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Hello. I personally feel that your website serves such a great purpose; you'll never know. Your site really made me realize that "normal" is entirely what is unique to that person. We all grew up with a certain image of what normal and perfect breasts should look like. Thanks to you I now know that many, many women share the same 'differences' that I do regarding size, shape, etc. Thank you. It does help to know that we are all in the majority. So long as "we" feel healthy and comfortable is all that's important. Best Regards. Chris

Wow, this site made me cry a few times while going through it. There are many things I feel insecure about my body and breasts. So far, I felt like I could hide my insecurity with clothing, but I am just so self conscious that I can't stop thinking about all these imperfections my partner is going to notice once clothes are off and I have nothing to compensate for them.. I am generally happy with my breast size for some practical things, but I still feel that the real thing, without clothes and padded bras, are not exciting or fun enough for my future partner.

I was a late bloomer like many cases in here. My first menstruation went until I was 15, but my breasts never really grew much. Neither my mother, aunt, or grandmothers are small breasted, so even with my family I felt out of place. I had some eating problems when I was younger, so I blamed my late development to it, and got really mad at myself. I did, though, grew on the bottom. From night to morning I had a butt and hips, which I sometimes get complimented on, but I have huge, ugly stretchmarks on the lower part of my butt.

I had a view since young as to what I would look like as an adult, and that image never came true. Now, being 21 years old and not being tall, having boobs large enough to even "hang" from my chest, and not even looking very mature, I just gave up on it. I never outgrew my mother on height, and never got the boobs she had and I expected to grow. It's been hard for me to feel like I've grown up and am not a child anymore when I still look like a child next to my parents; it's just hard to feel like a grown woman.

I've always worn padded bras to compensate and make blouses fit better, and because even with my small size I'm too clumsy and tend to hit myself. Right side is larger than the other, and also is the nipple. They also have their own independent minds: sometimes one nipple will be poping out with the areola crunshed while the other one looks just like a weird mountain of dark mass.. for a while I felt uncomfortable because they didn't hang even close to what you usually see on TV. I've always felt like a b would be a good size, but never reached it. I am a 34 a. I also felt like my areolas were small, and they shrink sometimes, making me feel like if I looked like a man. I also have hairs groing around them... large, thick, black ugly hairs that I'd never heard anyone else of having. I hate them, and considering my small size, it just makes me feel more like a man. It also worries me that with such small breasts, my ugly hairs would make a way bigger impact then my actual breasts. I tried plucking them out, along with similar ugly hairs growing around my bellybutton, but then they just came back as ingrown hairs that left a couple of ugly scars. I don't like the idea of a razor or waxing, so I'll probably just hope my partner will not freak out.

After looking through this site, though, I realize my "problems" are far more normal than I thought. There are women older than me, even with children, with smaller chests than mine. There are women with more hair, or that is even more noticeable. There are asymetries, and other completely different complaints. After going through this site, I am more convinced that whoever I let into the intimacy of my uncovered self should take me as I am or otherwise leave me alone. Breasts do not make me a woman, stretchmarks are not just for after-baby bellies, and I should probably take the invitation to go to pool parties some time this summer and start enjoying a little bit more of life.


Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a 16 year old Asian American(meaning half white and half Asian) and when I was younger I often dreamed of having larger breasts. It was something that I thought I really wanted. Well, today I am a 34D and that's not too normal in my family. To be quite honest, having a D gets to be a pain because most things I wear result in, what I think is, trashy cleavage. I would be perfectly content with having B or C cups, but I love my body regardless and so should all of you! So to any young girls out there who aren't satisfied with your breast sizes, please love who you are! I'm sure you're a wonderful girl with a beautiful personality and your chest shouldn't get in the way of having a great life!


Glad there is a vehicle like this to help people have a more positive image. This is crazy to me, I have read some of the stories and feel for these ladies, but I guess we can be our worst critic. I for one as a heterosexual male LOVE women and their parts on all shapes and sizes as long as they fit my personality. But hey, it is true that men are visual creatures, and media have been profiting off of that fact but media is not reality and it is unfair to compare yourself to an image that does not exist. So keep building a healthy self image and love thyself.


Don't these ladies have guys to tell them how nice their breasts are. They might be down because of tv and movie women but in real life these women are very nice. I would love to have a woman that looks like most of them.


Wow thanks guys this really helped me a lot. I'm 16 and a junior in high school and I've always feelt insecure with my breast and thought I was the only one, but this has really helped me get past that and start loving me for me no matter my boob size really thank you!


I understand it's not all fun and games with large ones, but ladies, there are too many people who love breasts just because they are what they are to let the media (electronic or magazine) or rude/mean people take your self love away.

Large, small, or flat, you have to like it before anyone else does. And lose the ones who still don't. (Or show them this place!!)


Awesome! We are the real people in the world, and we have breasts to our children or future children, for our pleasure too and we are beautiful the way we are! Love all!

Hey, I just turned 17 and this website has helped me understand that not everyone's boobs look photoshopped perfect and now I feel kind of better about myself. I was very insecure because I'm only a 34A and I have very tiny pink nipples and I feel sometimes weird because I've never been able to feel comfortable about them so I'd buy pushup bras to enhance the look of them.



I sometimes worry 'bout my boobs. And yes, I am a girl named Zack. But what's the fuss over boob sizes? Like, what you need to worry 'bout the most is 'Breast Cancer'. 'Cause lots of women die of Breast Cancer. But only few women survive.

If you worry 'bout your breast size. You sometimes don't worry about 'Breast Cancer'. But it kindda does matter. But I hope ya'll will read this and start to think about breast cancer.


My guy tells me he loves my small breasts (32A) more than anything. I am so proud of them.

I think all women should be proud of their breasts. I have an aunt who had a double mastectomy. Until you've had that, praise God for what you've got!!!


First, let me say that I'm a guy and I wanted to give a guy's honest opinion. Yes, all women have different sizes and shapes of breasts. You should be proud of them. Just like there are many variations in hair color, skin color, eye color, so also will there be many different types of boobs. Don't worry, most guys (except for the shallow, superficial guys) will love them all.

Another thing to remember, is that the guy who is with you while you are naked is gonna see you lying down probably, and your breasts will look TOTALLY different when you are lying down. So it's kinda irrelevant what your breasts look like standing up, when you are actually lying down.

And another thing to remember is that every guy has a penis, and they come in all shapes and sizes too. If you are complimentary to us, we'll also be complimentary to you.

My point is that what *YOU* think is a big deal, probably *WON'T* be a big deal to someone else. Just drive on and live your life, and eventually you'll find someone who will love you and your boobs regardless of what they look like. Your personality will trump everything else in the end. Don't sweat it.


Hi! I'm 15 yrs old I am an early bloomer, all my friends are big breasted and sometimes I get jealous of them, but I definitely love my breasts and (I have never been pregnant) people in the past, mainly boys have made fun of the size of my breasts, but it does get better. I love this site.


This site helped me to realize that being a woman is beautiful, and that one's breasts do not determine their attractiveness. Even more so, I have come to realize the beauty in my own body, and love who I am, instead of thriving for a media-fueled 'normal' that was not realistic at all.


Hello, I'm an 18 year old woman. I'm overweight, probably considered morbidly obese. My breasts have stretch marks on the side, and you can see a few of the veins. My nipples are pretty much all areola; the actual nipple only pops up when it's cold etc. I've always been comfortable with my breasts, and in fact I love them quite a bit. They're not perfect, but that's perfectly fine with me.


I think I kinda fall into the category and I like to say all young and adult girls, don't worry yourself for nothing because we are the best and the mother of all.


I really love your website.. I am so glad you know what? It's because i only have small and almost have flat chest but am proud to say that I can still be able to breastfeed my babies.thanks 4 this site a lot.


Hi! I'm fourteen and my bra size is 36A. I've read your website and it's given me a lot of confidence. My mom is around a size D, and most of the girls at school seem to have bigger breasts than me. I've come to realize that God has given me a body to be proud of. And you helped me see that. Thank you so much! I love your website!

Well, I'm a guy, and I hope you don't feel I'm intruding on your site. I find it very encouraging that women can feel better about themselves just the way God made them. The media has done so much harm in setting up the "ideal" human body, and making most males and females realize they will never make it up to that norm.

In my experience, guys are not as self-conscious about their bodies, and we need to be encouraging to our female counterparts. I also want to say that I think most guys are appreciative of the "weaker" sex and don't demand physical perfection.

The best to you, Simon

Hi I'm a 21 year old male and I just wanted to say that this is a great site. Women's breasts should be celebrated no matter the size or shape. I hope all the female visitors to this site find men (and women) who appreciate who they are and what their boobs look like. All women are beautiful, ladies, celebrate your boobs!


(I'm 25 and 23 weeks pregnant) There have been times when I have dispaired about whether my idiosyncracies were something I should be worried about but ultimately far too embarrassed to ask about. When do you ever get the opportunity to just compare lots of breasts just for curiosity's sake? This is a marvellous idea. What's your next site going to be about? ;) Thank you to all involved. x


You have to be thankful to GOD for the fact that He gave you breasts, believe me, some have no breast at all.....



I found your site a couple months ago and found it to be a wonderful place for women, and even men, of all ages to go to learn about breasts from a natural and non-sexual view point. Also, for all of us out here to see for ourselves that normal, healthy breasts come in many shapes and sizes!!

I have a 12yr old daughter and I've bookmarked this site for her and told her that if/when she's curious and wants to learn more about breasts and development, this is a safe and acceptable site to go on. I think when the time comes, it will help her to feel more comfortable about her own development.

I wish there had been a site like this when I was a teen, even a young adult! It would have saved me years of feeling insecure about having small breasts. And wondering if mine looked like other girls/'s just a really neat thing to be able to see body shapes/sizes of all sorts because it does help you to realize your own shape/size is perfectly fine just the way it is - just like everyone else's!

Thanks for creating such a great thing and keeping this informative and helpful site available to all!


Thank you so much for creating this site. I too rarely see bare breasts except for my own and have always felt intimidated by media pictures of women with 'perfect' bodies. I feel much more acceptable after seeing that my ordinary breasts are actually the norm and I guess the pictures in the media are doctored to create an unrealistic image that it would be foolish to try to live up to! Blessings to you all. Kind regards from

I think this is just wonderful. It's beautiful people who accept their beautifully created bodies. I love this.


I am twenty (22) years of age, slim, have hips and when I look at my breast I thought it was something else but browsing through this website has really impressed me that, it is normal. Thank you for your examples, I can now understand my self.


Your site is incredible. I found it when searching for non-surgical ways to get my breasts the same size. I am a 30G and, as I developed a lot sooner than my classmates in school, I've always been quite self-conscious about my breasts, at first hating them because I felt they were too big. Now I am comfortable with my overall size, but notice that my left breast is a lot bigger than the other and worry about undressing in front of people in case they think it's unattractive. Seeing the pictures on this site has helped me to realise that having assymetrical breasts is not unusual or unattractive. Thank you so much.


I am so glad to have found this site. I have never been completely comfortable with my breast, always a little confused about why they didn't look like the breast around me. I was one of the first girls to menstruate and grow breast in my class at age 9 and 10. But despite being an early bloomer all my friends ended up with much larger breast than mine. My sisters all have very large breasts DD and E, one sister had a reduction and is very happy with it, it was necessary for her spinal health. I recently found out when I was 23 that my mother had implants and used to have small breast like me, that made be feel better about my own. My boyfriend commented once about my big areolae and that he did not expect them to be that big the first time he saw them. At first I was a little hurt, but now I know he loves them and was just confused about the diversity breast himself! Since entering my mid twenties my breast have slowly gotten bigger and are the perfect hand-full B or C size right now, but they droop quite a bit. The pictures on this site show how different breasts are and how they change though out a woman's life. Thank you so much for the info and pictures on this site. I wish I could have seen it when I was a teen. THANK YOU!!!


I'm 18 years old, and I've never been pregnant. I started developing breasts when I was seven and got my period when I was nine. I've had some ongoing food issues since I was thirteen, including a three month period where I lost about 40 pounds. Shortly after that I had an overeating disorder where I gained all the weight back. I hate my breasts, and I'm frequently embarrassed of them.

I like your expository & informatory site & I really apprieciate it.
Of a truth, the society & the media has made female breast (especially newly "well-developed" ones) sexual objects used during fondling, foreplay & sex & has made women whom theirs do not look like the ones seen on TV's, magazines etc depressed. How sad! I think women should esteem their breasts regardless of the size, shape & orientation for they did not create themselves. Majority of breasts seen in the media were worked on & they still have their side effects which most media & culture will not uncover. Though I'd like to marry a woman with very attractive boobs, yes! But I will still accept whichever one God gives me.

I just wanted to say that looking through your gallery really helped me. I'm an 18 year old guy who was never really fixated on breasts--I was proud to say that what attracts me the most to a girl/woman is her eyes, and a nice smile (still does). Since I came to college, though, I've started to be more turned on by breasts. I guess it's hormones or whatnot. In any case, I got to see a lot of breasts in a non-sexual atmosphere just now, and it's helped me to overcome my recent obsession. I still think breasts are beautiful, and have my own preferences, but I feel empowered to view them in a natural light now. Again. I'm no longer fixated on breasts from a SEXUAL standpoint. So, thank you, whoever made this site. It's a really good site for guys as well as girls, because it demystifies the breast a bit. Now I can feel good about being a gentleman again. Thanks!


I am your usual insensitive male brought up to not to cry and all that other good stuff.

I came across this site by accident (looking for James Bond if you can believe it)

I took some time and looked at all your photos and read many of your comments.

I thought inadequacy was reserved for us males with less than huge willies.

Well I was wrong all this time.

I read and considered the individual proclamations of insecurities and personal disappointments.

Nothing I can say about that will make you feel better.

If in my heart I want to be Brad Pitt and I'm not, well that's my disappointment and I have to live with it.

But if I'm deluded into thinking I am the elephant man, and I'm not, others can help me see reality.

So, reality, I looked at all the pics and a good portion of the notes and I can tell you, as a member of the insensitive race without considering the sexual aspect I did not see ANY boobs that warranted the insecurities you feel. They ALL looked spectacular.
Girls with big boobs and areolas be proud, girls with small boobs and areolas be proud. We love you ALL

WOW!! I have been really worried about my boobies shape and all, wondering if I was normal, and to see all these other women like me makes me feel so much better about mine, and I'm a lot happier, the media doesn't dictate beautyor "perfection"!!


Hey! This has been very informative. Imagine! I have been driving myself insane thinking I was a freak of nature because my left breast is so much bigger than my right, then I visit this site and find out I'm perfectly normal. I feel so relieved! Now I can sleep tonight and not have nightmares about my breasts or think that guys will find my assymetrical breasts repulsive!!! Also, am I glad that my inverted nipples are also normal or wat?! this site is the best I have visited so far as it pertains to anything about my "girls". Two thumbs up!!! I hope it helps other people as it has helped me! Thank You!!!


I just came across your site and I am in tears. I have been so insecure about my breasts because all I ever see are silicon that Hollywood image. I have a 44DD and men always compliment me, but when it comes time to being intimate, I get shy....I am so worried, but now I know I am normal!!!! So, I am tossing the bra aside and settin these two twins free!!!
( . )( . )

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow...your site has changed my lifelong (34 years) negative attitude towards my breasts in just a few minutes of reading. What a relief to see normal breasts. I'm currently breastfeeding my third child and have been frustrated with my large areolas and sore nips from improper latching on. How nice to see others are larger than me :-) Thanks SO much!

C.R. Iowa


So good to know not the only one with imperfect-looking breasts (although I guess more important that they work than look good right?) but it really knocks your confidence with body image... will try to get over it. amazing site - thanks!


I had no idea breasts came in so many shapes and sizes. I am a small B cup, with stretch marks obtained during pregnancy and breast feeding. I have always been self concious about my breasts, and it's refreshing to see that there are so many other women with breast issues out there. I don't feel so alone.


I am 35 years old and this web site is the first time that I've seen published pictures of "normal" breasts. All of my life I have been ashamed of my breasts because they were big, saggy, and had stretch marks. I have never had perky breasts but a lot of my friends did. They could go without wearing a bra but I would never even dream of it. My breasts started developing before I was out of elementary school and as a result of my embarrassment I have had posture problems all of my life. Even in middle school my friends would say that I would look so much better if I would stand up straight and put my shoulders back but that made my chest stick out even further and made me very uncomfortable. I did not want to draw any attention to them because I felt they were deformed. I have never worn low cut, clingy, or provocative tops because in a way it felt like it was false advertisement. I didn't want anyone to be misled or think that I was proud of my breasts. All of my life I have avoided any situation that would expose my breasts to anyone. I have been married for many years now and have 3 children but because of my insecurities I never even considered breastfeeding. Never even gave it a thought and thought that women who did were some kind of naturalists without any modesty and probably had no reason to be modest. I wish that I would have had someone to show me that my breasts were normal a long time ago. I have been robbed of many experiences and especially the opportunity to bond with my kids in the way that breastfeeding would have provided but I will definitely make sure that my daughter has access to your website when the time comes and she starts her development. My husband has always said he likes my breasts but I always thought he was crazy and asked him why. He says they are beautiful and that he doesn't like round fake-looking breasts. Well, I still don't think that they are beautiful but it's a start to know that there are other women out there with breasts just like mine and that they are not "deformed." I may even experiment with standing up straight and putting my shoulders back now. Thank you for removing a blindfold that's been on way too long.


I was so relieved to find this site. I've grown up with "tubular" breasts and have always felt self conscious about it. I'd never heard of anyone else having them and felt somewhat of an outcast. As strange as it seems, it feels so much better knowing that there are other women with tubular breasts and knowing that I'm not just odd case with rarely shaped breasts. Thank you so much.


Thanks so much for making this web site. I am 29 and have always had underdeveloped saggy flat breasts. The only time they look good is in a bra. I dont feel as bad about them now that I see what other women look like.
ps.... I wish all men could see this web site.

I was so relieved to find this site! I am 19 years old and I have a 16-month-old son. I felt like my breasts were sagging beyond the point of normal, but your site has informed me otherwise! Thank you so much!!!!


Thank you for this site, I'm a 19 year old asian female, and have always been very self consious about my breasts. In particular the size of my areola, I wanted to ask you I weigh 13 stones, I've been going to the gym as I want to get to my target of 10 stones, will I have the problem of my breasts drooping, and will the size of my areola change?

The size of your areola will not change if you lose weight. The breasts might start drooping some though. You can also see all the questions and answers on Breast development page and the pages following.

thanks a lot. felt horrible about large areolas. Good to know that its natural.


Thank you for such a wonderful site! The pictures are good to see, but for me it was wonderful to read the comments, to know that there are so many other women like me with a deep, painful insecurity about their breasts but who are still strong enough not to go through surgery. I have always been a 34AA (training bra size) and am now 20 years old. I spent my entire teenage years waiting for my breasts to grow, wishing and crying and thinking I was ugly or unwomanly. To all you young girls out there who have gone through this or are going through it now, you are beautiful in so many ways, and no guy who wants a girl for her boobs, or who complains about your chest size, is EVER worth it. I am now going out with a wonderful, attractive man, and my small chest does not bother him. And once guys and girls get past their hormone driven immaturity, there are few people who judge you on the size of your chest, and those who do are still not worth your time.


I am a genetic gynecomastic, started developing breasts at age 8. It is odd listening to women complain about their breasts.
To be female and have the largest breasts in the locker room is one thing - and quite another to be male. In my youth, seriously contemplated reduction, am glad now I didn't. On me, gynecomastia is a progressive disorder, at age 53 have full C cup breasts that look as if they belong to a 20 year old. Oddly my present issue is clothing, an 8" descrepencancy between upper chest and bust makes men's shirts hard to fit.
My marriage of 23 years failed and a subsequent relationship - mostly over my breasts, seems intolerance runs rampid.

Good job! we need more healthy women input!
Breastfeeding my daughter was tough at first, but I couldn't be happier that I stuck to it!
I breastfed in public all of the time too!


Thank you so much for your website. Recently I have been feeling so horrible about my breasts, which are large and somewhat sagging. I've never had children and thought that something must be wrong with me. Why would a 24 year old woman have sagging breasts?? But your site showed me that I'm normal AND beautiful. Thank you!!


This is one of the most beautiful sites ive ever seen...thanks for making it...


I would just like to congratulate you on your extremely informative site. I am currently breastfeeding my 2nd baby I only wish I had had this kind of info with my 1st child as I struggled with my image as a breastfeeding mother (I was A teenage mother)this lead to me weaning him at 14 months which I now feel was far too early for both of us. As the teenage pregnancy rate in my country rises I can only hope that more of our future generation can overcome the prejudices that our modern society has forced on them.

Jess, New Zealand

I want to thank you sooo much! This site has made me feel so much more comfortable with my breasts. I especially liked the pictures because I know other woman out there have breasts like mine! I am only 18 years old, I have lost a bit of weight and so my breasts are saggy with big areola's *I thought this was soo embarassing and not normal and I was afraid to ask anyone* Also, one breast is a full B while the other is a small B.. but it turns out that's normal too! I was seriously thinking about getting a breast agumentation surgery, but thanks to this site, You saved me a whole lot of money! Thanks for letting everyone out there know that they're normal, and beautiful!


Why do I feel that my breasts are not nice B/c the media only really focuses on women with small dime sized nipples! mine are bigger. I'm only 20 and I have no children. it seems as if I'm almost looking like a 40 yr old. All of my friends my age have very small Aerolas. I'm frustrated any advice?

Hi Jen, go see our Nipple gallery page. Areolas the size of a dime are typically found in teens with immature breasts. You can see in the gallery pics above that areola size does vary within women A LOT, but for the most part, after pregnancy women do have larger areola than a dime-size. Still, it is possible that a teen has large areola, or a woman can have small areola after being pregnant. Also note that in women who have had children, some of them have very small areola - and while you worry about 'too big', I've had someone worry about having too small areola! Yes, it's good if you can stop worrying. You don't look like a 40-year old. At 40 you get some wrinkles, your skin is not usually youthful etc. Other people are not concerned about your areolas. Just cheer up - you're perfectly normal!