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Have you seen pictures of normal non-sexual breasts?

A huge proportion of American women are not happy with their breasts. The media images make them believe the ideal is big and perky breasts with an adolescent-type small nipple and areola.

But, in reality female breasts come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. These breast pictures are here to let you see normal breasts - big, small, sagging, asymmetrical; big areolas or nipples.

In fact, having asymmetrical breasts, where one is bigger than the other, is very very common. Most women have one slightly larger than the other. Also as we all know, size varies a lot.  Some women have practically a flat chest, some have so much bust that the mere weight of them can cause them backaches. According to statistics published in the Journal for Sex Research (vol. 24, pp. 177-183), almost 60% of women have the bra cup size of A or B (A-cup 15%, B-44%, C-28%, D-10%).  Of course, the size is not constant but varies with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and during the menstrual cycle.

Many young people growing up never see what normal natural breasts look like, and influenced by the media, think that pert big breasts are ideal and so many women opt for breast implants to 'correct' their breasts. Most teenage girls worry and fret over their breast development, some even to the point of suicide - which is a very sad comment on how American culture is influencing young people.

While young adolescent immature breasts do usually have a perky look, the mature breast (one that has gone through the changes during pregnancy ) often assumes more of a hanging position - or even sag.

Normal Breasts Gallery, part A
Women who have not been pregnant

These pictures include women of Anglo-/Teutonic European, Semitic, N. Mediterranean, and N. East Asian descent who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. But we are hoping for more volunteers, to show an even wider variety. The main point is: there is enormous variation in what is normal. Sizes and shapes vary enormously. So don't worry, ladies!

immature breasts of young woman
Small breasts of a 25-year old. She got stretch marks in her breasts during her quick development in puberty but they are very faint and not visible in the photo. Fairly large, sagging breasts of a 21-year old woman. She has not been pregnant.  Big breasts often begin to droop earlier because they simply weigh more.  Young immature breasts of a 20-year old.
female breasts tubular hypoplastic small breasts young woman's breasts
Breasts of a middle-aged woman who has not had children. These small breasts are widely spaced, have a 'tubular' or tuberous shape, and are narrow at the chest wall.  There is little glandular tissue, so unfortunately women with these kind of hypoplastic tubular breasts often have milk supply problems and need to supplement with formula. She's a young woman of 20 years of age - no children yet.
drooping breasts of a 20-year old who lost weight saggy breasts with strech marks and acne of a 25-year old Asymmetrical breasts of a 22-year old
This woman's in her early 20s, and her breasts started drooping after she lost a lot of weight. She also went from D-cup to B-cup. This lady is 25 years old. Her breasts have always been saggy and had stretch marks. Click on the pic to see a bigger photo and her personal comments. A 22-year old woman with asymmetrical breasts; hasn't been pregnant. She says, "I think it is very important that girls my age see that their breasts do not have to be perfect (indeed, mine are far from it)."
dark areola on breasts of a 18-year old girl 20-year old girl's breasts
An 18-year old with fairly dark and large areolas. 20-year old girl; has always been on the skinny side, she says. A 31-year old woman. She lost 20 kg weight between 15 and 18 years, and has been worrying about the sagginess issue.
lopsided breasts of a 18-year old girl breasts with pores and stretchmarks
"I am 18 years old, I have had different sized breasts since I was 15. I have learned to accept my breast sizes and come to realize that it really is not that noticable." A 19-year girl. "I've always been very consious about my breast i always thought they were too big. Growing up in school guys always made comments about them which made me feel even worst." Losing weight caused her breasts to sag more: "i'm not happy about it, but am learning how to accept my breasts new appearance." A 20-year old: "I was always questioning the normalcy of my breasts. I have always had streachmarks and pores on my breasts since my adolescent years when they gradually expanded. These are my breasts and I am proud of them. This site has also been helpful because I would have never had an outlet to show my breasts in confidence towards helping other women with similar inclinations."
lopsided breasts dark nipples
A 35-year old woman with one breast slightly larger than the other. A girl age 19 with fairly dark areolas/nipples: "Slim build, but love my huge nipples." A 20-year old girl: "My breasts are saggy and one is larger than the other. Nipple size is also different and I have stretch marks. But I don't care! I have accepted my breasts they way they are and I love them."
breasts with acne obese woman's breasts 18-year old girls breasts
"I was a late bloomer, and didn't get my period until I was 15. I was a C cup for a few years - and then I suddenly surged to a DDD.
I have also considered a breast reduction for "fashion" purposes, but since it's a pretty extreme procedure, and I have no back problems, and as I plan to nurse my children someday, I have decided not to do it.

The breakout all over my breasts and torso began a year ago when I went off the birth control pill. That has been very dissapointing. I always had clear skin, and this just hasn't gone away. Doc says don't worry about it and that it will eventually clear up.

I'm optimistic that my skin will clear up -- if it does, I think I could be proud of my breasts again ...And I think I'd have new perspective on my stretch marks and Montgomery glands ... in retrospect, they were NOTHING compared to the acne ..."
"I am what would be considered obese. The mark that you might see in the pic is a tattoo that I'd gotten a few years ago and I have my nipples pierced as well.
I'd started out as a b-cup when I was around the age of 10 and I guess I'm lucky b/c I'm only at a 44d now. I'll freely admit that pornography made me think that my breasts were ugly b/c they weren't as perky or as nice but I realize now that they more than likely had to pay for theirs and mine are 100% home grown. :) I have the stetch makes on them to prove it. :)"
"The gallery has made me feel a little better about my own breasts. Though i still do have some insecurities about them. i feel they are too small for my body size. I have diabetes (type 2) and am over weight. i think they are B cups, i don't know, i never where a bra. and they sag too.
But it does make me sad when i hear that breast at my young age (18) are supposed to be perky. As far as i can remember, i've never had perky breasts. and because of that reason, i would like to submit my own photo to the gallery, to show any teenager that happens to be looking that it's possible for breasts as young as mine to saggy."
A 28-year old woman, with slight asymmetry (which is so common and normal!). Also some stretch marks (not visible on the pic). A 23-year old, size 36B. "I don't like American sports bras-- my breasts still move a lot in them. While walking or working out I really like bras that restrict movements in the breasts as much as possible. I don't like bras with underwire-- they kind of hurt and cut into my skin." The same set of breasts as on the left, but pic taken while lying on back. "...breasts can be sloshy and are indeed affected by gravity!"

"I'm 19... I've always been happy with what I have. My mom has a set of DDs, and so did my grandmother. The women on my dad's side have big chests also. To be honest I don't want them! My friends think I'm crazy cuz it's supposedly "sexy" to have huge breats, but I'm much happier with my smaller set." "I just turned 19... I'm a athletic woman. ... During my young years of 15, I had a flat chest and was worried that I would never be a "real woman". But now I'm a size 34C. I have some signs of stretch marks, but its not showable in the picture. Many people think i have implants.. BUT I DO NOT! I now learn to love my breast wheather its big or small." "I am a 26 year old Black woman. I am 200lb and would be considered obese. I started growing breasts in the 4th grade and feel like they haven't stopped since! I was in a D cup by 7th grade and DDD by the time I graduated from high school. I took birth control from age 19-23 which propelled me to the size I am now, a 38H. ... I don't have too many breast complaints. I am of a hardy stock and only have back aches occaisonally. The biggest issue is bra shopping which can be like finding a needle in a haystack and can get expensive.

When I was younger and my body was maturing faster than other girls, I was embarrased by my breasts. ... As I got older I learned to love and appreciate my body. My breasts are a part of me. I'm curvy and beautiful and the twins are part of what make me the woman that I am.

I hope this helps someone! Thanks!"
breasts after breast reduction; scars showing
"THANK YOU for this wonderful site!!! I wish I had seen this years ago... I always thought I was a complete freak, but thankfully I'm over that phase! My breasts have been "rather pendulous" ever since I can remember, and I have put it down to a lot of things: that one time I forgot my sports bra in gym class, or my mom buying me the "wrong kind" of bra when I was young, or whatever... and yeah, I have lost a lot of sleep over it, dreaming of surgeries and pills and what-have-you, but in recent years I have come to realize that I really love my body and my breasts, and I can't wait to bear children and nurture them with my milk!... I am still quite angry that our society can do so much psychological damage to young girls, though, and it seems we've got our heads wedged about everything to do with women's bodies... so take what you learn from this site and start to be the change you want to see!" "I'm 18 years old, and I started developing at about 13 years of age. I always felt insecure about my size, especially because my friends had Cs and D cups at an early age. I eventually filled out and now wear a 34B cup. ... I used to want breast implants, but now I know better and I think natural breasts are much nicer." "I'm 21 years old ... and have never been happy with my breasts. I went from nothing to a B in about a month when I was in 4th grade. By 6th grade I was a C. 7th grade a D. 9th grade a DD. 11th grade a DDD. I've always been so self-conscious of my breasts--I had stretch marks by the time I was 11. I had a breast reduction 7 months ago (supposed to be a C, but have put on some weight so they're now a small D), and I'm truly a new person. While at the beach in Greece this summer, I took my top off and didn't care who saw me! I'm finally proud of my breasts, and I couldn't be happier! ... I obviously have scars now, but they don't bother me one bit--my breasts are perfect in their own imperfect way! "
22-year old, always had an average build (5'6", 130lbs). "Some stretch marks remain from the sudden growth of my breasts when I was 16 or so. Two things I know now that I wish I'd known earlier:
1) My breasts are perfectly normal and perfectly attractive (the documentary 'Breasts' by Meema Spadola was helpful, as is your website).
2) How to properly measure bra size. I went years wearing basically slings for my breasts until I happened upon a different way of measuring (on Oprah's website of all places). I'm so psyched about the support I'm now getting with my new size (34D, formerly wearing a 36C) that I want to tell every woman I meet about it!
"I'm nineteen, 36C. ... I do think that women are pushed too much towards perfection with their breasts". 27-year old, with size 38C. "I began developing ... probably around age 11, and my breasts grew so rapidly that they had bright purple stretch marks on them. I was horribly ashamed of them but was too embarrassed to ask anyone about it, not even my mother. I felt so insecure in my body that I used to wear a bra constantly, even to bed. The stretch marks are still there but have faded. I have scars on my nipples from getting them pierced when I was 21. I personally regret getting them pierced because it was painful.

Objectification of women in the media and the love/hate culture surrounding food and marketing has made me feel badly about my body. For example, I feel ashamed of being overweight, and I feel ashamed when I take off my clothes. ... I am trying to learn to love myself, accept myself for who I am, and take better care of myself. "
bra that does not fit
Bra that does not fit
large pendulous breasts A cup breasts
"My first bra was a 34B I think, months later I was already a C. I threw the stupid bra out and didnt wear one for a long time. I tried to cover up my growing boobs with tight fitting tank tops, but it didnt work. By the time I was 16 I wore bra's daily, none fitting quite right though. To my horror by the time I graduated high school I had grown to atleast an E! I was teased so badly by the boys at school. They called my bra a hammock!" (same lady as on the left)
"Now I'm 24, married to a lovely husband and he adores my big 'pillows'. My breasts have very thin skin and you can see thick blue veins underneath. I have vague stretch marks all over them. They're saggy, they're heavy, they get in my way, but they're mine! At times I wish they'd just disappear, especially when I try to do chores and they're in my way. But, in the end, they're there and I love them.
Now I just want to find a bra that fits."
"I'm 20 years old. .. I'm naturally very slim, though my mother is a 38DD! My left breast is slightly higher on my ribcage than my right, though they are roughly the same size (32A). I've always been unhappy with my small breasts and felt that I'd been short changed... I didn't feel 'womanly'. Combined with your wonderful website, I'm well on the way to feeling better."
right breast hangs lower small breasts
"I'm 27 and have 36D or sometimes DD breasts. My breasts have always had stretch marks, as I developed very quickly, and they have very light coloured areolas. I have been obsessed with the appearance of my breasts for a couple of years now, thinking that they were so much more saggy than everyone else's and wishing that they were smaller. I had thought many times about getting my breasts reduced, even though I don't have back pain and I really want to breast feed. After seeing your site, I realise how normal my breasts are, and that I can be proud of them and comfortable with them, whatever they look like." A 20-year old girl who has stretch marks along sides. She has always been slightly overweight and put on quite a bit of weight recently. A 28-year old woman with PCOS.
"I used to really hate my breasts because they are small-ish with large flat nipples, the left nipple noticeably larger than the right, and I always felt they had a sort of floppy appearance. But, over the years I have grown to accept and love them as a part of me- and haven't received any complaints. ;)
Your site was very helpful- it's great that there is a place where you can squash all the bull that we've been fed by the media. We're all lovely just the way we are! :-)"
lopsided breasts
This lady has lost a lot of weight but is still overweight (currently 5'4'', 170 lbs.). Breasts are asymmetrical with stretchmarks. "When I was younger, I was very self conscious. I even went to a plastic surgeon (who end up making me feel worse about my appearance, but I opted not to have corrective surgery). Every boyfriend I have had has been very supportive and loving (in reference to my breasts). I have found in my personal experience that men are just as concerned with their imperfections as we are with our own and they know that REAL women's breast are not what is shown on TV, movies, etc." A 21-year old; "I have lost some weight and my breasts are sagging." An 18-year old. "Though I've never been considered obese I was, at one time, rather chubby. I've been battling bulimia for the past year and a half. Just like the rest of my body I've always felt that my breasts are unattractive and far from "normal" because of the way they're positioned, their shape and the size of my nipples. ... I'm in the process of accepting my body and learning to love myself. Thank you for creating this wonderful site. It has really helped me put things in to perspective."
A 19-year old girl. "I've had big breasts since I was like 11 years old, and they are kind of saggy and low by now-not to mention they are asymmetrical-. A gynecologist wanted to make me undergo on breast reduction surgery and suddenly everyone in my family tried to talk me into it. It made me feel ugly and imperfect, though I like my breasts as they are. No one around me likes them and are still trying to make me have the surgery. I just want to say that I share my point of view with you and this website helped me a lot, so I would like to help other people as well.
Thanks for your attention and your efforts in making women feel good about themselves :)"
An 18-year old. "I lost 20+ lbs last summer, but my breasts have been sagging ever since i can remember. I was always (and still am) kind of embarassed about them because they do not look like the 'typical' 18 year old breasts; they are not perky, they have stretch marks, big areolas, etc.
I love your site, and I hope that all the photos on your page can help other girls and women not feel so insecure :)"
Age 30. "I've never been comfortable with my breasts - negative comments from men have made me very uncomfortable naked. I like having small boobs though, my friends with big boobs get constant staring/comments from men on the street!"
Scar on chest uneven areolas
Age - 26. "I have never been pregnant thus have never breastfed but fully intend to in the future. I am slightly overweight and my breasts have stretch marks all around them from where they grew so quickly. ... your site has helped me enormously in accepting my body the way it is. From the age of 13 when my breasts first began to develop I felt that they were hideous and abnormal because of my flat nipples. ... As I have grown older my nipples do now protrude when cold or aroused but they're still completely flat in their normal state. I even looked into plastic surgery to "correct" them. It is only now that I realise my breasts are perfectly normal and beautiful and I am so angry at the way women are made to feel about their bodies. We are all beautiful and richly varied and should be rejoicing that." A 34-year old lady, size 36D or E. "I am very active and jog alot and have noticed stretch marks appearing on the tops of my breasts within the past few years. I am also wary of gravity and so I wear a bra most all the time, except for sleeping, swimming and sex. I oil and massage my breasts frequently to keep the stretch marks at bay. ... I do get fine dark hairs around my nipples which I pluck out. I sometimes get ingrown hairs as well. I am also getting small colourless moles on the underside in the crevice, I think caused from blocked pores when I sweat. I have grown to love my breasts and enjoy wearing low tops ... However, I do not enjoy the lewd staring, touching and rude comments I receive, having to constantly wear a bra and boring tops, the discomfort of jogging during menstruational times and the hard to breathe harnesses aka sports bra I wear when exercising. "I have always felt insecure about my large nipples and shape of my breasts and only since I started reading up on my topic and understand that the western sexualization of breasts is not universal and definitely since your website, I am feeling so much better!! I am 27 years old, 1.64m tall and weigh around 9 stone (58kg). I would say I am average sized, not skinny but not overweight, I am feeling comfortable most of the times. My breasts have always been a bit saggy and my nipples have always been rather large. Also, one is bigger than the other and has a bigger areola. My mother has very large breasts, I wear a 34b and it's a comfortable size. I know my mother never liked her breasts and I am determined to break this circle, so my daughter (if I ever have one) will grow up with a more positive feeling for her body. Since I am swimming, I got a very different feeling for my body and especially my breasts. They feel stronger and more like a part of me, which they are and I will never ever have anybody rediculize them again (including myself). To all the women/girls out there, knowledge is power, knowing about these things helps so much, great sitexxx."
32A cup size breasts with large areolas small breasts
"I am 28 years old. I'm about 5'3" and 120 lbs. I'm skinny on top and full on bottom (32A-27-37) and I'm usually self-conscious and feeling very out-of-proportion. Thank you for showing a gallery of natural breasts at a time when our media is so censored with huge-breast and implant images. You are helping me begin to appreciate my own breasts more.
I would never take pictures of my breasts before, but I'd like to be a volunteer for your gallery. The more, the merrier!"
"I'm 19 years old. ... I have really large nipples [areolas] as you can see, and they make me very uncomfortable. ... I wish mine were smaller and "perky" like other girls. My fiance has no problem with them, and wonders why I do. It's all about the media.

... Your site has helped me a lot. I have been thinking about surgery since I was really young, but never thought I'd go through with it. Now I know there is no reason for it. There are many women who feel the same way as I do, and your site has obviously helped them out a great deal, too. No, I will probably never be happy with my breasts, but I do feel better about them now. They are me, and I might be able to change them with surgery and still be myself, but God made me this way for a reason. I have someone who loves me for who I am and I will NOT let models, actors or any other celebrity for that matter, get me down. They are fake. I'm me, and my breasts are a part of me. Thank you again and God bless!"
A 23-year old, size 34A. "I've been diagnosed with PCOS. I do tend to grow a small number of hairs around my areolas, which I pluck out. I always oscillate between liking my body and disliking it. This was helpful in spending more time liking my body than not. I've enjoyed having small breasts during various activities such as jogging and sleeping on my stomach; however I do tend to feel less sexy in general. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful man in my life who loves me for who I am and tells me I am beautiful and sexy all the time."
breasts breasts breasts of a 19 year old
"I'm 23 a y/o and I embrace my breasts, I know strange to hear. I wear low cut shirits with slight appearence of cleaveage. I am a C-cup which fits my proprotions nicely. My only complaints are they sag a bit and I had a major breast spurt from 9th to 10th grade and it inevitably made stretch marks." "When I was 14, I was a small C cup, but then I lost quite a bit of weight and have remained a small B cup ever since. I don't like the fact that my areolas take up a large portion of my breasts, I wish I had smaller areolas. But there isn't much I can do, besides surgery (which I won't get), but it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one out there with large areolas. I never thought that I would ever show anyone my breasts, but if it helps even one girl out there feel normal, then I'm glad. I also have PCOS, but I don't know if that has anything to do with the size of my areolas." "I'm 19 years old and have never been pregnant. I'm slightly on the over weight side and my breasts started to develop quite early (about 10) so they've never been perky because they are quite large. my left breast is a little smaller than my right. I'm happy with my breasts and their size and shape because they are mine and they are unique to me and girls everywhere should be proud of their breasts and their differences."
size AA breasts
pre-pregnancy - AA cup

38 weeks pregnant

3 weeks after giving birth
"My breasts were very small (size 36AA) and I used to wear padded bras and when going out "turkey fillets". I wanted to have larger breasts but didn't want surgery as I knew I wanted to breast feed exclusively if possible. I am a very positive thinking person, so thought on the positive side - small breasts don't cause problems when jogging, back ache, you can wear no bra when it is hot.
My breasts increased in size when the milk came in (I was very surprised when I saw myself in the mirror when my daughter was 3 days old - they looked like they had breast implants!!). ... Please use my photos to show women that even small breasts like mine can provide the full amount of milk a baby needs and give so much enjoyment to both mum and baby."
A cup breasts

"I though it is a wonderful idea to have a site that portrays natural and normal breasts, in internet that is saturated with sexually objectified breasts, which again can harm others self-perception.

I am 26- years old Northern- European woman, I have never been pregnant and have always been slender build. I used to worry about the small size of my breasts, but that was part of the insecurities that came because of the age and the unfortunate signals from society, of the "ideal feminine shape and its importance" that sensitive girls can pick up. I even thought of breast augmentation, on many occasions. I never thought that I could actually do that, and felt its wrong I should be thinking there is "something wrong" in being small breasted!

Nowadays, I like my breasts. I completely accept them, I think they are very pretty too. But most importantly, I just take them part of my body, part of me, like everything else, and I am accepting the way I am an individual with unique features, like everyone else is. It is wonderful that we all come in different shapes and sizes, I have finally been able to enjoy what I am. It is very liberating thought, and I want people who have insecurities to understand that it is achievable when growing as a person instead of going under knive! I have also always has "success" when it comes to opposite sex. Breast size never has been as issue. Femininity and character reaches beyond cup size! :)"



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