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The truth about being flat - a visitor comment

I'm really sick of the way people make fun of flat-chested women. It makes me angry because there is beauty in diversity & hardly anyone appreciates that anymore. Now it's all about looking/being like everybody else, every other woman or girl out there...large breasts, fake tan, piercings, tattoos, highlights, same clothes, etc.

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with those things, per se... but it's unsettling when it seems like everyone's either a copycat or a clone. Being flat-chested is a paradox in my mind. You can either hate it & try to fix it... or you can fix your attitude about your body. I have many, many days where I feel uncomfortable in public without my trusty padded bra. I will admit to stuffing my bra at times. And yes, all my insecurities come to the forefront at the sight of large breasts. However, I have self-confidence in other ways. I'm a very pretty girl in my own way, I'm intelligent, articulate, witty, spunky, fun-loving, unique. I look good in whatever I wear.

So I'd like to share some uplifting thoughts I have with all the other girls/women who have felt low about their flat chests. I hope this will inspire you to feel a bit better, & know that there are people like you!

The Truth About Being Flat

1. It really isn't as terrible as it seems to be...really.

2. So you don't have breasts. Boobs, hooters, tits, whatever you want to call 'em. Okay. But that doesn't make you any less feminine, womanly, or attractive than a person who does. Remember that. No matter what ANYONE says.

3. Anyone who only cares about breast size isn't worth the time or the qualities you could bring into a relationship. Being flat-chested does not mean you should settle for jerks who can't appreciate you. It sounds corny, but it's a fact.

4. There are other attractive parts of the female body. Some people happen to be fixated on breasts only. However, think of your own special physical attributes that you like to show off. It may be your hair... most men love beautiful healthy hair. It may be your beaming smile, your glowing skin, cute rear-end, curvy hips, pretty eyes, or shapely calves. There's more to being attractive than having a big chest, or any chest at all.

5. Flat-chested women, like overweight women, are often the subject of this myth: they can't get dates, no one wants them, they're ugly, they're anorexic, unhappy with themselves, men don't want to have sex with them, & they're either lesbians or spinsters. I'm here to shatter that myth. Even if it's true for some, it isn't true for all. I'm very flat, a 34AA, & I'm still considered extremely beautiful by many people. I'm not anorexic... I have a slim pear-shaped figure & eat quite a lot. If you want further proof, look at the late Audrey Hepburn. A flat, pretty lady who had talent & style that still endures today! She stood out for having a different body type than most actresses back then but no one thought of her as unattractive. If she were in Hollywood today they would tell her to get implants but stay thin.

6. Rather than envy people with large breasts, feel sorry for some of them. Often the only reason men become interested in them is their breast size, while overlooking who they really are. This is something a flat-chested girl never has to worry about, because we'll know immediately what a guy wants. We're noticed for our compelling beauty, not how well we fill out a tank top.

7. Flat-chested women, like every woman in the world, come in all shapes, sizes & colors. Not all flat-chested girls are bony... there are some curvy & moderately chubby ones too. This is perfectly normal, even if your body doesn't resemble somebody else's.

8. If your partner senses that you don't love your body, how do you expect him/her to love it? Sure, no one's a perfect 10, but you have to be enthralled with some physical/mental/emotional aspect of yourself.

9. To young girls in high school: puberty is a tough time on everyone, even the girls with breasts. If other girls laugh at you for still wearing a training bra, they're only trying to dismiss their own insecurities at your expense & should not be taken seriously. Learn to adopt an air of "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." You'll be showing your maturity & that you're way more developed mentally than they are, despite their physical development. And if guys call you names for being flat, smile inwardly & say to yourself, "One day you might end up liking me; and you are not perfect either." You won't look like a Playboy Playmate, but trust me, they'll wish they'd been nicer to you in later years.

10. Being flat does NOT mean you should hide yourself in baggy clothes that disguise your beauty. In my hometown, many overweight women wear tight revealing clothing & seem confident... why can't we flat-chested women do the same, even if we don't have breasts? We have the right to show off our beautiful sexy bodies, no matter what anyone says or thinks. A flat chest is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not a deformity, it is simply one of the things that makes women physically different from one another.

11. Your flat chest isn't holding you back from becoming who you want to be & doing what you want to do.... attitude makes all the difference. If breasts open doors, particularly at work, I'd be wary of an employer who hired/promoted me based on that. Chances are, he'd expect me to perform non-work-related "duties" because of my breasts. There are flat-chested models, actresses, singers, dancers, beauty queens, mothers, teachers, wives, girlfriends, etc. A woman can be anything she wants to be & a flat-chested woman is no exception.

12. Finally... give thanks for your health. There are young women who have lost their breasts to mastectomies, women who had breasts but didn't appreciate them much. You may resemble a bit of plywood up front but at least you're healthy, and beautiful!


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