The Power of Pornography

The following video goes into detail about a very important reason why PORNOGRAPHY exists and why it has so much power over people who get addicted to it. This reason is different from what most people think is behind the rise of porn, and in fact, may somewhat shock you. But — if you suffer from porn addiction and want help, you deserve to know this!

The message of the video goes along with the thoughts explained in other parts of this site — such as how keeping breasts as a taboo actually CAUSES guys to become extremely curious, which then fuels their sexual fantasies and can develop into an actual obsession towards female breasts.


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Visitor comments

I was raised in a very conserative home, with strict controls on what I was able to see or learn about the real world and human sexuality. This environment created an intense curiosity that led me to obsess over the female body. This website has finally, at 62 years of age, given me the right mindset for viewing women, and their various body parts. Thank you for your candid exposee of real breasts, their variety, and how to think of them as baby nurturing rather than men stimulators!

61 yr old male. In my lifetime I was breastfed. I saw breast feeding in my youth. For some reason, the world wants people to look down on our bodies and our lives. Share this site with everyone you know (every one). As long as seeing and knowing is a taboo, we risk keeping up the not knowing and the heart-braking stories on this site. A hair out of place, spot on the skin — we need to stop the madness. Everyone who makes money off making things better or perfect at a cost to you is part of the madness. You brothers are in the same boat — know about men's body. Knowledge is key to keep one out of the dark.