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What if I'm TRULY flat chested — can I get bigger breasts?

Flat-chested girls often wonder how to increase breast size; which is very understandable in this society where the pressure to have big breasts is so great. So here are some points as to what works in increasing breast size, and what doesn't.

What doesn't work

A flat-chested woman
A flat-chested woman

Things that do affect breast size

  1. If you get pregnant, that will quite probably make your breasts grow. Breasts will stay larger till the end of breastfeeding.
  2. If you are very skinny and thin and almost underweight, one option to gain bigger breasts is simply to gain some weight in general — some of that fat will get deposited in the breasts.
  3. It is quite understandable that many flat-chested women look into herbal breast enhancement. These herbal pills MAY sometimes, for some women, increase the breast size, but they don't make any difference for most. Also, the growth that some women get may not be permanent.
  4. Breast implants will of course make your breasts bigger. Unfortunately, they bring with them a lot of physical suffering and sometimes even a crippling disease. You will need several surgeries during your lifetime. Breast implants also will endanger your future ability to breastfeed.
  5. The bra industry has come up with various means of creating the illusion of bigger breasts: padded bras, silicone breast enhancers, gel inserts that are placed inside the bra.
  6. Birth control pills may for some women have the side effect of increasing breast size. This is because of the estrogen they contain.

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How do flat-chested women feel?

Because of the great emphasis that fashion magazines place on big breasts, flat-chested women easily feel embarrassed, that men won't like them, or that they are 'deformed' or outcasts etc. Please read few comments sent to this website and the answers.


hi, I'm 15 years old and I'm flat chested and I had my period when I was 11. My mom said not to worry but I do! I already have my pubic hair growing but not my breasts. I still wear training bras not real ones. My nipples are pointy but the rest of my breasts are not big. People, guys make fun of me! I need help! My mom had her breasts when she was 14 but what's happening to me?

I've been writing at several places in HUGE FRUSTRATION. My cup size is negative 2 inches (I'm 24). I am made fun of all the time even though I'm so old. I thought people only made fun in high school but since I look so young, like I'm 12, they won't stop with the comments. I'm so confused about how ugly I look that sometimes I feel like I need to start acting like a man to fit my image although inside I'm as girly as you could want. My question is: what are you supposed to buy in terms of bra when your cup size is negative 2 inches?? The bra industry makes NOTHING for people like me. I feel so left out of the game. All my female friends my age can wear bras and are beautiful. I'm ugly and guys HATE the way I look. But... so what do I wear?? I've been wearing an AA and it's too big for me and keeps riding up. It's not fun. How many girls % wise would you say look like me? Why are guys grossed out by my flatness? Why am I made this way? Is it bodyweight? I weigh ~120. I'm 5'6''. I hate myself.

I really like your articles on who needs breast implants but I'm sorry to say I still don't feel so good. I'm 32 going on 33. I have a flat chest like in grade school. I have severe depression just walking outside to get in my cadillac because there's always a prettier woman or girl passing me by, and I have to face it, men like boobs to look at. Is there anything that will make me feel better with surgery, because I'm looking forward to going to work in nursing home soon. Thanks so much for your time, tig

Having a small chest can be embarrassing in this land where big breasts are adored and emphasized to such an extreme... Actually, flat-chested women ARE to produce milk... so they're NOT lacking in that sense. They ARE women.

Guys or men will NOT necessarily be "grossed out" by this... maybe some would, but not all. How the man acts will also depend on YOUR attitude towards your body. If you hate your body, people around you may sense it, and that may then influence their attitude toward you. On the other hand, if you can accept your body and are happy, and take the best care of it you can, that will also affect how others see you.

You may think that men always are drawn to breasts and want to "play" with breasts. But sexuality is NOT dependent on breasts. It is based on love, and that someone loves you, he's not bothered by lack of breast tissue.

Men are drawn to whatever they are culturally taught to be drawn to. Men in the US probably want to play with breasts because they THINK they are supposed to do so... not because it is some kind of automated response. Customs are different in different parts of the world. In a loving relationship between husband and wife, they can tell each other what they might like and enjoy, and not just "grab breasts" or some other part... It's a mutual love situation, not some kind of scripted play that has to go according to some pre-written form.

And not all men are so totally obsessed about breasts. Read some of the visitor comments on Breast obsession and Breast gallery pages. Especially look for the occasional comments from males.

And, prettiness is not based on breasts alone... in fact that would be just a small part of it. Maybe you're always observing other women's chests — well quit. Look at their face or hair or legs too, or general apperance. Quit reading women's magazines with 'belief' — the models you see in there are not the norm, nor would they look like that without extensive help from makeup, camera tricks, and plastic surgery.

The lack of breast tissue does not make you an ugly woman! Most of us have some kind of imperfection in our body, yet most women look pretty in their own way — it is quite rare to find a totally homely looking person. And, one of the biggest things in being attractive is a POSITIVE attitude and an open and helping attitude towards our fellow men... people like to be around such people, no matter what size breasts or legs or buttocks.

It all boils down to the fact that the PERSON should be much more important than ANY body part. If people abide by this, then even flat-chested girls wouldn't feel so embarrassed. At any rate, people who care really about you, realize this and they care about you no matter what your breast size.

A comment we received in November 2006:

I used to have small breasts. Now I only have one. You see, I used to be unsatisfied until I got cursed with cancer in one breast and lost it because it was diseased. Now I would do anything to have that small breast back.


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