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Thank you for creating the page, it really helps out! I am concerned about my breasts. I am almost flat, I started my period at 11, I developed hips at 15 and now I am 17 and my breasts are still the same, I hope they grow and if it doesn't now I know is not a defect and that there's a lot of us out there and that we have to be proud of what we have!


Hey I am 18 years old and I am flat chested as my one side of breast is flat and the other side is lil biger than the first side.. I used to hate it and also was very afraid to tell it to my fiance but when I told him he said he has no problem with my flat chest and now I am very happy. I wear padded bras and also by wearing padded bras my personality looks good from outside and I am living my life to the fullest. Being a flat chested girl I have no insecurities and I am happy and have excepted my self as I am.


Prior to having my baby at 24, I was probably less than an AA cup. I was pretty much flat and being Chinese it didn't seem so abnormal (especially since most of my Chinese friends had small boobs too). However that did not stop me from having self esteem issues, as you would imagine. I finally found someone who loved me for who I am and he wasn't a boobs man anyways. After having my baby and managing to grow a little bit of boobage that varied from A to B and then small A, i'm acutally surprised at how accepting I am of my current size.

When I was a child, my mother had breast implants, but after coming to terms with my own breast issues, I realised how false and ridiculous it really is to have a risky operation with possible effects because of a misguided attempt to feel better about one's self. My mother reported swelling and pain, not to mention that the weight of the silicon is emphasising the droop that comes with age. She will also have to get them either taken out or replaced soon because of the definite life span of the implants.

I have actually seen some women who are small breasted but nevertheless beautiful. I have also encountered a few who are pretty much flat but exude confidence and sexiness nonethelss. I have also heard men comment that they love the confidence and acceptance a woman hs in herself, despite actual breast size. If I can overcome my intense self loathing because of being 'flat chested' then anybody can, with the right thinking, guidance, and emphasis on what's important and beautiful in them.


I read these comments with interest and concern. I recognize a lot of girls/women who are flat-chested are unhappy with their lot and somehow feel they will have to settle for a guy who will settle for them. To those girls/women I offer a counter argument. My wife was pretty flat-chested, AA was loose, when I married her 42 years ago and, over the years, she developed into a B. Although she is happier now, I would really would have preferred she stayed as she was (although I am not going to tell her that). I most definitely prefer small-busted or flat-chested women and probably wouldn't have been interested enough in a large-busted woman to spend the time getting to know her well enough to consider marriage...

The perspective of a woman I used to work with who grew massive breasts in high school and often had to tell men, "Hey, my eyes are up here!" When asked what she wanted for a graduation gift, she told her dad, "one and only one thing: breast reduction surgery." Upon graduation, the very next week she went in for surgery, ending up with a small B, with which she was joyously happy. A bit too large for my taste, but perfect for her...


Girls, dont worry! Really it is not all about the breasts! I am 26 and I have a really small breasts but I don't care. I feel good in the body I have. I have never had a problem with a lack of interest from the men's part; woman can look attractive many different ways. My darling likes them even if they don't fit in his hand :) I also know flat-chested girls with very small breasts which are very sexy - just because they don't consider their bust as a handicap.
So, dont despond! Like your body and others will like it too!
(sorry for my bad English)


Thanks for the wealth of information on this site. It's been really uplifting to come away with a more accepting attitude of my own breasts. I'm a 21 year old with 34A bra size. I've always been one for breastfeeding, but still wished sometimes I can change my breast size. I was actually looking up information on how to get naturally bigger breasts and came upon this site instead. Thanks for helping so many women and men to see the beauty of breasts regardless of size or shape.


I really enjoy your site. I may be a little "older" than your normal visitors but I am a 42-year-old flat-chested woman. I have never had children. I developed normally as a young teen, as far as getting my period and pubic hair. My mom and sister both have averaged sized breasts,about a B-cup. I can not even fill out a double A. But is has helped coming to your site. Even at my age, I had a lot to learn about this subject! I have always been very self-conscious about the size of my breasts but your site has been a wealth of information and a source of comfort too. Thank you!


I am 23, weigh about 108lbs and force myself into padded 32AA bras (which are not comfortable at all), even though I more like a 34 nothing! It affects my confidence everyday and really gets me down. I feel a bit better reading that there are other girls out there the same. I had an eating disorder from around 9 years old till about 16, so always wondered if this had an effect as my breasts raised slightly when I was 14 and never changed! I've also had problems with heavy non-regular periods.

I think the most affected part of my life is relationships. Even when I had a boyfriend I was too self-conscious and always kept my top on. I tried the pill for a few years to see if that helped, but unfortunately nothing!

I've decided after looking at this website that I am going to try and change my outlook, and become more confident in myself and stop letting my flat chest hold me back.


i am 13 years old and I am really flat chested. I read some of the other girls problems with being flat chested like not being able to go out of the house and stuff like that. My friends all have really big boobs and sometimes I want to have them too. My friends don't even care that I have really small boobs. So to all the girls with the same problem find something good about your body like you have really pretty long finger or pretty eyes or something like that begause I bet the people with the big boobs are just jealous and remember to keep your chin up.


I am so glad I found your website. I've learned a lot from this site. And not to mention that I have a little more self-confidence in myself. Seeing that I am 5'6 1/2", 150-155lbs and either a 36AA or 36AAA cup size.


My breasts have gotten bigger since I have been taking birth control, and I hate it!! You all should not be complaingin about having small breasts. You don't have to worry about unwanted attention, and you fit in clothes alot better. Men will like you for you and not your boobs!


Please do not worry about this kind of stuff.. I am only 14 years old and I wanted bigger breasts myself.. until I read this website.. thank you all the guys that said all the nice stuff, now I'm gonna start too take off my padded bras and wear ones that fit me... I'm not flat I'm just average.. so please stop worrying about it!. Sara :)

Alot of men love big breasts anyone who tells you different is full of it. Iam how ever discusted and repulsed by a woman who gets silicone bags put into them. I feel people who like these things or do these things are either misled or are no deeper than your average mud puddle. I love big breasts small breasts and no breasts, its all great when the one who has more less or none loves me


Hi Im 14 & just recently started my period about 2 months flat chested I know girls who started in 5th grade whom arent over weight & never worried I wont grow any breasts I do sometimes get little comments about being 'flat' I'm a freshman in highschool, I weigh about 86 pounds & I'm 5'2 so whats happening? please help

Before girls get their period, fat accumulates in the breast, plus milk ducts grow. After the period comes, milk glands develop at the end of the ducts. Extreme dieting/anorexia could cause this fat not get deposited in the breasts.

Your genes may simply have decreed you to be small breasted but you are also underweight (use a body mass index calculator to check this). Underweight persons always have smaller breasts than they would if they were normal weight. I hope you are not denying yourself important nutrition during these growing years.

Hi to all:)
I came across this web site while I was feeling pretty down in the dumps about my self-image :( I have always been a petite girl. I'm 23 but I look 18. It has its good and bad points. One of the bad points is having hardly any sort of a "womanly" shape. It was pretty depressing when I was at school and you see all your mates "developed". I always thought that I would change as I got older, but isn't the case. I haven't worn a bra for ages because I just can't find one that comfortable. so I just go comando :) It's the best way :) hehe...

I sometimes get upset when I walk past/into underware shops and I can't fit into anything. But my wonderful guy keeps me on the right track :) and he's NEVER complained :)

I have learnt to be happy with what I have got (it may not be alot) I usual just make a joke about it rather then getting all sad. It's not gonna change anything being all sad.

I just want to say to all them girls/ladies/women who hate themselves for not fitting into society's ideal "figure", be happy that you're healthy and alive:) Enjoy life and have a laugh because it don't last forever:) Everyone is different.i If everyone was the same then imagine how boring the world would be...:P scary thought!

p.s. I LOVE the idea of "leave your bra at home day"...:)
:) phunkygirl :)


Hi! I'm glad I foud this place, because now I know I'm not alone. I'm 3, and 5'2'', and between 87 and 90 lbs, and I can't even fit a size 32 AA. But that's k, because we are just as attractive as somebody with a big chest!


I see there are a lot of responses from intelligent and sensitive guys on the site. Perhaps some women may be wondering if these responses are representative at all, especially if they are educated about "response bias" and other statistical confounds.

I can only say this, as a guy with psychological training who tends to take great interest in what the people around him say and seem to truly believe: I think it's probably true that men are almost always interested in breasts--that they are both erotic and symbolic of the things that make women so special to us--and it is also true that sagging, size, other worries aren't much of a worry to the majority of us. I have met only 1 or 2 men, honestly, with such concerns about the breasts of the girls in their lives that there could be problems. And in addition to the fact that such men are, if not bad men, certainly immature in this regard such that they are probably not a great loss, those I've heard profess such concerns were probably not as concerned as they let on. In other words, when they meet "the one," they don't care either way.

Bottom line: the whole package is what interests us, and even better news is that the whole package is mostly a function of personality and how a girl's appearance quickly becomes an extension of that personality (so trite concerns, if we have them at all, generally evaporate as we get closer to the girl we love). The smile, the hobbies, the things that make these girls happy, the way she catches your eye in that confident way or maybe that shy way that is all her--this is what it is all about. And something like breasts: a wonderful, highly-individual icing on the cake.

I'll concede that my assumption that this is the majority view is unscientific, but I stick to it; I may not know about all men, but I do know myself, and I know that eons of fascination and near worship of breasts in so many cultures did not arise from the recent fake-ness you see on tv and in magazines. And neither will eons of fascination with the real breast, when it gets down to the real of our lives and relationships, be overshadowed by commercial whim.


I'm a guy and while many of us will espouse about large-breasted women like fast cars or big trucks, when not around "the guys", most of us would probably admit to not really having a preference for big ones. The woman they're attached to, i.e. her self-confidence, personality and intelligence are far higher on the desirability scale than just a large chest.


I am a 21 year old male. I would just like to offer another way to approach dealing with this issue - or any difficult issue, for that matter: Try to find the humour in it! There is ALWAYS more than one angle to see a situation - and usually one is funny! And if you give yourself permission to find it funny, then everyone else will feel free to find it funny too - so you'll be creating laughter instead of bad feelings. There's no question - this will take mental discipline and practise to reprogram your mind/attitude - but it will make all the difference if you can do it.
I say this as someone who has a little problem of his own. Every morning I wake up with a full bladder. Of course, that's nothing too unusual, I know - but that's not the problem. I also wake up with an erection. It's not out of arousal in any way and it's difficult to get down quickly. It's unsettling to think of people coming into my room while I'm still asleep and seeing a very noticable bulge in my sheets. Yet, what's really annoying is how I have to wait for it to shrink so I can wander among people naturally before I can find a bathroom. But I refuse to let this silly quirk get the best of me and I am intent on learning to see how ridiculous and amusing this actually is. So the day will soon come when I will be telling (safe)people as if it was a joke and sharing a good laugh. Attitude really is the heavyweight factor here. Ya know, no one should depend on a man/woman to give them the self-approval/love they need. The truth is, there's only one person you need to earn the respect and approval of - and that's YOU. And you should automatically have earned it, as there is only one YOU and YOU are a truly unique combination of positive and negative characteristics. Just try to see your negatives as something to rise above, and keep your eyes open for the positive. Who knows...maybe you'll surprise yourself!?


Reading the information on this webpage (flatchested) has...honestly...comforted me in knowing that I..a 24 year old who doesn't even fit into a 32A cup... I'm not alone...and as plain as it really is a serious issue... I have very VERY low self esteem becuase of this... the society I am from demands breasts... and I belived that no one could ever truly love me becuase of this... but I have hope..and although I'm still not happy with my brest size... I have to learn to accept it...and love myself...and somewhere out there is my guy... who will love me for myself too...but times a 24 and barely had my first kiss you for the encouragement. from now on... this is my project... loving me for me..maybe ill be brave enough to go out with out padded bras huh? wishes everyone... :)


My boobs are very small and the right one is almost half the size of the left one. I do not fit into a 32A, and I would not dare to wear a plunging neckline, because I wear a padded bra all the time. I am 17, 105 lbs. and 4'10". I really wish my boobs were at least symmetrical.


I probably have as flat of a chest about as anyone here. I'm 25 years old and all I have are little nubs. I don't even begin to fill out a 38A nor would I begin to fill out a 38AA, if they ever made that size! I am also very tall (6'2) and while I'm not fat, I could stand to lose a good 10 pounds or a little more.

I do not care whatsoever if men or women find my breasts attractive or not. To me, I desire the chest of an adult woman or I'd at least settle for a very mature teenager, which I am light years away from. This is all about discomfort with my body, and I'm wondering if anyone here has heard of any medical conditions (besides insufficient estrogen) that can cause such a lack of development.

PS I developed normally otherwise (hips, menstruation, pubic hair, etc) and also my relatives are all about average or slightly bigger than average (B-C cups) - so I don't believe this is simply genetic.


I really can't understand why women are so botherd about breast size! It really doesn't matter at all, HONESTLY. Breasts, and for that matter bodies come in huge range of shapes, sizes and colours and to say that one type is "better" is rubbish. It really is personality that counts.
I'm not going to say that I prefer smaller breasts, since I like ALL breasts and (more importantly) the PERSON to whom they belong is the only thing that I'm interested in! So stop worrying and love your bodies!! (and let us love them too!!!)


I don't think there is anything wrong with a woman who is flat-chested. If given the choice between a flat-chested woman and a C or D-cup woman, all else equal-I would hands down choose the flat-chested woman. I think it would be cool that flat-chested women could go to the pool, the beach, etc. without having to wear a bra.


I am so glad I found your site!!! I'm 22 with a small 32A chest. I was actually in the process of looking for some kind of miracle cure on the net to increase the size of my 32A's, and I'm so glad I came across this site instead. I've always been paranoid about my small boobs, and I even went as far as buying very expensive herbal pills last year, and I can vouch that they DO NOT make them bigger.

I have to say this site really brought me back down to earth. After reading the posts on this website I've come to the conclusion that the issue of breast size and shape is essentially a woman's problem rather than a man's. I've not come across one guy who posted this site saying that big or even average size breasts are a must, but yet so many girls and women (me included) constantly are putting ourselves through unnecessary torture and self hate for nothing!? Men don't seem to have a problem with it so why do we? We only want bigger breasts because its what we THINK men want. But from reading this site, I now know its not an issue. Men may sometimes comment on how much they like big boobs but they only do so becauses it's what they THINK they should find sexually arousing because our society has made them think so. It's like the whole issue with penis size, I myself don't care how big a guy's penis is, like any other girl I know, and yet so many guys like us girls get obsessed and hung-up about it! It's the stupidity of our Western culture, and at the end of the day, it's how you feel about yourself that matters, confidence is the sexiest thing in the world regardless of whether you're male or female. Anyway- a relationship built on big boobs would be a pitiful one!

So glad I got all that off my chest! (excuse the pun..)

From Caroline in IrelandXXX

I don't think anything of flat chested women even though I am big boobed. Each has its benefits. Small boobs give a better fit in some clothes and less jiggling when you walk or run. Big boobs attract attention (sometimes unwanted) and can also give a better fit depening on the style. What I don't like is that in an effort to promote self love in small boobed girls some of the comments make big boobed girls feel like big freaks who carry around a disgraceful load.
... Boobs of any size can look beautiful once confidence goes with it. It has nothing to do with size. And by the way they can both sag and look horrible because sagging isn't about size either. I have perky big boobs and have seen saggy little ones. Power to the biggies and smallies alike because we are ALL beautiful!!!


I'm 15-and put it this way I'm no Jordan! I came on this site hoping to find some way of increasing my breast size naturally, be it silicon pads or even some kind of natural supplement. But I'm really glad I came to this site-I read most of the comments and my self-confidence has been really boosted. I'd like to thank Gavin who said 'be proud of your wonderful treasures,confidence is everything & will overcome any perceived physical shortcoming, celebrate yr bodies whatever form they take & celebrate life... !!!!' I think the media concentrate them as mere accessories-but they actually have a v.important part to play later on in life (if we choose to have kids that is!). And I think Gavin was right-confidence comes from within, and people who obsess about their weight, height, breast size etc (I know I have been one of them-haven't we all!) are just shallow minded-their is so much MORE to life than just the way we look. I'm really lookn forward to my gap yr in a couple of years time and I'm really looking forward to just getting out their and living life to the full-and so should all you reading this. So I'd like to thank who ever set up this website, and as my grandmother used to say 'always try and seek out a bit of grey in every black...' Amy

The society we are in doesn't believe in love or relationship anymore. The closest we ever get to love is by receiving attention from others. I'm a 39 year old woman, I'm pretty but without breasts - I did a little experiment. I bought an extra fake padded bra - I saw a huge difference on days when I show cleavage and days where I didn't wear my bra. Days I use fake bras men open doors for me, were extremely nice and polited, were very attentive, smilling and overall being aware of my presence. Days I was myself, I wasn't noticed (even if I made extra effort to look good). Thing is, if you have big breasts, you get a much easier treatment from men in life. I suffer so much from being a flat chested woman. If you work in a competitive environment, everything counts including your looks....


After reading through most of these comments I have to agree with what the majority is saying. Having small breasts may be embarrassing but really the problem isn't with your body -- it's how you feel about yourself. I've always been pretty flat chested - 32AA to be exact and for the longest time I was always embarrassed and self-conscious about my appearence. All through childhood and puberty I was teased by my peers and family. Yes, even my family would poke fun at me, which really reinforced my horrible body image. But one day I said something to my Dad about how ugly I was and he was shocked. He had no idea I felt that way since everyone around me always commented on how beautiful I was. You see, I was so fixed on one part of my body that I couldn't even see the whole picture. I'd only allow myself to take in the negative comments (the ones I agreed with) and tuned out anything else. After talking with him further I realized that my sisters and most other people really teased me out of jealousy. My small breasts seemed to be the only thing anyone could find wrong with me. I'm almost 30 now and the truth is I've not had trouble finding a boyfriend, I always receive attention from men, and while many of my girlfriends are starting to show their age, I still look young and beautiful. In fact, most strangers I meet assume I'm either in my late teens or early 20's. A quality that every woman wishes she had, which I know is largely due to my small breats. So to all those young girls out there worried about their breast size, do yourself a favor and look in the mirror... trust me you're gorgeous and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous ;)


I have 2 daughters, one 20, the other 16. The 20 yr old has very large breasts. I don't have a breast size, I'm flat chested. My 16 yrs old daughter is the same, and I'm angry with society and the emphasis placed on breasts. My 16 yr old flat chested daughter is in therapy and has a shrink as well, she is on meds and has an attempted suicide to boot - all because of breasts, the biggest body issue out there. I'm 45 years old and I still get picked on and things said to me. So I very seldom go out - it's like I'm a freak. I've tried not to let my daughters get caught up in this but the sad truth is, it's reality -no matter what I say, no matter how supportive I am, nothing will ever be ok. Gel inserts don't work, there's no boobs to hold into place. I'm married to a wonderful man who says he loves me the way I am and I've accepted that. We own a inground pool and have bbqs and swims all summer long. I don't go in the water, haven't been in water since I was 13 - no bathing suit fits as a flat chest. My daughter does not go in either, no bathing suits for her. Inserts once again fall out. I have watched my other daughter's life with boobs compared to that of my 16 yr old and between the two, even when the oldest was 16, life has been so much different to her-don't say boobs don't count - they do!


I didn't grow breasts until I was 15. And they stopped after 32B. I'm 28.
My breasts are small but symmetrical. They are beautiful.
I grew up being teased over everything, including my small breasts.
I grew up in a society that loves big breasts- my mother even got implants.
I have friends that got them and some of them look good.
I thought about getting fake breasts- not too large, just bigger than what I have.
Then when the time came to make the call, I went to the mirror and cried. I realized I would miss my small breasts very much.
And then I realized that I was not strong enough to appreciate the beauty I was naturally bestowed. I wanted to be "normal". I wanted to be more womanly.
I realize that there is nothing wrong with my breasts.
They're small. So what?
If I feel bad about having small breasts, I just Google photos of celebs I think are beautiful that have small breasts like Natalie Portman. If someone loves me, they love all of me.


I am 28 years old and I am completely flat chested. I am embarrassed to go out in public because I have been made fun of by many people, girls and guys still to this day. Even boyfriends have made fun of me about it. The saddest part is when I can't even wear the clothes other girls wear cause it looks so bad. My present guy is so upset with me because of how much I get upset over it, but I don't think it's fair. I am totally abnormal and unattractive. I do not have the money to have surgery but I pray I will one day.

flat chested

For the women who have flat chests, tiny breasts, or small breasts, be very proud of your breast sized because there are guys who love them very much like myself. :) If a guy does not want to be with you, just because of your breast size, he does not really love you. He should love you for who you are, not for your breast size like many women have said.

Phoenix Cat

Well, that makes x100 of us flat chested or whatever they call.
One thing for sure, I am more than happy what GOD gave me, big boobs or small ones. It's inside your heart that most guys are looking for. I am married with two beautiful children, and my breast sizes is very small. One day I joked to my husband, "I need to get some implants" to see what his reaction be, he looked at me and said, "Why will you do such a thing, you looked great with small breast, why will you add another burden on your back and your shoulders?" I laughed and said to him, "Do you think I will ever go through that road????, no way."
For all small size women, let's celebrate what GOD gave us, and it's truly special, it's a treasure. You can have big boobs, but if you're mean then no man will want to come near you, but if you have 32A, AA or whatever size with a great and positive attitude, then for sure you'll attract men.


Girls with flat chests, read my story.
A few months ago I (40) fell in love with a wonderful woman (32), she has virtually no breasts. I just love her tiny breasts the way they are! Girls, get rid of guys who want you to insert silicon. Just dump them - they are not only sexually fixed but jerks. I say that as a guy! If a guy needs a girl with big boobs to show to friends, he is not worth your time and love. If only big ones arouse him, let him go for big ones... He will NEVER love any woman for what she is - a lovely and caring person or whatever.
I love my tiny-breasted girl.


I know I should be happy with my small chest because yeah I know I'm not the only one out there. But I can't help but be upset about it. I'm 16 years old and like a lot of the other girls had said I hardly fit in a training bra. I absolutely hate it. I'm only 5'2 and weight 114lbs... I should at least a have a chest. I absolutely hate going swimming in public and always wear a T-shirt over my swimming suit. I can't even find a prom dress that looks nice on me because I don't have a chest to hold a strapless dress up and they just look weird on me. I look at the other girls in my school and feel so immature because I don't have the body of a real woman... I'm glad there is this site because it tells me I'm not alone but that's just not enough for me. I'd do anything to have a chest...

I am very thankful for this site! I am 36 years old and I nursed 4 babies; all for 12 months. Upon losing all my pregnancy weight (back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 120lbs) I went from a 34A down to a 34AA. Insted of being happy with losing all that weight I became very depressed. I hate how my body looks. I'm very embarrassed of how I look, don't feel feminine at all. I get extremely frustrated shopping for clothes - nothing ever fits. Everyone that posted on this site says how important self-confidence is, but I don't know how to become confident in how I look.

I appreciate everyone's honesty. It's so good to know I'm not alone in this breast-filled world. AND MEN... I especially appreciate you all taking the time to post your comments. They truley help me. I used to avoid looking at myself in the mirror because I never liked what I saw, and if I did look at myself I would weep. Every day now I force myself to look in the mirror and insted of weeping I remind myself of what these amazing men have said about me. I am getting better little by little. Thanks everyone!


Wow, I had always thought I was so abnormal until I came across this site.
I am almost 15 and I am still wearing a training bra. My self esteem has plummeted over the past couple years because everyone else's boobs grew and mine didn't. My butt sticks out wayyy farther than my chest and if I look in a mirror sometimes I burst into tears. This site has made me realize that every girl is beautiful no matter what size, and we're never alone. I felt so isolated but there are people just like me out there! I am so underconfident. Maybe now that I can see myself as possibly... attractive? I could learn to make more friends. Thank you so much.


Hey I just turned 20 years old and I am quite flat chested. Every birthday I would say to myself 'don't worry you'll have boobs by next year' but I think I'm just going to have to get used to how my body is. This site is so encouraging! Particularly comments about how there are other attributes that make women feminine. I've never been teased about having no boobs but I'm always told how young I look and I think it's because i'm flat chested! Recently, I was a bridesmaid and the lady who measured me commented on my lack of a chest. I was so embarrassed and I thought to myself- she never would have said anything if I was overweight! Everything else about me is ok. It's just that always feel like no matter how nice my hair/face looks there's always something missing. Thanks for all the guys who commented, it has really given me more confidence although I still have a long way to go!


My girlfriend and I deeply agree on this fact... Breast size is not the end-all be-all factor of relationships. I would love my girlfriend if she had DD's or AA's and I have spent a year trying to convince her of my sincerity. All I'm saying is that there are alot of guys who don't care about breast size, I mean, speaking on behalf of most guys out there. And even though to keep up appearances we may say stupid things like: "Did you see the rack on her?", not all of us are inconsiderate jerks like the media projects. I just wish my girlfriend believed me =/


This site is wonderful...I have already given my "story" about my completely flat chest but wanted to address a few of the posters' concerns about being overweight and totally flat. One poster commented that she had not read of anyone who was extremely obese and yet flat. Well, I am. I'm 44 years old and to that young woman, and any others with the same concerns, I want to tell them that they are not alone. They are not the only one in the world that is not only flat but also overweight. I developed completely normally in every way in adolescence... except for my breasts. I just have two semi-large nipples sitting on a completely flat chest AND, for most of my life have been overweight, making my hips and thighs stick out even more and also highlighting how flat I am. Girls, you are NOT alone in this. There are many other women with this problem. It's just likely that they hide it under silicone pads, padded bras, etc. I can relate to you all. I hid my heartbreak and my flat chests growing up. I kept waiting to develop and it never happened. It DID take a long time to finally learn how to deal with this, in this breast-obsessed society. I did learn though. I wish this wonderful site had existed when I was growing up and in my twenties and even thirties. Yes, I would still love to have that "weight" on my chest that I've never experienced. Yes, for many years, I felt my sexuality was almost non-existent because I was obsessed with not having even small breasts-let alone normal or big ones. But I was neglecting to appreciate and be grateful for all I DID have. Good health, Ok face, nice, though big, hips, etc. Keep your chins up and feel good about all of your other wonderful assets! Plus, love your breasts because they are part of YOU. And remember to read the wonderful posts by the many men on this site who actually PREFER flat chests! Blessings to you all.


I turned 18 this month (April '08), but only started my period during the summer of '07. I'm also only 5"4, and about 115 pounds... so I'm no skinny girl here, yet my breasts are about a 32-34 AA, which is virtually flat. It's very embarrassing is a mam-obsessed world with the ideal woman having decent-sized breasts. And I have a short torso and a wide-ish rib cage, so I not only look more flat, I look like a pudgy child.


Adie M

For a long time I was embarrassed to have no breast.(I'm a 32 A). Now I am 30 years old and I have two kids (so obviously I found a man who didn't mind). I still only wear padded bras (I pretty much have to!). For a while I wanted to get implants but it just seemed so shallow and I would think about how I might not be able to nurse if I had anymore kids, or how I wouldn't even be able to enjoy them during intercourse b/c of the decreased sensitivity. I finally ended up buying a pair of silicon gel inserts to place in my bra, it's called "takeouts- the better boob job". It make my boobs a full cup size bigger, the only difference bet these and real implants are that these implants are worn outside of my breast in my bra and not placed inside my body. I still wish I had boobs, I wish I could wear lingerie just one day in my life, or a bathing suit w/o padding, or to just have cleavage, but oh well!

Look around, there are many more flat people around than you know, not everyone is wearing tops with their boobs spilling out--and some of them walk around in padded bras with tight tops with their nose in the air!!


I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! I am so glad I found it the other day! I am a 45 year old woman, with 3 grown children. I am very, very small breasted and very, very self conscious over this fact. I am probably a 36AA at the most. I have been miserable my entire life over not having bigger breasts, not to mention my 3 sisters inherited Dolly Pardon sized breasts. And not to mention my ex-husband used to call me "a pirate's treasure--because of my sunken chest." I am thrilled to see other real women out there, and we are all BEAUTIFUL!!! Now maybe I can stop feeling so "inadequate" and start shopping for fun, sexy clothes and be proud of me. God made me this way and I'm not going to mess with His design.


All I wany to say is: Thanks a lot! I have always been obsessed by my flat chests! But it is ok now, after reading all your comments here. I realized one thing: appearance is nothing, the important one is yourself! Thank you, thanks so much, I have never been this encouraging! Thanks!

Huyen Trang

I can relate to those of you who are flat chested. I am one too and have learnt to flaunt it since there is just nothing I can do about increasing my breast size. Surgery is out of the question for sure and why spend all the money to increase the breast size when what we are born to have is what we must learn to live with. Walk tall.... as you are beautiful... flat chested and all. So girls... go out there and just walk the walk with the flat chest you have.... beauty is from the inside and it will be seen.


Does anyone know what kind of clothes look best for flat chested girls? Prom's coming up and it is going to be really embarrassing. I will be 18 soon and got my period at 11/12. I have a "nearly A" size bra and am nowhere near filling it. I usually wear a strapless bra for dances but it only comes in A and if I dont wear one at all the dress looks funny. Is there something I should do or a type of dress I should wear to look good? Halter? bra? No bra? I don't know lol and how can I look more feminine b/c I want short hair but am afraid of looking like a boy thanks!! =)

beeswax not your inc. lol

I think flapper style dresses are often recommended for this.

I was searching for bathing suits and came across this site; it's been a real eye opener. After reading all the comments, I have realized that I am not flat chested after all! I'm no Pamela Anderson, but I've struggled with low self-confidence in regards to my small breasts for a long time, and it was a relief to read of the ways other strong women have overcome their esteem issues.

Throughout high school, I was an A cup, and it seemed I would stay that way forever. I also had to struggle with an above-average height: being 6 foot and weighing less, naturally, than most girls half a foot shorter than me! I could pull off a padded bra quite well, but even if I had D cups they would look small with my height. There was just no place in a small town for a model lookalike. But otherwise, especially with the attention I received from guys, I managed to have pretty good self confidence.

Yes, I got a LOT of attention from males, and along with stellar support from select friends, I've developed an amazing sense of confidence. But throughout high school (not so much in college) girls came at me with insults all the time and it really got me down. It depressed me to think that while males had no problems with me, my own kind did. I thought maybe this signified that something was wrong with me. Thankfully an amazing boyfriend came into my life and voiced something I would never even have considered: these girls were jealous of me! He thought it was obvious and even said that most guys in our town agreed that I was the best looking. Keeping in my mind that many of them were shorter than me, I felt extremely flattered. I had already begun to bloom on my own but hearing this from a large number of people just helped me on my way.

One of the hardest things for me to deal with was my own sister. She brought up my "flat-chestedness" often, around my peers, male and female, and especially when we were bra shopping or swimsuit shopping. She'd say, "OH NO! Stop wearing padded bras! They look so fake!" And it would hurt me, a lot, because she was supposed to support me. But again, my man told me, "It's easy to see that she is just jealous of you. Talk to her." So I did. And at first my open communication was not well received. But eventually my sister came around and said that yes, she was jealous. She started sobbing in my arms, saying, "Guys have always liked you better, with your tan and blond hair and blue eyes! It's so unfair. You're so stereotypically beautiful!" Little did I know, my sister had been battling a stereotype of her own. She had red hair, ivory skin, and many freckles, which I had never thought ugly, but then I realized that she had. She really didn't see my small breasts at all -- she could only see my beauty and confidence.

I'm pouring out my life story here to tell you this: life is bigger than your insecurities. Someone else will always have what you want, and though you may not think it, you will always have what someone else wants. Your friend with double D's? She wants your flawless complexion and toned thighs. And those things you don't like about yourself, someone else may not even see. So don't waste time worrying about any physical feature because in the end, life isn't about how you look. Life's about where you've been, what you've done, and who you are.

Sophia T.

Hey all....
I'm an 18 yrs old totally flat-chested and desperate girl..... I'm 1.74 m (by 54 kg = 119.0496 lb).... It's really good to read all these comments, to see those pics... and to know that there are others like me.... In the last time I thought I could really accept myself-my breasts-but now it's the same story.... if I only look at my flat chest.. It brings me down-okay, it's not looking that bad, and sometimes I like it... but I cannot leave the house without my bra.... I'm a tiny girl-and I would even accept the flat chest, but in contrast with my ass-it just doesnt fit together. My behind is good 20 cm bigger than my "chest"!!!! I just look like an duck! If I only look at my behind-then he looks brilliant-but I need tits for such a behind-and if there are no tits-there should be a much smaller behind. It just does not compare to each other-and that makes me desperate.... I remember the look of my boyfriend as he saw me for the first time in my bikini-no special bra under.... everything flat..... now he sometimes says he loves me-but I see his eyes looking for tits.... and that's hurting me.....


Thank you for your wonderful site. I want all of the posters on here with flat chests to know that I sympathize with you all and can completely and totally relate. I am in my forties now but my flat chest still bothers me, to a degree. I developed normally in every other way as an adolescent: normal period and normal age for beginning my period, pubic hair, hips, etc. But my breasts? I got little 'nubs' and that was it. And it wasn't a genetic thing; my sister and mother had B and C cups. Like many other posters with this problem, I have totally flat breasts but DO have 2 nipples that jut out enough that I can't even get by with not wearing some kind of bra to cover them up. I can't fit into an A or even an AA. Like the young ones on here that are "obsessing" on this, I want to tell you, I hurt with you. People may not think this is a big deal, but it's only the women who have boobs, or men, that don't think it is. And I agree with the one poster who said, "Whoever said that being flat-chested makes your clothes fit better?" It doesn't!

I know what it's like to feel like you aren't quite a "real" woman. I know what that pain in your heart feels like when you don't feel whole or normal. I know the embarrassment of having people laugh and make jokes about my body, as I laughed along with them but cried on the inside. I know what it's like to buy a cute outfit only to have it look awful because I had no chest where one was supposed to be and that outfit didn't look like it did on that mannequin (and a mannequin with small "breasts", at that!) at the store.

But I want you young and not-so-young girls to know that, just like the wonderful men that have posted on this board say, there are men out there that love their wives because of who they are not what sits on their chest! And I wish I had the benefit of this site in my teens and twenties because it has helped me tremendously! Take the advice of the flat-chested ones who have posted on here that have goals and love who they are, inside and out. It make take time and there will still be those "I hate my flat chest!" times, but take heed to the ones that tell you truly, it IS WHO you are as a person; your heart, your sense of humor, your passion in your work and in life that make you, YOU.

And as you get older, it DOES get much easier. I probably have had the biggest hang up of anyone over not having breasts but that pain and obsession gradually went away (though not completely) as the years have gone by. I am happily married (no children) to a man who truly loves me and makes me feel special in every way. So, put your chins up and know that you ARE "REAL" women! And you are ALL beautiful. If your friends make remarks sometimes or other people do, remember, it is their shallowness and ignorance that make them say those things. They don't understand but we do!
Blessings to you all.

Whenever I am feeling a little blue about my 34-A's, I jump online (how I found this site) and look at pictures of small breasted celebrities or I'll pick up the latest issue of VOGUE magazine. Small breasted women rule the fashion world and seeing them reinforces that we are just as beautiful and sexy. Yeah, everyone likes to look at breasts.... me included. I will always wish I had "just a little more", who doesn't? I am 39 now and when I look back at pictures of myself in my 20's, my small breasts look great. I'm sorry I didn't relax and enjoy my body more. I won't lie to you, I still wear padded bras and wouldn't be caught dead in a tank top that doesn't cover a bra strap, but as I age, these little cuties keep me "young" looking. All the well endowed girlfriends I envied over the years, now need boob lifts. Even those that didn't breast feed! While theirs sag and droop, mine are as perky as when I was in high school. These are the things I draw on when I'm feeling a little inferior around someone "bigger" than me. Seeing a friends 16yr daughter develope in front of my eyes is depressing. I wish I could tell you differently, but ignorant people will make harsh comments. Mine happened at 13yrs attending my first boy/girl dance. I overheard a boy call me a "doormat". I've been teased about being a member of the "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" and once (in my 20's), while wearing a non-padded bathing suit top at a summer Fair with friends, we walked by 3 guys and one of them yelled out "those were the smallest titties I've ever seen". The roar of their laughter was crushing. A few years ago I picked up my 2yr son while not wearing a bra and he asked "Where are your boobs Mommy?". When I was younger I wanted implants. Now I'm REALLY GLAD I didn't go that route. I know I would need another surgery by now and I've seen some pretty harsh photos on We need to embrace our bodies and not underestimate what weight bearing exercise can do to the "look" of our small breasts. I will always feel like I got jipped in the breast department but that doesn't make me less of a women. I keep the rest of me in shape and whenever I'm feeling a little selfconscious around people (maybe we're all looking a the big boobs walking towards us) I just muster up all my self confidence and say, "God didn't give me big boobs because he knew I'd flaunt them!".

Tiffany L.

I dont think boobs are fair....they can't be. they are either to big...or to small. I am 14 an have 32 c-d cups breasts. I always get fustrated with my boobs. I would love to be a smaller size but I know that isnt going to happen. the boys and girls make fun of me for having big boobs but not as much as I have tried to show I don't care. i know I have to learn to love myself and my body but sometimes I cry about it aswell! but then I think if I cant love myself no-one else can.
hope everyone is ok.

not happy

I ran across your site when I was looking for info on breast milk. I am a 15yr old guy I know it is odd for some one like me to look up such a strange thing but I wanted to learn about this now for later. Anyways will you please give a little encouragement to all the girls that write to you about being flat chested. Not all guys think it isn't attractive I happen to think it is highly attractive. I just wrote to let all the girls out there know there are guys out there that find flat chests attractive or nearly flat I am one of em.

I am now 41 yrs old and still hate my flat chest as much as I did as teen. And,like many of you, I am not talking a 'small A', I am talking totally,completely flat. Being in the Negative in measurements. However, this site is Wonderful! Thank you! Even at my age, this is the ONLY resource I have found that addresses this problem so honestly and completely. I have felt JUST like many of you younger teens and twenties. I am coming to the point now where I can say, like others on this site, that I realize that there is more to life than boobs and to be very grateful that I am not in a wheelchair. I am healthy and happy with a good job and wonderful man who loves me just like I am.
I was totally average in every other way in developing. My mother and sister are medium to large 'B's ( I would Kill to even be a regular A), so it wasn't in the genes. I started my period at age 12 1/2 and grew my pubic hair around 11 or 12 yrs of age. I have always menstruated normally and definitely have the breeder's hips of a woman. Yet, I know how each and every one of you feel that have posted messages. I still feel 'not whole' and not truly a woman, even though, logically I know that I am. I have run the gamut, too, over the yrs of herbal pills (a waste of money),padded bras,the whole bit. I would never have implants. I HAVE toyed with the idea but I am into healthy eating and am athletic... it wouldn't be wise in my opinion and, at this point, it wouldn't be "me". I started wearing the NuBra Breast enhancers for about a year and am surprisingly very happy with them. I got A's and was a little self conscious at first, but now, everyone at work is used to seeing me with a little bump and the self consciousness is gone. Plus, I love the feeling of something heavy in my bra! It's not THE ANSWER but it does help quite a bit. That's just my story. Thanks to all of you guys for your stories. This site has embedded the reality into my head that we ARE REAL women and just as valuable and desirable as anyone else out there. This is our small cross to bear, so we can relate to each other. Thanks again everyone. Big help.


I think I love a woman not because of breasts but because of who she is and it is great if you have small breasts to be confident about yourself that makes it easy for men to approach and talk to you. I know one lady that would repell anyone that was approaching her and her reason was she wasn't confident of her looks as in tiny breasts. But she is a great lady and very very warm to everyone except when it comes to relationship.


The entire 007B sites are wonderful and educational. The linkage of nude female bodies with sexuality is a relatively recent phenom in history.
By examining the images of women prior to about 1000BC, you will quickly realize that, until that time, a body was just a body. If a woman wanted to appear sexual, she needed to ACT sexual. She understood what she was doing .
Now we use clothing to entice the male gaze. A woman in sexy (or, most any) clothing, is using the clothing to project a message of sexuality. What is hidden is imagined and what is imagined is desired.
If anyone is interested in the history of female sexual modesty, I have a small synopsis with photos of images from antiquity.
Keep up the fine job !!


I spent high school being very tiny, very thin, and very flat-chested. I thought if I were curvy men would like me. i'm now 20, still short (5ft1) slim, but my breasts developed (very gradually!) to a 32C. so dont worry if your flat and under 18 you may well grow! now men like my body but it doesnt make them like me as a person anymore than before....they are still knobheads! haha, thus proving men are never going to love you for your breast tissue!


I really think this obsession with large breasts is stupid. I'm pretty old so you young girls probably don't care what I think but I think small is beautiful. Women with small breasts seem so much healthier, more comfortable and more fit and athletic. Don't wish for large breasts. They will grow and sag as you age and if you have children so you are better off with small ones. Just my opinion.


I actually came across this website looking for feedback on those breast enhancement pills. I wasn't entirely convinced and so far it looks like all of these sites promoting breast enhancing pills are total scams.

Anyway, I do not have much of a chest; I never have. I'm 5'2", somewhere between 98 - 102lbs and I've always been a small 32A. Now, I don't worry about them being too small to be attractive to a guy; I am upset about them constantly lowering my confidence and self-esteem. It never came from other people teasing me and I don't feel ugly just because of my breasts; I know the rest of me is pretty attractive. Even though I am quite skinny I have hips and curves and I have been asked out plenty of times. What is upsetting me is when I can't even find underwear that fits me in an ordinary catalogue or shop.

I go through a catalogue looking for bras and I will end up crying and giving myself a horrible headache. All the bras usually start at a large B cup, or if you're lucky a large A and even that isn't small enough to fit me. All the bras that do fit are padded and air-filled; it's as though everything is telling me "You're not big enough to be called a woman".

I am fed up of wearing padded bras because they always get dents and bumps after washing and they make it look as though my breasts are deformed. I always have to wear ugly and baggy clothes that cover this up.

I am fed up of wearing air-filled bras because it feels like I am lying to everyone. Those aren't my real boobs; just a bunch of air bags I tie to my chest every morning to feel like I'm whole.

Even when I go shopping I'll be out there for hours being told "Oh, sorry; we don't have a size THAT SMALL" over and over again. Even if I am able to find just one bra that actually fits, not only will I come back with less money, but several self-esteem points missing as well.

It's this whole society that is messing everything up. If you don't have a big penis; you're not a man. If you don't have big breasts; you're not a woman. Well, at least a guy doesn't get hinted at that he is too small when he's buying his underwear! At least he can still wear nice clothes that make him feel good about himself without worrying about them falling off or advertising how small he is to everyone.
I wish I could accept the fact that I have small breasts, but I just can't seem to do so when all the shops and catalogues are telling me that I'm too small all the time. And I definitely wouldn't want to go and have surgery. It's too risky and it wouldn't be a part of me. I would feel so ashamed of myself afterwards.


hi, I am from the very northern part russia. many people in the US tell me, russian girls and women are really flat. I am something inbetween A and B, A is too small, but B doen't fit me well. In russia, the guys did not pay nearly as much attention to breasts, (they seemed much more mature than those americans) because most were around the same size -- B was "normal" for a girl like me at the age of 16, and A was just as expected. Some had C, very small %. I am in grade 10, because I am left back to learn English, and even most freshmen have much more than I do. Some guy asked me to the prom but his friends pressured him to dump me.
PS. Veyr nice you bring up ethnicity diferences, please write more about it.


I am 14 and hav not got my period yet with juz a bit of breast bulking (sticking) out which is quite a discomfort for me when I stand with all my friends who have the perfect shape of breast. Yeah. I am very underweight , skinny bony. So I knew that I will be a little flat chested.. and want to hav a more "medium breasts"

But, after viewing this site and the comments of u guys here, I hav regain my confidence. I thought I was the only with small breast on earth. Thanks to this site which make me know that being flat chested is a kind of beauty in us with nothing to do with whether our breasts are big or small. It's juz our personality of beauty being express out, not the breasts. Thanks everyone!
Relief Gal

I am so glad to have found this site. Sometimes it is hard to remember that there is more to onesself than the size of ones chest. If you are worried on how the opposite sex views you because of your breast size, please dont.Breasts do not equal woman. Breasts are a physical attribute of a woman. But there is so much more that makes a woman a woman. For example, her feminine qualities, her laugh, her charm, her wit,her intuitiveness,her compassionate nature, etc. I dont claim to be an expert on what men like and how they view us, but I have done some research. I know that men like a woman with a winning smile and warm eyes. Look at Audrey Hepburn for example. The whole world loved her. It definitely was not because of her huge breasts! She had none. Men fantasized about her, but it was because of how she made them feel in her presence, and most importantly how she felt about herself. How she felt about herself was conveyed to those around her in her behavior. She was and is one of America's classiest ladies. America fell in love with her face! Her big doe eyes and her cooked-toothed smile won many hearts. She was perky. She was happy. One of her beloved acquaintances once said that Audrey Hepburn could singlehandedly make breasts a thing of the past. It was a man who had said this.
Men view us physically in a way different from how we view ourselves. For example, I have a coworker friend of mine who one day pointed to a poster on the wall of three girls in swimsuits running along a sandy beach and said that I resembled the girl in the middle. This girl was a tall tanned brunette with good sized breasts. I am 5'6" and quite fair. Proof also of how critical we can be of ourselves. If thats how he sees me than that could be how many other men view similar small breasted women. Anyway, I hope you find this insightful and encouraging!


breasts are only one part of a woman,though a beautiful part ! largely ornamental for the large part of yr lives,they are only one part of the whole. small / flat breasts are beautiful,be proud of yr wonderful treasures,confidence is everything & will overcome any perceived physical shortcoming, celebrate yr bodies whatever form they take & celebrate life... !!!!


well...i think my boobs have shrunk... ive recently lost around 8 lbs... due to lack of an appetite probably from a break up...i currently weigh around 97 lbs.. I'm only 5'1 and I eat when I want to and dont when I'm not hungry... I dont have an eating disorder... but I was just wondering if its natural to lose breast size faster than other body weight, I'm 16 and I know that your supposed to eat healthy bla bla..but ive never had big breasts... I was just wondering about this... I doubt ill ever get some...but just thought it was worth a try

Generally, when you lose weight, you lose fat from your breasts proportionally to how much you lose fat from your whole body, BUT there are individual differences. Hope you will feel better some day and your appetite will return!

Hello, I'm 17 and I'm barely a 32A size. I really appreciate this site for being here, thank you so much for boosting my confidence. I have a problem with my bust but try not to let it get me down. I wear padded bras from M&S they can be comfy but I find the underwiring is awful because it causes the bra to rise when I lift my arms up... which isn't helped by the fact I need to put it on tighter settings to stay put with much adjusting involved!! So girls who are worried!! Don't worry please! It's a waste of emotion, I can understand it but not I think about it it's something so pointless to worry about. I have 3 horses, if I had huge breasts I would have such problems riding them, I could never fit into a body protector not be as flexible as I am now. So be proud of who you are, I do feel for Susannah who posted a comment about her very large breasts, it must be so hard to do things! But love yourself, that's been used a lot on here! I admire you lot you're all brilliant thanks again!


All the girls who are feeling insecure about having small breasts, don't worry about it! It's really ok! I am 19, tall and thin, and like a size 32A or AA, and I absolutely love having small breasts! I admire people like Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman, Claire Danes, Selma Blaire, the Olsen Twins; they all have small chests and are very beautiful. Look at ballet dancers, or even runway models these days!

You should feel very lucky for having a small chest, I do. No sagging, no back pain, you can wear little bikini tops without having to worry about support, and you don't have to wear a bra all the time. And I've found that guys like the way my body looks. When I go out, I always get lots of attention from guys, and LOL I've never had any complaints about my chest. Guys will like you if you're confident and feel good about yourself.


hello I am 17 and I weigh 110lbs and I'm 5'3 and I wear a 34 D and it isnt a fun thing to have boobs... its so hard to find shirts that fit my waist and then my chest b/c it so much larger also dresses and swimming suits I have had many comments that I look like pamela anderson and I dont like that I am me not her and I have my own body and even times I catch guys staring uncontrolably and I just wish I would have had smaller I have been wearing a bra..not training .... since the 4th grade I had a DD in 8th grade lost weight and now have it down to a D and in 11th grade.. girls just be happy with your body...i know many guys who dont care and just want a confident women they think that is way more attractive then big breast..just be happy with who you are and give it time trust me they arent all they crack up to me:D

Jessica Lynn

Im 13 and all of my friends have big boobs every time I say something about my tiny things they say you dotn have boobs and they laugh I want them to get bigger!!!! soon!!!!! Can I eat somthing that wil help them grow I heard that if you take your vitamins that helps and eat lots of apples! I havent triend that I dont want my self to look like a fool (although I already do, hint hint) but is they any way I can make them grow!


This is answered in our questions & answers page.

I just turned 14 in August and yes I do consider myself to have a flat chest (34A) but I read what you wrote and it doesn't really make me feel better about the way I look. I just want to know if there is still hope for me at least growing into a B cup in my high school years and I do consider myself to be skinny because I'm 5'5 and only weigh 115 lbs. My breats have grown one size since the past year too.


Yes, your breasts may grow - time will tell. Actually an A-cup isn't a true flat chest. Please also read our breast development page.

I am a fifteen year old girl and often feel conscious about my "nubs" or very small breasts- 32A. And there are times when I get VERY jealous of my bigger breasted friends. For example, I bought a LOVELY red sweater that I thought really suited, but was very lowcut. When I tried it on, it looked okay... but then my best friend tried it on, and her C cup cleavage looked amazing. Made me feel very small indeed...
But then I looked again and saw that in other areas, I had a lovely body. For example, some people might think being small chested is awful, but I'm also 5 foot 8 and 112 pounds... a slim figure only slightly bigger than some supermodels. To some people, having this figure is wonderful.
Small breasts are all how you look on it... lots of lads I know admire breasts of all sizes. I think that most of the time a man will be so happy to see/feel your breasts, he won't care what size they are! They should be grateful, girls!
Small boobs are more elegant anyway- they don't get as saggy, generally stay firmer and look way more refined and classy in clothing, as well as the fact they make you look skinnier than you are. It's gotta help!


i am a male 20 y/o from Pakistan. After reading this thread I must disclose some secrets as Pak is developing country 'n we think that USA ppl are broadminded than us. Well exposure of boobs is really not a problem here u can easily breastfeed ur baby. Oh m getting off the topic Well my mom is 40 y/o old 5'4" height and 36AA breast she breastfeed me till the age of 5 years or lil later. Since the I opened my eyes in her lap I found her walking by topless in home and yard even in some picnic places as dad is working abroad and visit once in a year. At first I thought that she feels proud on her little boobs but after asking her I came to know that she hates to be flat chested and she have nothing to hide so called breasts. Some of my friends admired her breast so openly that she was bit convinced. I told her too that u 've a beautiful chest with long errect nipples 'n u fullfilled your task 'n fed me more than I deserve. Now since a year back she used to educating people about breasts and practicing topless lifestyle on yet in public but whenever she got chance she do even sometimes I don like the looks of some prevert teens staring at her breasts but she really don care she says that its their right their looks are hungry for such things. So I must says the girls out there that Flat chest is really good 'n guys do attract towards them all my uncles , teachers 'n friends admires my mom's size so u girls also gain some confidence and believe me u r perfect. (Please do pubilsh this as I think i'll help alot of people)


I'm 47 now and as flat chested as ever. Over the years, my confidence has grown; I have tried every padded and non-padded option and learned to just be comfortable with who I am. I joke and tease about it to put my friends at ease and they love that and tease me back. I breastfed three children, no problem, and in fact seemed to have more milk than anybody I posture, once hunched to hide my chest, has grown beautifully in the past decade with yoga and pilates...and NOW at my age, all those large breasted women are started to sag and complain about not being able to jog, etc (I am in much better physical shape than many women my age because running with a flat chest is GREAT)...basically, teen years are the hardest, but put your focus on being a strong wonderful confident person, stand up straight, and forget the pressures. DON"T DO IMPLANTS, a false and dangerous way to go. Don't let society rule. Run your own life and thank god you're flat chested instead of a quadriplegic.


I am 15 years old and I got my period when I was 9 years oold. My breasts are pointy and small. I am a 12A my mum and I are the same size bra but I look smaller. My friends have bigger breasts than me and they tease me about it. When will my breasts get big?I want to be a 12C at least.




No, you're not a freak. Breast development starts with breast buds in the beginning of puberty, and continues for a few years after you get your period. If you end up with small breasts, that is quite fine and normal! Visit also the page about Breast development, and other teens' comments on that page.

Here's a suggestion I have not seen on your site and which can be a big self confidence booster: Weight training. While I am barely a 36A and spent far too long being unhappy with my body, I have begun weight training in the last few years. I lift moderately three times a week and have found upper body exercises can really define your chest area and give you a "lift" no matter what your size. I am 32 now and finally feel much better about myself. Sad to say I spent many unhappy teen and young adult years comparing myself to friends and media ideals of beauty. I consequently felt low self esteem and I know my grades in high school and college suffered for it. Additionally, I never fully believed any man who told me my breasts were beautiful. Now, I am more inclined to believe it. Accept yourself, and above all, be grateful for your health and your life.

Just a note to say that as a man, I have always adored small breasts (or medium or whatever). I find breast implants almost always repulsive and push-up bras seem to contort breasts into unattractive shapes... they become immobile, hard, nippleless things. yuck. I am aware of some male friends who value large breasts, but I know just as many friends who either don't care or actually prefer a smaller bust. Also, I have seen assymetric breasts, dark nipples, hairy or inverted nipples, and other variations, and I have always found them beautiful in whatever their natural state, so my recommendation is to just not worry about it.


I'm an Asian gal who is turning 18 this year and my bra size is 34A. This ' busty' issue used to bug me quite a lot, although I'm not flat, I do wish I had bigger breasts. People always expect girls to be at least a B-cup size, it's not really fair to judge us this way. It's annoying that the shops do not sell many nice padded bras that are smaller than B-cup. I often get stares from the bra shop people when I ask for a 34A cup bra. I am really fed up with this kind of treatment.
Atually, it's the way we think that affects our confidence level. We can either be ashamed of our bodies and hang our heads low, or be proud of who we are, accept our body. Everyone has different body shapes and bra sizes. I may be small-chested, but I have a nice slim body that many people admire. I hope girls who are like me can be confident of their own bodies.


hi,i'm 16 and I got my peiod when I was breast size hasn't increased since therea any chance for them to grow.i have heard of a breast enhancement massager which stimulates the growth hormone in the breast how effective is it?

Your breasts may still fill out a little as you approach your early twenties... Many girls get kind of more feminine curves around that time.
The massager thing sounds like a scam, sorry.

i was really looking for a site to make my boobs bigger like a dieting pill or somthing but instead I found self confidence and I really mean. I am 14 years old and am very happy.
happy grl

I got my period when I was 11, and all through junior high and high school, I had smalllll boobs. Now a freshman in college, I wear a 34A (if that...sometimes even those are too big) but the beautiful thing about having a small chest is that you don't even have to wear a bra at all...I went to Spain this summer and while everyone else was sweating it out in the 115 degree heat, I was doing fine with it all hanging out... ) My point is, I am not an unattractive or unhappy person because of the size of my breasts. I found a man who was more interested in my mind than my cup size, and though I sometimes have trouble finding clothes that fit, I have found a gem in 1920s inspired clothing (for formals and proms and stuff, I love Sue Wong). In the 20s, flappers would bind their breasts to get that boyish look about them- can you imagine? At one time, OUR figures were the ones that people wanted. Embrace your boobs! It is too much hard work and too much heartache to hate your body. This is the only one you will ever have- so love it! Breasts are beautiful, no matter what size.


I'm always amazed at how insecure women can be about themselves. Western society does make it harder on women but men have insecurities too. Many men are just as insecure about their penis size as women are about their breast size, if not more so. Most guys are truly unaware of how they compare with other guys and thus are insecure about it. A personality trait that I find most attractive is self confidence. A lot you small breasted women that have a hard time meeting guys are probably lacking self confidence. Your troubles stem from your need for self acceptance not your small breasts. I�m a 25 yr old good looking guy (6.1 tall 220 lbs.) and I�ve always been attracted to small breasted women. I�ve dated a good number of women in my life and almost all of them have had a below average chest size. Although I�ve never dated a flat chested woman, I have met some truly beautiful flat chest women. I once worked with a truly flat chested woman. I had the biggest crush on her. She had a beautiful smile and piercing eyes. Her personality really clicked with mine. Although she had an absolutely flat chest, I don�t think she had any insecurities about it. She had a real sense of self acceptance and an ability to make anyone feel comfortable around her because of it. Her only visible flaw was that she married the wrong guy. Although I later become friends with her husband I do think her life would have been better if she had only met me a year sooner:)


I'm 13 going on 14 and I am flat chested. Some girls at school keep making fun of my flatness because i'm still wearing training bras while they are already fitting into C or D cups. All these comments are great and everything and it really helped me with boosting my confidence in my own body but sometimes, I just can't help but think if I am normal or whether I will grow up with stereotypically "normal" breasts.


Dear girls, don't you make yourself feel small just coz of your boob size!! I perfectly understand the pressure in today's society to have big perky boobs just like everyone else. I am 25 years old, and trust me.. I have spent the last 13 years trying to find some kind of peace and fulfillment in my life, just like everyone of you small girls out there. I barely fit into a 32A, and I don't even have a bra size to claim my own! So I totally understand the meaning of being flat-chested.. I don't even have cleavage when I push my boobs together! So cheer up... you're not the only ones! Don't hate yourself becoz you have small boobs.. don't let what people say about you ruin your self-image! Don't they say smaller boobied girls have low self-esteem and they're not as out-going as "normal" girls? Well let's come on and build that self-esteem up! Coz you should be treated just as normal as everyone else out there!! So who cares if you have to wear a bra that's twice your size! Nobody will ever understand why we're trying to lie to everyone else, so nobody has to know! Sorry to say, society has driven us to wearing padded bras.. so there you have it, society...I have bigger boobs!! No one has to know if we're cheating. My point is do what you have to do.. TIL you feel comfortable with your own body.. easier said than done you must think.. I lived every single day of my life growing up preparing myself for boob implants, but today I hardly think about them. I wear unpadded 32A bralettes about my house to feel comfortable in them even though I look small! Now, they make me feel sexy! I am beginning to love them and how cute they are more and more! I've met this wonderful man who LOVES my boobies despite how PUNY they are! And he has taught me that having smaller boobs could have never been more perfect becoz it makes me the woman I am today. Nobody gets to love them up except for your one and only man! So in the meanwhile, love your boobs up yourself til you get a man who will love them too... Small boobs aren't bad ladies ok? It's not the end of the world... there's more to life than boobs. There's commitment to love, to your work, to yourself, to your kids,.. there's more to fulfillment in your life! pretty soon you will be telling this life-enhancing speech to your small-boobied daughters too. Love yourselves girls! Coz to a man, TRUST ME, that is WAY more attractive than any big boobies in the world!!


Hi, I just turn 15 in september and I started my period in june ( that just pass) and I have breast that's growing but its small, (really small) and sometimes get I scared being around my best friend because her breasts are big (and I mean big) and my breast are still the same since I was in the 7th grade.( i'm in the 9th. I cant even wear a regular bra, I wear sports bra and I don't like it. I hate going out in public cause my all my friends have bigger boobs then I do. and my mother and grandmother have big boobs (theres are 36 ds) will my breast ever grow because boys are making me cry and I cant handle it.


Breasts will usually develop for a few years after a girl gets menstruation. Some girls get yet a little fuller look to their breasts in their early twenties. It is those boys that need to grow up, if they're teasing you. It is just fine to have small breasts! D or DD size breasts often bring their own problems. Not everybody has the same size breasts, because there is lots of variation. And every girl can be attractive, no matter what the breast size.

Thank You very much for this website! I have a girl friend who is flat chested whom I'm want to marry and live happyily.... I used to have the big breast fetish, but after I fell in love with her, I cant imagine anyone else in her place. Just wanted to get rid of my fixation for breasts and Your site surely got rid of it...Im soo grateful...Thank You once again


I'm 17, an a short 5'1" and 92lbs...and yes, i'm flat-chested. I look like a 10-year-old. i'm gonna have to agree with Andrea, who commented earlier.

Yes, although I appreciate this website for telling us how being flat-chested doesn't matter because one's self-worth can be measured by other more important things... but I'm only human, and a teenage female at that. Most humans want to look good (although the degree of vanity of course differs), I'm no exception. Clothes don't look good on me...... and my little bloated tummy just makes me look flatter, in fact, it potrudes out even more than my chest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessed with my flatness, I live my life, study, hang out with friends and do all the normal stuff, but it does bug me, if you get what I mean.

And at the end of the day, I wished I at least were an A-cup, and not flat. (no, I don't consider A-cups flat because my body is the true definition of 'flat')

Sigh. Oh well. Life goes on, doesn't it?

Yes. Fortunately life goes on and has lots to offer! Just think about handicapped people, they can have hard time, or simply cannot do many things we consider normal, like study and get an occupation. Possibly they can't have kids, or jog in the woods. Or blind people can't see a pretty sunset or enjoy paintings. (This is not against blind or handicapped people.) I know it's difficult, but life can be so much easier and happier, if one can be thankful for what one has.

I am 14 years old and I am a 32A. I hate being this size because you cant do anything, "I hate it". My weight is 95 and I dont know what the problem is to my breast. I'm just so depressed about having a small chest. I've been wanting for my chest to grow but they won't grow. I have friends at school that has a big chest and I asked them, How did your chest grow so big? They said by eating corn and they will start to ich and that means that there growing. And I said did you eat corn to make your grow and some said yes and some said no so I really dont know what to believe.

Chanele Brown

Hello Chanele,
Thanks for writing in! It really sounds like your breasts are JUST FINE! Being size A is nothing to be ashamed about. And, you're only 14 so yours will probably still grow a little bit. Also it sounds you're skinny, and skinny people often have smaller breasts than overweight people. So don't worry about it, just let your body grow.

Eating corn has NOTHING to do with breast size. Breast size is determined by your genes. Itching is a sign of the skin stretching, so yes, that is a sign that the breast might be growing.

I just wanted to say that I am a good looking 21 year old male, with a totally healhty sexual appetite, and am more drawn to small or no chests than large ones. My fiancee is 32A and I have always prefered the smaller the better.
I used to think I was alone in this, a freak male, until last summer working construction when a guy pointed out a girl with HUGE breasts. I commented they didn't interest me, adn he agreed they weren't a turn on, but a freak of nature. He then confided that he prefers small breasts. His wife (who I met later) is about 30-33A herself (my guess). Since then I have not been ashamed, and found out there are lots of guys looking for smaller than average, or no breasts. The thing is that guys like anything. Big/little breasts, bald/hairy vaginas, blue/brown eyes.
Take what yOu got and go with it. And don't be afraid to look good with what you got. Maybe don't wear the tightest shirt you can find, but don't don't only wear loose sweaters either. And one more comment. Puch up bras are worn by girls with large breasts, why do girls with little breasts often avoid these styles of bras? I have found many girls with small breasts will not wear push up bras, yet are ashamed of their size. If a C cup can wear them to make them look bigger so can you.
What I am trying to say is don't be ashamed. There are guys out there that would love to get to know you, and would be in love with your small breasts.

as a small chested woman i've struggled for years with my size. so much that I have found myself judging other women on their I never want to hang out with large breasted women out of jealosy and that I know I will look bad in comparison..i refuse to have plastic surgery because I think its stupid to put a forien object in your body.there are sooo many risks including capsular constriction, scarring and fungus and microbes that can grow in saline implants..any girl who is considering this (and I did for a long time) should really do research. think about this ..i've worked in the medical field..saline has an experation date.


I am 20 years old and I bearly fit into a 34A. I've had a hard time making friends since I moved to town and I know people would like me more if I was at least a B cup. Ive stuffed my bra to that size and the way I feal looking in the mirror is that I look like a more loving, friendly person. With my normal size I look less friendly and more like a kid. I hate this so much. I want to stuff my bra so I can get guys and make friends easier but when I do It makes me so uncomfortable knowing that I'm lying to every one, that I cant do it. I read somewhere that flat chested girls are percevied to be less friendly and big busted women, more friendly. Guys are attracted to breasts and if I had them I would be perfect and happy.


Hi Annie,
There may be stereotypes like that, but the truth is this depends much MORE on your attitudes, disposition, smiles, how YOU treat people etc. than it depends on your outward appearance. Bein gattractive has a lot to do with how happy and joyful and friendly you show yourself to be to others around you. So if you can throw aside the breast issue and be a jolly enthusiastic yourself without worrying about that, acting kind to others, then people will see you as friendly and loving. Can you imagine anyone being attracted to a sour gloomy big-busted woman? So cheer up and be confident in yourself! It's what inside that counts so show it to others.

I came across this site because I was looking for an explanation for my HUGE breasts...

Is it hormones? psychosocial growth? genetics? I don't know but they sure do humiliate me: stop me from running across the road, wearing dresses, jackets, folding my arms, putting my arms around me knees when I am sitting down without holding my breath(!)

I am not saying I would like to be flat chested, but big boobs are horrific.


If yours is a case of huge gigantous breasts, the medical circles use the terms macromastia, gigantomastia, or virginal hypertrophy for it, and you can find more information if you search the internet for those terms. They seem to say that cause is unknown, and speculated to be some extra sensitivity of the breast tissue to estrogen.

I am a 27 year old completing training as a physician. I've never fit into an A cup comfortably. Throughout college and medical school, I was proud to be able to wear tank tops without bras and often wore tank-style bras similar to the 'training' bra... However, when I got married, I had to wear lifts to keep my strapless dress in place without major alterations. I liked it so much that I continued wearing gel lifts in my bra. Despite the fact that I am confident in my relationship and my profession, the lifts allow me to not worry about whether fitted shirts actually fit or if my head surgeon will mistake me for a male when I have my mask and scrubs on. My friends all know about it... I'm proud of my body and what it can do but sometimes it is easier to go with the flow and stop thinking about my boobs.


I hope my comments can help some who read this page feel a bit more comfortable about themselves. I would never even say a woman has a flat chest or small breasts because generally in our society the word small carries negative connotations. Many comments on this site talk about "if you have small breasts just accept who you are and move on" But I think deep down this kind of advice further hurts the people who have to deal with negativity when there at school or work or anywhere. But I don't even categorize breasts by size in the first place whether its to be rude or even to be positive. And I think its this kind of mind set that some women are looking for: one which makes the issue non-exsistent.


flat chested women are beautiful! you young women, don't bring on more pressures in your life than you already have. I had a friend who worried about his height. he was short all through high school. then he grew way taller the 1st year after high school. very tall! as my friend learned, your breasts are not as important as your heart. he had a big heart all through high school.
as for me, I prefer a small breasted woman.


Breasts are just part of the female anatomy. No matter what size or shape they come in, we have to learn to accept our own body. Nobody is perfect! If u dont learn to love your body, who will?

Kelly H

im 15 and I'm not going to complain about how flat I am (even though I am) because it would just be the same as every other letter in here, but I do want to let you know that even though your website means good by saying everyones beautiful, and a man loves you for who are not how much breast tissue you have! I think I can speak for everyone, it doesn't make us feel very satisfied, I mean I KNOW i'm not abnormal, I just want to look better. Thanxs for being honest that there really are no alternatives to breast implants or pills but it doesn't help much.


Wouldn't it be amazing if all of us small- and flat-chested girls and women put our padded bras away and wore clothing that showed our pride in our shapes as they are? What an incredible, brave, political statement that would be! Not only would we all feel better knowing that every woman isn't a B cup or bigger, but everybody else would stop thinking that every woman "has" to be busty. Maybe we should designate a day: Leave Your Wonderbra At Home Day.


I'm really sick of the way people make fun of flat-chested women. It makes me angry because there is beauty in diversity & hardly anyone appreciates that anymore. Now it's all about looking/being like everybody else, every other woman or girl out there...large breasts, fake tan, piercings, tattoos, highlights, same clothes, etc.

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with those things, per se... but it's unsettling when it seems like everyone's either a copycat or a clone. Being flat-chested is a paradox in my mind. You can either hate it & try to fix it... or you can fix your attitude about your body. I have many, many days where I feel uncomfortable in public without my trusty padded bra. I will admit to stuffing my bra at times. And yes, all my insecurities come to the forefront at the sight of large breasts. However, I have self-confidence in other ways. I'm a very pretty girl in my own way, I'm intelligent, articulate, witty, spunky, fun-loving, unique. I look good in whatever I wear.

So I'd like to share some uplifting thoughts I have with all the other girls/women who have felt low about their flat chests. I hope this will inspire you to feel a bit better, & know that there are people like you!

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