two my nipples sunk again but they came out again under the right circumstances. Still they were mostly in and this made me feel insecure. I looked up treatments and found that piercing the nipple and leaving the barbell in for 6 months stretches the short tendon allowing the nipple to stay out. So this is what I did and I have never felt more confident, I no longer have inverted nipples.


I'm fourteen and mine are still embarrassing to me, even if there is a possibility that they will come out on their own, or that there is a possibility that I can bring them out over time. (No surgeries for me. Thank you!) But it's nice to know that it might be achievable. I also feel kind of weird looking at other people's nipples online, but seeing that other people have this, for lack of a better word, problem too helps me feel a little more secure.


When I was in the hospital 12 years ago trying to breast feed my son, the nurse told me I had inverted nipples. I had no idea what this meant. Even after all these yearsI have felt "abnormal" and "less than" with regard to my breasts, until I saw this website. It's amazing to me how different our breasts and nipples actually look. I feel much better after seeing that "no two sets of breasts are alike".


I have an inverted nipple and to those people out there, be strong, because u are human, and just because you're different doesn't mean a thing. So keep your head up high and always remember that you are special in your own way, and GOD brought yuo here for something.


I'm fourteen and I have pale inverted nipples. I used to think that I was the only one who had them and at times would worry that it was some sort of breast problem, but luckily I found this website and found out that a lot of women have inverted nipples (since I've never seen anyone with them before). This website helped me loads and I'm not worried about my breasts anymore. Thankyou!! This site helped A LOT!!! xxx


EEEK I know inverted nipples are normal. But I still feel conscious about them! I just can't help it even though I know teenagers have a chance of growing out of them because I got it from my mum's side of the family. My grandma, mom and older sister all have them. I ABSOLUTELY hate them, even though they are normal.


I have always been self-conscious of my unusual nipples. I was confused about them. I have inverted nipples on the left side while normal nipples on the other side. I felt very embarrassed and ashamed of them. I'm single.
Your site has helped me understand more about my nipple.
Thank you so much!

I am so relieved to see that there are ways to possibly reverse inverted nipples. I actually only have one that is and it has always made me feel self-conscious and uneven since the other one is normal. It has also worried me for future breastfeeding purposes that I might only be able to from one side. This site has brought much relief, Thank you.


I have inverted nipples (as well as tuberous breasts) and have always felt very embarrassed and ashamed of them. I even had surgery to get them to become non-inverted, but the surgery didn't take and they re-inverted. However, every guy I've been with has not seemed to care at all and didn't see what I was making such a big deal about. They still thought my body was beautiful. So now they're exactly as they were, except now I have permanent scar tissue from the surgery, and they weren't such a big deal after all.


Hi, I'm Mary Jordan. I found your web site and it made me feel so much better about my breasts. To me, I have always had weird looking breasts, but looking at your site made me understand that breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and they all aren't the exact same. I have inverted nipples or none at all, I can't see them or even attempt to pull them out if they are there. My mom said she had the same thing and when she became pregnant she got hers. But it has always made me very self-conscious of them, never feeling beautiful with them. I showed my doctor one day because I was confused about them, and it didn't help that she gave me a weird look when I showed her them. Oh well. Your site has made me feel so much better about them, that I'm even willing to have my picture there to show other girls my age or older that my breasts are beautiful too. Thanks so much.


I have always been self concious of my pale and inverted nipples since my early teens. It didn't used to bother me too much though because I always thought that they would maybe start to protrude over time. My mother's nipple protrude quite a lot and are very dark, so therefore I just believed that as I got older mine would follow suit.

However, as I did mature, my nipples stayed pretty much the same only darkening slightly. I have a really supportive man who has never said anything negative about them, and has never been able to understand why they concern me so much. This made me realise that if they don't worry him then why should they worry me? Many friends have seen my breasts and no one has ever said anything critical about them. Also my guy really likes them and the challenge of trying to get them to come out!

Despite this, by the age of twenty one I still felt inhibited by my inverted nipples and made enquiries about corrective surgery. While I was looking at information for surgery on the internet I came across this fabulous website! I am so pleased that I found it. It has saved me so much money, pain and insecurity, because as soon as I saw all the pictures of different nipples, I realised that I didn't need need to do anything drastic like surgery.

I've realised all women are different and that's a good thing. I also felt rather silly for worrying about them and what people thought of them for all of this time. I came to the conclusion that the only person who had a problem with my nipples was me!

I spoke to a friend recently who has very erect nipples and expressed how I had felt until I discovered this website. I was amazed to discover that she has always been envious of my nipples because I can go bra-less without worrying about them protruding obviously. So there can be a good side to every situation!

It's been a few months since I discovered this website and I can't thank you enough for the reassurance it's given me. I just hope that it helps other people as much as me, because we're all different and I now realise that is a wonderful thing.

You've made me feel so much better about myself - Thank You x