About 007b.com

Hi! My name is Maria, and I'm the author of this website.

I started working on this site back in the early 2000s, when I had my firstborn and was learning about breastfeeding. I was also inspired by a particular message I heard, that delved into the problem about how breasts tend to be oversexualized, and how that issue hinders breastfeeding.

So, I started researching those topics, and also most any topic related to breastfeeding and breasts, such as breast augmentation, bras, breast milk, girls' perception of their breasts during puberty, and on and on.

It all was very interesting to me to learn! As I went, I then wrote articles about these topics for the site.

From the very beginning, one important feature of the site was the breast gallery, and it became VERY apparent to me early on how big of an impact it had on girls and women everywhere to see what NORMAL breasts look like! Many were (and still are!) so relieved to learn that their breasts were perfectly common, usual, and normal.

From about mid-2000s till 2010 or so, the site received an abundance of breast photo submissions from users, and so those gallery pages grew. I had to also start a nipple gallery — which, I found women had equally deep uncertainties about their nipple size and appearance as their breasts.

Growing up, I had never experienced those anxieties myself because of not growing up in the United States. I grew up in a culture in northern Europe without such an emphasis on breast size as in the Americas. People there are used to going to sauna, which makes everyone basically aware of the basic variations within the human body and what is normal. So, those anxieties are much less.

During these last 20 years, 007b.com has been sometimes more, sometimes less popular, and I'm done with babies, but as of today (2020s), it is still going strong and helping people everywhere with these topics!