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I'm 14, female, 5'6" and 128lbs, with a bra size of 30D. I'm not very close to my parents so I've never really been able to talk to them about this kind of stuff, so I was only ever able to compare myself to porn stars, celebrities, models and 'pretty' girls at school. I had a TERRIBLE body image, and was not satisfied with any part of my body.

There was nothing ever wrong with it (yes, my areolas are a bit large and my breasts could be perkier) but eventually all I could see was my flaws. Every time I looked in the mirror I was disgusted by what I saw. I felt like my only redeeming feature was my potential attractiveness that had somehow been wasted. I cried myself to sleep many nights, which eventually caused my grades (I'm usually top of the class, if I study) to drop, as well as my overall mood. I don't think I was ever depressed, but I know that I spent a lot more time being sad, angry and disgusted than anything else.

I found this site when searching for breast lift surgery and can confidently say that seeing that there are women out there who are willing to expose the part of them they are most self-conscious about has improved my overall body image. I started eating and sleeping regularly again (I'd put myself on a diet because I thought I was too flabby...) as knowing that there are decent people put there who don't mind what size or shape you are has honestly helped a lot.

I know that I am in no position to talk about this, being only 14 years old, but to everyone considering any kind of breast surgery, please think twice: are you doing this for yourself, or for others? If you are in a relationship with a person who cares so much about your appearance maybe you should reevaluate your relationship.

To guys who made all these lovely comments, thank you!!! For a while I thought that all guys wanted were big, perky boobs (and my male friends had done nothing to disprove that...) but now I see that you aren't that shallow (oh my, that sounds so sexist).


This is the first time I've been on your website and I was looking at your gallery of normal breasts and I started crying from seeing so many women who have breasts like mine. I've always thought about having a breast lift done (since I first developed and I'm currently 22, never been pregnant, but had several weight fluctuations) because to some extent women have always in a way been told that breasts are like super powers and the perky perfection can completely overwhelm a man, and mine have never looked like that.

The VAST majority of the women here on this have nothing to be self-conscious about. You are all absolutely beautiful. Sure there are a few, depicted for medical conditions, but all of the common women are sexy, large and small. Really, the large nipples, the ones that look different ways, the veins, the EVERYTHING. They are all good, because they are unique. I haven't seen a single set that are bad.

Thank you all for sharing your bodies, for your courage, and your beauty.


I love this website. I am 60 years old and have always felt inadequate because of having small breasts. My daughter showed me this website. I have wondered what other women looked like and it has been enormously helpful to see such a variety of normal breasts. I felt better about my own figure after seeing just a few pages of your pictures. Isn't it sad, though, that almost every narrative under each picture, indicates that the woman thinks she's too big or too small or that something else is wrong with her. It's great to see the variety and that there is nothing wrong with any one of us.

I was very happy, when my children were babies, that although my breasts were tiny, they provided my babies with plenty of milk. They did their job well and that made me feel better about myself.
Thanks for having this site.


I never knew a site like this existed. I'm 5'11" and weigh about 155 lbs. I have the potential to be an hourglass figure-- wide hips, smaller waist, broad shoulders, curvy silhouette. The only thing was, by measurements, my breasts didn't classify me as an hourglass. For a while recently, every time I looked in the mirror, I would get a little downcast, viewing my body as disproprtionate. This site helped enlighten me. I saw my 32 C cup as average, and now I have no problems with that. I've become so proud of my body,and I don't even care what others say anymore. I can take it all in good spirits. I've always been appalled at the idea of going in to get implants for such a vain reason. It's too sad that so many girls do this because they can't bring themselves to love their bodies after what society has taught. I'm only in my mid-teens, so I understand there's still time if I have anymore growing to do in that area :p I've gotten used to my size now, so I'm not really hoping for any changes. But if it happens, hey, that's life. My breasts will be for the rest of my life, and any changes that may come is a natural part of that life. I'd rather be natural than fake.

15-yr-old girl

A lot of women get criticized everyday and not by people but by themselves. Breasts are beautiful things, and the fact is, ladies, they are not for us or for our man's enjoyment but for the littles one's comfort. I remember when I was a teenager and girls would make fun of me for being flat chested so my aunt and I went bra shopping. It was fun and the next day I got to school I still got laughed at. Fact is that if you're getting picked on by anyone for your tiny breast it's usually because they don't have any either and want to get the attention off of them. And if you hate your breasts because they will never get a man's attention, don't worry becuz that guy that likes you for your inside personality and not your outside will soon come along!:)


This website has been like a big bucket of perspective thrown in my face! I am especially delighted seeing girls around my age (I'm 24) with breasts so varied since, you know, if you are young you are expected to have perfect breasts that are round and perky and big, all at the same time which is pretty difficult to have without surgery.
I just wish I had found this place when I was younger, I wouldn't have spent so much time agonizing over my big mismatched nipples or the slight sagging. Thanks!


Great info. It helps me a lot since I have giant breasts. I was also very self-concious with mine. I am glad I am not the only one out there. Thanks


To all the women. Everyone of you have beautiful breasts, no matter what SIZE you are. I dated a woman with size A breast for 2 years. Then got married to a woman with size D breast for over 22 years. Now that I am single again I am seeing a woman with size B. I have found that if a woman is happy with them that is all that matters. Love what you have and then who you are with will love them to no matter what size you are. Just this man's view.


I stumbled upon this site by accident. Love this site. I am a 50 year old woman that had huge breasts almost as soon as I developed breasts in grade 7. There are are so many yong girls and young women nowadays that are led to believe that the "perfect" breast is the ones you see in Playboy (airbrushed and photoshoped by the way) or all the false media about what the "ideal woman" should look like.

Whatever happened to being comfortable with each and every girl or woman's individuality? I know as teenagers we all struggle with body image. I have had my fair share of them. One day I woke up and realized that I was unique, different and special. I have run with that ever since. I love my body in its entirety. My breasts along with the rest of my body are for me to choose when, where and who with I will be a sexual being with. Why? Because it is mine and mine alone to decide. Not the media, not some shallow narrow view of a person that has an overstated opinion of what signifies "perfection" or "beauty". Nor is another person's right to classify my breasts as sexual objects. I have breast fed two gorgeous boys when they were babies. It is amazing how narrow-minded North American society is. When girls, teenagers and women start to take back their personal power is the day women's breasts stop being sexualized. Self love is one of the most amazing gifts any human being can be taught.

Men are equally fragile about themselves and their bodies. They have it worse because men are taught to deny their emotions. Women are at least taught to nurture and to express their feelings. We all deserve love, support and nurturing regardless of our gender, shape, size or skin colour.

Sharon A.

I'm eighteen and I've always been uncomfortable taking my shirt off because my breasts are very top heavy and I have slightly large areola with a small nearly invisible nipple and I don't have a lot of sensitivity in them, so I decided to look up, and I actually feel alot better knowing that I'm not the only person with a DD chest who feels "inadequate" opposed to the small chested girls who only complain because they don't get as much attention as I do in the chest department. I always assure them that big boobs aren't that great. Especially when your eighteen and your nipples want to point to your vagina. lol thank you so much.

Dallasy b

Hey, my name's Jess and I'm 16.
I am currently in college and is very self-conscious about my boobs. My bra size is 32A but my boobs are still too small to fit the bra so I have to use gels to fill them.
It makes me feel realy low because all my friends have boobs but I don't. A lot of them are skinny like me but still have bigger boobs.
Many times I have cried to my mum begging her to do something about it but she doesn't know what, she just tells me that they are going to grow but shes been telling me this for years and they haven't. I started my period 2 weeks after I turned 13 and I am always on time and they seem to be normal.
I am very slim.. size 6-8 in jeans, I eat a lot but find it difficult to put on weight. people mock me about my weight and breast size in college which makes things a whole lot worse.
I have an older sister who is turning 19 and she isn't big but she's a lot bigger than me and also was when she was my age. All my family are big boobed so I don't understand why I'm not?
Ii dont want to be like a size D or anything, I just want to be bigger than I am.
This stops me from going swimming and when I'm on holiday I always have to wear t-shirts. I don't wear vests, all my tops are cover ups. I really want to try some of the creams or pills that are on the internet but I can't afford them and my mum doesnt think they will work but I need to do something because it really gets me down and makes me depressed.
Please could you help me?
thanks x


Hello Jess,

I think a big part of your "problem" is how other people have treated you and the things they have said, plus of course what you've seen in the media. It's not your boobs that are the problem, nor your body. Your body is fine! You have your period, you are at a healthy weight for you, everything sounds great!

When people have said these nasty things, or perhaps still do, that is what is creating the depression and takes you down. Nobody should be creating body shame to others! There's no reason to be ashamed since you are normal. Small breasts are normal too -- nothing wrong with them. Many men PREFER them over large ones.

Yours may not grow any more... then again, they might, because many girls get more curves and fill out their breasts a little in their early 20s. Be that as it may though, we don't know until you get there. Also, your mom is right in that those pills and creams don't work.

The best thing you can do is try to ignore what people say to you -- they're not in the right and not even telling the truth. Everybody has been influenced by the media images of what is "supposedly" attractive, but those are lies. Like I said, many men do like small breasts, and not just like but PREFER them. Check our page on small breasts and the comments down the page.

People need to face the fact that we're not all beautiful. Just because other people look like you doesn't mean you're attractive. Deal with it. There are so many more meaningful things in life, and so many other ways to be happy.

That said, females do have a bit of a warped view of what's attractive to males. First off a decent guy isn't looking for a supermodel. A few flaws make you look more human and relatable. Personality IS a big factor in attraction, and even visual attraction has much more to it than breasts.

Now, a little blunt truth on breasts. IN MY OPINION (and guys do vary. I know I'm a bit picky):
1. Small breasts are fine. Generally big is better, but on the right body type small can be REALLY hot.
2. I think I saw a girl on here wishing her C cups were bigger? Poor thing is seriously suffering from Hollywood brainwashing cause C's are FINE. Some guys consider C the ideal.
6. nipples: little ones are fine, big ones are hot. VERY big ones are weird.
7. lack of symmetry: not a big deal. Might bother teens but older guys learn to like it I think. I know that if you're in love you tend to savor every little thing that makes her unique, and that would certainly be a very fun thing in that regard.


I stumbled across your site while doing some research. My wife has a mass in her left breast, fortunately so far it seems to be benign. My first impression of your site was "What a Bunch of Silly Girls". Don't you know that all breasts,
from the smallest nubs to the triple d's are exactly perfect? The only wrong answer considering breasts is to add plastic. Which is about as becoming as a chunk of play-doh stuck on the wall. One of my early girlfriends had breasts that were maybe 3 inches at the base and stuck out probably 4 inches. I didn't know that they were called tubular at the time, but I did know that they were totally awesome.
My wife had a AA cup or maybe a AAA cup when I met her. She had small breasts and inverted nipples, a giant personality and a heart as big as the world. I would have fell in love with her and done whatever it took to marry her if her breasts were the size of a baby dolls. She has provided sustenance and nourishment vary admirably to our four children. When she was 36 years old, She had a complete physical and the Doctor told her she had the breasts of a young girl. I took it as a fantastic complement.
While the so called, stereotypical breasts do catch the eye, they are such a minor part of you that the size, shape, so called imperfections of your breasts soon fade to insignificance in view of the total image of "who you are".
If you are uncomfortable with your breasts, go ahead and use the tape, pads, bra inserts, whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. Rest assured though, that when your bra comes off, your man will be content and happy with who you are, if he matters, if he didn't matter, then you were wasting your time anyway.
If you must fixate on something, try personality. When in high school one of the most popular girls had a horrible case of acne. But she was so pleasant and delightful to be around, her datebook was filled for at least 3 weeks.
You know, I have never met a breast I didn't like, but I have met many personalities I couldn't tolerate.



I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition over 3 years ago and have gained 20 pounds since then, and then lost some, and gained it back and so on...

I needed a new bra really bad and had to go bra shopping. Thanks to an online site I got my correct measurements and was able to find a very good one that fits me really well... after trying on 20 bras! But after all that I realized my breasts were too far apart from each other and sagging, it made me feel very self concious and sad.

Your website came up when I searched the web to find out if that was normal, thanks to you now I know it is! It made me cry to see pictures of other women with breasts just like mine.

I don't live in the US and my idea of breasts is not so idealized, but even so I couldn't help but feel ugly because of the look of my breasts... not anymore.

Thank you!!! :')


Never let your self esteem be demolished by mirror of man, because God created u 4 someone. You are always you anywhere u see yourself, in a beauty peageant or around world having a sagged, small, large, and normal breast doesn't determine where you'll reach in life. Be yourself and do not forget to keep on smiling, peace

Akinwale Samuel

I don't even know how I stumbled upon this website, but I'm so glad I am. I have always been incredibly self conscious of my breasts - they're on the smallish side, not very perky, and I feel like they just hang limp instead of looking nice like the breasts I see on tv. This site has shown me that I'm not alone and I have nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you so much.


No matter how small, or how little or big or least they're real and not made out of chemicals, rubber and plastic. The route that so many women unfortunately choose.


I am so happy to have found your page! I am one of the children who grew up not having had the comfort of the breast. I was even angry about going through puberty and getting breasts myself! Although in my 47 years of learning and growing I have come to see my body differently, I still had lingering thoughts of being abnormal because I didn't see anyone with breasts like mine. I decided to look through your photo gallery, and did see other women not unlike myself. I am thankful to all of the women who were willing to share their breasts with me. I feel more a part of "womanhood" now, and not quite as alone as I felt before. Thank you again, and blessings to all my sisters!


Men are attracted to the whole woman, not just parts. Woman's intelligence play a huge role in making them attractive. In my case, I was never attracted to what magazines or what the media says it's perfect. I was also raised in a nudist like environment, so I never really paid attention nor judged people by their appearance. Now I'm married to an amazing woman who gave me the chance to be a dad. It was her smarts and self confidence that got my attention! I am glad that websites like these are available to show the truth about female breast. For all those women out there, feel proud of being a woman. You carry humans inside and your body is our home for 10 months of our life. Your body feeds us and keeps us warm when we needed to. We do have a sick society driven by marketing and money making entities, but we can change this by passing along information such as this website. About the way your breast looks, that is the magic of being human, we are all different just like the rest of nature. We grow in our bodies with things that we don't like about our appearance and that includes men. So feel proud, everyday! Before you tell yourself that something is wrong (or don't like) with your breasts or any other part, remember that you are just perfect the way you are and feel proud of such uniqueness! Imagine a world where everything was the same, look the same, it would be a very boring world. So see yourself, breasts, hair, lips, everything you are, as a unique piece of art that can't be made! Thanks for this website, I will pass the link on to everyone!!!

Lou Suarez

It is sad this information was not around when I was young. I had severe depression and my breasts were a big part. I now know I had hypoplastic breast. I got implants at 22. (To make me feel like a woman and not a little girl). I am now a 34 B. Then at 25 I had a baby & put myself through hell trying to breast feed. I only produced 1 oz all together. Well the lact. nurses all kept insisting, "The more u do it, more milk." And my baby was not thriving.


Wow, I can't believe there is so much insecurity. At the same time though it's nice to see most everyone is comfortable with themselves now. I really think women get caught up on size and perfection like men do with their... well you know. I really don't understand it and I never would have guessed it. In the end most of my friends and I, and most mature men, aren't really that concerned with size and perfection. I know that sounds like a line but, at least speaking for my buddies and I, it's the truth. You're all beautiful.

Just a guy

I am a 14 year old girl with 36D sized boobs. When I found this website and saw that there are other girls out there close to my age with the same size of breasts I thought to myself. I am no longer ashamed of my breast size. They are far less embarrassing now. Thank you so much!


At the risk of sounding perverted I think they are all beautiful. It took a divorce to make me understand that.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love that you have this website. I am 20 years old and I have been very worried about my breasts, I always thought my nipples were too big and one goes in, but this website has really opened my eyes, I feel a lot better not feeling like the only one out there with big nipples! Thanks so much. -Lizz

I am a 20 year old woman who's a 34 C. I have always been insecure about my breasts because my nipple size wasnt the size of a mosquito bite... not to say they are extremely large either, they are about in the middle, maybe a little less... Anyways I digress here, my real point is that I see all these women on TV with beautifully enhanced (aka lifted or fake breasts) and I think, "Oh, Lord, the guy I'm with will think my breasts are ugly because they don't look like those "beautiful" breasts," when in reality I have beautiful NORMAL HEALTHY and NATURAL breasts, and this site helped me see that. THANK YOU. Every single one of you ladies are gorgeous and don't let anyone else tell you different.

Rebecca Jane

Hi, I'm 13 years old and my cup size is 32D. I was really shy to talk to anyone but my mother about this. She said that it was normal and I should stop worrying so much about my body because every girl goes through this. I talked to my best friend about this and she told me that she was self-concuss about her breasts as well and told me about this site. I'm really glad that this site was created and I can talk to professionals and other girls my age about this. Thanks.

I'm 19 years old and my breasts starting sagging when I was about 16, after I had a breakdown when I was fifteen, after medication trials and the side effects. And have been thinking about getting an uplift, I would never have them fake, I prefer to be natural. But I suppose you've just got to like yourself for you. And if a man doesn't like your appearance then he's, obviously, not worth your time. A decent man would love you for what's inside not what's on the outside.


I am sooo glad I came across this site, because I'm 14 and I'm so self-conscious about my breasts. I wear a 38D and my breasts are a little saggy. Also my areola is huge and it's darker than my skin color and it's not to my liking. After reading this site it made me feel soooo much better and I learned to love what I have.


This website has made me feel better about my breasts than any surgeon. I didn't now nipples were so diverse in appearance!


It seems the majority of women have some insecurity about their breasts. I love all natural breasts the way they are. Big nipple, small nipple, one larger than other, long and slender, etc. I don't know about other men but perfect boobs are the ones that are unique and have an owner who is also.


This site has made me realize that my boobs ARE perfectly normal. I'm definately on my way to accepting them and accepting myself! After looking at most of the pictures, I've come to realize that I prefer smaller breasts over bigger ones and I am proud to have 36A breasts. Everyone is different and the media has warped my mind so much that I would get upset over not having big, round breasts like you seen in the media, but those breasts aren't ever real. They're fake, photoshopped and implanted haha. I am usually so self-conscious about my small breasts but your site has given me a big boost of confidence! Thank you so much!

- Sarah (loves her 36A's!)

I have ALWAYS had one breast a whole size larger than the other. When I was a teen, my Dr. told me it was just a weak muscle, that it might develope, and if I wanted when I was older, I could always opt for surgery.
Since then, I have been married (and divorced) twice, given birth and breast-fed two children. I love my breasts, and am happy with... well, at least one of them.
I wear a 38D, but the right breast is a c. No men have ever told me they cared. They served their purpose, and I even joked that my children had the choice of "whole milk, or half&half" ! Hahaha
Anyway, the only people who have really made me feel like a "freak" were nurses, or Doctors! Of all people, one was a Nurse practitioner for my OB/GYN when I was pregnant with my second child. She examined me and said, "Have your breasts always been like this?" I said yes. She said, "And your husband doesn't mind?" THAT hurt! I was highly offended and humitiated! I just need to know that I AM normal! That there are others out there who aren't "perfect" like me!
I look at it this way, "God made my breasts like this for a keep me modest! If they were big, and perfect I'd be flashing them, and showing them off!"


I have never been a fan of plastic surgery or implants, there is too much evidence pointing to very real risks.
I was surprised to find that bras help promote breast cancer. I think information like this needs to get publicized better. My wife normally goes braless, I concidered it a matter of choice, and I don't mind. After reading the effects a bra has on a woman, I will now discourage her from wearing one- ever!
ON a side note to the 'perfect' appearence women try to reach by squishing their breasts with clothing and implants, I have this to say : I have NEVER seen an ugly pair of natural breasts (big or small), but there are many ugly ballon-shaped silicone sisters out there who are playing with their lives.

K. Allen Cross, fiction author

I just want to say thank you for making a wed site like this. I am so happy that other ladies have breasts just like mine. I have always been ashamed of my breasts because they are big and saggy and i'm only 16 years old with no kids. I was all caught up in what the media said my breasts were suppose to look like and felt that they would never be beauiful. This website has boosted my self confidence,I feel so much more better. I wish other girls in my situation who are ashamed about their breasts knew about this web site. Thank you!!!


I'm 29 and a 44C. I am completely fine with my breasts and for the most part have always been. I think this is because I saw my mom's breasts quite a bit growing up and she never expressed any dislike for her breasts. I only wish bras my size were more accessible. I have more issues with my weight than my breasts.

Hey, love the site, it's so great that there are people out there who understand what REAL women are like and don't go for the fake, plastic girls plastered all over fashion magazines!! It made me feel better about myself and I stopped thinking I was weird because my c-cup breasts haven't started sagging at all yet which makes them look smaller than they actually are. All hail self-esteem!!

The beauty of breasts is in the eye of the beholder. This is similar to facial and physical beauty. Beauty is undefinable.

i now my breasts are perfectly normal,this website has showed me that. but I still wish they were not so small and empty looking.i feel that they might be smaller than my stomach every time I look down .i have thought of losing weight on my stomach but I dont know if that will also make my breasts smaller as well as my stomach.i relly hope not.will it??

Here is the thing about losing or gaining weight: if you lose weight, you will lose it all over, not just in your stomach. So yes, you may lose some fat from your breasts too.
If you gain weight, you will also gain it all over, in your breasts, stomach, behind, thighs. It is basically unavoidable. It's kind of like that the breasts will look 'proportionate' in comparison to other body parts. Anorexic girls have almost no breasts, and the overweight people have more of a bust. The images shown us in the magazines, where the models are real skinny everywhere else but have huge breasts, that is just practically an impossibility to occur naturally. Losing weight does have health benefits anyway though. It's not just the breast size that determines your 'appearance'. For example if you lose weight in your belly and then try to keep a really good posture, it might help your appearance overall.

As an aritist I find it incredably boring that the media focuses on breasts that are implants. People come in differnt shapes and sizes shouldn't their breasts too?


Thank you sooo much... I'm a 19 year old female and my mother died when I was young...I always thought that I had small nipples and that I was willing to do anything to come up with the money to get breast implants to make my seemingly pointed boobs round full and more firm.... now seeing these pics I realize my breasts have developed and that is just the way they are shaped and I also took a look at your nipple page and mine are just like theirs... I am no longer worried thanks from a wandering daughter...


I really apreciate this web site. It made me feel more comfortable about my breasts. I applaude you for giving everyone the chance to see reality and not plastic. Thanks.


When I was about 12 or 13, I had an incident by where my cousin grabbed both of my breasts from behind me. She grabbed me so hard that it took my breath away. Today, I am an adult woman and I have inverted nipples. In my search to understand why this occurred, I have always wondered if this incident could of caused this. I have heard that damage to the nipple bud can cause it to be inverted. I would appreciate knowing. My email is . Thanks!

i was always ashamed of my breasts. as a teen they were quite saggy and quite large for my petite frame. my chiropractor sighted strain and damage to my lower spine due to early developement. I was anorexic for two years and really didn't notice the drastic change in my bust size and continued to wear my size c bras when I had become an a. I rode and trained horses when I was 17 and the bouncing did some damage to the connective tissue. they sagged worse than ever. I had stretch marks from the growth spurt I had in junior high and thought that I was hideous. Then I got engaged to the man of my dreams when I was 19. I was so worried that I would dissapoint my husband on our wedding night. Much to my delight, he loves them and more importantly loves me completely. While perky breasts may seem pretty, they are just another type of build, and thanks to a web site like this, others can come and see for themsleves that they are normal, saggy or not. Mine are also assymetrical and I always had large aerolas. I breast fed both of my children and while there was a lot of pain for the first few months, I was determined to stick it out. They successfully kept my children alive and I'm proud to say now that I am happy the way I am. I am 28. Keep informing the public about how wonderful and beautiful every woman really is. just the way she is.


Slight note about pain while breastfeeding: it can usually be prevented if you learn a good positioning so the baby latches on correctly. If you're currently breastfeeding and experience pain, don't hesitate to ask a lactation consultant to show you the correct technique.

My breasts developed when I as 12, and was a D cup before I was 16. I have nursed 5 babies and yes my breasts sagged and got bigger. when I was 35 I got a breast reduction to a C cup, and had them repositioned on my chest. Well they grew again, my husband didnt like the first time I had then reduced, he thought they were beautiful just sagging on my chest, now he's really happy because thats where they are for him to enjoy. Ladies leave your breast alone, let nature do its job and let your bf or husband enjoy them naturally.

onna Haynes

I wish I had had this info before having breast implants back in 1985. After 20 years of chronic illness, I had my implants removed 6 months ago. I'm still sick, but I'm so blessed and happy to be back to "normal" - 38 nearly B! I have painful scars that will take forever to heal but I'm ME again and that's so much better than being a perky silicone-filled fake!

If you are contemplating breast implants, please don't. I am 59 years old, got saline implants at 23 years of age. I am so sick and have been unable to work since 1998. There are no doctors around where I live who know anything about silicone and its health implications, never mind doctors who are informed in this area and will accept Government Medicare for explantation. I sure can't afford the bill on my Social Security Disability. A few years of vanity are not worth it. Oh, in 1969 I thought I was hot stuff, but I would give anything to feel good again, to not be so fatigued I can hardly walk from one room to another, to not ache with every fiber of my being, to not have a liver tumor, to not have asthma, to not have nerve deterioration which doctors can't explain but I can, to not have migraine headaches, to not have bright spots on my brain MRI in areas not typical to MS but probably typical of reaction to silicone breakdown, to not have a wacked out immune system with way too many T killer cells and not a balance of T helper cells . . . to not have these ample breasts which I know are killing me slowly day by day and which I can't get rid of--money talks. 35 years of gradual breakdown of the silicone shell and probably aspergillis mold in the saline solution--my intuition tells me that this is the root cause of all my health problems.


I am 18 years old. When my breast started to develope I was in 8th grade. The never really got shape and I felt deflated.... My breast look like flaps of skin. I am ashamed of them. I wear cup padded bras to cover them up. It wasn't till a few weeks ago I heard about Tubular Hypoplastic Breasts. Now I know I am not the only one who has wondered what is wrong with me. I also now know it is alot more common than I thought. Thank you for you site.


Thank you for your web site. It really made a difference between my wanting to get operated. I realized that I was fine the way it was and that the possibilty of still having more changes after my first pregrancies is worth the wait.


God made breasts years before man made implants. Keep what God gave you unadulterated while you are breast feeing your children. Children born to women who had silicone implants and breast fed are developing the same health problems as their mothers. Manufacturers have known the damage and risk of breast implants for years. They just don't tell you.


Hello and thank you so much for this website. Although, I would have struggled to pay for breast implants, I was online tonight searching for a reputable physician in my area. Now, that I have read and seen this site, I am here to tell you that I would never get them! My reason was because our boss makes me and anyone else with small boobs feel really bad by always talking about what an asset big breast are and how men are always looking at them and how you should flaunt what you have. I am almost the only one in the group with normal size ones that sag a little from breast feeding 3 beautiful children. On one hand I felt she was right but on another it showed that she had nothing else to offer but boobs. After taking this abuse for so many years I came to the conclusion that well, maybe I should try to enlarge. After all she did get promoted to Director, but when I read this I realize now that its not my breat size that offends her, its my intelligence and inward/outward beauty that offends so much!


Thank you for your site. BTW, your comments about American breast obsession are something I've said a long time. I think it's about money. Some executives are masterminding this and keeping it going to sell the idea that breasts are for men and not children. If womeen ever took back their breasts and gave them back to their children, the media wouldn't be able to sell them. See, it's like this: our breasts are taboo and must be covered unless some movie producer is charging people to see them. If women start exposing them in public for their real purpose: to FEED BABIES, then nobody would pay to see them because the mystery would be removed and they could be seen for free.

I gained a lot of respect for my somewhat miniature, yet droopy breasts after feeding two, going on three children. I think they're beautiful because they nourish my three favorite little people. How could perfect, perky breasts be more beautiful. My babies think my breasts are perfect.


What a wonderful sight. I have been trying for years to convince people I know that the breast is just skin!.. we need to quit being so hung up about it. I told My wife yesterday " I dont have nipple phobia"... I will never understand this dilema. Why must a woman cover herself and yet a 300 pound man with a hairy sweaty beer gut can walk topless??? it boggles the mind.


The photos of sagging breasts were wonderful... if only to show the owners that they are just as normal as everyone else


Funny how sometimes all you need to get over a problem is for someone to tell you it's normal. THankyou so much for the positive information. With your help I have finally accepted my post-pregnancy chest and I also have gotten over the delusion that I can get back my "old boobs".... and I wouldn't want them back anyway now. and also, with your positive site, I have changed my mind; I now feel very proud of my body's changes and I feel better about myself. I really had no idea other women looked like this too, you never see normal breasts, even less so now with the embarrasment most people have about breastfeeding in public. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.... love


I am 18 yrs old and the only insecurity I have about my breasts is the fact that I have yet to develop nipples. This doesn't seem normal, so I was wondering what the usual age is when nipples are supposed to develop. I started my period when I was 11 and my breasts are now a 32B. The thing is that sometimes something does appear there where the nipple is supposed to be, but it's always soft and just seems to disappear after a while as if it just disintegrates or something. Is there something seriously wrong with me?

Me and my cusion was wondering are our breast normal because they are really big and they have no nipples. Well they have nipples but they are very very flat oh yeah and they sag.

I have a question. I am 16 and my breast are actually pretty big. I am in a C cup and my areolas seem to be in normal proportion to my size. What I am worried about though is the actually nipple. I mean I don't really have one. Is there such a thing as inverted nipples? I am very uncomfortable about it because it basically looks like I have a small slit in the center of my areola where the nipple should be but it isn't there. It just looks like they are folded in. I am truly concerened that there is something wrong. Is this something that goes away or does it stay like that forever? And if it does not go away will it be a problem in the future, with breast feeding and whatnot? Thanks for listening!
Nicole Starke

These folded-in or 'non-existent' nipples are called 'inverted nipples'. The nipple is there and has developed, but is turned or reverted inside instead of outside. Note that if the nipple does poke out when stimulated or cold, then it's not a truly inverted nipple. Nipple can also be flat, in which case there is like a line across it. Inverted or flat nipples are usually nothing to worry about. When breastfeeding, the baby will probably get the nipple out with the sucking, but if not, there are some measures mother can take. Please follow the links on the bottom of our nipple gallery page. Those web pages explain and show pictures about inverted nipples.

I still haven't seen any breast like mine mot even here. I have one breast that is a very large C cup and one that is a B cup. This is a very great size difference. Can you tell me have you heard of this and how can I try to look more normal without surgery since I cannot afford it?
Thank you, Marlene

The size difference might even out as a girl continues to develop. But even if it doesn't, it helps to know that actually most women have asymmetrical breasts. Usually the size difference is only slight, but sometimes the it is more - even a whole cup size.

You're not alone in this. There are many, many other girls and women with lopsided breasts. I personally got lopsided breasts while breastfeeding - because the baby liked one side more than the other.

The lopsidedness can be concealed by wearing an insert in the one bra cup. Try to dress so as to de-emphasize the bustline. You can find ideas to such clothing in the internet. Remember also that usually other people don't notice it nearly so much as you might think.