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My breasts get very hot to the point of making miserable. I was told as a teen I had fibrous breasts. It was really depressing seeing my breast looking like a bag of grapes.
So, I started aggressively cooling my breasts with damp towel. I wrapped each breast in its own towel. I also placed damp towels under my arms as breast tissue extends to the armpit.
Well, when completely cooled, my breast weren't lumpy anymore.


Breast pain: Look at medications. Ambien, Sonata, Digoxin can cause breast pain. Any med that causes gynecomastia in men can exacerbate breast pain in this condition. Tagamet, Verapimil, Cardizem are among these. The PDR lists Ambien & Sonata possible side effects: breast pain. They can also cause bladder infections, yeast infections. I have had this pain since mid-2007. Some foods make it worse. Thank you for further suggestions. Have you tried eliminatting cheese, spices, especially Mexican food? Anything with peppers. I have had cysts surgically removed but the surgeon didn't take all of them. I have eliminated many foods, so many I've lost 30 pounds. I cannot wear a bra. The pain becomes excruciating.

Barbara, 36

I have had major breast cysts for as long as I can remember. I remember finding my first one at around age 12. I've had them aspirated, but they always just come back, so I don't bother any more. I had one doctor prescribe a drop of Lugol's Iodine every day (in juice or herbal tea) and that really helps. My current OB/GYN prescribes it for me also, but does so without knowing why or how it works. It definitely makes the cysts smaller. I'm now 51 and have discovered, through trial and error, that the cysts increase in size and discomfort when I have caffeine, alcohol, any citrus fruit, vinegar, or use antiperspirants. Since I started menopause, the cysts have become less, probably due to the drop in estrogen. I always had an increase in discomfort during my period. My body is extremely sensitive to all of these things, and has become more so with age. I used to be able to eat citrus fruit and vinegar, but can't touch them now. I've never heard of this anywhere else. Doctors look at me like I'm strange when I tell them about the citrus. Since I went through a round of fertility treatments in my late 30s, I have become more sensitive all over my body and can get swollen ankles and discomfort in all the areas that I associate with lymph glands or ovaries if I "cheat" with any of my list of forbidden foods. I'd be very interested to know if this citrus problem is more wide-spread than just myself and possibly one aunt. I don't believe it's ever been studied.

Dianne Torrey

I have always had breast pain, especially during PMS time. My mother was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast tissue, and had major pain as well. For me, just going up or down stairs hurt, even while wearing a bra.

I was recently told about Borage Oil as a dietary supplement to help relieve this pain. I've been on it for a while now, and am quite pleased with the results! Of course it's not absolutely perfect, but stairs don't bother me at all anymore.


My mother had her right breast removed when she was 32 years old in 1976. She was not given a mammogram or biopsy. She doesn't even remember being told why she had it removed. In 1997 she requested to get her medical files. SHE WAS DENIED!!! Ten years later (2007), she finally managed to get them. The diagnosis was, "Fibrocystic Disease". She remembers being in severe pain at the time. I ask, "If her breast was removed, shouldn't she have been given chemotherapy? and, Why wasn't she given a mammogram or biopsy beforehand?" For everyone that has been diagnosed with this disease, or are experiencing a lot of pain in their breast, please do not take no for an answer, seek out however many doctors that you need to and please, please, make sure you have all the facts before amputation is given. It's your God-given right.
By the way, on my mothers medical papers it also states that it was benign.

Marie Young

Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to have fibro cystic breast disease due to fibromyalgia?

Brandy Fair

Very informative. I like the fact that there is a website that calms my fears an lets me know that it might possibly not be breast cancer. Thank you very much.

I really appriaciated Cindy's story. I was a b-cup before I got pregnant with my first son, I grew all the way to an e-cup. I went back down to a b-cup. I have a small frame, 110lbs. I had a total hystorectomy when I was twenty because of fiber cysts, I also have them in my breasts, when I don't where a bra they get worse, I also have the discharge, the doctors just say it's normal, because they don't know what to say. I have tried other HRT (hormone replacement therapy) however that does not work for me. Recently my breasts have started growing I am now a c-cup, I also have been getting mammogram's on a regular basis for the past 10 years. However I am going to take Cindy's advice and try the shelf bra thanks

Stacey Nelson

I am a woman diagnosed with fibrocystic & the information I gained was for a paper I am doing. Some of the "treatment" methods I was familar with (vit. E & avoid Caff.) however, the looser under garments was the exact opposite as to what my physician had & has been telling me. I am going to give it a try. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP & WEALTH OF INFORMATION!

cathy acevedo

What about women that there breasts are not the same size they can't walk around with no bras on. I would feel ridiculous walk around one flopping the other point out. What can you offer me?

I realize many women are so used to the constriction of bras that they are not feeling comfortable with any movement their breasts might make.

But, really, breasts are supposed to move around when you run or move around quickly - how could they not? It's perfectly normal.

And while you're walking, they are not usually flopping that much. The movement comes more if you run or move around quickly.

So just do whatever you are comfortable with, try it out. Try go bra free a home first to see how it feels, to get used to it.

You could also try a somewhat tight tank top instead of bras - that restricts their movement some.

If you don't like it at all, use bras. It's not a life/death issue as long as your bras aren't too tight.



I felt a lump in my breast and had a biopsy. The doctors didn't know what it was, so they did surgery and removed it. Turns out it was fibrocystic. It didn't cause pain, but I'm better now. I just hope it doesnt reoccur.


I found your article very interesting. I was told I have a lot cysts in my breasts. Suffer from a strong pain. At the same time, the doctor told me, it is normal and I should not worry. But, I am getting contradictory opinions about the Fibrocystic breast disease and don't know what to think about it.


I think that not wearing a bra may help. But how do you expect a descent woman to walk aroud with out a bra on? I know that I would not feel comfortble like that. I am sure that many other women would not as well.

Britney Schaalma

please read Why Wear Bras? for more discussion about being bra-free and about bra alternatives.

I have had Fibrocystic breasts for 25 years. I have had fluid removed and biopys done. I have had severe pain and constant growth. One cyst was the size of a golf ball. I have had 4 or 5 that size since that time. At one point I was with a tech that counted 50 cysts in one breast during a sonagram.

It was suggested to me that I should stop wearing bras. When I found out I had this problem, I was a comfortable B cup. When the recommendation was made I was a full C cup. I figured out quickly that as long as the cysts kept growing, so would I.

I had to find some way to keep my growing breasts from reaching my navel. Bras are painful at times and confining, being without them seems to encourage growth. Everything relaxes and things appear bigger.

Anyway, I began looking for a comfortable bra that I could live with. To the shock of my husband and mother, I started wearing shelf bras. They allow me to maintain some form of support while not squeezing my poor breasts into continually shrinking bras.

I am now a full DD cup and growing. I have fluids removed regularly but have not had pain in a long time wearing these bras. I find the Chopper Shelf Bra to be the most supportive and comfortable.

I can't help the looks I get from the lack of covering my breasts so nipples and such do not show, but I got over that years ago. I do what I can to be modest and comfortable, but honestly do not care anymore. My health is more important than the social cops out there.

I am looking at surgery one of these days if the cysts do not quit filling with fliud, but until then I am going to keep doing what I am doing, it works.


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