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Thank you so much for creating this site. I have finally accepted my breast size and stretch marks, and with a good diet and lots of exercise I feel so much better about myself. I have lost 40 pounds and will lose another 20. I also have asked men and most do not care. We just put that pressure on ourselves to have a perfect everything.


I feel better about my huge fallen flat nipple boobs now!I though I had bad genetics because my mother always laughs about my boobs, because she has big boobs, but her rib cage is huge(not kidding) and gives a little support, so she can go free and her boobs are in the "right place" and mine fall down. Also, I thought they would still grow, because I have flat nipples and I thought this just happens to teenagers(I'm 22). Thanks to all the women who posted this real pictures and the people who keeps this site online.


Some of the comments you make about your breast being to small, it's not necessary for you to worrie about, at some point boys grow to become men, and then we really don?t care, as long as they are there.
You are all beautiful, and as long as you know that, nothing else matter.

Greetings from Denmark.
Age 25

Thank you so much for your site and pictures.I feel so much more normal about my breasts now that I understand better of what "normal" really is.


Please Girls/Women!
You are very attractive! Real men want you and desire you for who u are. I am married to a beautiful woman! I'm not ugly by the way. Homecoming king, football prom king in high school. If you're happy with yourself (which all of you should be), your guy will find you very sexy! Don't go atrificial boobs, only insecure women do that! Be happy with what God gave you and men will find that attractive! No lie! By the way, my beautiful wife has small breasts! I love them!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it real girls!!!!!!!


What a great idea for a website. It must be extrememly difficult to be a female growing up in this culture, particularly in this day and time. This allows people of all ages who have questions about their appearance to see that different is normal and that they have no reason to be embarrassed by their body. Good luck!

Free to be me

Hi, I just want to thank you so much for this website. I have felt extremely depressed because of my breasts for several years. I'm 19 now and a 32 C. One breast is a C and the other is a small B. I am terrified to take off my bra in front of anyone. With your site, I'm beginning to realize that my breasts are beautiful in their own way, and I'm not as unusual as I think. Thanks again, this site should get more attention for being so wonderful.


I thank you SO much. I am 14 and very self-concious sorry spelled that wrong but after seeing your site i have learned to love my still growing 32AA breasts. I know i am lucky i have that much and any guy who truly loves me will love my small breasts as well. Any girl my age just stay strong you are perfect the way you are! Thanks again!


Glad I ran across this site... Have had issues for years with my size and shape (am now 44). Always joked about having "ski-slope" breasts even though I was always very insecure since starting to mature. My mother had 36DD, my father's side of females were small and kinda droopy. Took after them I suppose. Still wonder if I can ever find someone to appriciate me for who I am. Applaud all who find comfort and self-appriciation here! It really is a great and very imformative site!!! Kudos!!!!


As a male, a husband and an ex-firefighter that has suffered serious burns, taking off my left breast, I'm of the opinion that there is no imperfect pair of breasts. At the end of the day, you need to deal with what you have. I have had so much surgery to correct to make me look something like normal, it isn't funny.

However, my wife is 37 years old, we have been married for 15 years, there is no way that I would swap her for a younger or better "specimen" based on how her breasts looked.
I mean, let's be real here.

Mike Trump

I've been really self-conscious about my breasts for a very long time. I'm short statured (5'1'') and thin (about 95lbs) with 32DDs. Going through your pictures, I saw all shapes and sizes of women and their breasts and some that even outweighed mine. Just seeing the vast variety has helped me become at peace with my body. Thank you!

Being a young girl in high school is hard enough without everyone focusing on their bodies, and other people's bodies. Lately I've been feeling really down about myself, particularly the fact that my naturally thin body has no curves. It makes me feel better to know that basically all women are (even guys are!), but you can still be happy and comfortable with your body.

This is one of the best ideas for a women's site I've ever heard of. Reading the stories and seeing their confidence, even though no one is perfect, I think all of these women have beautiful breasts. I feel much better after seeing REAL women, not some pornstar's wacky fake boobs!

Thank you :)


This website has been very reassuring to me, as my breasts are not spectacular by media's definition, but a few men have said I am perfect no matter what I thought of myself. Also I have overheard men say, "Who cares, they are boobs" when commenting on the size or shape. . . We just need to find the good guys who aren't skeptical, because of their own shortcomings. . .they are out there, and they are wonderful just like us, maybe not perfect but who is???


Well, I just wanted to say that..I think all of the women on here deserve a pat on the back for being so open and willing and to put their pictures and stories on here. I myself have an incomfortability with my own breasts. I've been struggling with it for years. I came across this site and it made me feel a lot better to know that I'm not the only one who has these insecurities. Thank you so much! <3 Ashley.


I've had saggy breasts for as long as I remember... I got my period in the 4th grade (age 9) so I developed pretty quickly.. I have stretch marks, and a noticable bulging vein, on top if it all I have very large areolas.. about 4.5 inches in diameter.. Thank you SO much for creating this site.. I feel much better about the appearance of my breasts !


Thank you so much for making this site. I have been led to believe my entire life that my breasts were inadequate and it has caused me to be extremely self-conscious. From this site I have realized that there is nothing wrong with my breasts and if you ever need another picture I would be happy to donate. I really appreciate your message. Thank you.


Having been told by my doctor I was overweight, recently I have been working out more and eating more healthily. Even though I have lost approx. 16lbs, ironically this focus on exercise has made me more self-conscious than before! When I look in the mirror I am convinced that I am larger than before (even though I took a photo at the start and then bi-weekly to prove to myself that there is a difference - def try this if you are planning to lose weight). Anyway, with regards to boobs, this heightened self-consciousness made me hate my boobs as I thought they looked saggy and like an old-ladies, even though I am only 23. Whilst trying to find some information on how to remedy these effects, I came across this site. I am so glad I did. It really made me realise how different and individual we all are. I realised that the perky, pert breasts that frequent television shows, billboards and pornography are not real. But I am. Thank you for this site. And thank you all for being real women! You are all an inspiration :)


I think this is an amazing website.

My mum had a baby when I was 16 (and 2 more afterwards!) and has always been a very vocal advocate of extended breastfeeding (my youngest sister was breastfed until she was 5). So for the last 13 years I have been completely comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding and that this is what breasts are designed to do. By rights I should therefore be completely comfortable with the size/shape of my own breasts but unfortunately I seem to have been as susceptible to the idea of female inadequacy based on breast size as I have been to the positive influence of my upbringing in terms of mothering.

I suffered from anorexia for 12 years and although I am now recovered, a normal weight (barely a UK 10) and have a very healthy attitude towards my body most days, I still succumb to feelings of inferiority and discomfort surrounding the size of my breasts.

Through reading this site I am starting to realise that I am not alone in this, and that perhaps it is unavoidable given the attitudes in our current society. When I get down about my breasts (which, after looking at the galleries, are NORMAL!), it affects my whole mood and I find it absolutely crippling. Following my most recent recovery from anorexia (I've been recovered before but not fully) my breasts have 'returned' to a UK 30E which I believe is their natural size, and yet I still feel they are too small. This is despite all my pro-breastfeeding upbringing and the knowledge that, actually, as a dancer and someone who likes to be active, life would be easier if they were a bit smaller. But still I attach my self-worth to the size of my breasts and feel I come up short.

I have worked very hard to accept the rest of my body and change my destructive attitudes and behaviours towards it, and in many ways I feel I have succeeded. Now on a bad day I am indifferent or only slightly uncomfortable about my body and it doesn't last long enough to affect the rest of my day, but on a good day I genuinely love the way I look. After spending half my life hating the way I looked and putting myself in great physical danger chasing a destructive ideal that only existed in my own head, I think this is amazing and I'm extremely proud of myself for this achievement. But still my breasts are a weakness. People can say my bum is too big or I look fat all they like and it bounces off me, but if someone says my boobs look too small it sends me spiralling into feelings of self-hatred and inadequacy. I associate body dissatisfaction so strongly with the potentially fatal consequences of eating disorders and the deep knowledge that who I am is not dependent on how I look that I refuse to tolerate it in myself anymore. And yet somehow my breasts are excluded from this and I still allow my mood to be affected by something that is just as irrelevant as the size of my bum or the shape of my arms. Why, with all my different experiences (positive through breastfeeding and cautionary through eating disorders) do I find myself stuck in perpetual breast dissatisfaction? What is it about the attitudes and images in our society that makes them stronger than the real experiences I've had in my life? And how can we change this?

I count myself extremely lucky to have had the experiences of childbirth and breastfeeding that I have had, and I applaud all efforts to normalise these parts of life. But I feel that the sexualisation of breasts at the expense of an understanding of their true function isn't the whole problem. For so many women I know, the size of our breasts is so inextricably linked to our feelings of adequacy, acceptability and self-worth that it seems almost impossible to disentangle it. How do we combat this? Many people around the world are doing fantastic work to help women stop hating themselves through their bodies, and for some websites like this can be a turning point. But it is an ongoing problem and something fundamental in our society has to change. What, I don't know.

I will continue to fight my feelings of dissatisfaction and discomfort around my own breasts in the hope of one day being able to stop this personal attack on myself. I will learn to accept that I am no more the number on my bra than I am the number on my scales; I just hope that society one day finds a way to do the same.


I smiled while reading the comments on this site. They really do make me feel a lot better. I am 15 years old. At this age most girls are self conscious about their bodies. I know most of my friends (including myself) are conscious about not only our breasts but everything else about themselves. hah... This site takes all of the pressure off my breasts. Looking at these pictures made me realize that I'm normal. :) Reading the comments made things a lot better. Especially the comments from the men on this site. It's nice to know how they feel about this. I don't know why I was so conscious about my breasts. They are perfectly fine. Just larger than usual girls my age. So I get teased and I feel like the attention was on my chest. haha but now I can stop worrying about my breasts. I can move on to the rest of my body. Just kidding. :P

I am very happy with myself now though... Thank you. I hope that other girls will learn to love themselves.


I stumbled across this website on accident. I've always been extremely self-conscious about my breasts, and I never thought about looking at normal breasts before, seeing if I was in fact normal. I love this website. I think it has really helped allieviate at least some part of the self consciousness I feel every day.


The gross reality of it all is that the world has been setting the standards for how women should look. Your size should be this, you should'nt weigh over 110 pounds, and your breasts should look like this. Too many guys buy into this crap and expect women to accept it, and they do, to some extent or another. We are all made different to appease the universal buffet. If we were all to look alike, I'd be 6'2" and studly. Instead, I'm 5'9" and slightly overweight, but, I accept myself and the women I have been fortunate enough to know in one way or another as-is. Natural is beautiful, plastic is for toys, and saline is for bausch-&-laum. If your breasts are small or big, or tube shaped or crooked it would never matter to me, and shouldn't to anyone else either.


I'm so glad that I found this site. I didn't come here looking for a turn on or anything like that. I came here because my girl is self-concious about the shape and size of her breasts and nipples. With the information and pitcures on this site, I feel that I am well enough epuipped to help her shed some of her hate of her body. I have also learned to apprectiate the shape and size of her breasts more and I have realized that there are more "imperfect" breasts than there ever has, or ever will be "perfect" ones. Great job on this website! Keep on doing what you've been doing!

Tyrel S.

I was looking online for breasts cuz I didn't think my areolas were normal and I just discovered that you can get them reduced with surgery... I was seriously considering the operation when I stumbled on to the breast gallery. I now feel better about them. It's not too bad and there will always be a doubt there but I know it's normal and that I'm not the only one with these insecurities... just knowing that helps alot... thanks :-)


What a great website. I generally can deal with my appearance, including my breasts, but some days you just look in the mirror and think you're the ugliest person alive. For no real reason, I googled "i hate my breasts" and ended up here. Hey! Other 20somethings with breasts that sag! Oh, right, I'm NOT the only one - gravity just HAPPENS.
I don't wear bras often because I can't find a thing that FITS - either I'm popping out somewhere or they just don't support me at all. So I suppose mine are saggier than some (they look right at my feet, ha ha), but in the end, it's JUST NOT THAT IMPORTANT, and we're beautiful the way we are.
Thanks for reminding me of that.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this website. Today one of my roomies mentioned a girl with ugly breasts, (ugly had never really occurred to me) and it got me thinking that mine ARE ugly. One is slightly larger than the other, and recently it had come to my attention that that is NORMAL, but that coupled with the fact that they sag and I have some very disgusting skin (looks like clogged poors, if you know what I mean, I cant get rid of them!), and bumps all around my nipples. I've always been big busted, I hit puberty at 8 and was in a size B in 4th grade (may have been in 3rd grade?) and I am currently a full D. I always slouched, girls made fun of me, (now I realize that some were jealous).
I learned to appreaciate them a little more later, and unfortunately turned my attitude on my 6'0" sister who has always been a size A or B. After reading this website, I will NEVER poke "fun" at a woman's breasts, and I have come to appreciate my own, God has created me, told me they were beautiful and good, if they werent then He never would have made them!!!
My faith in men has also been depleated recently, and reading the comments from the real MEN on this website has restored my faith that there are good men out there and not all of them are already married!! haha.
So thank you, and I apologize to any woman who I ever poked fun at (never to their face, and if so, they were dear friends and it was not really serious) and to my sister, who I will be giving her this website address!

I think it's all a matter of how you feel about yourself. My wife is a 38G cup and has finally come to terms with her size. Im sure she gets sick of the comments and stares when she is at the beach or Y dressing rooms she has gotten to where she laughs about it but I'm glad she has stopped talking about getting reduction surgery just because ignorant people have to make comments about them or stare at her boobs while she is trying to talk to them. Physically they do not bother her so why should she have to consider risky surgery just for the inconsiderate jerks that feel they have to make sexist comments to a woman and make them feel uncomfortable about their breast size or nipple size. Next time you say something under your breath or stare ask if you woul like someone doing that too your wife or daughter. I love their size and don't mind how dark and wide her areolas are to me as long as she is ok with her appearance other people need to accept and stop making women with her attributes feel uncomfortable. Thanks for letting a husband vent to all those inconsiderate males that find it necessary to stare at women or girls with extremely large breasts or dark visible nipples and areolas. I only hope my daughter does not have to go through what my wife did untill she reached maturity where she could accept people for what they really are

A grateful husband and father

This site helped me realize that breast come in all shapes and sizes. I've been looking everywhere to try to find information on different breast conditions and this is the only site that helped. I'm 18 and definitely not pregnant but I have very visible montgomery glands that I'm very self concious about. Is there any way to reduce their appearance?

Well maybe or some kind of makeup - but remember those glands are there for a purpose. They lubricate the areola and nipple area. You wouldn't want to do them any damage. See also our Nipple pictures.

If the breast is for the babe and not for the man, does a woman - during the act of union - cover her thoracic regions, so that her partner be denied access to the enjoyment of these regions? This question was not INTENDED to be stupid. I might add that I am an extreme proponent of breastfeeding and now wish that it were more common.


God didn't intend that some body parts be excluded or "denied access to" during the marriage relationship. If you love the person, obviously you would wish to caress all body parts.

I have assymetrical breast and thought that this was very uncommon and that I was weird or something like that, but now I see that breasts come in different shapes and sizes.


I have always tried to discourage women from getting breast augmentation surgery. The most beautiful (re. confident) women have natural breasts. There is no need to compare yourself to others. Or to make yourself 'acceptable' to others (men). Celebtate your uniqueness & your individuality. You are beautiful!


I found your website because at the age of 25 after 3 children my breasts (to me) looked like those of a 60 year old. When I could afford it, I got implants that got me back to my original 36c size. At first I was very happy to have skin that was actually filled in with something, but all I ever hear is "men prefer natural breasts" (actually a quote from my general practioner) and other negitive coments about fake boobs. So I had breasts that I loved but no one else did. I've decided to have them removed because after 10 years they're not feeling too good and I went to your site to see what I can expect of natural breasts and was so happy to see that no one looks like the Victoria Secret models, not even the 20 year olds. Thank you so much for making feel like I can look normal without breast implants. It's funny because men see breasts all the time, but women only get to see their own so how do we know.
So relieved

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm 16 years old. My breasts started developing at an early age and seemed to get stuck in one stage. I got my first period when I was 12 and my breasts remain stuck in the same stage. Will they ever grow? I've seen the pictures of women with hypoplastic or tubular breasts and they resemble a lot of the features that my breasts have, but when my nipples get hard my breast form changes to normal. Do you think I have tubular breasts? Or what is wrong with me?


Hello Sarah,
You can read pages Flat chested women and Breast development and teenagers worries as they have many questions and answers for you.
Since it is four years since your period started, it is likely that most of your breast development is now over. It doesn't mean you have hypoplastic tubular breasts but just that you have small breasts, and that is perfectly normal and fine!! So I suspect nothing is wrong with you... Just cheer up! And enjoy the letters from other teenagers that follow our breast development page.

I was just cruising the net when I came across your site. I'm a 23 year old male with a 34b chest. For a long time I thought I was the only guy on the planet that had breasts, but when I got here, I found out I was wrong. I have actually gotten to where a bra is a normal part of my attire, just to hold the d*** things down so they're less noticable. But anyway, thanks for setting me straight. I'm glad I know I'm not a freak now.

John Doe

my husband believes that the breast of a woman is most beautiful when enjoyed by the children she nurtures.
Thank you for your site!
mama to 2 nurslings


Wow, this website really helped, I am 14 turning fifteen and I'm a C36, I've always been self-conscious of my boobs because I really didn't have any (they really only started growing at the end of last summer) I used to get teased a lot because they were so small, so then once they started growing, I was thrilled!! That is, until I got the stretch marks... I hated my boobs, they were covered with stretch marks, I was scared to wear tank tops or bathing suits or changing in front of people because I thought if they acidentally slipped down a little, it would reveal to everyone, my disgusting stretch marks!! But after reding some articles on here, I was glad to hear that I am not the only one with this problem, and it's actually common and really not that gross. Thank you for helping me realize this, I will finally be comfortable with what I wear and changing in front of people:)!!!!!


As a person who has had large breasts since I was 16 (I'm 22 now) I completely agree with other posters who have said that having large breasts not as great as the media portrays it to be! I have already had one breast reduction when I was 17 and now that I've had my son, my breasts are almost as large as they were, presurgery, but at the cost of giving my child the best possible nutrition he could have! I guess we are destined to have the breasts we have and that's it! So I will just tell myself that I am lucky to have a "boob guy" lol and be happy with what I have!


I just discovered this site. What a beautiful SIGHT!: normal, REAL, breasts. It's nice to know there ars still women who are comfortable in their skin, bodies, and breasts.


Wonderful site... Now only if all Americans can read this site, we would live in a world of appreciation. It would make a big difference making more men thinking realistically, and more women confident with themselves. And ALL men love a confident woman!


When I was 15 I went to the doctor because I thought my breasts were deformed. I started crying while the doctor told me they wern't deformed but indeed a little saggy. I'm 24 now and my breasts are a huge issue for me. I'm a size B and it seems there is nothing inside my breasts, they just hang- often my entire nipples are not even visible. This has been a major issue for me in personal relationships as well as I always think I will be rejected and can never really 'let go' sexually. Thank you so much for this website, it's given me some perspective- especially younger women in their 20's with very saggy breasts who are happy... I hope to get there.


Hi- I have to say I love your website and believe that it brings healing to a lot of women and girls. Whoever you are, I want to thank you for your fortitude in creating this site.

I do want to comment on one aspect of the website. I think it is important that we not blame men for this "breast mess" that we are in. Here is a copy of an article written by Collin McEnroe in 1997 Cosmopolitan magazine and I think the most important quote in the whole thing is "Men love all breasts in a sort of idiotic and genial way, but the breasts they love most are attached to women they adore." I think most young girls grow up believing that if they do not have perfect breasts they are somehow less womanly and will not be attractive to a man. This is simply not true as is evidenced by the fact that most of the women featured on your site are breastfeeding mothers so some man certainly liked them enough to make children with them!!

So I think it is important that we not blame men for women's self-hatred. Afterall, most of the fashion magazines have female editors.

Jamie Marr-Castillo

I have asymmetric breasts. My right breast is barely an A and my left breast is a full C. My great-grandmother had asymmetric breats her whole life and I wanted to know if that meant the same will definately happen to me? Are there any options besides surgery? Besides padding one side, because it doesn't work for bathingsuits what can I do so my clothes look normal on me? Thanks.

I don't know for sure what will happen. Maybe that will be the case for you for your whole life. But sounds like it could be.

Have you tried something called "gel inserts" that are put into bra cups? Surgery is the only thing that fixes it, unfortunately. But I'm glad you don't sound to be all depressed about it, like some girls who write in to this website. It's not the most important thing in the world, fortunately!

This site has helped me a lot. When I first looked at the gallery pictures, and the comments people made about their breasts, it made me realize it's normal to not have "hollywood" breasts. If you look at Playboy women, you'll notice that MOST of them, their breasts are fake. I've seen pictures of actresses and models who now have big ones, from before they had surgery. And some of them really were what people call "flat-chested". It's true, western society really has made us obsess over the way our breasts look. It brainwashes us. Think about the tribal women you see in National Geographics, who have breasts that hang so low they often acually flip them over their shoudlers when working the farm-soil. Don't get me wrong, i'm not looking down at that, just pointing out that each woman's breasts are completely different than others. And it's also like this island in the Pacific, where it used to be (as recently as the late 80s) that women were regarded as sexually appealing IF they were overweight. So women there would eat a lot just to gain weight and attract their men. But once electricity and TV was introduced to their community, and they noticed how many women were skinny and all here in the US, they started feeling bad about themselves, to the point of becoming anorexic. And the men there started changing their minds, too, sadly. And why? Conformity! And "brainwashing". Once a society and its media shows what's "only acceptable" to them, then their people strive into achieving that look. When really, we have just been "brain-washed" into thinking that we are "deformed", and that small breasts are a "disorder" (I have seen small-breasts been referred to that in a magazine advertizing breast augmentation. But why would that breast augmentation company call small-breasts a "disorder"? To make you feel bad about yourself, and therefore go get them "bigger", only so they can score more money for themselves. I used to think my breasts were so small and horrible, compared to other girls my age who are C's and such, only to come here and actually be REVEALED what REAL breasts look like!!! A view that the media is trying to hide from us!! Only for their own profit. I'm 18, and a 34B. I know that's not bad at all, at least now I know!! The one thing is, though, my left one is about half an inch smaller than the right one (right one is 2.5 inches, the other 2 inches, from ribcage to nipple). I'm actually grateful now, because everytime I see my breasts in the mirror, I don't mind. I used to hate that. But now I actually see them as beautiful. Most women have breasts that are not the same size anyways. Think of the person you know who has a nostril higher than the other, or an ear slightly bigger than the other. It's normal to be "imperfect", that's what makes us unique, interesting, artistic, beautiful, and also VARIED!!! and DIFFERENT than others!! think picasso!!What an awsome feeling. How bad would it be if we were all like clones. And for women who have gotten surgery ONLY to make them bigger, I think that doesn't show a lot of self-esteem and HONESTY.


I was actually searching for pills that will make the breasts larger when I came across your website. The stuff you have here are very informational and motivating. I have a boyfriend who is crazy about big boobs but is afraid to admit it knowing he would hurt my feelings. He often checks out websites like boobstation and the like and reads magazines with pictures of big-breasted women and he completely ignores my boobs when we make love. He even made a comment that my nipples are too big. I am a 34A and is convinced that my breast size is proportionate to my 5'2" height and 130 lb weight. However, my boyfriend's behavior really made my low self-esteem sink even lower especially that I had this same problem with my ex-husband too. This prompted me to find a "solution" by taking breast-enhancing pills even though I had doubts that the pills would work. I know they have side effects too but I was willing to take the risk because the more I looked closely at my breasts the more unhappy I've become. I thought that the size of my nipples were abnormal and I thought that the bumps around the nipples were not supposed to be there. I was even considering seeing a doctor and having the bumps removed. The doctor would probably laugh at my ignorance. Your website is a blessing. After seeing the pictures of the breasts and nipples I realized that my breasts are perfectly normal. I will never think of altering the appearance of my breasts ever again! I read all the comments and they are very enlightening and empowering. Special thanks to the guys who posted their comments here. The women in your lives are very lucky to have you. I hope I can find one like you someday who will love me just the way I am.




This is a excellent site for women of all ages to see what other real women look like. I'm also large breasted and never, not even as a teen, had "perky" breasts. It did bother me when I was younger, but not enough to make me want to have plastic surgery. It seems the images shown to women have been those of cartoon characters invented by horny immature boys. I never had a man in my life make any bad comments about my body - if one did, he'd be out of my life in an instant. If you think you have to live up to unrealistic standards to please your man, you have handed all your power and self esteem over to someone else. Get rid of anyone in your life who tries to control you by making you feel bad about yourself and your body. I've never believed those women who claim they do this stuff for themselves.

Karen Peterson