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I am a man... but totally understand what women are going through. We males go through it as well (height, muscle size, penis size, etc.). Unfortunately, the crush of media and marketing push an "ideal" body image that in most cases is not real. Whether the model is starving themselves (which is not healthy) or they are being photoshopped, this is sending the wrong signal to the world.

It is definitely NOT true that all men like big breasts! I personally like smaller breasts (and I know that there are plenty of men who agree). The thing is that all of our preferences are as varied as all of our personalities are varied. The are guys who like big breasts and those who like small breasts... there are guys who like tall women and those who like short women... there are guys who like thin women and, yes, there are guys who like heavy women. Therefore, everyone needs to be comfortable with who THEY are and they will attract someone who loves them for who they are! As far as breast size is concerned... you can be sexy no matter what size you are!

And finally, I concur with the other men who have commented that we do not like breast implants! Natural is the way to go.


Ever since my breasts started to grow bigger around the age of 13, they have always been saggy and I have a very large areola area, and my nipples only pop out when I get aroused. They are a D but are hard to fit into bras because of how large the areola is, so it always comes over the sides of the bra. I have always been very insecure about it, but since looking at this website I have found that I'm not the only one, and that a lot of other women suffer the same problem. I have always thought I was on my own but now I know that I am not :)


I have looked at the pictures and read some of the stories that accompanied them. This is very sad to think that the size and shape of your breasts have such a huge impact on the way you feel, and worry of what others may think. Each and every one that has posted on this site is perfect in every way. Don't think that you need surgery; be real, don't be fake. Men worry too: we all want the big penis but we learn to live what we have. People love you for who you are not what you can become.

Bill Phillips

Just want to say I love breasts. I used to be attracted to women that were beautiful. They were shallow and I've lost my life savings chasing after them. My friends told me hasn't beautiful caused you enough trouble! So I looked inside myself at what I really want, and I have found that the best people DO have some flaws and some of those people are nearly perfect. I am happier than ever with my tomboy that digs in my garden with me and wants a horse. Heh heh, go for it, it doesn't matter how you think you look, it matters how you live life. Be happy and everyone will notice you; and for better reasons than nice boobies.


"A huge proportion of American women are not happy with their breasts."

WHAT? WHY? Boobs are great in every aspect, and should recieve loving care by all of society. Some of the best breasts I've ever seen were very small. Some of the most attractive women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing have fairly flat chests, not to mention their great personalities and high intellect. Don't get me wrong, boobs are great. However they're just one part of a woman. They're part of a bigger picture.

Take the paintings inside the Sistine Chapel for example. Together, they come together in a beatufiful display of images that invoke emotion. Take out any significant part of the paintings and you're left thinking to yourself, "Wait, is something missing?" The same goes for a woman's breasts. While they are very nice, they're not everything.

Boobs are nice, but not everything.


I'm 5'2 and a 38D and I love this site! I've hated my breasts for as long as I can remember having them- I know how they look in the mainstream world and in porn, and mine, in my mind, always looked distorted and saggy and just plain ugly. I feel so inspired by this site and a little bit happier and accepting. Although I have yet to fully accept myself (breasts included), I'm slowly getting there.

An insecure teenager

Personally, I do prefer smaller and I am not going to lie about that. I am allowed my preferences just as anyone else is in regards to this. I haven't refused to date and admire a beautiful woman if they had "tiny", large or massive breasts. I do admit that the larger and massive ones were definitely intimidating, but after a couple of hours I forgot about it. I will also admit I am way more of a leg man than a breast man, so I guess it's easier for me to not really be bothered by whatever size, shape, type, perkiness, drop, etc.

My wife is not the most endowed woman on the planet and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. If she had large breasts it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I fell in love with the most beautiful person I have ever met. We both fully agree that our current society has WAY too much emphasis on "Bigger breasts" and how you'll be a happier woman if they grew to larger sizes and all that crap. It's really no different than how models (the super skinny, long torsoed ones) are really not the natural and normal ones. Technically they are defective on an anatomic scale, but people see them posing rather fake and want to look like them. I don't get it and I don't like it.

I do think that people should be more accepting of what they are naturally given and at the same time I wouldn't blame any woman for getting a reduction if they really feel it will help their situation. I don't think enlargements are worth it, at least not for women. Yea, men dig it, but whatever. Realistically, it shouldn't matter if you're overweight, short, tall, small, large, perky, droopy, large nippled or not, small areolaed or not. We are all born different (identical twins are the obvious exception, but also apply) so why should it matter. I am sorry though because as a guy our eyes tend to wander and it's not meant to be as offensive as it usually turns out to be. I can only relate in the sense of when I'm stopping at the store on my way home from work and I'm filthy. The area I live in doesn't match how I look, so I tend to stand out and people do stare or on occasion say something rude. Yes, I know this is nowhere even close to what most women (and apparently some men too) have gone through. The point is that everyone can understand in their own way but some choose not to and instead choose to be rude, disregarding and just plain mean. If I wouldn't like someone saying it to my sister then I'm not saying it to any other woman.

I like this site and what it's here for. I made the choice when I was younger to educate myself on anatomy and the real "variety of life" so this isn't a big shocker to me and really is just common sense in my book. I do hope more visitors come by and learn something. I hope it opens many more eyes than it probably already has, but being a realist, I have my doubts.


I feel your site is very useful tool to all women. I am a 25 year old women with 34DD boobs, they are perky, and I have been asked at least 3 times if I had fake boobs. I feel like plastic surgery is now assumed because that's the only way people think you can have perky boobs. Some people are just naturally skinny, tall, red-headed, or have "PERFECT BOOBS" etc! I am tired of being judged simply for being me! I LOVE MY BOOBS AND HAVE NEVER HAD SURGERY!!


Okay, well, I'm 17 years old and I'm a 32AA. A lot of people make fun of me when I'm in school, out of school, in the locker room, etc..

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this site. Before I found it I was looking for "how to make boons grow" and now that I've seen it I know I'm not the only one who has the same issue. Everyone's comments made me feel so much better. I felt like there isn't a thing u couldn't do. I feel happier and pretty. I love to say it, BEAUTIFUL! I don't have to hide anymore. I used to wear the padded bra and it never felt good because everyone thought they saw something that was 'real'. Even my boyfriend told me I was crazy to think I wasn't pretty. And he told me he loved me no matter what. But you're all beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing, womanly. Embrace your small brests, ladies :)


I guess it's a good thing seeing people on here regaining their self-confidence and accepting them selves just as they are. As a guy I never thought issues like this could get people thinking all sort of things and losing their self esteem or something like that. But am glad to read these testimonies about people getting to accept themselves as they are and carrying on with their lives knowing they are not abnormal. One thing is for sure you always will meet a perfect match who will accept you just as you are. Great work you are doing here keep it up, God bless you


For a long time I have been concerned about my breast size simply because I have always felt like they aren't big enough for my body.. I have always been a plus size girl wearing clothes that range from an 18-22, and my breasts have always only been a B-C cup, sometimes finding clothes that fit my mid section and breasts can be hard because it seems a lot of plus size clothing is made to accommodate larger breasts.. However I am finally learning that my breast size really is ok, currently I wear a 42C and have begun to be more confident not only in my breast size, but also my body type as well. Finding this site also helped a lot with that as I read some of the posts.. It helped me really see that everyone is different yes, but we are all beautiful too. So thank you!!


You all would have to appreciate that your concern is mirrored in, well, you know, um, what makes a guy a guy (blush). Maybe guys like me are clueless. As far as I am concerned all of these pictures seem to be about right given height, weight, etc. I know that this is supposed to be a sex-free site, but please know that what is attractive is more than what's sitting on your chest.


I've always hated my breasts. I started developing in sixth grade, got my period the summer after (even though Im the youngest in my class). When I was in jr. High I gained alot of weight. At 14 I was a 38DD, and my pediatrician said I may want to consider a breast lift. I know now that theyre normal, but I wish they could be more the way they were before my massive weight gain, a 38C, and non saggy. This website is excellent and will use it to educate my future children :)


I was very excited to visit your site. I felt that my breast were "freakish" because they were large and saggy. I feel better about myself and now realize that there are people out there with the same type of breasts I have. THANK YOU!


I'm a 14 year old girl and I just about fill a 32A. I am so embarrassed by their small size. All my friends are B's and I feel like the only one with small breasts. I am so nervous to begin freshman year, afraid of people(especially guys) making fun of me. I didn't get my period until a little less than 2 years ago and I'm not sure if I'm still gonna grow... my friends say I'm done but I think they are just joking around. I'm so glad I came across this site to make me feel less self-conscious knowing I'm not the only one out there! thanks guys.

Beautiful idea to realize diffrent types of breasts, pictures of different girls and women, giving---guiding---showing importantancy of breastfeeding for babies to their mothers, also feeding their babies on time, never mind the place and the situation, whatever may be, in open public there too, because just like in a way that any adult person become hungry and can not suffer more for future to eat and to satisfy himself/herself....................................... More, I think every baby has its right to have a breastfeeding mother and of course on time. I think every mother should continue to brestfeed her baby till baby's age is completed. Thanks. I am really happy to watch a mother whenever a mother happens to be breastfeeding her baby in open, in public. Thanks.


Thank you so much! I was very self-conscious of my nipple size, but now I see that it's normal and that it's the same size as everyone else's, now I don't have to worry :)


I am so happy I ran into this website. I am 18 weeks pregnant and the changes in my breasts were freaking me out and making me totally self conscious. Thank you thank you thank you!


I'm 13 and also was curious about my boobs, I have a 38 C, I thought I was abnormal or something because I see tons of women with like perfect boobs. I have sorta large pinkish aerolas, and normal nipples. I was wondering why my aerolas were kinda like below where they are suppose to be. When I look in the mirror, I always wonder if sleeping in a bra for about 2-3 years is the reason why my boobs are weird. I thought they were like deformed or something. But this website definitely boosts my self-confidence, relieves me so much, and I feel comfortable knowing there are tons of women with the same thing as me.


This is a perfect website... frankly. This is really a confidence booster to so many unconfident women out there who have spent their whole lives in front of the big screen and think that your breasts should be like this. Whoever said a woman's breasts are supposed to be what? Go 007 boobs.


Hi. I'm 20 years old, I've always had larg breast: which I hated, because I thought it made me look like a freak and I wanted to be active as I used to be as a kid.... am still planning to get a breast surgery but after finding this site, I'm reconsidering.


My wife and I shared your site to talk about her breasts, so I saw quiet a few different types. I can honestly tell all of you ladies that you are beautiful.


I had a breast reduction when I was 18 because I had very large breasts for my body type. I was larger than a 34E and a size 8, it made me feel so uncomfortable and men used to always comment on them.... I am 28 now and I really just wish I had small breasts to begin with because now I have scars from the breast reduction, and I find it so hard to get into a relationship with a guy because of this... but this does not mean that I regret doing the breast reduction, because my breasts were way too big for my small body. I just really wish that I could have had small breasts so that I didnt have to go through with the breast reduction and have to live with the scars because it does get lonely being on your own. Guess I'll just have to find a way to deal with never having perfect breasts, or even normal breasts..

I have sagging breasts at just 20 and feel really embarrassed and have therefore never been intimate with any guy. I had planned on getting breast lift surgery done but have decided against it because I am not comfortable with getting the procedure done.
Thanks for this site, it has made me feel much better about my body.


Thank you for being a very informative site assuring many that they are normal and indeed beautiful. I am over 50 years old and my breasts are still changing. I wore my first 28AAA bra in the 5th grade. By the time I started menstruating two years later I was wearing a 30AA bra. In the 9th grade I was a 32A and perky. In college I was a 34B and today I'm a 36C and holding up well. For my age, they do look the best they have ever been without any kind of augmentation. Seems like I waited a lifetime to have such beautiful breasts. I wonder if from now it will only go south. My areola is light and large but my nipples are small. Probably a good thing since it doesn't show through my clothes even braless. Don't get hung up with what you have, just be thankful you have them and are healthy. Eat right, exercise, do your breast self exams, and get annual mammograms.


I just wanted to thank you so much for your website. My mom and sister have recently (my sister ALWAYS!) been extremely critical of my chest. Both seem to think I'm saggier than I should be, and my mom keeps saying that I'm going to have so many problems later on if I don't start wearing more supportive bras (even though I already wear bras with underwire). I have always hated my chest, ever since I developed, and I am so grateful to know that I am perfectly normal! I have been convinced that I was very abnormal and ugly, and it has been a source of extreme disgust for myself. I just can't thank you enough for having the courage to stand up against the media and give us a much needed dose of reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I do palette art strictly from natural moments, scenery with people, children/infants and women. Occasionally, I do pictures that include what I like to call a natural chest and I do nursing pictures as well. Whatever your natural breast appearance is, I can guarantee you that you are a fine work of art from God. I'm 34 years old, have been married for 15 years and have many different buddies and six brothers, a very guy background. When it comes down to if any of the guys really like woman or not...or if they think "this is the woman for them" has never, ever been a matter of breast size. Too, if it weren't for the many different sizes and shapes women's breast, fine art wouldn't be so fine. Just so you know...for me it's a woman's attitude that is the binding factor of true attraction.

I'm very very happy to see this site. Everybody needs to feel connection and that they fit in. It's unlikely that women would somehow feel comfortable enough to have a big meeting just so they can see each others breast, speak freely about it and discover for themselves that they are perfectly fine. Kudos to you for for doing just that! I will be putting up a website of fine art and this is a link that will absolutely be added. I really like what you have done.


PS - As a special thanks for producing this site, I would like to give you the attached palette art. Too, I'm always looking for more inspiration. I will accept any nursing photos, "a moment in time with infant" photos or natural posing women. The photos must have a certain sensitivity to them. If selected and used, I will gladly reply with the finished piece to the person that provided the photo. Although not necessary, I prefer a letter, long or short, letting me know the details about picture and if possible, why they want to have it turned into palette art. It truly helps the process. Please email me; naturalfineart gmail dot com.

I'm a straight male who found my way onto your website by accident recently, and was surprised and saddened by the large number of women who expressed insecurity and unhappiness about their breast size and shape. I've been puzzled by this and decided to write to you about it.

If women are unhappy with their breasts, that means that they think they fall short of meeting some standard. Where does that come from - who sets that standard?

The thing that struck me as I looked at the photos of normal breasts was that all the women who expressed insecurity had absolutely beautiful breasts (from a man's perspective)! They thought they were too small - I thought they were beautiful. They thought they were too large - I thought they were luscious. Too far apart? I would never have thought so. All the supposed flaws and defects the women outlined were completely invisible to me, a normal guy who's spent many years appreciating breasts, and the women who possess them.

Many of the women mentioned being teased when they were young. Was that by boys, or other girls? When we're young, we guys are pretty stupid, and we say and do stupid things without thinking about the current or future effects. But most of us grow out of stupid and become pretty reasonable, affectionate and caring adults. When we're young, we also tend to think that a woman has 3 sexual points of attraction, two of which are breasts, and those breasts should look like what they publish in Playboy Magazine. When we actually reach maturity, however, we realize a couple of things - a) very few breasts look like the air-brushed and augmented versions you see in Playboy, and b) a woman has a whole lot more interesting aspects than just those three - a couple of my personal favorites are how good a woman smells on the nape of her neck, even when she's not wearing perfume, or how wonderful the small of her back feels when I'm hugging her. So with maturity two things happen to our perception of breasts - they become less important in a woman's overall attractiveness, and yet somehow they become more attractive, in their infinite variety, because we men begin to appreciate them for themselves, not how they compare to some artificial standard.

There's another aspect of breasts you women should understand, too - for men (and perhaps this applies more to those of us who have indeed reached maturity), breasts are not merely objects of sexual lust. After all, in a relationship, what percentage of our time do any of us spend having sex? For me, the more consistent attraction of having breasts nearby is one of comfort, of nurturing. If this sounds odd to you, it may be that you think only nursing infants require comfort and nurturing. I never get to touch any but my wife's breasts, but I am constantly able to appreciate the beauty and femininity of every woman I meet. It's not their breasts themselves that give me that lift, perhaps it's more that the swell of their bosom is simply representative of the fact that there's a woman nearby, and many of us guys get to the point where we take real pleasure from having women around, because we've come to appreciate the whole woman.

So I think the point to my message is that if you've been bamboozled into thinking that your breasts somehow don't measure up, stop it. You've been fed a phony message by somebody, and it's tragic if you allow that baloney to make you feel bad for a single moment. A woman is a woman in every cell of her body and real men know that and love it. Every breast is beautiful to a man, and if yours aren't identical, that's great! If women truly understood how beautiful their breasts are, I think you'd all be walking around with Mona Lisa smiles, knowing that under your blouse you've got a pair of real beauties that every guy in the world would love to see, but only your partner gets to. It's simply silly that half the world's population, the segment that possesses this wonderful resource, doesn't seem to understand that.

Appreciate yourselves. We guys (who have grown beyond stupid) certainly do.


Thanks for making this site! I know it was made for women, but it's been very informative for me to know where my girlfriend stands, when compared to other women's breasts. She is a 34C. That is my favorite size, but she does seem to need some reassurance from time to time, that they aren't too small. ... After reading what other women have said about their breasts, I was surprised at how common women think their breasts are too big or too small, which is probably transferred to men as well as from men. When I see bare breasts in movie or on TV, they are always the same, big perky tits. When I see women in public, they have the same big, perky tits, because they are wearing bras and clothes. I haven't seen very many bare tits in person, so the bare ones I had seen in person, often seemed to be lacking. Now, after going through the galleries and seeing a lot of bare breasted woman that aren't porn stars or actresses, I realize that women have much more varied breasts than I had seen. I'll be more confident in my breast size choice, less critical for bare breasts I see in person, and I'll make sure my girlfriend knows that she has the best tits in the world! The truth is out, thanks.

Erik Stone

As a senior male who has seen and admired many a breast, I can honestly tell you that beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. So to those who are worried that you might not be beautiful to some mythical male, I say, don't worry- men are not the issue. There are as many men who will love your particular shape as there are shapes to love. The only issue is your having faith in the entire you as an incredible and valuable creation. Men are a poor gauge ofbeauty or personal worth- they only BEGIN to mature at about age 40, then they're hot on the heels of reverse-pubertry, and they're gone for at least another half decade or so... The important thing to remember is that you were made for a reason, and made beautifully you for that reason- so time to get on with life, and love yourself as you are.

To quote that modern philosopher Red Green- "I'm pulling for you- we're all in this together..."

Pax VobisCum.

I have just been reading further into your site, and the more I read, the angrier I get! To those women who feel they have large aereolae, or large / small / assymetrical breasts, I have to say- whoa girl- what are you thinking? I have read more insecurities under photos of exquisite breasts than I could ever have begun to imagine. Turn off the TV, ignore the magazines, and cancel your subscription to the newspaper- Now, get out there and live! We really are all beautiful, you know...



I am only 17 but really self-conscious and paranoid about my breasts and was searching the internet to find various places to have implants as I am 18 soon, but I stumbled across this website and I feel so much better!

Before, I thought my breasts were weird, and odd looking, however looking through the pictures on this site they aren't, and it really is the media that has made me so paranoid about myself. This constant image that every inch has to look perfect otherwise you are 'sexy' or 'good looking'. I still have some issues to work on as I am not confident with my breasts still but this site has made me realize that breasts aren't meant to be perfect and that I'm fine as I am, so it's the starting point :)

So thankful, great website. Many thanks


Hi, My name is Cheye and I'm a 15-year-old Asian-American llama enthusiast. I saw this site and had to share my story. So here goes:
I was really curious as a toddler, always getting into everything as toddlers do. My Mom was always really protective of me, never letting me out of her sight. to this day she still feels awful that the one time she let me out of her sight, I scarred myself forever. That day, she was making spaghetti. the water was boiling on the stove, and she ran quicky out to the pantry to grab some pasta. She thought I was strapped into my high chair, but apparently I wiggled out. She hadn't even been gone a minute when she heard a crash and a scream. I had somehow reached up and pulled the water down on myself. Thank goodness mom grabbed me, filled the sink with cold water, and dunked me in. Otherwise, my burns probably would have been worse. They were between second and third degree, and required a bunch of emergency medical treatment. Over the years, dermabrasion and laser treatments have drastically reduced my scarring, and I was lucky enough to not have major burn contractres, so my breasts were able to slowly blossom into a 34A. All my life, my scars have humiliated me, but I've come to love my breasts for what they are, small and scarred. This site really affirmed that feeling for me. Thank you so much, and I hope that all other girls with unique breasts can appreciate their truly beauteous bosoms!

I'm sure you hear this every day but thank you SO MUCH for your website/photo gallery. I'm getting older and was in mourning for the perky breasts of my youth and was actually not wanting to lose weight and get in shape because figured it would make them even saggier. I was considering a breast lift but didn't want the scarring and other complications. Now they seem fairly normal - isn't it crazy that we've all been so brainwashed into thinking that the vast majority of us should be ashamed of something we can't help and doesn't matter? What will I do with all the time I used to spend worrying?!! Men seem to be just happy we have them whatever shape they're in, bless them.
Thank you again, shelley

Hi, I'm 15 years old and I have a very small chest. My breasts began developing at a normal age, but they just never grew. I didn't like going swimming because I hated the way I looked in a bathing suit; I thought I looked childish. Because of my small chest, I became slightly obssessed with brests; I didn't know much about them, and since I didn't have any, I didn't really have any way to learn or know what they look like. Your website really helped me. Over the past couple of months, I've realized that there are people with small chests; something I never would admit to myself as I would call myself a freak. I continuously envy and yet respect actresses such as Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson because of their disregard of the media's views of "sexy=big breasts" and their self confidence. And I thank you for your website. It sends a great message and it is an enormous self-confidence booster.
Thank you, Paige

Thank you thank you thank you. I am 19 years old. My search tonight on the internet was for a breast lift or implantation. Other than my own, the only breasts I can remember seeing were those in magazines and movies. I constantly compared myself to them and I have been feeling so depressed about my breasts, that I was seriously considering surgery (yes even at 19 years old). I found this site by accident, and have been crying happily for the past hour. Thank you for showing the truth, it makes such a difference to me.


I'm so glad I happened upon this site. I'm 21 years old and have always felt bad about my breasts. It seemed to me that everywhere I looked, ever woman had prettier breasts than me, and I felt like an ogre. After reading the above and seeing the pictures, I feel a lot more normal and can say that I can learn to accept and love my breasts.


Hi, I'm 16.
I don't care about how people look. It's like the age old saying: "It's what on the inside that counts." I'm sick of some guys saying stuff to other girls like "Flatty, Sorry... *cough* flat *cough*"

But I'm also sick and angry about how some girls and guys call me a whore and a slut just because I have larger breasts. The teen world is a really twisted place! If you have small breasts you get discriminated, if have larger breasts you're titled as a whore. What in the world!?

Anyway I guess theres not much too be done about it :( But on the upside there are guys who still love and care no matter how you look. I have a loving and cute boyfriend who cares about me and how I feel. He's so sweet and smart. XOXOXO to you David!


I have a question concerning breasts if a person has hair around their nipples what is that from and what is the best way to get rid of it?


It's perfectly normal to have hair on the nipples, some women just have it and some don't. If it bothers you, use scissors to carefully cut it off. Don't try to pluck or pinch it off since you might cause an infection.

I think this is a great site and will help loads of girls because I know there are some in my school that are self- concious but just telling them they're fine isn't enough. They have to see it for themselves.

Thanks for the site, I enjoyed seeing the variety. I am 54 and blessed with somewhat sagging 34DD's that have breastfed 4 kids for a total of 7 years, for some reason they got a little larger after each pregnancy so I progressed from a 34C-34DD - of course the rest of me got a bit bigger too. I could have used this site 15 years ago, when I did feel a bit sad about the sag, but now I can see it's perfectly normal, also in much younger ladies. Thanks - Alli


Well I am 14. I wear a 34C, and I was always so pressured to have the "perfect" breasts. I mean, the guys that I knew always wanted a girl with really big, perky boobs, and hearing what they had to say on a daily basis made me feel like all guys wanted those same types of breasts. Sometimes I even judged girls boobs my own self, just to make myself feel better about mine. But now I relize that its normal to have small, saggy, or big breasts. Now I dont feel like I have to be so "perfect".

a very confused kid