Tips for large-breasted women (common problems, clothing, bras)

Many are the teenagers and women who wish to have bigger breasts, thinking that large breasts are ideal. However, what many don't realize is that women with big breasts – DD, DDD (also labeled E and F), G, H, J, K, or L cup size – often experience problems with their large bust.

For some women, large breasts means back pains. They can also be on the way when you reach for things. Often women get unwanted attention from the opposite sex, or find they are not taken seriously. (This really shouldn't happen; it shows clearly how the culture views breasts as greatly sexually oriented.)

Another common problem is finding clothing that fits and/or looks good. Many women get painful grooves from bra straps on their shoulders.

large breasts

"I'm 35 years old, and I wear a 12E bra size. I find it very painful to wear a bra for more than 4 hours. My breast can be very sore, lumpy and I suffer from back and neck pain. I've been seriously considering getting a breast reduction and have been researching the internet looking for images."

38 DDD size

"I'm 23, I've been pregnant once and am currently breastfeeding my (amazing, beautiful, healthy, happy!) 8 month-old son, with no plans to stop until he decides it's time. I'm about 155 lbs, I've always been between 150 and 170, with little change in my 38DDD size. I don't have an eating disorder or anything; I've contemplated a breast reduction but I plan to have at least one more baby and nursing is so much more important to me than what my boobs look like! (Why risk the health of your precious baby to have "cute" breasts?? I don't get it.)"

large breasts

"Age: 26. For a while I was pretty self-conscious about sagging and areola size, but after seeing what normal breasts look like (from your website) I feel more confident about the size and shape of my breasts. During my teens I suffered from severe acne problems around the top of my chest area, and still have some dark spots from it."

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Very large breasts definitely bring problems, so on this page we have gathered some tips for easier life with heavy breasts. But first, let's look at a common question...

Can I make my breasts smaller?

Not really. There are only three ways to do this:

  1. Losing weight. Usually, when you lose weight, fat disappears from all parts of your body, including breasts. Warning (especially for teens): Do NOT try lose weight if you are already normal weight or skinny, because being underweight can cause health problems too. Also, dieting during puberty puts you at risk of mineral and vitamin deficiencies, which may affect your brain and your intelligence. If you want to lose weight, make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs even while dieting.
  2. Breast reduction surgery. For very large-breasted women breast reduction surgery can be like a lifesaver.
  3. Breast reduction by liposuction. This technique can be used only for minor reductions.
  4. So-called "minimizer bras" make the breasts appear smaller. They squash the breasts somewhat against the chest wall, and thus are not good for your breast health. It is best not to wear them for many hours at a time.

22-year old, always had an average build (5'6", 130lbs).
"Some stretch marks remain from the sudden growth of my breasts when I was 16 or so. Two things I know now that I wish I'd known earlier:
1) My breasts are perfectly normal and perfectly attractive.
2) How to properly measure bra size. I went years wearing basically slings for my breasts until I happened upon a different way of measuring (on Oprah's website of all places). I'm so psyched about the support I'm now getting with my new size (34D, formerly wearing a 36C) that I want to tell every woman I meet about it!

breasts of a 19 year old

"I'm 19 years old and have never been pregnant. I'm slightly on the overweight side and my breasts started to develop quite early (about 10) so they've never been perky because they are quite large. My left breast is a little smaller than my right. I'm happy with my breasts and their size and shape because they are mine and they are unique to me and girls everywhere should be proud of their breasts and their differences."

"A 35-year old female. Has birthed two children, and breastfed one for 3 years. "...I have always been self-conscious of my breasts, as they've not only never been "perky," but seemed to have grown in pointing very "down." I'm so happy to see that I'm really NOT abnormal; nor have I ever been - in fact, I've been more "normal" than anything I've ever seen in the movies or in magazines! (I really wish I had access to a website, or other information like this, in the past, because my primary "body image" issue during my anorexic phase was my breasts, and how big and floppy they were getting.)"

Tips for large breasted women

large breasts

"Bra size 36J (not been pregnant). Thank you so much for your site. I have always been self-conscious about my body and my breasts - thinking that they were too large and usually having erect nipples. I used to wear minimizers, body shapers and anything that I could get my hands on to make my breasts appear smaller. It has only been within the last 6 months that I have even been able to look at my body without clothes on."

A comment from the same lady one year later:

"19 years old, size 44DD. They decreased in cup size but increased on the band size. They actually look the same believe it or not. Though I have developed strecth marks on the top and sides of my breasts and they are not as full. I have stopped wearing minimizers or anything else to make my breasts appear small. But I am still self-conscious about them, I think they are sometimes ugly and saggy. What makes me think this is when I see other girls my age, they have tiny perfect boobs that dont move and stay in the center of their chest and their nipples actually point north. But I am working on mindset of them and hopefully I will come to love my breasts fully and completely."

"I am a 26-year old. I started growing breasts in the 4th grade and feel like they haven't stopped since! I was in a D cup by 7th grade and DDD by the time I graduated from high school. I took birth control from age 19-23 which propelled me to the size I am now, a 38H. ... I don't have too many breast complaints. I am of a hardy stock and only have back aches occasionally. The biggest issue is bra shopping which can be like finding a needle in a haystack and can get expensive.

When I was younger and my body was maturing faster than other girls, I was embarrased by my breasts. ... As I got older I learned to love and appreciate my body. My breasts are a part of me. I'm curvy and beautiful and the twins are part of what make me the woman that I am."

A 36-year old, size 44J, with two children; the older is nursing at age 3.5. "I started developing breasts at age 9, and was teased mercilessly through grade school and middle school. I was constantly humiliated at the size of my breasts. I have terrible posture as a result of a lifetime of hunching over to hide them. They are now a huge weight and cause me daily pain in my back and ribs. Finding clothes that fit is a nightmare. Buying a bra is a major expense, as they run around $45 each, and I have never had one that fits right. But I am grateful for them, nonetheless, b/c they are a source of food and comfort for my babies. :-)"

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I am soooo thankful I came across this site. As a 37-year old 34-D woman I have always been on the receiving end of unwanted attention by both sexes. I'm attractive with an athletic build and I find both sexes looking at my chest when they talk to me. I also hve big areolas which ive always been self-conscious of. I'm also in an 18 year relationship with a man who recently admitted to me he goes online to look at women (porn) and escort photos and they are mainly of younger women so I became self-conscious with my large sagging breasts.. I cried when I saw the photos of normal women's breasts both younger and older, really really cried. There were younger women whose breasts look like mine and breasts with large areoles (sorry if I misspelled). After looking at the women my husband was looking at and their "perfect" younger bodies, I realize they are not normal...they are airbrushed and that our bodies should not be viewed sexually all the time. We need more education, comraderie with our own sex, and sites like this that could perhaps teach males what a real woman looks like and that we are not sexual objects and do NOT like being lusted after because we have large breasts. In addition, that women come in all shapes and sizes but a beautiful woman is found within. I have been fighting a deep depression and have been constantly looking at myself in the mirror comparing myself to the younger women specialized by my husband; yet after finding this website, I actually had a moment of clarity, of realizing that I am still beautiful on the outside... it is my husband that has become ugly, aged, and shallow. Please market your work so that girls can grow up feeling comfortable and confident in their own skin!!!! Thank You


Yes I'm a dude...a nursing student who ran across your website while doing some research about breast cancer. After reading some of the posts I was moved to contact you all to say that I really love the fact that you're giving girls/women a chance to see and read about other people's issues and experiences, and to see that there are no real 'norms.' It's quite clear by the comments posted on your site that you're doing a great service to women, young and old, to help their self-esteem and be more comfortable with their own bodies rather than comparing themselves only to what they see on tv and in magazines. I have a wife, a mother, and a sister whom I wish had your site available to them as a resource. I can only hope that your site gets more publicity and draw the 'proper' and effective attention. I applaud all of you who started this website and those of you who post your pictures and stories.

Thanks for setting a great example,


This website has made me feel like I'm not alone. I'm 19 and have 34DD. I had 36B in the seventh grade and they shot up out of no where come eighth grade. they've been the same size since. some people told me that I was so lucky having bigger breasts. but I did not feel the same way. It's next to impossible to find a good bra,and I still have yet to find a bathing suit for myself. When I was old enough to see how the media viewed breasts to the world I felt abnormal and I hated how I looked. to this day only one person has seen me without a bra on because I am so self conscious. I hardly ever take off my bra with my darling around. Having big breasts in high school was a nightmare also. People gave me the name of "whore" just because of them. They didn't even know me! But I need to learn to love them, or lose some of my weight to get a smaller cup size. But back to the point, Thank you so much for making this website it has definitely made me realize that I have normal breasts and I shouldn't have compared myself to the airbrushed and touched up breasts on television.


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I came across this website while trying to find my bra size. This has made me feel so much better about my saggy 36LLs.


At 11 years old, I was wearing women's bras size 16, double Ds. I've been reading that the normal is A cup up to Cs. I'm scared that I might get too big breasts and future back problems. I currently have some accesibility problems moving my arms when they are in the way. Will this get worse?

Answer: Hi! You don't mention your age now. If you're 11 or 12, then there is a good chance your breasts will still grow. As for back problems, if you are already researching this, you will have a head start. Investing in a good bra is a good starting point.

Every woman should visit this site. It help us to deal with our insecurities about our body.


I only found this site a few days ago and found it very interesting. I measure 42 inch across the bust so I'm quite big but after seeing all these pics I'm no different from all other people and like to go braless, as I feel very comfortable like that as they do not hurt, so like most people I'm very happy with what I have got.


I love my wife's 40E breasts. She's a beautiful woman and her large breasts are just an added bonus to her wonderful personality and rest of her body.


I find it sad to read so many comments about women that are not happy with their large breasts. Some of the posts tell about negative attention from men and how it has affected them. Regardless of breasts size there are going to be men that will take advantage of you if they can. There are men that are manipulators and abusers. I do love a woman with large breasts, but I have to love her as a woman first. Yes large breasts are my preference, but big boobs doesn't give a woman a great personality. I am 37 and my darling wears a 42I cup. The funny thing is, I loved her for who she was before seeing a picture of her and knowing her breast size. I'm fortunate to have found her and I believe you just have to look in the right places for a man that loves you first and your breasts second. In this day and age with online dating it is easier to find someone that is right for you in every way. I can attest to that.


Hi, I'm 15 years old and I am still in high school. 4 months from now I'll be 16. My mother has small boobs, I mean they just reached Cs and she's just 36 (You should see how happy she is about the new growth). Now back to what I was saying my family is small breast set of people, so believe me when I say that I am very confused about how I came about and now.... wear 40DD.

I hear people say 'my breast is small and I wish they were bigger' !!!!! If you have small boobs, darling, stuffffffffff them. Tissue, extra pad etc etc nothing is wrong they can be stuffed, big TT__TT. And those restriction bras damage your breast, I don't wear them and I am glad. I hate bras on an overall percentage, yet I have to wear them. No matter how I face it, I barely have a cleavage. That's only there when I wear a bra that PULLS my breast apart instead of sending them in my face.@_@ I hate them when they do that. I love cuff bras they make me feel secure, cloth bras now..... UNIVERSAL HATRED.

I'm a teenager and I'm asexual, why? Because of the way I look. I can't talk to a boy who DOES NOT look at my breast. And I don't care if men can't resist, at least respect me and don't go tipping to see more! It's so disrespectful, worse they have the AUDACITY to believe that I'm active because of my size. It makes me less of a person. It makes my self esteem drop. It makes me hate myself. You might believe that no one is perfect and there is no *perfectly sculptured person*......but believe it or not....every woman wants to look like somebody... and everyone has a way they wanted or preferred to look. Their is no one to blame for the size of our breasts, yet we blame ourselves for being the ones to have them.

Men..... at least become better people to learn to accept them.... so that 5 years from now... I can find a REAL man. And ladies with small breast, accept yourselves, and ladies in my position, share my message.

Yours Truly
(email me if you have anything to say about this at bent.samantha yahoo com )

I feel really better about myself now. My mother would always make fun of my breasts in such a mean way. She would call me names and force me wear jackets to "cover those things up so people won't be a lookin", yet she wouldn't even care to buy me a proper bra vs a bag a chips even when I begged her. I'd tell her I love my breasts they were fine, but she never cared; I cried a lot when she talked about them day by day bringing them up like word vomit, she just keep ranting as if they were some joke. I feel happy now. I am 20 years old with larger breasts; a bit perked a bit bagged; seeing this site changes my whole view of myself. It was a complete 360 after seeing it. I thought I was the only one with a different luggage; I was taught either you were small or big and bagged; I felt diseased and old when she made me look in the mirror and suggest surgery. I am skinny with a lovely luggage.


I started developing around age 10. In 5th grade, I started my Period, and went straight to B's. Now, age 15, I wear a 36DD, and always feel unnecessarily sexualized by guys. I mean, it's like they haven't seen them in a shirt before! My friends nickname is Cleavage, and she has smaller boobs than me! I find it very hard to find nice looking shirts, because if they fit around the boobs, they don't around the waist, and of course vice versa. I randomly get back pains starting at my bra strap on the shoulder, down to the small of my back. I don't know when they will come, but my doctor said it's from my breasts :(


I encourage you to embrace your body as it is! At age 40, I have finally accepted my body. It is beautiful just the way it is. My husband also has helped me accept my body as it is; he tells me I am beautiful, and he loves my breasts.

To all of you, I understand what it's like to be harassed due to large breasts. I was a dancer from age 3, and was completely flat chested at age 12. I felt so self-conscious; I was teased by the boys relentlessly. One boy constantly said in front of everyone "Belleliseuse is the pits, she has the world's smallest tits." I was miserable for years because of my flat chest. My friends were developing and I wasn't. I didn't need a bra at all, but I asked my mom to buy me one so I could be like the other girls.

Then I turned 16 and all of a sudden, in the course of a few weeks, I went from a flat chest to a size D. It was so embarrassing, I was so self-conscious, and the boys teased me constantly. They made unwelcome sexual comments and sexual advances. I hated it. I could not find clothes that fit my breasts and my waist, so I just wore huge t-shirts all the time, and that made me look very overweight. I was so frustrated.

In college guys wanted to go out with me because I had big breasts. If I kissed a guy on a date, he would then assume that was license to grab and fondle my breasts. It made me feel like no guy would ever like me for me.

I married at 24 and had my 1st daughter at 29. During the first month of my pregnancy, my breasts were hurting a lot, and a friend suggested I go to a shop that specialized in fitting bras. I was so shocked to find out that my breasts had grown to a size G in one month! When my milk came in, my breasts got even bigger, to a size J. That was the worst. They were so heavy and my back and shoulders really hurt. I couldn't find a supportive bra for nursing, so I ended up wearing a sort of one size fits all bra that did not support my breasts.

After a few months, they went down to an H. My daughter weaned herself at 18 months, and I was SO hopeful that my breasts would shrink to a size D, but they stayed at size H.

With my second daughter, my breasts again went up to a size J when my milk came in, but did go down to a size H after nursing for a few months. When she weaned herself, I was again hopeful that my breasts would shrink; even going down to an F would be great. But, it didn't happen.

So then I was incredibly frustrated trying to find a bra that truly supported my breasts and was attractive. Every bra I tried chafed at the sides and didn't support my breasts. I finally found a GREAT online shop, Ample Bosom. The owner helps you find a bra that truly fits not only the size of your breasts but also the shape. She knows her bras, and makes suggestions. The first bra she recommended fit like a dream! It supported the size of my breasts perfectly with very supportive "side wings" that didn't chafe, the middle part of the bra between the breasts lay down like it's supposed to, and the cup was also very supportive. For the first time, I had a bra that my breasts didn't spill out of or a bra that didn't lift up my breasts to a normal level. It was so fantastic to have the perfect fit the first time I ordered. I immediately ordered another off white bra, two black bras, and a red bra. They are sexy! Also ordered sexy, lacy, matching underwear. I feel great now; clothes fit so much better. My girlfriends say they never would have guessed that I wore such a large cup bra. The online shop also has swim suits that are sexy and have underwire cups that fit your cup size. I used to wear granny swim suits but now I feel attractive enough at the beach to take off my cover up.

Hang in there! I do know what it's like to be flat chested and get teased, and I also know what it's like to get unwanted attention because you have large breasts, and I also know what a struggle it is to find a bra that fits properly! Please don't hunch over to try to hide your breasts; I did for years, and it has caused problems with the vertebrae in my neck. Love yourself! No matter what your breasts look like, or for that matter, any other part of your body, you are beautiful just the way you are!


I'm sooo glad I found this site. It makes me feel a bit more normal. Unfortunately I'm still not seeing any women on here who have been through exactly what I have. I was diagnosed with gigantomastia, sometimes called virginal breast hypertrophy, at a young age. I'm wanting a breast reduction and hope to get it soon with the help of a medical loan. (I don't have insurance right now.) My situation is kind of unique too because I would also like to gain weight overall, as I'm too skinny, especially in the waist which is only about 16 inches. I was borderline anorexic when I was younger, mostly because of my low self-confidence and desire to lose weight from my chest, which never worked. I'm ridiculously out of proportion, and it makes it impossible to get clothes to fit, and backaches and neckaches are bad. I'm about 5'5, with an overall weight of about 150, but I've had my breasts weighed at about 25 pounds each, so you can see why I have such health issues. Most of the women I hear complain about breast size are heavier, but I'm just the opposite. I don't know why I'm built like this? Just unlucky genetics and hormonal imbalance, since no one else in my family has this problem. It's made buying clothes, especially dresses and swimsuits, and doing a lot of things other girls taken for granted really hard. I do date and am starting to feel better about myself emotionally, but It's still hard. I do think I'm pretty except for my build, but It's hard to anyone to notice anything except my figure. To give you an idea, Ive had to get my bras online, and then custom made, since I was about 12 because they just don't make cup sizes as large as I need them, but my waist is so small I have to get pants and skirts in kids sizes. I'm so tired of health issues and the rude comments and looking like a freak. People always think I've had implants or had ribs removed because my waist is so small. Will I naturally gain weight as I get older, and are there any help groups for women with VBH?

Hayley, 19 [Hayley47865 at]

I am 16 and wear a DD. I feel like I'm never respected by guys because of being big chested but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one going through this.


I just want to say big breasted women rock! I hope to marry one someday :) I love you all and God bless you.

Mauricio B

Hello, I am a 19 year old from the U.S.A. I hit puberty a little after I turned 12. I went from an A to a C by the time I was 13. I tried hiding them for about a year under super tight sports bras until I turned 14. By then, I was a 36DD. I'm glad my breasts have stopped growing, I am 5'5 and relatively small except for my boobs. They've caused horrible back pain and unwanted attention from guys. My self-esteem took a blow from what I heard most girls thought in respect to "big boobs". They'd gossip about how disgusting and slutty a woman with big breasts looked. I always felt out of place and sexualized in a manner I did not like. I would always hunch, hoping to reduce the appearance of my large breast, ruining my poster.

I am 19 years old now, and telling all of you not to fear yourselves and your inner beauty; don't let other people's venom drown out your spark. Sure, my breasts have many stretch marks and aren't the firmest around, but I can assure you I am happy with who I am. Many will talk behind your back, but only because they themselves have issues they are too cowardly to face. And so they begin to pick apart other people.

Throw your shoulders back, stand tall, chin up, strud and give the world (and most importantly, yourself) a catwalk of beauty. Don't be afraid of being you. Don't be nothing less than yourself. I am glad for websites like these, they give so much confidence back.

Love and a Toast to Life,


To all the girls and women with very large breasts, I am so glad I could comment on how this is a wonderful site to voice my appreciation on how you look beautifully different, and not yet be sexualized.


ThankYou! I'm a teenager and I use to be very ashamed of my body. I didn't like how my breast looked, I figured everyone my age had nice perky breast and that I was the only one with big, saggy breasts with a large green vein running across it. I'm black but I'm light skinned so it is kind of hard for me to hide the big ugly vein but it still shows. I have had guys stare at my chest and it is very awkward. After reading this I have since looked at my closet and have bought looser shirts that are not so tight fitting in the chest area. So glad you guys have pictures of normal breast cause now I know that my big breast are normal and that a lot of women have saggy breast. This website has really given me a self confidence boost.


I have big boobs, mostly cause of genetics, but I need to lose some weight, but I always fell uncomfortable with my breasts size. My friends keep telling me how silly I was because all of them wanted to have big boobs like me. It use to be worst when I was 14-15, I'm 18 now and I don't hate my breats anymore. And this amazing site showed me that are every kind and size of breasts, I'm not anormal because of how big my nipples and breasts are, I'm just me, and today I can proudly say I love myself, with my big boobs and everything! So I just want to thank for this kind of site, you guys help us more than you can imagine.


I was amazed at the pictures of breasts. I, too, felt my breasts were freakishly oversized, and droopy. When all you see are the perky anorexic breasts in the movies, you feel that something is wrong with you. The pictures let me know that I am not alone.
This is beating a dead horse, but it is nearly impossible to find a supportive and pretty bra. When all there is is white, it is like I am being told that I am too big to deserve domething pretty, like average sized women. When will manufacturers learn that the full-busted want beautiful and wildly colored bras? I'll buy one that I don't need, if it is a color that I want. That is more money for them.


I was very quick at developing breasts, first one wearing a bra and when I was 12, I was a 32B.. I thought it was pretty normal.. I had that size for 2 years and was very happy with it. At 14, I started with the birth control and my breasts grew immediately. I'm 15 now, 5''11, 148 lbs and my bra size is a 30DDD. I live in Europe, so my bra size here is a 65F.. but they don't sell 30/65 backsizes so I got to wear 70 backsizes... :( and I hate it. My mom won't let me get my right size, cause she thinks 32DD is the right size I'm wearing now.. well NOT. This site helped me alot about accepting my breasts how they are now.. I have some stretch marks and they hang a little bit.. but I'm happy... even though I would love to wear a bra who fits me right.. xoxolove


I've had large breasts since I was 13 and there's not much that can be done. Large, natural breasts just aren't as perky as small natural breasts or large fake breasts.Losing weight will, possibly, make you go down a size or two which will help in a minor way but not a lot. You could do some exercises to strengthen your chest muscles, but again the difference won't be great. There's just not a ton that can be done about large, natural breasts. They are the way they are.


I was the first to start developing in my class at school in grade 4 and it really troubled me. I refused to wear bras and in the course of a a year or two I was already a B cup and still not wearing a bra (I did however wear a singlet underneath my shirt because it chaffed my nipples). I was so embarrassed by them that I started wearing big shirts to try and hide them because none of the other girls really had any yet.

It took a while but I accepted them and by grade 6 I had moved up to a C. But now that I'm 15 and a D cup I love my breasts. Even though they're slightly saggy, have stretch marks and ones larger than the other. After seeing this site I learnt that, that's all normal!!!


I have a rare condition that I have never heard even heard of. I don't know what the diagnosis would be called. Most women's breasts stop growing in teenage years or twenties. As a teenager my breasts stopped growing at 15 and they were so small I just wore a training bra. For twenty four years my breasts stayed very small and I got used to it and accepted myself the way I was. All of the sudden at the age of 39 my breasts started to grow again. I purchased size A cup bra (with straps) at 39. At age 41, I purchased a B cup bra (without straps). Still at 41, my breasts feel like they are sore and still growing. I hope my breasts grow to a size C. I feel like an adolescent while all the other women my age have mature aged breasts.


When I was 15, I was small breasted (B cup). In a 6 month period I became a DD, and stayed that way until my early 20s. My breasts have not stopped growing since, and before I was pregnant with my second child, I was up to a US38K. I breastfed my first baby for 4 years with no problem. My second never learned to latch properly unfortunately - it's possible that the breasts were simply too big and heavy, as a 38N was too small at that point. I was able to pump milk full time for 10 months but dearly wish I could have fed my little baby naturally.

I believe I qualify as having hypertrophy and intend to have a breast reduction. I have lived with the pain for more than a decade with the intention of breastfeeding. it has been totally worth it to provide my children with nature's best food. Now that I'm done having kids, I think it's time to get closer to "normal" - I'll aim for a DD or F, which I consider to be rather average.


Great site, I have large breasts, sagging due to weight. But is normal. Looking at these photos. I will be happy and proud of them from now on.


I started developing very early, around 8 years old. I was wearing 'real' bras (not training bras) when I was in 4th grade. By middle school I was already a B-C. In high school I reached D, now, two months before my 18th birthday I'm a 34DD. I'm so glad this site is available for women and girls to see so that they can understand that *real* breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and that what you see in magazines, tv shows, on models, is not a fair representation of "normal". I used to be extremely embarrassed of my large areolas, now I know that I'm not the only one, and that some women have them even larger than mine.


I am very happy that I can see others breasts and feel comfortable with my own. For the past couple of years I have been confused with my body. My older sister always had a nice figure and the perfect breasts you like get professionals do, but what confused me was that why were mine saggy and not perky and up. Honestly I felt as if something was wrong because I thought you only had saggy boobs when in golden years, but anyway, I thank you guys for letting me see that I am not the only one.


Does anyone have a problem with hot breasts during menstruation? I mean really hot. I have to use a large wet towel to cool them off. I'm a 36 J. At one time I weighed 250 and they were much larger. I can now wear an xtra large but clothes still don't fit properly. The fabric stretches too much at the armpit towards the breast. This is a great educational site. Thank you.


I'm 24 and have had large breasts for quite a while now. Right now they are 34 DDD. I can't really remember when they started to grow. I do remember though never really paying attention to them until a stranger made a rude comment about them when I was 12. Since then I have been really uncomfortable with the size of my breasts. Plus, I'm only 5'1 so my breasts make me look a lot bigger than I really am or make me look pregnant. I also hate that no matter what kind of sports bra I wear my boobs always hurt when I'm exercising. Now they have started hurting when I sleep on my stomach. I will never understand why any woman wants to have large breasts they are more trouble than they are worth.

kh mamun

This is a great web site. Too bad there was nothing like this as I was growing up! I am 64 with a 48h bra size. I started developing early, and needed a bra by by the time I was between 4th and 5th grade. Boys always made fun of me or made comments. So I started to eat and gain weight to hide what I looked like. That was a tough way to grow up--MOst of my life I felt like a freak! Even a few years ago while in China, men would poke ech other and say something to their friends and look at me as if they had never seen a woman with large breasts. Thank goodness, many years ago I learned to accept myself as I am!


I love this site. I came upon it totally by accident while reading an article. Said article had a link. I come on here and feel a bit better. I started developing maybe a touch early- I was 11 and in a training bra. I know I was wearing a 38 or 40B in jr high. Got a kid in trouble for harrassing me because he called me his "DD sized love".

In HS I alternately ignored my breasts or tried to prove I could flaunt them. My mother and sister kept trying to make me wear anything I could to hide them. Both of them are B cups. My bustiness comes from my dad's family. At the end of HS, 190lb, 5'7.5", wearing a 40C, or sometimes a 38D. Then I went to college, and got measured better the next summer- turns out I'm really a 38DDD. Only it's not obvious, because I have broad shoulders and heavy bones, unless I feel like showing off. Lucky for me, I have an amazingly supportive boyfriend who loves my whole body.

I actually don't enjoy a lot of bras, because they aren't comfortable- I'm heavy, but not at all perky. If I'm at home, I often don't wear one, to my sister's disgust. Finally, too I found a website where I can get good, pretty bras for a 20yr old- it's Lane Bryant and affiliate stores. They carry a wide array of sizes, and even the larger ( like G, J, K) come in pretty stuff. So, I'm learning after many years to try to love my not-at-all perfect body.


Hi! I'm 15 years old and I'm a size 38E. I have the biggest boobs in my high school and I really dont mind it. No one makes fun of me in fact people admire me for not complaining about them and every girl tells me they wish they had big boobs also. I just wanna let every young girl and woman out out there that God made you perfect. Not everyone is gonna make fun of your boobs. Just keep in mind that your boobs are not what makes u beautiful -- it's your smile and heart. Big or small boobs everyone is BEAUTIFUL!
This website was such a good Idea. Helps everyone say and show what they feel.

A 15 year old girl who cares about you!


Hello ladies,
I am a mother to a 21 y/o woman with extremely large breast. At the age of 16 we went to a little lingerie store that specializes in large bras. The thing daughter has a small frame. We have her sized and to my astonishment the Lady told me my daughter was a size 31K...well they didnt have any 31's so we had to buy a 32K... this at age 16! My daughter recently had her first child and her old bras do not fit. Her breat are popping out the top of her bra like little mountains. We have gone to many specialty shops and what have yous and the largest size we could find was an N cup... and they are too small! I have searched high and low and every website for bras I could find and I cannot find any that sell bras larger than a N cup. She has had problems with her lower back and problem sleeping on her back... I'm thinking breast reduction may be the next step. Im am so happy to read all your stories... but what do you do when you cannot find a bra that fits comfortably?

Concerned Mom

I am 23 years old. I am a heavy breasted woman so I have to wear bras or my breasts pain me a lot and bounce up and down. I can't do any sport.


I've been looking for bras for me online for months. I've stumbled upon top 6 stores that I keep on going back to that dont have my size, but a cup or two smaller. Right now I wear a 34J, but the band is too big. Even though I was professionally fitted once when I was supposedly a 34DD and then when this size, or a 36 which is out of the question. I'm going to try a 32L. It seems like such a foreign size. I started developing at 6. And have wanted a reduction since I was 11, I'm now 19. I was a C in the late years of elementary and early middle school years. Once I was in 8th grade, I was wearing my moms 36C, when in reality I was probably a 32F.

My point? I've been self conscious ever since the third grade when my mom brought my bra to school for me. She made me wear it since I didn't understand why I needed it (wish she told me when I was 6) when I put it on and came back to the classroom, I noticed the bra showed underneath my arms. I looked around at girls who wore no sleeve shirts as well, and they weren't wearing that point I put my sweater on even though it was too warm for it.

I've always hated my body because of that reason. There's another reason but it's more personal. I love this site, because there's so many larger sized breasts that I can relate to. It makes me feel normal, fit-in and knowing I'm not one in a few brings lots of joy to me!

My measurements are 42, 30. If anyone is near my size, feel free to contact me and email if you need to vent or have someone to connect to.


I started developing at 6, at almost 19 I'm a 34J. I've gained alot of weight these past years, in high school I was 100, 34DD, now, 150, 34J. I plan on losing the weight until I'm at 115 or 110. Hopefully going below a G. Any women who is a D or larger, I know how you feel. MY back always aches as well as my shoulders and neck. Finding clothes that fit correctly is a challenge and finding cute bras that fit has been a kill until just recently, on Brastop, Curvy Kate, cute and affordable! Things are finally turning up. Plus, I'm going to get a sports bra soon and see how it works, Goddess sports bra. I may even be a 32K, but I'll need to check the bras I've ordered that will be here soon. If any girl needs someone to talk to about how you feel, and any advice, I'm free to help and listen : tinkgir @


I have 30F-32E/F boobs depending on where the bra is made. I don't think they look that big, but I think that is because my chest and shoulders are broad compared to my waist. I am 36-26-37 and 5'5". I do get people saying that when I wear lower-cut things they are quite surprised at how big my chest is, and it is very hard to find bras and clothes that fit right. But I am getting there and learning to love my body. Originally I was wearing a 34D bra as I did not think that the cup size was that big. So, ladies, go get measured and love your "girls" :)


Hello beautiful ladies. It is encouraging to read your comments about embracing your larger breasts and accepting that you're "normal" unlike the way some people make you feel. It was for this very reason that my sister and I have a company in South Africa called Treasure Chest - we manufacturer beautiful, affordable and extremely comfortable bras from 32D - 42J. Remember these are PROPER sizes made in a country with many larger-breasted women, not China (no offense intended to China though!). We're constantly updating our designs and ideas. Have a look at our website - we have agents in South Africa, Namibia, California USA and soon Nigeria. All export enquiries considered.

Treasure Chest Lingerie

I am almost 18 I am 4'8, size 6 or age 13 on my hips... very petite but wear a mix of sizes on top to see what is comfortable. I have 32GG boobs. At 12 yoa I was a 30 B... they haven't stopped growing since.


Hi. I'm A teenager. Typical, 5'2, 120 pounds, 15 years old. I have a 34HH bust, and this site, for the first time, made me feel normal. To all those girls who think they can't deal, It does get easier. I promise. I know guys are awful and mean girls make it worse, but here, we can all feel normal.

A, teenager.

Lovely page! It's so nice to have a website that caters to various breast sizes. I'm a 40G myself which is so difficult as a teenager (16) and can be so embarrsing especially since my nipples are huge and always erect, they show in everything (even jackets sometimes) but it's nice to see others embracing their various sizes is really nice!


I am 24 and I had a very small chest until I was about 15 and I went from having nothing to a 30C in what seemed like over night and I am currently a 30JJ and have waist of 27 inch and find it impossible to find bras to fit as the sites believe if you sure a JJ you also have a larger back size than 30, any bras that are close are nursing bras. I have not been pregnant yet and am worried how much bigger they will get once I do have a child. Without a bra they hang down to my belly button the stretch marks come and go. My sister did have a breast reduction almost 3 years ago and decreased from a 38GG to a 38D but I think the scars are rather large for me to consider having this done. I have no problems with the size apart from buying bras to fit, I end up with GG's and have to spend all day putting my breasts back in the bra but these are the only bras I can wear normal (not neck line) tops in and that have some shape to them and are not just material, does anyone else have the same problem finding bras or does anyone have any ideas where the best place to shop is?
Natural is amazing no matter the size.


I am 20 (never pregnant) a size 34's a pretty unusual size and finding bras can be very difficult!
I am pretty petite and thus it makes my breasts look more big when I wear tshirts, as my shoulders and hips are narrow....
Sometimes I think of getting a reduction even when I get too much back or shoulder ache from wearing a bra too long. Plus it's very difficult to fing a sexy lingerie at size 34G. So I have to wear the grandma bras. :(
I asked my fitness instructor and she gave me some upper body exercises. So am doing dem now dunno if it will work...
And if it doesnt I will certainly get a reduction...


I'm 24 and have had large breasts for quite a while now. Right now they are 34 DDD. I can't really remember when they started to grow. I do remember though never really paying attention to them until a stranger made a rude comment about them when I was 12. Since then I have been really uncomfortable with the size of my breasts. Plus, I'm only 5'1 so my breasts make me look a lot bigger than I really am or make me look pregnant. I also hate that no matter what kind of sports bra I wear my boobs always hurt when I'm exercising. Now they have started hurting when I sleep on my stomach. I will never understand why any woman wants to have large breasts they are more trouble than they are worth.


It is so refreshing to see a resource so close to my heart (literally!). I'm a 34H, just had a baby, write a blog on the subject of big boobs and run a small business selling clothes (and a small amount of lingerie) to big busted women. I used to see it as difficult to feel confident about my more-than-ample chest and now that I'm breastfeeding for the first time, I feel like I'm starting all over again! What a relief to find your website and gain that confidence that my boobs are as normal as the next girls :) I hope you can link to my site one day and hope it can help women as much as your site has! Phillipa. xoxo


m 16 and Im a 34E (which look a lot bigger because I have really small shoulders). Not massive but really painful. Loads of people on my mum's side of the family have weird ribs, and everyone on my dad's have large chests. Combine the two and you get me. It causes me really bad pain if I try to run. I know I could make it easier for myself if I went and got the correct size underwear but my local shops don't have them (as I live in a small town). Last time I went away to try and get the right size I had to listen to a pair of 40-something women looking at bras right next to me, one of them turned around and said to her friend "how could anyone ever need a bra this big?" she was holding up a 38E. I panicked and ended up buying a 36D. Id buy online but I still live at home and my brothers would torture me endlessly with remarks (they consider my large chest to mean I'm overweight. I'm not and have been told so by a nurse, not that they'd believe that.) I like my shape, I just wish I'd be able to buy the correct size without some unhelpful remark.


I have always had large breasts and most of my small breasted friends were envious of it. Some were even downright nasty saying it looked ugly yet these are the types who wore padding to enhance their breast size. Haha.

Anyway, at 15 I was a 36D which is BIG in an Asian country. I didn't look my age back then and I frequently get lewd remarks/stares from lecherous people.

A part of me is disgusted, a part of me is flattered. Overall, I love my breasts. Just wish they weren't so saggy!


I'm 24 and a US 34DDD/UK 34E and I like the size of my boobs (I'd love to get to a 34G), but I hate how they look and have felt self-conscious with my body for a long time. Your site has helped me come to terms with what boobs are supposed to look like.

However, going up to a DDD/E has meant it's suddenly hard to find bras. My new ones have come off eBay. It's also annoying to buy clothes, I like to wear enhancing bras so I've started looking for a US 12 sized coat even though I'm a size 8 from the waist down. I wouldn't know what I weighed as I really don't want to know.

I started developing early, around 11, and my boobs stopped at a C cup until I hit 22. They seem to progressively get bigger, I went from a D at 22 to a DD at 23 and now I'm a DDD/E. I think it's a lesson that women develop randomly and more than likely for me it's hormone related.


I'm 15 years old, & a sophmore. I'm a D or DD cup (depending on the bra material) & I always get comments from the opposite sex on my breasts. It's very awkward, & embrassing, especially when they look at my breasts while I'm talking to them. This website has helped me realize that I'm not the only woman struggling with large breasts, and also helpful tips to draw attention to my face. I love my body. I'm beautiful, & I have curves, which most girls at my school don't have. To all the women that struggle with confidence because of your breasts; you're beautiful! Thank you for the making of this website!


I'm glad to see I wasn't the only 14 year old with huge boobs. lol. I always feel so abnormal compared to other girls because now I'm 16 and I have 26K boobs. And being 5ft with a 22 inch waist makes them look even bigger! I mean I look so disproportioned!

My boobs started growing early (like ~7 years old) but my mom didn't buy me a bra until I was 10 (4th grade) and by then I already had 24D's! And I was really skinny and short. Others would always make fun of me they would stare and make jokes about me in PE like when I ran and stuff, so my mom finally bought me one. That didn't stop the other kids from making fun of me though. I didn't play with the other kids at recess in 4th and 5th grade because they would always make fun of my boobs and some boys would always try to hit my boobs in tag or stuff like that.

Then once I got to middle school (6th grade) boys would ask me to jump up and down or they would try and give me really big hugs, stuff like that. All the other girls always acted jealous towards me because I was skinny with 24D's. Then in early 7th grade I hit a growth spurt that lasted half way through the year and I got even more self conscious and looked even more disproportional. My boobs grew from 24D's (which they had been since early 4th grade) to 26 G's! I thought they would never stop growing! My waist also thinned out from 23in to 21in and my hips grew from about 28in to 32in which was entirely from by butt getting alot bigger (it used to be flat but became quite round). I don't know how or why my boobs and butt got so big because the rest of my body is very slender and straight.

So now half way into 7th grade I feel really self conscious and I look abnormal compared to everyone else, the sexual jokes get bad, and all the boys stare at me! I managed for the rest of the year and hoped I would never grow again (even though I was kinda short). but nature had other things in mind. 3 months before 8th grade started, I hit another growth spurt. So by the time school started I had reached these sizes: my boobs quickly grew to 26I or so but kept slowly growing afterwards. I grew to my current height of 5ft. My waist thinned to 20in. My hips grew to 36in but my hips were actually very straight, it was entirely from thickness added to my big butt making it huge. My thighs got thicker and my arms and legs got more skinny.

And then I got so much attention from guys it was crazy! girls too, like my boobs are so big they couldnt be jealous anymore! Teachers would always have that odd look on their face like they wanted to look because I was so abnormally shaped but they were trying not to. And guys would always want to sit by me and work with me in group work. It's still like that now in 10th grade.

Also, PE was a nightmare half the time with the running and the PE shirt that was way too tight so it squished my boobs out to the sides and the shorts that barely fit around my huge butt. But it was mandatory clothing so I had to wear them. That was what 8th grade was like and when I started highschool (9th grade) it was pretty much the same but worse. Throughout 8th and part 9th grade, my boobs slowly grew from 26I to a full 28I and my hips slowly widened like 2 inches making me look a little more normal. We didn't have any more mandatory PE cloths and the only shorts I had that fit around my huge butt were booty shorts so I wore those which drew attention to that area.

In the beginning of the next school year (this current one, 10th) I hit my most recent growth. Nowhere near as big a change as before but still noticeable. My boobs were 28I but now are 28J. My waist stayed around 20in. My hips widened a little and my butt got even bigger making my hips 40 inches. (from a front view, my hips only got about 1 1/2 inches bigger on each side since my first growth spurt in 7th grade. The first 2 growths, my hips didn't widen at all. They only did slowly across 8th and 9th grade and maybe a little bit during the most recent growth. So I have a really huge butt)

So here I am, the biggest boobs in school and the biggest butt in school yet also one of the thinnest. Talk about embarrassing and always being awkward. I know there are tons of girls out who would dream of this but trust me it can really suck sometimes. Guys are only nice to you for 1 reason. Girls are always jealous and spread rumors about you. People don't take you seriously and even teachers act weird around you. I hope to God I never grow again. I'm perfectly happy with what I have and have come to accept what I am and I like it, but please no more.


My breasts used to always make me self conscious especially when my friends always talk about them and their size.I have quite large breasts for my body size. I'm 18 years old and wear a 34DD. This website helped me realize that I'm completely normal and allowed me to embrace and love my breasts exactly the way they are. Thank you so much for this wonderful site!

I am an American Caucasian male who prefers a naturally shaped breast and cannot understand the obsession with augmented huge breasts; however, I viewed every picture, read every story and admire the participants. Congratulations to all the women & men but special kudos to the website. Very informative and I imagine quite cathartic. Nothing to be ashamed about!


Hello ladies, I'm 17 years old in the US and I honestly am too afraid to be fit again. My breasts started growing by the time I was 9 and was the only girl at my elementray school wearing a real bra. So far they seem to have gone up a cup size every year... it's horrible. I'm of average height and weight, 5'6" and 150 lbs but having a 32 possibly G or H cup has made me extremely self concious. I had been denial about my breasts until I entered highschool and realized Victoria's Secret was of no help and. They fit me totally wrong saying I was a 34 C when I really was a 30DD. I've suffered from back pain my whole life, constant migraines and it's relieving to know I'm not alone.

As for the perverts out there that don't know how to respect women and even young girls... they are the main reason I have been seriously getting a reduction. The scare scare me but I'd love to finally be able to wear clothes that fit and are cute without being demeaned or called a slut or whore. I used to have perfect posture but by trying to hide my breasts by slouching and hunching over I've developed a curve in my spine. To any woman/girl that doesn't feel comfortable with their breasts, do what you need to make yourself feel good about your body.. if that means getting a reduction then do it but don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself like I did. Find what makes you happy and do it. :)


I'm 15 years old and I am a size 36dd. Everyone in my family has always picked on me for having big boobs, I don't know if they are just joking around but sometimes it's uncomfortable. They also say that they wish that they could have my boobs.. I never really liked them! They always get in my way and everyone elses! My boobs always seemed like they sagged and I have stretch marks on them.. I think it's because I have grown a cup size every school year since 6th grade?. I am overweight, I would tell my friends that I'm fat and they would just say that my boobs go good with my body figure. I'm glad that I found this website because I know now that I'm not alone! I just have to accept the fact that everyone is different! :)


I'm 16 years old and I wear a 36 DD and it's so annoying that I can't find clothes or a supportive bra cause I don't know where to start to look for bras cause if I go to Victoria's Secret, it's for smaller boobs, and if I go to a bigger store the numbers are bigger so it's really hard but this website seems to help so thank you very much. ;)


I'm only 16 years old and am already in an E cup. I go to an all girls school so we're all in the same boat but some of the looks I get (espically from older women) are really annoying.

I'm what would be called average, weight wise but I can hardly find clothes that fit and finding inexpensive bras are a nightmare.

I just hope all the teenagers who hope to have E breasts take a good look at everyone who already has them. They might look fun but wait until the leering and dirty looks start.


I'm 16 and I'm not sure how big my breasts are. I do know I wear a 42 DDD in bra size right now. They have been growing since elementary school and I understand that all women's breasts are different but they do sag a bit beings they are as big as they are, but it makes me more self-concious because I'm already a bit chunky and I try to hide them by wearing just T-shirts and not so much low cut shirts. I don't want reduction ever because that would be like just smacking myself in the face for having what I'm supposed to have. I just don't want them to like sag so much.

Rose ^_^

Hi everyone! This website has helped me to realize I am normal and beautiful. A few years ago, I had such low self esteem that I would feel like crying if I saw myself in the mirror. Needless to say, that was an all time low. Things are much better now, for a variety of reasons, one of them being getting fitted into the right sized bra.

I am 23 years old, 5'5", 130lbs, and measure 37-27-40. I am slender and athletic (a triathlete), but also very curvy. I wouldn't say that my breasts are large in an absolute sense, but they are certainly large for my frame.

I got fitted into a right sized bra over the summer, and that one fitting ended ten years of hating bras and feeling like my breasts were an anomaly. I went from wearing a 32DD/34D to a 28G/30FF. I now walk with confidence, wear form fitting shirts (no lumps!), and love my shape. I still remember that feeling when I found my correct bra size. I felt overwhelmed with happiness and acceptance (strange to find that in a piece of clothing, but the feelings were true, nonetheless). The bra was a soft pink, with lace on the band. Infinitely more beautiful than the plain beige ones I had been wearing before. And best of all, my shape was round, lifted and supported, and I barely felt the bra. An incredible weight was lifted from my shoulders (literally) when I found that 30 band.

Even though I should maybe be wearing more grown up patterned bras, I can't help but buy all the bras I wanted as a teenager. I have a purple plaid one (28G), a black and hot pink one (30FF), a orange and purple one (30FF), and an incredibly delicate looking black and emerald sheer lace one (30FF, and it supports like none other). I feel like I fit in, like I am normal, and like there are options for me. Bras FIT me, and they are pretty!

So here it is. I have large breasts, a small ribcage, and I love bras. All my pain, rubbing, chafing, round shouldered walking, are gone. I also love my breasts, and adore their sloping shape, their asymmetry, large areolas, extremely pale skin, everything. After hating myself for ten years, I am finally at peace with my shape.

Also, my chest doesn't look nearly as big as my bra size sounds. I actually barely have any cleavage because of the shape of my breasts (full on the bottom). I've had people tell me that I cannot possibly be any bigger than a C cup, if that. But they are clearly dead wrong, and it's none of their business anyway! Who cares what the label says, as long as it fits.

If any of you are looking for bras with smaller bands and larger cups, I've had excellent luck with Panache, Freya and Ewa Michalak. and have a great selection. My biggest piece of advice is to measure your ribcage, and use that as your band size, and don't be afraid of wearing a larger cup. My ribcage is 29" and I'm either a 28 or 30 band (absolutely NOT a 34). I know of women who wear a size 26 or 24 band size too. Don't be forever stuck in poor fitting 34'Ds just because that is the largest cup offered at department stores. Also, if you happen to be D+, like a lot of women, it doesn't mean that you are an oversexualized vixen who needs a reduction, contrary to what the media might say. Ignore them, they don't know, and it's none of their business.

Whatever size you are, large, medium or small, you are beautiful and deserve to be happy and comfortable in your skin. 28AA is a real woman, as is 28GG, as is 36E, as is 44K. We are all women, and we are all beautiful.

Thank you to this site for helping spread that!


I see lots of comments about Cs and Ds at 20-50 which is perfect.
and 44FF which through ratio isn't bad.
when I heard 14 and a 28H I immediately went back and re-read it. Finally, teenagers worse than me.

~I have a large bone structure and was a chubby child
I started developing at 7, 32AA (small but noticeable)
I slowly grew to a 36C at age 12
then 38D at 14 and they stayed for almost 2 years (regular fittings)and I said "yes, they're done"
The day after my 16th birthday I got a fitting done.
I was measured, she looked at the chart, then paged a coworker. They consulted before turning to me and saying they don't carry my sizes. I looked at them confused at the pluralization. I'm 16, "fit" and a 36E/EE

~I now pay $60-$100 for a bra

I'm constantly called "slut" (even by teachers) because the only tops too fit me EVERYWHERE are low cut spandex camis.
Fitting for a dress for my BFs grad was horrid. I got a 16, had the bodice pulled in 6 sizes and elongated the skirt and neck strap. (apparently made for a large, squat woman)


Hey, I'm only 10 and I have 34A cup. In my school I get teased, boys made up cheeky rymes about my breasts. I don't like it. When I read down and I realise that it doesn't matter. I am me and I should be proud of myself and my body.


My breast developed over summer break! I was literally an A/B cup in the 7th grade and by the time school started back, I was a D cup! Talk about self-conscious! It took me years to get use to them. They started to sag around my 11th grade year in HS, about a size DD. They sag completely now but I'm ok with that. They're a size 42H and besides being hot in the summer, I love them. I thought about a breast reduction because they do hurt my back and cause my bras to dig into my shoulders. I decided against it because I'm just too scared! I've never had a man to say anything bad about them! I think it's us as women who worry about what they look like! LOL! I'm 25, 250lbs but my breast actually do fit my body size. As I mature, I don't really care what anymore has to say about my body. I love it so they can keep on stepping!


I'm a 12F (not sure what that is in American size, but I've a 42 bust, a 29 waist and 42 hips) and I'm happy with them, but I'm not happy with clothes. It's unbelievably difficult to find shirts, dresses and cardigans to fit. If you get 'em to fit your boobs, than it's waaaay too big in the waist. If it fits your waist, then your boobs are squashed up. It's ironic that voluptuous (Yes, I mean voluptuous the way it was MEANT to be said, as in hour glass, as in CURVES, it's not just a nice way to call someone fat) body types are well known to be the sexiest. We can't look sexy because regular person clothes look ridiculous on us. I think it's a scheme that the more shapeless designers come up with to make us look bad. And don't even get me started on bras! It's like they assume that since we have big breasts, we don't need to be any more sexy so they give the B cups those pretty lacy things and give us nude coloured minimizers. There's also back pain, bikini buying, boobs falling out of bikinis in the ocean because you can't find one big enough and have to make do with a D cup,... do you see where I'm going with this? I love my body, a lot of women with large breasts honestly do, believe it or not. What we don't like is how uncomfortable it is to be top heavy when regular stores only cater to certain body types and, out of jealousy and spite, don't include the lovely ladies who are blessed with having bountiful bosoms.


I am 15 years old and have 34d breasts. I started growing them in about 6 th grade and ever since I can remember they've sagged. This has caused me to have very low self esteem and I'm very concerned about how guys will think of them:(. But after looking at this site I've accepted them more and can maybe eventually start to love myself:).


I'm a 15 year old girl and the only pair of REAL boobs I have seen are my own. I'm 36D(though my mom argues about getting a DD) and I am overweight. In order to be healthy I need to lose 30 pounds but I want to be 128 pounds and that means I need to lose 50 pounds. I'm 5'5 so it'll still be healthy. My boobs look normal NOW. I've grown used to them and have realized there is nothing wrong with them but I'm afraid that if I lose all that weight my boobs will sag. I don't care if they shrink since I'm an athlete and I need smaller boobs anyway but I don't want them to sag and look bad. Especially if I want to wear bikinis in the future. Hopefully my age will prevent them from looking too bad and I'll find a guy who won't care but being healthy should be my priority.


Appreciate what the Nature has given you. Either large or small, take and don't complain. Others don't have any, only like that of two years old girl. Please, accept yours.


I never noticed I had breasts until they were already B-cups and bounced. I was instantly horrified. I never wore anything but sports bras (sometimes two or three at once) until I was in my late teens; when I finally got measured and found out I was a 36DD, I started to cry in the fitting room. With weight gain and loss, I've been up to nearly a DDDD (G) cup and back since then.

I am over 6' tall, so my breasts are fairly "proportional," but at 23 I am still struggling to accept them. I have felt much better since I started to bind my breasts flat with a compression shirt made by Underworks, even though this hurts my back and makes my chest saggier. (Unexpectedly, I don't mind having a saggier chest at all---it was going to happen in twenty or thirty years anyway, and what's a supportive bra for if not that!)

I am trying to balance my wish to breastfeed with my wish to have surgery. The negative effect of binding on my health is one of the factors---as is the fact that I don't know whether the compression to which I've subjected (and will continue to subject) my breasts has hindered my ability to breastfeed already.

I don't know what to think; I guess I just want to get my story out there. I would really like to hear from anyone who binds/has bound and has tried to breastfeed.


Bravissimo guys.... This is where you can buy pretty bras in large cup sizes. I have 34K size breasts and always resented the difficulty buying bras and clothes until I found them. They are in England and I am in Australia so what I do is buy several at once during their sales then I save on postage. I also buy swimwear from them. As I do with the bras I buy more than one at a time.
My experience seems to be pretty typical of what a lot of people have written here. I have had large boobs since I was a teenager. I found that if you develop your mind and don't think about them other people soon forget about them. Having more comfortable bras helped a lot.


I have always had large breasts; I went from not wearing a bra to needing a C cup in 5th grade. Well, when I was 15, with size 32DDD breasts, I somehow convinced my parents I needed a breast reduction and lift... I had been suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder and anorexia since 7th grade. Well, I had the boob job, and was down to 32C for about a month before they grew back [the stitches ripped open and everything!] I'm now a 34DDD, and my breasts hang a bit now. I've always been so self-conscious, I would even wear a bra to sleep and have sex in, and I would avoid looking at myself naked in the mirror... but a few years ago I discovered your website, and I realized that every single woman who posted pictures on the site had beautiful breasts! And that I was my own worst critic... And I finally can look in the mirror and think that I'm a desirable 20-year-old woman with big, beautiful breasts... and this website was the catalyst for all that. So thank you!

I'm 15 years old. I started to grow boobs when I was 13, and was only an A cup, then over the next two years I grew two cup sizes and until two months ago I was a 32C. Then suddenly my breasts started growing again rapidly and now I'm a 32DD. When I was younger I always wanted boobs and waited for them to grow, and honestly, although I have stretch marks because they grew so fast, I'm happy with my breast size but I think they could be a little bigger. I think they're just the right size, big enough and I don't get any pains... They just bounce a lot when I run. But before I ever came onto this site my mental view was that everyone else had perfect breasts and that mine were abnormal... It's good to see that I'm not the only one without perfect breasts and It's given me a lot more confidence for the future.


I'm seventeen, and have extremely large breasts. This has made me extremely self-conscious and has actually affected me highly throughout my childhood. The biggest problem would be all of the attention you receive, which is highly humiliating. I've done everything, from wearing jackets (even when it's extremely hot/humid), wearing multiple bras (minimizers/sports), and even things such as trying to tape down just for my breasts wouldn't be noticable. I've always loved fashion, but I can't find tops that even fit me, and if they do, I find myself very unattractive in them. However, this website does help to realize i'm not the only one who feels this way, and I accept my big bust much more now. I will be saving up for a reduction in the future, however.


By the time I was in 4th grade I already had A's. I got teased cause every girl thought I stuffed. I fixed that by flashing them at the public pool though. Right now I am 16 and size 34D. It's not that I'm overweight. My stomach's flat and all. I have come to realize every top I buy I would have to get it tailored. I don't mind them though. I get no back pains, my posture is perfect. I would like guys not to go googoo eyes over them :/.


I am a large breasted woman!
And ya know what?
I wish more women loved themselves!
I refuse to "camoflague my curves" as fashion guru Stacy London advises large breasted women to do!
I wear my bikinis and I embrace my body!

Love yourselves girls!


I 5ft 1 inch size 8.
I have trouble with clothes as I am a 12 dd sometimes a 12e.
I get teased by my male work colleagues
Male and female and my nickname is Boobs!

Everyone calls Me Boobs!
I hate it.
My husband thinks it's funny and he calls me mrs udders and thinks it's a joke'
My husband won't let me have a reduction says he loves my twins.

I have come to terms now that having my huge twins is special amd howamu women pay to be my size.

Even call myself boobs if anyone askes my name.

I love having my huge boobs and would not haven't any other way now. My twins are part of me and I love them


Since I was in third grade, my breasts have always been a considerable amount bigger than all of my friends, and like a few other girls I have read about on this site, I used to wear a jacket zipped up year round, even on days where it reached almost ninety degrees. It's certainly reassuring to know that other people also go through the same thing, and this site has definitely given me confidence to start accepting my body for what it is. Thank you!


Hey everyone, I'm 19 and I'm from the uk. I'm glad to know that there are a lot more women out there than just me with this problem. My breasts are 38EE, not as big as most but it crushes my confidence, sometimes I cry myself to sleep becuase they make me feel ugly. I get back pains cos they are heavy, and I can't even run cos I'm scared they might fall out or something. I got strech marks everywhere. At the moment I'm paying up to 35 a bra, it's stupid.

I hope one day I will be happy.

Other comments have made me feel welcome, thanks everyone :)

Amy x

Hi, I'm 16 and from what I remember I have always had large breasts. I started to develop when I was about 8ish but I never really noticed noticed them until I reached secondary school, where I became very conscious of them. Up until recently I had never been properly measured and was then wearing a 38DD, I was then shocked however to find I was a 34GG!

I find shopping for clothes depressing and upsetting as I'm a 12/14 on my bottom but end up usually wearing an 18/20 on top to try to cover my large boobs. It's also ridiculus how much it costs for 1 bra just because it's a larger size!

I am also a really into sports and I play alot of netball and rugby, I find that they also get in the way a lot and I therefore don't do as well, especially if I know people are watching me! I also took sport as an option at school and when we have to do it with mixed classes I become very self-conscious as I feel like they are talking behind my back.

It irritates me how much my mates go on about how their boobs are too small, because I've tried telling them the pain that they get with larger breasts and also the unwanted attention from men; however they never really seem to understand and always bang on about how it's alright for me because I can get anyone I want with them! This however is the proplem, I can no longer have a relationship with a lad as I never know whether or not I can trust him; wether he wants me or wants my breasts

I was soo happy to find this site and learn that there are other girls my age who suffer from the same problems, hopefully one day I'll be able to like the way that they look!


Hello! I'm a 16 year old American teenager, and I've struggled with bra shopping because I have a small band and a big cup-- I'm a 32 DD. It's also pretty annoying to not be taken seriously because of these breasts. Men won't stop staring wherever I go, they even make snide comments about how I should model for pornographic magazines. Women talk about me behind my back, claiming I've had some sort of enlargement procedures, which I've had none of the sort. However, knowing that other women go through this has helped me a lot, and has helped me want to stop this kind o bullying. I've often thought about getting a reduction if they ever got any bigger, but I've recently realized that it would not be worth it, and I should be thankful for what I have. I hope this site can teach others the same lesson, before they make any permanent mistakes.


I'm 18, almost 19 and since I was around 11 I started to develop. I am currently a 36HH UK size and finding a bra is virtually impossible. So it's hard enough trying to find one but fits, but trying to find one that fits and is ATTRACTIVE in impossible. I'm only young, I don't want to wear bras with no support and flimsy material, I want to be held up :-( Hmpff. Finding a party dress that caters for my bust area is impossible also. I'm a size 12 .. but because of my boobs, I have to buy at least 2-3 sizes bigger than I am. :-( Depressing for an 18 year old - well any woman for that matter. It seems that adding the extra material on for us ladies makes prices immense !
Hopefully one day I'll be happy with my bod! lol


I honestly believe that no girl or woman should have to be ashamed of their breasts nor body. The human form is something that we a blessed with by its divinity and each curve, line, and indentation is a beautiful thing. It is our worlds polluted view of "perfection" that has clouded what true beauty is. I only wish the world could see true beauty as it is within all of us.

Jeff B

hi there, I'm 16. I've always developed faster than other girls. By the time I was 13 I was already a 32DD (UK) and am still growing. Right now I am a 30 H(UK) and have tried everything even losing weight. I always find it difficult to buy clothes and underwear as I am also a size 12(UK) dress size so I have to wear clothes that are way too big and people don't see the real me. I get frustrated with people who dramatically want to enlarge their breasts, also the male attention from the age of 13 I have got is disconserting. I hope that one day I will finally be ok with being the way I am :)


I always been fairly large in the bust being a 34E (UK size) since I was fifteen years old so naturally thought that my developing days were long over, I am now twenty by the way.

However over the past few months my breasts have suddenly gone up by two cup sizes, I am now a 34FF, bordering on being a 34G.

Now, I know I am not pregnant, nor have I gained any weight, my periods are as regular as always, my breasts do not feel any different except for their size, and I feel extremely well in myself, so has anyone ever suffered the same, got any ideas, advice, guidance, information etc.

I fully realise and appreciate that perhaps I should consider visiting my doctor, and indeed will do so shortly if need be, but I thought it good idea to perhaps ask here if you don't mind.

Any help/advice would be most welcomed, as I seem to be buying new bras like they are going out of fashion at the moment.

Hi all. I'm 19 and I'm a 36G UK size and a size 14 top and bottom in clothes although I usually have to end up getting 16 on top just to fit my boobs in. As far as I can remember I've always hated how I look. Except maybe when I was 10 and wasnt influenced by the media.

I know I was a size 10 at one point and was a C cup, now I would love to look like that again but I never appreciated it at the time because my view on myself was clouded by "I'm ugly/fat/big chested" thoughts. It makes me sad that I thought like that at the age of 12/13.

I still hate what I look like, I hate looking at myself with no clothes on, because I hate the way I look. My guy doesnt like the way I think about myself because he says he loves all of me the way I am, and I know I could have it so much worse so it makes me so frustrated that I cant see myself like he does.

Looking through this website had me in tears because I just saw so many other women and girls who are in the same frame of mind as me, and it's just upsetting that there are so many people who are unappy with themselves.

I know we are told that everyone comes in different shapes and size and we should love ourselves for who we are but it's so hard to when the media projects a false image of we are supposed to look.

I also hate it when I read things about big breasts, like advice columns that say "you don't have to have big breasts to be beautiful" or "big breasts arent everything and it's not always what men prefer". I hate reading or hearing things like that because some people act like women who are big chested are loving every minute of it. I would much rather be a small C cup than my G cup size. It makes me feel trapped. I would love to have a wide range of bras to choose from but when you're big chested you don't often have that option, I've only just hit a G cup, which means it's almost impossible to find that size in stores, as most of them only cater the nice sexy bras to A-D cups, even less so.

I hope one day all of us unhappy with our boobs and various other body parts will be able to finally be happy with what we look like. I'd love to look in the mirror and like what I see.


I have had 4 children, my bra size is 54HHH. I hate it, the way men give me this attenion. They don't want to know me -- they want to know my breasts. After reading other stories it makes me feel better to know there are other women who know what I'm going through.


Hi to all you big breasted women out there.

I'm 36 and seem to be growing a cup size every decade since my teens. I was a 34DD when I was 14, and I'm now a 34G at the age of 36.

I find it very difficult to find clothes to suit me. I have very small hips and bottom and very slim legs. I only seem to put on weight on my tummy (which always looks relatively flat due to my huge boobs)

I find that if I wear any loose clothing on top, I just look a bit fat so I tend to go for figure hugging tops - so at least people can see that I am slim.

I really struggle to find clothes and that is my worst complaint. However I do congratulate myself also and tell myself that there are women out there that would pay thousands to have what I have for free and I should be happy with what I have - and so should all you other naturally large women on top.

I wish my bum was bigger though too lol - we can't have it all, can we!


Large breasted women need to be careful when told that reduction can occur with exercise. The focus I had on being smaller drove me to lose too much weight, and my bust remained them same: large breasts are not always fat to be lost and fitness trainers don't appreciate how painful it is to exercise with a bigger bust. While my breasts are the same size, they are more out of proportion with my thinner body than they were before, and the exercising caused worse back pain. Trust that you have the breasts best suited to you and your body.


Oh man. I love your site, what you're telling people- I believe in the same things. I breastfed my daughter til she was almost three and am very open with her about the media and consumerism. Pretty is as pretty does is our motto.

But when I'm by myself, and doubting myself or even hating myself, I cry and wish I could just cut my breasts off. So saggy and lopsided and ugly... can nothing about me be feminine and beautiful? I sobbed my way through your whole site, wishing I could kill this thought of wanting those beautiful, gently sloped and even spaced breasts. Wishing I could stop torturing myself and equating my self worth with how I look. Wishing that I hadn't spent the entire day in bed, sobbing over how much I lack.

Keep informing people. I wouldn't wish this feeling I have on anyone, and no one deserves to be mentally crippled by a superficial, consumer based society and media.

Thank you so much for this site! I'm in highschool and I'm a 38DD and it's hard being teased and mocked for the size of my breasts but I'm learning to tolerate it and I'm starting to realize I was given this body for a reason and I should be happy with it


I have read all the comments from other people here, most of them seem to be young. I too developed very young, and had a 28DD bra by the age of 12. I was very embarrassed over my breasts until I got to about 22. I guess I matured and other women kept telling me I had a great figure. I'm now 35 and am not afraid to wear fitted clothes anymore. I weigh 118lbs, am 5'7" tall. I wear a 34I bra, have a small waist 22" and 37" hips. So having a very small waist and fully filling an "I" cup, with very long nipples, makes me stand out even more, but I'm very happy.


My breasts started growing at age 8. By nine, I had an A sized bust (and no, I don't mean a 32A). This summer, at age 16, I got new bras for the first time in a while. I was a 36B. They fit until October, when my breasts changed suddenly to a 38C. Over the course of this November, they've changed to a 34D (I used your fitting guide for reference there, otherwise I'd be, what, a 40ishD?). I just turned 17. I'm looking into seeing if I have the hypertrophy thingamajig you mentioned elsewhere on the site, because I know the growth rate is pretty abnormal. It also seems to defy my heredity, as women in my family tend to have large hips and small busts. A lot of the weight going to my bust seems to be coming from my hips - my hips have gone from 43" to 40", while my bust has gone from ~38" to 43". My waist has also gotten smaller, from 30" to 27", as has right under my breasts, from 36" to 34". I haven't lost any weight, but the fat clearly seems to be migrating. I've never been pregnant, and am still a virgin. I could be considered overweight, as I'm 5' even, and weigh 160, however, my weight seems to tend towards congregating in one area - first my hips, now my breasts.

Of course, if I had to pick, I'd choose big breasts over big hips any day. Not because of how stupidly sexual guys and advertisers think they are (why? They're big blobs sticking off your body - I don't understand the attraction!), but because it's easier to find shirts that will fit than it is to find pants/skirts/shorts that will fit.

My breasts don't cause back pain, but straps do dig into my shoulders. I have scars from ones I was wearing before the last ones I got. I only have to wait a while longer till I can afford new bras (my mom transferred buying all my clothing, entertainment, etc. to me recently, and my allowance is a grand $75 a month, so I have trouble handling getting everything I need), but so far mine aren't deepening the scars. I'm grateful for that!

As to how I keep my measurements so exact (most of the time), I started learning sewing in third grade, and have had measuring tape around forever. I've got a notebook with measurements done on myself over the years, sporadically. I measured myself for my Homecoming dress in early October, discovered my sudden breast growth, and immediately started keeping daily measurements, so that notebook has been seeing much more use than it used to! I also find it useful for shopping - if I know my current measurements, I can also predict any likely fluctuations, and then I can adjust what size I'll buy as necessary. I'll admit that one of my old, miniscule sports bras sees a lot of use as a DIY minimizer bra - it has the same band measurement as I need, but flattens my chest - generally worn with tops that are too small for my current breasts.

...hi, I'm C and this is a really rambly, potentially ridiculously long letter. At least it's detailed. Roughly a full page, I'd guess!


Hey ladies. I'm currently 14 and have big boobs. 34d and I weigh 130 right now so I think I'm a little overweight but I'm afraid if I lose weight I'll go up a cup size.... ehhg I hate them... I get all sorts of teasing mostly from guys asking if they are fake.. because my mom is only a A cup and then there's me.): Anyways, I went into the 7th grade with a C cup... and then by 8th grade I was a full D cup and I'm in 9th grade now and I'm still a D cup I think..but I have never been properly fitted... so I'm not positive on that. I basically think clothes look better on smaller chested girls...even if the clothes do fit...that's just me tho. I get severe back pain now but that could also be caused from an ill-fitting bra? But this page helped me realize that there ARE girls that have it worse than me and I should try to be happy with my melons. lol. Anywhoo, one more thing, I'm from a small school so there really aren't girls in the same boat as me ): And I remember one specific comment from a guy that took a hit on my self esteem. He said.. "Are your boobs fake? Did your dad let you go get breast implants?" And it made me upset and mad. All the boys used to tease me, and when they describe me, they basically say, "Oh, she's hot, she has big boobs"... I wish they would look at me and NOT just my boobs... I mean really, and on a lighter note, thanks so much, this sight has helped me out a lot.(: xoxo


I'm so thankful for this website! I'm 16 and have always been self conscious about my breasts because they were as perky as my friends and I can't go topless but this site helped a lot. Now I see I'm not the only person in the world that sags.


I am so happy I found this website.... I've been disgraced by breast for years now. I always look deformed when I wore certain types of clothes, and it made people stare at me.... especially men.... I was just 13 at then.... can u imagine how depressed I felt.... anyway glad to know there are other people out there like me.


Hey. I'm 15, in 9 days I'll be 16.
I feel a bit releived that other girls have it worse than I.
I've been developing sice I was 11.
I am now a 38DDD And I have extreme back pain, that I have to feel EVERYDAY. I hate it so much. I also hate it because I have huge boobs, and no butt:(
I alas, have hard time figuring out which 'guy friends' talk to me for an actual friendship, or just to get close to me, for my boobs.
I hate it because I'm not taken seriously.
I have also had jealousy problems since I was 11. Girls would always say my boobs are fake, and I gotten implants.
And I would love to draw attention to my boobs, from the shirts I wear, I'm like, 'Are you serious!' I mean, I can't even find shirts my size that isn't so pricy. But I mean, we were blessed. So let's just be happy on what we have.


I have always had difficulties finding bras that are pretty and in a larger cup sizes, I have always been big and am a K cup at the moment. I have found a new company that is so helpful and really understood how I feel about being my shape. Have a look and contact them if you need them to help you find something even if it isn't on the site. I asked for something and they managed to find it for me at no extra cost. Their website is look at their contact details to email or call them. I'm sure they will be able to make to make you feel as good as they made me feel.


Why don't stores at home carry pretty bras in large sizes? I'm 40 or 42 G, and always had a hard time finding my size - I had to go to a specialty shop, have almost no choice (last time they only had 2 styles that fit, and nothing that I like or really felt comfortable), and pay too much. I was in England for a couple of weeks this summer, and what I thought was a bad thing - forgetting to pack my new bras, and only having black with me - turned out to be good. I went shopping, hoping to find 1 usable light coloured bra, and found out that the local department store there has lots in my size & even larger. I was so happy for the first time to stand in the store deciding which of several nice bras I wanted instead of having to settle for the one or two that fit the best. I bought several - a few plain, practical things as well as a strapless (which I hadn't known even came in my size) and a pretty blue & white one.

A department store in small town in England can manage to have pretty underwear for all sizes (and they don't even charge extra for above D-cups), but none of them in a large North American city can do the same! Why not??? I wonder if the store I went to does mail-order.


I just wanted to mention that I was told that if I lost weight my chest size would in down also. Unfortunately that's not what happened, I actually gained an entire size when I lost 50lbs. That was a while ago and haven't succeeded in reducing since!


I am 26, and currently, I am a 32FF or 32G. I am pretty short at 5'1" and my measurements are: Bust 39" Waist 31" Hips 38". After many instances of becoming frustrated when shopping for clothes, I became set on finding my "body type" - hourglass, pear, apple, etc. I read many descriptions and have entered my measurements into "calculators" that are supposed to tell you your body type. It seems that my body doesn't fit into any of the general categories. One calculator said this was "rare," but happens occasionally. Well, I take pride in the fact that my body is unique.

It is frustrating, though, to explain to my sisters when they make fun of my clothes or ugly bras why I can't wear the same clothes that they wear with their D breasts. I'm not plus sized; I just have big boobs! It is difficult to find good clothes that fit everywhere and are not going to break the bank. Gap T-shirts with stretch have been helpful. has useful fitting and fashion guidelines.

I've also struggled with various health problems related to my breast size - headaches, back, neck, and jaw problems...and chafing/rashes! Seeing a chiropractor has helped with the first four problems, and I highly recommend that anyone see a chiropractor, even if you don't have big boobs. Sometimes they are covered by insurance or offer fees on a sliding scale. Getting properly fitted for a bra helped with the chafing and rashes. Even if you live far from a place that does fitting, you can get some pretty good guides and images at sites online, such as They carry clothes and swimsuits, too. DO NOT go to Victoria's Secret. They sized me incorrectly more than once (because they didn't carry my size in the first place!). I recommend Nordstrom if there's one near you. They carry larger bras, too.

In addition to Bravissimo and Nordstrom, good places for larger bras are:,,, and, where I even found a great long line bra for a strapless bridesmaid dress I have to wear (I swear, it really holds the boobs up, fits well, and will be relatively comfortable considering it's a special occasion piece). Freya bras have been great for me and are cute. Also good are Fantasie and Chantelle. I've heard that Oprah swears by Le Mystere, but they didn't work great for me.

They are expensive, but worth it to ease the pain. My goal is to buy one per month so that I have 6 bras to wear. On the 7th month, I will get rid of the oldest one and replace it with a new one. The average bra only lasts 6 months! Rotating will make it less of a financial burden I hope.

I have considered a breast reduction. Boyfriends past and present love my breasts, but have supported the idea of a reduction if I choose to get one (I think they secretly pray that I won't choose this option, though!). Now that I wear the correct bras, I feel that a reduction is not as necessary. I also want to breast feed, and don't want to have scars.

Overall, sites like this have educated me, taught me to love my boobs, and help me cope. A self defense class I took helped me feel more confident and to call people out when they are reacting inappropriately to my boobs. It is them who are embarrassed and ashamed when I confront them with their actions, not me. If more women were able to do this, I think societal norms would start to slowly change in our favor.


I recently turned 15 and all of a sudden developed into a 30D. It's hard for most of my friends to believe this because I weigh only 98 pounds nd I'm 5'0 tall. When I was only an A cup my much larger friends and my sisters used to make fun of me which didn't help my self esteem at all just. I wanted to say that I love my breast big or small but I'm very excited that they are still growing. Many women complain about their large breast but I find it to be a blessing.


Hello women in the U.S. from a U.K. woman. Your bra sizing seems very different from ours with so many of you thinking a DD cup is large.... Perhaps many of you are wearing bras which are too large around the back? My bras are are 32JJ - I measure 32 inches around my chest under my bust and 42 inches at their fullest point. My tops are a UK size 14 which is a US size 10. I weigh 150 lbs and am 5"6" tall. I am paying for breast reduction surgery in December and have requested going down to a DD or E cup which is a drop of 8 or 9 cup sizes! 32DD or 34DD is NOT large in my opinion.

I am really glad I stumbled across this site. I have struggled with my breast size for the last 6 years. I grew early, around 11. My family made a big deal out of my breast size because I grew so fast. They laughed about it, which of course being so young, made me feel ashamed, especially since none of my friends had breasts yet. In a nutshell, I felt like a freak. From middle school into high school I grew more. I went from a B cup (which at the time I was horrified about, but now I would KILL to be) to a C and then to a D in the course of a year. We ran a lot in P.E. so I found myself running with my arm across my chest to keep the girls from bouncing. I thought the other girls were laughing because my breasts bounced, but in retrospect, I suppose the image of me running with my arms over my chest was probably what was funny. :P I was asked out a couple of times during my freshman year in high school, but I thought the guys were making fun of me, so I declined every time. Eventually, the dates quit coming. I'm eighteen years old and have never had a date. It all boils down to my boobs. I hate them. I'm glad I ran across this website. The pics of women with real breasts really make me feel better. I thought my boobs (36 D) were ugly and gross, but it turns out that they aren't. Maybe I can finally get over this obsession. For that, and to all my busty sisters, I thank you.


I started developing at 6. My right breast has always been bigger. I am now 17, in 5 months I will be 18, and I have never been fitted properly until about a year ago with a friend. I wore a 36 DD for a few months till it got too small. I tried on a 34 DDD and that doesn't fit so I can't wear minimizers. My friend (55ish, had breast reduction, was a size DD/DDD) said I'm probably a 36 F or above. I have back pain and shoulder pain. I don't like my chest at all. But I'm commenting to let other girls around my age know that they're not the only ones with a "curse on their chest".

a girl

I'm 17, I've had big breasts since 7th grade, they just keep on growing. They are currently uneven in size slightly but they will balance out eventually. My right is an H and my left is a G I do believe but I'm relatively skinny at 34 inches around. It is definitely hard to find bras that are still cute in the right size. A great store in the Washington/Seattle area would be Zovo Lingerie, they have a big variety of sizes for the small and larger breasted but still remaining a small size around. They have been so helpful for me!


I'm so glad there are girls around my age (15) with the same problems. I'm a 28H and still growing. I'm hoping I can get a breast reduction in the future but I'm scared in case it goes wrong. Maybe I'll just need to learn that this is what I was given and be happy about it.


Wow, I used to be wishy washy about my large breasts. I feel this website makes me feel more comfortable with my girls. I love them very much, way more than men can imagine. I feel very confident knowing other women have some of the same questions as me. Thank you, you women inspire me to love my breasts even more.

Wow, so much anxiety over large breasts. I love my 30Es. Most beauty "problems" are matters of confidence. Yes, the staring can be extremely annoying, but I don't let that stop me from wearing low cut shirts or turtlenecks. You'd be surprised how much extra attention being fidgety and hypervigilant will get you. That's a lot of the problem, as I can say from experience. It's like jerk bullies can smell fear. Ugh. As disgusting as it is that the victims of such things should have to take responsibility for the perpetrators' actions, learning not to appear anxious (even if you are) is probably the best thing you can do to prevent such things.
Breasts being big enough to cause back pain is much rarer than it seems. By far, most of it is incorrect bra size. If your shoulder straps are digging in or the bra is riding up in the back, you need a smaller band size. Ideally, you should be able to not even wear the straps and still have adequate support. Try to find bras.


I am a 15 year old girl and I have always thought my breasts are saggy. What made the situation worse is that all my friends have small perky breasts, but thanks to this site I know my breasts are perfectly normally and I have been educated that I should wear a sports bra when exercising... I normally exercise without thinking that the more they bounce the perkier they would get.. Thanks to this site I no longer have that ignorant idea.


Hi, I'm a lovely 30H UK size. This has fluctuated with weight gain or loss but I've gone from being a UK 8-14 and back to 10-12 and still my buying a decent bra is a nightmare. If you can find a store that stocks your size, they also leave a rather large dent in your purse. I think the fashion industry are starting to realise that women are all different shapes and sizes. Just now, my trousers are a size 10 and my tops are a 12. If I get anything with buttons I should really wear a 14 which means, that clothes do not fit everywhere.

All I can say is thank goodness for Bravissimo and Panache. It now nice to wear a bra that is not black or white and that fits properly.

Hi! It's not bra sizes that my 20-year old daughter has problems finding (32H-at Brastop). It's clothes! We can't find pretty dresses that fit the rib cage correctly as well as the cup size, Come on Manufacturers, not all big chested girls are big everywhere!


Hello girls!
I'm French and it's very difficult for me to find a bra! I'm thin and my real bra size is 28 H (UK) = 75 H (Fr) --> imposible to find this size in France...

But I've found a genius web site !
You can find bra, clothes, swimwear and so on !!!


I just want to give a big hug to everyone.
I am 16 and a 32G (UK sizing. In US sizing I would be a 32I, haha. They don't make that.) I have shoulder, neck, and back pain, although I'm not sure it's caused exclusively by the weight of my breasts. I also have frequent headaches. I started growing at age ten, though they didn't take off until age twelve or so. By the time I was thirteen I was at least a D (though I didn't know it. Not being able to fit into a 36C, though...) By the time I was fifteen, I was a 32FF. I grew only a little this past year, so I am very, very hopeful they are done.

Someday I hope to have a reduction and go down to a far more reasonable D-cup. I hope that that someday is sometime soon.


Yeah, I might be able to beat all of you as my boobs are still growing and I'm only NOW 15... I'm a 32F. What a joy. NOT. They kill my back. I can't do running. I can't wear 'fashionable' clothes 'cause none of them suit me, no pretty bras are in my size and what I think is the worst part. All everyone sees is my boobs :( :'(

Boobs :)

Not many people comment on having large breasts but being tiny. And I mean TINY. I am little over 100 lbs, naturally small boned. I have to wear children's sunglasses and gloves! I am 32 around, but E or F cup. You may say not too bad, but on a frame as tiny as mine believe me it stands out like a sore thumb, not to mention back breaking. I have chronic pain and self consciousness in this sex-driven society where I am constantly disrespected by the opposite sex. I would do anything for relief and fitting into clothes properly, but I don't qualify for surgery as I am not 'overly large'. I would be open for suggestions.


Well, I'm 24 and have been a 32-34 F since I was 17........ I never had a problem with my size I just always felt womanly and curvy. I then had my son at twenty and what with breastfeeding and pregnancy, I found that after 3 yrs of loving them, I hated them......... yes, unfortunately for me I'd started to sag in a big way, and I no longer felt they looked attractive. 4 years on, I've come to realise I'm not alone and after reading the comments on this page, it startled me to learn that women younger than me experienced the sagging early on....... I do agree however that retail has a lot to answer for....... why is it that if you're bigger, you have to pay more and have very little choice? It's ridiculous, all women have every right to feel pretty in lingerie and clothing without some of us feeling like we're not entitled to. Hopefully all will change soon as according to statistics average breast size is getting bigger..... they can't exclude us forever!!


I'm 13 and I'm a size 44D and it's hard with boobs that size. I'm overweight. I got boobs when I was 8 and been growing ever since.


This website is very helpful. I am 21 and recently married to a wonderful man. I have always hated my breasts for the simple reason that it was hard to find fitting clothes (especially bathing suits) and bras, and severe back pain. I even had my doctor put me on a list to get reduction surgery but once I got married, my husband loves them and has shown me that it is good that they are big. Because I was always self-conscious about my looks since I have had big breasts (32 HH) since grade 7-8, it caused me a lot of emotional distress. I didn't have a lot of friends in high school and I never had boyfriends because I felt I was ugly because of them. So if this site is able to tell young girls or women who have not figured out that their breasts are a blessing no matter if they are an A cup or a HH or bigger, then that's great. Thanks :)

Mrs Amir

It's funny, everyone thinks they want big boobs, and guys act like big boobs are the thing to have, but if you want cute lingerie, well you can just forget it. I worked at a Victoria's Secret retail store back in my early 20s, when I wore a 38D, and there was very little in the store that I could wear. VS isn't interested in the big boob market, though they trip over themselves to create bras to give the illusion of boobs to those who don't have any.

Now in my late 38s, with 42DDs, finding cute stuff is a serious chore. So, for those of you with B and C cups, wishing you had Ds or larger, just remember that quality cute lingerie is made for YOU, not ME. As far as VS, La Perla, and the others are concerned, we belong in huge t-shirts.


Yeah, I'm 17 and I wear a 40DD. It's completely impossible trying to find a cute, right sized bra... I want a reduction, but of course, I won't do that... I'm very comfortable with my breast size, I just find it hard to find a bra that fits right and they just keep growing when I do find one that fits okay... and I always have to buy my shirts too big bc my breasts wont fit in them and stretches them out /:


If so many women are trying to cope with clothing heavy chests, why haven't more clothing manufacturers taken advantage of this obvious business opportunity? The few that do offer bust-based sizing either cater to the very young or only offer tailored shirts. Incidentally, though I've been big-busted all my life, I recently lost 60 pounds---and guess where it didn't come off? Yup. Still wearing a 38DDD.


Hey people !

Well I'm 17 years old, 5'4, 170lbs. Yehhh definately on the chubby side. I wear a 38D bra. And quite frankly, I am very comfortable with my breast-size. But I wasn't always...

In 6th grade, you could say I 'graduated' to a D-cup. My friends who were B-cups used to comment on how they were early bloomers. Well, didn't I feel like crap. I generally felt totally abnormal. I was so self-conscious.

During gym we used to have to run a lot. And welp, my boobs were big so they.. I guess you could say 'bounced.' I was a very fast runner but still so scared of others seeing my boobs so I abandoned all my pretty clothes to don too-big shirts and too-big jackets. For a while, I just hated my boob-size and was so unhappy.

Things have changed. Now, I am a senior in high school and am completely comfortable with my breast size. Okay, not completely comfy because my boobs are 'saggy.' I realize now that no one is perfect so I've come to terms with my boobs.

The only downside to my boobs is they way guys look at me. One guy once told me that I should model for Victoria Secret cause of my boobs. Another time, a complete stranger commented on how big my boobs were. Most don't take bustier girls seriously.

In the end, all you can do is say "Whatever!" Forget about what they say because it doesn't matter. Be comfortable with who you are! Love who you are and people will follow suit with your great example.


My boobs have been big ever since around 14 years of age.
I have major back problems. I'm 18 now and I'm at a 48dd, and my breasts seem to be getting bigger. I don't eat much. I'm actually losing weight and I'm still stuck with a larger chest. Most of my peers say that I look stanky. I wear T-shirts. I rarely ever wear shirts that are too revealing.


After reading all the comments in this page, I realized that I really don't have that big bust compared to others but despite of the fact that I am not alone facing the similar problem as I am, I still feel uncomfortable. I do really hate having this kind of bust size coz all of the time I hear bad compliments about this. I wish to have a smaller breast like the others, the average one for me, I can't run easily because everytime I run, my bust moves up and down. I'm only 14 although I'm not the only one who have bust like this in our school.


It is nice to have a site that people with naturally large breasts can go and know that they are not alone. I have just come to terms with my 32DD/32E size breasts. I'm 5'8" and 130lbs and I feel much better now than when I was 15 5'8" and 110lbs with the same size breasts. I developed early and had to wear a B cup by the time I was 11. My mom has had A cups her whole life and had no idea what to do with me once I was in a C cup. I remember squeezing my breasts into a too small C cup and having the marks and bruising. This year at 25 I went and was officially sized and now I feel more confident in my clothing because I have the right support. It took me almost 10 years to find it. The back pain is an issue but has improved with better support and strength training. I'm now trying to figure out ways to become a millionaire so I can afford the appropriate undergarments. I want a drawer full of options!


I have had extremely large breasts ever since I was 11 years old and I have never been happy with them. Now they are a size 48m and it's hard to live life as a normal being with all the boobs in the way. I never could find any bras that would fit or support me. And the ones I did find costed outrageous. This is to help all of the young ladies who struggle to find something to fit at a reasonable price. Go to online and look at all of their bras, also try Roaman's. They will have your bra size at a decent price and it will look good too. I hope that helped a little.


I'm 14 years old. Ever since I started middle school, I've had large breasts. I just want to say, for all of the girls that are concerned that they have breasts that are too small, that big boobs are a pain. First off, they hurt my back all the time. It's also very expensive to buy the supportive bras that I need and the shirts that cover my cleavage. I also constantly get negative attention from a lot of guys at school. They never take me seriously, and since I'm short, they look down at my boobs. I feel like none of them can look me in the eye.
This website has really helped me more comfortable with my body. I want to share this with all of my friends that are in phases where they are struggling with how they view their image. Thank you all so much!


Your website really means a lot to me. Thank you for taking away the taboo of breasts here and showing me what real breasts look like. I started needed a bra around the age of 9 (I was feeling a lot of pain when walking or running). Because I was developing early, my family didn't really realize that I was ready and I didn't really get to go bra shopping for another 2 years, and then we found out I was a 36C. In the meantime I wore hand me down and random bras I could find, or not at all. During that time I didn't really like wearing bras, wasn't used to them and found them uncomfortable. Eventually my mother and sister tried to get me to wear a bra, warning me that if I didn't my breasts would "sag" over time. This is really stupid, I was 11! Who cares about breasts sagging, especially at 11! As a result I developed OCD behavior with my breasts. I wore bras to small, all the time, even to bed. My bras were painful, cut into my skin, hurt my back, and I was constantly adjusting them in public. After a while no bra would fit these crazy standard I developed for my breasts. At age 15 I would go into department stores and try on every single bra in the store, never finding one that I liked. I had two bras throughout high school, I couldn't get replacements because the company had stopped making them because they were to painful. When the fell apart I put them back together with safety pins and rubber bands. I couldn't get new bras because I couldn't stand that my breasts didn't look how they were "suppose to be". I have been professionally fitted for bras countless times, and none of them ever feel right. Now older, at age 28, at a 36 D my obsession has relaxed a lot and I am able to buy bras and wear them places. However it is still there and I still struggle finding enough bras and functioning in society because of it. On my days off I go braless, and at work I am never comfortable in my bra, my back hurts and yet I'm really self conscious. To anyone reading this, never try to scare an 11-year old into wearing a bra out of fear she will 'sag.' This is silly, if she wants to wear a bra, eventually she will figure that out on her own.

I am trying to establish a healthier relationship with my body, including my breasts, and this website has really been helpful to me. I know realize that my breasts are actually normal. I don't think they sag anymore then regular large breasts seem to sag. And anyway, who cares about sagging in the first place? Even the pictures of girls who think they are sagging, they look just fine to me. I look forward to when I am a mother and I get to bond with my baby.

Also really disturbing is when I see on this website a picture of the sort of breasts I always wanted, the owner writes about how much they don't like theirs. They usually complain they are to small, or to something or rather. Really no one seems happy with their breasts, even the people I have always coveted.

My husband has told me repeatedly that my breasts are "absolutely perfect" and he seems to think they are amazing. I hope to eventually feel the way he does and then find bras that are comfortable and lead a normal life.

Thank you for this amazing website.


To all my fellow large breasted women:

My greatest problem is that men think that, because I am a large breasted woman (34DD), that my breasts are public property. They somehow think that it is acceptable to touch me without my permission. Maybe it is the Marilyn Monroe syndrome - that is that we ask for it. Sorry! I inherited my breasts from my mother, and there is nothing I can do about it.

I am now almost sixty seven years old, and still find men chasing me, even though I am married.

The point in fact is that, whether or not you are large-breasted, attractive, etc., etc., it is so important to not let other people emphasize your large breasts. I was not able to breast feed, as was not my mother, because there can be something defective about large mammery glands. It is a phenomena that is hard to detect, and something about which recent reseach has not delved.

I can be found on Facebook.
Glad to be among you large breasted women! Kristina G. Brauner

I am 14 years of age. I weigh about 118 lbs. now and am about 5.2'. I wear a size 32DD as of right now and every period I feel they are getting even bigger. I know this isn't normal.

I am not overweight never have been it. Actually, most of my life I was under it because of ADHD medications, but I got off that. Well, because of it my rib cage and stomach is very small, but yet I have huge boobs and a pretty big behind to go along with it. I had been teased most of my life cause of being flat chested. I first got into a size B in the summer of becoming an 8th grader. I was so excited! I finally had boobs! But then the middle of the year I found out I had C's. I though oh ok, I guess this is fine. But then, I get to high school I wasn't even there for a week and I already got D's at 14! And then a little before the middle of the school year I got DD's! When I found this out I for real, no lies, got on my knees in my room and prayed to God to make them stop growing. I even started to cry a little.

Now I'm 14, in high school with DD's. Nobody believes I'm my age. Because of my boobs I look older. It's also hard for me to actually want to date someone cause I fear there only with me for my body not my mind. I don't know what to do anymore. I used to get teased because I was flat, but now I am because I have big boobs.

Most girls wish to have big boobs because that's what they think the guys like. They're right, guys do like them, but, I wish to have small boobs.


Hello Jenna,
It is quite normal to want to have smaller breasts with all the teasing and such problems.

If your breast size continues to grow and you start developing physical problems such as backaches because of it, keep in mind that in that case, a breast reduction surgery could help you and also be covered by an insurance.

I don't think the doctors would do that until you are 18 though. But, just keep that in mind as an option - and it can perhaps help you cope even right now.

Then again, maybe once you are 18, IF they don't just keep growing, maybe you will be able to live with them and accept the size DD.

Also, the problems of people thinking you're older than you are, and dating, those will definitely diminish in just a few years as you get older.

hi, I'm 18 and have been wearing a bra since I was 10 and was the first girl in my class to develop. I've always been self-conscious about the size of my breasts, and especially the bumps on my areolas. I never thought I was normal because I never knew that other women had these little bumps. The reason I am commenting is because I think this website is so great for women of all ages and is incredibly helpful. I feel much more empowered and comfortable with my body that I don't feel the need to be scared anymore. Thank you so much for creating this site!

I wear a 38 d cup bra, I have had problems with my breast in other ways. I have 5 children and was never able to breast feed because of the severe pain I would get when they suckle on them. I do not think that is normal. Even now that I have had a hysterectomy they still hurt. I'm 50 years old now and had a partial hysterectomy at age 35 years old. I never found out why they caused me so much pain. But would be interested to know why if anyone who has the same problem would know why please feel free to tell.


I'm in my late teens and absolutely hate my boobs. I was relatively flat chested until about 14, so much so that my sister's friends would compare, with relief, their chests to mine, happy that they were bigger. Then slowly they grew and I reluctantly wore a B - to me that was too big. Then... I was forced to wear a C and I swallowed it. Over the next year or two they ballooned to an E and I've been depressed about them since.

I used to love to dance but no longer feel comfortable either in the aesthetic of my dancing nor in how it feels to dance and no sports bra helps. Everyone talks to my chest, mentions them in conversation, teases me. If I'm ever at a party, I can garuantee at least one drunk letch will make lewd comments. They're uneven as well and just awful.

But this site and positive thinking has changed how I deal with them slightly. There are plus sides in that I do not have spectacularly large breasts, most girls envy me and people say they think they look good.... but I'd rather they didn't.

I guess I never expected to have big boobs - I was always underweight, very short and generally petite... but I've put on a lot of weight and now I feel like I'm a completely different person than I was before. I eat healthily, walk as much as possible... but I feel chubby.

Anyway I do want to say thank you because at the very least I understand I'm not alone at all and that honestly most people don't have the boobs of their choosing so I might as well just deal. But looking in the mirror sucks.


There is everything right with Large Breasts, and you should be proud you are well endowed. Jst like some of us are black , brown, white e.t.c, cherish who and what you are and what you are blessed with.


Hi, I'm 10 years old, 4'11 and 80 lbs. I had my period about 2 months after my birthday, And I have about 30C-ish breasts. It's a little hard being the only one in my class that is "maturing early" but you will eventually get used to it. Anyways awesome job with the website, it really helped me regain my confidence. Thanks you guys are awesome!


I'm 19 and am currently wearing a 34DD. I started developing breasts in 5th grade and by 8th grade I was a full D cup. I've always been embarrassed of my large breasts cause I felt everyone would stare at me. I'm pretty small in the waist, but I have to buy XL T-shirts to fit my boobs. But then that makes me feel and look fat and frumpy. Mine also sag. I've always wanted to get a reduction so I can feel better about myself. I would be sooo much happier with a nice C cup.


Hello All, I am currently working for VjM Clothing, a new fashion design studio specifically producing bras. We are very interested in creating bras and lingerie for women with larger cup sizes. We are currently trying to gather as much information as possible from consumers so we can create a great product. We understand most bras for large breast sizes are uncomfortable and usually do not come in a variety of designs as smaller bra sizes. Please send any suggestions or information to info [ at ] so we can begin creating fantastic new designed bras for large cup sizes. We hope to send all participants a free bra from our product lines once they are complete!!! Thanks for time! -VjM Design Team


Hi, I'm a 34DD and have been since I was 13. I used to be embarrased by my bigger breast, but I've learned to accept and even love them. We bigger breasted women should be proud of what we got, we shouldn't have to hide them. So if u got'em show em off. Al ot of smaller breast girls are jealous. Of course they don't understand the saggin' and the never ending hunt for a bra that fits and looks sexy (what's with those granny looking bras?). Whatever size you are just accept them, they're beautiful, they're unique, they're REAL, they're what defines us as women.

Crystal Potvin

I am a fifteen year old girl. I am 5'2'' and around 106 lbs. I've always been proud of my 32 D cup breasts. I had always been told that I had the best boobs that my friends had seen. In the last 3 months, guys have started telling me that they sag. It frustrates me that I can't get into a decent shirt without it not fitting or someone telling me I show too much skin. I have to buy shirts to fit my breasts and not my body. It's ridiculous. Thank you for posting your own stories. I now feel like I'm not the only one. <3

Big breast is a pain. I was in a car wreck and broke my neck, my breast are a 42DD, they sag and cause be a lot of pain. My posture is bad, was teased all my life about big breast. I was told by my cardiologist stated that my heavy breast made me have a left bundle branch block, we did a right and left cardiac cathetherization and he found nothing said my arteries were clean. It is hard to find bras that fit properly. Also the cost for a good bra is at least 30-50 dollars. I hate it because my breast sag so bad, really feel uncomfortable when I make love to my husband. Small breast are better.


I see so many comments on here from big breasted women, about how they hate their boobs, even ones with c's or D's that aren't that large. I do feel for people with LARGE breasts, the pain and everything.
But I don't know, it was actually annoying me to read all these, I'm not a mean person I'm just being honest here. Me and my friends have small breasts. Me measured as an 8AA but wouldn't fit in any less a 12C NZ sizing, and my friends A's or B's. And guys won't even look at us because of our small chests. And it's not the media, it's sexually attractive. A guy wouldn't look at me twice, because I have breasts of a pre-pubescent girl and people with comfortable sized breasts are complaining? I might not be able to naturally feed a child later in life, I don't know what it feels like to love your breasts and have cleavage, feel like a woman and fill out clothes. It is just my opinion..


I love large breasts they are to be proud of. As a man I LOVE to have a large breasted woman in my life.

chad ahles

I'm 13, with 34E breasts. I began to develop quite early (9) and had always been embarrassed about my breast size, always getting stares from boys. Large breasts tend to cause some problems for me, as I am an athlete, and sports bras do not always help me much, and finding clothes is also difficult because I have a small waist and hips but large breasts, so if clothing fits around my waist, the buttons bulge or the fabric pulls around my breasts...


My girlfriend and I have been talking about having children and the effects it would have on her body. I love my little girl and she makes me really happy. She has a 30 F/G sized bra so they will sag eventually. She showed me this site so that we could look at it together and to our surprise almost all the women who have had the courage to post pictures of their breasts are actually very beautiful. All that aside I will love my girlfriend no matter what happens and how she looks. As for every woman out there if a man does not love you for you, then he is not worth the time.


I'm 23 and I developed my breasts at an early age and it's like they just appeared one day. I am 40DD and I love my breasts, sometimes I have back pain but I would never reduce the size that they are. I don't like it when people stare at them and most shirts that I wear, give me some kind of cleavage and I have people stare at my chest, I can't help it that they are there and I have cleavage. I think every woman should love their bodies, regardless of how big or small their breasts are.


Hi there,

I think your web gallery is wonderful and agree that more men should see and READ what women themselves have to say about their breasts. Personally I don't think it ever crosses a man's mind, and size seems all that matters to both men and women; it shows by the number of breast augmentations. And when both men and women see a woman with beautiful large breasts, they automatically assume that "those boobs aren't real!" I'm a very youthful-looking 51, have never had children, and have REAL 38DD or E breasts. I resent the automatic assumption that I've had a boob job. Unlike some of the very young girls who are writing about early development and the stigma attached, I was a late developer and proof that breasts continue to gain size into the 20's. Also, I wish more women over 40 had submitted their photos. My breasts aren't as "perky" as they were previously and I started to think my breasts a liability because of their weight. (I'm small-framed w/ back problems) Right on to the woman who suggested her man wear a bra with 20 lbs in the cups! But seeing the photos of real women's breasts has shown me that mine don't look any different then the younger women's. Yet I never felt self-conscious (exc. when I was 14 & flat-chested) when I was younger, and I do now. They feel bigger and more conspicuous somehow, and bounce around more, I don't know! Your web site has helped me gain perspective and be proud of my DD's, but I like to know how other ladies feel.
Thanks, K.

I was a later bloomer, did not begin to develop much until late teens...I am now over my normal weight of about 110 lbs (5'4")(due to illness) & boy have I noticed the difference! With the addition of 20 lbs.,my breasts have gone from a 36DD to a 42DDD--I could probably fit into a 44.I'm 51 now,still until the past 2 or 3 years I've been slender and curvy with large breasts--even so,I didn't have the healthiest of body images!I look back & think I was crazy.I like being large breasted,but have become self-conscious recently & I have given thought to reduction but I do NOT want to have surgery.My husband & I tried to get pregnant when I turned 40,but I never did. I wanted so badly to experience pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sometimes jokingly I think that at least if I'd been able to breastfeed, it would have justified having such large breasts! But it might have been embarrassing, too, because I don't know how much larger I would have gotten...all in all, I'm well-adjusted but am anxious to return to my normal weight and maybe I will go down a cup or 2 and feel more comfortable.


I'm 30 and I wear a size 40 DD. I used to be really uncomfortable with the size but with time I've learnt to live with it and appreciate that that's how God wants me to look like. Don't feel ashamed about your breasts being big, just learn to appreciate them.


People with large breasts should ensure that they don't put on very tight tops or blouses for they show out the largeness of the breast. Try to put on fitting blouses that are not too small. If the breasts are sagging try to put on good bras that will give the breasts the shape.


It is too good that I can't think about it. Thank you for this website. I am 33 with one daughter and all these years I have blamed my mother for not giving me trainers. I hated my breast sometimes I cried when I looked in the mirror. I am 42C. I can now love myself


First off I would just like to say thank you for such an extensive and supporting website. I am a 21 year old mom who is breastfeeding my 1 month old and I am currently a 38J. I remember my first bra being a 32 c when I was around 8. I feel for all the young girls out there who are in the same boat but I am alarmed to see how many young women are considering breast reduction surgery. I have definitely been there before but did you know that breast reduction surgery can prevent you from being able to breastfeed? I never ever thought I would have children. But here I am with my beautiful baby boy today and I am so glad that I can have that special bonding through nursing that so many women struggle to have. So please rethink a drastic surgery and at least wait until after you have your babies because even If you decide to have surgery and can or cannot breast feed pregnancy will almost definitely change your body and breasts and who knows? You might end up just as big or bigger than you were pre surgery. Please ladies remember your possible unborn babies when deciding if breast reduction surgery is really right for you. And if you are contemplating it, I suggest a book called "When Less is More" by Bethanne Snodgrass. It walks you through every possible thing you can imagine regarding breast reduction surgery and some alternatives. I've also heard of scientific studies showing that women who have been sexually abused (or not even) and hold resentment towards their sexual organs and breasts have a higher chance of developing cancer in those places. So please ladies remember to love your girls and yourself just the way you are. You are beautiful. Love, e.


I'm 15 and have 34FF boobs, I find it really hard to choose clothes to wear as I have a certain style that me and my friends stick to however they're all smaller chested than me so I often found I look out of place. After reading this site I have found it will help me in the future, and that although boys do say things they're really just complimenting me. I've got a slim physique too so I often get back pain where not even paracetamol can fix :/ It's good to know that there are also so many young people out there who share the same problems as me.


Hey! I am Shelly and I am a 32 C. I weigh 75 pounds and I am 5'3. By the way I'm 12. I am sorta skinny but my breasts look really big on my body. The boys don't tease me but they stare at them whenever I say hi to them. I kinda got used to living with my breasts.One thing that upsets me is that my BFF can go bra-less whenever she wants and I cant.


I am 25 years old. I've had issues with my extremely large breasts since I was 14. I can be a size 8 but because of my breasts I wear 12 or 14 in dresses and I usually have to have them altered. I was wearing 34DD at 14 and now I am a full 36GG. I've learned to just live with them. I get very uncomfortable especially when I am menstruating. They get so sore I can hardly touch them. I have considered a reduction but my gyn told me to wait until I've had a child or else they might grow back and I am skeptical about that.


HI, Thank you for this website. My group of friends, women all over the world, naturally have different breasts. Mine are a 32 H and a close friends' are a 34 B. We haven't really ever known what is healthy because we have very different nipples etc. Many women here have talked of pg and it has meant that we are now not only more comfortable with our breasts but are better friends talking genuinely about how we feel about our bodies now and in the future should either/both of us be blessed with pg! Many thanks!

I hate my 48Gs. They make my back hurt and shoulders also. They won't stop growing. I have been refitted at size 48 2XPS paidd 112.00 for a bra. The older I get the more they hang.


It's so nice to see a website for large-breasted women and to not feel so isolated from mainstream society. It's annoying to get comments from well-meaning friends who are smaller busted about my breasts- (I am currently a 34 DDD/E, weaning my one-year old gradually) who ask if I have ever considered breast-reduction surgery. I have no back pain so it would largely be a cosmetic procedure. Aside from the grooves in my shoulders, I have no physical discomfort problems. It would be nice to put on almost any top I wanted and have it look good instead of having to buy dif't size tops and pants, I admit. It'd be even nicer just to have acceptance from society in other than just a sexualized way of my shape. How boring would we be if we were all B or C cups? And no, just because I'm busty doesn't mean I'm more or less sexual than the next person. I think if society was more accepting, many women would feel more confident.


Hey, I'm 15 and have 32E's. Sure it's fun being so slim and having NATURALLY big boobs, but the thing I really hate is, not the back pains ect. But just the fact that still in this world you can never know if a guy goes for you, for you... or if he goes know. I had a fitting yesterday and have been wearing a 32DD since February 09 now and now it's December 09... and realised okay the bras are getting a tad tight. So yeah I now know why those bras have been feeling a bit tight!
I just wanted to say really that, for many teenagers and young adults and adults themselves that you shouldn't be treated as a sex symbol especially if it brings you down. Recently I dyed my hair brown and have had it a numerous amount of other colours, but I had been blonde and in the last year or so I have suddenly became one of my year/schools biggest sex symbols. So I decided to dye my hair brown to get away from the blonde big boobed look as possible. DON'T hate your boobs, love them and embrace them :) just don't let yourself be caught up in the stereotype and let people treat you that way.


I am 25 years old. I've had issues with my extremely large breasts since I was 14. I can be a size 8 but because of my breasts I wear 12 or 14 in dresses and I usually have to have them altered. I was wearing 34DD at 14 and now I am a full 36GG. I've learned to just live with them. I get very uncomfortable especially when I am menstruating. They get so soar I can hardly touch them. I have considered a reduction but my gyn told me to wait until I've had a child or else they might grow back and I am skeptical about that.


Thanks so much for this site. I am a 40D in a sports bra and I am starting to fill out into a 32DD. I have always been paranoid about how large my bust is. I have just realized that boys aren't really making fun of you, they are just complimenting you in their own way. As I have read the comments before me, I know I am not alone and I have just discovered some new confidence.

This is a wonderful site. I am 33 and have to have my bras custom made as I have a very small rib cage. I wear a 27 I bra. bust 46 waist 19 hips 35. I love my body.


I'm twenty years old, and I'm a 34F. It was only very recently though that I found out my true bra size. So my breasts sag (and it's hard to tell that I have large breasts), and I don't have much feeling in them. Continuing to wear a bra at night seems to help, so recently I've been doing that. Even so, buying dresses is impossible because although I wear a size 8-10 in pants, I have to buy at least a size 14 in dresses. This means that I don't have any nice dresses and that the suit I bought had to have the pants entirely remade (not cheap). Luckily, I don't have back pain though.


I'm 19 years old and I wear somewhere between a 44D-DD (USA). I have an older sister who is skinny size 0-1 in jeans USA and has perky breasts. (like a beginning size B or largest size in A cups. I was (and still sort of am) sooooo jealous of her. I used to like doing sports and gymnastics and things, but when my boobs got bigger around late 7th grade (strangely enough after someone teased me saying they WOULDN'T get bigger) I couldn't stand running or jogging or anything. It would take me almost 20 minutes to walk 1 mile because I walked slow so that my boobs wouldn't bounce. Even with THREE sports bras on, I couldn't keep them from jiggling around. Plus I'm overweight so when I did have to run (like trying to catch the bus or something) my boobs would just weigh me down along with the fat everywhere else. And when I walk down the stairs with out a bra on, there's that awful smacking/slapping sound they make against my stomach. I sometime felt like one day they were going to just drop off.

I knew that I would never want to get surgery because I didn't want to risk anything that might cause me to have worse problems in the future (including breast feeding though I do not plan to have children *plans do change!^^*)and because it cost too much so I just stopped playing any kind of sports period, not even soccer which I love the most.

I recently read a book called 'Boobs a Guide to Your Girls' by Elisabeth Squires who recommended this website, and after seeing so many women with the same problems and facing them like this I feel a lot more confident about my situation. I'm happy for my size and even the way they look. There are some stretch marks but for the most part I think they're ok. I'm glad I saw this site and will encourage other women and even men (who may have the wrong idea about breasts and what they are for) to visit here and see how much of a difference it really makes to know the truth about breasts and what it takes to be proud of them and appreciate them for their true purpose. And then if I ever get a boyfriend I won't mind him staring.^^

Thank You so much.


Hi. This website helped. I'm 15 years old and weigh approximately 140lbs. My breasts are a 36F! and I always feel very uncomfortable. I wish I had a smaller chest as my mother, who is 46 has only 30A breasts!!!!


I wear a 32J... I HATE my large breasts!!! I have a smaller figure... size 6-7 and have huge boobs... I am only 19:(... I have considered breast reduction but I really don't want all the freakin scars it leaves... having extra large boobs is a big hassel... there are no cute clothes in the size you need and bigger ones fit around the tits but everywhere else they are too big!! And let's not talk about all the back pain!! I would give anything just to have a DDD or smaller!!!


I am almost 20 years old and I am in a DD/DDD bra size. It sucks I can't wear normal clothes (cute) clothes. I am not a big girl but I have to get bigger sized shirts because of my boobs. My guy loves them, but I hate them!


Thanks for this web site.... my breasts have always been big, and I still can't find a bra that fits. But away with trying to hide them. I'm too old for that. My husband loves them, floppy and all. Oh, by the way, I'm 40 years old.


I love this website. I'm 14 years old, 4"8' and a 38-Ggg bra size. I weigh 180 and over half my weight in my breasts. I have a hard time finding clothes and bras that fit. I have larger breasts than anyone in my family and every girl in my school. My 16-year old sister's breasts are half the size as mine so she alwayes feels intimidated by me. I hate my breasts and I wish I had a smaller chest. This site has helped me deal with my insecureties.


Hi everyone I'm sulma and I'm 14 years old and I wear a 34DD. I started growing my breasts when I was about 9 years old (in elementary school)and I've always hated it. I'm short and not necessarily a big girl and but my breasts seem to sag all the time! I hate when I wear tight shirts because it looks like my breasts are about to blow out of my shirt and sag. Sometimes when I tried things on at home that my mom used to buy for me I used to tell my mom I liked it but deep down inside I cried myself to sleep every night because how much I hated my sagging breasts. I'm so glad that I found this website because it makes me feel accepted and normal. Thanks a lot you guys!


Reading all these lovely womens comments have boosted my moral and confidence about my own body and figure.
I am just 15 yrs old, weigh approx 130 lbs and have a 34D bust which I considered to be absolutely huge until I read these comments and now realise that mine are really quite small.
Although I get stared at in school and have done since I started developing when I was 10 yrs old, it would appear that I have had things easy.
I do of course worry about how much bigger my breasts will get, but now feel so much happier knowing that I am not alone in the world sporting huge breasts.
Thank you so much for a wonderful site.


I am the Mother of Kaye who I know has put her comments to you and I see that this has been displayed.
I am to say the least, so proud of her for doing so and hope that perhaps it will help many other teenage girls to overcome their frustrations and insecurities regarding their bodies/figures and in particular their breasts/busts.

Both my daughters Kaye and her elder sister have followed the female side of my family in having large breasts both developing at an early age (9/10 yrs) and have been cruely taunted and teased during their developing years (Kaye still has some time to go) which sadly seems to be the trend in this day and age.

Kaye I know, has suffered badly over her quickly developing figure and has found it hard to adjust, many times I have found her sobbing her heart out over this issue, I have by the way always encouraged both my daughters to be open and honest over any anxieties or concerns they may have during their puberty years or indeed at any time.

Her elder sister, now 19 yrs old, who we hope has completed her growing years, and now has a 32E bust has become a pillar of strength to Kaye and like myself who has for some 30 years had a 36F bust talk openly between us over the issues regarding our breasts.

In conclusion may I say what a shame it is that this new way of sharing ones thoughts/comments wasn't available in my early years, and sadly we had no idea that indeed it probably was during my older daughter's just a few years ago.

Please continue with your sincere and excellent work for I am convinced that your site here has done wonders for Kaye sharing her feelings with others who are in similar positions, and who now realise that she is not the only young women in the world to be suffering with large breast syndrome.

Sincerely Yours

Hi everyone I'm neisha and I'm 14 years old and I wear a 34DD. I started growing my breasts when I was about 9 years old (in elementary school)and I've always hated it. I'm short and not necessarily a big girl and but my breasts seem to sag all the time! I hate when I wear tight shirts because it looks like my breasts are about to blow out of my shirt and sag. Sometimes when I tried things on at home that my mom used to buy for me I used to tell my mom I liked it but deep down inside I cried myself to sleep every night because how much I hated my sagging breasts. I'm so glad that I found this website because it makes me feel accepted and normal. Thanks a lot you guys!


Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm 17 and weigh 172 pounds and 5ft 4 1/2". I've been big busted since I was 11 and I'm now 17 and wear 34/36 E bras and I get a lot of problems like backache. I've seen a surgeon but he won't do anything to help. xx


A black female, 54 years old, two children, and bra size 38-40 DDD I was curious about a doctor's notation in my medical file at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, "She has pendulous brests." It was a term I had nerver heard before, so today I took time out to research the term. Most of the information I found was outright disturbing. Because other information in my file was so racially toned, I had phoned Mayo Clinic's administration about two weeks ago to voice my concerns.

I am so glad you provide this site. Personally, I have always considered myself blessed to have naturally full breasts. Realizing some women may feel self-conscious believing their breast size to be disproportionate to the body or experience discomfort or medical complications from the weight of their brests and desire breast reduction, I believe having so call "pendulous breasts" is something to be proud of as a women.


Hi. My name is Allison. I am only 12 years old, but I have very big titties. I don't like them. I am a really tiny girl everywhere too. I am only 52 and 105 pounds, but I wear a 34DDD. It's really annoying. The girls at school are jealous of my titties, and all the boys keep asking to see them, touch them or play with them. I don't like having big titties, and since I haven't started my period yet that means they will probably get bigger. I'm glad I found this site though; it has made me feel a lot better. I learned that the things I feel and do are normal. I used to be really paranoid about my nipples. They are really big and puffy, but my sister's nipples are small and flat on her breasts. Shes also 5 years older than me, and only a 36B. I am jealous of her. I have learned to accept though that I have big titties, and I should be happy with them.


I'm 16 and wear a 36D. I hate how tops don't fit right because I'm only 5'4 and 130 pounds, and guys are freaks about them. I wish they were Bs, but this site helped a lot so now I feel less insecure.


Hi, I'm only 15, and I wear a 32 DDD, or 34 DD. Victorias Secret bra fitters don't know what to do with me, but I love their pink collection. I just really want to tone up my breast so they won't be saggy especially in this point of my life. It's nice to see I'm not alone though.


I am 24 and wear 32G. When I was 13, I went from A to DD in one year. I went straight from children's clothing to women's and was never able to buy junior's. Fortunately, my mother was always very supportive of my insecurities and size and built in me a healthy respect for my body as well as the need to take care of my chest in order to take care of my back. Last year, I bought a top off a clearance rack that has become my favourite top because it looks great and fits well. I didn't even notice until I put it in the wash the first time that it's actually a maternity top! Since then, I've always checked through the maternity clearance racks because they're cut for fuller-busted women.


I started developing breasts when I was about nine years old; by the time I was 12, I was a 38 C. I'm 18 now, and a 44 DD. It's nice to see other breasts that look like mine--i.e., normal-- and to realise I am not the only one who deals with the blessings and curses of having such large breasts. It irritates me how some women envy me and men are always staring me down, but it's something I've gotten used to over the years. I have never seriously contemplated getting a reduction, and I'm probably never going to.


I am 19 and I wear a 40DDD! I am proud of my breasts and always will be. I love it when I go bra less! I feel more comfortable. But I have always been so scared that somebody would sexual harass me.


I am 32 and have been a 36D since the age of 13. I grew very quickly--I was a 32A when I turned 12 and a 36D when I turned 13. I never felt uncomfortable with my breasts...they always looked good to me. Some of the boys in 8th grade would make prank calls and make rude remarks about my breasts, but that stopped when they realized my father was their science teacher. I've never been one to try to hide my breasts--I've gone topless on stage and it didn't bother me, and I wear low-cut tops in summer without any blushing. Why should I be ashamed of something that's perfectly natural? I don't have back pain from them, either, though I do have a strong back, maybe because of them, and I'll admit that they get in the way on occasion. Still, this is the way that nature made me and I'm happy with it.


I am a 26 year old with large and extremely sagging breasts, which have been like that for at least the last 10 years. They lie flat on my stomach and the nipples point downwards. For the longest time I have been so ashamed of myself, hating myself for being so ugly and for not being able to be a "real woman" and sexually pleasing from a man's point of view. My self-loathing and lack of confidence has made me miss out on so much of my life, I feel I have lost some of the best years of my life which I can never get back again.


Ok, I am 17 years old, 170 lbs, and 5' 7". I also have 36DD's. My weight to me is decent but I find that I have such a hard time finding tops to wear and with grad coming up having an even harder time finding a grad dress that doesn't emphasize the breasts. I have such a hard time dating because all guys do is stare at my chest and nothing else. I used to always be very insecure about having big breasts but I have given up on caring about what other people think because if I keep caring what other people think then how am I going to live my life the [way] I want to live it?


WOW your site has really helped me! I have always had a very full bust. I remember I was in 8th grade and I was a 32 D and I hated my life all throughout high school I wanted to kill myself because I couldn't wear the clothes like everyone else. I got harassed daily by the boys, and girls treated me like I was a slut for having big breasts. I wore a big jacket every day to school even if it was 100 degrees outside because I felt like I was such a freak. It's nice to know that I'm the same as everyone else. I still have some insecurities about my breast size because I wear a 32 DDD or E now and I have a really small frame. I'm 5'4'' and I weigh 130.


Hey. I'm 18 I wear a D36. I wear a size 1 in jeans I'm very tiny and boobs really bug me. They don't give me any pain and they don't sag, but not exactly perky. My boobs get on my nerves and girls at work tell me I'm crazy that people pay to have what I have and it is true, but it's so annoying when you wear something sexy and it's the first thing everyone looks at. I do now sort of enjoy having them. I don't ever try to put them out there, but hey God gave them to me and I have them so why not just enjoy them while I'm young and they're still so nice!! I mean if I can't beat them I have to embrace them. So might as well. Just wish people weren't so rude enough to stare!!!


My wife has 38E breasts and so many of my friends thought I was only dating her because of it. She's even felt ashamed of them at times, but I see her, not her breasts, when I'm with her, even when she was pregnant and they went to a 42F. I wish men in general could see women for the beauty inside rather than outside at times. Women and marriage are a blessing.


I'm only 14 and just over 5 feet tall and have a 28H bust. The largest cup size of any other girl I know in my school is a D--until I read this page and the comments here I thought I was a freak! I feel completely out of proportion with my height and a waist just over 21 inches yet enormous breasts--they look ridiculous! It also means that almost everyone, even the girls, seems to be constantly staring at my chest wide-eyed. They started growing when I was about 8, though my parents didn't get me a bra until I was 10 with a C-cup. Now I have an H and they're still growing... I just hope in the future I'll still be able to find a bra!

I notice some people seem to hate their large breasts. I've learned to deal with them and like them for what they are--they're heavy, sometimes painful, and hard to find clothes for, but sometimes they feel great, too. And anyways, you should learn to like yourself how you are, not how you wish you were.


Thank you for this website. I am 33 with one daughter and all these years I have blamed my mother for not giving me trainers. I hated my breast sometime I cry when I look in the mirror. I am 42c. I can now love myself.


I am a 22 year old, and I'm a 36D. I have had 3 kids, the youngest one is 12 months, and I always have been bustie, since I started growing in the sixth grade. Before I had any children I was a 34C. I am just now starting to get used to my breast, and this web site has helped me alot, because breasts do come in many shapes and sizes, because my friend wears the same size bra but she looks smaller, because I am just fuller, and plus I don't have any complaints about nothing!! My breasts are the right size for my body size. After having three kids my breasts pretty much still sits up.

I'm 15 years old, I live in Ireland and I'm a 36 G, and growing... unfortunately. I've always had a phobia about my breasts, but whether it's down to me being fat as well, or my mother telling me I was as big as a house and I needed to hide my body (because it just wasnt 'normal' to her), I'm not sure. I've always had big boobs (I was at least a C cup when I was 9/10. I hate them when I try to find new clothes (but nothing sits right without making me look pregnant!), I hate them when someone just stares at them on the streets, I hate them every minute of the day...

Sophia Smyth

I am 23 years old and have VERY large boobs! I wore a D(something! But I HATE bras! I don't wear bras any more and don't even care if my nipples show through my shirt. Even though my nipples are really large! At the moment I am not wearing a bra and my nipples are popping out! (but I could care less!)

My mom wanted me to wear bras when I was in Jhigh because I was a young teenager and sense my boobs were big they need support. They were misserable but my mom finally agreed to have me quit wearing them!And still today I'm a free woman!

When I am out running or at the gym I don't even wear a bra cause I think it is cool to feel My boobs flopping around and just having fun being free

I think all women should go braless because it hurts badly when your straps cut into your skin and put pressure against our breast. Right? I wish all women knew the harm the bras can cause us!

Also I want to give a piece of advice: If you are self concious about your nipples showing through you shirt you can buy a shirt with lots of designs on it or pockets over your nipples or go extreem and get a shirt with a huge design over both breast! I have tried it and trust me it works! Don't be worried just take care of your boobs!


I'm 19 and I wear a 34 DDD! I have always had big boobs and I abs hate them! Finding clothes is hard enough...finding bras and swimsuits is almost impossible. Even Victoria's Secret caters to flat chested women. I'm not overweight I am actually a college athlete. My boobs are often joked about like when we lift weights and I'm bench pressing one of the girls commented..."well its really not fair for Whitney's max to count bc she only has to go down half way" I hardly date because most guys that ask me out just want to see my boobs (pathetic). I'm one of three girls and neither one of my sisters are bigger than a C I know I'm not fat but it feels like it when I go shopping with them. what usually happens is when I get a shirt that fits across the chest the arm holes are SO big and if the shirt fits my arms it looks like it was painted on everywhere else. I recently found a good site for Swimsuits! its called and its awesome!




I'm 17. I have size 14E (Australian size). My body looks completely out of proportion but I think it's important that women accept what they have and realise the true purpose of breasts. I have a lot of trouble finding "pretty" bras or sexy bras and I think that wearing a nice bra that fits properly can increase anyone's confidence. There definitely is a market out there for anyone willing to have a go!


Hi, I'm in 8th grade and I am a 34G. I'm very self-concious! I always worry about my weight! I feel like I'm so overweight but everyone says I'm not but I don't believe them! I'm 5 ft so I'm very short! I can't stand when people stare! I feel so abnormal! Sometimes I like them because some girls are jealous and I feel special! I don't participate in sports because I'm too scared! I wonder if I'll ever feel good about myself...?


I'm 18 years old, I'm a 34D and I hate my breasts. No matter where I go I have the hardest time finding clothes or swimsuits. I'm not overweight, but I sure feel like it with these things. I plan to have 3 kids someday, but will they get bigger? I HOPE not!!!


Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your wonderful site. Before I stumbled upon it, I had just gotten home from a miserable day of shopping. I am 5"2, 120 pounds, and 34DD. I couldn't find any shirts that fit me properly-- it seemed like everything was cut for thin girls with model figures, and I felt terrible about myself.

Your site helped me realize that I don't need to fit the clothes--the clothes should fit me. As a teen girl, I am incredibly angered by the pressure the media puts on young girls to have the "perfect figure", particularly in regards to their breasts. I'm slowly starting to realize that my figure is beautiful--a tad saggy, a bit large on top, maybe--and that I should carry it with confidence.

Thank you so much for the reality check.


I'm fifteen years old, with a C/D cup size. I feel a bit wimpy writing that on this site, because in comparison it's not so big. But I'm also a very very short person, and apples look like cantelopes on me. :) I absolutely loathe gym class. It's almost impossible to find a bra that has a band small enough and cups big enough for me, so I'm always uncomfortable. As a dancer, that can create big problems. I do a lot of pretending that I don't hear people talk about my chest, and that I don't see them pointing. But this site really helps a girl feel better. And while plenty of guys have the tendency to stare down my chest (not in a flattering way) I think I can get past it and focus on the joy of dancing, and the connection between two people regardless of body type. :D


I'm 18 and I hate having Big BOOBS!
My back hurts, it's all guys look at and you cant find clothes that fit right. I'm saving up for a breast reduction so I will be rid of the problem. I know people will say that I should embrace it, but I really hate them and it gets me down not being able to find a bra that fits, it's shameful.


I'm 27 and have 34DD breasts. I find that it's hard to be taken seriously in the office - by both men and women. And I generally attract men who can't see beyond my breasts. Large breasts can be fun from time to time, but I find that more often than not, they just give you a lot of unwanted attention.


I'm 21 (5' 4" and about 116). I've been large busted since 8th grade. Before I was pregnant I was a 32D. Now I'm a 28FF (and have been nursing for 8.5 months). My back KILLS me. I have such a hard time finding a bra...


Not every woman's breasts get smaller when they lose weight. I had to lose 50 pounds before I dropped from a DDD to a DD and I've only got 20 more pounds to lose to be "healthy." For me to be able to turn around in a crowded room without knocking people over, and, more importantly, to not develop the degenerative spinal conditions my mother has, I need surgery.

When I was a DDD I was unable to locate bras that weren't minimizers--they simply do not exist outside of Internet orders. And despite the fact that bra sizes are supposed to be standardized, every manufacturer has a different idea of what a particular bra size should be for each of their styles. You can spend years (and thousands of dollars in shipping costs) ordering and returning bras before you find the one style that fits you properly and has the right amount of support--and then the style will be discontinued and you have to start all over. It's an impractical practice and not financially possible for many women--myself included--who are then forced to make due with unhealthy minimizers which can be acquired for $50 at their local department store. And thankfully, I was never a G because, where I am, you can't find those at all.

In regards to the comments about "getting fitted," I feel it necessary to point out that not everyone lives in a location where this service is available. I would have to travel a distance of over 600 miles to find a shop where I can get a bra fitting. The most help women in my area can get in finding a bra is having their measurements taken and compared to a chart to find their size. That information in and of itself is insufficient to find the right bra.


I am 17 with size 32E (ish!) breasts.. it was only recently I bought some bras that actually fit as before I was wearing a 34C. I pretty much hate them.. people have made comments although I don't seem to get too much unwanted attention from males, probably cos I dress to conceal them most of the time (I like in vests and stretchy v-neck jumpers). I am a dress size 8 in trousers, but always have to buy at least size 10 on top just so I can get it over my boobs! This makes it particularly difficult (near impossible actually) finding evening dresses that don't show excessive amounts of cleavage, whilst fitting on my waist. The main issue I have with them is that I dance a lot and want to be a professional dancer- not only do they make me look really out of proportion; the majority of dancers are flat-chested enough to go braless (or just with a crop top) under leotards and other costumes. I on the other hand do not feel comfortable unless I am wearing a ordinary bra with a sports bra on top; which only adds to my bulk! I'm worried that they might affect my career chances.


I am 43 years old and have had very large breast since I was 13 years old. I have HATED them from day one. I have gone to parties and clubs and only get noticed because of the size.
I tried to get a breast reduction but the doctor told me if he took off as much as he needed to then I would look unproportioned (like I don't already). He said my stomach would stick out. I am obese and whenever I do lose weight my breasts are the last thing that gets smaller. He told me to lose weight and come back in 2 months. I went back to him without having lost any weight and he was not very nice. He proceeded to describe the surgery to me. My final question was "Will I still sag or will I be perky?" He told me my expectations were high. I told him I thought it would be best if I found another doctor and he agreed. Finally, years later I went to another doctor and he said his assistant wouldn't be able to "hold all that up" for any period of time.
It has been very discouraging with these doctors. I envy those who have been able to have breast reduction surgery and I will, hopefully, have it done one day.


I too am thankful there are other women who speak up about this problem off large breasts. I developed at an early age and was already a 30C at age 11. Not only that but large nipples along with them. I am now 31 and when I wear a bra it is a 32 HH, open tipped bra, as I can't stand my nipples being squashed. My nipples are now almost 1 1/2" long and 3/4" dia. I prefer to go with out a bra, and am trying to get used to all the looks and comments I get. Compounded with that is the fact I have a very small waist 22" and 37" hips, along with very high pointed breasts. I would love to hear from other women with this type of situation.

Hi, I'm 14 and I am a size 36F (UK size), I started growing around age 9 and even though my boobs can sometimes get in the way I'm proud of them and I think all us big breated girls should be happy with our chest!


Hey! What I can't understand is today people think of DD's or bigger to be like Jordans! I'm 18 in a week and was wearing a 34C, never been fitted so I just thought that was right! I went to get fitted and found out I'm actually a 32E... Quite a difference! Girls, all I can say to you is go out and get fitted. Wearing the wrong size is damaging for your breast tissue! x


I am 27 years old and have a 19 month old daughter. The funny thing is that I am blaming the baby I my saggy breasts but they were a bit saggy before I had her. I have been told that I have beautiful breasts and I have nothing to worry about so thanks for this website. I guess in a world filled with plastic surgery we often start to forget natural beauty. So we might start to look at woman with breast implants and start to feel inadequate but the truth of the matter is I love my breasts they could sit little higher up for me just for a good visual but they are just fine I would never change them


i am a 30gg bra size and I am 16 years old. I find it so hard to get bras that are comfortable and good looking in my size and summer is simply a hassle to find a decent bikini. I truly envy those with a smaller bust to myself and maybe because of my age I find it hard to accept my body as it is. I find it hard to exercise and because of my boobs I have put on around 3 stone in the past year. I often encounter bullying and remarks from both females and males but most importantly I have someone I love very much who wouldn't change me for the world and despite all the pain we may suffer for having big breasts it is who we are and one day (maybe already) someone will fall in love with that!! so keep smiling

nikki x

Hi I am only 14 but already a 28H. I have found it really difficult in school around so many teenage boys always making comments and worse. I started developing breasts at about 9 years old and for years I hated being so big but now, although I still get comments and often feel like all anyone can see in me is my boobs I have decided to love my body. My boobs are literally a pain in the back but I would never change them. Big breasted or small every girl should love their body no matter what!!


Hey Ladies, I work in the underwear and beachwear business for a very famous brand. If you look for special products, as you surely need, and you are willing to spend some more money (getting back very high quality), you can find some companies that solve your problems. I cannot make any name here.

Take care

I've always seemed to have a large chest. My breast started developing at around 12 (when I started my period). In middle school, I was nice and content with my Cs. Now I am at 36DD. I was always self conscious of them because I always thought they sagged, self conscious about the stretch marks and a large aerola. After looking at this site, I am starting to feel better about them. I see that my breast are normal. Now I won't feel so self conscious around my man.


Hello, I'm 17. I have 38 DD. I get made fun of and have a hard time finding tops, bras, swim suits because of my size. I basically cry every night because I hate them with a passion. I mean come on, I wear a size 2 pants and have a 26 inch waist, I'm 5'4. I don't really have a big bottom so I get ridiculed for have a "disproportional" body. I have back aches and alot of people just don't understand. I count down the days until I'm 18 so I can have breast reductions done. I can't wait. And it would truly be the best day of my life!


I'm 28, 5'0, 105 pounds and a 34DDD. It has always been hard having large breasts as a kid but as I get older, I learn to love them. Believe it or not, as big as my breasts are for my size, people often tell me that I look proportional due to the fact that they are real. I learn to love my body and am proud of it, you should be too.


Hello I'm just turned 21 years old am 5"2 and am a 34GG. I've always had big breasts and used to hate it. I was bullied in school by both the girls and the boys and tried to hide them with sports bras and baggy clothes.
I love my breasts now, instead of seeing them as a problem I see them as a blessing, I do occasional modeling for a lingerie line specializing in larger cup sizes.
You are attractive no matter what size you are 32A or 52HH it's not your breast size; it's how you carry yourself. If you walk with confidence it shows and that is what 99% of men are attracted to!


Hi, my name is cayleigh. I am 19 and I'm a 36k. I have always had large breasts but I am not overweight. When I was 13 I was a DD cup, and I loved it. When I went to my high school I grew even more, although I could never get bras to fit. I was badly bullied because I used my sister's bras and they were too small so they made my breasts look odd and saggy. I suffered from back problems and breathing problems and I am now on the waiting list for breast reduction surgery because I am so insecure about my chest and because of the pain they cause me. In my job I have to stoop all day because I am tall and I'm stood up all day so I go home at the end of the day in agony. I just want to say to all the young girls with large breasts, please wear a proper fitting bra, it will help you later on! I wish I had!


I love your site. I am 18 years old and a 32DDD. I weigh about 110 pounds and am 5'1. Many people would say this is the ideal height/weight. However, I find my breasts the topic of conversation a lot and I do get unwanted attention. In addition, it is hard for me to dress for my age and body type. I have a very small waist and wear a size 1 pant. I have to wear two bras when I exercise (especially since I play frisbee with a bunch of guys). It is harder to breathe with the two bras on, but it is better than having the pain and embarassment of bouncing around. In addition, I have back pain due to my breasts. Sure, I have a great body according to the media's projected image, but I would much rather have a smaller, more average size. I do not get asked out any more than other girls because I have larger breasts than them. Basicaly, my point is that no one should wish for any size larger than what they have. It does not bring you happiness! My other point is that some women who are small (I am very small) have naturally large breasts. Mine are not fake at all. And I hate that anyone would think that I am stupider for having large breasts. I make sure to have a sophistocated hair cut and to wear glasses and whatnot so that I am not taken for a stupid girl.

Also, a tip for anyone who wants pretty, but also very supportive bras in larger sizes: Try the brand Lunaire. It is carried at all Dillards stores. I have bought 6 bras from them and they all fit perfectly and get the job done. In addition, I spent about 40 dollars on all of them- total!!! They are very well-priced. They are not padded, however, so I bought little insert cups at Dillards and put them into my bras. They do not increase my size much, but they do protect against anyone knowing when I'm cold!!!


I'm so glad to see I'm not alone out there. I'm a 36F cup and I swear my breast take up half of my body weight sometimes. I'm 5'3 and I wear about a size 8-10, so I'm not super skinny,but my body is so much smaller that my breast. Whenever I lose weight my breast are emphasized even more and it bothers me...I've found that Fredericks of Hollywood has some good bras if you're larger like me. They go up to a 42F. My personal favorite is the Full Smooth Sensation bra AND they come in tons of pretty colors, and fabrics. You can find lacy ones and the best part is they're affordable. I've gotten my bras on sale for as little at 20 bucks. Hope that helps!


I am a 19-year-old college student who is endowed with blonde hair, blue eyes, a small waist and a size 36G bust. As you can guess, this bust size causes more problems than I wish, such as back problems, crude comments, and non-serious conversations. Despite the fact I was Valedictorian and go to a top twenty college, my bust line strongly impacts how others view me. This site reminded me that I am not alone and steps can be taken to minimize my physical and emotional pain caused by my bust.

Jenny Smith

I wear a DDD-42 and I'm only 17 and I'm letting girls out there who want huge breasts know, it is not nice. I've been having back problems which is not good being a CNA. I also have to get them checked periodically due the their size and my doc's health worries. Don't wish to be anything that you are not.


I think this website is extremely helpful and reassuring. It's not like most other websites, this has pictures which therefore gives us details and helps us understand what we need to understand more. The site also shows that all women are different and that most these women whatever their differences are happy. I think this website is wonderful. Thank you.


What a wonderful website! I am very big-busted and have had so many questions that have never been answered. This site has helped so much, from seeing other big chests to the shopping tips and health tricks, thank you so much! It is so nice to feel comfortable on a site about large chests, and to be able to get so much information.

Ann-Marie Wilson

Being a large breasted woman with large areolas has always been a hindrance to me, but finding out that a lot of women like me feel fine with it, and are not embarrassed by it has helped me to feel good about them (my breasts). Thank you so much for this site!!!!!

Minerva Viscomi

I was 9 when my mother finally dragged me out to buy my first bra. It was at sears and I hid in the nearby sock section. Unlike the other girls at school who seemed to consider it some sort of mark of honor to wear a bra I was not very pleased with the developement. Pun intended.

My poor mother was forced to take me shopping because I was already what turned out to be a 38B at the time. My mother proceeded make sure I was wearing it every time I left the house. I, in turn, would find an out of the way tree where I would hang the damnably uncomfortable and restrictive contraption until I returned to collect it on my way home. Understand that I lived in the country and was usually on my way to play in the woods so it is unlikely anyone ever observed this behavior.

I can't say I was ever approched or eyed in an inappropriate manner (at least that I noticed) despite the fact that by 15 I sported a 42F. The problem I have always encountered was not the way people treated me but rather finding a bra (or top in general) that fit. In my town of 70 000 people there was not a single store in which I could find a bra that came remotely close to fitting me. I gave up on finding a proper bra and spent most of my time in sports bras.

I am 17 now and have just discovered the resource that is the internet and due to that I can sit here and type wearing I bra that actually fits me for the first time I can remember. I guess what I'm saying is don't give up on finding things that fit. It can be done, not without some effort but it can be done.


My #1 problem with my 36G figure is buying clothing that fits... NO ready-to-wear shirts fit my chest and my shoulders. If I shop the regular sizes, I get a squashed and painful chest or huge gaps... if I shop the plus sizes, they are WAY too baggy everywhere but my chest. AKKKK !


I am 32DD and a small small frame. My sister makes fun of me saying my top half doesnt belong with my bottom half. I cant find a 32DD bra anywhere. I'm stuck and getting frustrated. I am now starting to have back problems.


I am 5ft 2 and a 32G. I have always had big boobs (at 16 I was a 32D), but their current size is due to weight gain. I would like to lose at least a stone and am hoping that my boobs will become smaller. I am 40 and have no kids, so have not breast fed. I have always had a low bust line and my boobs are a little saggy. I am concerned that any weight loss will make them even more saggy - any tips to prevent/ minimise this would be appreciated. I agree with Stacey - D and DD isn't very large! Love the comments from other big boobied women and love the pictures. Sometimes I feel a freak, but generally I have learnt to love my boobs and certainly don't get any complaints from my husband. I also have never had any problems with people thinking that my boobs equate to no brains. Tips for other big boobed women - exercising is good, particuarly weights which will keep those back muscles strong and prevent back pain. Get a good fitting bra (I recommend Bravissimo). V neck tops are good, but don't be frightened about wearing what you want. My only wish - more clothes for bigger boobed women, particularly alternative, hippy chick type clothes.


Hello. My name is Raina, and I'm a 38C. I don't like my breasts at all because I'm only 12 and grown men are staring at all the time. It's awful. People stopping cars to talk to me and things like that. I mean, I'm not the biggest breasted person in the world but, I think that they're pretty big for my age. I had to give my old bras to my mother and she's a 34B. My mother envies me though, because she says that they're really perky. I hope that they don't get any bigger. And I havn't gotten my period yet, and my mom said that all the baby fat goes up to your breasts and down to your hips too. Meaning that they'll get BIGGER! I don't think that I can take this because more wierdos and the kids at school will stare. One time when I was playing double-dutch with my friends, breasts we bouncing because I was bouncing with the beat of the ropes and then all of a sudden I hear, "Oh, look at her... What the **** is that? Is that FAT or accually TISSUE?!" I was so embarrased... Now I'm so contious about my breast because of all the men and boys that stare and because of all the girls that tease me... It's so hard going to school...


Hi Raina,
I'm sure this will get better as time goes on, because there will be other girls in your school having this size breasts, and because the boys in your class will hopefully mature a little bit. Also breast growth typically slows down after you get your period.

I carry DD's on a small frame. I have learned to appreciate my large, rotund breasts. I like the way they look and their softness. I also do not care to wear a minimizer or de-emphasize them because I am proud of them.


Just a comment regarding turtlenecks and large-breasted women... they are a major no-no. Not only do they make you look larger, but they also shorten your body (hard enough if you are already short waisted) and make you look more short waisted. So stay away from turtlenecks you large busted women and stick with v-necks.
Thank you


My husband always liked big breasted women. One day I made him put one of my bra on 40H and 20lb in each cup. He changed his mind after wearing it for one day. Men really don't know what it's like being big, all they say is look at them boobs, here comes tits.


Hi my name is Allison and I am ashamed of my breast size because I am a 34 36 C and I am only 11 going on 12 in 6 days and some people do make fun of my size saving there water melons and other thing,but I do know probably at least in 8th grade going on to high school I will be a size D. Another thing is I am only in 5 grade. and at times it gets on my nerves because I have to wear sertant shirts and I know for a facts boys do look at my breast and people do say things like there water melons and sometimes they do sag and I am bigger than my older sister and she is 21 years old plus sometimes I have to borrow my moms bras and I do cry about it at times and constantley I give my bras to my sister like this week I gave her a bra that I bought like a month ago and i've only worn it at least 12 times. and at nigt I have to wear sports bras or regular bras. so please do help me


Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl, I'm a size 10-12, I am healthy and the correct weight for my age but my breasts are a size 32G, I get a lot of unwanted attention from men, older men in particular, which used to make me really self concious, but I just wanted to comment to tell all the other girls with the same problem as me not to worry about it, and instead of feeling self concious about your chest, be proud! many girls would love bigger boobs, so love your body and everything about it!!


So glad I saw the pictures - I'm a 32FF and quite saggy, but I've not had kids; always felt like it was my fault for not wearing a bra enough when I was younger. Lovely to know that most women's breasts are "saggy" or as I'll now call it, NORMAL! One of the things I think is interesting about breasts ... is the difficulty of finding nice bras for sizes about 34D. Most high-street shops stock bras up to that size that are reasonably priced, but look for a bra larger than that and you have to go to specialist web sites like and pay sometimes more than double than on the high street. It does make me feel a bit like a "freak" that I have to shop in specialist place, and yet I believe that larger breasts are the norm. Why is this? ... In the meantime, thanks so much for the pictures - I feel more normal already!

Ruth Moss

I went from a size 20 44dd to an 7/8 38dd and still I loook akward, I do promos and whatnot and my breast are often too large for the dresses and I don't know what to do and I feel uncomfortable. People always tell me that they'll trade palece with me anytime, they have no clue. I injured my knees as a teen running track being top heavy, it has never been fun!!! I have always wanted a reduction and since I have lost weight my doctor thinks its not that necessary. I still have back pain and can't wear a lot of shirts, its not all people think its supposed to be...


I found your website through a search engine. While I agree that the media or commercial standard for breasts is unrealistic and many women are raised to feel ashamed of their shape without having the knowlege of what real natural breasts look like, I also think that your website does not address some of the very real valid reasons for surgery. Each woman has a very personal breast story. I had breast reduction surgery about one year ago. Before I was pregnant, I wore a 34dd, which probably wasn't my true size, but I made do, because I was only 130 lbs and about 5 feet 6 inches tall. I arrived at this size and weight after struggling with anorexia in high school which I believe was linked directly to my desire to "shed enough pounds to make my breasts a normal size." I got down to 95 lbs. and still wore a very full 34c. I was hospitalized three seperate times before I finally managed a successful recovery. I spent all of my twenties focussing on accepting my body as it was, and trying to focus on being the best me I could be. After I got married, I got pregnant with the most beautiful little girl ever. During the course of the pregnancy, my chest size increased to a 38f. I attempted to breastfeed, and found that due to inverted nipples, my beautiful girl could not manage to latch. I tried pumping, buying the best non-medical grade pump on the market, and it did not work. I ended up renting a medical grade pump for 6 months so that I could provide enough milk for my daughter. After that, I gave up, feeling that no one could tell me I didn't do my best. After two years had passed, my breast size had not decreased in spite of losing most of the weight from my pregnancy. In fact, I had developed a severe rash on both my breasts which had spread to other areas of my body. My back and shoulders were in constant pain, and it was really difficult to find clothing. My bra straps so furrowed into my shoulders that I had purple grooves on them when I would remove my bra, which I never did except to shower because my breasts were heavy and painful. My nipples now reached my waist band. I was very unhappy. I went to a plastic surgeon after learning that breast reduction suregery was covered by my husband's insurance. I underwent the suregery, which was extremely successful. I now wear a 34c and maintain a weight of 135lbs. My body is proportionate, and symmetrical, and pain free. I can wear strappless dresses and sleep at night without a bra. I can wear bathing suits, and I am not always focused on my breasts and how they look. I have scarring from the surgery, which is normal, but no one sees it but my husband and I, and neither one of us cares. I actually found this site, because I was looking for information on breast feeding after breast reduction, because I am pregnant again. This time, I will do my best to feed my child whatever way I can, I will try to breast feed because I know it is the perfect food for my baby. But I will not be made to feel bad if it is not possible for me. My natural breasts couldn't do it on their own either.

To all the women out there who are suffering pain either emotionally or physically because of their breasts or because of what other people think about their breasts, I say this to you. Wanting to not feel the pain you are feeling is normal. Whatever you do, understand that you have options. There are caring people out there who are willing to help you whether that means accepting that breast size and shape doesn't equal beauty or that natural breasts are not always the healthiest breasts. Whatever your situation I do agree that it is best and healthiest to talk about it without shame. And try to remember that no one is thinking about them quite as much as you are.


I found this site by accident but I am really glad I did. At 22 years old my breasts are a 34H and although I love them I always thought they should be 'perkier.' Seeing the photos really helps to show me that I am not alone and that most women do not have breasts like those shown on TV.
As for places that have bras for Big-Breasted women, I have found that many European sites have bras in more normal sizes that are beautiful and supportive. I even found a swimsuit with a built-in bra, and now I can go swimming, which I never felt comfortable doing before. Most cities have bra shops that carry larger sizes, and online there are quite a few sites. Some brand names of larger bras are Freya and Fantasie. Thanks for the great site!


Hello, I have a sister whom grew up in Las Vegas. She was extremely large breasted and was the recipient of all the usual tactless and cruel taunts. As her brother I found myself in an endless deffense of my sister's honor and safety. Many, mnay, fights and scars later I can say I empethize. To this day I will not let my eyes wonder in conversations. I am very aware of not looking at womens breasts while addressing them or being addressed. I know how it use to hurt my sisters feelings when boys, men, idiots would leer at her and never hear a word she said. I would like to say my sister has become quite a classy woman.

I love you Rhonda.
your brother

Im a 34D and I'm not overweight but I constantly feel like people veiw me like I am just because I'm so big. nothing ever fits me. I play alot of sports but I can never be very fast because they slow me down alot.


I have always had large breasts on a small frame (I'm a size 32E), and I can honestly say that it is more uncomfortable for me to NOT wear a bra than to wear one. In fact I usually wear a camisole w/ a built-in soft bra for sleeping, because otherwise my boobs flop around and are very uncomfortable.

Right now I'm breastfeeding my third baby and I'm a 34F. If I go braless I really feel like my boobs are about to fall off my body from the weight!

Maybe for people with smaller cup sizes or bigger frames braless is more comfortable, but not for me!

I do like this site, I was getting a complex about my droopy boobs but after viewing the gallery they don't seem so bad!


I am now approaching 60 but, I'm still young at heart. I have dealt with all of the drama and trauma of being big busted. I wore a 34C at 11, a 34DD at 16 and a 36DDD at 26. Now that I'm older and heavier, my breasts are finally in porportion with the rest of my body at 40DDD. My biggest complaint as I look back through the years is that the bra manufacturers only make bras for women who don't need them!! Once you pass the C cup it is impossible to find anything pretty. Even the few that have come on the market in the last few years have smaller cups than the old standards. It doesn't do any good for them to carry a DD if is really a C or D, that just means that we have to go up to a GG and they don't make those! Why can't the 34B in all of the assorted colors, paterns and styles just be made larger??? I would love someone to answer this question for me. The last time that I tried to research custom made bras online, I ended up getting a lot of porn on my pc. I truly hope that that doesn't happen again.

Sharon Butler

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