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I think that a woman's body is very gorgeous no matter how big or how small they are. If God wanted you to be something else, He would have changed you in the beginning so be happy with the way you are because you are beautiful as yourself and this comes from a man that was worried about the way his looks so don't let anybody tell you that you are NOT perfect because you are.

Frankie J

When I was growing up in my house everything about you was open to ridicule. My mom was overweight and had huge breasts that hung down to her belly button with huge stretch marks all over her breasts and body. My mother also had areolas the size of saucers with plenty of areolar glands. She walked around half clothed or naked all the time and said she had a nice body before but kids make youfat, give you stretch marks and larger breasts. When us girls developed we had to keep everything hush hush and my mother ignored my needing a bra and letting me know all about a menstrual cycle or giving me proper supplies. Our relatives and my dad would talk openly about how since I was overweight I would get large ugly breasts just like her HAHAHA! I did get my oldest sister's training bra thrown in my face when I was 11 because she always got things and I had to wait until she wanted to give me her cast offs. I thought my breasts had grown pointy because I didn't have a training bra to "train" them into the right shape because my sistter had beautiful breasts that were like a grapefruit cut in half with small,pinkish areolas and small nipples. I bareley had the old training bra when my mom ripped it out of my clutches to give to my sister 2 years younger than I. My mom didn't care if I had a bra to wear to school and by now I was a 36B. I couldn't go to school at 11 and wear no bra. My mom got a bra from my older sister that was too big for her, a 36C. I went to school and the 1st thing I was asked was if I stuffed my bra. I was actually an A/B cup at this time. I wanted to die. At home there was no privacy and my older sister and the one 2 years younger would pick on me relentlessly and call me "martian boobs" because my breasts were pointy and the left one was larger and hung lower and my areolas were almost as big around as a shampoo bottle bottom. Also my left areola was much larger than my right one. My older sister would prance around naked in her svelt figure with perfet breasts that had no stretch marks as mine had. My sister that was younger than me had very puffy areolas that were none too small and somewhat pointy breasts but she was still developing and no one was allowed to say anything negative about the perfect daughter of the house. I really thought at age 14-18 that it was just lumps of flesh uder skin that made up breasts so I would tug and pull from under neath the skin trying to make the left breast match the right. I was still hoping a tight fitting bra with rounded cups would shape my breasts when I finally got my veryown bra at age 14. I ended up with 36B being my bra size and to make my breasts appear as though they were an even height I had to pull the elastic strap all the way up and tight for the left breast. I don't know if they were always two different sizes or just two different shapes until I was in my late 20's and I was put on medication thhat enlarged my breasts. That sent my world out of control. I was happy with 36B although I would have rather been an A/B or an A ,I was living with lopsided.pointy breasts with large areolas and lots of large areolar glands and areolas that were two vastly different sizes why now did I have to get large breasts?. They grew every time the dr.s would try restarting the med or one that had the same side effects. My left nipple went from being a little lower than my right to hanging 3.5 inches lower than my right nipple and the left one was pointing straight down. Now there was really no hiding to the world that I was a freak, at least in my mind. I had bought some cute tank tops with shelf bras in and padded the nipple area with tissue so the nipples and the areolar glands would not show (at least the areolar glands). I felt so good being a normal weight which wasn't very often and I put on my tank top and went to the store with my husband and nephew of around 13 at the time. That is when my nephew informed me that he didn't want me going in the store and if I did he never wanted to be seen with me again. Then he told me the horrible reason why. My left breast was so huge compared to my right that I looked like a sideshow. After that I couldn't do anything or wear anything without noticing the big obvious difference myself. My husband always went on about how his 1st wife was thin and had no stretch marks (which my body had everywhere) and how she had the most beautiful breast he had ever seen. When I let him see them I tried to make it while I was only lying flat but he knew they were weird too because he told me so over and over. All 3 of my sisters let me know even to this day although the youngest has large breasts, stretch marks, large areolas and just the slightest of uneven breasts. The sister two years younger than me has some stretch marks,large dark puffy areolas with large and numerous areolar glands and large nipples. But because I was lopsided and had all these other "issues" they are superior. I finally couldn't take it anymore and paid $13,000.00 to have breast reduction,a breast lift and my areolas made the smallest possible. The doctor had all these awards and was board certified and promised they would come out even with no scarring and that the nipples would be at the same height. I wanted the areolar glands removed too but he said you couldn't but you can. After surgery my left breast was smaller, the breast tissue didn't come to the same place on both breasts where your bra band goes around. The left is almost 2 inches higher up. My left breast was still concaved at the top and now at the bottom it had a fold and 2 inches of breast now rest on my ribs. The breasts are shaped differently also. He didn't make the areolas the size I wanted. He made them much bigger and the left one isn't even round. He was suppose to do nipple reduction and all he did was cut a pie wedge out of it and sew each nipple with one stitch each which left alot of scar tissue and big scars on the nipples. My right breast is still pointy and the tissue in the breasts are not like a normal mass of soft tissue. It indents where he cut the breast tissue and on the left it's like globs of sewn together tissue that have no rhyme or reason. When I lie down my right breast looks nice like a semi deflated berae (hat) my small left one that is an A cup all slummps down the side of my rib cage into one small ball there and the rest of my chest is flat.I m still ashamed of my breasts and feel like a freak because if my own family ridicules me and my husband of 21 years won't touch me I feel like something is off. I also wanted to mention that I would love to have small breast that need no bra. I've been ill most of my life and am either in the hospital or at home and braless. I don't think some people's ligaments can take being braless because my breasts have always hurt and felt like they were being ripped off when I don't have the support of a bra. Al so the world thinks you are lewd when you don't wear one. Thanks for hearing my story.


I think it's a shame that a lot of women (girls) concern themselves so much with such a trivial part of who they are. In my younger years one of the sexiest girls I knew was very small but she was a turn on, there just so much more about you. Physically we are skin deep and as we age most of that goes south. But our personalities are with us for our lifetime. So whether you consider yourself small or large, your personality means the absolute most. Don't concern yourself about someone else's negative comments about your body, God gave you the body you have, take care of it. After all, it is the only one you will ever have. I love the curves women have and their roundness, your softness, smoothness it such a joy to caress your body. In my opinion the fondling is the greatest pleasure (our pleasure is all in perception anyway, isn't it?) Oh! how I remember those days, WOMEN concern yourself with those things you can change, spend your time and money on those thing that truly do make a difference, it is who you are, not what you are wrapped in. By the way, I like quality, not necessarily quantity and I love naturalness. In other words I like "what you see is what you get". I think it's most important to take care of yourself, work out, eat right, strive to be a better person, love the Lord and love yourself so you can love others. Do not carve yourself up, but take care of yourself and the body you have been given. Have a good life!


I am 20 years old and a size 32AA. It has always bothered me from a very young age that my breasts are so small. I've always looked at other people and asked myself why have my breasts not developed like others and thought there was something wrong with me. I have always gotten comments from people telling me my breasts are VERY small and they seemed quite shocked when they saw them. I also have trouble wearing certain types of clothing and I have considered a breast augmentation. Your website has really made me feel better about myself and it is so refreshing to read the stories of the women on this website and to see REAL breasts and not the "perfect" breasts of the media and today's society. Thank you for making this website, it was greatly needed.


I found your website very inspiring. My frame is 5'3" weight of about 135lbs. I wear a 36C bra. The website helped me realize how normal I really am (aside from the small hairs on my nipples that other women have - and it's normal!) I really enjoyed the picture of the woman who had breast cancer. My aunt (before she passed away from cancer) had a reconstructed breast that she showed us. It is amazing what they can do for women. She indicated that they could tattoo her nipple color so that her breasts would match. It is sad the media has a frenzy over 'perfect' breasts. We are who we are and need to love ourselves!


I just love your site. Makes me feel so good about myself and others. I was shy, and a friend told me about your web page. I feel so much better now. Keep up the good work. Love you girlfriends, thanks for the support.


I think all women should embrace their breasts, from the looks of this site worrying about our breasts adds a great stress to our lives. Just remember that our breast are here for mothering our babies, really that's the cause if you think about it. But we are all beautiful in all shapes, sizes, colors, and all.


I am a guy and I don't understand why girls worry more about their breast sizes seeing those commercials in media. As a guy, I prefer the natural boobs. It's not just me, a huge majority of guys prefer normal sized breasts only. Only the guys who want to have sex with pornstars look for massive boobs. Be happy with what the God has given you....


I am 16 and won't even wear a bathing suit in public because I feel my breasts are not up to par with what I have seen... until I saw this website and realized my breasts are perfect... I would never change in front of people.. I was embarrassed. I feel great about myself now... I wear a 36 DD and I am 5'1 and a half and about 130 lbs. Thank you....


I have always been self conscious of my saggy breasts. I felt ashamed since i was in high school and was afraid guys would be repulsed. Now that I'm married I still believe my husband doesn't truly like them and when I saw his porn I got even more depressed. Why would he want mine when he could look at the fake ones. I found this site looking for picures of real breasts bc I'm desperate to feel sexy and attractive. I honestly thought there were nice big boobs and boobs like mine and nothing in between. I've been crying looking at the pics and reading these comments. Thank you so much for this site. I can't say I'm cured but I do feel better knowing I'm not alone.


(from a male)
After a friend referred me here, I feel ashamed of ever seeing them as sexual. Everywhere, I've seen that whenever in sexual situations the breasts were sexual organs and in fact i thought they were. women liking their nipples, men doing so and women showing pleasure, and generally putting breasts up front instead of another beautiful body part. I honestly dont know how to take this and will probably take awhile to even fully recognize it... I feel cheated by the media.


Hello, I like seeing this site because it helps make understand that my breasts are normal, that not every one has the so-called, perfect, round, high breasts we see on TV. I like mine, and I don't. I'm a 38 triple D, and I have back issues also. I'm almost 37 and I'm glad they haven't sagged any lower!

Thank you for this site! Tonya

I wear a 38AA and have no problem with this size. I like them the way they are. I really like bras and always wear one.


I am a 27 yo 5'6 130 pounds, petite woman. I have looked at the pictures in the gallery and really understand what the small busted girls go through. I am a 32 AA very saggy and misshapen after the birth and nursing of three babies. Prepregnancy I was a barely B cup, after 1st and 2nd an A but okay shape, then the third came. My breasts wrinkle at the nipple bilaterally, and I buy training bras in the girls department. I am deeply insecure with my breasts and very appreciative of all the wonderful women who posted photos to help with all the REAL breast insecurities that society has ground into us.


Well, after reading what these women have said about their breasts, and seeing these pictures of *real, natural breasts, I feel such a relief. It turns out, my breasts are more normal than I thought. Thank you for making this website. =]


I think this is a great site. I had B size breasts and I felt like they weren't beautiful. I have implants in now for about 2 years. I am C/D now. My breasts are beautiful, full and look natural but I don't like them. I feel them all the time and they hurt. I actually liked my imperfect B cups better!

I would advise women to think very carefully before getting surgery and not waste all the money like I did.


I love this website. I am barely 18 and have been self-conscious about my breasts. I started out wearing a bra size 34A in middle school (11). I was almost always bigger than everyone else. I am at a normal weight, never been pregnant, and only weight fluctuate when I hade my period (Depo shots make it so I don't) I am at LEAST a 38C now, probably bigger, I have large areolas and my breasts are a bit droopy, and they tend to point down. I hated them absolutely until I saw this site. I feel a lot better about myself and I am fairly proud of my breasts.


I myself think small or medium breasts are a very pretty sight and I would welcome them at any given moment. I do not like huge breast, but that is my opion..I know some very gorgeous women complain about their breast, and I have no idea why!! I have A FRIEND, FALON who is the most beatiful lady in this city. She is not big, but she is the most beautiful girl or LADY in this province. FALON FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH I LOVE YOU (PETER)!!!! BE YOU.


This web site is great. I used to think that I was some sort of freak because my nipples were big, but now I've realized that it's normal.


I found this site so useful, and helpful, to not only help my self-esteem but enlightened me to know that all women are beautiful and different! And thats OK!


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies....
From a man to all you BEAUTIFUL women....with AMAZING breasts...... PLEASE STOP RUNNING YOURSELVES DOWN!!! And NEVER let anyone else do it to you either!!!!! You cannot allow someone else to degrade you and expect to be happy. Jump right in your auto and go down the road. Get away from those people. They are not worth your time. NOT AT ALL.

You ALL are beautiful persons.
Each of you are beautiful in your own way and whether or not your breasts are "perfect" or "even" or "perky" is not the issue. Thank you so much for sharing your comments as well as your photos. It gave me new insight as to the feelings of some of you about your bodies and about what most men find your most noticable feature, even though there is a lot more to a woman than just her breasts.

Keep up the good work Ladies.


I was crying last night because I felt like my breasts were hideous and ugly. But your site reminded me that I'm a real woman with real curves and real breasts, and my breasts are effing fantastic! Thank you so much, I feel so much better and prettier today than I did last night. :)


As a masseuse and avid Science of Life or Ayurveda researcher, I observed that brassiere is one of the root causes of breast cancer. Brassiere limits the natural movement of the breast thus, prostate too with tight underwear. Land mammals never wore anything to limit their breast movement.


Thank you for this site.I was wondering what a nipple/breast could look like after pregenancy.Now I feel my breast are very normal.


As a teenager I was very self-conscious about the fact that I have a small chest:34A. This might not have been so bad if I wasn't 5'9" and 118lbs! It looked then and still looks now to me like they are a bit small for my frame. I used to think that I looked like a 12 year old boy. Many girls would tease me to my face and then say that they wanted to be so thin behind my back, but knowing that some of them were envious did nothing to undo the anxiety and scarring that years of such treatment and comments had done. Looking through your website I came to understand that the true measurment of a woman is in fact not something that can be determined via the use of a tape-measure. I have never been one to let other's opinions rule me on any other subject, so was astounded to realize how much they influenced me in this respect (and certainly not for the better).

It's heartening to see that I'm not alone in my struggle to learn to love my perfectly, imperfect, and beautiful body as it is naturally.

If you've ever felt badly about your body remember: Some things are pretty, but ALL people are beautiful.


To all of you out there who are having problems with the your saggy breasts, trust me, you are not alone. However, I have some good news. I have always felt bad about how my breasts sagged, seeing that I am fairly young. I had read on a web-site that proper weight training of the pectoral muscles can make breasts appear a bit more perkier. I decided to give it a try. After losing about 15 lbs, which leaves me at a comfortable 140 lbs, and with two months of training my pecs using different excercises three to four times a week, I have noticed a total turn around! Really! Push ups, I believe, has been the most rewarding. It was really tough at first, I could only do three of four without feeling exhausted. But two months later, here I am, doing 50 push ups every night and also applying a vitamin E cream to my breasts nightly (just to keep them soft and hydrated). I also enjoy bench pressing, which seems to target my pecs really well. Try googling online to find sites that talk about how to train the pectoral muscles, there are tons out there. My breasts are not perfect (never will be), but the muscle I have created in my pecs through training, as well as losing a bit of weight, has definitely made a difference in the appearance of my breasts. I'll admit, at one point, long ago, I considered surgery. But ladies, it's not worth it. Surgery is just an easy way out. This way requires work and persistance, but at least you know that the improvement in your breasts is totally due to your own hard work! I did this for me, no one else.. not to fit in, or to please my boyfriend, just for myself. And because of that.. I feel great. Lexa

I am 22 years old and a 36B. For years I've been convinced that I was abnormal because my breasts sagged. I've never had a boyfriend because of my embarassment about this issue. Hearing so many of these womens stories has helped me to realize that I'm normal. I can't thank you all enough for being brave enough to bare it all for such a wonderful cause. It may take some time but because of this site, I'll look at myself in the mirror and be proud of what I see.


I'm a 21 year old female, and I just happened to run into your page while looking for information to try to fix my breasts. I hit puberty when I was about 9 years old, and I've always hated my breasts. It didn't help that they grew to be somewhat large and were NEVER perky, not even when I was young. The image that you get in the media and from alot of men is that if you dont have huge ones that stick straight forward, you're not worth anything. I've contemplated saving up for mastopexy surgery ever since I was about 15, even though I wouldnt even be able to get it then. I'd tried tying them up in bandages, thinking that would help them to grow up instead of down, and to this day, I have no idea what bra size I'm supposed to be wearing, because I hate to look at them long enough to measure myself -- much less let someone else measure me.

Thanks for showing what normal women look like. It's weird how much emphasis is subconsciously placed on breasts. You don't really even realize how much they affect the way you feel about yourself until you really do take time out and think about it. Hopefully this gallery will also help other girls realize that they're normal.


Like most women on this site, I have also felt badly about my breasts for most my life. I loved my face and body, it was just my saggy breasts that were an issue. I'm 20 years old now and I can honestly say that things have become easier as I've gotten older. I am with a wonderful man now who loves me for all my quirks and flaws (mind you he sees all my so called flaws as wonderful qualities). In all honesty, I probably felt the worst about my breasts when I was with the wrong man, the one who really only cared about my (exterior). There are still days when I hate the sight of my breasts in a bikini, but then I always remind myself that there are much more important things in life (sounds like a repeated lecture but it's true). I'm halfway through a degree in international development and hope to become an international aid worker in the next two years. On days when I am feeling poorly about my breasts, I remind myself that the people who I help and give to in this life are never going to be concerned about how perky my breasts are. I know myself well enough now to feel proud of my strengths, intellect, daily choices, love for other people and even the somewhat saggy pair of breasts I have been given. Life is short, much too short. Take time to remember who you are. Take time to remember and discover why you were put on this earth. It might all come together when you do do.

Goodluck to all of you*

Yours, Meg

I see there are a lot of responses from intelligent and sensitive guys on the site. Perhaps some women may be wondering if these responses are representative at all, especially if they are educated about "response bias" and other statistical confounds.

I can only say this, as a guy with psychological training who tends to take great interest in what the people around him say and seem to truly believe: I think it's probably true that men are almost always interested in breasts--that they are both erotic and symbolic of the things that make women so special to us--and it is also true that sagging, size, other worries aren't much of a worry to the majority of us. I have met only 1 or 2 men, honestly, with such concerns about the breasts of the girls in their lives that there could be problems. And in addition to the fact that such men are, if not bad men, certainly immature in this regard such that they are probably not a great loss, those I've heard profess such concerns were probably not as concerned as they let on. In other words, when they meet "the one," they don't care either way.

Bottom line: the whole package is what interests us, and even better news is that the whole package is mostly a function of personality and how a girl's appearance quickly becomes an extension of that personality (so trite concerns, if we have them at all, generally evaporate as we get closer to the girl we love). The smile, the hobbies, the things that make these girls happy, the way she catches your eye in that confident way or maybe that shy way that is all her--this is what it is all about. And something like breasts: a wonderful, highly-individual icing on the cake.

I'll concede that my assumption that this is the majority view is unscientific, but I stick to it; I may not know about all men, but I do know myself, and I know that eons of fascination and near worship of breasts in so many cultures did not arise from the recent fake-ness you see on tv and in magazines. And neither will eons of fascination with the real breast, when it gets down to the real of our lives and relationships, be overshadowed by commercial whim.


I'm 12 years old. I'm the yongest in my class. Sometime i feel like people are staring at my breasts because they are large. But after finding this web site I realized that it doesn't matter.I felt a little weird looking at this site at first but when my mom didn't help my situation i realized i should give it a shot. Now when i go to school and feel that way i just ignore it. I may be the youngest but i'm matuing fast then them!


Recently i met a girl online and we got along good and is coming for a visit,out of conversation she mentioned how she didn't like herself and when i asked why it was about her boobs..she's had 3 babies and she thinks it looks ugly,now she think she is ugly and have a very low esteem because her breast is 34B,i've been trying to talk her into believing she was beautiful and thinking she wasn't would make me feel i'm attracted to some unattractive..i found this site looking for breast sizes after she told me she was 34B since we have not met yet and i found it more informative that i was anticipating to find so i forward this page to her and BOY she is getting over everything now and i'm so happy i found this website,keep up the good work and thank you alot.


I feel much better about my breast after all those pictures. I am pregnant and they are changing fast.


I'm 16 and used to be very self-concious about my breats as they're very small. However after reading your site I've realised that they arn't there for men to gawp at or use as objects! Women object to sexism but I've realised that the Breast Obesession is most sexist- and its made worse by the fact that women are taking in and beleiving all the bullsh*t about boobs the media lets out.


I was surfing and came across your site.I just had to say that I have never considered breast as sexual. I have suffered from gynecomastia since I was 13 and was at the end of some serious teasing from female and males.When I was 22 I had a accident that stopped all male hormones . This caused a "growth" spurt in my chest area and nipples. To say the least it was very traumatic but have now fully accepted my "breasts" and can really understand woman when they say that they get stared at,as its not everyday that you see a guy with 38c breasts. My wife fully accepts me the way Iam and we have just adopted a baby girl,my wife has worked hard but is now suppling Emma with all the breast milk she needs.
keep up the good work

My boobs are so small!!! i am 12 and every boy's in my class would call my a flat tits or flatty or make humors... after that all the kids from 1 thru 6 knew!! but all i did was sat there and cried in front of everyone. Can someone please help me!!!!! i think that why does it matter?And why does this happen? there's this boy, that i had to do a project with, i went to his house and we went to his room to do it... then all of a sudden he trips and he accidently hit my boobs and it hurts a lot!!! and he rubbed it i thought he was crazy... ok well good luck to all of you.... ::tears::


Remember that all kids growing up have some FOOLISHNESS in them, and hopefully they will grow out of their foolishness, if their parents teach them well. You can't help that; you will always be meeting people who act foolishly. Just ignore those boys, maybe that will help teach them basic manners.
Also remember you're only 12 and so your breasts are likely to still be developing. See our breast development page.

I had been a 34A for as long as I can remember, and been constantly ridiculed about it, by women as well as men. I would get myself dressed for a night out, only to have men shout and laugh at me in the street because my boobs are tiny. My confidence has been destroyed, and I feel inadequate, unfeminine and ugly. After pregnancy and breastfeeding my breasts are a 34B but they look even smaller as they are disgustingly saggy with very deep stretchmarks and wrinkled nipples. I can barely look at myself in the mirror, let alone let my husband see what a freak I am. I am very depressed and completely obsessed with the look of my breasts now. I would love to have surgery, I just know it's not an option. I wish that people would think more about the way they treat others, and the effect it can have on them. I am definitely going to spend a lot of time on this website as therapy.


As many other guys on this site have said, society's obsession with breasts is overblown. Trust me. Men who have to be told what they like by the media are fools to begin with. I personally prefer women with smaller, even flatchested, breasts. Don't let the stereotypes get you down. We're all different, so don't take us for one monolithic group. I'd rather meet a girl with a big vocabulary than one with big breasts and zero personality.

Be you.


I'm 18, five foot three, 107 pounds (very, very slim) and a firm, well-shaped 32A. For my entire teenage years I have been ostracized, mocked and ridiculed for being 'flat' my own family as well as my friends and total strangers. Family gatherings usually included at least two incidents of being shown how my 14 year old cousins were already better endowed than me. This crushed my confidence and made me feel boyish and unsexy.
I met my current Other Half a little over a year ago, and little by little explained what had grown into a serious insecurity problem. He was incredibly understanding. A year on and I still have trouble accepting that, not only does he find me beautiful, but he genuinely finds my breasts beautiful too. Even though his idea of a perfect breast is a firm C-cup, he loves mine and tells me constantly how beautiful they are.
Maybe one day I will believe it. Reading the comments on this page has helped a lot. But right now I need to break free of this media 'small breasts are ugly' doctrine and realise that my small breasts are just as beautiful. This website has been step one. Thank you so much

Monkeh Girl

This website is very inspirin because I've always wanted big breats and im 15 but now I could see how my brests would end looking. Thanks for the advice and photos. WOW!


I was wondering if it is normal for me to have size 36DD breasts at the age of 12? I was also wondering if anyone else has this same problem? I did hate my breasts until i read this site. Can you please respond to me as soon as possible? Thank you for this wonderful site.


You are not the only teen with such large breasts, however it is hard telling how many girls exactly have DD size breasts at your age.

Hi, i'm a 18 year old female who was a size 9/10 three years ago and now a 11/12. Will it be hard to go back down to my approx. 32B/C or 34B/C (can't remember which size) breastsize from my current 36C/D, if i was to lose weight?


If you lose weight, your breasts size will go down automatically. How much - is hard to tell, but probably close to what it was before gaining weight.

I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Two weeks ago I consulted a cosmetic surgeon about lyposuction and, almost as an afterthough, asked him to look at my breasts for the possibility of a lift in the future. He told me that I had tubular breasts and said that he would have to do several procedures on them, beginning with making the areolas smaller. I came home and looked up tubular breasts on the web, where I found them labeled as a "deformity" - I've not been able to get that word out of my head since.

Thank you for posting these pictures. They've helped me feel "normal" again.

I HATE MY BIG BOOBS. I am a 34 DD on a 5' frame. I was a Ccup by the time I was 13. My entire life I have felt that I have been defined by my breast. I hate feeling like only my breast enter a room. The stares and whispers are not a complement. A woman with big breast has the same amount of control over there size as a woman with small breast. The looks I get are not just from men. Women will stare at me too. I feel like they are thinking I should only wear baggy shirts to hide them. I plan on getting breast reduction surgery next year. I can no longer stand the constant back pain and deep shoulder grooves. This site has helped me see that other women are in the same situation I am. I envy small breasted women. I guess it goes to show you the grass is always greener on the other side.