Normal breast development during puberty, and teenagers' worries

This is a comprehensive article about breast development, especially during puberty, addressing most of the concerns that teen girls have about their breasts. It is divided into the following sections:

Breast development during puberty

The beginnning of breast development is one of the earliest signs of puberty in girls, the appearance of pubic hair being the other. In other words, pubic hair and breast buds appear close together.

Breast development normally begins about 1 year before the mestrual period begins. The development takes several years.

Normal adult breast pictures — see how varied they are!

A cup breasts nursing mom's breasts breasts  breasts of a woman 3 months pregnant breasts huge breasts breasts 52-year old lady's breasts breasts breasts breasts breasts with acne and stretch marks

See our BREAST GALLERY for more NORMAL breasts!

Note: We regret not showing pictures of breast development during teenage years. While non-sensual material purely for instructional purposes concerning child development and without faces showing should NOT be viewed as pornography, in the interest of not offending anyone, has chosen to keep all material safely within the specifications of laws within the hosting country's specifications.

In the first stage (during childhood) the breasts are flat. Next comes the breast bud stage. In it, the nipple and breast are slightly raised as milk ducts and the fat tissue begin to form. Also, the areola begins to enlarge. The very early breast bud is something you might easily miss, because the change from flat breasts is so slight. The only difference is that the nipple area begins to look a little 'puffy'. The nipple itself is still flat.

Next, the breast itself starts to get bigger. Often this happens initially in a conical shape, and later on in a rounder shape. The areola begins to darken and get "puffier". The nipple may become erect (pointing out) now, but fairly often it remains flat through puberty and onward, and only changes to an erect nipple when a woman gets pregnant.

In these initial stages of breast development, it is the hormone estrogen that drives the development, causing fat to be deposited in the breast, and the milk ducts to grow. This is the time for the biggest growth in size.

After the girl gets her period, the ovaries start producing progesterone, and that changes things. Progesterone causes the milk glands to develop at the ends of the milk ducts. This development causes less visible growth size-wise, but is very important for the job!

Some − but not all − girls go through a stage where the nipple and the areola form a separate mound from the actual breast ("mound on mound").

The whole process from the breast bud stage till the pubertal development is over usually takes about 3-5 years, but for some girls it may take close to 10 years.

During breast growth, you may experience some pain and hurt or tenderness in your breasts. That is normal. Also, the skin may be itching, which is a sign that the skin is stretching.

During breast growth, a teen's requirement for iodine, an essential mineral, increases, because healthy breast tissue concentrates iodine. In fact, breast tissue has the second highest concentration of iodine in the body (the thyroid has the highest). The larger the girl's breasts become, the more iodine she needs.

Note also that after breast development during puberty, the breast is still NOT considered mature or fully developed.  Only pregnancy brings about the fullness of breast growth and development.

The breast development can start as early as 8 years or as late as 13 years.  If a girl does not have breast buds nor pubic hair, which are the first signs of puberty, by age 14, it is recommended that she see a doctor. The same is true if a girl does not get her period by age 15 — this is called delayed puberty, and there are several possible reasons for it. It is advisable to visit a doctor.

Though most of this development is over in a few years after getting your period, many girls get slightly rounder and fuller breasts in their early twenties. It is the time whey they naturally get even more feminine and mature appearance with "curves", leaving the skinny teenage look behind.

Occasionally, a girl's breasts keep growing and keep growing past the typical development timeframe, and become very large. This condition where the breasts don't stop growing is called juvenile macromastia and juvenile gigantomastia — also called virginal (or juvenile) hypertrophy of the breasts. This lady may have suffered from it.

What about those "Tanner stages"?

In medical circles, breast development is sometimes divided into five stages according to Tanner. These stages of Tanner describe the physical appearance of the breast and do NOT describe "what is going on inside", or the development of milk ducts and glands.

They are just some general notions of how growing breasts often look like — something that a doctor can easily observe from the outside when he needs to judge the pubertal development.

HOWEVER, since the Tanner stages only describe the outside appearance and have little do with the inside development, you should not worry about these. Women's breasts vary SO MUCH in appearance that you simply cannot apply Tanner stages to every girl's breasts.

Question about long-time breast development

Hey, I'm 15, weigh about 98 pounds and I'm 4'11. I got my period when I was 11 and had been wearing a 34A/B (I hadn't been properly fitted) since last summer. My breast have been enlarging for the past 6 months. I'm a 28E right now and I want to know if they'll stop growing anytime soon and if this is normal, because I always thought that a person's breast only grow for 2-3 years after their first period.


It's true that usually breasts only grow 2-3 years after your period comes in. But, occasionally, here and there is a woman or girl who has some breast growth even after that time. There have even been several women, 20 to 25 years old, write in to our site who have experienced some breast growth all of a sudden at their age.

So it does happen, and not to worry. Unfortunately I don't really know when they will stop growing for you.

Question about small breasts

Hi, I have a question. I got my period when I was 10 1/2, and I'm 15 now. Starting puberty so young, I thought I was going to have DD's by now... Ha, ha, that's definitely not the case. I don't even fit into a 32A bra, and I was wondering if I'm going to be "flat chested" forever or if there's still time to develop... If there is still time, I was wondering, how can I know if they're growing? Will there be soreness or something? How can I tell if they are already fully developed?
Thank you so much, CJ

Quite likely, you are already done with pubertal breast development. However, like already mentioned above, some girls do experience some further breast growth outside those 3-5 years in the beginning of puberty.

Remember that the difference between the various cup sizes is mostly fat (and some connective tissue). A-cup size breasts can be just as fully developed as DD cup breasts, containing the same milk-making apparatus, but just different amounts of fatty and connective tissue.

So if your puberty started early and you are 15 now, your breasts may be fully developed by now — as fully as they can be for this time. There is nothing wrong with small breasts — they are great!

Breast development during pregnancy

Breasts grow in size considerably during pregnancy because of the further growth of the milk ducts and milk glands. Teenagers' breasts consist mostly of fat, but during pregnancy that fat gradually disappears and gives space for the milk-producing system.

Also, the areola enlargens and becomes darker, making a big contrast with the surrounding skin, as if really pointing out to the baby where the "nutrition center" is. Breasts start producing colostrum (the early milk) already during the last months of pregnancy, and are thus fully mature and ready for their job.

Breasts during breastfeeding and weaning

The baby should start nursing immediately after giving birth, receiving colostrum for a few days. Then after those few days, the so-called "mature milk" comes in. The mature milk comes in in larger quantity than colostrum, and often a woman's breasts become engorged and are at their largest at this point.

After the baby learns to nurse more, the supply of milk settles down to exactly match the demand, and a woman's breasts return to the size they were just before giving birth. During subsequent breastfeeding relationship, the breasts change size (slightly) all the time as they either are filling with milk or are being emptied by the baby. In general, they are usually about the same size as during pregnancy.

With weaning, the milk glands atrophy or shrink to almost nothing, and obviously the breasts decrease in size correspondingly. However, after the milk glands shrivel up, the body starts depositing some fat back to the breasts. Remember, at lot of the fat left the breasts during pregnancy.

If the weaning is abrupt, the breasts will dramatically decrease in size and can look like "empty balloons". If the weaning is gradual, this will not happen. At any case, eventually fat fills breasts again and the breasts will regain their pre-pregnancy size or close to it.

Changes during menopause

In menopause, the milk producing system—ducts and milk glands—shrink, and are slowly then replaced by fat (just like after weaning). Some post-menopausal women can even experience an increase in breast size. Having more fat instead of milk glands makes the breasts softer. Also, the connective tissue loses strength, which makes the breasts sag more.

Teens worry if their breasts are normal

As the following comments sent to this website show, teenagers do worry a lot about their breast size/shape/development, and many teen girls wish for bigger breasts:

"Hi. I am 15 years old. My breasts have started growing but not like my other friends. Can you please give me a solution to make them bigger."


"I feel that the size of my breasts is too big which gives me a bad figure. What should I do to reduce it? My age is 20. What should I do?"

"Thanks for your site. I'm 10 years old and I thought I had normal breasts but all the other girls make fun of me. Only one other girl has breasts but not like me. They say my breasts are too big for me (I'm 4'8 and 84 pounds) and now I wear sweaters a lot to hide it. When is the normal age to have breasts and will they get smaller again? I like your site but I don't see any pics of women that look like me:'("

"Thank you so much. I was very concerned about my development. I am still unsure, I am 16 years old and one of my breasts is larger than the other one. Is this normal?"

"My niece is 9 and only one of her breast is starting to develop. Is this normal or should both start developing at the same time. My sister is a little concerned that it might be some type of deformity. Can you give me any answers? Thank you.

"I'm a 16 year old who is still in high school. I was embarrassed all the time because I have small breasts. It runs in my family, and all my friends have large breasts. I was afraid to wear bathing suits, dresses, tank tops, and pretty much any cute shirt. But because of this site I have a new confidence in myself. I play volleyball, soccer, surf, snowboard, and love dancing. But my small breasts held me back, and yes I did think ALL THE TIME about getting implants. All the girls on my teams had nice large breasts and they bragged about them and showed them off in revealing shirts. Now that I really think about it, it is the people who mark you for your breast size who need to grow up. THANKS!"

First of all, it is very normal and usual for one breast to bud before the other, or the breasts to develop at different rates so that they are lopsided for a while. They usually even out eventually, so that the uneven sizes are not very noticeable. However, a big portion of adult women do have different-sized breasts; usually one is just slightly bigger than the other, or maybe has a different shape.

Secondly, many teenagers get concerned when they see their friends' breasts growing and theirs are not.  There is usually absolutely NO REASON TO WORRY because the timing varies greatly from girl to girl.  Some start developing breasts as early as 8 years old, some as late as 18, though in most girls the breasts start budding between 9 and 12 years.  In any case, your breasts WILL develop in time for their purpose of feeding your baby!

"I'm scared my boobs are tubular or whatever. They don't really look like the boobs you have in the picture you have of tubular breasts, but the nipples on mine are really weird, like they form a second little mound. It's really hard to tell though, because my boobs are a 32A so they're incredibly puny which makes me depressed. But anyway, when they're erect they look normal but when they're not they look weird."

"My breasts are kind of small. But are starting to take a round shape. However they are still pointier than those of my friends... my nipples always seem to be puffy and look like the photos form "mound on mound stage of puberty". But I'm 17 and ... have had my period for a long time... I don't think it is puberty.... they are always puffy and swollen looking, like one big mound rather than that of a nipple and its areola... any ideas?"

These girls are probably describing a flat nipple. When the nipple is not erect, it is called a flat nipple. That is fairly common, and more so among teenagers. It is nothing to worry about. Most flat nipples start sticking out (become erect) during pregnancy. See also our nipple information page.

Worrying about small breasts

We have also gotten lots of requests for help from girls who have A-cup size breasts:

"I'm 12 and I had my period I think as 11 years old. My breast are hard around the nipple and are a 32 A barely. What can I do to make them bigger? Everyone else has bigger ones. My cousin is 2 months younger than me and she is 36 A no problem. I'm scared because I'm small still and she is young but has bigger breasts. Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm embarrassed to wear a bathing suit. I weigh 101 and I don't know what I can do to make them bigger!!!! Please help me ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I am 14 yrs. old and had just gotten my period 2 months ago. I have gotten signs of puberty such as pubic hair, growth spurt (I'm 5' 9"), and mild acne. The only thing is my breasts DON'T GROW!!!!! I barely fit into a 32A!!!! I heard that you should look at your relatives but it's confusing. My mom and oldest sister are C's, my 2nd oldest sister in a DD, and my aunt is an A!!!!! I am so confused! Puberty seems like it is working except it is skipping the breast stage! Will my breasts get bigger and how much longer do I have until they stop growing? PLEASE HELP!!!! Katie

I'm a 32 A and I got my period back in 7th grade (I'm going into 10th now) and I'm sick of it. My boobs are all pointy but round underneath. It's weird, and the nipples are puffy and they make this little mound above my boob except when it's cold then they look normal. I got these sports bra tops from Target the other day and I don't even fill those out... and it was a size small for crying out loud!!! I really want breast implants and it doesn't matter if it messes up my breastfeeding things or whatever because guys hate me and they'll never talk to me much less get me pregnant or marry me or even like me. They hate me. I just want some self-esteem with having bigger boobs. Not to impress guys since they hate me and never want to talk to me. So do you have any tips on how to make boobs bigger or something before I go all the way and have surgery?

Actually those puffy nipples that look "normal" in the cold are flat nipples that become erect when cold... like mentioned above.

Since these girls have gotten their period already, it sounds like they are going to be small-breasted as adults. Or, if they are skinny, they may get somewhat fuller and rounder breasts later when they gain a little weight. But why is it such a catastrophe to have an A-cup as breast size? It is normal; many women have it. It only seems distressing when the media has brainwashed us into believing that "breasts make a woman" or that breast size is the main thing that makes a girl attractive to guys.

Not so. While guys usually do want to see breasts — they are often just plain curious about it, since they are kept so well hidden from their view — they are far less concerned about breast size than girls and women are! Remember, what makes a woman attractive is her general appearance, behavior, personality, attitudes, sense of humor... and that can include a lot of variety in the actual physical attributes. Please also read our page about small breasts.

a nursing child

Worrying about large breasts

Next, if you have large breasts, it is very normal that they start 'sagging' or drooping some already during your teen years.  It is a natural process that happens to everybody at some point, and there really isn't anything you can do to prevent it — for example bras won't keep breasts from sagging (except while you wear them).  Below you can see what comments some teens have left on our breast gallery page about this fact.  If you're teen and have sagging breasts, you are NOT alone!

I normally thought I was abnormal as at the age of sixteen I have sagging breats. But now I know that I am normal.
thank u
pooh bear

Is there anyway that you can prevent your boobs from sagging when you're around 13

I'm 18 and my breasts are already pretty saggy. They resemble the breasts of a 40-year old mother of two. Although, I appreciated seeing normal breasts, I was wondering if it is common to have overly saggy breast at this young an age?

I have a question, I'm 15 years old and I'm at a D bra now and my breast without my bra are sagging or I think they are sagging. How do I know if they are sagging when they are so big and what can I do about it?

I am only 16 but I worry about my breasts. I have natural size C-cup breasts and I have worries that are are too big, already. My breasts have already began to sag and it worries me but I'm beginning to see that breasts of all sizes are normal and this site has helped me to see this.

Thank you. Until I saw this website I was convinced that my saggy, lopsided breasts were absolutely abnormal and hideously ugly. Working on a college campus, I'm surrounded by the perky breasts of girls in their late teens and early 20's and this has distorted my perception of "normal." Growing up overweight, my breasts developed (and began to sag) earlier than most. I never experienced "perky", or at least was too young and asexual at that point to enjoy them. Thank you for helping me understand and appreciate my body for what it is. :o)

I think this web site is great, I am 19 and being a 32H they are sagging a bit and thought I was too young for this to start happening to me, but seeing these picutres of other people it has made me feel alot better about my self, thank you.

Sometimes you may think you have sagging breasts when in reality you really don't, or it is very minimal. You can read What causes sagging breasts? to find out more about droopy breasts.

Breast size

Breast size is largely determined by your genes. You can look to your mom and other female relatives and get somewhat of an idea of what your breast size might end up being, though this is NOT a guarantee.

breastfeeding a small baby
This baby is very young... close to a newborn.

Another factor in breast size is how skinny/fat you are. As mentioned already, breasts have a lot of fat in them. The skinnier you are, the less fat your breasts contain and smaller they are. When you gain weight (or fat) in general, some of that fat will get deposited in your breasts, so that is why overweight and obese people have bigger breasts. And if you lose weight (fat) from your body, some of that fat will be lost from your breasts, too. This explains why athletic girls often have small breasts — their body fat content is fairly small. The same is of course true for girls suffering from anorexia nervosa.

Unfortunately, when you lose weight and your breasts will be smaller, they often end up sagging more, as the skin is already stretched, but now there is less "stuff" to fill it. There is no sure way to prevent this (some nutrients might help preserve skin elasticity).

Exercise won't make breasts bigger because breasts don't have any muscles. Nor will sleeping position, wearing or not wearing bras, milk, peanuts, or any other foods — but of course it is important to eat a healthy diet so your body can develop as it is supposed to.


There are no reliable means of increasing your breast size other than breast implants. But you should know those carry with them very serious health risks. This page answers in detail if and how you can make your breasts bigger.

Some girls end up being flat-chested — for reasons we do not know. Flat-chested girls lack the fat in breasts but they have the milk producing system in there and can breastfeed. Please read our page about being flat-chested to learn more. Being flat-chested doesn't mean you have to get worried — but if in addition you don't get your period by age 15, that can be a sign of delayed puberty.

I hope knowing these facts will ease your mind off from worrying. You may have heard or read these same facts about breast development elsewhere, too. They are commonly known and commonly noted. So the chances are you are developing just normally and there's no reason to be concerned.

This is such a good site. It has made me feel so much better. I used to think I was abnormal. Now I know... I'm normal :)
a teenager

I am 21 years old and ever since my teens I have thought my breasts were ugly and deformed. I have recently tried to commit suicide and as a result was a patient in a mental health ward, all due to the way I perceive my breasts. This site has helped me to understand that I am a normal woman. I hope it will stop other women from suffering the way I have over the years.


I am currently 18 years old and turning 19 in April, and 5'8 and weight 135 lbs. I was a late bloomer with getting my period, at age 16 exactly, and I am not exactly the bustiest girl in my age group. I'm a 32-34 A and I don't necessarily mind my size, since I usually use push up bra's, but I can't help but hate that the center of my chest is practically bare. I have development to the sides but I don't have any cleavage. Even with a push up bra. Could you offer any advice or maybe a reason for this? Thank you very much~

I'm 17 and wear a 32D bra. I'm small but rather busty. But I have a major issue with my breasts... well my cleavage more specifically. I feel that its very wide. Even when I put my bra on it doesn't push them together (I have to push them into the cups because they tend to stick out the sides ever so slightly). Even then my cleavage is still quite wide...

I don't think this is normal for a girl my age, surely at my age my breasts should be firm and perky. But they are very squishy and they don't sag so much as droop a little... I don't mind this but because of the cleavage width, it looks unappealing.

But I'm still self conscious. It would really help me out if I could get some confirmation from people who know about breasts if this is normal

Your breasts are normal.

What is not normal is the society's and media's emphasis on "cleavage". It's not something women automatically have, and the only reason women are "supposed" to have cleavage is because the media makes us think that's the way to attract males... to have cleavage and of course to show it.

Breasts that point somewhat to the sides are perfectly normal. Breasts that don't have "cleavage" even with push-up bras are perfectly normal. I am not even sure if it is healthy to push and squeeze the breasts together to create cleavage.

Anorexia and breasts

Anorexia, bulimia, or severe dieting will cause the fat to disappear from breasts, and that is why breasts of an anorexic girl will look very small, or shrunken.

When such a girl is recovering and gaining weight again, fat gets deposited back to the breasts. However, it won't always be the same amount of fat as was there before.

toddler nursing, older brother watching
Children learn that breastfeeding is normal by observing it take place.

The milk ducts and glands shouldn't be affected — if they had already developed! But if anorexia hits while the breasts are growing ducts and glands, then that development will stop since the starved body will stop producing hormones that drive that growth.

With anorexia, it is hard to say how things will go afterwards. Most girls become fertile again and resume menstruation, or continue their pubertal development if it wasn't finished, but some girls never gain their menstruation and fertility back even after recovery.

The following letters show how after anorexia, breasts won't necessarily be the same size as before:

Hi. I stared my period when I was 9 years old. Sadly, during 8th grade, I was anorexic and lost my breast fat. I am not anorexic anymore and am healthy so my breasts grew back. I am worried that I won't grow big as they are supposed to grow. Right now, the size of my breasts are the same size when I was in 7th grade...

I am an 18 year old female I just turned 18 about 4 mnths ago and I got my period when I was 14 , but then when I was about 16 years old I was anorexic for about a year, then I lost all the breat tissue I had and now I'm back to being healthy but I'm a 32 B , Is there anyway my breasts will still grow? My mom and every woman in my family had a 36B or bigger breasts, yet somehow I don't think mine will grow or they are taking long, or do you think my anorexia a while back had an effect on their growth?

hello! I'm 15 years old, and i'm really worried about my breasts. I started my period at age 9 and by that time my breasts were developing and also pubic hair. However pple teased me because I was overweight and I got depression and I felt very bad about myself. So by the time I got to middle school I decided to stop eating. At the time I was about 13 almost 14. I wouldn't eat much for a time then i stopped and only drank water. I was afraid to eat and I became anorexic.I would read the food labels and keep note of how many calories I consumed. I quit that after I began to feel numb and nearly had a heart attack and had to go to the hospital twice. Now i'm eating better and I feel better. Except, I don't know if not eating well for half a year could have affected my breasts and i'm worried that they won't grow anymore. I'm a 32A . When I had anorexia, my period did stop. But now that I started to eat again, it's back again.It's been about 8 months now that I have gotten my period. Will my breast continue to grow, or am I done? please help me I would really like to know.

When I was 14 I became anorexic. The anorexia stopped when I was 17. I noticed that my breast size went from a 34C to a 32A. I'm now 19 and am now at the high end of normal weight. However, I have a problem which is that the weight has gone to my bum, and not back to my breasts. Why are my breasts not growing back? And what can I do in order to help them get back the way they were? I don't want to put on any more weight as I'm at the high end of my normal weight range; any more and I'll become obese.

Mostly this difference compared to earlier breast size would be because the breasts now have less fat. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell if the breasts will gain their previous size, or not, and if the duct and gland development was completed. However, if and when these girls get pregnant, the breast development during pregnancy will quite likely be normal.

Why do teenagers worry so much about breasts?

But it might be worth your while still consider this one thing: WHY is it that teenage girls worry so extremely about their breasts?  Is it just normal human nature?  Do you worry equally much about the shape of your lips or eyes?  Usually not.  So something else enters the picture.

The culture that surrouds you — especially magazines, TV, music videos, Internet — has influenced your (and your friends' and your parents') thinking.  The media images leave the impression that normal kind of breasts are fairly big and perky with small areola — the ones you see supermodels have. But remember that those photos in magazines are retouched — THE PHOTOS ARE NOT REAL!

Breastfeeding a toddler
The benefits of breast milk don't stop abruptly at 1 year of age.

Hollywood has promoted a "big breast" image to the modern world — BUT it was also Hollywood that in the 1920s was promoting the flat-chested look.  Women in that time tried to bind their breasts to make them look smaller.

So what you see in media does NOT reflect the reality of women's breasts!  Female breast is the one body part that varies most of any body parts in size and shape.  You can be smarter than to fall into this trap and think for yourself!  There is NO precise rule as to what is "normal" when it comes to breasts.

The North American culture also makes breasts to be primarily a sexual body part, and does not emphasize their feeding function.  Remember, breasts are for breastfeeding, and when the time comes, your baby will LOVE your milk and the closeness of being held next to mom's bosom no matter what size or shape your breasts or areola or nipple are.

The best thing to do is just try to learn to be GLAD YOU ARE YOU, instead of trying to copy other people.  When/if the time comes that you find yourself a husband someday, he will hopefully fall for YOU — and not for some Hollywood stereotype!!!!!!!!

Visitor comments

I have a daughter. She's 11 years old. She was worried because sometimes she accidentally hits her breast. What will happen to her breast? Or is it normal because she's in the puberty stage? Or it will stop growing?


Answer: When a girl's breasts are growing, they often are quite tender and sensitive even to touch. That is normal.

Hitting or bumping them is of no worry, if her breast doesn't continue hurting. Growing breasts may be tender. Therefore, bumping or hitting them can hurt more than when you are adult.

But, as long as the pain goes away, the breasts should be fine. If the pain continues, then that is a sign that something has been damaged inside the breast — but almost always the body fixes and heals such damages. Just like if you hit and hurt your toe or leg, you may get a bruise, but eventually it heals.

Hi, I am 13 years old and I have really really small breasts but I don't know what size my breasts should be at my age and I'm a bit scared that I haven't started my period and all my friends have.


There is not any specific age "X" when breast are supposed to be size "Y". You see, as adults, our breast sizes vary tremendously, so you can't say that a woman should achieve a certain breast size! All sizes are normal (well, almost all... there exists a condition where breasts get abnormally large).

What is a normal breast? How do you define NORMALCY? It is when a breast has enough milk glands in it to make enough milk for a baby. The amount of fat does NOT count! And it's the amount of fat, for the most part, that makes some breasts bigger than others. (Of course, in larger breasts, also the milk ducts are longer.)

Also, breasts ONLY develop fully during a pregnancy. During pergnancy, the milk glands grow a lot and the amount of fatty tissue is actually reduced.

Look at this lady's breasts (middle of page) — how small hers were, and how much they grew during pregnancy.

So not to worry, your breasts sound normal to me, and at any rate, they are still developing — usually up to about 2-3 years after your period has come.

This site is great! I used to think about making my breasts bigger when I was 11-13 because all my peers were going through puberty and I wasn't. I finally hit puberty at 15 and it's good to know that I'm normal. I'm 19 now and reading the messages from girls who want so badly to grow up is really heartbreaking because I remember what that felt like. JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU GROW UP!! I can't stress this enough. Please don't do anything rash. Stay safe, girls.


↓ Read more comments

The following comments are from various visitors to 007 Breasts is not necessarily endorsing everything written in the comments. The comments and opinions below belong to the commenters who made them. The comments are posted here because they might further help and encourage men and women who visit this website; however 007 Breasts is NOT responsible for the comments nor for any loss or damage caused by reading them.

My breasts GREW downward. I went to an all girl's boarding school and we had shared showers (yes I am that old!). I noticed from the start that other girls started swelling from underneath/below the nipple. My swelling/growth started ABOVE and the whole breast grew down, from the start. It didn't matter - in fact it helped in some ways. I was so self-conscious it wasn't until I met a truly lovely boy that I felt confident to undress ... and that was after six months of just dating (nothing else, walking, talking, laughing, eating)... and we are still married now. So I avoided some of the dumping/harsh treatment that my friends went through. So I think in some ways my breasts "helped" me.

That said, it is hard as a young person feeling so "old-boobed" thinking everyone would laugh/be horrified that a 20 year old just sagged like that even before children! They still sag but they were real comfortable to breastfeed from and I always thought it meant my husband must love me for ME not my body attributes which change over time anyway.

Thanks for this site.


I got my first period when I was thirteen years old, and my breasts have grown to around a size B-cup. I'm sixteen years old now. I sometimes get itchy nipples/skin and they're sore — especially near my period. I'm really slim — possibly skinny, and I just want to know if my breasts have stopped growing, or will they continue to grow? I heard that they stop growing three years after your first period.... But I'm not sure...

I'm kinda self conscious about them... But am slowly starting to accept them. I just want to know if they're going to grow any more than this...??


Hi Jordan,
I don't know if they will still grow. Probably not — but there is a slight chance.

I also wanted to explain what happens before your period.

Ovulation (the release of the egg) happens mid-period, typically on day 14. After that, the body starts producing increasing amounts of progesterone and estrogen to prepare for a possible pregnancy. These hormones make breasts slightly larger — the breasts essentially start growing as they would in pregnancy, but it only lasts until your period comes. Then as your period starts, the hormone levels drop drastically.

This start of a breast growth causes the tenderness and itching skin. The skin itches because it is being forced to stretch. Consider wearing slightly larger bras or no bras during these times, since the breasts actually do grow slightly in size.

Thank you so much for this website! I'm 14 and I started my period when I was 10 1/2, and last time I measured my breast size it was around 28A/30A, but not even on the chart! I've always been self conscious about my breasts because a) it's a natural teenage thing to worry about looks, b) all my friends are bigger than me and seem to emphasise the size of their breasts and c) I've been called 'flat chested' before by boys in front of my friends (all who thought it was funny :( ). I want my breasts to be bigger, not by much, but just so I can be more confident wearing vest tops and bikinis etc.

This website has helped me regain some confidence though, and gives me some hope that my breasts might still grow. I don't want any surgery or hassle, and I'm learning that it doesn't matter what size your breasts are!

Thank you,
Chloe :)

Being 15 yrs old, I wasn't sure if having small boobs was normal. I know, I know, some of you reading this are probably like, you still have time to grow! But I got my period when I was 11, and doctors always say that your boobs don't really grow after you get your period, so I know that my boobs aren't getting any bigger. I'm currently a 32A, which is actually too big on me. I always feel self-conscious about my small boobs because my friends all have b's, c's and d's, and they are also my body size, which doesn't make me feel any better. To cheer me up, some of my friends say that big boobs are a pain cause your back hurts, which does make me feel better. But I just feel that having small boobs makes you look like a little kid at my age... I hate it. If I were to just grow 1 cup size, that would be amazing.

Though, in sports small boobs are a plus because they aren't flying everywhere and stuff. But I also hate how flat chested I look w/ a sports bra on... also, is it normal not to have any cleavage? I just have so many questions!

Seeing this site has comforted me a little bit, knowing that some guys are actually attracted to small boobs. Thanks for this website! I do feel a little better!


Hello Sarah,
It is normal not to have any cleavage. Most small-breasted ladies don't have any. I don't have any either, and mine are something like D cup nowadays (while nursing). (They will get smaller once the baby weans.)

It is actually ABNORMAL to make women think they should have 'cleavage' between their breasts. It's an artificial concept, and I don't know who created it. Many women only achieve it by pushing their breasts together by special bras.

Having small breasts IS normal (you probably already realize that :).

Hi, I am 18 years old and I think I may be stuck in either stage 3 or 4 of the stages of breast development. I got my period when I was 13, but it has never been regular in the last 5 years. I get it for about three months and then I don't get it for about three months. My breasts have been about the same size since I was 15 years old, but I don't think they are done growing. I am a 32B bra size (but I barely fill that out), and I really don't mind having a small chest, but my issue is that they look under-developed. I was doing a little bit of research and I saw some pictures that led me to believe that I might be still in stage 3 or 4 of the stages of development. My breasts are round underneath, but, on top, they are still slanted towards the areola as opposed to being round there too. Also, my areola is not flat; it is still just as pointed as it has always been-which is very pointy. My breasts also still seem to have that kind of tubular look to them.

So, my main question is, will this ever change? Or, am I going to be stuck with having awkward looking breasts until I get pregnant? Also, is this something I should get checked out with a doctor? Is there are reason my breasts are stuck in this stage and does it have anything to do with and irregular period?

It's possible your breasts haven't quite finished developing, because of your irregular period (and thus a lack of progesterone). It's also possible that they have—because you cannot judge by the shape. There exist perfectly normal breasts that look like you describe—just look through our galleries!

However, your period is signaling a definite problem. It should not be that way. After a year or so, the girl's period should stabilize to a regular, monthly pattern.

In today's world, an alarming amount of girls are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. One sign of that is missed, irregular periods (because there is no ovulation). This disorder is linked to insulin resistance, and if it is not treated, can lead to diabetes. A specific diet can also improve it.

So I feel you should consider this possibility and be tested for it... Keep in mind I'm not a doctor, and I cannot diagnose it; I just know that UP TO 10% OF TEENS HAVE IT... which is a very large amount. So that's why I feel I need to warn every girl who mentions their period is messed up even after years since they got it.

I am thirteen, turning fourteen and my breasts are E to an F in bra size, and I weigh 50.3 kilograms from my last weigh in (about a month ago) and the dark area around my nipples is very wrinkly. Am I too large breasted and will my breasts get bigger? I am also really worried because Im getting teased by girls at school, even one of my closest friends. I cant find any swimwear that fits me (and I dont want to walk around with my breasts hanging out) and at the swimming carnival I didnt participate (I sat in a corner and cried the whole time). Biggish breasts runs in the family but I am the biggest so far- none of the women in my family are bigger than a D. Please help me because I am worried that I am a freak of nature... Help!!!!

You are not a freak. Many teen girls in today's world have large breasts. Please read our page on large breasts to learn how other large-breasted women feel, plus to find some tips on dressing.

Also... I don't know if yours will get bigger, but it is possible.

Hi, I'm 15 years old (nearly 16) and started my period when I was 12 years old and I continue to have regular periods. However I have very small breasts; I am a 36A but I don't even fit into it properly. My nipples seem to be fully grown and the areola puffs out and takes up the majority of my breast. I have been to see a doctor about this and she said that my breasts are on stage 3 of development. I was just wondering if it is possible that my breasts will grow any bigger, because I heard somewhere that your breasts are fully grown four years after you start your period? And if not then is there something wrong with me, like do I have a hormone defficency or something? Also, my mum has big breasts and so does my sister if that helps.
Thankyou for your time


Hello Grace,
You're correct that usually breast development is over about 3 years after the girl gets her period. Most likely you don't have any hormone deficiency. It sounds your breasts are normal. Small breasts are normal. And having a puffy areola / flat nipple is normal and fairly common in teens.

The Tanner stages are somewhat misleading, because they only have to do with the appearance of breasts, and NOT with the development that happens inside (such as milk ducts and milk glands).

Not all girls go through all those Tanner stages, because the appearance of breasts varies greatly among girls. A doctor saying you're in "stage 3" doesn't really mean much, because your breasts can be fully developed with the milk-making apparatus, but just not look like the medical books; pictures about Tanner stages.

When I was 10 and 11 years old, I was still flat chested. Only when I was 12 then my breast started to grow and over the next three years things started to change. When I was 14, I had my first period and with 15 I had already 80B. I never thought I would catch up with the others because it started so late. I was so worried about it. When I was 17 I had 80C and my breasts were still growing and getting fuller until into my early twenties. I ended up with 80D. I think it doesn't matter if the breast development started late; you never know how they going to mature. I was very lucky that I had nearly ten years of breast development. I am proud of my boobs today and even when they are a little bit big. Everybody should take what has been given. I only would say to have breast reduction if somebody has any health issues.


You website has helped understand a lot of things in a better and much more thorough way, so thank you. But I have a personal question that I just can't seem to find a clear answer to. When I was 13 and a half I got my period, that was in 8th grade, now I am a junior and I'm a 34A. Now I'm not expecting huge breasts, but I feel self-conscious of them, and I don't understand because my mother, aunts, and grandmas all have breasts bigger than that. I am 16 years old, and am hearing a lot of controversial arguments about whether or not girls stop developing at 16 or 18. I don't know, all my friends have cleavage, and that's really all I'm looking for. I also am a redhead and about 110 pounds, height around 5' 6" or so, idk if that would affect my breasts though. Should I start exercising more?? or eating less or more? Or what maybe should I eat to help my body more? When will my breasts be bigger? It seems as though by charts that they are only around the 3/4 level.
Thanks so much.

I hope you understand that your breasts are perfectly normal size. There are multitudes of women with that A-cup size. So they don't HAVE to get bigger... In fact, you breasts may be perfectly developed and normal as they are.

Breast development usually continues for 2-3 years after a girl gets her period. And breast size varies a lot among women. So that's why there aren't any "charts". A cup is normal, so is B, C, D.

Read also our page on small breasts — it can be very helpful!

Hi! I am 12 years old and do not have any breasts. I don't know if I should wear an underwired bra to make it look as if I have breasts, as my friends keep making fun of me because they have breasts. Please help me xxx


It's normal to worry and feel concerned if your development hasn't been as quick as others' in your class. The truth is, the start of puberty in girls varies at least by 4-5 years in today's world. Some can start it at age 8 and some at age 12.

You are wondering if you should "fake" it that you have breasts. While many girls do use some kind of fake means to make their breasts look bigger (padded bras), you need to ask yourself if "faking" is what you want to do: do you want to portray to other people a fake image of yourself?

If you just wear normal clothing and not bras, so that others realize you haven't yet developed breasts (or don't have large breasts), you would also be helping other girls who may have a similar problem, but who aren't brave enough to do the same. We all have been influenced by the media to feel that a girl just "HAS" to have certain shape and certain size breasts — yet the reality is that women's breast sizes and shapes vary TREMENDOUSLY. The impression we get from magazines is FAKE.

I hope you have the courage to portray the truth of women's breasts.

I am 16, a female, a 34B, I am happy with my breast size and the shape of my breasts. They did not develop until I was 15.


For a while I've been curious about why my breasts hurt sometimes. I'm 17. I got my period at 11, by the way. I recently went up a cup size and am now at a 34C. It never occurred to me that the discomfort and the increase in size would be related. Thank you so much for this site. Now I don't have to wonder anymore.

Before I visited this website, I HATED MY BOOBS... or whatever I had :'( I'm 13, I've never had my period, but I'm going through the other stages of puberty (growth spurt, pubic hair etc.). I'm very skinny but am gaining some weight. I eat the recommended amout of calories a teenager should have. But I gain no weight. :( I feel awful because EVERYONE in my school has a B cup+ and all I have a weird nipple that sticks out. The tissue underneath is somewhat flat and I hated it. I always get teased because I'm very skinny. But after going to this website I feel like I'm not alone. And I have more hope that my breasts will grow into a cup size that suits me. Also, all the adult females in my family are a B cup + so that makes me feel better :) Reading these girls testimonies inspired me, and now when people tease me I won't care, and I'll know I'm more mature to let that bother me:) Thank you so much for this great website :) -kim

Hi, I have one question: Is there a such thing as a size 26B?

Well, anyways, I am very flat. I barely fit into a 34A cup bra. I am 13 years old — about to turn 14 in a month — and I haven't had my period yet ever. I read the other comments about how it all depends on heredity and genes, but both my grandma, mother, and sister are bigger than a C cup and I am a lousy A. I know there is nothing to help me grow — I will never ever take a pill for some breasts — but is there any sign that I will grow in the future? I do have some curves on my hips. Will I ever get my period soon?

My eighth grade class trip is to a lake, and everyone will be in bathing suits. About 90% of the girls in my school are bigger then a B! How do I impress boys with a puny A? I'm already down on looks. I only weigh about 80-90 lbs too. I eat like a pig, but I gain nothing. T-T Please help me.

-GNH (Girl needs help)

Hello GNH,
26B bra size does exist... not necessarily all bra stories carry it though.

I cannot predict when exactly you will get your period. It usually comes about 1 1/2 — 2 years since the first signs of puberty, which are pubic hair and breast buds.

Your breasts are developing even at this very moment, up until 2-3 years after you get your period. The development may not necessarily mean lots of visible growth in size (that is mainly fat), but the MILK ducts and MILK making cells are developing.

You asked, "How do I impress boys with a puny A?"
Well, first of all, I don't think there is any NEED to impress boys with anything at this age. Just enjoy swimming and have fun!

Secondly, even if you were older... I still don't think anyone should try to "impress" boys with their breasts. The way to find true love some day won't be based on just breasts. It has to do with your personality and attitudes, and then also looking and appearing feminine. But appearing feminine does not depend on breasts. It has mostly to do with feminine attitudes (NOT bossy, or showing strength), feminine hairdo, and overall appearance (clothing). I do realize that breasts are a signal that a person has gone through puberty and is therefore a physically mature female. But that's just one part of the attraction.

Just keep living your life, studying, thinking about future studies and employment. Learn to cook. Etc. Boyfriends and thinking about marriage should still wait.

I'm 23 with a general lack of curves all over and I feel cursed. I've got the body of a 12-year old girl. It hurts so much to feel womanly on the inside but then look in the mirror and be disappointed that the outside doesn't match. When I was in high school, I kept patiently waiting, anticipating, hoping, that my body would graduate into that of an adult female. It never happened. So now I feel stuck in this unwomanly body that I don't feel matches with the rest of me. I've never liked changing my clothes in locker rooms, never wanted anyone to see my chest, never liked trying on shirts that I could never fill out, never enjoyed bra shopping when the only colors available are white, tan, and black. Almost like I'm not womanly enough to buy sexy lingerie. It's like the lingerie companies are telling us that you can't be sexy unless you're a certain cup size.

I've been so ashamed for so long. I feel so undesirable in this adolescent body and it hurts so much. I always wonder if there is a guy out there who would want me as I was made, and not secretly wish me to be curvier. Regardless, I'm prepared to be alone and unwanted, to live in a world where I'm not good enough- in a world where I'm deficient as a woman because of something I can't control.


Hello Amara,
I wanted to write you something for encouragement. You know, there are many women who feel equally un-womanly or un-feminine with different conditions from yours. Being obese or overweight is probably the most common in today's world. Then, there are those who have had breast surgery (mastectomy) where one or two of their breasts have been removed. Then, some women have their face disfigured from birth or in an accident, or perhaps a skin condition where the skin is discolored. Or, women who get chemotherapy have their hair fall out. There are many different possibilities.

And there ARE those also who don't feel feminine because of lack of curves or breasts. You're not even the first one to write in with this same exact problem. So you're not alone. I know several women among my friends who are skinny, not curvy, and quite small-breasted, some with bony facial features. They all have husbands and children.

You CAN certainly feel feminine. It's the inside that counts the most. And there are things that you CAN do to improve the outward, too — most importantly YOUR HAIR and HAIRDO. That is DEFINITELY under your control, or under the control of your hair stylist :) Ask a hair stylist for tips for a feminine look to match your face!

You can also convey a more adult appearance by the choice of clothing. I can't tell you specifics, but you might avoid typical teenage types of clothing. Go for a more mature style. You can find a lot of dressing advice for small-busted women on the Internet. Search for "dressing small busted" or for "dress body type", or for "dress body shape".

SURELY these things help, and then you can start feeling more feminine, regardless of your actual curviness. FEMININITY is a feeling inside! Some women can act tough and manly and be anything but feminine even if they look womanly. Normal men are not attracted to those types of women. Normal men certainly can be attracted to someone who is feminine at heart — someone who feels they need a stronger companion to shelter them — the opposite of tough.

Hi. I'm a 15-year old with 38DD size breasts. I developed VERY VERY quickly and obtained stretch marks along the outer side of my breasts at age 13. My nipples are a very light color (almost not at all different from my skin color) and my breasts sag quite a bit. I would say I am of average weight and height as well. Since I first began to develop, I have had biggest breasts than all of my friends. I have been teased and sexually harassed. I have been self-conscious of my breasts the entire time I have had them! I even am considering breast reduction on my 18th birthday due to my back problems and my disadvantage in all sports (golf, tennis, baseball, biking, jogging... everything). I found your website in an attempt of finding tips to get rid of the sag through exercises, and I just had to look. What I found was a miracle. After reading and seeing just a few other women's testimonials, my confidence skyrocketed! My breast are actually normal! No longer do I feel ashamed of my "blessings". THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME FEEL CONFIDENT AND NORMAL!


I'm 15, petite and skinny. My mom and sister have big breasts and so does everyone on my dad's side. I got my period around the 7th grade and I'm in the 9th now. I'm like a 32A or in the AA's. Are my breasts gonna stay this way? And if not how much longer?


Hi Mimi,
I do not know if your breasts will stay that way or not. They may, or they may still grow.

But did you know that small breasts are NORMAL? Some women have larger breasts, others have small, like you. It's perfectly normal — there are LOTS of variations in breast size among women.

It can even happen like in your family, where a mom and a sister have size C but you have small breasts. Your genes come from you mom and dad, and theirs come from their parents, and it all combines in unpredictable ways in the moment of conception.

Remember also: small breasts have ALL the milk glands in them. Larger breasts just have more FAT. So, if/when you get pregnant, your breasts will function just as well as larger ones for milk production.

Check out our page: Small breasts — women's worries, and read it several times. :)

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Hi. I'm a smaller framed girl. My sister developed early, she's more from my dad's side, who have big boobs, she's got double D's. I always was insanely jealous of her. But now I figure, it doesnt mean all that much. ... I used to be so insanely obsessed with my body, and now I figure, I am lucky, I am healthy and I do look good! I've never felt that way about myself before.

I have about an a/b cup. I look small, but not completely flat, you know. If it was up to me, I like my perky boobs! And my body is small. I think I'll grow a bit more, just because I've grown in the past years overall. I know my boobs have gotten a little bit bigger, I had mosquito bites 2 years ago. I guess that's normal, lol. I got my period when I was 13, I remember I was in 7th grade. I'm assuming I won't grow all that much more, but my ma says she grew into her 20's. She grew alot like right when she was twenty, she said like a cup size! And recently my breasts have been really tender and something I never knew was the whole "mound on mound" thing that happens to the nipples? Well, you said not all girls go through that stage, but anyways, my nipples JUST got that. They get a little tender during my period all the time, but recently more, and they are also more veiny. Does this mean they are growing more? Or is this just normal, this continuely happens?

Anyways, like I mentioned, I've grown to liking my body the way it is. I have to, right? And I'm a beautiful person, even though I'm petite/slim/slender. I really hate when guys say, "REAL women/girls have curves" though. My curves are small, but I still am all woman! Or girl anyway. I really appreciate your site, I like the message about breasts not being really sexual, because when you think about it, they aren't at all, that's something people should put more emphasis on. Thank you for reading :)

I'm not sure about the veininess, but tenderness is a typical sign of breast growth.

Hi. I'm 17 year old European. I guess I havent been affected in the same way that most Americans have of breast obsession. Though, I have never felt too comfortable about my breasts anyways, thinking they were too small. I got my period when I was 13 and my breasts only grew a bit after that I had 32A until just recently, when they grew to 32B. Aren't my breasts supposed to have stopped growing? I now feel the same pain in my breast as I used to feel when I was in my early teens and they started to grow. Can they keep on growing at such a high age? I don't think I have the shape of a grown breast either, my nipples are large and puffy compared to my breast size. I would really appreciate an answer. Thanks for a great site, it really helped me get more confident seeing normal breasts and I think it does for many other women as well!


Yes, this kind of "growth spurt" does sometimes happen. I don't think it's anything to worry about — UNLESS they keep on growing for years and years.

We've had women write in whose breasts still grew some even in their early twenties.

Ok, I'm 14 years old and I was so unhappy with my breasts. When my breasts started to grow, they sorta sagged down, and now they are sagging and uneven too. I felt so conscious about my breasts that I kept away from guys. I used to think that with my saggy and uneven breasts, I would never have a boyfriend that would appreciate me no matter what. I feel so much better knowing that I'm not the only one. I just thought that having weird breasts at an early age meant that something was wrong with me. I still feel a little embarassed, but I think I'll get over it. I finally realized that breasts were never intended for sexual purposes.


Dear Maria,

I'm just writing to let you know how wonderful I think your site is. I'm 19 years old and a 34A, and I am finally at ease with my breast size after years of feeling awful.

I would like to address the issue of bullying, which some other people have talked about on the comments page. I used to be 'friends' (I use this term lightly!) with a girl who would constantly belittle me because of the size of my breasts. We worked in a variety store together at the weekends and a lot of the time when we were working on the lingerie section she would point to kiddies training bras and mock me for being the same size. She used to always try to incorporate my breast size into any conversation we had, it would often be silly little remarks such as: "Oh, I better not jump around because my boobs will bounce all over the place, but you don't have to worry about that, do you!" then she would laugh. It sounds daft looking back, but I always knew that her comments were malicious and it really hurt and damaged my self-esteem. She made me feel abnormal, and because of her I hated the way I felt about myself and cursed my small breasts.

She herself was about a C/D cup for a long time. She then lost a lot of weight and her breasts shrunk to a 32B. Suddenly, after this, the nasty comments from her about my size became less frequent. She started telling people how much happier she was about her new, smaller breasts and how much more comfortable it was. It was upon hearing this that I knew, to my greatest shock, that she had actually all that time resented me for having small breasts and was perhaps even jealous. I have never understood how anyone can be jealous of smaller breasts, but I believe that her change of heart proved that, bizarrely, she was. In fact, she had been jealous of me for years. She had also made nasty remarks about my academic capability for years... I even went to visit her one day and found a drawing she had done of my face with arrows pointing to it calling me nasty names!

Last Christmas I finally got fed up with her silly attitude and jealousy and I haven't spoken to her since. Now that this toxic person is out of my life I feel a lot happier and my self-esteem is much much higher. I think my story proves that women can be unhappy with their breast size whether they're small or large. What I think is strange about my experience is that men seem to actually really like my breasts and I have never had any nasty remarks from them. From what I've seen it's usually women who become fixated upon what they see as perfection in the media, and because of this they become irrationally obsessed with obtaining the perfect size and shape. I don't think that any woman should feel that her breasts are abnormal or that they deserve to be belittled, because we are all different and our differences should be celebrated.

Anyway, thanks for a great site, I think it's very inspirational!


Hi. I'm 18 years old and started my period in 8th grade (now in 12th). I have remained the same size of breasts ever since I can remember. I'm a 36 A and that's not what I want to be. I'm built athletically, I'm playing a sport in college for next year, and I'm not sexually active. I'm not sure why I am so flat but I really want it changed. My sister is a D-DD and mom is a C. What happened!?? Will it change?

It's not necessarily anything that "happened", because this can be a perfectly normal course of events. If you play sports, you are probably skinny, and it's normal to have somewhat smaller breasts when you are skinny, because most of the breasts is just fat. (However, even if you weren't skinny, your breasts could be small — which is normal.)

It seems hard for me to sometimes to get women and girls to realize this point that SMALL breasts in themselves ARE normal! Many seem to think they are not. Just having small breasts does not mean underdeveloped breasts... they DO have the milk-making apparatus in them, just less fat than other girls' breasts.

Please read also Small Breasts — Women's Worries article on our site.

My breasts were really small until this past year. I am 14 and I have 32c's. Last year I was not even A, but you young girls need to know that just because you're small now doesn't mean you are always going to be that way. You have support from me and just so you know you are beautiful without big breasts!


I am an 18-year old female with asymmetrical breasts. I don't mind that my breasts are small, and I don't mind that they are uneven. However, I have become very insecure with my body because my breasts do not look like fully developed breasts. My areola is very large and it protrudes away from my chest. It basically looks like I have small mounds. There is little or no breast development around my areola. I don't know if this makes sense. But I don't know how else to describe my breasts. Do you think I am a late bloomer? My breasts look like they just stopped developing before it ever got the chance to finish. They have looked like this for about 5 years and I also got my period when I was 12. Do you think my breasts will continue to develop or am I stuck with my little uneven nubs?

It sounds like all is well and normal. Your breasts probably developed just fine and finished developing back years ago. This 'mound' look is common and normal, nothing to worry about. I'm guessing your nipples are flat. Please take a look at the pictures on our nipple gallery page and see the VARIETY. The media images make us think that nipples are supposed to look a certain way, whereas in reality there is a LOT of variation in the nipple shape and look.

I'm an 18-year-old with small, sagging breasts and large areolas, and I always thought that there was something wrong with my breasts sagging so early in my life. I never seemed to match what the media told me was "normal" for girls my age and even women older than me. We girls get few chances to see what other girls' breasts look like (in normal settings), so we have to see what is normal for women with what is available — super-models and actresses, which can foster the belief that that there is something wrong with girls like me. So, thank you again for having your site, with pictures, so that I now know that there is nothing wrong with my breasts. This had greatly boosted my self-confidence, so, thanks again!

I was feeling really low about my breasts and my body image, I had lost a lot of weight and I was more miserable then ever because of my breasts. I had always had this vision growing up and having a perfect little body like my mother enjoyed in her youth or having perky breast like my friends, but when I looked at my own, I thought something had gone terribly wrong. Since the only breast I'd ever seen were those of my young friends, I had no idea, until I saw your web-site that I am perfectly normal. I have a much more positive body image now, and even though my breasts may be bigger and sagging for someone of a young age, they are mine, given to me to feed and nurture my children and I won't trade them.

Hey, I'm 14 and my breasts are different sizes. I would understand if they were not obvious but they are. One is like a 34B and the other a 32C. I am really worried. Will they grow to be the same? Shall I change my diet to help the other one grow? Please help me!

It is not that rare for women to have asymmetrical breasts where the difference is very noticeable (1 or 2 cup sizes). It is impossible to know if the smaller one will grow; only time will tell. Your breasts may end up being about the same they are now, or the difference may even out somewhat, but not completely.

Diet will not help, because there really isn't any food that would make breasts to grow (and even if there was, such a food would affect BOTH breasts). A silicone insert in the bra cup can help mak the breasts look even, in case it is necessary to make clothing fit.

However, for your own sake it is best if you can accept your body as it is. It's your life, your body. You will feel better if you can feel okay about the loopsidedness even if you don't totally like it. Most of us have something about our body we don't like. So, try to live your life, and be happy and thankful about other things.

Thank you for such a wonderful site! The pictures are good to see, but for me it was wonderful to read the comments, to know that there are so many other women like me with a deep, painful insecurity about their breasts but who are still strong enough not to go through surgery. I have always been a 34AA (training bra size) and am now 20 years old. I spent my entire teenage years waiting for my breasts to grow, wishing and crying and thinking I was ugly or unwomanly. To all you young girls out there who have gone through this or are going through it now, you are beautiful in so many ways, and no guy who wants a girl for her boobs, or who complains about your chest size, is EVER worth it. I am now going out with a wonderful, attractive man, and my small chest does not bother him. And once guys and girls get past their hormone driven immaturity, there are few people who judge you on the size of your chest, and those who do are still not worth your time.


I had my son at 18 and even though all the young moms I knew formula-fed, I was determined to never have a bottle touch my son's lips.

When my son was born he was small and didn't take to the breast that easily, everyone for the exception of my husband wanted me to give up and formula-feed. But it was my strong will that made it happen and now my son is 2 years old and loves his boo-boos as he so calls them.

I never once had complications with my breast and I must admit now that he is weaning away from them I begin to miss that comfortable feeling of having him on them.

It is amazing on the strong bond you feel when nourishing your child, I wouldn't trade it for the world and I know for a fact any other children I have will always be breastfed.


Is it alright to wear a bra to bed? I don't want to make my breasts smaller because they're already small, but what exercises should I avoid so my boobs don't get smaller? Oh yeah, does sleeping on your stomach or with a bra make your boobs bigger?

My friend stuffs her bra, and I was wondering does that slow down or stop her breast from growing? Really important!

Is it true if a girl doesn't wear a bra then the breasts grow better or bigger? Or when wearing bra while sleeping will increase their size??? Is all that true? P help me! Do you think I am normal? Am I attractive this way?? And what kind of food will maybe increase their size or be good to breast??? There must be some food, please name some.

All of these are just myths. Exercising or not should not make any difference in the development per se; however exercising so much that you become skinny does affect your breast size, simply because skinny people have less fat in their breasts.

Sleeping on your stomach does not affect your breasts as long as your breasts don't hurt from it.

Bra wearing or not wearing one does not affect breast development at all, nor stuffing your bra. However, it is recommended not to wear a bra to bed, because your breasts need lots of free time from bras in order to stay healthy.

I was wondering if it is normal that I have basically no breasts (size AA34). I am 13 years old and have not started my period yet. I was wondering how long it would take for them to grow and how much time I have left! My mom is kinda overweight and I only weigh 70 pounds. I don't think that I will look a thing like my mom. I am really skinny and short (4'6"). I get really embarrassed about my breasts and wearing a swimming suit because everyone makes fun of me. I really like this site!! Thank you!


Hi Kaitlyn,
You don't mention if you have any signs of puberty yet (pubic hair or breast buds). It sounds like you haven't yet started the puberty growth spurt, either. So, maybe you are just in the beginning stages of puberty. In that case, your breasts are just getting started to develop. (Now, if you DO not have ANY signs of puberty by 14 years of age, it is recommended to see a doctor.)

Okay, I am about 5'1 and I only weigh about 84 pounds and I am wondering if I got to about a 100 pounds would I have bigger boobs because I think it's because that I am so skinny that I have not developed. I am 13 by the way. Is my weight causing me to have small boobs? Because even when my friend was 70 something pounds, she had big boobs. Oh yeah, sometimes my breast itches and my mom says it's because the skin is streching. Is that true? Thank you so much this will tell me what I should do,


According to your height and weight, your BMI is 15.9, which means you are underweight. Being underweight usually keeps one's breasts smaller than if you were normal weight, because breasts are mostly fat. Itching IS a sign of skin streching, so your breasts ARE indeed growing!

I know I'm only fourteen years old, but are my breasts going to get any bigger? I wear a 34A but I also haven't started my period yet and I stopped growing in height as much as I used to. Is this normal? Have my breasts stopped growing for good?

If you haven't started your period yet, then your breasts will still develop for several years from now.

Lately I have been worrying a lot about the rate of development of my breasts, I have very large swollen areola areas that have been this size for about a year. I am getting worried that no fat will start to build up around this area and my breasts will stay this shape, the picture of the tubular hypoplastic breats look a lot like mine. I am 15 years old and I have had my period for 2-3 years, as well as pubic hair, only my breasts haven't developed at all. It's stupid that I'm feeling quite depressed about this, I know, but seeing girls much younger than me with fully developed breasts makes me feel like a child, and I hate not being able to fill out any bra properly or not being able to wear certain clothing. I am too embarassed to ask my mum when she started developing, and I am not close enough to any other female family members to ask them. Please can you reassure me that my breasts will start to fill out soon, otherwise I will seriously consider plastic surgery.

Hello! The "tubular" shape breasts may indicate truly hypoplastic breasts, which means breasts that don't have enough milk glands. However, shape alone cannot be used to diagnose such. It's in fact more probable that your breasts are normal! Not only the size, but also the SHAPE of breasts varies a lot among women. :)

Hi I'm 15, 5 foot 4 and a 30C. Is this a weird size because nobody else seems to be a 30C?? My mum is 38FF. Does this mean I will grow that big? I am a size 8 and I got my period when I was 13, is a 30C smaller than say a 38 C?? I dont really understand. Thanks, Emma

Hello Emma,
It's not a weird size at all. Also, C cup in band size 30 is NOT the same as C cup in band size 38. 30C is a smaller cup than 38C. (The cup sizes are not the equal across the band sizes.) I don't know if you will get as big as your mom. Remember that she has been through pregnancy, which changes breasts a lot.

I'm 16 and just found your site. It's great, and has helped me out. I feel so liberated to get this off my chest, and that there is a place for me to do so. However, I feel like I want the reverse of everybody else. Thank you for providing this! Anyways, my friend is always saying she wishes she had bigger breasts, and says she's jealous of me. I'm a 34b. They look fine, don't sag, I'd say mine are pretty average but personally, I hate the size of my breasts. For a long time, I was really flat chested, but my breasts have gradually grown (to my dismay!). I've always been a tomboy, that's part of it, I play sports, and run. I'm about 5'8, and 140 pounds (I wish I weighed less.

I have another friend who has small breasts, 32a, and I'm so jealous of her. When we went swimming, she commented that small breasts are great for sports, and I whole-heartedly agreed (that was when I noticed my breasts weren't as small as I thought). Another friend once greeted me by saying "Hey, you've got breasts now!" I was horrified when I found out I was a B. I always wanted to be A.

Sometimes I'll wear two sports bras at a time, to try to make my chest look flat, like it used to. I even ductaped my chest a few times. Still, the other day, as I was running around the lake near my house, some guy yelled out his car window as he drove past "big fat floppy tits!" and it made me so embarrassed and ashamed. Angry as well. I stopped running for a few minutes and didn't start again until I was sure they were gone. I was wearing a sports bra and a loose fitting soccer jersey, too! Also, my right breast is slightly larger than the other. I had my first period about two years ago, is there still time for that to even out? I don't want my breasts to grow any larger. Is there any way to prevent that (I suppose not). Is size B large or small? I'm worried that they'll get bigger, and then sag.

I don't want big breasts like the media shows. I'm an athlete, and the only thing I'll ever need breasts for is breast-feeding, and I don't intend to have children, not for a long time. You don't need breasts to play soccer, is what I always say. I always thought I'd have small breasts and was happy, even looking forward to that. But my mom has fairly large breasts (she's somewhat overweight, however). Is that what's in my future?

Since breast development is usually over about 2 years after the period comes, your breasts are probably about the size they are going to be and should not get any bigger. They might still grow just slightly and the unevenness may even out some. But most women have slightly different size breasts so it may not change at all.

Size B is not large, nor small. Kind of average. So there is no need to worry about any of this. You should be able to do sports just fine.

Your mom has gone thru pregnancy (or several) and is overweight, and both of those factors can change breast size considerably. So, you cannot directly compare to your mom as she is now.

I'm 21, and for the most part, I've been about a 34-36A since puberty (I got my period around 13). But suddenly it seems in the past couple months, my breasts seem to have grown more. They're tender/sore, and don't seem to be as fatty. I feel hard bits under them, which is probably the ducts, but there seem to be more of them, like they're larger. I'm definitely not pregnant (in fact, I'm a virgin and proud of it), but I don't understand why they would've fairly suddenly grown. They do get swollen and tender near my period, but it generally decreases afterwards.

Now, I seem to be the runt of the family, being 125 and a 36A (My mom and sister and I are all about the same height, but they're about 30-50 lbs heavier than me and I think D and G or H cup respectively). I haven't gained significant weight, so I'm just confused as to why my breasts seem to have suddenly developed a bit more, after all these years of being one size that I was perfectly happy with!

Thanks for your help.

Your breasts ARE indeed growing some more. This kind of thing does happen to some women in their early 20s, so you're just one of those. You're not the only one!

And don't be surprised if you gain a few pounds, too.

Hi, I'm 16 years old and I'm really really self-conscious about my breast size. I'm a 32D in one and a C in the other and I desperately want smaller boobs. I'm only a size 8 and I feel so top heavy. This problem really gets me down and I get very depressed. I know this might sound insane for some people but I would do anything for smaller breasts. Is there anything I can do? I know you'll tell me to wait till I'm older but this is a really serious problem for me. Please help.


Hi Jemma,
I'm sorry you feel depressed about this. The only ways to reduce breast size are a) losing weight; and b) breast reduction surgery. Then there are minimizer bras for special occasions, and with your dress style you can divert the attention away from breasts. Please see more information on our page for large-breasted ladies.

However, I'm not sure if your breasts are that drastically large. It sounds that your breasts are at least not giving your any physical trouble, like backaches or being on the way too much (you didn't say anyway). There are soooo many girls wanting bigger breasts; just think how they feel and how silly it is that most girls are unhappy with their breasts! So I hope you can work towards accepting your breasts as they are.

Hi; I recently turned 15 years old and though I know you hear it a lot, am deeply unhappy with my breasts. I'm overweight and have D-cup breasts that are quite saggy with uneven areola (one is about twice the size of the other) and stretch marks. I get very distressed about them.... they are very uncomfortable and look ugly, and unlike anyone's I know under the age of about 40. I'm terrified of ever having a sexual relationship because I'd be too ashamed to show them to anyone. I can't even wear sexy tops like my friends because my breasts sag too much to get a proper cleavage. Please help me!


Hi F,
Typically men are much less interested in the size of a woman's breasts than women are, and they are happy if you just have breasts. Besides, there are other factors that are MUCH more important in a relationship, as I'm sure you'll find out if/when Mr. Right comes along.

About "cleavage". This concept is sort of artificial in the fact that it is just one more addition to things a woman "should" supposedly have or attain in order to be pretty. A good portion of breasts don't have any cleavage, unless pushed together by bras. Cleavage is NOT something that women's breasts naturally always have! Besides, what is the reason that magazines and media push for this "cleavage"? It is to make men interested in "peeking" to see a woman's breasts! There is no real purpose otherwise; just sexual attraction. So just push that "cleavage" stuff out of your mind!

I'm a 19-year old female with a 36 A breast and a 36 B. I hit my period just 3 months before I turned 15, and my mother and father's mother were both late-bloomers. I'm also 6'1" with an hourglass figure (minus the spare tire) and I have flaming red hair. I've always been self concious about the fact that my rib cage is larger than my breasts, I have suffered an abusive and neglectful childhood, was homeless at 16, and found myself depressed and bulimic. I have since recovered, but my breasts were a huge sore spot for me. I found your website and it helped me so much with accepting my body.

Unfortunately I have now hit that period that my friends hit when they were much younger than me. For six months my hormones have been raging, strange mood swings, boy-crazy, change in body temperature, weight-fluctuation, and recently my breasts have been extremely sore. And I guess I just wanted to know if this is not only normal, but possible for my age. I don't have any women to talk to about these problems, and would appreciate any feedback. Is it possible that my breasts have just truly begun to grow at age 19? Or is the pain in my breasts something I should see my doctor about. I have no lumps, just constant soreness for the past month and the feeling that the skin around my nipples is stretching.

The soreness and the skin stretching are DEFINITELY signs of breast growth. And, there are other girls whose breasts take "growth spurts" at around your age so it's not unheard of.

I suspect that the emotional events in your puberty and the bulimia, when you were 15-16, somehow stalled your development, and now as things are more stable, it is continuing. Bulimia and anorexia definitely can stop pubertal development. Maybe that happened to you. I cannot stay that for sure though.

Try to take good care of your body (your mind too!) by eating a healthy diet and even taking supplements. Growing body needs good nutrition, and this might be even more important since your body has suffered from malnutrition in the past.

I am 17, 5'4" and around 105-109 pounds. I got my period when I was 11, and my breasts started to develop when I was around 9. When I was 9, I went through a "fat stage" for a few years, and by the time I was 12-13 I became thin again, and my eating wasn't too good, I would eat here and there and binge and fast a lot. I have small breasts. And one is smaller than the other. Could my eating habits have anything to do with my breast development? My mother always had B to C cup breasts, although she has D's now because she gained a little weight. My aunt has small B's, but her daughters have D and DD breasts, then my other Aunt has somewhere between B and C breasts and her daughter is a little smaller bodied and chested than I am. I am thinking of having plastic surgery when I turn 18, but I really wanted to be NATURAL, but I am so unhappy with the way they look, if they were more the same size, one is a full A (although in certain bras I'm a B) and the other is a bit smaller. Have I stopped growing? And is there anything I can do?

You breast development is probably over for the most part. I'm not sure if the eating habits have affected the development of the milk ducts and glands inside breasts (probably not), but since a big part of breasts is fat, then of course breast size also depends on how slim/fat you are.

Your breasts may still even out a little, and they may get a fuller/rounder look since many girls get exactly that in their early twenties, along with some 'feminine' curves. In other words girls often naturally gain a little weight at that point. You can continue eating very healthy to see if that would let you gain a little bit more weight.

Hi, my name is Toni. I am 13 years old, and I am very concerned about my breasts. I saw a picture of the tubular breast deformity, and mine look exactly like that. I started searching around the Internet when I recently just watched a plastic surgery where a lady had the deformity. And I was wondering is it possible to have a girl as young as the age of 13 to have Tubular breast deformity? I am just very concerned.


The "tubular breast deformity" in reality has to do with underdeveloped (also called hypoplastic) breasts. In other words, it has to do with breasts that don't develop enough glandular tissue (the milk-making tissue). That is why women with underdeveloped breasts cannot produce enough milk for their babies.

Just having small breasts or tubular-shaped breasts does NOT mean they are underdeveloped. You can only know for sure that your breasts are underdeveloped IF they don't grow during pregnancy, and don't produce enough milk for the baby. The SHAPE alone is not enough to determine that!

At your age, your breasts are probably still developing, and it's impossible to tell at this point if you will be one of those women suffering from it. Please see Does breast size affect breastfeeding ability? — for more information.

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