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Tonight I was having a really tough night. I have given birth to two babies. I breastfed my first for 2 1/2 years before she naturally weaned herself. She loved to cuddle my breasts, she comfort nursed, and now she has a sister and thinks of breasts as "Milkies" still. Her little sister is currently 6 months in, and thinks bottles are toys. She comfort nurses and snuggles them. I was uncomfortable with how they looked but after I found your site I literally cried with relief. Thank you so much.

Just came onto your site to get more information for my 14 year old daughter who is 32D. Full of great info to reiterate to her. Just wanted to say thank you from a parent's perspective your site was amazingly informative from an adult perspective to a young teenager perspective.

Again Thank You



My name's Clara and I'm Brazilian. I'm 27, I don't have any kids yet and I wear a 32B size bra. I was looking at bras on the internet when I came across yor website. I must say I was very happy to read some of your content and it's actualy made me feel a lot better about myself!

When I was younger I didn't seem to notice the development of my breasts, I just remember one day waking up and having two huge blobs of fat on top of me (that's how I felt at the time). I was about twelve, and all I could think about was hiding those horrible things.

With time I felt more and more unconfortable, I would never wear low cut shirts or tops, for fear of being eyed wrong. The sexual aspect of my breasts was overbearing to me, I felt they were too big and ugly, I didn't want to feel that people were looking at my breasts ever, I felt they turned me into an object of sexual desire as opposed to a person.

It came to a point were I even had a tattoo done on my chest, to detract from the sexual aspect of my breasts. It gave me some confort to think that if people were now looking at my chest area it was because of my tattoo and not my breasts.

Thinking back, I don't regreat having had the tattoo done, because it helped me come to grips with my breasts. Slowly I stopped feeling overconcious about them to the point were I started wearing bolder cuts on my tops and shirts, such as a V-neck! (Yeah, well that was bold for me).

Nowadays I feel much more confortable with my breasts but I've recently lost some weight and I could see the difference on them. I felt they were droopy and I was worried. I showed them to my mum (who is 63), asking if she thought my breasts were too saggy, and to my surprise she said they looked worse then hers! (Which are really small by the way!) That made me feel HORRIBLE.

Looking at your website has made me feel so much better about myself because now I feel I'm normal, not just some creep with old lady breasts. I understand now that overtime, those breasts that seemed so huge when I was twelve turned out to be proportioned to my size and height today.

Looking at those pictures of regular, normal breasts was refreshing! It's nice to see that nature doesn't make them so perfectly round and perky as shown on TV and magazines. Breast size is a real issue here in Brazil and women seem to think that the bigger the better. Women are getting surgery as if it were nothing! I feel sorry for that and I hope that more people are able to understand the message that you're sending about breastfeeding and having beautiful natural breasts!

Thanks very much!

Best wishes from Brazil!


I found your website during a search.
I'm 30 years old and (at this stage in the game) I'm pretty aware of bodily issues, but I would have killed to have found your site when I was going through puberty and questioned whether everything that I experienced was normal, including breast health and changes!

What a great resource!
Thanks ;)

Hi Maria, I have to write to you to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this meaningful website. Ever since I developed breasts, about 30 years ago, I've hated them because I've thought that they are so abnormal and ugly - thanks to the media for that. Browsing your website almost made me cry, out of gratitude and I'm not sure I can accurately define what else. I guess the overwhelming feeling that I'm not alone. It's such a respectful, tactful and informative site and I'm so glad I finally made the effort to google about women's breasts. For years I've thought about it but always avoided it because I assumed all I'd ever encounter were sexual photos that would only make me feel worse. So again, thank you so much for providing this site for women. I'm so saddened that we fall victim to the lies of society. We are God's workmanship and need to know that we're beautiful just how we are. This site has brought me closer to that healthy self-image and confidence that no matter what anyone thinks of my breasts, they're OK because they're me.

With sincere gratitude,

Hi Maria,

I am a 51 year old woman, a mother of 3 children and I breastfed all three. Prior to childbirth, I had small, perky breast but wished they were bigger. I was teased in high school and was voted "The president of the itty bitty tittie committee". I was not totally traumatized by the teasing because I thought I looked more like a model then because I was slim. After giving birth to my firstborn, my milk came in so fast, I was not prepared for how big my breasts got. I had no problems breastfeeding. Soon after my first,I was pregnant again. I nursed more on my left breast which made my issue of lopsidedness more pronounced. Once I finished breastfeeding, my breast were small and flat. I was not happy that they were no longer perky and looked drawn. I opted for augmentation.
I was not happy with my first surgery because they were not large enough and one would flatten out when my ex husband would lay on me.(Yikes) I went to a different surgeon who replaced the 1st ones with saline filled implants that were placed behind the muscle and could be filled to desired size prior to the port being removed. This helped with my lopsidedness. My first surgery went in under my areola, you can no longer see scars. My second surgery went under the fold, The second operation was much more painful. The result were 36C, I probably was a 34A or B prior. I had a third child and was able to breastfeed after surgery. After my third child and weight gain over the years, my breast have grown to a 36DD. I am happy with them now because they have "settled" and they look more natural because they sag or hang. I have massaged my right breast to try to keep it somewhat symmetrical, it seems to have a different elasticity in the skin and was always more painful during breastfeeding.
I appreciate your site and the self acceptance it promotes. I sometimes am surprised by the comments of the woman who have never seen breasts or have never touched their own. I have always wished my breast were closer together but through your site I have realized that there are others whose breast are not close together. I miss the days of breastfeeding and don't understand when people get so appalled to see a woman nursing. I really think we are breast-obsessed in this country.I always say it is time to demystify the breast. I have seen men who could wear a bra go shirtless. It kind of seems kind of unfair. I have large nipples so I wear padded bras to hide them, otherwise I catch men and women staring at them. I also use nipple petals when I want to go braless


I just want to drop a note to thank you for your website. I have been struggling with intimacy with my husband because of the level of shame that I have come to associate with my body. I've never actually been able to be truly intimate with him because of the embarrassment and fear I feel. Over the years, I have seen many images via television, media, and internet, which led me to believe that my breasts are abnormal---it seemed this way because of the sheer number of women with high and centred nipples. There seemed to be no one that looked like me. And so naturally, I assumed that every other woman has a normal body, while mine was wrong.

The power of these images is enormous and the lies that they feed women are entirely destructive. I fully agree that sexual role of breasts has been exaggerated in importance and also distorted so that breasts no longer even look the way that God made them to be. This has eroded women's sense of personal value and worth, as many individuals replace what is real with a mutated image. I guess this also points to a larger phenomenon which is the objectification of woman to the point that her body parts become commodities in themselves. This distorts the truth that God has created women as persons, fully relational, to be loved and valued.

After looking through the images of 'real' women's breasts, and reading some of your material, I feel liberated. It feels like my heavy burden is gone. Thank you for putting the truth out there. I hope that you continue your great work. If there is any way in which I may help (i.e. write for you), I would be more than happy to contribute.

God Bless,
Hollie-Rose Ferguson,2582/

Also thanks so much for this website which I think should be mandatory in school sex education programmes. I have always suffered huge insecurity (right throughout a happy 38 yr marriage) because of my breast size. This site is very reassuring.
I now have to find a site with 'normal butts' for further therapy!
:) julie

Thank you so much for this amazing website! I'm sure it's helped a lot of other women who have been stressing over the size and shape of their breasts since forever. You have no idea how much this has helped me. I cannot express how much I agree with you about the media distorting our image of natural breasts because as you said, all you ever see on TV are statuesque models with voluptuous, perky breasts.

As a child, I never thought much about my breasts. Of course I heard all my friends talking about bras and periods but I was told I was a late bloomer and would soon catch up. This was true and about 2 or 3 years later, I was at the same pace as them. However, during those 3 years (especially when I was 14/15 years old), I had to endure a tremendous amount of torture from my classmates who humiliated me whenever they commented on the size of my breasts which were developing at the time but were just not obvious yet and THAT'S when I started fussing over them.

I became obsessed. I constantly wondered why my mother could have beautiful 36D breasts and why I was stuck with...this! I went online and tried to look for ways to enhance them naturally. I ate foods that websites claimed would help and I massaged my breasts etc.

It turned out all I had to do was wait and stay healthy because 3 years later, I am now 18 and a 32C. Of course, my breasts are not huge or anything close to humongous but they are larger than they were during my 32A days and I am a lot more confident. Also, they go pretty nicely with my figure since I'm pretty thin. I used to be anorexic so that may be another reason why it took some time for me to start developing.

My point is not that larger breasts are more beautiful. The moral of my story is to tell younger girls out there that they themselves, may be late bloomers without realising it. All it takes is a little patience. Nature takes its time. If all else fails, then just know that the men who REALLY love and appreciate you don't actually care about the size and shape of your breasts because your breasts do not make your gorgeous personality. It may be hard to believe it now but when you actually find the right person, you'll understand. And that's the power of loooovee~ :)

Thank you again, Maria! Seeing your website boosted my confidence!

South Africa


I just found your website, and I'm reading some of the comments from the females who have submitted their photos. I'm a man, who for some biological reason, is deeply attracted to breasts (along with everything that is female, especially their minds). But most of the women I've been with have been self-conscious about their breasts in some way, and I could not convince them that they were beautiful. It was like they were brainwashed.

As a new father, I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding, and it disturbs me how mothers are dissuaded from nursing. I understand if they can't (or just don't want to) nurse, but I'm convinced that stigma and lack of awareness and support remain huge barriers. Has there ever been a documentary on the formula lobby? I'm convinced that the lactation research has just scratched the surface on the benefits of breastfeeding. I am so grateful to my son's mother for giving our baby her very best.

I just wanted to share my feedback that you are clearly doing an enormously positive thing, and making a difference in the self-image of so many women. I can't imagine the hard work (and creativity) it's taken to get this site off the ground and run it. To hear these women say that you are making them feel better about themselves is really moving. You must get kudos all the time, but I'll bet you've got trolls, too. So, I hope that this comment balances out a little bit of the male negativity and ignorance. Keep up the good work!!


I'm 19 and never have had children. Though I have struggled with self-esteem issues for most my life I have recently come to love my breasts. I have a few stretch marks from when they were 38Ds and now are 36Cs. I do occasionally get some acne but not too often. I am really happy with my breasts!

I just found your site yesterday and wanted to say thank you; seeing all the photos of REAL NATURAL breasts and reading others experiences as well as all the information has started to help me feel better about myself and my body.
I am 25 and have never had a boyfriend. I have been overweight and since I have started to lose weight it all seems to come out of my breasts and at the moment I feel like I may never have the confidence and/or body attractive enough to find a boyfriend. Looking through your site has helped me realise there is no such thing as perfect breasts... that aren't plastic lol!

thank you


Just wanted to thank you for your website. Like many women, I've had major issues with my body image. It didn't matter if I was a size two or severely obese like I am now. Looking at your website helped me to be proud of who I am. Please keep up the good work.

Wow - your site has just made me feel a whole lot better!! It's so true about women being brainwashed by relentless media images into thinking that their bodies aren't 'perfect' or 'normal' - it's made me feel a whole lot more confident to realise that actually I am quite normal after all. So thank you - very much!


Hello Maria, I just wanted to thank you for this entire site, you have no idea the kind of comfort it had give me! I came across this site some time ago and it's been bookmarked on my computer since. I'm 20 years old, never been pregnant or breast-fed. I honestly don't remember when I started to develop but it was pretty early. I was also very and genuinely overweight for most of my childhood and all the teen years, at my heaviest I was over 200 pounds (and I'm just barley 5'1). Naturally my breasts were quite large, 40D and already sagging, not that I paid much attention at this stage. My self-esteem and self-image were centered around my weight and all the issues that came with that. My breasts weren't something I became self-conscious about till college, where I started to loss weight. When my bra size started going down is when I really started paying a lot of attention to my breasts.

For the first time I realized that mine did not look like the ones I'd seen of porn stars, movie actresses or classical nudes in art. They also didn't look like my friends' breasts either. All of my friends had high, perky breasts, could go without bras with out annoying sweating and run unwanted jiggling. The only female I knew who had a chest anything like mine was my grandmother! The realization devastated me.

At first it all felt like a terrible slap in the face, here I was losing weight the right way through diet and exercise and lifestyle, finally getting serious about my health and starting to like what I saw in the mirror and BAM!! Now I was aware that I didn't have perfect round, perky perpetually uplift breasts like actresses or nude statues; mine sagged like an old woman's, with little hairs around the aureoles, I had stretch marks and cellulite!! It seemed like just as I was getting over one huge body hang-up several others lined up to take its place. I started to feel like no matter what I did, there would always be something wrong with me, something that wasn't right. Too fat, too short, "granny boobs", stretch marks, cellulite, the list goes on...I wish I could say it hasn't effected my personal life but naturally it has.

It was during one of my darker moments of self-hate that I stumbled upon your site. I was fascinated, I'd never seen boobs that looked like the ones one the site, one's that looked like mine. Reading captions and discovering that others girls and women had issues like mine was genuinely therapeutic. It got me thinking that I may not look a certain special way, but out there in the world there must be others like me, I was normal or at least not freakish.

Being able to look through this site has helped me so much. I can't say that it has totally done away with my body and boobie hang-ups, but it gives me comfort in some of the more difficult moments when I feel like I may be some kind of mutant that has deviated from what a young woman should look like. It's helping me get to a better place with myself.

Thank you for making something like this available, thank you so much. What you do with this site is priceless.

I really love this site wish I knew about it when I was 15 lol. I am 21 now and love my breasts although I do dislike the stretch marks on the side.

Gloria Flores

Hello Maria,

Wow! I have so many things to say. I'm a 21 year old girl. I always used to see my mom's breasts when I was little. They were small with big pink pointy nipples. Seeing my mom naked was completely natural for us. You know how it goes?

Well think back now, I wish my boobs would have at least turned out like hers, or resemble either of my two grannies'. They also had gorgeous breasts when they were younger.

I was flat chested is school, but it didn't bother me. I was obsessed with my horse riding career and always heard other girls complain about the pain in their boobs.

But when I finished school and started getting involved in more serious relationships, I became very self conscious. My breasts were small and very plump and ploppy, with big nipples that never went perky.

All you ever see on tv is the big, luscious, perky, perfect nipple babes running around. It made me hate myself and my body. Due to stress from work, studies,my horse's traumatic death, my parents' divorce and all their issues that fell on my shoulders, I turned to food and gained 27kilograms.

I hate my body now more than ever. I feel fat and never look good to myself in the mirror. The only thing that improved were my breasts. Sure, everything is still the same, but they became 2 sizes bigger which dwarfed the other problems.

I really want to lose weight, but I dont want to have small breasts again. This site has helped me so much tonight. I've realised that I'm a normal girl and my girls look fine in reality.

I'm still struggling to start loving my breasts. I keep suggesting that I want to go for breast augmentation, but my darling is dead set against it. He says it's fake, and he's probably right about the fact that I'll feel bad afterwards about not having loved myself enough.

He's my rock, he'll never lie to me. He says he likes and loves my breasts, and that I don't have to worry about weight loss, he'll love my boobs even when they're small. And I believe him. But I'm scared that I'll hate them even more... :(

I look at some of the breasts on this website, especially by girls who are my age... I still get jealous.

Thanks for this helpful website, Maria. I cant wait to read more articles in the morning.

South Africa

Thank you so much for your site. I am lucky enough that I have a supportive husband towards my body. I really like your site for the promotion of what breasts should be about since I am a nursing mother & try to support it any way I can.

This is a brilliant website! I would just like to thank you because it has made me realise that there are women of all shapes and sizes, and that I am not alone. I feel much better about myself now thanks to this website, thank you so much! :)


As you discuss body image, breast taboo and also breast cancer on this site, I'd like to share a little story.
I've seen my mum's naked chest an uncountable amount of times both in childhood and now as an adult. My mum would often change from her clothes to pyjamas in front of me as I was a rather easily scared kid and often ran to her bedroom at night when I had a bad dream or something. So it was never a big deal, I've seen breasts from an early age and I was obviously not traumatised as some people who claim to right to decide about female bodies would have you believe.

What is a little bit special about this story is that my mum had breast cancer and had one of her boobs removed when I was about 4. So I've seen the scar a countless amount of times. I've seen a one-boobed chest. You see, if you're exposed to this enough you see nothing "abnormal" about it. I'm saying this because I've seen people comment on beautiful nudes of breast cancer survivors and expressing shock or disgust, claiming a woman without one or both breasts is somehow less feminine. I've even seen someone describe those pictures as "intended to shock" and sensationalist. I've seen people say how seeing those pictures makes them want to get breast exams more often - which doesn't sound wrong but the implication is that they somehow found the lack of one gland frightening/disgusting. I don't think they'd say this about a person missing a leg. "This picture makes me want to look more carefully before I cross the road" - that does sound offensive, and in case of breast cancer it sounds even more so as losing a breast is NOT in any way the fault of the woman.

Frankly, the comments made me cry, because I've never considered mastectomy scars "ugly", nor did I think that the lack of one or both breasts is in any way significant to the overall beauty of the person. The smiles, the skin, eyes, hips, hair of the women pictures were gorgeous in every way. And as much as anyone would rather keep all their body parts intact, losing a breast is not the end of the world. It's not the end of the world, it's not even comparable to the tragedy of losing a limb. Losing a breast doesn't make you disabled, doesn't influence the quality of life (unless you encounter the kind of insensitive asshats I mentioned).

The wonderful thing about breasts is that you have TWO, which means if you lose one, you're still capable of breastfeeding- WHICH IS THE PURPOSE FOR THE EXISTENCE OF BREASTS IN THE FIRST PLACE (I felt the need to capitalise it, because so many people don't realise that the sexualisation of breasts is a mere fetish that got super-mainstream). Losing both breasts is different, as you're rendered unable to breastfeed, but then again it's only ONE activity you can't do, while you remain capable of everything else.

Making a big deal out of breasts is making cancer survivors feel like freaks, unfeminine, no longer sexy, undesirable. As if going through the horror of cancer is not enough pain. As if the society's sick interest with a particular body part should even be important to someone who just nearly died, who managed to STAY STRONG through a horrible experience. Half of the success in fighting cancer is to stay positive. If women are made to think that they're losing something extremely important, something vital to their attractiveness and their chances for a good sex- and love-life, being positive becomes very difficult for them. As many women nowadays worry that their life won't be good enough because of their "too small" or "too big" breasts/bum/bellies, what do you think a mastectomy patient thinks? I worry that she may think her life won't be worth living after the surgery. And this.. this way of thinking may be lethal. In a very literal sense.

While we struggle to remove racism, sexism and ablism from our language and law, we still give people - especially women - a big disadvantage solely based on their natural appearance. This may not be obvious disadvantage - like discriminating against fat, unconventional or just "imperfect" people, but meanwhile the media and "the general public" collectively present a message, that result in a true disadvantage for people deemed "ugly" in the form of insecurity, lack of confidence, self doubt, social withdrawal etc. - all of which may lead to serious DISEASE such as depression, self-harm, personality disorder, which again may lead to the ultimate tragedy that is suicide. We are, as societies, literally KILLING people with our ridiculous demands and misconceptions about the human body. We're ruining lives and disabling people by making trivial and quite silly fetishes and what should be "personal preference" into mainstream canon of beauty.

Think about all the people who died during or after unnecessary looks-enhancing surgical procedures. Think about those who died or ruined their health by trying to get thinner than what is natural for them. Think about the women from ancient and tribal cultures who died or were disabled because of some silly fetish that went mainstream in their society. Too tight corsets that caused fainting, feet binding in China, breast implant surgeries - it's all the same old shit, it all starts with shaming people about their bodies, with making them feel inadequate in their natural form.

I say it's time to end this nonsense, it's time to show REAL bodies, unchanged, uncensored. It's time most people shown in media were the same as most people in real life - imperfect, saggy-breasted, fat here and there, with stretch marks, with crooked teeth, the balding, the hairy, the flat-chested and the unsymmetrical. Because THIS IS WHAT MOST OF US ARE. And the majority of population is not represented in the media. The majority of population feels inadequate and not good enough to be admired. The same goes for people of colour, mature women, disabled people, not stereotypically feminine/masculine people. Because there's lots of us, and we're not to be seen in the media, as if we didn't exist. There's nothing wrong with not being what is mainstream-perfect, but there's a million things wrong with hiding normal people from public view as if they were unsightly.

Sorry I went on a bit of a very chaotic rant here hahah, from breast cancer stigma to misrepresentation of humanity in the media, but I feel this is all connected and important. It's EXPOSURE that makes us deem something OK or abnormal, and we need to expose the children to the appearances of ordinary people's bodies, otherwise one day they will see themselves in the mirror and think they are deformed, abnormal, unacceptable, ugly.


To your readers and contributors: every single woman who has shown the courage to submit their intimate picture and oftentimes even more intimate story should be hailed and celebrated. Every single one of them has been wonderfully fantastic and uniquely special. Whether they're 32A's with a bit of hair on them, or 44EE's with areolae the size of a saucer, every pair, like the owner of them, is marvelously beautiful.

Even if yours don't look like what media tells you they are supposed to, most of us guys are just glad that you're willing to share them with us, and we will happily try to make you feel as beautiful as you look to us, if you give us the opportunity.


Hi, I just had to say thankyou to your website for showing me that I am actually normal! I am 23 and for as long as I've had boobs they have never been the 'perky' type you see in all the magazines and movies. I developed when I was no more than 11 years old, and they grew rapidly. I remember being the first girl to have them at school, which didn't go down too well with the other girls, believe me!
Anyway, I am currently a 38E (UK), but they have always been large. I am slightly overweight, and my boobs feel heavy. As a result they have always drooped a fair bit, and my areolas are definitely on the larger side, and one is a slightly different shape than the other! So I have always, always felt very self concious and can't be seen in public without a bra on. My beloved says he loves them, luckily. I have always worried and tortured myself that my boobs are different from every other girl my age.
Having seen your website, I now know that mine are totally normal, and I feel so much better and definitely more confident. Phew, is all I have left to say!
Yours gratefully, Sheryl.

I've always delt with a fair bit of insecurity in regards to my breasts due to their size. I've always had this view that "bigger is better." At 18 years old, my body still undergoes constant fluctuation in my breast size. Normally I wear a C cup. However I can range anywhere from a small B, to a small D for month long periods. I feel uncomfortable with this fluctuation and want the D cup breasts I only occasionally have. I have considered breast augmentation more than what is probably healthy, but I crave consistently large breasts. It was comforting to see women of all shapes and sizes proudly displaying their breasts in such a forum. It made me see that breasts can be beautiful in all shapes and sizes. I walked away from viewing your site feeling much happier and more comfortable in my own skin.
Thank you,
Adrianne Nichols

I will be 20 in a couple months and still I can't escape the occasional attacks on my self esteem. I find it hard to watch movies with my guy because I know there will be a nude scene (you just can't escape them anymore) and I will feel like he wishes my body would look like the girl's in the movie. I came across your site and it made me feel much better. I'm so glad to know that men don't obsess over our bodies as much as we do, and that only the United States is responsible for the confidence crushing images on our television screens. If it were any other day I'd say I'm moving to Europe so I can finally be comfortable with myself, but thank you for showing me that breasts are a natural thing and that we're taught everything but that. I wish there was a way to spread your knowledge to the world so men and women of every age could finally respect breasts for what they are - milk makers - so every girl could grow up feeling confident about herself and stop comparing her body to the ones in magazines.

- With much gratitude,

I am a 19 year old woman from Canada, and I wear a DD-34! I think that it is awesome how you are all embracing your bodies, and pushing against the stereo-typical belief that 'big boobs are better'. I have huge breasts, and just so you small chested woman know--it doesn't make me any happier. I don't get better looking men, and I don't get better jobs. If I am pleased with myself, or proud of myself, it is not because I'm thinking "Yay, I have big boobs!" This is an awesome website, and I totally commend all you women who were brave enough to send in pictures. You are all so beautiful, and I hope you know that now you are admired for loving your bodies despite what the media is jamming down all of our throats! I think it's important for all women--not just 'small' breasted women--to come together and say "HEY, WE LOVE OUR BODIES AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE THE GIRL IN A COMMERCIAL OR FROM THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE!"

Let's judge ourselves based on our personalities and characteristics--not our breast sizes! Maybe if we do, the rest of the stereo-typical modern world will too!

Cheers ladies,

Nicole =)

My name is Michelle, and I'm 16 years old, I've stumbled upon your website while researching breasts (breast cancer, to be more accurate).

I have to admit this is a life changing website, really! I used to hate my Cup-A lumpish hairy breasts, but now I realize how proud I should be of them, how they have their own benefits and beauties in their own natural way. It also taught me why do I find so many guys immature these days when it comes to their perverted-ness (I used to think I was the immature one for not “flirting back” sexually at such a young age) So thank you! Thank you so much.

With love


Thanx for the site. I'm 15 from Namibia. Made me feel better. Thought mine weren't normal as well.


I just wanted to thank your site for being so helpful in realizing that I'm not alone. I have large breasts and very large areolas. I have always thought I looked weird because of it, but now I see that I am NOT alone. It has been a great help to read the stories and see some of the pictures posted in non sexual ways. I am so glad I came across this site, and thank you again!



I just wanted to congratulate you for having the drive to make this website. It's great to know that there are still people out there who are willing to do something to help others.

I live in the UK and I think that women here are also seeing the supposed "perfect" figures in the media and they believe that they have to start to question their own bodies.

I've found that all women are different... if there is an average trend in breasts, the trend is uniqueness. I'm glad that your site has so many supportive women who are happy and content with themselves being unique.

As a 26 y/o man, I've regularly questioned my own body over the years. But I too have learnt that everyone is different and any women thinking that there body isn't perfectshould know that the only thing a body needs to be perfect, is for its owner to accept it. There is always someone out there that can love you for who you are. We are all our own worst critics, and if we can accept our bodies for what they are, then others can as well.

All the best, - Ronnie


I just loved your website. I live in a South Asian country and here breastfeeding is encouraged for new born babies.

I am a mother of 5 month old healthy girl and she is on exclusive breast feeding. My baby was 21 days pre-term and was taken to a nursery just after her birth because she was underweight and was unable to breath normally. I had given birth to her by C-section, so I was forced to stay back at the birthing center. I used to pump milk and send it to the nursery twice a day but there was not much improvement in her condition.

On fourth day, I was shifted to the nursery which had beds for feeding mothers. I had no one around me to help me with it but I was determined enough to breast feed my girl. On fifth day the doctor asked me to start breast feeding. I did as he adviced and my daughter started improving rapidly. On seventh day, I and my daughter were on way to home.

Breastfeeding ensures quality of health and is the most hygienic way of feeding too. It also builds a wonderful bond between the baby and the mother.

Breastfeeding should be encouraged all over the world.

Abriti Ray Naya

No idea how much better I feel after having found this site! I've always been quite uncomfortable with my breasts but am feeling quite a bit more secure now. It's good that a site like yours exists. I just wanted to say thanks! I've felt insecure for like 8 years, and now it's all better :)

I love your website, it means so much to me that it exists. I often refer back to it when I am feeling insecure. Unfortunately you can't go from hating your breasts to loving them in one day, it is a process that will take time. It's also hard to maintain a positive attitude about your breasts when we are being constantly bombarded with media images of what we're supposed to look like. Women end up feeling insecure about themselves, while men grow up thinking that we're supposed to look a certain way, when in reality all women have different shapes and sizes of breasts.

I do note while reading comments of others that a lot of hurtful comments that are made, or people who have been fun of, come from other women. Which is very disturbing. I have insecurities because of my large areola size, and now that I think back to all the hurtful comments that have been made about areolas, they have all come from women! Many times in groups when some women were unaware that I in fact had large areolas. Why do women do this to each other!? Are our own obsessions and insecurities taken out on other women? We need to stand strong with each other and embrace our differences. I think this site is a great example of when women come together to support each other we can really build confidence in one another.

Thank you again!


I wanted to let you know that this website has helped me alot. Here I thought I was the only one with normal looking breasts, but I am not. It feels really good that I am not alone in this world. I am truly proud of those ladies that kept theri natural breasts. That is the way we were made and if certain men do not like it they do not have to look. All women with natural breasts should be proud of their breasts and not feel bad about them in any way. I have to admit, for years I have hated the way my breasts look because they do not look like what society promotes or wants. It really hurt my self-esteem and confidence so much. The website has helped me out so much. To know that I am not alone. To know my breasts are wonderful the way they are. The way I look now is beautiful and not ugly. If a man does not like what I look like, then he should not look. When I was 19 yrs old I showed a guy a picture of my breast.. and he put me down because of the way they looked... ever since I have hated them. I try not to hate my breasts now. I did breastfeed one of my kids for about 8 months, she did very well and was very healthy because of it. It is something I loved so much. I enjoyed that connection me and my daughter had when she was a baby. It was nothing like what you see on the television. It was truly awesome. Well thank you for the website, it has changed how I feel about myself. I keep the website up 24/7 because I come back to it when I need to. Well thank you anyways.
Have a good one.

I stumbled across this website while doing some research which really had little to do with female anatomy. I am not sure why I took a look, perhaps because it was presented in a fairly clinical way. I just thought I would put in my two cents worth.

Nothing anyone can ever say will change the fact that most men adore the female form. That said, I was distressed to read some of the comments about how women view their bodies. Perhaps it is because I am considered by some to be a senior citizen, but over the years I have learned to love that form in its less than perfect condition. I have tried to let my wife know that while I love to see her, it is what's inside that is important. None of those ladies should feel ashamed of what God has given them. Large or small, there is some guy who will be thrilled with the package that they come in. The body is not them, it is just a temporary vessel for them to use. Think that you are beautiful, act as though you are beautiful, take care of what you have, and it will show through. You will be beautiful, no matter the size or shape.

I hope those who said they feel poorly about their size or shape have a change of heart. It would be a pretty boring world if we all looked the same. Hey, if you don't like the way I look, go look at someone else.

Oh, and one more thing. My eldest son was hung up on getting a "looker." Took him 35 years to find the right, less than perfect, girl. Yeah, he is less than perfect too:-)


I'd just like to say that I was reading about breast growth, here and I'm glad there's something out there which isn't portraying fakeness to the world. Some of the pictures, I'll admit, made me blink a little and think 'that's not normal' and then I think a little about 'what is normal', and I know that I'm wrong.

I, like most other people, am surrounded by the 'perfect' boobs, in the media, and at home - my mother had a boob job- but in some ways, I think the latter helped me a little, because I've seen what normal boobs can look like, and how fake 'perfect' boobs can look. Can I just say, that when you first get a breast implantation they won't fall right because they'll be inflated.

I'm 15, and I have a 32E bra, but if I went for any of the other styles the woman was offering me, I'd be another size up. Why not be a 32E? Well, firstly I like the style better - more comfortable, and that's what underwear should be about, to me. Secondly, it's hard enough getting a decent bra in any normal shop and the one I go to is closing down. So, to all those girls out there with naturally small breasts, AA, A, B, C or otherwise, be thankfull you can get a nice one. Most of the one's which come in my size have an old granny sort of look... How flattering... Personally, I think that beauty comes from within, and that perfection is in imperfection. I am the sort of girl who gets asked out a lot, who gets told they're 'stunning' or 'beautiful' by plenty of people, to both myself and my parents. I don't see this, myself. And I don't really care much for it - I'm also the sort of girl who can be told they're 'pretty' with unshaven legs, unbrushed hair and messy eye brows. Yes, I could look better. You probably could too, but any person worth being friends with will appreciate you for who you are and not what you look like. And, so, I shall procrastinate from wearing make-up. Dress in a way which you feel comfortable, if that means flaunting your breasts, do, and if that means wearing high neck t-shirts, then do and if you want to make a statement or fit in with the crowd because it makes you happy then do that!

I come from a pretty open family, I've grown up with nudity around me, and I'm that-kid-who-gets-changed-openly in the changing room. Between that and changing with my friends, they've probably all seem 'em. The Victorians thought showing your legs off was awful, breasts are breasts. Yes, they can be used to breastfeed babies. That's a taboo? I use my hands to write and other things and nobody whines for showing them off. My point is, a body is a body. I'm not saying prance around town in the nude, but you're allowed to undress in the changing room. It's there for that purpose.

Of course, I'm just a fifteen-year-old, what do I know? (Certainly, my views on nudity are contraversial.) But at least I'm content and my brother has a pretty good idea of what breasts can look like, from mine, to my mother's, to my grandmother's, he's not tramatised and if anything he comments on how fake ones look fake. I'd like to thank this site, as it isn't telling me I should be something I am not. And that's uncommon, these days.

This website and its stories about nursing little ones, is a perfect echo of my lady friends who have told me great stories about nursing their little ones; and my one lady friend whom I got to see nurse her little daughter.

One thing about nursing little ones I was privileged to observe, is that in addition to the great love and nutrition of this, the baby gets a head start on such skills as sucking, grasping and sitting up straight! Having Cerebral Palsy, I grew up with challenges in all of these areas, and it is great to see babies get a head start!

This website also seems great to answer any little or teenage girl's or big pretty lady's questions about the size of their breasts or any other related questions they may have.

This is a thoughtful and caring website! Congratulations!


I read the comments in your site about small breasts. I greatly appreciate the men out there who said they love small breasts.. wow! And that what matters to a man is that he is loved and accepted for who he is.

I never heard a guy saying he likes small breasts. I have 34 A/B breast size and feel insecure at times. But my fiance said he's very happy about my breasts. So, I'm beginning to realize that I'm beautiful and perfect as I am with my breasts. I feel free. Thank you for all the encouragement guys.

God is amazing! :-)

Lois, Philippines

Thank you... for a beautiful website. I am a 60-year-old man and I love my 56-year-old wife dearly. Ten years ago she lost a breast to cancer. She had reconstructive surgery, but only because SHE wanted to. I love her breasts as I love every other part of her. I would love her with no breasts just as well, and I have told her so many times.
Women (and men) are beautiful just the way they are. I am saddened to see some of the living caricatures we see on television whose self-esteem depends on expensive and temporary surgery.
David Ricks
Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

I am 16 years old, 107 lbs, 5 ft tall, and am a size 32A (with the left breast slightly smaller than the right). I have always been quite insecure about my small breasts (along with the puffy areola and inverted nipple). I always get teased for having small breasts in school, even by my own friends! I tried to tell myself that they only had bigger breasts because they were overweight, but not all of them were. As I took a look around the school, I realized that almost every girl had larger breasts than me. The only few that didn't were very skinny and extremely athletic. It often made me feel insecure, especially when I had to change for gym class. I often told myself, "It doesn't matter what your breasts look like. When you pass over, nothing is left but your soul." Sometimes it helped; sometimes it didn't. Sometimes I felt so lonely in my situation. I remember looking at myself in the mirror with such frustration and pain building up within me.

I can't remember exactly what it was that I searched to find help with, but it led me to your website. I read a lot of what was written amongst the pages, looked at the pictures, and came to find that there was nothing at all wrong with my breasts. Reading what men had written also helped. It is wonderful to know that there are people who view breasts for the reason that God gave them to us - to feed children. Because of your website, I now look at breasts that way: I don't worry anymore about their size or shape. I wish to thank you for creating such an inspiring website. I feel as though a great burden has been lifted from me.

I was looking for a site that would explain exactly what your site explained and to see the comments left by other men saying that breast size is not everything is a real relief! I'm 22, 100 lbs and my breast size is A-B but I am so self-conscious of my breasts that I always wear a push-up or those filled bras to make them look bigger with clothing on in public. My husband keeps telling me that he loves my small breasts and that I need to stop worrying about how everybody else sees me or thinks of me- it's what he thinks for I am with him and it's good to know. And as a lady said in one of the comments that REAL MEN don't care about your breast size and I will start to accept that statement I guess. I will always be self concsious about them and will probably never stop wearing a filled bra, but maybe someday I will see that I can do without-for I was going to go into modeling and then got pregnant and never pursued that field, but looking at models-they all have flat chests-at least most models. But your site has given me new hope and I guess I can build on that! Thanks so much!!! :)


Hi, I am 15 and I have been freaking out because my nipples point down but now I know that they are still normal thanks a lot :)

Thank you for putting it out there. Loved it!! I feel the same way about breastfeeding - I want to watch it, want to come to baby showers, and why is it that we're so against looking at women breastfeed? It's not something to be ashamed of.

I stumbled on your site by accident but I have to say that it was such a valuable find. I'm a 36 year old woman with small breast and I have always been insecure about their size. I have three children which I breastfed. I loved breastfeeding!!

Before I was pregnant, I was a b-cup. After breastfeeding each child, my breasts got progressively smaller and smaller. I don't usually wear bras but I bought two bras recently that were sized "not quite A" and they were too big!! Now I have big hips for my frame. (Which I love! ) I just wished to have breasts that were proportional in size. Well, I just wanted my B-cups back. Your site made me realize that I wasn't as flat chested as I thought I was. And although my breasts are small, they are nicely shaped. So, thanks for helping me to appreciate what I have even more.

Keri Shackelford

I am 17 years old 130 lbs, but my breasts are small. I can never find a bra that fits just right so I always wear push ups. But it's summer and I went bathingsuit shopping today. I'm about an A cup and look completely flat without the push up. It's strange because both my mom and sister have huge boobs like triple D's so maybe mine will grow eventually, but they might just have big boobs because they are also very overweight. I was actually browsing the internet looking for ways to make my breasts larger, I was considering going on the pill or getting some kind of pills for it. But after finding this web site I'm starting to feel better. I have other pretty features I don't need to have bigger boobs to feel pretty. Thanks for helping my self esteem.

I have got a lot of knowledge about the appearance of different sizes of shapes of breasts otherwise we only know about the use of it in movies as sex symbol or supplying milk to children.
I am an obese 43 years old woman who has never been pregnant and having a larger breast , recently I heard the word sagging of breast for the first time and thought that my breasts are also sagging due to their bigger size but after watching so many pictures I realize that they are big with a 40D size but not much sagging.
For this I am thankful to you as I am no more concerned about it.

I constantly agonized over my breasts. I'm a 34DD, or E depending on the bra, but I'm only 5'1" and 140 pounds. I always felt like my breasts look comically large compared to the rest of my body, and that they were saggy and downright offensive to look at. But that was because I had no point of reference. Those girls plastered all over porn covers and pop-up ads and all the porn stars are making money selling their abnormally good looks, and endowments. They are not the majority, and I came to that realization while I was browsing your site. Too much emphasis is placed on breasts because of our sexually driven society. It's very refreshing to find a website dedicated to teaching others that their breasts aren't as strange as they think.

So anyway, thank you for this website. It's really helped me regain my confidence. :)

Hello there,

My Name Is Jessica and I stumbled across the site by accident.
I just had to comment and let you all know how WONDERFUL this site is. Because of it I no longer feel self conscious about my breasts and it has given me such a sense of pride in being a woman. My soon to be husband and I have been planning on having our first children and I must also say that the information on breast feeding as been so refreshing! I was amazed to find out those facts about formulas. We both have agreed that I will be breastfeeding until our children decide to wean on their own. Thank you for all the information you give on the site! It is so very helpful!

Hoping all the best, Jess

I am a female, 21, with B/C cups which I always thought were too pointed and had giant nipples, but now I see that I am just like so many other girls! Actually, I was pregnant once but had to do an abortion because the fetus was not viable :( However, then my breasts started producing milk! It was a very weird and scary experience, because there was nobody who could use that milk. I did an internet search and learned that this is normal, too- after removal of the fetus, the body's hormones activate the milk-producing glands automatically. After that, my breasts sagged somewhat, but now I'm taking a herbal supplement supposed to boost your hormones, and it really works. My breasts became rounder and firmer, I'm really happy about them- and now, after looking at your website, I'm completely satisfied with them and would NEVER, EVER consider implants!
I also think that your information on breastfeeding in public is very useful- I wasn't sure about it's legal status, but kind of assumed it is legal. I actually think it is a PERVERSION to think about breasts in a sexual way when there's a baby involved. I am for desexualization of breasts- they should not be considered more sexual than the stomach, or arms, or the neck, etc. In my ideal world all women would also have a right to go topless, because I feel that otherwise it is actually a discrimination principled on social image. In many countries women can go topless wherever they want, and nobody is concerned or offended with that, because nobody sees breasts as a sexual part of the human body.
Thanks for running!

What a great website! This is a great confidence booster for those of us with normal, beautiful breasts who never see our "type" in the media. Thank you so much for making this available!


Dear Maria,

Thank you for the website. Many thanks also to the women who posted photos and disclosed their insecurities, although who posted complaints about what looked quite perky breasts made me feel a bit sad about my own. I particularly liked the pictures showing the breasts at different time of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weaning. I also would like to thank the men who posted to the site, although those who posted that they preferred small breasts were a bit painful to read. I am 32 and I am breastfeeding my 10 month-old daughter. I just noticed last week that my breasts have changed: they sit lower on my chest. I thought it unattractive and felt sad that my husband might like my body less. I felt like crying. So I found your website and what has helped me most was to see real breasts (when can we see them otherwise?), to read women commentaries about not so perky breasts and saying that they loved them anyway, to read that some men found real breasts beautiful too (thank you, Kirk), and to also to read that weight loss and exercise might help a little bit (thank you, Lexa). I can't say I now feel good about myself but I feel way better and more ready to accept the changes pregnancy did to my body. There’s a long way ahead and, thanks to you, I am on the right track.


I just want to say that I love your site! Personally, I am very small chested. I wear a bra size that I didn't even know existed: Nearly A. I'm 17 years old and around 5'1", 95 pounds. I'm really thin and petite, so while a small bust size fits me, I've fallen prey more than once to the magazines and TV ads with busty women with impossible waist sizes, and thought myself unattractive.

I also want to give my thanks to all the ladies that have sent in their pictures. You're all very brave, and I'm thinking about sending a picture myself! This sight had me grinning in minutes of reading it, and I'm very grateful to those of you men that have commented on not minding small breasts. This site has really made me feel better about what I see in the mirror.

HiyaB 20 year old girl from the UK, here. I hate my boobs- have done for years now. I've never let a man see mine, they're a C and definitely not as perky as you see in the magazines. When I start to feel down about them, as I do every so often, I visit your website. I look at the pictures of other womens breasts and then look at mine and think, hey, it's not so bad. I'm pretty normal. And even though I don't think I'll ever accept them fully, you help avert an emotional crisis for me every few months. Thank you so much for working so hard on this website and showing women we all really are worth it.

I'm a nineteen-year-old who weighs 222.8lbs (recently lost 92.2lbs) and wears anything between a D and a DDD, depending on the brand. I have back pain from my breasts' weight, especially now that I have less tummy and I become more unbalanced. Also, I used to have personal issues with the fact that my breasts are flat, with downward-facing, tiny nipples and huge areolas. I read that it was a stage in development and that breasts should be rounded by age eighteen or so. But when I saw pictures of adult women with the same breasts, I stopped worrying, and I began to really love my breasts. It was also good to hear from other women who have back pain because of their large breasts. When I am done losing weight and have settled into one size, I plan to splurge and buy myself some really good, supportive bras!

Thanks again. What a great website.


I just wanted to thank everyone for their openness, and honesty about such a personal issue. I am 28, I stand 5"11" ad I wear a 36H. Bra shopping is internet or boutique based, either way its expensive and sometimes both upsetting and exciting.
Getting a properly fitting bra is vital for our body images, self confidence as well as health. If your breasts sit where they are supposed to, you are less likely to have as many problems. Moisturizing the breasts are important (just don't put lotion on the nipples).
Embracing what God has given you starts and ends within ourselves, and if you love yourself, others will too! I have gone through phases in my life. At one point I wore nothing but oversized sweaters to hide my breasts, to wearing low cut and revealing shirts. Now, I have a happy medium, and I LOVE my breasts. Being a woman is an incredible journey, embracing my bust has really helped me feel better as a woman, and sights like this help in that process!
Happily endowed!

I'm 14, and have always been quite comfortable with my veiny, slightly far-apart and a bit saggy B-cup breasts (if anything, I wish they were smaller), but it's sad to me that the media constantly bombards young girls and women with images of perfect, perky breasts and smooth, noticeable cleavage on every high-gloss page of every high-fashion magazine, forcing them to believe that what they look like is not "right" or "normal," much less beautiful. It's even more sad to me that the people who make women and girls (guys, too!) believe this from an early age either don't notice or don't care that they are part the reason so many people suffer from anorexia, bulimia, and depression caused by serious body image issues. Your website,, is absolutely wonderful for anyone doubting their normality, or even if they are "good enough". I hope that people will find it and be reminded that they are beautiful, and of course "normal" no matter how big, small, perky, saggy, close together, far apart, veiny, stretch-marked, lumpy, smooth, pale, or dark their breasts are.



First, let me say that your web site is excellent in that it shows many sizes and shapes of breasts exist and that they are all beautiful in their own way.

I find that all of the women I have known in my life do not understand how attractive their breasts are. Every one, and I mean every one of them has been unhappy with their breasts for some reason.

Let me say this, “do not read what magazines preach” and love what you have. No one is perfect. Believe that and enjoy what you have, and do not be afraid to show or share them as you feel appropriate.

My wife is a 44DD and has very large areola. I find her breasts to be beautiful. She does not, and wishes they were a different shape. I have lived with her being unable to come to grips with the fact that she does not look like someone in the many magazine images. It affects a lot of things we do, unfortunately, but I find that by giving her positive reinforcement everyday that at least she is comfortable sharing them with me. I appreciate her and her beautiful breasts very much.

If you are married to someone you love, tell him/her everyday how beautiful you think they are. If you do not, then why did you marry him/her in the first place?

Happy New Year to all! Breasts are beautiful, and so are the women that have them.

Thank you for the website. I am 20 and have sagging breasts. I thought I was abnormal and have been depressed about this for a very long time.
My ex-boyfriend did not like my breasts and broke up with me because they are saggy.
After looking at this website, I am feeling so much better and comfortable about myself, and proud that I did not go ahead with breast lift surgery. Thanks once again.


Really, you've changed my mind or my point of view in this subject. I've been married for 12 years and I asked myself, "Where are these women? Are there normal women or just for tv? I mean these women with lovely breasts." But I can see now that this is false. You made me change the way I look at my wife.
I love you all.
Thanks again.
Mohamed Ali. Cairo

Thank you, thank you for your wonderful website!

I am fifteen years old. I have always been insecure about my breasts because I have flat nipples that form pointy mounds on my breasts unless I'm cold (then they look "normal" with a flat areola and protruding nipples). I thought they were very ugly and I thought no one else had them until I visited your website.

I also thought that my breasts were rather saggy without a push-up bra because I was so used to seeing perfectly round perky airbrushed boobs on lingerie models that were parallel to their armpits. My breasts settle about midway between my armpits and elbow without bra and I have since learned that this isn't saggy at all. I have also learned that very, very few breasts are naturally that round and perky. This makes me feel a lot better!

Your website inspired me to take pride in my breasts! I threw away my old saggy cotton bras that I have been wearing since I was thirteen and went bra shopping with my mum and got some nice new ones in 34C. They fit me much better than my old 34Bs and they actually really help support and lift them as opposed to my old bras which squashed my poor boobs and actually made them look lumpier than they actually are.

I love my breasts now. I think they're the perfect size for my five foot four inch frame. I used to be afraid that they were too big and that I was fat, but now I know that it's just because I just have an hourglass frame. At 120 lbs, my doctor has assured me that I am not overweight, which is a great relief (it's so ridiculous that I was surprised to learn that I was not fat).

When my best friend and I went bikini-shopping last summer, she confided in me that she was very insecure about her small breasts. She's quite petite at five feet and zero inches and she's always been a little underweight at 85 lbs. I of course recommended this website immediately. She too feels much more confident!

Do you see all the amazing things your website has helped to make happen? I am sure that my best friend and I are not the only teenage girls who have experienced revelations upon finding your website. Please keep up the good work, and thanks again!

As a man, I do love your site. It is a wonderful resource. I come back here often. I do love breasts (all breasts - tiny through to large). I am sure that is a programmed response. But the issue really is what I do with that. My responsibility is to treat every person I meet with respect. As you say, a woman's neck, nose, eyes, hips and legs can all be beautiful and attractive. It would be just as inappropriate to stare at a woman's neck as to stare at her breasts. That doesn't mean I can't notice the beauty in her neck respectfully just as I can notice the beauty in her breasts with respect.

There is one aspect of the obsession issue I don't think you cover though (please correct me if I have missed it). That aspect has to do with the very biological function of breasts. I was breastfed but I think the same applies to boys and men who were not. We see breasts as nurturing and comforting.

I think the same applies to young girls. Breasts are powerful symbols of mother. Girls however grow into women and develop breasts themselves and with that the ability to physically nurture.

As men, we become separated from the breasts that offered us nurture and from all breasts. As the girls we knew as children grow into women, their breasts become powerful symbols of our separation from them. We yearn for intimacy but our sexuality gets in the way. In our (Western) culture I think we develop a subconscious thought that if we can see a woman's breasts we can achieve intimacy with her. At its heart that is what I think breast obsession is about. Of course also in our culture, men can't talk about that. And we certainly can't admit our weakness in yearning for intimacy. We also can't admit the power that breasts (as symbols of womanhood) have over us. So we do what we feel we are good at. We attempt to dominate. We attempt to put women in their place. We attempt to say or think we have power over women to make them show us their breasts when we want them to. I think this is why there is so much angst about breastfeeding in public. How dare women expose their breasts without any motive other than to please us. What's worse is that when a woman is breastfeeding we can see her breasts but it is in a totally non-sexual context. We see her breasts and think sexual thoughts but immediately punish ourselves for thinking these thoughts in the context of such a beautiful and innocent act (as breastfeeding.) We also punish ourselves for introducing sexual thoughts into the relationship between mother and child and hence subconsciously involving the child in a sexual act.

None of this of course can be our fault (so our thinking goes.) So it must be the woman's fault for exposing her breasts in the act of breastfeeding. It is not us (men) who need to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions (again according to this thinking.) No, it is women who must be punished and humiliated for making us think the way we do.

I could go on on this topic, but I think that might be enough for now.

best regards

I just want to thank you I have been really insecure about my breasts. My cousin who is younger than me has much larger breasts than me and I was really insecure but after being on your site I feel more confident. Thank You

Hi, I'm a teenager and before coming to your site I was extremely insecure about my breasts. I just wanted to write an email to say thank you for all of the information and reassurances you provide on your website, because it helped me to accept and be happy with my breasts for what they are, and provided me with information I wanted to know about them. It's also nice to see a website promoting breasts as a tool and a part of the female body, rather than as a sex toy or as another thing we have to be worried about.

Thanks :)

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your contribution to the net. It is so difficult finding content on women's bodies that is not sexualized or used for the benefit of the sexualization of women's bodies. Your site is wonderful and helps women come to terms with their own bodies as well as promotes health and and confidence. Thank you, once again.

Dear 007b crew:

I am really glad you are trying to combat some of the trash the media is generating.
I have a sister who really could have used your advice when were coming up in the 80's & it didn't help the overall teen-age spirit when the local radio stations all referred Dolly Parton as "Dolly Boom Boom", & some still do.
But aside from this, you also point out the greater importance of letting someone make today's woman feel important, regardless of her looks, before during & after she has lived her life.
As Siskel & Ebert was often quoted,

"Two Thumbs Up Way Up,"


Great site. Wonderful approach. I am a (soon to be) 72 year young male with two grand daughters. I referred your site to my son in case either of the girls needed any asurance. He said they had raised them with no/minimal body image problems but he bookmarked the site in case the need came up.


Hi maria.

First of all - I love your site - and not for the obvious reasons (read further *S*). I'm a 29 year old man, who has been trying to work towards getting the females I know to love their body and stray away from the model image.

I was raised very liberal and come from an area in Denmark where all girls are topless on the beach, and thus saw at firsthand how these same girls throughout my childhood and youth, was much much more accepted of their body.

Moved to another part of Denmark, namely a big city, and suddenly saw that people had a very differend self-image here. Then I met a girl (whom I'm now married to, and have 2 small kids with) who was raised as an Orthodox Christian, and also had a breast reduction operation. This means that she still doesn't like her body - often complains about it. I try to help her away from the self sexual image she has from her parents, and try to help her like her own breasts - as they are not ugly - but most important - they are hers, and I feel that she should love them!

I always think about how I could help promote a better self-image for girls - now I have 2 small ones I need to make sure that will love themselves and their body as they grow up :)

Best regards

I found myself getting choked up with emotion while viewing your site. I am 35 and am breastfeeding my 4th son. My first 3 sons were breastfed at least 1 year apiece, and I will nurse my 4th son at least one year as well.

I, too, have been critical of my breasts through the years. However, through breastfeeding, I have developed a sense of pride in what my body can do. What my body was designed to do. It makes me cry to see all these women and read their comments. In a sense, I am glad I had all boys. It is too hard to grow up being female and constantly sexualized and critiqued.

Thank you for creating the website.

I practice as GP and sometimes I bound to examine the breast. In our community number of female doctors is few. Thanks for your informative web page. I recommended many of my young educated patients to visit your site.

Dr. Motiul
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi, I'm 24 years old. I grew up being told by my mom that my breasts were grotesquely deformed. She said my breasts were like hers, only mine have never grown as big as hers were. She had to have medically ordered reduction surgery. But, she never let up on telling me mine are gross. In my late teens and very early twenties, I had it in my mind not to let my husband see mine until our wedding night then he'd be contracted to their freakishness for eternity. However, my husband saw them before we were married. And he, who was into porn before me and lusted after "perfect" breasts, has only cherished them since he first saw them. I couldn't get over what my mom had engraved into my brain even though he repeatedly stressed they were perfect to him because they were mine. After I accidently went to a porn site, in my emotional distress God brought me to your web-site. As soon as I saw the photos of normal breasts and read all you had to say, I've only agreed with my man: they are gorgeous and immaculate for me!!! Thank you so extraordinarily much for this place I "accidently" came to!!!

Angelic Ashley J

Thank you for what really is a life-changing website.

I wish I had access to this when I was younger. Like many others I have spent years repelled by my lovely breasts, (I am crying as I write this), feeling like a total freak because we live in a world that destroys women and girls fragile self-esteem by placing massive expectations on breast shape and size, when in reality there is little, asides from surgery, that can be done about what we are born with.

This site has helped me almost instantly to realise what a waste of my time my feelings of low self worth have been. We MUST be proud of every inch of what and who we are. I have spent many years hunched over, in a bid to somehow detract attention away from my top half....NO MORE! from this day on I am going to stand up and walk tall and be PROUD of myself because its what I deserve and it is what every single woman out there deserves, whether she has beautiful small breasts. gorgeous big breasts, perfectly formed aysymmetrical breasts....the list goes on and on and why? because we're all different, varied and FABULOUS.

There is so much more to us than our breasts, and there is so much more to our breasts than what they do or supposedly don't offer in the way of pleasure to men. We have to reclaim their meaning and image back for ourselves. Right Now.

I just have to say! I am in love with your site! It is absolutely incredible how empowering and reassuring the information and pictures that are on this site. This is such a hard topic because it always hush-hush but this site just brought it out in the open, like riping the band-aid off the sore...when in fact there wasn't a sore there! This site is amazing! Thank you so much, thank you women who post their breasts! I admire you.


I am a man who loves women. My pals and some women friends constantly poke fun of funny looking or unattractive women and men.

I look at movie stars and celebrities and, while they may look good, most of them are manufactured.

Ladies, be proud of what you have. God perfected man when he created women. I am no Tom Cruise and I don't have arms like Arnold or endowed like John Holmes. I enjoy looking at women and breasts of all sizes are attractive. Any man who would ask his woman to enlarge her boobs is a boob himself.

Breasts help sustain life as God gave them to you. They can foster a relationship and they are just fine the way they are.

Enjoy life. Be proud.


Sites like this are so wonderful. Women can come here and feel empowered. They can see that the feelings they are experiencing are quite normal, that the body they have been blessed with is so naturally perfect. That who they really are is so much more than what society tells them they have to be. Power to you girls for you are mothers, sisters, lovers and so beautiful in every form. My love for women only grows as I learn more and more that my role is to cherish you all for who you really are, whatever that is.

Thank you for being you, Ladies.
Scotty Zee


I just want to say Thank You so much for creating such a wonderful website. I'm 41 years old and I always hated my breasts. I would dress in the dark. I guess I gave into what the media said breast should be perky and perfect. Since mine weren't I felt hideous and ashamed. Your website opened my mind and eyes...Thank You

Thanks for such a wonderful site where women from all over the globe can share views together specially far away from the much hyped media and pronographic pictures which make breast as mere pieces of flesh to flaunt away. I would rather love to volunteer for this cause in case someone can share with me how to send my pics for this site as it has made me confident of what I am and inform me that I am normal.
29 yrs India

Just wanted to comment and let you know how helpful this site is. Thanks to the media I've also been self-conscious about my breast size and it's so refreshing to be able to have such an informative pictoral site to remind the world what true, NATURAL beauty is. At 5'10" and 125lbs with a 32B chest I've struggled between feeling like the awkward tall skinny girl or having a height and weight that I've been told could 'be on the runway.' I've realized that a lot of women with my same height/weight have even smaller breasts than I do, and I'm just thankful that I can still 'pull them off' and look proportionate. It's incredible how one breast size can look COMPLETELY different... just depending on your frame or structure, even a 34AA can look very feminine and sexy. I don't know if I've stopped growing now at age 21 or not, as the females in my family have much larger breasts; and I don't care either way. I'm happy with myself and I truly think that this site will help others feel the same about themselves as well.


I just want to thank you for this website. It is wonderful. I have been breastfeeding almost non-stop for the past 3 years. My daughter who is 20 months old is still nursing and will be for a while. I am bra-less now and I feel empowered. I love my breasts now and I wish that every woman did. Thank you again for putting this website up.


Hi. I'm 17 years old and I have an extremely hard time finding a comfortable, fitting bra because I have a particularly small band size and tiny shoulders but a large cup size. I know many young people today are influenced by TV and advertisements, but in reality, big breasts aren't all that great. They're actually very difficult to deal with most of the time, and if you have a small figure like me, will get you lots of unwanted attention, even if you wear very modest clothes. To secure one's large breasts, one must either resort to painful underwire or deal with drooping sports bras that allow your breasts to fall on your stomach when you sit down - I have these problems and my breasts aren't even nearly as saggy as some of the pictures on your site. In short, the obsession with big breasts needs to stop. They're more a pain than a blessing, and size shouldn't matter in love or in childbearing. As long as it works, who cares?

Thank you for your site. Coming from a family still carrying a heavy Canadian influence (and many relatives still in Canada) what a breast looked like was never a mystery to me. My siblings and I would often go to visit our cousins over the summer, we would spend 3 weeks with them in Canada, and they would return and spend 3 weeks with us in the states. Up north, women are often topless while swimming or sunning. My cousins always wondered when they would come down to us, why all but 5 or 6 women would be covered when we went to the beach. So I haven't had the same lust for breasts that most American men have.
It always bothered me when my girlfriend (now wife of 10 years) would wonder aloud why I would be with someone as unattractive as her. She would say how ugly she was and how ugly her breasts were. I couldn't say they were ugly, I hadn't even seen them yet. While we were dating I attributed some of that to her strict Baptist upbringing, but even after our wedding she was shy about being topless in my presence. Her shyness only got worse after having children, and breastfeeding all three. It wasn't until she came across your site a little over a year ago she finally opened up and became truly comfortable with her body.
I really do want to thank you and all the women who have contributed to this site for helping my wife accept and love the body she has been given.

Your site inspired me, pleased me, and made me sad. I love breasts - but I love every single one - and even if there were a single one - or none, as a consequence of surgery. I wish the women who are depicted and the women who see these pages could realize that there are millions of men - and women - like I am - who appreciate every size and anomaly.

In my case, perhaps because I am an artist, I especially care for the unusual - too big, too small, asymmetrical, oddly shaped, big dark areolae, little tiny ones, big nipples, inverted nipples, stretch marks.

It would be a simplification and an untruth to say that I have not turned my head when a particular shape has walked by. But there are many lessons in life. My girlfriend is what is referred to as flat. But she is pretty, alert, intelligent, compassionate, witty, considerate - and each one of those trumps a Playmate's empiricism. She asked about implants and I said please no.

We live in the dash: between the year we are born and the year we die. We can live and thrive there and make enormous discoveries about existence and relationships, or we can go to some Beverly Hills surgeon and have him carve us into someone's else idea of what we should look like. ( I acknowledge that there are very real deformities that plastic surgery can undo - but if you think you are going to be a better, smarter, wiser, more interesting, or complex human being because of augmentation, well, not around me. )

With affection - especially for anyone who has struggled with self image because of men.


Hello Maria,

I love your website! I stumbled upon it today while vainly searching for a website about skin care. In reading the content and reading some comments I have this to say: I've had breasts since I was 8 years old (nope you didn't read that wrong) and I'm 27 now. I don't ever recall having perky breasts. If they every were, I just don't remember because I was too busy being a kid. They have never been more than a C at their largest, they have always just been there.

When I was 18 I had a child, and I thought my breasts were flat before that! My breasts are covered in stretch marks and will never return to where they came from; the lament of many women. I've considered implants over the years, but am morally opposed to them, for myself that is. I don't think I should have to change MY body to be socially palatable. We American's need to change our perspective, perhaps become a bit more European, see the beauty in every body and in everybody.

Thanks, Erica

Bravo! I am a 31 year old mama of two boys. I nursed them both and am happy that I did so. I completely agree with the fact that American or Western men in general are completely fascinated with breasts...and it's not common throughout the world. My 2 year old boy is still fascinated by my breasts because he told me that he remembers "when I was your hungry baby you gave me your boobie so I wouldn't be hungry anymore... yep, you sure did!". LOL! I also nursed in public. I also make a point to praise women I see nursing in public. Bravo again!


i love, love, LOVE this site! I cannot say it enough! I wish like anything that I had had access to this information when I had my oldest son, 8 years ago. I was 18, and while I knew the benefits of breastfeeding and did try for awhile, it was physically painful and mentally uncomfortable and I got little encouragement and a nasty infection. I weaned after 2 1/2 months because I was in so much pain that I cried if I THOUGHT the baby was hungry! when my 2nd son was born, I tried again, and while it lasted longer (4 months) and hurt less, I had to go back to work and, well, waitressing on 3rd shift was not exactly conducive to ease of nursing. my 3rd son was a whole different kid, and while i, again, tried nursing, HE didn't take to it. we later found out he is autistic and has MAJOR sensory issues that make it uncomfortable for him to be held in any fashion. I should have tried pumping and bottlefeeding, but I was exhausted and almost grateful for the break. less than 2 years later, he came son #4, and finally, FINALLY, the ease and happiness that I had always thought breastfeeding would bring. he nursed exclusively for 7 months, then started on solids and weaned himself at 1 year, exactly. the last time I nursed him was his birthday. he refused to nurse after that, so I guess it was his own internal clock. the funny thing is, now I miss it! I wish I had been able to get him to nurse a little longer, he's so busy now and has so much running around to do (he's 2), that I miss the quiet times, just cuddling him and nursing. I wish I had known more and tried harder with the older boys, too. (i had some problems with nursing in public too, comments and such, but that is a whole different letter!) anyway, sorry for the long-winded ramble, but it's nice to talk freely about it. none of my friends but 1 breastfed at all, nor any family but my own mom, and I always got a lot of "why are you putting yourself (or us) through this, just give the kid a bottle like other moms" nonsense from people I knew. ok! i'll stop! promise! just... THANK YOU for this site!


I browsed through your website and believe me its superb site. Building confidence in women and also making men realize that watever comes on electronic media is fake. AND NOT REAL!!!

Keep this site up and upgraded on regular basis. I will love to visit it often.


I am so thankful for your website. I never really thought about the natural use of breasts. People put such a focus on breasts simply as a thing of beauty. And I suppose that is true to a certain extent. The way a mother can provide for her child really is a beautiful thing. Breasts are beautiful in and of themselves too. I think we take one of two sides--either they are for breastfeeding or they are just sexual. I believe there is a happy balance. I have always been self-conscious of my breasts. I'm 19 and size 32A. I'm getting married in 6 months and I was so afraid of what my fiance would think of them. From the things I read on your website I have become happy with myself and that makes him more happy with me. I have small breasts, but they will still feed my children someday (hopefully). And they are what I would call perfectly normal. Sure, they are small in some people's eyes. But they are symetrical, the areolas are perfect, I have no stretch marks, and they don't sag. They are normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you for what you have done for me through your website.

Thank God for this site. I'm doing a project for my English class (How to find the right sized bra) Yes that's right, I'm talking about bras and breasts in school. Your site has so much information I could just hug you!

I was reading the comments, am I the only one reading this site who's not a D!!! (36C) But, thank God for this site or I'd still think I was a 38B, hurray! And to whoever made that comment about Oprah, I have to agree with you that that show helped so much, I'm actually citing that episode for my project (off her website)!! so thank God for Oprah too!
Thanks again!

<3 Sam

hello there... thanks for educating the public on the importance of breastfeeding and the need to abandon any sexual obsession on women's breasts. True, breasts aren't meant as sexual organs, but are used in feeding newborn infants after millions of years of mammal or human evolution intended them.

The reason for this huge taboo or restrictions in America concerning women's breasts and sexuality as a whole, is our puritanical religious roots when the United States was established by strict societal mores on the human body, including "private parts".

The taboo is slowly but surely gonna vanish in Europe, despite over 1,000 years of this morality directed against anything of an anatomical or sexual nature, mostly against women in the name of maschist sexism brought upon the last days of the Roman Empire.

Indigenous peoples around the world are less ashamed of exhibiting breasts or don't necessarily wear clothing unless when climate and working conditions require them to.

I also blame the media and their hypocrisy in generating a not-so-positive portrayal of women as sex objects.

...We need to raise men to respect a woman's body and cherish her for her mind, heart and soul. I'm aware, but glad women have babies, but men must be there to assist their wifes during pregnancy and never view her as something "ugly" or "non-sexy" woman. I truly think pregnancy and body changes are natural feminine traits. I never knew why God designed men and women the way they are, but it takes two to make a baby and women by nature are made to carry babies (this isn't a sexist statement, but an observed biological fact).

American culture is one of the least open in sexuality, but has generated a manipulative psychopathic attitude on women's body parts that only produce more sexual abuse and misogynistic treatment in a country that should be free, open and equal, with no regard to gender. +


I feel compelled to write and tell you what a revelation your site has been to me. I am a healthy, intelligent 35 year old woman who has a wonderful husband and a job I value as a health professional. Despite all this I have just finished a very tearful phone call with my husband because he was upset that I did not wish to attend a formal evening function with him. The reason, I eventually (and tearfully) admitted, was that I couldn't stand trying to buy and wear a dress as I had such a low opinion of my figure. Actually of my breasts. I am small framed with large asymetric breasts. They have been a source of shame, pain, self loathing, discomfort and humiliation for me since they first appeared on my 12 year old sporty tomboyish body. I was actually looking for cosmetic surgery sites when I linked to yours. I thank you so much for the revelation; for the first time in my life I have realised that I have been judging myself by very cosmetic and sexual standards and responding to facile or misguided comments largely, but not exclusively, from the opposite sex. The only person I didn't take any notice of was my husband. When I commented to him in the phone call that I hated my breasts his reply was quite simple; "but I love them".

Between that wonderful man and your wonderful website I believe that a truth has been revealed to me: Us women have breasts, time to love them and use them for milk, comfort and delight. Time to stop being ashamed.

Thank you,

T. B.

This is a subject that, quite obviously, is difficult for most to achieve, mentally and emotionally. I have been concerned with appearance of mine since I was 13 and they burst onto the scene of my life without my having any preparation or knowing what to expect. I am 49 years of age and just now I am learning to be happy with my body, in general, but more specifically, happy that I no longer feel the need to meet the "American Standard" of what a breast should be, as perpetuated by the fashion and porn industry.

What an excellent site this is and a good teaching tool for those needing to get balance on this very intimate subject. And, speaking of balance, in this particular, it's okay if we're not . . . quite (smile).

Thank you very much. M

I was looking online for bras when I found your site (from Bust Looking through this site brings up a lot of emotions. I'm a 40 y.o. female who is childless, and never been married. I also have a large bust size, ever since I was a teenager. Because I've gained 60 lbs in 20 years (I'm 5'6" and 199 lbs), my bust is now 46D. Currently I'm on a macrobiotic diet and I've lost about 9 pounds.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with bra straps that dig. Back pain. Nasty comments from nasty men (I'm glad the men on this site have some brains). I would like to have breast lift surgery, when I can afford it.

Turning 40 has made me think a lot about life, death, children (biological, adopted, or foster). I remember when my mother would tell me about how, as a suckling baby, I used to bite her breasts. Of course I asked her, "If I bit you, why did you continue to breast feed me? Why didn't you use a bottle?". She wouldn't say anything. The point was to shame me, and that worked. It still does, because I don't like my breast size or the idea of breastfeeding an infant. Logically, I know that human breasts are to feed infants; but I would be ashamed to do it because I don't like the large size of my breasts; they're too big!

Plus breastfeeding is backward and country. All that slave shite. That's what slave women had to do, suckle their own children AND white children (I'm African American, and I can write a thesis on how our bodies have been/are being exploited used, and degraded).

I obviously have a lot of problems. I've discussed this with the women's group I attend. I also need to forgive my mother, forgive my female ancestors for doing what they HAD to do in a country that saw them as breed animals with no souls, and to forgive myself.


As a nineteen year-old with 34B very saggy breasts, I have frequented sites about normal breast development since about age 12 when I first suspected mine weren't right. There are many sites out there ostensibly addressing girls' concerns about breasts, but I found that they only talk about breasts too big, breasts too small. These sites further depressed me because my problem didn't even fit into their categories of abnormality! I am slim in my upper body and waist but quite heavily set around my buttocks and thighs; according to all other breast Web sites, I should be having trouble with breasts too large because of my otherwise-curvy body. Instead I have always had small, sort of conical, sagging breasts with large areolas and extremely tiny nipples. This Web site is the first I have found that addresses all types of breasts--truly all types. I am so appreciative and moved to tears by the site, the pictures of natural breasts, and by the comments left by other women who feel bereft of all sexuality and places in society as women because of their breasts. I am very insecure in relationships because of my breasts. This Web site has helped me take the first step in getting over my insecurity and finding someone whom I can believe when he says I am beautiful.
Thank you so much for the information and support.


I've been meaning to thank you for your suggested site on breasts. Really, I agree with all the healthy perspective information provided, but still have a hard time when I look in the mirror, or try to fit clothing. I want a fuller bust, for me, because I like the way it looks, and feel (remembering from nursing all those years). My hubby is so loving, so supportive, so not concerned with my bra size, but I just haven't been able to shake this for nearly 15 years. So, I'm trying to deal with my feelings, and sort through the reasons, make an informed and healthy choice about what to do.

But I really really like your site. I've never seen so much info on breasts all in one place in my entire life! Thank you for sending it my way. It does help to get a look at some healthy women with healthy breasts, not pumped up with silicone!

Allison Tannery

hi, I'm 16 and I started developing when I was 10. Ever since they've been really droopy and I've tried everything to try and perk them up but nothing's worked. I've never had a real boyfriend in case that he might see my breasts. I never show them to anyone, and I wish they were different. I was a premie baby and bacause of that I only have one layer of skin on my breasts and you can see the veins which I really hate. Is there anyway that you know of that can fix this problem? Thanks for listening, Rose.

Hello Rose,
You are not alone in worrying about the sagging issue, and we have a whole page dedicated to that issue.

Also reading the page Breast Development might be helpful to you.

And, it's not true that being a premie made you have only one layer of skin on your breasts. Rest assured, you do have all the normal layers of skin on your breasts and everywhere else too. It's not possible to NOT have a certain layer of skin.

What it is, your skin is just more light, more pale than other people's. You probably have pale skin all over you, not just on your breasts, right? And that is why a vein can be seen thru the skin.

If you suntan and get a nice tan, then the veins won't be seen as easily. You might have to go to a topless beach to do that, though. I don't know if you have any near you. Of course it's a winter now anyway : )

Many other women have veins showing on their breasts, and especially when they're breastfeeding. You're not unique in that sense. It's nothing to worry about.

I went through years of comments about me having small boobs. Always from people who were media-trained. My friend was brought up with rude newspapers around and my brother-in-law would feed his mind on those too and also porn (not much in it...all displaying women as large breasted sex objects!) and most embarrassing comments were made to me on a constant basis. "Never mind, you might grow some one day!" or "What's that one your chest? A couple of fried eggs?" etc etc. ....very painful and I began to resent the media more and more...people's obsession with breasts can only be tolerable to people with large breasts. The rest of us just suffer daily. When even shopping with your family is a nightmare because of the material that offends your eyes all over the back magazine shelf then it is time to stop the madness and make nude breasts inaccessible to the general public!!

..look into fenugreek and saw palmetto. These are great for enhancing and enlarging. You need rather high dosages of both though (and there are one or two others that help) so be prepared to spend money...but at least it is not making your boobs out of plastic and is only causing your body to continue with what it started off when you were a teenager. Mine are a lot nicer now and I have breast fed 4 public too if I wanted to!! (though I was not obscene with it and just acted natural about the whole thing. I had one guy near me in a restaurant who tutted!! Yet he had a newspaper with some cheap tart on it showing her entire bare breasts to him!!) The herbal way of enlarging has many other benefits too including better hair and skin. Also, massage - it doesn't have to be with thouse expensive creams but a nice coconut oil or something works really well and stimulates the growth and tighter skin.

I feel so much better than I used to and no one mentions my size now. But I still don't wish to show them off to just anyone. I love them for being mine. I love my husband and I love his reaction to them. I don't need others to react to them. I am happier that they do not react at all in any way. That way I feel as if they really are just part of my body to others. They look at my face when I am speaking and are not comparing nipples. It is perfect!!


Note: Not everyone has success with herbal breast enlargement. See also Breast Questions and Answers.

Big breasts aren't necessarily better:
I was reading the Q&A, and I was noticing how all these girls seemed to want bigger breasts. Well, bigger isn't better. I'm 18, and I started getting breasts in about 4th-5th grade. I was a C-cup by 7th grade, and DD freshman year. Now, I'm between a DDD and a DDDD, and I've been getting backaches, sometimes severe ones, for the past year. My shoulders hurt from my bra straps, and it's extremely difficult to find clothing, and I have to shop in specialty bra stores. I will probably end up with a breast reduction for medical reasons. Guys stare at my breasts, and don't look at my face. To all those girls out there, I'd LOVE to be smaller. Don't beg for huge breasts- it REALLY isn't worth it.


Hi I'm 15 years old and I feel insucure about my breast size. I would really like to have cleavage without pushing my breasts together. I am a size 34 B, but I don't want to have to big of breasts. I weigh 110 lbs and I'm 5 foot 5. Would you have any advice on how I can have cleavage without taking breast enhancing pills or having plastic sergery done? Or maybe I could change or add something to my diet?

Thank You

Cleavage isn't something women have naturally. Breasts don't naturally have any cleavage, period. It is an artificial fashion idea. The only way you get 'cleavage' is with bras - or maybe with implants. Look at Breast gallery pictures.

hello, my name is Ohceanna and I am 14 will be 15 next year I got my period when I was 11 and my breasts are a 36A cup. Why are they not growing still? I really hate not having them. I cry day and night because all my family has them and except for me I feel so left out and different that's why I cry. But people tell me I am beautiful all the time but I still feel so left out and mad. I don't even fee like a girl because I don't have them. Please tell me something I can do or you can say to make this situation better, thanks

The 1 and only

Breasts come in all different sizes. You cannot possibly do anything to change your breast size now - it is determined in your genes. It's impossible for you to make them grow bigger. Please also read Breast development page, because it might help you lots!

Hey, even though I think the idea of your site is a good one, I'm not sure where this puts me. I know there's a lot of fixation on breasts pretty much everywhere, but if you ask me, women are more obsessed by them then men.
Which is also I believe the motivation for starting such a website, because girls, or actually if we're really honest, women of all ages get inconfident about their breast size.
I'd like to make clear that I think the idea of breast enlargement is completely ridiculous. But the truth is that I generally I would be more attracted to women with a larger breast size (i'd say about 1/3 of the men I know disagree with that and are more interested in smaller breasts). I think that's quite natural though and almost feel like I have to defend my "preferences" reading through the site. I did read the entire front page though and I am very pleased with the following line "We're saying let breasts be like legs and hips and neck and face etc. and all the other body parts" and honestly, if you ask me, that's exactly how i'd put it

Some guy from the Netherlands. (please excuse me for any incorrect or plain bad english)

I have read through your website, and thought I would offer an opinion. Small breasted women are beautiful. Large breasts are not sexier. In fact, I say the smaller the better. Please don't change a thing. Small is sexy, small is beautiful. Vince

I love this site I posted a link to it on several mom forums and I am a pro breastfeeding mom. Well my babies are still latched on at night and they are 4 and 5. We are in the weaning process but they are not ready to give up mommy's milk. I always find it ironic everyone encourges puppies and cats to feed their babies and when the animal does not take to it well they keep encouaraging, How often do you see someone run to the pet store and say we just had babies can we get some puppy formula? Too bad this is not true with humans after all lets not forget we are mammals and how do you think we became so smart in the first place I don't hear of any archiological finds where they have bottles. Humm Great Site thats what Breasts are for. Another pet peeve why do they sell every baby doll with its own bottle. Toss it Ladies your little one can lift their shirt and pretend nurse. My DD told me when she has a real baby she is going to have to give it lots of milk from her boob everyday.

I was just looking through your website because the subject of body image has always interested me. Reading through some of the comments and thoughts, I started to think about why it is that there seems to be such a difference in the opinion of those who see breasts (or any nudity) as sexual, and those who don't.

My take on the issue is that the answer is both. For example, a woman wearing no top, whilst doing the shopping or walking the dog on a hot day, to me, is not sexual, men do it, so there's no reason in my mind why women should not do likewise.

But, there are circumstances in which breasts become sexual. During sex, some women actively enjoy, and become aroused by, nipple or breast stimulation. In that light, I see no problem with saying that breasts are sexual, in the same way that ANY part of the body can be sexual given the right context.

Part of the problem as far as I can see, is down to fashion and the over sexualisation of all aspects of life. When I see a female childrens TV presenter wearing a very low cut top and a skirt so short you can see up it, well, to me, that isn't an expression of bodily freedom, its a deliberate attempt to use the body as a tool for sexual arousal. Namely, it bumps up the viewing figures...

It is impossible to say, with the one hand, that breasts or nudity or bodily exposure is not sexual, and then to use those same things as a means of sexual arousal.

We have become conditioned, especially in temperate climates, to see exposure as sexual, mainly because for 75% of the year here in the UK, people have to cover up because its cold and wet. So, over time, nudity became something that was only seen behind closed doors, thus, it became somewhat of a forbidden fruit, the naked body only being seen during sex (given that until recently, most homes had no heating).

In other countries, where it is practical to wear very little, the body is not seen in the same light as it is here, simply because it is the norm to see exposed body parts. I know that the issue of genital exposure could rear its head here, but I am guessing that the reason for genital coverage is principally practical, those parts being sensitive and vulnerable, so they need protecting.

Essentially then, the whole issue of whether a body is sexual or not, comes down to the context in which you look at it.

A doctor would see a patient as a non-sexual entity during an examination, but if when that doctor looks at his/her girlfriend/boyfriend, then the body can be, and should be, a part of the overall sex appeal of that person.

What we need is to learn this context. If we're going to allow women to walk topless with the same freedom as men, then it is important that we don't make a massive deal about it, it has to become the norm. As long as something is exceptional, it will be viewed similarly. We would probably stare at a person wearing a stuffed sheep on their head, but if we grew up in a society where it was common, we wouldn't bat an eyelid.

I would love it if women could feel they could wear as much or as little as they like, but until society stops using the body as a sexual tool, that won't happen.

....[long comment cut]



I just discovered your wonderful website and will definitely share it with my 13 year old daughter :-) .
Growing up I was very skinny and had small breasts. My mother was for ever showing off her voluptuous breasts and kept after me constantly for not showing off my breasts, the little I had. In my mother's mind, her breasts were her pride and for her own daughter not to make the most of her own was incomprehensible! As my mother gained weight and her breasts became bigger my mother started to pass down her old bras to me, telling me that hopefully I would eventually grow into them one day...this happened when I was in my early teens and already had very low self-esteem. I never grew into my mother's hand me down bras and my mother kept comparing me with my two years younger sister's breasts that quickly overtook my own breast size, asking me why I could not be more feminine like her. I did not buy my first bra until I was almost 21 and when I finally went to the stores to find one I had a very hard time finding a size thas was small enough!

Since the "bad old days" I have dated guys who seemed to have nothing against my breast size. In 1991 I got married and a year later I had my first child, a daughter, who I breast fed for 18 months without any problems. My breast size increased from AA-30 to a B-34. Due to the rapid growth I developed stretch marks on both breasts, which has since turned a faded silver in color. In 1994 I gave birth to a son whom I breastfed for 16 months, again without any problems. My sister is now 35 years old, has never had a relationship with a man and is very self-conscious about her large breasts. She is also very worried about developing breast cancer, something our mother developed in her early 50's. Last year my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized to four tumors in her brain; she was given one month to live. My mother's breast cancer was first treated by a partial mastectomy and after the cancer returned after two years she had radiation treatment. At the time of her new diagnosis of lung cancer her breast cancer had been gone for 5 years. During my mother's last month of life she lost a lot of weight and so her breasts became smaller. My mother was wery concerned with her breast size which was now the same size I had been most of my life, and she started stuffing her bra with pads. My mother was not in any pain during her last month of life, thankfully and she died suddenly and quickly, but she was constantly obsessing about her "lost" breasts...

All through my puberty I heard how unfeminine I was and how silly I was not to make the most of my small breasts (i.e. wearing tight fitting tops that would enhance the small bulge on my chest), wear make up and be more "provocative" in order to finding a boy friend. I grew up thinking that I was ugly and that no one would want me because I did not "show my assets". I love to run and I prefer to wear sports bras even when I am not running. Women still comment about running bras saying that not only do they flatten your breasts but they give the apperance of a "uni-breast" - I do not care. It is sadly not until now that I feel at peace with whom I am and the size and shape of my breasts. There is still hope for my sister to realize that she is ok too but I feel sorry for my mother, that she never could get past her obsession with hert breasts. "Breasts" is not who we are but we all have them in one shape and size or an other.

Maria from Virginia

I have had to have six surgeries to remove benign lumps from my breasts. This has left my breasts extremely scarred and has interfered with my breastfeeding my two children, even though I was able to breastfeed each child with the help of formula supplements.

After the birth of my son, I found out that my husband had paid for his ex-fiance' to have implants. I cannot explain the damage this knowledge did to my self esteem, even though he swears he tried to talk her out of it and that she was obsessed with getting the implants.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much your site helped me at the time. I was even able to write the a of satire about fake boobs, which was published by Dave Egger's press, McSweeney's.

Enjoy! And thank you very much for your website.

I'm 21 years old and since I've been old enough to notice breasts I've hated mine since they are 32 A's. I blame this hatred for my own body completely on the media but thanks to your wonderful web site I feel so much better about my breasts. I wish that the whole world would see it and realize that huge (fake ones) breasts are not the definition of beautiful breasts. I know that I will be sending your site out to all my girlfriends (and guy friends too) so that they can pass on the best breast site! Thank you so much for what you've done!!!!

Erin, Minnesota

I would like to comment on your web site. It is wonderful. It is so refreshing to see a site celebrating women who are "normal". Not some fantasy version of our mixed up world. I have been small busted all of my life and so self conscious of it to the point of looking into implant surgery so that I could feel like a sexy woman. I have breastfed 4 children with difficulty and very low milk supply. I have struggled with this issue and professionals telling me I have hypoplastic breasts, none of which have ever looked at my breasts! I now know I do not have hypoplastic breasts! I am pretty sure the majority of my breastmilk issue lies with improper latch and large consumption of parsley in a tabouli salad immediately after delivery. Parsley dries up breast milk. But I didn't get that off a professional! I found it our myself. I am now pregnant with no. 5 and anxious to get this little one on the breast. I am now proud of what God gave to me. I may be a 38A (and depressed because I have little change in breast size during pregnancy) but I have had engorgement with my prior pregnancies. Thanks for the site. I'd gladly pose for it proudly.
Suzanne Saikaly

When I was about 12 or 13, I had an incident by where my cousin grabbed both of my breasts from behind me. She grabbed me so hard that it took my breath away. Today, I am an adult woman and I have inverted nipples. In my search to understand why this occurred, I have always wondered if this incident could of caused this. I have heard that damage to the nipple bud can cause it to be inverted. I would appreciate knowing. My email is . Thanks!

Polly, Are we thinking the same or what? I was a large b cup before I had my daughter, she's 3 years old now and i'm a d cup. i'm not overweight, I just got larger after pregnancy, I didnt breastfeed. But now the pain I feel everyday and not being able to run or play sports like I want to is really bothering me. My doctor has suggested a breast reduction and I'm scheduled in 3 weeks for the surgery. I can't wait. I still don't understnad why someone pays $1,000's of dollars to have breast like this, and i'm paying $,000's of dollars to get rid of them

What a brilliant site! I, like many women, have in the past often been made to feel 'inadequate' because I have average breasts, (I am a B cup). Though I would never dream of putting myself through cosmetic surgery, I can understand and sympathise how so many women become victims of this misguided notion that they 'need' it. After reading the information on this site, thanks to you, I feel confident and proud of my breasts, as ALL women should! Keep up the good work!

Stella Blackwell

I breastfed my daughter until she was 16 months old. My own Mother kept telling me I was breastfeeding her too long and I needed to wean her. She would scold me everytime she'd see me breastfeed my daughter. I am 26 years old and my Mom is 55. Was breastfeeding discouraged in her day as a young Mother?

I think breastfeeding is the best thing ever! My baby is extremely healthy- and has never had an ear infection. She is already super smart at 17 months. She talks in three word sentences. Also, I lost 100 pounds while breastfeeding her (gotta love that).

At the hospital, my daughter was vacuumed out causing her head to have a large abrasion on her scalp. The nurse told me to rub a little of my breastmilk on her cut several times a day. It worked and the cut healed in no time, without a scar. I call breaskmilk Mommy's Magic Solution.

I am thankful that I was able to produce milk and I really enjoyed breastfeeding my daughter and giving her the best chance at a healthy life.

Thanks for listening!

Malia Moss

Thank you,thank you!! I have been involved in life-skills education for a number of years and was given you web address regarding body image,changes,and parenting, absolutely wonderful!!!I have given your website to my students with the hope they will have a better understanding and acceptance of their bodies.

mike ed

I'm 30 years old and have never had sex. Needless to say, no guy has ever seen my breasts. Ever since I developed into my mature size, I've always thought my full C breasts were too saggy and off balance (an average C cup and a full C cup. I was convinced that guys would be completely turned off the moment I took off my bra. After seeing your site, I realize that, though my breasts may not look like hollywood perfection, they are actually pretty nice and if a guy isn't happy with what he sees, then the problem is definitely his. I like what I see in the mirror now. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I have just recently become a vegetarian and become interested in healthy, natural living! What your articles have to say makes sense and I want to say at 22, breastfeeding and with a family background of breast cancer- thank you for your research- and I heartily agree on the silliness of sexualizing the breasts. To be honest, my husband didn't care too much about the changes in my now less perky breasts- he's just glad I have them! Thank you again- I'm going to start telling every woman I know about your articles!


Thanks for making this site it has been reasuring and has reminded me of the true purpose of the "boob". I myself have very large breasts which sit naturally at the same level as my belly button. Being 22 I have felt a lot of social out casting due to my large breast size as well as discomfort in sleeping, exercise etc. and have been offered a breast reduction on the nhs. This was the answer to my dreams, but my partner thinks it not worth the risk... if only the world realized that it's the person inside that counts rather than the letters at the back of your bra.


What a silly law in Wisconsin! "Harmful to children??" I challenge whoever made that law to look at 20 children, 5 of whom see breasts regularly (through breastfeeding, seeing their siblings breast feed, or even from a nude household), and pick out which ones have seen them and which ones haven't.


I'm 13 and in my school girls have big breasts and it seemes that I'm the only one flat chested. People say that I still hae time to grow. And this site has helped me see that I do have time to grow.


My co-worker at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles got linked to your site while doing research on insufficient glandular tissue. I'm immpressed with what you are doing! Keep it up. We still have a long way to go. I've been helping helping mothers for 23 years and it seems to be just the same as it was back then, but we in Lactation know so much more as to why there are problems.

Patti Herrmann

I have read your web site and want to tell you how good it is. I have cerebral palsy and never was breast fed. I often wondered if I missed something. At one time I was a child abuse investigator, and never did I have to remove a child from the home because of the good bonding. I hope that you have a good day.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! It is so wonderful to finally find a site devoted to breastfeeding mothers, and educating the public who don't understand it. I have four children and have breastfed them all. They are all healthy and highly intelligent, which of course, I accredit to the breastfeeding. There are so many young mothers who just don't realize how important it is to breastfeed their babies, even if it is for only a short time. Keep up the great work. I truly appreciate all of your hard work, and just wanted to give you a pat on the back for it.

Gratefully and appreciatively,
Keisha E. Moore
past and current breastfeeding mother of four

What a great site! As a member of La Leche League for over 5 years and one who has experienced nursing a child past toddlerhood, I found your site wonderful! Keep up the good work.

I was embarrassed at times to nurse in public, especially after my child turned 2 years old, and then 3 years old... But each time I just held my head up high, knowing that what I was doing was good not only for my child, but for public opinion as well. I found enormous support at La Leche League meetings where I felt at home and so normal. I relished the time to be with a group of women all nursing their babies without the slightest embarrassment. However, I also wished for a society where I could openly nurse without seeing the squeamishness on other's faces. It never stopped me from nursing wherever I needed to. I've nursed sitting on a stack of chairs in Home Depot! I turned down every polite offer to nurse privately in a remote room by myself! Yes, America needs every nursing woman to come out from under the blanket, screen or door!

The picture area is a wonderful area to educate people about normal bodies. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks so much for your site!

Marla Nargundkar

Thank you for promoting breasts as organs for nourishment, I was trying to wean my 4 month baby, but she won't give up easily, so after reading about breasts, I'm going to continue breastfeeding her, until she weans herself. I feel bad about not breastfeeding my 4 yr old daughter longer than 3 months. I was misinformed about formula and breastfeeding.I come from Africa, and there's no issue about mothers breastfeeding their babies in public or anywhere they want. When it's a baby breastfeeding, people don't look at the breast as a sexual thing, if one makes a comment about it, they will definitely get into a verbal fight with the mother, besides only the rich can afford formula, that's why women in developing countries breastfeed for 1+ years. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OF INFORMING THE PUBLIC ABOUT BREASTFEEDING AND IT'S BENEFITS.


I have been fascinated/'obsessed' with breasts all of my life. I have been wondering why? The discussions posted on your website have helped me to understand the reasons behind my obsession with breasts. As from now on, I will start thinking about breasts in terms of their bodily function - milk producers and baby feeders. With time, I hope that I'll perceive women's breasts as no longer being primarily a source of sexual fantasy/arousal; but, as important glands responsible to produce life sustaining subtance (milk) to feed babies. In future, I sincerely hope to see the 'taboo' associated with breastfeeding disappear in the western culture and more sanctions placed on the multi-million dollar business of soft-porn, which explicitly exploits the primary use of women's breasts from sustaining life to sexual perversion.


Thank you very much for this website. I too am one of these unfortunate women who have low self images because of my breast size. And because of difficulties in finding a proper fitting bras I was beginning to view myself as a freak, Now I see that I am no different than any other woman. Thank you very much for changing my mind.


Thank YOU. All should see this! I wish I knew 20 years ago what I know now.
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
It made me cry, but I'm doing a lot of that now, because I have so many things wrong with me. I'm hoping to have these 20 year old implants out and not replaced. Please wish me luck.

Molly Bloom

Thank you! This site is part of my personal journey to heal from all of the pain I've endured because of our society's obsession with objectifying the female body. I SO needed to stumble upon this site. I believe in working to educate young people about how much the media distorts reality and tears down womens' self esteem! Change is needed! Thanks for caring enough about this issue to put up this site. I wear a 32 A bra size and I'm beautiful.


I'm so glad I stumbled onto your site. I'm a Christian Naturist, and I see what our society has done to so many women, destroying their self-image and shaming them about their bodies. Now I have an informative site I can send someone to, so they can see for themselves the truth. Thank you.


I appreciate a site like yours. I'm a labor and delivery nurse and a pastor. For years I have despised the media's pornographic use of women, turning the God-designed female anatomy into a lust-inspiring commercial entity. It is a blatant statement of the sexual dysfunction of our society and of the twistedness of how our society values women. Some years ago I wrote this poem which I thought your staff might appreciate, especially the last few lines (which shows how open, public breastfeeding ought to be viewed). Your group, 007 Breasts, is doing a service to the value of women's breasts as tools of nurture, which is their true beauty in nature!

David Hatton, RN


A poet and pornographer were arguing out loud
Upon a city street where their debate had drawn a crowd.
But fed on mocking satire from the smut-shop marketeer,
The gathering was led to chide the poet's "prudish" fear.

A screaming female cry rang out to cheer the rights of porn:
"My naked beauty's mine to sell! Free speech!" she yelled with scorn.
But then an aging prostitute brought silence with her shout:
"My beauty's gone! Let's have free speech, and hear the poet out!"

Conviction filled the poet's voice: "I stand for womanhood!
Who bought a woman's nudity, no beauty understood!
Who sold her flesh as slop to fill the feeding troughs of swine,
Was swindled of her value, doesn't know her worth, or mine!"

"Our dignity as humans teach the secrecy of love.
The privacy of mating is a treasure from above.
But make the sacred common, and you lace the truth with lies:
The gifts of lovers were not meant for wanton public eyes!

"I welcome mothers' lovely breasts exposed to nurse their young!
Bring on your photographs of birth! Its beauties I have sung!
Describe your wife as absolutely gorgeous in the nude,
But strip her for the world to see, and you're a fool, and lewd!

"No healthy woman really wants the hurt that lust inspires,
Nor can a spouse compete against a fantasy's desires.
Just analyze the rapist's diet: what's his daily fare?
The smiling lies that porno-pimps pay unclad girls to wear!

"The question's not of freedom, nor is it of rights denied.
We've sold our children's safety while our family honor died.
An endless carnal thirst is gushing from pornography
To drown the due respect that each man owes womanity.

"If you will strip the nude they pay to twist the gawker's mind,
Down underneath her stark bare chest and spreading legs you'll find
A misled sister, daughter, cousin, mother, niece or wife
Who's auctioned by a trade that drains her image of its life.

"Beneath the powdered skin they hire to pose for sordid fame,
A woman's raped of self-esteem and plundered of her shame.
But sons who buy their sister's theft have been the most untrue:
They fail to guard the woman's worth that manhood calls them to!"

The prostitute began to clap . . . a teacher joined nearby,
Some older men took off their caps . . . two girls began to cry.
One mother opened up her blouse to sing while baby nursed.
But most were very quiet as the gathering dispersed.

-- David L. Hatton, 5/29/96
[from Poems Between Death and Life, (c)1999

Thank you so much for putting this site together. It is helping me mentally heal through the shame of having saggy breast!


I was married to a woman who already had two children, and we had no children of our own. (We have since divorced, but that's another story.) She said her first husband was jealous of her breastfeeding her children. I told her I wish I could have seen her breastfeeding them!

If I do marry again, I will definitely encourage my new spouse to breastfeed if we have children. This is somewhat unlikely given my age, but it's possible. And if the public gives her difficulties, I'll fight for her right to nurse that baby anywhere and everywhere!


This is a great site! I am writing a paper for my english class about this. I live in WI and there is a law against exposing the female breast because it is "harmful to children". I could not believe this! Seeing your site only re-states what I am arguing, and it is nice to know that you all are out there doing something about it!


I don't have children (YET!!!), but when I do, I am definately going to breastfeed. I grew up on a farm, in a very open family, and breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world to me. That's what they are there for, after all! Kudos to your excellent website!

I have had a complex for quite some time about my imperfect breasts. It always upsets me to see these supermodels with big and perky breasts. Seeing it so much makes you believe that's the standard you have to live up to. Although it's difficult to convince myself otherwise, this site has helped me to move in that direction. Thank you.


this is such a good site. it has made me feel so much better. I used to think I was abnormal. now I know... i'm normal :)

a teenager

I'm always struck by the concept some have that breastfeeding a baby should be done in private. Since when has eating been an "act to be done in private"?

Until every table at the public restaurant is curtained off, or every seat in the airplane is so curtained--for eating privacy!--then the very idea of a blanket needing to be draped over a breastfeeding mom and baby should be seen as similarly ridiculous.


Love your site. It's well put together, includes references, and doesn't tiptoe around the facts. Bravo!

Nicole Anagnostopoulos

I thought this was a great website and in the end it really did made me feel better about my breasts. So thanx to everyone for that!


i think that women should be allowed to go places in public topless if they choose. there is no shame doing that. why can we (men) do but the females can't. that is discrimation against women and their rights.


Thanks alot for the information as it makes me feel alot better. I have always had this inferiority complex about my breast size even though they are not that oversized but to an extent they have grown in the last 2 years or so. I hated it when men look at my breasts in certain way, there were even some men who pass disgusting remarks by looking at my breast (very maniac). And I always used to compare with the others who have smaller breast n wished for one thinking that mine is abnormal but now after seeing this site I realised the fact that it's normal and there's nothing to be ashamed about. Thanks


I wish breast could been seen by all for what they are intended for- breastfeeding! I feel enraged that models and movie stars can expose their breast as sexual objects for $$$ and I have to try to hide mine while I try to feed my baby. My baby is 8 months and I have heard many comment that they think it is not "proper" to breastfeed a baby over one - or they think it is freaky to breastfeed an older baby! I am to be made to feel like a freak should I decide to continue to feed my baby passed age 1? While many know breast is best - most moms I know stop before 6 months- a well educated mom recently told me that passed 9 months your breastmilk is just water (she quit at 4 months). We need more education! Your website is great but I fear it is not being read by those that need to know this information. But I am encouraged by your website and it does give me more incentive to keep breastfeeding and challenge all who challenge me for doing it.
Thank you


Congratulations on this excellent site. So many young women seem to be unaware that REAL breasts and nipples come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and that it is perfectly normal for the breasts to droop in later life. For years I hated using communal showers and changing rooms because my right breast and nipple are noticably larger than my left - I didn't realise until quite recently that this is very common! I'm now 43, and although my breasts are starting to droop a little I'm quite happy with their size and shape. It's an awful shame that so many women feel compelled to have breast implants, which in my opinion look grotesque.

Julia D Atkinson

I am in favor of encouraging public breast feeding. I am glad to see your website promoting this. I didn't realize that public breastfeeding was legal throughout the U.S., and that there is no requirement to cover the breast while breastfeeding. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of normal breasts. At 43, I do wonder if my breasts are still "attractive", even though my partner keeps saying they are. It is nice to be reminded that they are normal.

Terry Farrah

Can't thank you enough for this site!! I have nursed two children and was a bit distressed at how my breasts seem to have assumed their new lower position! I went onto the web to see if I could find some information on what happens to breasts during pregnancy/lactation and weaning so I will know what to expect. I was so dismayed that most of the links I could find were to plastic surgeon's sites which offer services to 'repair the damage' done by pregnancy and breastfeeding. What depressed me futher was that the women's breasts in the 'before' photos tended to look better than I thought my own did!! Anyway, then I came across THIS site and what a relief to see actual normal (beautiful) breasts on real women (i.e. not 'Hollywood' breasts). I found your links very informative also and ripped off my annoying and painful 'nursing' bra while reading one of them and I don't plan to put it back on!

Keep up the good work and I sure wish North Americans would move away from this obsession and delusion about womens breasts having to be round hard balls with nipples pointing up to the sky!


I love this site. Men and society in general just need to get over it. God created me with breasts to feed, comfort, and nourish my children. I refuse to see them any other way.


You are definitely doing a good job.
I am psychiatrist from india and see that the rural mother is more comfortable feeding her baby than the 'educated' urban one. The bottle is common a view nowadays that one has to remind oneself that a mother can indeed feed her baby even in public. Fortunately in India a breastfeeding mother has always been looked upon with care and respect. I agree that breast has been eroticised to the extent that its only function seems to attract men. I have also noticed something like performance anxiety in a mother, she thinks her milk might not be enough for the baby, while the doctors always say that this is unlikely. These mothers then anxiously turn to stop feedings. Antenatal counseling should definitely help.

dr bhadlikar

I think you have a great site here. I was at centre island on the weekend, and I saw a women breastfeeding her 20 month old son. We talked a little, I told her that more women should do the same thing. My two little girls were breastfed until they were 2 years old.

Robert Rayner

Your site is very informative in a very interesting yet proper way. This is the kind of education that our children should get in school. My hat's off to you!


This is an awesome site!!! Everybody seems to think that women deserve to be treated like sex objects. If it weren't for the female-promoting sites on the internet, I would probably turn into one of those self-damaging girls with no self esteem. THANK YOU!
jane feminist

I am "so" impressed with your web site. Oh boy! You have really encouraged me. I am a breastfeeding peer councelor, but more importantly, I am a young woman of God who has a mission to minister (serve) especially the family of God with education, promotion and assistance in (Nutritional Health & Beauty Support) the area of breastfeeding, which I believe is God's best! I am saying, "Amen, amen" to your comments, your concerns and your wisdom in the area of breastfeeding. I have been persecuted by many in church and out and have grown to know that God is not ashamed of me. He made the breasts. He gave them the ability to produce milk. It's His wisdom (way) so why am I going to allow someone to make me feel guilty, embarrased or ashamed about how the Lord obviously wants me to feed our children. So thank you, thank you! And keep it up! Oh, I am using a pic of you in the sun nursing for a newsletter (Chicago Breastfeeds) article called Getting Solar Vitamin D. It's great!


Your site can do so much to help many people change the way they think about breastfeeding. Thank you so much.


Very nice site, I could not have said it all better myself. I will pass it along to everyone on my email list!


This is by far the best site I have seen promoting breastfeeding as a source of feeding, love and comfort for the child and educating the public about how twisted our society has become regarding breastfeeding. Like so many others, I was made to feel "dirty" for "still" nursing my 18-month-old son and weaned him because of it. Since the birth of our daughter, I have visited many websites for education and support about extended breastfeeding. She has just turned a year, and we will go on nursing happily as long as she wants to, and I refuse to give it up because society says I should!
Mom to 3 beautiful breastfed babies

What a wonderful site! At last I dont feel like a freak cause I feel that breasts are for babies, full stop! I'm so proud of my body, although it's not 'perfect' in the eyes of society.... it has grown and fed my babies very nicely, thank you!!!........


Maria, thanks for your posting and link to a great web site. I though it was very informative and it also made me mad to think how much I as a male have been duped into believing that the breast is a sexual body part instead of a wonderful baby feeding machine. I feel I have a greater appreciation of the female breasts and will never look at them in the same as before visiting the site. This is just another way our world is so screwed up about its views on God's beautiful creation, THE HUMAN BODY. When will we wake up to the truth!


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