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I'm 14 and have 34B. Some of my friends who have bigger breast, will pick on me. And sometimes make me want to cry. After finding this site I accept my breast more than I did before.But I still have my insecurities b/c it seems like all I see in media is big breasts and guy friends talking about them.


Hi, I'm 15 and wear a 34B and I always thought my breasts were abnormal but now I know it's perfectly normal to have bumps and stretch marks. So thank you for your help.


Thank you to all wonderful women who have made their thoughts known. Breast are natural and beautiful, as God has created you special. You have the right to express your breast to be natural and free. It is always relaxing to remove a bra after a long day at work, and enjoy your freedom.


I'm 18 and have a 5'6", 135, 36C. Due to media I hated my breasts, I felt over-sexualized, I felt like fad and every-time I saw a tabloid declare small breasts were the new "norm" and the new fad, my heart tore just a tiny bit. Everytime I saw a tabloid with a big busty girl posing, I felt disgusted and dirty and wanted mine gone. I wanted to wear an A or B, to make them smaller. I used to cry in the mirror and duck form my reflection in the mirror.

You are not supposed to treat breast size like a fad, it isn't natural. But this site was interesting, and helpful. Oh well...Thanks for this site.


I am a 15 year old girl from the UK. At 13 I measured a 30FF, at 14 a 32G and now at 15 a 30GG/H or depending on the bra a 28H/HH. My back is always sore and I find getting into pretty clothes can be hard, i prefure mens jumpers as womans jumpers ride up at the back even when they are two or more sizes bigger. I measure 38/29/37 and have to wear size 16/18 sweaters. size 10/12 bottoms. Swimwear and sport are a total nightmare, sports bras push the weight of my bust into my ribs and I struggle to breathe. when a girl at 13 is a C and whines or even a D I want to smack her. I was a 32A at 10, a 34B at 11, a 32DD at 12 and so on. I would love to have smaller boobs, not for any vain reason but because my back hurts so badly and causes me many problems.


Like everyone else has commented I also THANK YOU for putting this website together. How else could we know we are normal! Nice to have the opportunity to see that we all are different and should be proud whether our breasts are large, small, perky, sagging, uneven, etc., as long as we are healthy! The person inside is what's important! Nice to have confirmation that we all are different and not how we are portrayed in the media. Would have liked to see more "senior" women 60+ to see how I am doing for my age. Will keep checking. THANKS AGAIN.


This site has made me feel more confident. I looked at both the breast section and nipple section and have found many breast that resemble mine. I am eighteen currently and stand at a 36C. Reading all the comments has given me a new view about my own breast, I realize that the breast I see on the tele and in magazines are ones that have most likely been operated on. I hope that more girls look at this site and feel the same way. I have even referred some of my friends to this site to give their confidence a boost. Thank you so much for everything.


Like most women have at times obsessed over my breasts and feel unnatural in my appearance. I thank-you for helping to really fight the "brain-washing" done by American society and the business world here. Everything is always saying "bigger bigger bigger". I am a 40C and have "large" (2 inch wide)areolas. Believe it or not I feel outside pressure saying that I'm deformed and small;but this site saved me from surgery and problems. So please continue this site as long as possible for it truely can be a life and sanity saver for many many women like me. .thankyou thankyou Bobbee

This is a wonderful site. The human body is made by God and as such is created perfect -- think of it this way: do you have the audacity to tell the best artist in the universe that he didn't do a good enough job? The world will be better when people accept their bodies as they are. I concur with your view that breasts are for feeding, and that any attraction concerns should take a back seat. I also wholeheartedly concur that conjugal relations should take place as a unitive and procreative activity between people who love each other on the basis of more than physical appearance. Nonetheless, I would be wary of declaring that appreciation for certain physical attributes is entirely learned. After all, your average healthy male is sexually attracted exclusively to the female form, and breasts are generally exclusively female. No doubt, many things are learned, and there are always variations in taste within and among cultures. Nonetheless, breast appreciation seems to be very universal. Men are, for better or worse, often very visually stimulated; I say this in a general sense -- they even tend to do better on videogames and the like. I have considered the question of men's "breast-craze" and am convinced that, at least partially, their attraction stems from a sort of evolutionary function: after all, the good Lord wants the race to continue, has made conjugal relations the vehicle for that continuance, and has made such relations appealing to insure that result. Since breasts are an attribute that begin at puberty (when females begin to be fertile) it seems logical to me that an attraction to something that is linked to fertility would have the effect of promoting relations when they are most likely to result in conception. Just a theory, of course, but, as a man, I thoroughly enjoy contemplating all of the attractive attributes of my lady -- spiritual, intellectual and physical, and part of that involves breasts.

Thomas Levine

Thanks for all of those great pics. I really am happy that there are breasts out there that aren't "perfect." I still have my own breast issues. Because my weight fluctuated a lot in my adolescence ( I am 21 now) and because I was very athletic and didn't begin wearing sports bras until late in high school (even tho I was a 36c since the age of 13), my breasts were and still are droopy. It's so frustrating because even though you show pics of drooping breasts, they all belong to women who have had children and are considerably older (around twice my age). I feel like I've missed out on that period of perky-breastedness that I should have had being so young and having immature breasts. My parter loves my breasts, but I still find it hard to even like them. I suppose that it could always be worse. But it's so frustrating being bombarded with an idealized image of breasts, knowing that I'm nowhere near that ideal..... :'(


Breast pics shown here are all by volunteers so we just don't happen to have many younger women with droopy breasts. Sorry. But you're not the only one. See teens comments on sagging breasts.

I just want to say that I think your site will help many women feel better about their bodies. Every person is beautiful and special and should be thankful for their bodies. Women's breast become different when they are pregnant and when they give birth, but isn't it wonderful to give life to a child and breast feed them, instead of worrying whether their breast become saggy. And who cares what some guys think about breasts. Every women looks how she is suppose to look.


I am 14 and have had my period for 2 years now. My breasts never really seemed to grow and they are kinda pointy, I am wondering if I will end up like this for the rest of my life? My mom and sister were early bloomers, and have a normal chest size. Plus I wear a sports bra because Im too small really for an a cup, and its very comfortable so I sometimes wear it at night. Do you think this stunted my growth? Pease help will I have small breasts for the rest of my life?

Needs Help Badly

Answer to this is on the page Answers to teens questions about breast development

Thank you for your website. There is just too much hub ub about boobs. It's too bad that most people in the world think the normal boob is that of a childless 20 year old with implants and that they are supposed to look like stiff plastic until your 70!! It is just so anxiety producing when you don't have the perfect playmate boobies!


I like your website, it helps to have this out there to reassure women and espeically teenagers that their bodies do not have to be the media's image of beauitful. Every Woman should be proud of their bodies, it stresses me to hear and find out that some teenagers almost comment suicide because they do not have large breasts. I do no have large breasts at all. I never thought of it as a problem. I am glad that there is a website like this one to help set the facts straight.


Being a man who appreciates the beauty of the human body regardless of age, allow me the presumption of stating that this web page may only bring positive feelings to women. Perhaps, if the Muse of hope is listening, some men will benefit also. It is shameful when women are reduced to being parts of their body. In a perfect world we would view each other as magnificently unique.
Harry B Battle

Thank you for this site! I have always been around a 36 c even after I had my child, but ever since i noticed that both of my breast werent exactly the same size(a long time ago) i have been self consious about them. I notice that when i dont wear a bra if my nipples are out they arent even... I think I am the only one who notices though. I am always thinking about it and thinking everyone notices.. after looking at your site it has made me feel better about myself, but it made me feel shallow also... because now i feel like my worries were very insignificant to others that really matter, and that I should be happy with what i have ...


Thank You! After seeing the photos and reading the comments, I feel so much better about myself. It saddens me that women like me worry that they aren't beautiful because their breasts aren't sitting right below their necks and can't afford to have them put their! I am 40 and have been obsessing because my breasts have headed south, but thank God, after viewing this website, I have learned that "The girls" are still beautiful, a pretty good size, and are actually quite lovely!


I think some women are ashamed of their breasts. This site shows them that everyone is different. Good job!

Ellen Smith

Thank you. I have recently been obsessing over my breasts. They are assymetrical and i hate them for it. But after looking at the website, i am starting to slowly realize that its not such a bad thing to have breasts that arent "perfect". I hate a lot of things about myself, but hopefully by accepting my biggest worry lately, which is my breasts, i can slowly work up to forgiving the other things which i hate about myself.


Thank you for your website. There is just too much hub ub about boobs. It's too bad that most people in the world think the normal boob is that of a childless 20 year old with implants and that they are supposed to look like stiff plastic until your 70!! It is just so anxiety producing when you don't have the perfect playmate boobies!


I am 25 and wear a 38 D. By the time I was 13, I was in a C cup. I always thought that my breasts were way too saggy for my age. I was scared to think what they would look like after I had children. I really appreciated the pictures of normal women's breasts. The media makes us believe that perfectly round big perky breasts are what is beautiful, and it makes you feel like you are deformed if you don't have breasts like that. It's nice to know that my girls :) aren't so ugly afterall! Thank you!!


Great site, I think it is important for society to accept that Breast's DO NOT always stay or come in a nice perky package. After nursing my 3 kids for a year each, mine have become saggy, and one nipple now inverts, or is 'lazy' very rarely perking up, is that normal or ok? Have concerns, Dr didn't seem too concerned. I think all young girls should view this site!


My guess is that your nipple is normal.

wow, thanks so much for the info and pics. nice to know I am normal. Recently, I saw a website of a cosmetic surgeon that actually does cosmetic surgery on NOT only breasts but labia too! (it distressed me to think that this guy probably got federal financial aid for his medical training!)

seeing a site like yours is most refreshing.
I like my hanging breasts!


I'm only 13.10 and I have b-cup breasts but they seem really small compared to other people's, now i'm sure that i'm just normal


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I have been looking for a site like this ever since I was like, 14. I'm 18 now, and I've always hated my breasts. They're a 36 C/D, but they are kind of saggy. My areolas are really big too, and I always feel like I'm deformed. I fantasize about getting plastic surgery and having small, perky breasts with small nipples, and what have you not. All the women I see in the movies or on the internet have the same kind of breasts, and it's seriously emotionally damaging... I feel like I'm abnormal, that something went terribly wrong and I ended up with hideous breasts. I don't even let my boyfriend see them. but thanks to this site, I feel a little better now.


I like your web site, it tells it like it is, not how the TV makes it out to be. I wish more people could see and understand that it is ok not to be "perfect" by the TV standards so this obsession with breasts could stop. Sad thing is the outside will always be the one thing people see.


INCREDIBLE site! I'm 15, and I've just started hearing about bras and lymphatic fluid and all that. I used to worry that my breasts were small, but then I just decided that they are fine for my size. And then I came here, and I see I was right! Thanks!!


I would just like to say that (at least the American culture) has some sort of obsession with the physical body. All through high school I've had to deal with finding clothes that ACTUALLY FIT, especially with shirts. I'm a 38/40 D cup now and I can't stand how people think that everyone will have a perfect figure. Whether you be large breasted or small, thin or not. With me, my breasts take up a LOT of material, so buying clothes like MUDD are out of the question. I'm happy for the idea of this site. We gals should be aware that not all women have fantasy breasts and sizes....we're normal.

Great site! I will certainly list it as recommended study material for my students (lactation for midwifes)

Gonneke van Veldhuizen, IBCLC

breast size is not an issue for majority of men. in fact it is huge fake boobs that many of us dont like!!


My small chest (32AA) only really bothered me when buying bathing suits and dresses (my top is a size or two smaller than my bottom). So, I pretty much felt secure...until I met my husband's niece. At 9 she had bigger breasts than my pregnant ones and even though I'm a 32A-B now and nursing...her breasts are still larger. THAT makes me a little self-conscious. I'm happy though because I know I'm not alone and I've been able to nurse my son just fine. :o) (He has a preference too so my previously symmetrical breasts have become considerably lopsided.) It's nice to have a site that recognises difference as the norm. Thanks.


Thank you so much for this website. After reading all the men's comments, I was nearly in tears. My husband has always said he's okay with my breasts, but I always thought he was just saying that because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. It helped so much to see other men saying that they are more concerned with personality than breast size and shape. Hopefully I can quit obsessing about it now and stop being so depressed and learn to love the body God gave me. Thank you so much for your site.


My daughter has size 36DD brests and she is only 10 years old. I was wondering if any other girls have that same problem.


After seeing this site I don't feel alone anymore thank you for making me feel normal


i would like to reply to BUD and the pictures of male breast yes men can grow breast without trying or being gay or having a sex change, i am a male with 42d breast and my doctor put me in a bra several years due to developing gynecomastia as a reaction to high dose ulcer meds that he did not tell me about side affects,i to must wear a bra and sleep in a bra due to painful large breast they bounce and nipples get raw under my shirts without a bra my new wife has no problem with them and helps me buy my bras before her the x could not deal with the fact i wore bras i am straight 100% male 6ft 3in 250,it is difficult to hide these things at work as i wear a sorta light blue uniform shirt and the projection is there i cannot wear a sports bra due to the pain of mashing them down i cannot sleep on my stomach either so i to like bud would like to know if there are other men on here with breast. bud i have been in your shoes and are you still growing,i just had to go to a 42d i hope this is the last bra change for a long time. best wishes and it takes a man to admit he wears a bra .


Thank you, thank you, thank you 007!! I'm only 30 and have had saggy boobs all my life. It has been quite an issue for me as I NEVER dreamed that so many other regular women have the same type of breasts. In your photos I saw myself like 6 different times! For once in my life, I feel very normal concerning my breast shapes.. I just cannot believe it! How can I ever thank you for sharing this wonderful information???

Thank you, Amazed

I'm a 19 year old guy and I just have to say Breasts aren't always the focus of men. Balloon sized breasts aren't what every man wants. The way I see it, small breasts are good too. As long as the breasts fit the body then it's ok! A 5'4 girl with DD's is like WHOA, you know, not that attractive to me.. But if she had a B cup maybe, it would still be fine.. Just my 2 cents.


i really apprecaite your sight it helps women realize that they don't have to conform to what soicity thinks they should look like but to be happy with the way god created them . We were created to bring forth life and to substain that life by being able to feed that life. i applaud your site.

gina woody

I am speaking strictly from a man's perspective, i happen to love women with small breast. So ladies have no fear, we are out there


DJ, don't go for surgery! I know what is like to be a male with breasts. Though they are only 38b and I don't hate them. I am fine with them. I have no cheast hairs. How I delt with them was to wear a large t shirts in public. I can't go topless because I feel funny having people see me this way. I have always felt this way. Even as a Kid I was ashamed of my cheasts. Now I am not. Still I won't go topless In puplic.


I've been told I'm a tall handsome guy. I don't have a problem with women, but I can honestly say; no matter how your breasts look, natural is better!!!


My 17 year old daughter has one breast an a cup and one breast a c cup. She also gets painful boils under her armpits. She really has low self esteem and rarely goes out of the house. She left school a year ago and hasn't got a job because she has no confidence. I am getting really worried about her, she cries all the time. The Doctor really isn't interested. I don't know what to do to help her.


Helo Suzie,
Sorry to hear about your situation. You can try: show her you love her, ask her to talk to you about her feelings, try get her interested in a hobby or studying or in a volunteer work of some sorts so she can meet other people and work at something. The boils, if they keep recurring, could be Hidradenitis Suppurativa instead. Make sure she eats well too because nutritional deficiencies can cause depression.