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As I man in my 50's I've seen my share of breasts. I'd like to say to ALL females "Be proud of your breasts — as they are. They are ALL beautiful. You need no implants or augmentation. That often makes them look FAKE. They don't move right, nor do they hang right. If a man tells you, they are too... (whatever) — he's NOT for you. Keep them NATURAL, as God gifted you, you are all a BLESSING to Humanity."

David James

I write this e-mail to say thank you very much for creating such wonderful website like 007b.

I actually found your site a year ago.
Tears ran down my face while looking through every page of the normal gallery. Right after finished reading the last page, I wanted to take and upload the photo of my breasts to share with other insecured women that "even with this kind of breasts, I, too, am normal! So you're too!"

Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.
I'm 28, so I'd been reading countless opinions that breasts' sizes and shapes do not really matter. The words couldn't fully ease my mind while the galleries did.

I'm Asian. Menstruated first at age 11. Height, weight and breasts rarely increased after age 12. Very skinny with nearly flat chest and inverted nipples. Never on diet but always weigh around 92-95 pounds. Extremely late bloomer. Grew up with Atopic Dermatitis.

What media viewed as desirable quality, I lacked most of them during childhood. I'd been teased, name-called, insulted continuously about the lack of beauty, femininity and desirability from both sexes for more than 6 years straight to the point I would probably feel nothing if a stranger said straight to my face that you were so ugly. What I'd been heard were a lot harsher.

I always held deep fear that if others got to know me deeper they would know that I have AD and disgust my flat chest, inverted nipples and other parts. So I wore long sleeve shirt or cardigan all years long, even in the hot day of 35 degree Celsius. Better let others think I was sensitive to cold or weird than revealing flesh. I rarely looked at mirror, hung out with guys, never go out with anyone and startled with the thought of being completely naked in front of a guy.

Hearing some guys said "you're beautiful / cute" was delight and guilt at the same time. I could never bring myself to accept such compliments without the fear that they would change their minds completely one day. I felt as if I was deceiving the world, keeping quiet about my abnormality.

Many said that many models are attractive with small breasts. But I had always thought no one was flatter than mine. Even if they were, there was no one with inverted nipples. Porn, fashion magazine, erotic novel with small breasts protagonist or documentary helped nothing much. Even experiences in public bath and shared bathroom didn't.

But your site was truly eye-opener. Very informative, full with photos and other's stories.

The articles reminded me to care about function rather than appearance or perceived standard. I realized the first time what it mean by ‘breasts come in different shapes and sizes' as well as how other's women thought about their breasts. It was the very first time I realized that big breasts women suffered and was insecure about their body part, which I was always envious.

Above all, I was not a defect.

The acceptance of the breasts seemed to help increasing the acceptance of other parts of this imperfect body as well.

A year has passed. No guy flatters my beauty as usual. My breasts are even smaller than last year. (However, there is new information that I should actually wear 28B or 28C bra instead of 32AA.) But I don't hate my tiny breasts and other parts of this body as much as before. I can come with the conclusion that my body is not very attractive in the eyes of majority of men but I'm still a normal human being with normally functional body. That's everything that matters.

Nowadays when insecurity rises, I often come to look and read information on the site. I still shed tears sometimes realizing I'm fine in my own way. It's the first, valuable step of self-acceptance.

And I have to thank you very, very much!

Best regards and best wishes,


My heart goes out to all these girls / women ... I blame western society's glossy magazines and the Hollywood media (most are airbrushed anyway). And I admit - to a certain extent some of the fault lies with men. It is a tragedy and a lie that women are made to feel unattractive or less sexy with smaller breasts.

I was born and raised on a farm in Africa and I remember most of the African women were topless. It was completely natural to all of us. Breasts had a function ... size didn't matter ... they were for milk production only. Now that's' all changed and those women now have western values.

Only in remote areas is it still natural - here is a recent photo I took in Namibia ... these ladies walk through the streets of the Capital city, Windhoek, topless. And nobody bothers to look - except strangers / tourists. They cannot understand our culture.

Besides, whose really worried if one side is a little smaller than the other ? We have that in men too - one arm is larger than the other because we're left or right handed. In fact all animals are either left or right handed too ... even elephants (you can tell by which tusk is most worn).

Another point I'd like to make is that these girls / ladies would be surprised how many men actually prefer 'smaller' or petite breasts. To me there is nothing more exquisite.

Nearly all the women I have spoken to with large breasts envy those with smaller breasts. They say they're tired of their breasts being stared at and at times feel like a 'cow' ... they are heavy, give them backache and sometimes have to get special steel reinforced bras. I feel equal compassion for them too.

Please will all of you just accept who you are and what you are. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

Finally, a true story about my sister. Her husband didn't like her petite breasts and paid for her to have implants. He left her and went off with another woman ... she used to enjoy her small breasts ... now she regrets having large breasts.

And another finally ... all the photographs I saw on your web site were beautiful. If only these girls / women would realise that.

For what it's worth advice is be proud ... and grateful ... of how you have been made! I think your web site is excellent and hopefully will now rectify such damaging issues like breasts size and restore confidence, acceptance and self-esteem.

Kind regards, Richard

This is kind of sad the way we are conditioned to feel bad about ourselves if we're not really large breasted. It's kind of the same thing some men have with their "packages." I could never convince my ex-husband that I was happy with his size and that it really didn't matter to me anyway. It was sort of frustrating for me actually, I wished he would have just let it go and stopped putting himself down because I meant it when I said I was happy with him. FYI, personality and value conflicts were the reason for the divorce, not either of our sizes.


Every night I fall asleep dreaming of waking up the next day with a full A or B cup. In Paris it is extremely hard to find AA cups. The only ones I find are designed for young girls. I am 27 though. And it is even more difficult for me as I work in the beauty industry. THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE. I realized I was not a monster or a skeleton or something. Much love to all women not filling an A cup !


I am 26 yrs old, 5'6" and 125lbs. I consider myself to be average size. I am a 34A/32B depending on the bra. I have worn a padded bra since high school. I have always been self-conscious about my breast size. My mom has implants, so I grew up expecting to grow to a 34D and finally realized hers were fake. I am a mother to two beautiful girls, and I am struggling to accept myself for who I am now so that when my girls are older I can show them how to be confident in themselves. My breasts grew to a C while I was breastfeeding, and now they are back to normal size but I have lost some mass. They are not as firm and perky as before. My husband loves my small breasts and has tried for 6 yrs to convince me. I still have a hard time believing him, but I am trying. This site has helped me to realize that everyone struggles in some way to except something about themselves, and I hope that we can all learn to except ourselves and realize that natural is beautiful.


I too have the same problem with most girls who have small breasts. After reading some of your statements above, I felt like crying. Yes I did. I'm Asian and I want to look like most Asian girls too. I don't have that "blessed" breast but I've changed my mind, so I guess it all depends on how you carry yourself with confidence :). btw I'm 32A and I'm 16. Been searching about how to boost ur bust for a long time but it didn't help. Anyway ladies, I say, let's not be sad. We're great! Aren't we? Have faith.

xy xy xy im great!

I think your site IS GREAT!!! I feel that many women are being bombarded with the media claiming that they MUST do this, have this breast size, etc.. to be attractive to men. I want to offer my support to all the women who wear the B cup and down! You are beautiful, you are sexy, you are better than any model that walks the runways in Hollywood! Keep your head up and never let any man put you down because of your breast size! Also, never consider getting an enlargement just to please society, be true to yourself, love yourself and you will truly be happy in your body and for that you will be a very beautiful woman for it!!


I am a 20 years old girl and I have always had a small slender body. Having almost no breast size at all always bothered me (I even had a gym teacher who did some ugly comments about it). However, as my younger sister grew up having the same situation and I tried to make her look at it positively, I ended up being the positive one. Its perfectly normal to want to be beautiful or have a good body and also i understand that its not that easy ignoring the bodies of all those well-shaped famous women. But please, take a look at how Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman can be as attractive as Angelina Jolie (examples go on). The only one expecting and thinking small breast is unattractive is our self. That happens out of fear of being rejected. But its only in our head. Like that time i thought I was going to fail in math though everyone said I did great. In the end I got A+. We can all be A+. We just have to let our complexes aside. Also remember : "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Great article by the way. And I think someone should write about guys with small/ short etc. body too.


I really appreciate this site. I'm 44 and wear an A cup to AA. I go through phases where I'm just fine with my breast size, but then any brush with media glorifying models/actresses, solely because of their large breasts, can really be a huge downer for me. I wish Sports Illustrated would have an swimsuit issue showing beautiful women from A - D cups. I wish magazines would feature A cup women along with all the other sizes. I wish movies would have lovemaking scenes that featured beautiful A cup actresses. In a generation, people would begin to see the beauty in all of those different breast sizes, not only in sice C or greater. That's the power of the media.

Thanks to all of the male posters here. You're insights and encouragements have been awesome!!


As a woman in her 40's who was greatly disappointed when I appeared to stop growing......... (and nothing has changed, by the way, I'm still a very slender B or even an A), here is my message to all women: Just say no to the magazines and images that promote this insecurity. I have had to so, and that means turning away from popular mags who promote the whole "blonde, big booby girl" image. I am tall, slender, and athletic, and appreciate the comment from the gentleman who said that as we age, "smaller looks younger." It's true. I've never been pregnant, and my boobs show it for sure. But that is another subject, the need to look younger..... as far as breasts go, I'm learning to appreciate my "tweeny" type body more and more, but it is still a daily effort. Thanks for this site, and thanks to all the men who posted in hopes of providing comfort and confidence to women who doubt their beauty. Our culture is pretty tough on women -- if your boobs aren't too small, then you're too old. It's time for a drastic change, but I'm not hopeful. I can only change my own attitude, so I'll work on that for now, and I support all of you with your gorgeous, diminutive, perky breasts to BE YOURSELVES!!!


I was never big breasted, just normal and beautiful like the lovely young ladies pictured at left. I had my first of 3 babies at 19 and went to a size D each time though I only weighed no more than 130 at 9 months. Well, you can guess after 3 kids in 3 years the stretching had left me in a pretty badly sagging condition. Actually, it was after just the first baby and the other two didn't help.

I decided at age 40 to get breast implants. I could have gotten a simple lift, but implants through the armpits (they get filled after) would leave no visible scar and a lift would leave a vertical and horizontal scar, so I chose the implants, though I expressly said that I did not want to be larger than a C.

When I woke up I found out that I was a D! The doc said that he needed size D implants to take up the slack. There they were.....THE TWINS sod in a yard.....instant lawn! My husband wasn't upset and they DID look like something out of Playboy (with nipples forever erect) but I never did get used to them and NEVER showed them off in clothing or at the beach or wherever. I have nothing but disdain for women who get them for the sole purpose of showing them off! They don't get the surgery for self esteem issues, they get it for self centered reasons and the need to be desired by everyone.

Well...balloons that size need maintenance, so here I am 15 years later, a grandmother and the skin gets thinner and the implants stand out more and look rounder and more fake. I have to worry more about breast cancer since one in 8 women get it and the odds go up after 50. In 5 years I'll be 60 and I'm only about 125 lbs. The TWO extra lbs in my chest are making me slouch causing me shoulder impingement which is very painful and I don't go for regular mammograms because one it's embarrassing and two it's painful when they have to push the huge implant out of the way to get to what little breast tissue I have left. I worry about missing a lump because at this stage they feel lumpy anyway and I can feel the seams and even SEE them as indentations when I bend over and yes, they were under the muscle.

So, I decided to have them out and a reconstruction done. Basically what I should have done in the first place, but now there is nothing to lift, so fat (what little I have) must be harvested from other parts of my body, the stem cells separated and then injected as a natural filler. The doc said that when the implants came out that my skin shriveled up horribly and that I had no breast tissue of my own at all, plus, there was a lot of scar tissues to get rid of, but he could't get it all.

This, I might add at the cost of 10,000. I am still married to the father of my children who thought the implants were great at first, but after seeing me suffer this way, he really wishes that I had never bothered with any of it.

I just hated losing the breasts that I'd only really had for a few years at age 19. It's amazing what vanity will drive you to, but if I looked as pretty as the girls in the photos I would be insanely happy! I would have gone for the surgery, but like I said, a simple lift and I would probably still look good after only 15 years. As it is, it has been just a little over a week and I cannot sleep in any position but my back.

I have another problem now which is an inverted nipple which will have to be fixed later, so it just never seems to end. The fat may not stay either....there are no guarantees. The fat transfer cost as much as implants, but I was adamant... NO MORE implants!

Just remember ladies, implants need maintenance, they are not a one time deal and the younger you start, the more hell you will pay. (literally and figuratively) By the way, did I mention that having my chest muscles stretched like that was one of the most painful things I'd ever encountered? If I have saved one person from the mistake that I made then sitting here and spilling my guts when I don't feel well has been worth it. Natural is BEST! All the best to everyone!


Hi everyone,
I'm happy to have found this website to see that people are able to share their feelings about the sexualisation of breasts and their own pair.

I personally think they have two purposes, one of which is to produce sexual pleasure by stimulation during intercourse, but PRIMARILY and MUCH more importantly, to be a source of food and comfort for our children.

With regards to the pleasure inducing properties of breasts, specifically the nipples, this effect varies enormously between women. Some people say that it is more intense, the smaller your breasts are but it's not really possible to be sure as I have never seen any survey results on the matter and these things are very subjective anyway.

With regards to breast feeding and comfort, it is wonderful that we are able to produce food from our bodies and to comfort our children and husbands with a soft hug.

Men are conditioned to be aroused by breasts in our culture, yes. In other cultures, for example, Afro-Caribbean culture they value the size of the bottom much more highly than the breasts which are more likely to be overlooked. This rear-fixation is beginning to be a fashion even in western culture as mixing of the cultures is beginning to speed up and will hopefully bring some much needed perspective and balance. In Tajikistan the unibrow is the height of female beauty! We would be horrified to go out of the house with one but they paint them on if they don't have one.

Some men are hugely turned on by seeing exposed lower legs and necks among other things, my friend once told me I had such pretty neck and shoulders at the back that she was envious because some guys, she had heard, are really into that area!

There will always be things which will come in and out of fashion and if we continue to measure ourselves against others this will continue to be a problem for each of us as none of us have everything.

Some of the most attractive things in a woman are kindness, her ability to make other people feel at ease and to laugh unselfconsciously, these are the markers of a confident personality and make a woman lovely to be around.

For the young girls out there who are saying WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? No, the reason you feel the way you do is because the young guys around you are IMMATURE, they are only just beginning to understand about sex and their bodies and are being brainwashed to think that big breasts are the only thing that matter. A lot of them will find, soon enough, that girls who can make them laugh, have fun with them and understand them emotionally are more important to them than vain girls who can't. You are all beautiful in your own ways, my friend is very flat chested but she has in incredible tiny waist, large shapely bum and lovely green eyes and guys went mad for her as soon as they could get past their BBO (big breast obsession).

I've also noticed that some of you look a little bigger than your reported cup size would suggest. I am, depending on the manufacturer, a 34C / 32D two sizes which actually have the same breast volume and use the same length of underwire in wired bras.

I have asymmetric breasts and one is about a cup size lower than the other but I size for the larger as you shouldn't squash them! I've read a fair few posts on this website and seen posts such as 36A and 38B when the ribcages of the women don't look that big.

I may be wrong but please guys, don't sacrifice being measured properly because you are self conscious, also don't go to the really cheap stores to get measured, they often get it wrong! You don't have to buy a bra from a store just because you got measured there or you can buy from the value ranges in those stores. My friend got measured in five different stores on the same day, her size range was: 38B, 36C, 34DD, and in the most expensive, well respected store wait for it... 32E!!!!! In the traditional measuring technique the back size eg 32, 34, etc is measured first and then the cup size is measured RELATIVE to this measurement. The difference in the number of inches or centimetres between the bust size and the underbust size is your cup size. CUP SIZES ARE RELATIVE TO THE SIZE OF YOU.

This method can be severely unreliable, especially since some people take the back (or underbust measurement) and add four or five centimetres, or up to three inches to it making the back size vs bust size difference a whole lot smaller. Then they round up to the nearest size. This means that a lot of women end up wearing a back size which is too loose, and a cup size which is too small. There are long lists of indicators on many websites to tell if you are wearing the wrong size bra.

There is another method I used, which was to measure each breast individually, from where the breast tissue starts (usually a bit further down your side from the armpit, but you can feel where the extra squish begins) over the fullest part of the breast into the middle where you breast bone is. My left is a D and my right is a C.

Also, a 32AA, 34A, 36B, 38C, etc all share the same breast volume, which means your breast size is not determined by cup size or back size alone. Those of you who feel you don't fill your bra could try going down a back size and retaining your cup size, subject to good measurement and comfort requirements.

Ladies, you may not be wearing the wrong size bra, but then, you might be. Don't squash your breasts unnecessarily or leave them unsupported!

I wore a 34 B for ages when I was younger and it felt slightly too big in the cup, I couldn't wear a 34A as it squashed me. I went to get measured at a reputable place and found I was a 32B. The band felt tighter than I was accustomed to, but running around was much more comfortable and my breasts felt and looked better shaped. Although the 32B and the 34A have the same cup volume, the shape is different and so although a 34A squashed me, the 32B was fine.

I really hope we can all learn to deal with our body issues constructively, if we are healthy and wearing the correct size clothes instead of too tight / loose we can feel comfortable physically but with a little mental adjustment of perspective, looking beyond our own cultures and remembering that we all get old, I believe we can leave body issues where they belong and live life. Let's not use quick physical fixes to boost body image, that insecurity will pop up elsewhere.

God bless you all!


Hi. I'm a freshman in highschool, and I am a 34-36 A cup, weighing 105 and 5'3''. I'm very comfortble with my body. People always comment on how skinny I am, and how flat-chested I am. I take it as a joke because I know I will never have "big boobs". A friend of mine is always saying how I'm perfectly proportioned. She gives me hope that maybe there are some guys that think the same. I don't have a big butt either, but I have always been pretty athletic, but not so much that it would have changed my breast size. (I'm a catcher, so it doesn't really affect my chest)

I feel that my body is beautiful the way it is and I am totally comfortable in my skin. Everyone is beautiful in their own way! Don't get discouraged by people who judge you on your looks. They're shallow, and no one deserves being put down like that.


Ok so I am a 17 year old guy and I just wanted to tell all you ladies out there that men don't care about your breasts as much as you think and unless it's seriously an issue like having breast cancer or something then a real man won't care about your breasts but they'll care about your personality. Sure for some guys size matters in sexual attraction but most of the time it doesn't matter. Remember that you're beautiful no matter how big or small your breasts are. It's what's inside that counts. I should know, my girlfriend has very small breasts and I couldn't be happier because I love her personality.


Absolutely WONDERFUL site; this site is the ultimate in helping girls and women to deal with their breast issues. VERY educational, too! Having not even been able to fill out a AA throughout the years, I can relate to the ones on here who say, "I'd be happy just to fill out an A! Or better, even a small B!" I feel the same. It's been helpful to me to read the posts from women who are from other countries and cultures and to see what men find attractive in their country. Just goes to show that the media and peer pressure and culture messages do a lot to add to the pressure of "needing" to have bigger breasts. It's a layered subject, though. Of all the things that make us feel truly feminine, I feel that having at least a little bit of a chest is number one. Having a great head of hair helps, too. But imo only, it seems having breasts are THE ultimate feminine trait. But maybe that's because I don't have breasts. We are always fixated on what we don't have, aren't we? And again, breasts are like a body part that we should have...they just come about 12 or 13 years after birth, but they should be there. That's my opinion anyway. Like some of you others, I have cried bitter tears over not feeling womanly enough. And although I am married to a wonderful man, I have also cried bitter tears when I know he'd love to cup my breasts, but there's nothing there to cup. Of course he says he loves me as I am and I believe him. But men are visual creatures and I can't believe that, if given the choice, he'd pick my flat chest over a voluptuous one. I don't want to be depressing here. Because this site is immensely positive and educational and TRUE. That's the wonderful part. I have actually started to grow out of my hangup after all these years, as I visit this site from time to time. I am reminded that breasts are a wonderful natural thing-no matter what their size-to feed our young. And yes, they are something that adds to our feeling of sexuality, too. But each of us can concentrate on our good traits and be happy for them. Like others that have commented on this site, I have toyed with idea of getting implants but I just cannot do something so risky and unnatural to my body. I really feel like I'll regret it later. So, I focus on my hair and the fact that I have nice legs, and the fact that, flat though my chest may be, my nipples are very sensitive and give my husband and I great enjoyment during times of intimacy. Don't mean to get so personal but I think you ladies know what I mean! :) I love reading the posts from all of you wonderful girls and women out there, because you are being real about your feelings on the matter. I realize I am not alone in this and you guys aren't either. And this stie has been a tremendous benefit in helping me to focus on all of the positive aspects about myself and to be grateful for what I DO have. Peace to you all sisters!


One of your male contributors wrote, "Yet it seems that men who appreciate women with small breasts are like a silent constituency" - He is right, there are many societal pressures and perceptions that seemingly favour larger breasts, so I think there is a responsibility for us males, including me, who actually much prefer small breasts, to correct that erroneous societal perception and speak up in favour of the smaller breast.

A thought that just occurred to me is, I wonder if there is a similar website to this one for men whose confidence feels undermined because they have only a small penis. After all, we often hear that that women think that "Bigger is better". So, if the technology existed, as a small penis man, would I seek out an operation to cut open my penis and insert a sausage shaped silicone bag to make it appear thicker and longer? I don't think many small men would even consider the idea, let alone do it! So female readers please do not seek out implant operations for yourselves. If you are a great person inside then cosmetic artificial boobs are not going to make you any greater.


I'm a healthy, straight man. For what it's worth, I think small breasts are beautiful- elegant, graceful, feminine; everything I desire in a woman.


My wife has small breasts, and she was very concerned about my opinion of her breasts. I personally think she's hot, not to be crude. Shallow women attract shallow men I say, I actually still to this day beg her not to get breast enlargement, not because big boobs are ugly, I'm a man, I will not lie, big breasts are attractive, and so are small breasts. I like breasts big little medium or even off centered. The risks of the surgery outweigh the benefits. To me I would rather her be small breasted with no risk over large with possible side effects. She's my wife, I love her. I think its very bold, and flat out wrong, to ask your woman to change her appearance. Plus we're getting older and she will never flappy saggy breast always perky and pretty.


I am a 00.. nothing. I don't know what is wrong with me lol. I'm not perfect but I think all of you ladies should be grateful you have something and it shouldn't matter, life is too short to be worrying about this. Yall are all beautiful. Any real man should be grateful to have any of you. But if you are really insecure, some sites say rotating your arms in circles streches the skin and gains muscle to increase breast size (: but I honestly think yall are perfect how you are:*


Doing exercises to strengthen the chest muscles will not increase breast size, BUT it may give an illusion of somewhat bigger breasts.]

All of my life, I've been told how to look, like most girls. I feel your pain, your anger, your frustration, your anxiety, the pressure. Everywhere you turn it's like a giant ADVERTISEMENT saying what you aren't, what you have to be, you aren't women enough, you aren't curvy enough. This site has changed my whole perception. I wish I could show every girl I know this. The only thing I've ever been complimented on in my life is my eyes. They are an unusal green color. And I think that's because I see through people's bodies, I see your soul, your story... And, I think that is more important than the external body. We are all infinite consciousness having an experience, everything else is illusion. Namaste, peace and love to all the girls who feel less <3 you don't deserve what the media portrays. It's time to fight back. Everyone take off your bra and your shirt and run in the street scream "THEY ARE JUST SAGS OF FAT, THEY ARE JUST MEANT TO FFEED BABIES"



I stumbled across this site on accident. And felt had to leave a comment. As a male, I have never been a fan of big breast. I prefer them smaller. And it looks as tho I am not the only male out there that thinks so.

I am almost 18 and have very small breasts, between AA and A cup. I've always felt insecure about my breast size - especially because A or B cup is considered "small" - but today when I visited this website, I realized that my small breasts aren't uncommon at all! Thank you SO much for this website, I feel like I've had a huge boost to my self-esteem already.


I'm 15, Asian. I have no definite ideas to what size I am, although I wouldn't be surprised if I was an AA or below. (Thank you to all of those brave women who posted up their pictures, by the way. It turns out I'm not alone after all.)

I've always been skinny for my age, and due to my parents' eating habits, I also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. However, given the chance, I love eating cheese and baked goods. Despite this, I don't put on weight easily.

I'm quite active, playing volleyball and running cross country. I wasn't anything special, until year 6 when some of the other girls started developing and started shying away from physical activity.

Some of my friends and my mum (surprisingly) have encouraged me to buy push up bras. Being a bit of a tomboy, I flat out refused - there's no point in giving the illusion that you have more than what you've got. How is that going to help you? Will it get you a job, a happy life or a good place in a university?

If a guy likes or doesn't like you because of your body, he isn't worth your time. Bodies will age, breasts will sag, faces will start to wrinkle. Love what you have, big or small, round or flat (ish).




I have small breasts and always felt self-conscious and unattractive as a result. It didn't help that I never met "Mr. Right". Finally, when I was in my 40's, I met a wonderful man who told me that he prefers small breasts and he thinks mine are beautiful. At first I thought he was just being polite, but he finally convinced me. Now I look in the mirror and see my small, non-sagging breasts and I think they're quite attractive. I first came across this website some time ago when I was feeling insecure about my breast size and seeking confirmation that I'm not the only one. I just found the site again because I'm STILL trying to work out my bra size! That's still a pain but I do believe that small is beautiful!


My breast size isn't something I often talk about, or shall I say my huge insecurity of my small breasts. In elementary while other girls were blooming with large breasts, I was being relentlessly bullied for having small breasts. I even remember on a field trip a male classmate saying to me after a woman with large breasts walk something along the lines of "I bet you wish your tits were like hers" and I also still remember many insults I faced along those lines daily at school due to my small breasts. I am now 23 and still insanely insecure about it, I've started to become more comfortable with my body but I am still very insecure of my petite frame because of how I was treated for being petite. For a very long time I've considered implants and even though I know I will never get them I still contemplate them from time to time. For a very long time (and still to this day) I have felt severely inadequate and as if no one will ever find me attractive due to have small breasts, all the while having a partner who tells me frequently he loves them. I hope one day I can love myself and what I have, I want to stop hating my appearance and to be able not to wear layers and layers to hide how petite I am. Seeing this site makes me feel so much better and sharing this is making me feel better (even though I currently have mascara everywhere on my face). I will continue to visit this site frequently to remind myself that I am not inadequate and that I'm not alone. Thank you. Maybe you can help me love my body one day.


Well, I'm a 25 year old female who also has small, A cup breasts. I admit that in my late teens, early 20s, I wanted to have bigger breasts, but that was mostly because of peer pressure coming from other girls, namely, just a few close girlfriends who were, actually, small-breasted themselves. I live in Europe and people don't really obsess over breast size over here as much as they do in USA, at least that's my observation. I realized how lucky I am to have the breasts I do. I don't want big breasts at all, I really love how mine look. I'm petite with an extra small frame and, even my doctor said, if my breasts grew to be a B cup, I'd look like Pamela Anderson, which in my view, that's disproportionate. I think that we all develop to be exactly how we are supposed to be like, and the breast size that nature gives us naturally, is the right size for each one of us. Proportion is key, and if it's a little off, it's no big deal, it's still beautiful. I personally like how pert my breasts are and their shape. These two are the things about them that drive my man crazy over them. :D Ever since he has seen my chest, he's been crazy about small breasts, and doesn't like any other size anymore. So, to all the small breasted girls complaining over there: Know that you are sexy and beautiful, your breasts add sexiness to you, and one day, you will meet the right guy who will love your size. Believe me, there are more guys out there who like small breasts than you think. I realize I sounded a bit cocky, so apologize for that, but I do have a very positive opinion on this topic and my bust size, so, it's a little hard not to sound like that. Cheers!


Small breasts to me are more natural looking and feeling. If you think all guys want big breasts, well, you're wrong. There are a lot of men that think like I do. The saying never judge a book by its cover is so true. My wife when I met her was a 30 A cup and I was happy with that. She got pregnant, her breasts got big like 38 D cup and I was ok with that because I love her, not her breasts. Now they are a 40 B cup. If you are happy in your own skin and love yourself, it will show and men will not even pay attention to your breast size.


As a man I tell you we like them either way.

But please what ever you do DO NOT get implants. they always look bad and it's a turn off to most men.


As a man I tell you we like them either way. But please what ever you do DO NOT get implants. they always look bad and it's a turn off to most men. ~A-Male

I am a life time lover of small breast. I am 68 I wish every woman with small breast could meet a true small breast lover I her life time. Do nothing to your body, it is not you, it is in the eye of the beholder. Any problems, move on...


I'm 15 , 158cm, 38 kg. So U guess I'm considered petite. Cried all the way reading through the comments and especially the guys'. I've been teased a lot about how small mine is but I guess that how it is, u can't please everyone.


I've always had insecurities about my A/B chest size, but recently I've come to appreciate that it's in proportion with my rather small frame and thin shoulders. There's no need to put pressure on yourself to be stereotypically pretty! And props to those who have put themselves out there! Don't even depend on "it's what's on the inside that counts", because although a bad attitude is very unattractive, every body in its natural form is sexy! ;)


As a man, I find women sexual, not just their breasts but all of their body. Saying that does not mean that I see them as less in other ways. I can see them as smarter or more capable than me. I am aware of all the differences and am excited by it. I love women's breasts regardless of the size or shape because men do not have them the same way I want to look at them and touch them. I have been married for 40 years and I am still a "slave" to my womans 32 a cup.


Thanks for the website. I can't say I was ever worried about my breasts not being "normal" though I did want them to be larger in my teens and early 20s. I appreciate reading the variety of feelings that women have about their breasts -- particularly those who are happy with them just they way they are.

I am 30 years old with 2 children. I have always been small chested. Before children I was an A-cup, but my breasts grew significantly during pregnancy and when my milk came in they went up to a DD. I successfully fed both of my children for 12 months each, maintaining one at the 99th percentile while exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 months (the other was ~80th). After I lost all the baby weight and stopped nursing, my breasts shrank to 32AA and are a little droopy and COVERED in stretch marks. I am fine with the way they look and they do/have done everything that I could want them to do except fill out a top.

Having been everything from an AA to a DD, I far prefer being smaller to being larger. Admittedly, a lot of the discomfort that I felt when they were very large was because they were engorged, they were irritated by being constantly damp (I leaked like a sieve), they were extra sensitive from particularly vigorous nursing, or (the worst!) I had a blocked milk duct. I just find at 32AA, my breasts don't get in the way especially when being active and I just look more like myself. When I was nursing, I was frequently surprised when I saw my reflection. I discovered I really didn't care for the way I looked with the breasts I thought I wanted when I was a teenager.

Now I take advantage of being small chested and wear plunging/low cut necklines that I wouldn't be brave enough to wear if I was in danger of a wardrobe malfunction. I find it makes me look a little more "womanly" without pretending I have something I don't!


I am a 24-year-old woman and my size's 30B. I've been going through the net looking for websites like these to boost my self-esteem.

I've been like literally "validated" and made fun of by men about me being flat chested. One was like asking me to wear padded bras. Another compares me to an anime character with enormous breasts. One was asking me whether I even know what a bra is. Then I got called "tube babe" and "piston babe" and also a "hanger". Another guy kept telling me how I am not well-endowed, how I am not all attractive, ugly, starved-looking and stuff...

Sometimes I get made fun about the same thing on a daily basis. In the end, I do my best to smile whole-heartedly at these things and not give out that I am upset and keep smiling or laughing at it, but kinda made me feel miserable in the end.

I have like tried enhancement creams. Doesn't work. I think maybe it's because of my heavy dieting during my pre-teens and early teens or because of the genes from my paternal side.

So found this page when looking for stuff online (again) to boost my self-esteem.

Sangeetha Delampady

I honestly wonder this all the time, who cares about what you look on the outside. It's whats on the inside that counts. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. No body is perfect. For example, this girl in my class has outer beauty potential, but she has no inner beauty potential. She is mean, full of herself, thinks she's the best, and cares about nobody but herself. The expression "BIGGER IS BETTER" is not true. What makes us special, is that we are all different. "No two snowflakes are alike." Well it's the same with people. "No to people are alike." Could you imagine a world where EVERYONE was the same. Why it would be HORRIBLE!!! So stop and pause for a minute and think, "it's what's inside that counts."


Most men prefer normally proportioned women. Some prefer larger breasts, and some prefer smaller. There are MANY men like me who prefer smaller breasts! My wife is almost totally flat-chested I think it's great. Don't let people tell you it doesn't matter how you look- it does, and whatever you look like, there are men and women out there who think you look just right.


I'm a 30 yrs old South East Asian woman. I'm very skinny, I weigh only 44 kilos (height 1.57 metres) in my best condition. I used to weigh 53 kilos and I had bigger breasts back then but after I suffered colitis which I'm still right now, now I have smaller breasts (size 34)so I always buy padded bras so my chest won't look too flat. I'm quite insecure about them, because all of my female friends have bigger 'normal' breasts. And the fact that I have big aerolas which seem not suit well compared to my skinny breasts, it worries me more. But finding out that I'm not the only one whose having such conditions, well I have to admit, I'm feeling very 'normal' right now. And to read the testimonies of husbands who accept and love their wives the way they are, it brings me confidence that I do have a chance for being loved the way I am, no matter what size my breasts are. Thanks for bringing the reality checks.(btw,sorry for my bad grammar ^_^).


I wanted to state, for all you women worried about your boobs being too small, well honestly I am the opposite. I don't like big boobs, it's an automatic big drawback. To me what makes them the most attractive is form. And size according to your size, if you're tiny (petite) then small is better, if you're taller with a larger natural frame (this don't mean fat) then medium size normally looks better. Oh and don't let your dress size or weight decide if you're fat or not. Some ppl have a natural wider frame so for them to be skinny or even better in shape they have to be a larger waist size to be beautiful and healthy. Other ppl, even like me, have a small body structure which makes it impossible to block up... therefore I always look skinny no matter how much muscle I will build.


I am a 23 year old female and I have always had very small breasts. Like a 32AA or a padded 32A. It makes me feel inadequate and like less of a woman to be so flat-chested. My breasts started to develop when I was 9 years old, but they just never got past the budding stage. It kills me because my mom and my sister are both well endowed, like D+ cups, while I would give anything to be a full A or a B. Back in middle school and high school my friends would tease me, calling me "skittle tits" or "mosquito bites". Even now my older sister will throw low blows at me about having no breasts. I try to laugh it off but I can't deny the damage it does to my self esteem every time. I was feeling very down about myself when I discovered this wonderful website. It has made me realize that my small breasts are nothing to be ashamed of. They?re part of what makes me unique. So to every girl/woman who has ever been made to think otherwise, just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And that includes you! Love your body and love yourself. Don?t just give in and merely accept what you are, embrace it and own it! Small is beautiful and it's about time we all realize it!


I agree completely with K R Debley below. I am a man and find women beautiful in all skin colors, hair colors, races, etc. Ladies, the fact that you have tits is is the key. Personality and body language go a long way. What most men want is your companionship, support, physical intimacy ( and yes to see your beautiful breasts. Some guys care about the size as some women care about their guys penis size. Most care more about the emotional connection and the 'motion of the ocean.' My wife is a gorgeous small breasted woman. I couldn't care one whit. They are real, unenhanced, and in my hands, well cared for, and well enjoyed. She worries sometimes but has no reason. If she had larger breasts so be it. She is such an awesome person and enjoys sex with her her husband (i.e. me aka... lucky guy) that it just doesn't matter...that sounds wrong because it sounds like I don't care...I love her breasts and think they're gorgeous but that's because I love her. Find a guy that loves YOU...and then let him. I love my wife for being my best friend and willing lover. Those qualities are far more important at the end of the day than what fills your sweater. Confidence and sex appeal will beat bra size in the long run....and get you a better man than someone who cares more about your chest than your brain and personality.


I love this site!!!
I'm 22, 5'8 and barely wear a B cup. It's always kind of bothered me because I have wide hips and toned thighs but rather than being a hourglass shape, I've always been a pear. I've been feeling kind of insecure about my small breasts lately but finding this site has made me feel so much better about my body.

It's nearly impossible to find images of what real breasts are supposed to look like. In the magazines, in the movies and everywhere else, they glorify huge breasts. I've always thought that small breasts could be beautiful, but when you're constantly bombarded with images that don't resemble your own, you start to wonder if something is wrong with you.

What I love the most about this site is how supportive everyone has been to each other. These comments have made me laugh, cry and smile from ear to ear. Everyone makes such good points, but it was the comments from all of the awesome men on here that really made my day.

It's important to LOVE yourself: Big boobs, small boobs, sagging boobs or uneven ones! Love you for you because real beauty is in your personality, mindset and character. It's got nothing to do with appearance! That is something I lost sight of for a while but I'm happy to say it won't happen again! And even if it does, I know where to go :D


I'm a bloke and I think all boobs are great! I don't care how big they are. Older women tend to look younger if they have smaller boobs so you'll stay looking younger for longer.

I don't know many blokes who like false ones though they always look odd. Saying "It's what's inside that matters" just isn't true of men or women. You have to be attracted to someone in the first place. I like a woman that looks good, I can't deny that but that doesn't mean she has to have big boobs. There's plenty of really attractive women with very small boobs, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson to name just a few. We don't just look at your chest, the face and eyes go a long way.
Don't worry about your small boobs, we love um!


I just wanted to say I actually cried at work when I found this site. I'm 25 and I have 3 year old son. I've always had small boobs. I never want to take my shirt off even with my partner cos I am so embarrassed. It makes me feel sick. Sometimes I just want to die because of it. Sounds so stupid, I know. I even get mad at myself for feeling this way.

I guess it's because when my darling watches porn it's always big boobs so it makes me feel inadequate. I have never felt good enough, I never feel woman enough.

It's affecting me so badly and I try to control it but I can't. I know I have many other things going for me but this really makes me so insecure.


I am 15 years old and my breasts are between an A and an AA cup. I also have wide ribs(although i'm no fat) almost all the girls at my school have bigger boobs than me- even those in year 7 (aged 11)


I was afraid that people would tease me about my small chest so I started putting socks in my training bra. It felt good but I was scared that someone would find out. After reading this, I'm hoping that I'll be able to go back to school without socks in my training bra!


I believe that women (especially with small breast or completely flat chests) should be proud and satisfied with their breasts. I for one find flat chested women are the most beautiful of all and hate the idea that some are uncomfortable with having them. Do not fret and most importantly do not hide the beautiful chest under the ridicolous modern societal padded bras please!

A man promotes natural beauty

Hi. I'm 18 and I have a boyfriend who's breast are bigger than mine. I'm really a petite. I got my period when I was 14 but at that point, I haven't developed my breasts...I just started to noticed that it's growing when I reached 16. But they are too slow. I can't even fit into an A cup bra so I used padded bras.. I've been wishing to increase it even an average so I decided to buy enhancing pills soon. However, I end up thinking about not going for any pills since it's much risky for my health. My boyfriend loves me and he likes everything about me. He wants me to be safe than risking my health just to increase my size. And I'm still the most beautiful girl for him.:D

But truly, I am really jealous to those having huge bombs in front of them. But my boyfriend seems to hate those bigger boobs and he said that. Maybe he just wants to make me feel better. And I guess that's true love. Because of him, I am now starting to love myself:D

Cheer up. we are all beautiful. You just all have to beautify yourself more in the inside.:D


Thanks, I now I have a new perspective on my small chest. I have always been self-concious. I'm 26 years old, never pregnant and 34B, my ribcage makes up for most of that measurement. I use a bra, but most of the time I think it's a waste. My ex insisted on augmentation. I even asked a plastic surgeon's nurse for information. I felt bad, because I'm sure all the girls he's been with were better in every way (breast size, looks). He even told me, I couldn't see him again till I had bigger breast. Reading your articles I understand they're not a sex objects. It's just fat, that has future purpose to feed my babies when the time comes. Thanks again, for this website, helping us women feel satisfied with what we were blessed with.


My wife has small breasts, have been married for 10 years with two children and still love my wife's breasts and very pleased they stayed almost the same.


I am a 72 year old man. I have been married to my wife for 48 years. I meet my wife when we were 15. When she was young she worried that her breasts were small. I would try and tell she was proportioned just right. About 15 years ago she had breast cancer. One of her breasts had to be removed. It was devastating to her. To me it did not matter. I was so glad to still have her. I still tell her I did not marry her for her body. The first time I saw her, looks got my attention. It was the hole person I fell in love with and still do today.

Robert King

I am a man who stumbled on this site. I would like to tell all you concerned women and girls that while there is much talk and even some peer pressure among teenagers about big breasts the majority of men and certainly the majority of men worth marrying do not care at all about breast size, more, many men positively prefer small boobs. AS a teenager I remember being attracted to a friend of my mother's who was flat chested. So don't worry and ignore talk from both girls and boys and love your chests


Being small chested can be very fustrating, but I've accepted mine because I know there are other women who wish to have small breasts as they suffer from back pain. I am size 32A weighing 72kg and I am 26 years that doesn't bother me anymore. God made me to be like this.


Hey ladies, stop worry about your breast not being so big.... Smaller breast are very beautiful.. So gorgeous.. And do not forget,your breast stand up well, not falling... And remember your breast is only one part of your body that a guy love.. there are many other part of your body men love, beside your inside beauty being also an important part of you.. And at last when a man fall in love with a woman, he falls in love with all of you (no matter the size of the breasts), not just one part of you.. Georges P.

I once knew a woman with the most perfect breasts, the right size and shape, (whatever that means), but she was the UGLIEST woman that I have ever met, because she had a really ugly mental attitude! What attracts men to women is their personalities. When you become old, the one thing that will still make you beautiful and desireable will be the type of person that you are, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with your physical appearance. I am happily married to the most wonderful woman, and I've been married to her for 38 years. All her bits have headed south, gravity has managed to pull everything down, but I still think that she's the greatest thing since sliced bread, purely because she has the most amazing personality. So come on ladies, stop worrying about your physical bits, they don't count for diddly-squat!


I'm a 15 year old girl, 5' 6.5" and weigh 117 and I am a 34AA... on a good day. I never once said

"I love how my boobs look today."
"Wow, my boobs look amazing."

I reached womanhood at the young age of 11 but became self conscious of my body at 12 years old. Every summer since then I said "Next summer they'll be a cup bigger." They never grew. I've been the same size since then.

I've been teased endlessly in school, I've been called mosquito-bite tits, some girls made a list of biggest to smallest boobs in my class one day and I ended up being the last one with the smallest. I laughed and pretended it wasn't a big deal but that was very derogatory towards me.

Now that I'm a freshman in High School probably 97 percent of the girls in my school are a B cup or higher.

Guys all over say that REAL women have curves and the comparison is often a woman that has the same body composition that I do and I can't help but feel bad about the way that I look and the way they mindlessly compare me to people that I can't ever look like in a million years.

But after reading this website I realized something extremely important that every woman should know:

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE! When you see models in magazines, videos, TV, internet, and billboards just know they probably have insecurities too and they probably want to look like somebody else. Everybody wants to look perfect but to be honest: your definition of a perfect woman isn't even perfect at all. (at least mine wasn't)

Living with your insecurities is the bravest thing a woman can do. Your body doesn't define what makes you a woman, it's what you believe you can do and it's what you are willing to do without cowering in the middle of the process.

What makes you different makes you beautiful ladies! :)


I never wanted to date anyone because I was afraid that they wouldn't like me because of how small my boobs are. I'm a 34B. But I finally found a guy and he didn't care what my body looked like. He ALWAYS told me it was just a bonus. That my personality was what he loved the most. I fell in love with him because of that. I am still very sensitive to my small boobs but if you want to make your boobs look bigger try a push up bra. Yeah it may sound stupid but trust me it works. Also try to wear like black dresses or blue. The more darker colors really show off ANYONE'S curves. Me and my sister both have small boobs but we wear the darker colors and everyone is always saying it really gives our figures a nice "pop"


I was looking online to see if anyone may have had breast growth at an older age. looking for any sign of hope, when I ran across this page. I will be 30 next year & have cried myself to sleep many of times. I don't even fill an A cup up, the smallest in my family. To make it even worse mine are tubular, even more not normal than just small. My areola is raised alot and pretty large I'd say for the size of my breast. They still look like a 12yr olds breast that are just beginning to grow. I have had 1 child, but nothing changed. My mother was a large C, my aunt about the same & my sister a DDD. I have been wanting implants for years, I know I won't like them to the fullest because I know they will get in the way, I love doing guy stuff, hunting, fishing, any kind of wood work ect. but when it comes to public I would rather just die. I don't wear a swim suit, a t-shirt 2 swim in for me. It makes me feel less of a woman, because that's something I can't offer my husband. I'm so ashamed I cover up in front of him.

But I was reading a lot of the posts & realized I'm not alone and just maybe, I may be ok the way I am. The posts from all the guys really made me cry, where were all these guys when I was growing up? I was picked on terribly. My husband has always told me he loves me and my body and I have tried so hard to change the way I see myself, but it's so hard with the way the media & everyone in the public eye sees beauty... I even think women are beautiful with small breasts, I just can't get past it myself. Maybe there is hope for the future. If there was more websites like this while I was growing up, I'm sure it would have saved me from a lot of worry/crying nights. But I thank all of you from my heart for all the posts... they really made me smile/while crying to know that there ARE so many people that think small is ok!


This afternoon I started to search the google engine in hopes of finding a solution to fixing my small breasts. After briefly skimming the home page of this website I thought "thank you god there may be some hope for me!" But I found something much better than a cure for this highly unappreciated incantion. At seventeen years old, I have become one of the millions of teenage girl that has fallen victim to the medias lies. I had myself convinced that if I spent oodles of money of victorias secret's beautiful pieces that I would automativally become beautiful to myself and others. THAT IS SUCH A LIE!! No words can express my appreciation to the wonderful men who accidentally stumbled upon this site, yet actually read the material and gave their own personal commentary. I've always been so concerned that I'll never be beautiful because I can't fill out even the smallest of bras, and because of the. Constant teasing I've gotten from my family and friends. Sometimes I will look in the mirror and sigh at the sight reflected back at me- wishing I could fill out a bikini like all of those genetically blessed models, and just feeling like dying on the inside knowing that I couldn't even be average, and always having it in my mind that no man or boy in his right mind would ever go for a small chested woman or young lady... I learned so many things to appreciate like the natural shape of my size 34A breasts, that yes one is almost a cup size bigger than the other (but its completely normal), that during my (much later in life) pregnancy(ies) my breasts will become bigger, and over all confidence in myself. There is absolutely no need for any woman of any age to be ashamed of the way she naturally is- WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL in all stages of life. Thank you so much to the wonderful people who made this site. I plan on sharing it to most all of my friends and finally tell those rude one's that I am beautiful no matter what they say!


Small breasts are beautiful. I'm a normal guy and many of my friends agree with me. I love the lightly endowed female form. age 19


This is a good website. I hope it will make girls more confident. Small breasts can be very beautiful.


I am a mature male, and I was brought up to believe that 'more than a handful is a waste'. I also see great beauty in small and very small breasts, and I think that even uneven breasts can more than double the interest factor :-).

To be truthful, I always look at a girl's face first, and I put more importance on personality than on shape.

I firmly believe that small breasts shouldn't be hidden in a bra and, as an added bonus, I know they will never cause you back ache or sore shoulders.

One important thing I have learned is that the chest muscles [actually the ligaments inside breasts] develop naturally to support the breasts as they develop from puberty, and that wearing bras from an early age robs the muscles [ligaments] of their necessary exercise, thus resulting in lax muscles [ligaments] and boobs that droop when the bra is removed. Unless your boobs are uncomfortably heavy, you should really only wear bras for vigorous exercise or when lactating.

So, to all you girls who have been brave enough to show your boobs here, and to all those who breastfeed in public, very well done, and all power to you.


I'm 16, never been pregnant.
I'm a 32 A with my left breast being bigger than the right and my left nipple not able to become erect, despite not yet accepting that I won't grow any more as my mum is a C and my older sister a D. I'm learning to become happy with my body, they won't sag and I won't get back pain from them, embracing what we have is the best thing a person can do, we're all beautiful and I hope my future partner will embrace that. X


I sometimes wonder why do ladies would want their breast enlarged. It is about time they realise by having small breast does not make them inferior in any ways at all. I would at anytime love small breasted women over the bigger ones.


I have small breasts. I wear an A cup. While I occasionally wish I had bigger breasts (mostly when bra shopping) I absolutely love my breasts. I think they are beautiful and perky. I don't feel less attractive just because they are small. In fact, I find smaller breasts prettier and more aesthetically pleasing. They are like small pillows of happiness.


I am 24, petite and newly engaged. In preparation for the big day, I've been exercising more regularly and making sure to eat healthier foods. In turn, I've lost a little bit of weight all around my body but I've noticed that my breasts also took a hit in weight loss (while I'm still the same 34b that I've always been - I am filling my bras out a little less). For a while I struggled with this. In fact I've always struggled with accepting that I'm small breasted. But I've learned to love my body as a whole. Yes - my breasts are small. But they are mine. And both my fiance and I love them just the way they are. In fact- my fiance admits to being 'a boob man' but then goes on to say that the confidence a woman carries in herself is her sexiest attribute. While of course this has helped me to come to terms with my breasts, it is of course amazing to know that there are other women out there with the same concerns and thoughts. Thank you all for sharing and for creating this web site.

Ps - whether you say 'there is just more to love' or 'more than a handful is a waste' own and love what you have- others will follow.


If all of those pics on the side are actual pictures of you girls, then you're all ridiculous.

Your breasts are fine, and any guy who isn't an idiot or gay would love to date you.

I am a 20 year old white male who has been cursed with genes that cause excessive hair growth on my body. Pretty much every square inch of my body has thick black hair (except my face, for some reason my beards are really patchy). It's gotten to the point where I can't even keep up with shaving myself anymore (takes about two hours each time). To top all this off I'm a tad overweight, losing my hair and I'm going grey!

I have been made fun of by girls I have liked my entire life, both beautiful and not so beautiful. I have only had one girlfriend. My ex left me in less than a month for a pot head with no ambition in life, someone who she always said she hated, but I'll admit he was better looking than me.

I have not taken my shirt off in public in 6 years. I can't go swimming or to the beach because it depresses me.

When you girls look in the mirror and think "oh my boobs are so small," look at everything else. From what I can see you're all beautiful.

Sorry for my rant, but in all seriousness, don't worry about your boob sizes, most normal guys will not care. My ex (if you can call her that) was flat as a board, it never bothered me any.

Hopefully my story put some perspective on your boob problem (not a problem at all).

Brent M

I'm a 19 year old guy & I would like to tell all the beautiful ladies who are worried about their breasts, don't worry about your breast size,you all are very beautiful & we guys love you.... Hope you find your prince charming pretty soon who will love you for what you are irrespective of your breast size... All the best !!!


As a 30-year-old guy, I have to say it's heartbreaking to read so many of these comments. I've struggled with body dysmorphic disorder myself for a long time, so I know a little bit of what it's like being unable to accept yourself as an attractive and desirable and lovable person. Just reading people's thoughts on here is a revelation. So many of you have such vast and complicated and interesting characters and personas and are so sincere in revealing your vulnerabilities that it really hurts not to be able to do something to comfort you. The cultural standard of big-breasted beauty is just a fad, and there's no objective truth to it: it has nothing to do with how beautiful you actually are. You are beautiful by being yourself in such an honest and sincere and naked way that you can open up to allow someone special to see the real you, a person who is not defined by her body but glorifies it. There is no such thing as small breasts, only small minds.


I'm a 45 yr. old mom of 6 (and breastfed all of them.) Several years ago, I decided to work on getting myself into better physical shape, and went from 170 lbs. to 120 lbs. That also meant that my bra size went from a 38-40c to a 34a. Though my breasts are smaller, they're still proportional to my body (I'm a5'8" ectomorph.) I also went from a size 14/16 to a size 2/4. It took me (and my husband) a while to get used to the smaller bra size, and I know that for at least a little while, he was wishing my breasts were larger (as was I.) Even though I'm smaller on top, I'm much more physically fit. I have very good muscle tone all over, with no fat rolls. Though my size "a's" do sag a wee bit, I do not have a matronly appearance so common with body types that are fuller, with larger breasts. My breasts will never sag down to my waist, and I know my husband has grown to appreciate that too. He now says he loves my small breasts. I do a lot of upper body strength training, and I think that really helps keeps a more youthful image, especially working on pecs.

I want to give encouragement to all of you who feel a lack of confidence because of your small size. Getting into the right frame of mind is very helpful. When you exude self-confidence, people notice, and no matter your size, people will find you more attractive because of it! BTW: I breastfed very successfully at both my larger size, and my smaller size. Each baby nursed for at least 2 years.


I not only think that small breasts are beautiful - they are ALL incredibly attractive - each in their own manner - I also think that we, as guys, do women a huge disservice in general by **not** saying so!! We should ALL do our part to say that, yes, small **is** beautiful and that Hollywood is full of garbage and should be ignored.

It's only when we voice our opinions that the negative stigmas and terribly sad stories of women whose self esteem has so greatly suffered can begin to change.

We need to **actively** debunk the Hollywood myth that "bigger is better" and not be afraid to say so .... ESPECIALLY in the locker room, etc. The sooner we speak up, the sooner things can begin to change!!

And the ladies NEED to know that many, many men love small breasts (many of whom, myself included, greatly PREFER them!!) - and that the female body is amazing - in all its forms!!

Great site - doing a wonderful job!


Im 16 years old I have really small breasts. I worry about my breasts a lot. I had a lot of people bully me at school about them. I used to be a great swimmer, I was asked to go into swimming competitions but because I got bullied, I am now to scared to get into a swimming costume. I was told by a lot of people that having sexual intercourse will increase my breast size, unfortunately this is not true. Some people just have small breast and you just got to accept them.


Every female should be happy for what they have in size. Men who like inplants are sick on this planet. They can go to shop and buy a doll to play with or the goverment should have lock all of that ones in jail. Natural is the best thing on our planet, SO GIRLS BE VERY HAPPY WHAT YOU HAVE. DO NOT PUT FAKE PLASTIC IN YOUR BODY. TRUST ME I KNOW WHAT AM TALKING ABOUT. BE HAPPY THE WAY YOU BORN!!! ENJOY NATURAL LIFE.


Hi I'm 15 years old n I just want to say that I've been reading all these wonderful comments from men n women n Ive realized that it doesn't matter how small your breast are all that matters is that you have to be who you are. Cause life is to short to be worried about how you look so to all the girls that have small beast CHEER UP!! It's not like its the end of the world if you have small breast. :D


I am a fourteen year old girl who can wear either a 36A or 36B depending on the bra. I have always been conscience about my breast size, just looking around at the girls in my school, makes me feel inferior. I constantly re-adjust my bra to make them bigger, and wear shirts that draw attention to them in hopes I will get noticed. My mother says it just because I am an athlete. I am always on a volleyball court, 5 days a week, she says they will get bigger when I stop being so active. However I am 5'10 and 155 lbs, I wear a size 7 in jeans, and usually have to get a large shirt just to cover my torso, but I figured they should be bigger. My mother is a D, in fact my whole family has large breast, and I just seem to be the odd one out. Even my nine year old sister seems to be rapidly catching up with me and seems soon to pass me. However I have asked guys about my size (only the ones I trusted) and they said I was perfect, that they liked it right at a handful. They also said that girls with really big breast didn't attract them as much as someone with a smaller cup size did, (they also said I didn't look my jean size, or like I weighed as much as I did). A day or so after hearing that, a girl teases me about having "misquote bites". To be honest it damaged all the self-confidence I had just gained, a few days before. But I just remembered what an old friend's mother said, "Where ever there is beauty there will always be jealousy". So after having read that other females are having a harder time than me I thought I would offer up my experiences. I know I am probably not going to get much bigger than I am now, because my body is composed of mainly muscle. So to women with an athletic build it is natural to be smaller. But if that is not enough to make you feel better, a lot of guys like Megan Fox, and after looking at pictures of her she doesn't seem to have large breasts either.


What are you B cups complaining about? A cups are also beautiful and not everyone likes D cups. I hear they cause back problems. And besides. Guys are always the ones wanting an 'au natural' woman. Love yourself.

I think that small is beauty. My darling has small breasts but I never change her breasts on bigger because I love her. Girls don't worry about size of your breast!!!


I'm 62 and was married 3 times, twice a widower, 2 of my wives had 2 breasts, one A and the other B cup. I personally find a woman with smaller breasts far more appealing and sexy, and ladies remember, smaller breasts stay firmer. Talking to friends I found that majority of man prefer C-cup size, however every one admitted for them to be attracted depends on the woman's personality. Question to the ladies, what do they look in a man? Being well endowed or his personality? Think what attracts? Definitely not the personal looks. Gerhard

I'm a 26 year old male and I prefer small breasts. Some men like big breasts, some men like small breasts, so if you're a woman worried about this--don't worry!


I am in the 9th grade and have for a while now felt insecure about my 32B breasts. Since I am very tall- 5'10" to be exact- my boobs appear to be As on my body. I remember a couple years ago when all the girls around me started developing breasts, and I realized that mine were smaller than the rest. When I hit high school- my confidence plummeted. Guys I liked were telling me that I was pretty and they liked my personality- but that "small breasts just weren't their thing". It made me feel awful inside- to the point in which I'd sometimes cry.

But reading this site really helped me. I realized all the great benefits of having breasts my size! 1) I am a full time model and would not be if my breasts were larger- due to the way the clothing lays on me. 2) I am also a highly competitive swimmer- and the more compressed my boobs and the rest of my body are, the faster I race through the water. 3) My boobs are cute and perky- so they don't sag. 4) I look awesome in a bikini top- and I don't always have to wear a bra!

Moral of the story? Small breasts rock. ALL breasts rock! Every women's breasts are unique and make them different- and there are pros and cons to all sizes. So I challenge you to brainstorm reasons why your breasts are amazing and embrace the breasts you were given- they are 100% your own!!! :)


Hi I'm Josielyn but people call me jossie.
I'm 13 goin to 14 and my boobs are small. I'm a 32A. I've always had no confidence in my self cause I had small boobs. At times I would even feel like a boy caused my boobs were small :( I would see other girls my age with bigger boobs and I would feel really bad about myself. The boys and girls would make fun of me and call me "Small tits" and say things like u should of been a boy cause u have no tits! All that really hurts and push me really far but guess I gotta learn to love them just the way they are. I'm happy to know it's not just me. Hope u guys read this I know it's long :)


I am now in my fifties and have had several relationships in my life and that included a twenty+ year marriage and a recently new one. Breasts for most men are a delightful mystery. I personally never had a disposition about size! It was when I overheard my wife and or women friends discuss the size of their breasts as a factor to their happiness. I suppose one could say that about some men and their size too! However, The breasts are a part of the woman that you are attracted to and small breasts are wonderful! Large breasts are wonderful too and I do not believe that larger breasts changes the dynamics for REAL attraction and love! I so wish I could have convinced a few women I was close to over the past who augmented their breasts and frankly, I hated how they looked! When your a very trim woman and are petite, having "D" or "DD" breasts appears unnatural and appear as two balls jutting out from your chest! You may like the cleavage but eventually an intimate moment will occur and it will be painfully obvious to someone whom you want to have a deep romantic relationship with and this may be a deal breaker for him! We all have our vanity to some point but rest assure after many conversations with "THe Guys", Smaller breasts that are natural win every time!!


Okay well I'm 17 years old and I'm a 32AA and a lot of people make fun of me in school, out of school, locker room etc...

I just wanted to say thank you for this site. It really made me feel better about myself. And more secure about my small boobies. I use to ware padded bras, maraculous bras. And I hated it because people would think they were seeing the real thing when really it was fake. It made me upset I would come home crying and even cry myself to sleep. But since I've found this site people say they noticed all along and they love me for me some haters but whatever. I love them and my goal this is to go to the beach with out padded bikini. Thank you everyone for comments you're all beautiful, ravishing, womanly, gorgeous women. SO EMBRACE IT LADIES. LOVE YOUR SELF FOR WHO YOU ARE AND NOT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WANT YOU TO BE


I am a 32A, but also petite with long legs and a flat stomach. I used to be super self-conscious because my best friend was a B and I had always wanted to be bigger. I am currently 14, and people say things like "don't worry, they'll get bigger!" but I am the same size as my mom so I have come to accept it. I have never EVER wanted sugery, I think it would be a waste of money and really stupid. I hope you know, all girls in highschool, that it's true that if you carry yourself confidently then people won't really notice. Need proof?

I was in the hot tub with my friends when a guy said that he could guess any girls bra size accurately under any circumstances. I automatically shrunk back into the water and started freaking out-I didn't want any of the other guys to know! I didn't want to seem super self-concious because I find it unnattractive on anyone, so I let him guess. And because I had always carried myself so confidently he thought I was a B/C! I let him believe he still had a gift and let the mistake slide (not only for his benefit...) and now, I realize that size really doesn't matter.

Just know that you are not alone and as long as you love yourself, others will too!


I'm a 30 year old male, and after reading several pages of this website I decided to answer one of the questions on the "Small Breasts" page.

The question is "Do men like big breasts more than small ones?" My answer to this is "no."

Personally, I prefer A or B cup sized breasts. To me, I find them more attractive. But I will say, although this is what I prefer, I have yet to date a woman with A or B cup sized breasts. In other words, I've dated women with breasts larger than what I would choose if I could. Reason being, I was much more interested in who she was over what size breasts she had.

However, I am only one man. Every guy I know has different preferences. Some prefer large, some prefer small, some prefer medium and the rest just simply like breasts... no matter the size.

Think of it this way, some women like guys with a hairy chest, other like guys with hairless chests, and some women don't care either way. Same can be said for weight. Some women like heavier guys, some like the more fit ones, some like skinny ones... this is all just personal preferences.

So, to wrap this up... be happy with what you got. Breasts... big or small... doesn't really matter much.


I'm fourteen years old and I was really concerned about the size and shape of my breasts. I know they won't grow much more than this - and I'm actually happy with them. I learned to love the shape and the size. Thank you very much for showing me how beautiful my body actually is.


I am a male and stumbled upon this site by accident, and I am amazed that so many women think that men like big breasts. I am a normal man and I can tell you that size A and B cups are the most attractive breasts, they don't sag, they have nice shape and are very attractive and normal............. trust me. It is not a competition, ladies. Bigger is not better. It is a myth created by women and some stupid men. Small is good.


I am 50 and I love my breasts. My SO loves them too. They may may be small-32A but mighty! I am an athlete-distance runner and have never had large breasts-thank goodness-except when I breastfed my 3 babies. I loved doing that for my children but I always felt extremely bulky. I work with a number of women that have or are hoping to get breast enhancement surgery, Why? I asked? For their husbands. So sad for them. I love wearing sports bras or nothing at all. I have just been online shopping for a swimsuit-it makes me so sad that even in stores bras and bathing suits have padding in-whether we want it or not!!! Even for young girls! That really upsets me! We are beautiful the way we are-the industry should get wise!

I am a guy and I much prefer smaller breasts to larger ones. My girl is insecure about the size of her breasts but to me she's the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. I fell in love with her the way she is and I don't want her to change. It's difficult to win her over though.


If a man looks at you or mostly loves you for your breasts, he's not the right man anyway. The right man accepts every part of you, whether you're big-breasted or not.


My goal this summer is to go to the beach with a non-padded swimsuit, and go out and have fun in girly clothes with a non-padded bra. Its really hard. Even though I'm 21 now, and I am in a stable relationship of four years, and my self-image has improved a lot, it's still hard to break the old habit. I'm kind of worried people will notice the difference. "Hey, where'd your boobs go?!" haha. Wish me luck!

I have a masculine face to go with my mascluline body, so I've always tried to enhance my body to appear more feminine. Either that or hide myself completely. I wish I was that traditional 'pretty' but I'm not. All we can do is go with what we've got. It was hellish to be small-chested when I was 13, and all through my teen years. I like my small boobies now. A flat chest seems almost youthful and innocent and dainty. Big boobs are good too, for certain men. But there are many different tastes out there.

Embrace you're inner beauty. Physical beauty is fragile. In the end what really matters is how we spend our life, not how good we look doing it. And there's always someone out there for each of us, especially those with well developed kind personalities and independence.

Thanks for this site its wonderful and empowering for so many.


I am 47 years old. I have been a 38DD most of my life. I hate it. I am very self conscious about my size and look. I do not like men talking to my chest. My eyes are on my face. Please look at me for who I am. Not for my breast size.


I use to find it difficult to go to beaches on my bikini, i'ld rather wear bras with big pads in them. But this article has helped make me feel better as I see a lot of other women with same breast like mine, feeling proud. And thanks guys, for appreciating girls with small breasts.


I have a 34A cup size, they're pretty normal and perky looking now that I've looked at this site I feel more confident about my small boobies! EMBRACE YO BOOBS GURLS!


I am 16 years old and I can barely fit in my 34B bra. Every girl I look at has bigger breasts than me and a better body. My mom is always telling me that I will be as big as her one day and I just can't accept it. I always feel so insecure that it makes me want to cry sometimes, but I realize that not every one has a perfect body. But it takes time to accept the way you are and how you look. I hope to find a companion that will love me the way I am and not look to change me. I do not have a flat stomach and I don't have medium breasts, but I am beginning to love me. And so should you! :)


Hi, I'm 15 and was so sad about my size because I'm only 32a. Now I been on your site and it made me feel so much better. I was afraid that my breasts will never grow big, or only grow to my mom's size, 34B. But I know it's not all about breasts that attracts guys, also personality. I also know that nude women in Africa are not crazy but we are! When I will have daughters, I will teach them everything they need to know that I learned from you! Tell them that their bodies are perfect the way they are! And I was thinking that fake milk can replace mother's milk, not anymore! Thank to your site I now will think of less of my size and think about the kids I will breast feed in the future :) thank-you


Thank you so much for this site!!! I have spent the last two years crying over my breasts.Not necessarily b/c they are a small b cup but rather b/c after having three children back to back, my breasts have stretched out due to me having LOTS and lots of milk ( I went from a to d) and also bc of weight loss (I weighed 180 while pregnant 127 now!)

I actually had breast augmentation surgery scheduled for April then cancelled.I have flip-flopped bk and forth about the decision to have surgery due to all the complications that can come with it(and there are tons!) but thought there was not other choice since I am so unhappy.I actually have a consult scheduled for tomorrow but now I'm not going. Reading all these stories made me realize I should accept myself the way I am and be proud my breasts nursed 3 children for 15 months each:) my husband says he loves my breasts the way they are and I'm hoping I'll gain more confidence as I continue to read the stories and comments on this page. Everyone thank you so much for your comments (especially the guys) Now I can go to sleep without crying myself to sleep tonight.


I'm 19 and a 32A cup and have been self-consious about my small boobs all my life. This is the first time that I've actually considered my breasts to be beautiful after seeing all these other women who are in the same situation as me. Thank you particularly to the guys who have posted, it is really appreciated and has helped raise my self-esteem :).


After reading all of these comments people have to say I feel much more confident with my breast size. I am 14 with size 34A. This site has allowed me to accept who I am and to ignore society's ideal of "beautiful." I happened to stumble onto this website whilst googling how to make my breast bigger. I no longer have interest in doing so. I'm proud with what I have.
To all the girls still fussing, I know how you feel. But now I realize that there are better things in life to care for other than body appearances.


I am only fourteen however with my mum being small cupped as a teen I most likely will not get much bigger than I am now (32a) All these comments seem to be from people with 'petite' or 'skinny' bodies however I am a size 8/10 and have small breasts so it bothers me. My mum and her friends all opted for breast augumentation (boob jobs) but now I'm considering it; they are all saying it's a waste of money and causes several problems down the line. I have found lots of bras perfect for push up and use silicone breast enlargers. I think at the end of the day if a man doesn't like your breasts find someone who will as many men prefer natural whatever the size rather than fake ones, hope it helps!


Women, don't be fooled. Small breasts are great. Pert, firm, and more fun.

Worst of all are fake over-large breasts. They attract attention, but mainly for their comedy potential.

All surgery has potential downsides, but most breast surgery is a crime against mankind! Leave them as nature intended .. we love them as they are!

If you are thinking of so-called enhancement surgery, then before you decide, I suggest that you ask some men you know or work with what they think. I believe you will be surprised by the results.

There is no point being embarrassed about asking them, as they are sure to notice anyway if you have surgery, and by then it will be too late to get an honest opinion.


G'day to all :):

I'm a male and I wanted to send in my thoughts on this subject. I'm a guy that prefers smaller chests. They are gorgeous. So women with smaller chests embrace your small breasts because they are as beautiful as the rest of your body and personality :)


I find fake breasts a big turn off and women should stop going for breast enlargement opps even if they are small.


Personally, I'm glad to have 32a breasts. Sometimes I wish they were bigger, but looking now, mine are really nice... With small breasts, they don't sag as much and the areolas. Problem is though, I always feel like I have to stay skinny- (110 lbs), because if I don't, I gain weight only to my stomach, not my breasts, and it looks bad...


I'm 17 years old and I fit into a bra 32A and I feel really self-conscious about my breasts as I get teased often by my friends and family. My mother is a C cup and I wish I had boobs like her; however after going through this site I dont' feel as self-conscious as I was before due to many women/girls experiencing the same thing as me. Also I'm grateful that I ain't completely flat-chested... Girls, you should be proud of who you are and learn how to accept your body. Confidence will outshine your lack of self-esteem. A real man will love you for who you are and not the size of your breasts. This is something I'm starting to learn.. there are more bigger things in life to be concerned about than your boobs and just remember those minutes you spend upset about your body are minutes of happiness you will never get back therefore be content with the way you are... you must accept yourself for who you are then others will accept you.....

Lots off loveee youuurr alll beautifull :) xXx


I am a 34FF but my mum is a 32AAA. We are the complete opposite and yet neither of us can find clothes that fit right when we are out. It has made us both see it from each others points of view and its clear that and realise that no size is better than the other. My dad loves her the way she is and has done for over 30 years. Guys have yet to see past my chest but its clear from here that there is a man for every shape and size, so long as you learn to love yourself first :) x


I stumbled upon your website when I was looking for lingerie for small breasted women. I was at an all time low when a man confided to me that he prefers large breasts. He qualified that comment by saying big breasts mean nothing if not matched by a nice personality. This was no help to me and reinforced the prejudices I have held against my own body for my whole life. I am mid forties, and though fully breast feeding all my children, never felt my breasts were big enough or good enough; and felt less of a woman because of it. I don't have a pretty face to make up for the lack of cup size. I remember the teasing at school and the dismissiveness of my mother when I tried to discuss it with her as a teenager. My ex husband never looked at me in bed. To all you small/flat chested women out there I hear you, and I understand your pain. We women have been so brainwashed by the media, magazines, Hollywood, porn etc,etc, that relentlessly reminds us of what we dont have and what we should have to be 'womanly'.

When I found this website it was like an epiphany. Seeing all the photos that are considered normal made me accept mine, and that they are normal too. I had no idea there were so many different types of breasts out there.

I accept mine now and I am going to love them. And it really is about personality and attitude. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this most wonderful website. You are the best. And you are very womanly!

Ironically, the day after this change in mindset I was diagnosed with a melanoma, so I have a new battle to overcome.


I'm 15 and barely fit into an A. I'm very self-conscious about them. My mom's a C and my younger sister is a B/C and she's a whole year younger then me. I have realized now that small boobs aren't too bad. Small breasted girls don't have to worry about guys staring or people calling them whores for no reason. Yeah small boobs can suck sometimes especially when you have friends that are B's and C's. I have a friend that is two years younger than me and she is a B. I just want to say that if you have small boobs don't worry about it. There are plenty of men out there who don't care if you're an A or a C they just care about who you are as a person. Even though the society's "ideal" shuns us small breasted girls, I think that small boobs rock and that you don't need huge boobs to make you pretty or accepted. By the way, natural is way more beautiful than fake.


I am a 16 yr. old teen girl and I always felt ashamed of the way how my boobs ar. I would down myself because I was always around other girls with bigger ones. I would always complain to people and they would say that they are perfect the way they are, but I know that they only said that to make me feel better, but it doesn't at all. I still am a little ashamed of em I don't know why, but I just dont feel complete yet, but I know that they the way that they are supposed be. And you know, one of these days I will know that I have to accept myself for I am and what I have, and not think abou others, it's just me being insecure and that's something that I don't wannna be in life it won't accomplish anything for me or any other girl who's like me. THE FIRST STEP ALWAYS IS ACCEPTANCE!


I am almost 14 and I have a small chest. My friends always call me flat chested and I think so too... I've seen other girls chests from my school. Most of them are B or bigger. After I read most of the comments, I felt...better about myself. AT LEAST I AM NOT ALONE!


hi I am a 15 year old girl and I can't even fill a 32A so I always felt self consious and wore 2 bras a bandeau and pads and tied the back of my two bras toghether because it lifted them up. But I soon realized I should love my breasts the way they are(:

a girl(:

Thank you so much for this amazing site!!! I've always been self concious about my breasts because even though they're firm and perky, they're barely a B cup. I was so worried my boyfriend would hate them, but now I know that as long as I love them, everyone else will too! SMALL BOOBS ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO!!!


I'm so glad to see such positive comments from men and women. I always try to adhere to a positive attitude regarding my shape and size but unfortunately get drawn back into our oversexualised commumity with big breasts and tiny waists and a flat ass?? Why is this deemed attractive? I have no answer, I don't get a lot of comments good or bad from my beloved, so it's nice to see some male perspective. Thanks guys.


I am ten years of age and I do not really have a bra size. I just "wear" a 38A with the hooks on the first loops or whatever. I USED to be jealous of my friends big B sized cups, but not anymore. My mom didn't hit puberty until that one little summer before her first year of high school, so that's when I should expect to see some stuff happenin. This website showed me that big breasts can have a lot of negatives as well such as back pain, peer presure, and some immature boys and sometimes..........girls. I also think that "boobs" or "boobies", or any other word should be used because those words make you seem like you are too immature to say breasts. I'm just a kid but thank you anyway.


I'm 22 years old and I LOVE my small breasts (32B)!! I'm petite, 110 lbs, very small up top and thicker on the bottom :p I used to have some insecurities about them but not anymore. My ex of three years was super attracted to me and my body the way it is. And my current ultra loving darling feels the same way!

Ladies, take it from a girl who has considered breast augmentation, natural enhancements, and everything in between: the size of your breasts is wonderful! And I know it seems like guys NEED a perfect pair in order to love you, but it's not true! (and if it is, that guy needs a reality check and u don't want such a superficial person in your life) My guy is tall = big hands, and barely gets a handful when he's with me! Haha but you should see the look on his face when he gets that mini handful! SO happy! He loves me for who I am.

My only advice is that you tell your significant other to offer compliments about the body part u are most insecure about. If you don't like your breasts, ask him to say nice things about them. Chances are, he is so in love with the woman behind the breasts that he will love your breasts as well. Just ask :) Not all guys need perfect breasts, just like not all women need a brad pitt or ryan gosling look alike! lol

Anyways, I'm a 32B, very small by my guy's standards. But - he adores me!!! Treats me like a princess, loves my breasts and never passes up an opportunity to see, touch or play with them! At first I didn't think things would work out between us because of his preference. Turns out he loves a girl's personality, sense of humor, and charm much more than her bra size! woohoo!


I recently stumbled onto your webpage, and I found some comfort in adults aren't "full" either. I am still a teenager, I'm 16, but I've always been concerned about having small boobs with big nipples. Thank you.

I wanted to say I being a male perfer smaller breast! My wife is a 34B and tells me all the time she has nothing. There is nothing wrong with small breasts. I understand alot of women think it's a status thing to have larger ones. But when your in a relationship and your partner enjoys what you should be happy!

I think we all need to remember that no matter what our size, we found this page due to worries about our breasts. Going through the comments on the "small breasts" page made me feel better (knowing that we all doubt ourselves). I have a 30GG or H, all natural, following the footsteps of the women of my family. I've always gotten attention for them, since I was 12 and in a C cup. Please don't assume that a skinny girl with big breasts means fake. And if you have small breasts, be really glad you can get away without bra support when it comes down to it. I can't wear so many tops and dresses because I HAVE to have support and a strapless, backless bra in my size isn't happening.

To those getting teased about being flat... we big chested girls get teased, too. It's pretty gross when random guys are talking about your "giant t***", knowing they're lusting after them. I, for one, don't want this kind of attention, I'm a love-me-for-my-mind type of girl lol. Having your 60-something high school algebra teacher constantly stare at your chest without meaning to. *shudder* Due to this, I've been known to wear a jacket. Even in the summer (I live in Dallas, TX). Guys assume I'm promiscuous just because of my chest. Some of the nastiest guys think they need to come up to me at a bar or club and try to tell me the things they would like to do to my breasts! I've had girls (of all chest sizes) call me a "hoe" (followed by comments about my breasts) walking by me at places like Walmart! I'm in my hoodie, zipped up, in jeans, head down, arms crossed over my chest if I don't have a cart, wearing two bras and they still think I'm trying to show these off! I hate attention so much, my husband and I eloped. I didn't want anyone to stare at me walking down the aisle, boobs bouncing...

And my husband... He said if they're small, that's nice, if they're big, that's nice... he doesn't care. There are plenty of guys like that. What guy doesn't like Kate Hudson? Who has ever accused her of not being feminine? If some one is making fun of your chest, I say "Why are you trying to look at my chest? What is wrong with you?" etc...

And, no, I don't feel sorry for myself. Just letting you know we're not strutting around laughing to ourselves at the fate of small-chested women... What I wouldn't give to find a well-fitted button down shirt once in my life. A swimsuit that holds them down and in place.

P.S. Small breasts can sag, as well... I have two kids and no sagging (they didn't go up in size during pregnancy), my high school friend had barely a B cup and three kids and her boobs look like "tube socks" (her words! Other women's breasts are the last thing I pay attention to, lol). I'm 30 and she's 27. Neither of us breast fed (I get a liver disease while pregnant that keeps me on dangerous meds after birth to take care of it, she didn't want to). It's genetics.

OH, and P.E. teachers... jumping jacks are not good for some of us! They hurt and people stare. I could wear 2 sports bras and they would still be painful and all over the place doing jumping jacks.


As a man, I find it surprising how many women have issues with their small breasts. A lot of guys prefer that! It's not that "you look fine the way you are", it's "we wouldn't want you any other way! You look amazingly sexy.


Wow, I'm so glad I found this site. I've spent the last few years and specifically, the last year, with almost no self-esteem due to my small breasts. I had full size A/B breasts pre-pregnancy and shrunk to where I can't quite fill out an A anymore after pregnancy.

My husband tells me all the time he thinks they're beautiful, that he's in love with them just the way they are, but I always figured he was just saying that to be nice because he loves me. I had no idea so many men actually love small-breasted women. Literally no idea. Guess the media really has gotten to me, I've believed my whole life that men only love large breasts and the rest of us are just out of luck. I've spent so many years *hating* my body over my breast size, I can't get away from all the images of sexy women with lots of curves and full size C/D breasts.

I've heard a LOT of men say they don't like thin girls, real women have curves. That just breaks my heart. I didn't ask to be petite any tiny with small breasts, I guess I'm just not woman enough. Makes me feel like a girl most of the time. The mantra that goes through my head every single day is "Real women have curves." I don't have a lot of curves, thanks to my size A's. Makes me feel like I'm not even a woman at all, even though I'm 25, married, and with a young child of my own. This site has already lifted my spirits. I believe I'll be spending a lot of time on here trying to encourage myself. It's not easy. Keep up the comments. I sure need them!


:) My breasts are so small that they are practicaly non existant. Sooooo small that I don't have a bra size. Soooooo small that my friend thought I was wearing a sports bra and tried to do that thing where you pull the bra strap back and snap the person with it. Well, she groped at the back of my shirt for two minutes trying to locate my bra strap and I had to lift the back of my shirt and show her that there was nothing there.



My name is Miki. I am 14. My breasts were huge compared to everyones until 5th grade when they stopped growing!!!! I wear a 34B and I really hope that will change. I love my body but sometimes I look at other girls and I feel like a boy. I wish I was a C or D.


For years I have been very self-conscious about my breasts due to the fact that my dad and brother (along with other people) would point out all the time how small they were and would laugh about it. I have quite a few friends who are around the 36DD mark and I am only a 32B. This website has helped a lot to increase my confidence and I now know that I have no reason to be ashamed of my small breasts. I am vary happy with them now and hope that every other woman out there can be proud of her breasts as well and know that they are absolutely perfect.


I don't think women have to worry, most men I know (including myself) like all types of women, tall, short, curvy, thin, small breasts, large breasts. So long as she is healthy.

Take movies for example, action ones for sure (Resident Evil for example. None of the main female characters are bigger then a C cup.) Yet men still go for them. mila jovavich is a good example...yeah I said example lol


Happened on your website when I mistyped a URL. Spent a long time reading here. I am a male in my 50's, married for almost 30 years. Most of the concerns expressed here by women are things I, and I know other men, like. I am very fond of small breasts with elevated/puffy areola, with sharp pointy nipples (I think a page addressing this would be good). Remember, the most important sexual organ is between your ears. If you are healthy, fit and confident, it does not matter your shape!


Thank you to all the men who have posted. We currently live in this twisted society of barbie doll like figures who dominate the media.... not the case in real life. REAL men with intelligence are attracted to women who are confident in WHO they are. Beauty is so diverse, it comes in many shapes & sizes. I have went from a 38C to a 38D down to a 32B during weight changes. I am 29, they sag due to those changes in breast size, but they ARE NATURAL and you know what? I think the are prettier and sexier than when they were large! The oversized breast implants on tv are a huge turn off. LOL esp when you pair them with a tiny body, it's out of porportion lol. BIgger girls, BEAUTIFUL smaller girls, BEAUTIFUL. It's a shame men in our society are sexualized in media as women are....I bet the tables would turn then when they feel the extreme pressure to conform to an image impossible to live up to!

THANK YOU for the REAL men who understand a good woman is natural beauty, and what that truly is. Certainly not the images we are bombarded with in the media. We are socializing our female children to conform to these images. It needs to stop, the more peopole are aware the better chance things will change. And really? Ask around. MOST REAL MEN prefer smaller breasts :) Ladies, fashion magazines add to the utter nonsense of making us feel our bodies aren't good enough. Women need to help change this image as well as the idiotic men!

beauty is diverse

Hi! (:
After reading this website, it still not make me feel better.. well just a lil. You can say I'm low self-esteem. I'm 15, will be 16 in 8 months. I have 34A and I hate it. I know I should feel good about myself, well I don't. I want a B cup, because it's about right size. I don't want to have big boobs. I'm on birth control, hopefully it will help.


Hello everyone, well I'm 14 (turning 15 in September) years old and well since I hit my womanhood, I thought my breasts would get bigger over time, well because my sister's, and mother all have big boobs, but over the past years I have not seen much growth (I can fill a small cup, but most of the time I wear training bras). I'm in High school now and all I see is big breasted girls showing off their chest, I feel so... small compared to them. I know I shouldn't be complaining about my breast size. I really love my breasts. I think I get a lot of comments in P.E., not bad ones but good ones (mostly from the guys) about how well I play and a lot of times they would want me on their team for like, flag football, basketball, and dodgeball. I don't know maybe it's because I don't look into my breasts a lot, maybe once in a while, but now I'm feeling better about having small breasts... I would rather have some than none :)

Big V

I'm 34 and have always had small breasts... which I have felt (and been told) is rather unproportionate to the rest of my body, since the lower part of my body is broader/ heavier than the upper part. Luckily I have quite broad shoulders, which gives me some sort of . symmetry..Now, watching the pictures on this website gave me an instant confidence boost! Not because I felt that my breasts looked any bigger, but because it reminded med that women in general tend to forget the fact that we are all unique! That, combined with the fact that my breasts are "easy to live with" and gives med pleasure during sex etc., made me look in the mirror and go: "Ok... not bad"... Thanks for doing a great job celebrating womens breasts - and creating a forum were women AND men can share their thougts on the topic.


For all you women who have suffered severe insecurities about your small boobies, hear my story.

I'm 18, 5'3", 130 lbs and a size 32-34 A. I don't really have cleavage. For over two years, from age 15-17 I dated a boy. He could be nice but he could also be a jerk. He often complimented other women and sometimes even their boobs. He rarely ever told me anything nice. When I began to struggle with severe depression, lack of compliments just made it worse. I was so depressed and unhappy with myself and my appearance that eventually he dumped me because of it. He wasn't a great guy, but he wasn't terrible either, either way I am glad we broke up. But this is what you need to know, girls, it was my EXTREME INSECURITY that drove him away. Not my small boobs.

During this past year, the year after our breakup, I've been struck with a huge barrage of guys hitting on me. I didn't understand it! After all, I don't have any boobs to look at. Then I realized, it was my new confidence. After the breakup, I went to a doctor to deal with the severe depression I had. I started college, too. I LOVE college and learning stuff. I'm really SMART, and I engage in interesting and cool activities (e.g. I'm a pilot)! I think this also attracts guys. But even strangers I've never seen treat me like such a lady! It feels wonderful. The guys here are totally right! It's about confidence, and personality!


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for making this page. I'm 15 and I'm a 34A/B (fill out A cup but not B cup) and I've been really insecure about my breast size. I would be teased at school because I have such a small chest. I found your page and it has really helped me feel better about myself. I have always been very harsh on myself about my appearance but this page really taught me that size really doesn't matter and that girls shouldn't spend all day worrying about their chest size. My friend is having a pool party tomorrow that I wasn't going to go to because I always feel self conscious in a bathing suit, but after reading this page I am going. And I'm going in a bikini! Thank you so much! I feel so much better and I'm not afraid of my image anymore. Next school year I'm going to wear tight tops and not hide behind baggy sweatshirts. Thank you so much! This page has changed my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!


I came across the site while researching bra sizes. I have been teased mercilessly for years for having "small breasts-flat chest-mosquito bites." I learned during my research that bra sizes are absolute BS! I was sneered at by the girls in bra stores and put into a 32A incorrectly because of their preconceived notions of "cup size." Learning my true bra size (28DD/E, which looks much the same size as a 32A) has done wonders for my small breast woes. Being properly fitted for a bra does so much more that get you the right size garment. I'll bet most of us shoved into the bleak land of A cups are there due to error and uneducated lingerie salespeople.


Small breasts are great. Large breasts are OK. Breast implants are terrible and should be avoided like the plague. Sexiness is determined by how the woman feels about herself, not breast size.


hi, I'm 14 about to be 15, and I fit into a 36A. For my whole life I didn't feel good about myself until my friends told they wished they had my size breast cuz they said that it bothers them having big breasts. At first I thought they were lying but since I read this site and understand that you can't do anything to make them grow, then I left it alone. One more thing, guys, not all guys want a girl with big boobs, others they don't care if you have or not, and don't worry, don't try to make them look bigger. If you have a bf it's because he like/loves you the way you are, not caring what size bra you wear or anything he knows what you have he can see that, but he don't care. So be proud for who you are and what you got


I would like to say this, as a man, it is not up to me to tell women, what you look like.
It is not up to anyone to tell you that size 0 is your goal.
You are lovely.
No breasts are "perfect" - screw that, breasts are wonderful.
I'm 100% in encouragement of all of you who have breasts.
You are not sexual objects, you are women.


Looking at
Why did they do surgery, since surgery always involves some risks? I think the "before" looks better than "after".


I am 5'7, 22 years old, average weight, with size 34AA breasts and have spent many years feeling extremely insecure having such small breasts. I'd dream about having enough money to get breast implants and when I was younger, I spent my paychecks on miracle breast enlargement pills that I read about on the internet even though part of me knew I was being scammed. I would also buy bras with extremely thick padding until I realized how embarrassed I would be if I got intimate with a guy and my chest disappeared when I took my bra off. I've become much more confident over the last year or so and while I still occasionally find myself becoming jealous of my friends with larger breasts, I am no longer ashamed of my own body which is a huge positive step for me. I have also been eating healthier and exercising more over the last year or so and I've found that when I am taking care of my body and feel healthy, I just feel better about myself in general. This website is great and I wish I had seen it when I was younger because I spent most of my life not being exposed to "real" breasts, not even those in my own family, and it's so refreshing to understand that there is such a wide spectrum of "normal" and I wish the rest of our society would realize this!


I, and several of my male friends, are very attracted to women with smaller breasts. I cannot explain our preference; that is just what we are attracted to. Breast implants look so fake and they do not feel at all like natural breasts, regardless of size. Although I understand why most women get implants, I certainly hope that the smaller-busted women reading this forum will be able to gather that they are beautiful the way God made them, and that there are plenty of men that would love to have a girlfriend or wife like them.

Kevin Bell

Hello, I'm 19 years young and on the heavier side of the chubby scale. For as long as I can remember, I've hated my breasts. I too was brain-washed by the media since a young age, so I had unrealistic expectations for how I would develop. It didn't help the most women in my family have a D or larger on both sides. I'm a 36C and for the longest time I've told myself I have the 'Triple S' curse, ["Small, Saggy, Side boobs"] my boobs are set a bit too far apart for me to have cleavage unless I push them together. I also have really big areolas and inverted nipples; the areolas were always kinda large, but got much bigger after pregnancy [I was half way through 15 when I got pregnant; I was a B prior to pregnancy]

I've been overweight my whole life, and was always teased about it. In high school I was tormented regularly; mostly by larger breasted/skinny girls that dressed like total whores. They would tease me about my boobs and weight.... It irritated me so much, but I always came back with an equally degrading comment and they would walk away, mumbling under their breaths. Still, I'd go home and start mentally bashing myself for not being up to par with the mental image in my head of how I wished I resembled....

With men, I'm sad to say I've come across some of the most pathetic. That's being modest. Anywho, my baby's daddy of whom I was with for almost three years had a fetish for big breasts and everyone knew it. Regardless if I was with him or not, he'd constantly stare at other well-endowed women and not even try to hide it or deny it; yet commented on what he liked!! I would ask him to have some respect while I was with him, but nothing changed. I lost count of how many times he's said "I wish your boobs were bigger" or "You should get implants", yet that comment was mentioned at least once a week. He even knew BEFORE we got together that I had suicidal tendencies and issues with cutting I was seriously struggling with; [Long story, finally over those promblems] He just didn't care, plus he was unemotional. He made my self image issues hit the clouds!! He bugged me forever about my slightly long, blonde upper lip hair until one day I finally plucked them out [They grow back darker now -.-] After everything he put me through, he straight up just left one day and didn't call for over a month, acting like everything was just peachy. Shortly after, I dumped the loser [:

Almost ten months ago, I got with a wonderful man [Buddy] who treats me excellent, supports me, is kind, and loves me for ME. Anytime I get depressed and start hating on myself, he reminds me that no matter what issues I have with myself; I'm still beautiful in his eyes both inside and out plus I'm the one he WANTS to spend the rest of his life with <3

I'm still trying to build up my self esteem with Buddy's help; and this site has helped with the process A LOT. I always thought my breasts were weird and ugly, but after looking through your entire gallery of natural twins and even seeing ones that sort of look like mine, I now know that they are what God intended for me to have and just as beautiful as the rest of the REAL boobs on here. I'm not exactly 'flat' chested nor are my back problems related to my breast weight; yet I am a woman who has insecurities and can relate to you. I do not know you, but I do know you too are beautiful and worthy of respect and love. Whether you are too small, too big, or have the 'Triple S' curse, YOU and your boobs are beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is either jealous, insecure, or just plain stupid. The media has severely damaged or country; especially thousands of women's self image issues. Let us share word of this amazing website and let them know that they are not 'ugly' or 'unworthy'. Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way, we don't all look a like.... Why did you think God made uncountable varieties in appearance?


Hello ladies!

I'm 17 years old and I always used to wear A cup. And guess what? My breast finally grew 1 cup from 16 yrs to 17 yrs. I'm slim so I think that small breasts fit me! Sometimes I don't wear bra and when I go jogging I don't have to worry about people staring and my boobs bouncing :D !


Hi, I'm 14 and have small breasts. Many of my friends would make fun of me for it, and I used to get down about that stuff, but your website really boost my confidence! That was one reason I hate my small breasts, but the other is that I can't fit properly in my clothes. For example, in the winter I would wear sweaters, but they would sag and bunch up because I couldn't fill it out. I'm ok with that now because I know one day I'll grow into them. Thanks a ton!


I hope this gets moved to the very top for women to read. I have always been attracted to AA, A and B cup women. For me, I greatly appreciate the fact that breasts do not need a bra to hold then up. I believe perfection is AA-B and I find them exceedingly attractive. I tell my sweetheart (an A) this, and she simply points out that she does not fill out the dresses she wants to buy. My response is, not all clothing is perfect for the perfect body. Another belief I have is that more than a handful is a waste.

AA-B is the ideal size. I do not even refer to them as small, because to me they are not small. I am not alone in believing this.


I'm 17 and 5'9" and still haven't found a small enough bra. But I can't stop smiling after reading this site! The confidence boost is immense; I'm walking up straighter and not trying to hide myself anymore. I have three brothers all close to my age and (unfortunately for my parents) all four of us were teens at the same time. They like to crack jokes all the time, but now I don't even care. They can say what they want, thanks for helping me feel beautiful! :)


I am 46 and my boobs look like I am 20, never sag. I do believe I could have gotten better jobs if I had bigger breasts and even done more with my life. Everyone I know has had boobs and every man I know says he hates the big bust, but I see how they look at the girls with them and I still wish I had bigger but now I see them and sag and I still look the same. I can not say yes or no but I would do it now if I had the $ but my mom had breast cancer and they put fake in her and they got infected and I am glad I never did cuz the pain she went through is not worth it so stay small and walk tall, look at your nice legs, butt, eyes, smile walk like u have it all and u do.


I am thankful to have found this site, thanks for the founder(s) of this site, it is very bold and I respect that.
I am Asian (East Asian), I have always been frustrated with my small breasts. Seriously when the big breasts European blondy time and time again got promotions before you, not in one job but a few, and you know well the reason why. While how many men I dated would not only stare at woman who has big breasts, but comparing them with mine! How can it make me feel any better about myself. It also doesn't help when Asian men (I know not all men out there are like that but I am just speaking from my experience) do prefer big boobs. From my experience I have never feel better about my small breasts until I met my husband 10 years ago, he is Caucasian. He couldn't believe when my brother and my dad looked at women with big breasts while their wives are sitting right beside them having dinner! He was disgusted when he saw some Korean teen boys staring at a woman in the elevator because she has big breasts. He cannot believe what I have learned to believe that 'boys are boys' and that we learned to tolerate men staring and comparing their girls with other women while they are with us. I am grateful to have found someone who loves me for who I am and respects me. Do I still feel bad about my breasts... unfortunately yes, especially in the summer, and it is hard to find bra that fits well. But do I think less of myself? Not anymore. So for all you young gals out there, you deserve better. If your boy doesn't like the way your breasts are, go find someone who does and who loves you and respects you.


I'm 19 5'1 and I weigh 119, my bra size is a 32/34 A and it sounds normal for my body type, but I have huge hips, thick thighs, and I've very unproportionate. For my height and weight I'm the only one out of my friends that is smaller than a B =[ it's very hard to be confident when you can't even look in the mirror without realizing simple tee shirts and tank tops look awkard, and it's hard to find clothes that fit my body type. At least you guys say guys don't just like big boobs..


I used to be very embarrassed about my breasts but ever since I checked out this web site I've been very confident now :) . I went from a B cup to a 32 C :) I love my boobs, and I know you can love yours 2! It's okay. It's all good, you're beautiful remember that!:)


Please, be glad for what you have. Many men out there, myself included, prefer women with small breasts. I am actually turned off by large breasts, I do not find them aesthetically pleasing. All those women out there that have had surgery to enlarge their breasts have, in my opinion, wasted their money! Instead of worrying about having small breasts, and buying into the stupid commercial objectification of large breasts, learn to like yourself for who you are, and find a guy that likes you for who you are.


Hi, I'm 17 almost 18. I'm about 5'4 and I weigh 158. I'm a size 34/36A, sometimes 32B. I've always been self-concious about my small breasts. My mom is a size 36C, so what happened to me? I always hated having small breasts, I always thought people would take one look at my mom and then wonder what went wrong with me. I'm always worried about what guys think of my small breasts, usually I always covered them when I passed by a guy. But not anymore! Thanks to this website and all the peole who have commented, especially the guys, I feel more confident in myself. I hope to fing a guy like one of you, one that likes me and my small breasts. Thank You.

Muhammad Latif

I am 20 years old a size 12B (34B US) and have been since I was about 13, my sister is a 14C (36C) at 15 years old. My mum is a very large C (due to implants, although she was a small C before that). The vast majority of my family has large breasts. Except for me. I hit puberty at about 9/10ish. Until I hit high school I was proud of my breasts, sure they could be a pain at times, but they were mine. Then high school came along, and all the boys hit puberty and it was all about who had the biggest breasts. Before I met my boyfriend, this always tormented me. I'm a size 10-12 in general, and push up bras were my best friend, they always gave me that extra confidence boost because my boobs looked bigger, I'd often wear shirts that gave the illusion that my boobs were bigger still.

Every time I think about my breasts being too small, my train of thought leads me to think of a friend of mine. She would have been approximately a 14DD-14E (36DDD/E), and she had to have reductions because of back problems. She was 16/17.

Just recently my boobs have been growing slightly. And in all honesty, I'm a little upset about this. All throughout my teenage years, I wanted bigger boobs, now that they are finally growing, I don't want it. I am happy with the size I am now.

The Hollywood hype is overrated, a nice set of breasts is a nice set of breasts, regardless of the size. Smaller breasts look much more natural and are so much nicer than the large set. Just think of everything small-breasted women can do without the pain that large-breasted women experience. I'm an avid horse rider, and finding a decent bra to suppress the bounce in near impossible, the same thing when I go four-wheel driving with my boyfriend. Times like that I wish mine were a lot smaller then what they are.

My advice to anyone who thinks their smaller breasts make them unattractive, take a look at the older Hollywood movies. There are some really beautiful women in those movies, and they are all natural, and many of them have smaller breasts. I honestly thing they are more beautiful than the big breasted 'beauties' of today. If a large bust is your man's favourite thing about you, then it might be time to look for a new man, no woman should be an object.

~Azura Rose

Thank you so much for this site! I'm 18 and have always thought I had small breasts. I've never hated them but I've never been particularly happy with them until I saw this gallery. I now realise beauty comes in all forms and just because I'm a cup size smaller than the next woman it does not mean I'm any less of a woman! Also seeing people with smaller breasts than mine, who are happy with their size has made me realise I can be happy too. I measure in at about 30C and wouldn't change that for the world!


Thank you so much for your website! I've cried a lot of times because I think that my breasts are too small. I've got a 70 D (Swiss Size) but I'm always thinking that it rather looks like an AA. Your website showed me that I'm not alone with this worries and after reading your page I'll give my best to accept myself the way I am. I think every woman should read your page to change their false thoughts about their looks.


Hello. My name is Portia and of all the comments I've read, they've mostly been about small breasts and being worried if you'll ever find the right guy for you. Now I'm thirteen and I agree, we as girls and women worry emotionally about these things. I think it's natural because we all do it. Right now I'm a size 34B and I ALWAYS thought my breasts were tiny, until I read about the other women that worry. I thought I was alone. Like I'll never be able to impress anyone, but if in fact my breasts do grow any larger I would only use them for their purpose, to feed my future CHILD with my husband at my side. Together we can beat the media if we all just get used to mother nature. We weren't intended to look the same. Be happy if you even HAVE breasts. I know this one girl that gets made fun of because she looks more like a boy than anything and attemped suicide, thank God nothing happened. Our shapes will vary, nothing we can do unless you resort to some other means of taking care of it, which isn't really necessary. We have better things to worry about than this "disease of the mind". I wish faith to all of the rest of you, because I worry too. Let's take Hhollywood down!
XOXO - PJ (portia)
P.S. - men aren't perfect either! They hide their emotion and it tears them up more than us!

I'm 15 years old, weigh 51kg and am 164cm tall. My brasize is 36A. I want to say thank you for your site. My family are all very small breasted, so it is unlikely that my boobs will grow. I used to feel very self-conscious about it and had low self esteem partly because of it, but since I read some articles on your site, I feel so much better! :)
You've shown me that it's not a bad thing to be small in that area - at least they won't sag!! Haha :)

Thank you again, you've given me so much more confidence.

T-T x

I'm 15. Well I'm so gratefull to find this site, I've been so worried about the size of my beast. I fit into a 38 B but my breasts look like the ones in the small breast selection. The thing is I have been overweight my entire life, I'm very overweight but yet I still have small breast. Is there something wrong with me? I should be having large breasts if they are mostly made of fat. Is it a lack of estrogen or a hormonal imbalance? I also have bad stretch marks on them but they are small and havent really grown! please help me!!!

Nothing is necessarily wrong with your breasts or your hormones. (If you had a hormonal imbalance, you'd have other symptoms especially with your menstruation).

It's true, when you are overweight, your breasts are larger than if you weren't. So... in your case it means that if you were normal weight, you would have very small breasts.

This is nothing "abnormal" though. Many women have small breasts, as you can know from reading this page.

I would like all folk with small breasts to know that many of us really really like small breasts and don't like anything else. There is a great variety in what people like.
Main thing is you are satisfied with what you have.
The money is in changing what you have, to do this is to start on the uphill path to unhappiness.
Please, those folk with small breasts or flat chest, you look so good.

merlin geikie

Honestly I have no clue what size my boobs really are. I wear a padded bra but I think their a 32 A. According to my dad I should get a boob job, he says this is a joking manner quite funny, isn't he? There are days that I am fine with my small boobs but then I chance upon something that makes that thought go off in my head. It says you're ugly and not normal and this society is absolutely bonkers about breasts, therefore you'll never be attractive no matter what. My mother is a 36C so I have no clue what happened to me. I'm 21 and can let that old hope die at last. But there are days when I tell myself that I have a good hip-to-waist ratio and there are many things that make someone attractive. I'm trying to be okay with myself. Kuddoes to you for making a great web enpowering. Women have to once again stand up and demand that they be respected, stop degrading themselves, and stop playing my men's rules. I'm not a man hater, to the contrary, but I think that a person ought to be assertive and demand respect.


I have always had a small chest. I am 20 years old, about 5 ft 8 and weigh 135. I am a 36 A and have pretty much always hated it. I even tried those herbal supplements. Waste of 300$. However, I have debated on and off with surgery, but my final answer is no. My reason is that someday (in the distant future) I want to have kids. And what kind of message would that send them? Oh, you are beautiful the way you are sweetie, but mommy needed a little nip/tuck.... Even in my head that scenario sounds stupid and shameful.
It is difficult sometimes to find bras that fit well, and sometimes it sucks to go bra shopping. Especially since most of my friends happen to be curvy. But I keep telling myself that I am beautiful (which raises a few eyebrows from the dressing rooms next to me, I'm sure) and I hope I will actually believe it someday.


I found this good website by chance. All I want to tell is starting from boyhood, men are only "curious" about breasts, as they have never seen or had them. They are "bothered" only about the size of their penis and the time taken to ejaculate. "Size" of breast is third on their priority, and that too goes in air, once they see or touch them!


I never knew such an amazing site existed. I wish I had found out about it earlier. I'm going through an extremely insecure phase because the guy I love says he has no problem with my small breasts, (I'm 26 and wear a 28a and am quite skinny and tall), but he loves seeing me in sexy lingerie but its so tough to find sexy bras for my size, and I feel so insecure about this. All my life everyone's made fun of me being so flat, but for once I wish I had a bigger size if only to wear sexy bras. Reading about so many women just like me, I am so happy that I'm not a freak or oddball. I thought I was one among a handful of women who had tiny breasts, but now I know I'm not alone. Thanks.


I am a 27 year old male, who is dating a wonderful woman who happens to be petite and smallish on top. She had asked one time how I could be drawn to her top, since she was so small. I told her the truth. I'm not attracted to HER because of THEM. I'm attracted to THEM just because they are part of HER. I wouldn't have her any other way.

Your good guy isn't drawn to you for your figure, but your figure becomes the best to him, simply because you have it.

Anonymous boyfriend

Hi, found your site from a friend who posted it on Facebook.
For starters, kudos on a good job. As an artist, I've come to appreciate ALL shapes and types of body. For me, the "perfect body" just isn't interesting. I'm more about the "REAL body", which is what all women should strive for. Don't try to be something to fit someone else's ideals. Be the best YOU that you can be, and that confidence will show to everyone around you.

Secondly, and I'm not the only male by far to agree to this, we'd rather see breasts that are "naturally small" than "artificially large". If you have small breasts, be proud of them. They're part of you. Don't subscribe to the degrading fad that is breast enhancements. They're not entirely safe, and for the most part, it just shows a lack of self-confidence.

Ladies, be happy with YOU, and the rest will come naturally.


I'd like to mention that many men like myself love smaller breasts. My wife is 32A/B and I think her bust is just perfect! Smaller-chested women like Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley and Tara Fitzgerald have millions of admirers, don't forget.


I have small breasts and I have had low self-esteem for myself for years because of it, but now I realize that women with small breasts can be very sexy too. If someone cares about you then they should care about you for who you are and not what you have or look like, being a good person and having a loving heart is worth more than any size of breast. And now I'm not worried about mine and theri size anymore!


Girls, I assure you IT DOESN'T matter !!! [at least to me]
Any REAL man will love the person behind them MORE than he loves them, and he will love them no matter what size !!!
Thank all of you, for being self-confident enough to show your pics !!! ALL of them are beautiful !!!!!


Hi you all, Your website is fantastic, informative and very well built.
I am 32 and quite petite and it took me a long-long journey to finally accept and like who I am.
I've hated, tortured and abused my own body for almost 2 decades (in ways such as anorexia etc.). I used to call myself names such as "deformed", "hermaphrodite", "gender-less", "freak of nature", "beast", "monster" and so on... I'm so happy this war with myself is over now...
Now I am finally starting to love who I am and, by the way, in regards to my figure, I looooooove my flat chest!!! I am size 32A and I really believe it looks cute, pretty, attractive, firm, juvenile! And I just love going braless knowing I can be feminine without yet looking obscene, being able to actually feel the refreshing wind breeze through my summer tops at the same time!!! :-)


I am a middle-aged man. I have always thought smaller breasts were prettier than bigger ones. I am dismayed at the thought that a woman would have surgery to create big fake boobs. Actresses who (apparently) have done that just look less and less attractive as they expand.

All the men who encourage women not to think of their size, because really it doesn't matter, now these people are REAL MEN!!! RESPECT FOR ALL OF THEM!


I've been worrying and thinking about my body for a while now and I have a few questions. I am 16. nearly 17. And I am only a 12B and occasonally a very small C. (which isn't often) [Australian sizes]. It's come to my attention that my breasts have not changed since I was 15.

All the women in my family (mother, grandmothers, aunties) are all DD or larger. So it doesn't make sense to me that I am so small. Will I grow more?

I have been VERY into sport and dance my whole life and I'm quite thin. Has this affected my growth?
I feel quite uncomfortable that I am so small, as some clothes don't look good on me. My boyfriend has also made comments that I am small chested and that I should consider going on the pill to get bigger.

I'm just confused and hoping I will grow more even though I am nearly 17. Thanks heaps.

Have you read our page about small breasts? It has lots of good reading and advice for you. Just remember: you are normal, and you can be HAPPY about your small breasts. You don't "need" to grow large breasts or get them by some other means.

Your boyfriend's advice is not the best. You should be accepted as you are, and even more so realizing that you ARE indeed very normal and pretty.

Sports and dance can keep your body thin overall, so your breasts will also have less fat than if you didn't exercise a lot. If you stop the sports and gain weight, then likely you'll get some more fat in your breasts too, and they'll be a bit fuller/rounder.

Hope this helps!
Maria Miller

Hi my name is Rebecca. My breast are almost a B and I'm 20 years old. I'm not fat by any means nor am I skinny. I love to eat but I fill up real quick so I don't eat that much. My mom has DD and even my sister has DD. For me this doesn't really bother me because mine don't sag at ALL and theirs... well gravity can work against theirs more. I used to hate them for being small but soon enjoy them for not giving me back pain or trying to "pop" out of my bra when running, this has happened to my sister before. Not many people realize that there are just as many benefits having small boobs than big.


Ladies, believe it or not, there are men out there, myself included, who find smaller breast far, far more desirable than larger ones. The visual media, of course, always needs things bigger. But I'll take smaller any day!


I'm a 23 year old male, and I definetely prefer smaller breasts. I am sad to hear about females deciding to get implants when that puts them medically at risk.


I actually PREFER small breasts. Guess I shouldn't admit it but it is true. It makes me sad when women get implants. I am sad that one more woman has gotten caught up in the myth that size matters. And truthfully, it diminishes my opinion of that woman because smart women don't really do that.


Hi, LOVE the site!!! Just wish I had it when I was much younger, I am 40yr old woman, I breast fed all my 6 children to approx. 1 yr old but my breasts always go back to being AA cup. I have used various padded bras and inserts over the years but thanks to your site that I first came across a couple of years ago I am much more confident and happy with my appearance now than ever before.

Mainly I want to say to any woman considering breast implants due to small breasts to firstly stop wearing padded bras, get rid off all that gel/water/air filled nonsense! At first it will seem strange almost as if you are walking about naked but after a while that passes and in return you will feel more relaxed with your body. For me I always thought bigger breasts would make me feel more sexy and womanly but actually loving what you have is what makes you feel that way.

My small breasts that I now love actually make me feel sexier!!!

All the padded, push up stuff just deflates you when you have to take it off, it reinforces negative feelings and is less appealing to men, I believe. Think how you would feel if you dated a guy who padded out his trousers? You would want to reassure him that there is no need to, that you liked him anyhow, but after a while if he continued in this self-loathing frame of mind you would probably find it unappealing and certainly not sexy!!

So, thank you! Thank you for common sense in a world of maddness and for showing me how to allow myself to feel great just the way I am.


We all have our insecurities. For some men it's the penis or maybe that not all have a Schwartzenegger physique.

Take heart, you ladies who are lesser endowed. Some gentlemen actually prefer the smaller breasted woman who is confident and dresses modestly. There is far more to the female gender than a set of mammaries.

I have spoken with a number of ladies who are "blessed" and their responses weren't all that it's made out to be. Most who were overly laden with bosom mass have complaints of health issues like back/neck/shoulder strain and the issues which arise from improper posture.

Others who are moderate to fuller filled have made word it is found irritating for a man to hold a conversation with their chest instead of looking them in the eyes.

Lastly, please disregard the idealism of augmentation (implants). Why spend thousands of dollars on something that could be detrimental to sound physical condition, only to boost insecurity?

These are a few mind meandorings to ponder for those who question inadequacies.

In the long haul, I feel it best to appreciate what you do have and enjoy the sensations that area offers. Count your blessings if you make it through life and never experience a mastectomy (single or double).


I also have small breasts, but after reading your articles it has given me a reason to smile because after all, it's no big problem. Thanks so much


As someone else said, I wish I could wave a magic wand to make those aren't, confident.

To all you teens out there, don't feel like you're not normal because you have whatever breasts you have; there's much more to you than that, and you'll find out there are lots of guys that will appreciate many more things about you than the size of your chest.

Most guys care about the depth and quality of a woman's personality; breast size is pretty much meaningless. Do your best to be happy as you are because it's very likely that any one of you is the answer to some guy's hopes and dreams.


I am 16 years old, going on 17 and wear size 32A sometimes 34A or 32B, depending on the type bra. I am quite smaller on the top and have big hips. Personally I think that small breasts are WAY more attractive than bigger breasts. Ladies, your boobs are beautiful no matter the size. I think that we shouldn't be obsessing about trying to change the way we were made when there is absolutely nothing wrong with us. I am so satisfied and proud of my sexy small boobs and I have realised that most guys don't care. Just love yourselves and feel sexy and you will be.


I would like to thank the creator of this site for providing a place for women to talk about their breast issues. I am 19 years old and naturally petite. My breasts do not entirely fit a 32A bra. I have been a trombone player the majority of my life. Not many girls in my town play trombone or are as passionate about it as I am. As a result, many people believe that I am gay, and they use my breast size to validate my sexuality. I dress comfortably when I play but not overly masculine (i.e. fitted t-shirts and jeans). Outside of band rehearsals, I dress more femininely. I am not gay but I believe it is a terrible stereotype to associate small breasts with gay women. I have seen gay women who are very curvy and have full breats. I would like to know if anyone else has dealt with a similar problem.


I suspect you ladies have the same breast insecurity issues that men have regarding penis size. As a lifelong admirer of female beauty I can assure you that breast size is not an issue whatsoever to many men. Of course there are men that fixate on breasts, but honestly breast size is the absolute last criteria for me and for many men. We like girls! Every girl has her own terrific assets. You ladies with small breasts will be the envy of your friends when you get older. You won't have the gravity issue to deal with quite so much. If you gain a few pounds as you age your breasts will naturally fill out a bit. Revel in your superiority. You can participate in physical activity that big breasted women cannot. If a man cannot see past your breasts he is not worthy of consideration as a mate. Cheer up girls, your problem is more in your head than on your chest.


Myself I like small breast. Wish woman won't worry about how big or small their breast is.


Breast size does not matter. It is the whole package. My wife has small breasts and I have had to put up with guys hitting on her ever since I have known her. Just last year, a guy 17 years younger than her, tried to ask her out. When she gives in and does not wear a bra with outfits where bra straps would show, men obviously stare and want to see her breasts just as much as if they were the artificial balloon types. I hate to tell you this, but the size does not matter. There are guys who may make comments to you, but usually this is because they are compensating for their lack of brain size or other shortcomings.


I'm an Asian guy. I don't think the girls have to worry if they have small breasts and they should be happy with what they have got. I like girls with small & huge breasts and it does not matter as long as the girl has breasts. I find that European girls' breasts are very cute even if they are small or big. All the girls' pictures on this forum I love it and I don't think you people should be depressed about what you have got.


In my experiece ALL guys are far more interested in shape than size. I'm aware that I'm provoking other insecurities here, but it's true.

I'm quite a shy guy, and when I was reading up on shyness I discovered in a report that introversion is proportional to breast size preference- so I'm betting that this ridiculous idea that guys like bigger chests is all down to the fact that extroverts spread about their opinions much more. The opinions and preferences of more introverted or more shy men are not taken into account- and this quieter demographic absolutely LOVE small breasts.

I'm extremely shy myself, and I can whole-heartedly say that personally the smaller the better :-)


I am one of the guys who loves small breasts very much. I love size A and AA the most since I love small and tiny things. The biggest I like is size B. The reason for this is that many women make their breasts much bigger with implants, which turn me off completely. I am not saying that all women who have huge breasts have fake ones, but I tend to believe it.

I hope that there are women who love their small breast size because there are guys who love small ones like myself. :) I believe that women who worry about their breast size do not have high self-esteem at all. They should be proud of their breast size and not worry about if a guy likes them or not. If the guy does not like them, they are not worth being with at all. Women who love to have small breasts are very proud of their breast size and have confidence in themselves!! :)


I am generally very happy with my body, and overall a confident person, however recently I've gone into a bit of a downward self-esteem spiral...focused, mainly, on my breasts. I am a 36A, and I do like the shape and look of my breasts, and have been told that they are lovely, but somehow that does not help in the least at the moment. It makes me wonder what is making me insecure? Is it the media, that I think I can ignore, because I don't believe in it, but that sinks in anyway? Is it other women? Is it a desire to impress men? For some reason, all of those seem wrong. First, if it were only the media, I would already feel better from reading comments here and having men tell me that my smaller/NORMAL size breasts are beautiful (it would be lovely for people to remember that A/B is a normal/average breast size for most women, not SMALL, as I constantly hear, and which doesn't help, even in well-meaning comments). I am not a very jealous person, and I cannot readily think of other women in my life whose breasts I envy, so that also seems wrong. Lastly, I am in a relationship with a man I love and who loves me, and my breasts, and my whole body for that matter. So no, I do not have a desire to impress other men. But I still feel (quite suddenly, I might add) incredibly insecure. And no, I am not PMSing :) Well, perhaps that was just a rant, I'm not expecting any answers, but I'm happy this site is here, so I can at least write my feelings out and send them out to a commiserative crowd!

I am 16 1/2 and I started my period just about 3 years ago, and they are fairly regular now. I just barley fit into a 32A, but I feel like an AA cup is too small, or looks it anyway. I am a junior and I am not self-concious at all. but when it comes to my breasts and changing in the locker room it gets difficult. I am a runner, I do cross country in the fall, indoor track in the winter and outdoor track in the spring. i am not underweight, I am 5'3" and just about 120 lbs. my mom is a C-cup but are my small just because I run alot? some of my freinds who also do running year-round like me have C-cups and D-cups. I just feel left out, and different from everybody else, though I do not let anybody else see what I am feeling. my friend told me that she drank papaya and honey milk shakes for a week and she grew a cup size. so I guess my question is just. . . HELP! If I stop running will my breasts grow, I stop running during the summer they somewhat grow but no significant difference. I also get teased alot, and it's not fun. So I was just wondering if you could give me some advice. thankyou ~Sarah

Being active in sports keeps your body slender and slim. If you didn't run, you would probably be a little bit fatter overall, including your breasts. However, the difference is not necessarily very big.

You're probably just simply small-breasted, whether you were a runner or not.

Now, like I said, if you stop running altogether, you might gain a little bit of fat, including some fat in your breasts as well. But, keeping fit is healthy.

Anyway, small breasts are normal. Some women have larger ones, so that is why some of your running friends also can have larger breasts than you do. It's perfectly normal - there are variations in breast size among women, and LOTS of variations indeed.

I am a 19-year old male, and I think it's sad how there is a pressure on girls for bigger breasts. I personally am more attracted to petite girs with more small and shapely breasts. It's true that people love you for who you are and if a guy won't like you because of your breasts, you probably don't want him to. Just thought I would post my thoughts on this subject. I would rather have a girl with petite breasts than one with big breasts.


I have always had small breasts, about 34b. I enjoyed wearing T shirts with no bra, being able to run for a bus etc. My mum used to say, "If you don't wear a bra your bust will sag". I breastfed three children till the age of 1 year each. Whilst breast feeding my bust was a lot bigger and I missed that when I stopped. I considered surgery but looked at the pros and cons and decided against it. I am so glad I did. I am now 58 years I have very little sag on my bust and am very pleased with the shape. I can confirm that breast feeding does not automatically cause your breasts to sag and not wearing a bra does not lead to sagging breasts. In fact, I would say when you rely on a bra your bust is more likly to rely on the support and sag when this is removed. Thank you for your site.

sandra burns

I'm a 60+ year old man who loves a woman with small breasts... Please let your readers know there is an extremely large number of men all over the world who prefer a woman with very small breasts. I assure you the "large breasted woman preference" among many many men is not at all true. Please encourage your readers to appreciate what God gave them and not to seek to disfigure themselves with attempts to increase their breast size.


I am 19 1/2 years old with a larger ribcage. Due to my ribcage, I am just too big for the 32-A bras. Therefore, I am a 34-A children's (not to be confused with junior's which is WAY too big for me). I can't begin to tell you the embarrassment that comes with shopping for bras and seeing a 10 year old wearing the same bra as me. At 5'5 1/2" and 125 lbs. I find it highly annoying that everything that fits my bust is too small for my ribcage and vice versa. I often have to personally tailor my clothing just so I have something to wear. One of my breasts is even a full cup size smaller then the other, which makes finding a comfy bra nearly impossible. However, with all that said, I enjoy my small breasts because they just don't get in the way like the larger ones do. At times I find myself wishing I had more just so clothing would fit better, or they took on a more attractive shape. However, I like myself for who I am and view breast augmentations as silly. This is how I was born, why should I change who I am for a size obsessed culture?


I have small breasts, slightly less than an A cup. Seriously though, I am SHOCKED at how unhappy so many of you are with your breasts! It is quite ridiculous. Life is short and should not be taken up being depressed about thinking you don't have men staring down your shirt.

Look through the comments on the small, medium and large breast sections here. Notice there are SO many men raving about loving small breasts.


You girls still have a handful and mouthful so none of it is wasted. I think they're fantastic so don't be ashamed.


I really liked this website and all this reactions from young and old girls. But sadly I have a small boobs too and I can't be proud of them. Especially I just get married last month and I am very shy in front of my husband. I can't even turn the light on if he was with me and if he asked me why, I tell him u can turn it on but I'm gonna use the cover. It's really bad feeling ... I have a great body except my boobs ... I already asked my mom about that even she has a big boobs and my aunts too, every woman in my family have good boobs except me, why? And when I [was] searching on the net I found that maybe I [am] missing some "estrogen", so I started to think what about if I visit my doctor and ask him to give me some medicines wich contain estrogen. But I don't know if it's a good idea or not ??


Hi Sondrion,

Those estrogen pills wouldn't be a good idea at all. First, they increase your breast cancer risk. Second, they would give you a horrible PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) with its associated symptoms. There might be other side-effects as well that I am not aware of.

So it would definitely be dangerous.

I think you will be fine. Why not try candlelight and covers first - but don't be afraid if the cover just falls off or something . Quite likely your husband is JUST FINE with your breasts! Or, you never know, he might ADORE them!

As a 42 years of age male, I can say that as far as I am concerned it is the attitude of the woman that I find attractive. Not the size of her breasts, butt, or whatever. If she is comfortabel with who she is, then she is attractive. If you look like the Playmate of the Month and have the personality of a log, you are not attractive.


I'm gonna be blunt, I'm a 19-year old guy and I prefer women with smaller brests, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. You should be proud of what you have and feel confident in your body, there are many guys out there who will like you for both who you are and how you look.


GIRLS!!! STOP Pitying yourselves. I am a teenage boy. I'm 18. So you probably think that I like BIG HUGE BREASTS, but NO I like small breasts. Why? I don't know. I just DO. So girls don't fret. Boys will still like you. Don't change who you are.


It is really a shame what our society does to its members in terms of what its "standards" of beauty are. I would just like to let the women on this site know that there are more men out there that absolutely adore small breasts. Don't lose hope, we are out here. Ravel in your beauty !


I really hate my boobs and I don't think it is mainly because of the men I know, actually it has nothing at all to do with them. I have so many male best mates and a wonderful man and they haven't ever said anything bad.
What makes me feel worse are magazines and advertising, people referring to big breasted women as 'real women' (so you're saying I'm not a woman coz I've got small boobs?!?) and actually girls asking me if I have ever considered having a boob job!!!

This website is lovely and the comments are great. I really like the one about men pretending to like big boobs. That really cheered me up.

By the way, I'm 26 and have never been pregnant and there is no way my boobs will get bigger unfortunately x


Maybe it's because this is what girls looked like when I started getting interested in them, but I think the "small breasts" on this page are the most beautiful on your site. I think it's tragic that women are brainwashed into hating their breasts-while many men have preferences on body types, finding a mate is a package deal and even in locker room sessions I've never heard a man say he'd walked out of a relationship because he didn't like the appearance of his girlfriend's boobs! I used to work with a slender woman who was built like a model-she was so hot-and she was always lamenting her small breasts. I always wanted to tell her, "They're beautiful! You've got an incredible body!" I prefer small breasts. And I'm happily married to a woman with big breasts, so there you go.

Big Tex

Everyone (especially young people) feels the pressure of the "bigger is better" stereotype -- women with small breasts may feel somehow inferior or unattractive, and men who are attracted to small breasts may feel like their masculinity will be challenged if they don't tow the party line (women, you have no idea how much pressure men are under to conform to all manners of macho/masculine stereotypes). It's truly a case of The Emperor's New Clothes -- people hold widely varying views/opinions/desires in private, but in public you'd better agree with the assumed "truths" in your society, or else.

Trust me, a good percentage of men (and women) out there have *zero* problems with small breasts on a woman. The problem lays with living in a conformist social structure, not with your chest.

Big or small, own your chest with confidence. You'll be happier, and so will everyone else around you.


I am a 30 yr old woman with 2 kids. I think this web site is great for those small breasted woman out there. Me being one of them. Before I had children I had beautiful size 12B tits, now I don't even fit into an A cup. It has taken a while for me to adjust ( maybe because I was bigger, once upon a time) but I met a wonderful guy who loves me for who I am and supports me with all my decisions. And yes, I did think about surgery for a while, but natural I sooo much better. The only problem I face is that my nipples are rather large, not just when it's cold, so a padded bra does help a little, if I could find one that fits. Wearing the right clothes can also take the effect of the chest area as well. So to all those women out there who are a bit self-consious, keep on going with what you have. Surgery is not always the answer. My 12 yr old daughter has a bigger bust than me, so I get her hand me downs :) Keep smiling ladies, you are beautiful the way you are. xxx


I am 24 years old mother. My breasts never developed past an A cup and after having a kid, they even sag a little. My self esteem has been through the floor for so long, I don't remember a time when I felt good about myself... especially knowing that my husband fancies C cups and larger. However, one thing I have to admit is that he's had women with large breasts in the past and still married me. Clearly, there isn't too much wrong (if anything) with small breasts and I am very pleased to have come across this site. It really did help boost my spirits.


I completely agree with the other guys in here. Women who are confident with themselves are so much more beautiful than women who others may say are full chested. You are beautiful; don't change anything about yourselves. If someone dislikes you because of your cup size then they don't look deep enough to see who you really are. I have been dating my fiance for three years and she is only an A cup. I love the way she looks. Be confident and happy with what you are given. It makes you so much more beautiful than any pair of breasts can.


Hey, I stumbled on this page and I really appreciate it. I'm a 43 year old guy and I think it's time that (a) blokes should stop pretending they all "love big tits" ('cos they don't), and (b) girls should stop fussing that much about their breast size, because they really don't have to - see (a).
A lot of my friends happen to be female, we can talk freely about lots of male/female things, and whenever the "I hate to have small breasts" issue comes up, most of them are quite surprised when I say that I think small breasts are simply more beautiful - and that, apart from that, it is NOT the breasts that make a girl interesting/hot/whatever! (So no, it's not a cheap pickup line either :-)
And then again, we must also acknowledge that some girls want bigger breasts NOT because what men think of all that, but simply because that's what they

like to see when they look in the mirror... so what I'm saying is, what it all comes down to is YOU, what YOU like, okay?


A few years ago I was about seven months pregnent and barely an A [cup]. I was working as a cashier when some guy came up to my counter and began asking the usual pregnant questions... when is due etc... he said his girlfriend just had his baby. Then asked if I was planning to breast feed. When I proudly answered yes, he rolled his eyes started to walk away and said, "Well, I guess do what you can." I sat there speechless unable to retaliate. I seem to receive a rude comment like this at least every month even now four years later and a 34c. My husband who is a big fan of big breasts can't get enough of mine and does not want me to go under the knife, says there's nothing wrong with the ones I've got. I'm 5'9, 157 lbs and am still too self-conscious about my breasts because they are disproportionate. My son gave me bigger breast but an even larger rear. I still live my life to the fullest and thank God for ALL my gifts!

sassy sista

I want to congratulate all the ladies who are comfortable with their breasts. I am 5'2, weigh 135 and wear a 38F. I have always been ashamed of my breasts. When I go bra shopping I get so frustrated and cry my way out of the store. When I was pregnant my size increased dramatically, and the bra shopping only got worse. My fanastic husband has been a great support for me, helping me shop and being a shoulder to cry on. When I came to him and told him I wanted a breast reduction, he completly understood. I have yet to get it done because I am pumping (not breast feeding) because my areolas and nipples are so large my children have never been able to latch on. To all the ladies questioning your small breasts, be thankful you can find a bra if in fact you need one, and that you don't have any physical pain. Just because some of us have large breasts does NOT mean we enjoy them!!


I am going to be 15 this month in April and a freshman in high school. In the year of 2007, of the beginning of high school, I started my period. Since I kind of started my period late is that maybe a reason why my breasts are so small and I am basically flat chested? My breast size is a 32A and it's been that size since 7th grade. I just wanted to know what your reasons were on this and if you could help me understand that if I will develop soon or what. Also, I did competive gymnastics for awhile which was very intense and I was wondering if that could be another reason why I am not as developed as many girls younger and older than I am. I mean, I see girls at the age of 12 who are a B or C cup size in bras.


It sounds like your body is doing just fine. Gymnastics and heavy exercising can delay the start of puberty, plus it can keep breasts smaller simply because your body would have less fat (be very slim/trim).

But A-cup breasts are normal. There are many women with small breasts and it's just fine. They have normal breasts.

Now, that said, yours MAY still grow bigger!

(42 year old male) There is nothing unattractive about petite breasts and if that's what you have you shouldn't worry. Only immature men consider this important. Implants feel unnatural, are obvious a mile away, and indicate insecurity. Any man that pressures you to consider getting implants you should consider doing without.


I'm a 19-year old male and I would just like to leave a quick comment about breast size. As one visitor already said only shallow men care about the size of your breasts and go for women on that fact alone!! But just to put the mind at ease for all your lovely ladies that don't have big breasts---some men prefer smaller breasts. I know I do:)



Hey Ladies! I am 22, weigh 98 lbs and am 5'7. And I too have small breasts. I barely fill a size 36A! But I had to share that I recently dated a man who was in love with my small breasts. He always wanted to see and touch or play with them even tho I have barely-there breasts. I got so comfortable with myself because of my relationship with this guy. I have a small amount of cleavage but I actually like my breasts they're perky, small areolas, firm and almost never jiggle, I can run and jump so sports are never a problem as with big breasts, and men actually look me in the eyes when they talk to me. The only thing I don't adore about my breasts is when I bend over they sort of resemble goat boobs. But no man has ever mentioned this. I'm sorry that most of you seem to dislike your bodies. Before him I felt just like most of you. My older sister got breasts at the age of 12 and soon was a 34DD so I was obsessed that boys would only date her. Now that she is older and had 2 kids, they are smaller than mine and saggy and a bit lop-sided. Now I love my breasts and never feel embarrassed. I know it seems incomprehensible but men REALLY don't care how big or small they are, granted most have "types" you just need to be patient and hope to find the one guy that will never care about your body and Trust Me he is out there! Don't despair: Whenever you feel less than normal just make a mental list of all the things small breasts are great for. You'll be surprised how many you can come up with. (HINT: sports, perkiness, no back pain, going bra less, etc..)


I MUCH prefer a woman to have an A or B cup breast over one having larger breasts. I DO NOT like silicone breasts at all.

mr Nitti

As a 46 year old man, it is heartbreaking to read so many women's descriptions of their dissatisfaction with their figures - including small breast size. I join the other men on this site in telling all the ladies that you don't know how beautiful you really are and that small breasts are very attractive. Please don't buy into the 'bigger is better' hype - it is not. And PLEASE don't get implants! They are hideous and we can easily tell they are false. I love my wife very much but the size of her breasts NEVER crossed my mind. I fell in love with her 12 yrs ago and we've been married for 10 and I love her for who she is- not what kind of bra she wears. Remember, God made women beautiful- you are beautiful!


This site is very useful and helpful, but I hope one day soon they will find a way to make your breasts bigger because my friend if a 32C going on to D and I am only 30AA and I feel really left out because all of my friends have big busts except me and they can wear really nice dresses and everything and I could wear a pancake!

Your site was intersting with the information and helped quite a lot!


Sam xx

I think they are all beautiful! I'm so surprised that so many women are dissatisfied with their breasts. Ladies, please believe me, they are all lovely.


I wanted to thank you for this website. I'm 21 and have a petite figure, which means petite breasts.I'm between a A and B cup and the most Ive weighed is 110. I'm 97 right now. I've gotten comments from both women ( with bigger boobs) and men about my small bust size. I've been insecure since I was a teen about my size. I even have a hard time taking off my bra during intimacy w. my fiancee sometimes. When ever it gets bad, I visit your site for reassurance and I always find it. Thank you so much, what you're doing is awesome. Now I feel confident once again.


It's just not true that all men love big breasts. Many like myself find AA and A cups the most attractive. Most guys I know actually care about personality than the girl's physical appearance. Anyways if a guy only worries about the size of your breasts he's probably shallow and doesn't have your best interests in mind. Don't worry about your breast size just live life to the fullest and don't let something like that hold you back.


I would just like to voice my opinion on the subject from a male point of view on breast size. I have always been more attracted to women with small breasts, usually AA,A, or a small B. It is usually thought that all men love big breasts, well it's not true.


I just want to say that I have always preferred small breasts to large ones! Don't assume that all men like big breasts because we don't! And the comments about being secure in yourself are right on ... being confident makes you more attractive, it's true. Be comfortable with yourself, define your own style, carry yourself with respect and don't worry too much about what other people think.


Hi all that may well be concerned... although at such a delicate age you probally will not understand the flip side of your embarrasment... some guys, boys, men, love small breasts, me being one. Beautiful to match ones body... personally big boobs really turn me off and I find them intrusive and ugly.... Please don't worry you're a teenager only once. Don't waste it on trivia. Believe me, I did obsess with the size of my penis.. watching everyone else in my year getting mans bits and my maggot just doing nothing fast...still hasn't and now I'm 30-ish, but size isn't the be all and end all... rob

While surfing the internet I came across the site, I was amazed at how many women have small breast (like myself). I use to be so insecure of myself because of that. As I grew older it really didn't matter what people thought of my small breast(guys would always tease me about them). NOW I realize that I am sooooo sexy with my small breast and everybody wasn't meant to a DD. So ladies hold your head up high and let the world know how proud you are of yourself.


I never thought my small breasts were a real issue because I think one should respect oneself and one's own body.
But I had a rather unpleasant experience which made me doubt this, doubt myself for that matter, and it made me extremely self-conscious person. When I asked the only person I was ever intimate with why he really decided to end it all, he said that I was not 'feminine' enough for him, despite me being a nice person and all. Not only did he say that to me, but he made those comments to our friends and to his new girlfriend (who sports large breasts).
Even though I deeply appreciate all the things you wrote here, I cannot help but think that they are just words and that nothing will really change for me in the future.
I really had feelings for that person, I still do (someone needs a therapy, I know :)), and it's hard for me not to think that he would love me back if I was prettier, more womanly. I feel so deficient, and I constantly compare myself to other women for that reason.
He did apologize for saying those things, but I know that deep down this is the reason why he prefered to stay away. I know that we are all attracted by different things and he has a right to be attracted to someone else, but the very fact that he doesn't want to be with me for that reason is so humiliating. So how can I ever accept myself as a woman when I feel like a little girl who is lacking THE most important feature that distingushes our sex in today's society? It is really so painful to be rejected because of that. I wished so many times I was more 'womanly'. It's sad, I know, but I just cannot accept my body. In any case, thank you all for writing your comments. They helped a lot. But I still have a long way to go to build my self-esteem and to convince myself that these things don't matter, because they obviously matter a lot to some people. If you tell me that I should not care what such people think about me, it's easier said than done. I do care.


Hi, I am male and I'd just like to assure all you smaller ladies that in fact I prefer women with smaller breasts; although wouldn't judge anyone by that criterion alone. I particularly don't like to see women with breast implants, it looks unnatural and unattractive. There's no need for anyone to do this to herself, you are just fine as you are.


What makes us girls feel like having small breasts is the end of the world? Where's the rule that says that your beauty totally depends on your breast size? I say embrace what you have been given. Once you've found the beauty in it, others will to. Love yourself, your whole self. Let your beauty flow from inside out, not the other way around.


Hi, I am a 19 yr old male. Breast size to the shallow men matters. There are real men out there who think that personality is the greatest aspect of a women, and want to be with someone for their love not their breast size. Some women's way of attraction will be with their body, and others will be their personality. Those ones that use their body will find they have men bouncing off them almost, as the men learn that a great body does not also mean a great personality. Women who think they are less attractive or are insecure about their appearance would have a different way of attraction, maybe a great sense of humour, kind, generous, caring etc. Ignore and avoid magazines and males that assume large breasts are better, you are a perfect and successful creation if you are alive.


I am 24 years-old and wear a size 32b or 34a. I am 4'10 and weigh 105lbs. Love my hips and legs (only wish they were longer) Mother of 2, which left me with excess skin when I lost all the baby weight. Married for 6 years and still able to turn my husband on everytime. He admires women with larger breasts, which at one time made me wish I was a c cup. I would never get implants to make him happy. I am happy with my breast size because it matches my height. If I had large breasts, I would look really funny and not portion. ... Women, all in all, just be proud of what God gives you.


For the small breasted ladies out there, you are not alone. Only a guy not worth it would dump a lady because of the size of her breasts. Although my guy and I have decided not to have sex till our wedding night because of our belief, he loves and adores me even with my small breasts. So ladies, anyhow you are naturally, because you are God's creation, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

I love this site! It's really reassuring to know that not all women are created equal in the breast department and stuff like that. I used to be pretty embarrassed to lingerie shop with my mom because I am so small. Now I really am more self assured in my bra size(42AA), and I know what works for me.

My bff wants a reduction in her breasts, she's a double d and envious of mine! So smaller breast girls, take heart! Bigger is not always better. Think of the ladies who get back pain from having such big ones.

Bigger is not always better! Be proud of your natural shape! It's uniquely you and nobody else. :)


Hi, I am a 16 yr old girl. I began developing breasts quite late, and didn't really even fit 32AA until 9th grade. Now I wear a 32A cup, even though I don't quite fill it out. Having small breasts has always made me feel inadequate, immature, and like I'm about as attractive as a 12 yr old boy. I still haven't had a boyfriend yet, and I used to think that this was because I have next to nothing in the way of boobs. Now I still think that they don't really notice me because of my small chest, but more importantly, I wasn't noticed because of my lack of confidence. It just doesn't seem quite fair that girls younger than me have larger breasts than I do (shouldn't I get some, too?). Sure, having small breasts comes in handy when playing sports and running, but it would be nice to look good in dresses and shirts. My small chest has really affected the clothes I wear. The style now is low-cut and emphasizes cleavage, which kind of limits my wardrobe, because these low cut items look ridiculous on me and my practically flat chest. If I had breasts, I wouldn't let them hang out like so many other girls my age do, but it would be nice to at least fill out shirts and dresses. I have realized that at least I won't have to worry about guys liking me solely for my chest, and I can automatically accept that they like me for me, so that is good. Thanks to your site, I am slowly beginning to accept myself and see that cup size doesn't matter and small is beautiful, too! Thank you!

Just a quick note. I've dated several women who were concerned about what I was going to think about their breasts and I've read several such examples here - I can tell you, not to be cute or crude, I've never seen a breast I didn't like. If I were you, I'd try not to worry. I know that's easier said than done, but you can trust me on this one - variety, as it were, is the spice of life, and a guy, if he really loves you, isn't going to care what the twins look like.

Good luck to you all,

I read in agony the stories of women ashamed of their small breasts. Please be aware that many of us men actually prefer small breasts and find them extremely attractive. Be proud of your body and if a man bases his attraction to you on your breast size; RUN!


I must say, that most women have been treated unfairly because of their bust. This is sometimes due to male arrogance. I am a guy of 19 years, at one point I preferred women with large busts, but some how I outgrew it. Then upon viewing this site, it was cemented in me that women have different size breasts. The Word of God tells us in Gen. 1 v 26, that we were made in His image and after His own likeness. So who are we to judge.

Men, don't judge based solely on what's outside, but check the inside as well.



I'm sorry for the hurt that women with small breasts have experienced. You deserve to feel good about your body and to be surrounded by people who love you just as you are. Please try to ignore the ridiculous and contradictory messages our cultures give women on how we "should" look. As we can see from the various posts, people may have their preferences for what they find attractive, but preference does not mean one size is better than the other.

I would say, make having small breasts work to your advantage in whatever way you can. For example, if you have small breasts and like to go braless, enjoy the fact that you may have less social disapproval than someone like me(size DD)who does not wear bras. Remember that women with large breasts have problems too, and some of those problems affect health. We should be supporting each other, not competing against each other.

Most of all, I think we would benefit from being far less concerned about our breast size and far more concerned with whether our breasts are healthy. We give so much attention to superficial things when women are dying of breast cancer everyday. I care a lot more about my breast health than how big they are, whether they sag and what other people think about them. If they sag, so what? It's normal and at least they are lump and pain free.


I'd like to have a say in this.

I'm an 18 year old guy. For one thing, I don't really care if a girl has a flat chest or big boobs. Most of my friends want a girl with big boobs, but I could really care less. I honestly go for more of what the girl is like and how she treats me. Yes, you wouldn't think that a guy would think like this, but some of us guys are like that.


Some men think that to be someone you have to have large breasts, and even women think that they have to change there breasts size to be somebody. I heard a psychiatrist suggest that if you felt bad about your boobs to get implants and that would fix it. What happened to self-esteem or expecting a man to love you unconditionally? Or my personality which I work on so hard? Is this not important? Certainly, if I were to fix my appearance, breasts would not be the only thing I would have to fix. How about my face, my hair, my stomach, buttocks, my arms, legs, height or even my teeth? I sure would be spending a lot of money! and no love there.


My breasts are a size DD. I have a small waist. But I honestly believe that all breasts are beautiful, be they large or small or saggy. The reason breasts are beautiful is because they belong to a woman and every woman is beautiful. Why don't we teach that every woman is beautiful no matter what size her breasts even if they're cup size A or cup size H!


I am a confident women with small breasts and I am not ashamed of my body, but today I was going to catch the bus and some men looked at me to my chest, and deliberately stared at a large breasted women to her chest, a women next to them, she was laughing, she did gestures with her hands and body, turning her face towards me as though to say: "I am so much better than you" I really did not care, because with the attitude of the men, I would never date a man like that, and she just wanted they're attention as to believe she was better, but still, I felt terribly bad for the next three hours. Women with large breast who want to feel important or valuable and don't find the means for such feelings, constantly compare themself with women who have small breast as though to say "I am better" when they are not, and they do that a lot. Men also compare women's body's as to say one is better than the other,(low class men, of course), but yet it hurts. I never compare myself to anyone because we are all human beings, and we are all important and valuable, but when someone does this it is very demeaning and the feeling is horrible, I just want to say that most people should not compare themselves to another, or compare one person with another. It is very comforting after an incident like this to read the articles of different men on this web site. Feedback ,please.


im 17 years old, 4'10 and 88lbs (sounds awesome right) but I barely fit into a 32 A. I love my slender body but come on now...we all feel horrible about parts of our body sometimes. I have my confident days, and then my miserable days. I hate my breasts, and honestly I don't know if thats ever going to change. No matter how many guys have told me that the "shape" of my breasts are nice or that theyre "proportional" with my small all just feels like an attempt to shut me up about it. And I know the media is hugely to blame for things like this...but what am I gonna do about it? ive already had it planted into my head by immature boys and the media that I look like a little boy. no matter how many nice things are said about small breasts or how much I shouldnt try walking into the same room every day at school and being constantly referred to as looking like the wrong gender or looking like a little boy. I go out with my friends and when we meet guys I don't know they automatically think i'm someones little sister that got drug along. so whether im supposed to accept myself or not...if nobody else does its hard. On the other hand of course, I noticed a popular store (hollister) using a girl on their website with breasts similair to my size. Being such a popular and (sometimes rediculously) obsessed over store...its nice to see a small breasted girl being modeled. Even though im having a down day, this site helps, ive been here before, and ill probably be back again. whoever started this, thank you.


To the 17yr old girl who is 4'10. At your age I was 4'11 and my weight was about 95pounds. I understand how you feel, maybe it would help if you wore clothers that made you feel more comftable around these people or if you read about how to dress in this site. Another thing that might help is for you to be strong at your decision that you are how you are and it does not matter what others think. Change your mind. Also, maybe you are hanging with people who will never aprove of you no matter what, it is important to be with people that make you feel comftable around.


Hello, I am a 47 year old graduate student (after 15 years as a chef). I have always loved small breasts, maybe because my mother was rather small breasted (maybe Freud was right). Over the years I have been with a number of types, sizes, and races of women and while I hold nothing against a naturally well endowed lady, I have always preferred smaller breasts. I wish I could snap my fingers and give all women the self-confidence to accept thier breasts as being exactly the way God intended them to be. Hollywood and the plastic surgery industry seem to be most responsible for efforts to make women believe that men only like larger breasts. I have been with a few women who have had implants and I can tell you from personnal experience that implants DO NOT look of feel 'natural'.


I would like to comment that unnatural breasts are a big turn off and that really big breasts are the same way. After reading your site and understanding more about the female anatomy, I understand that breasts aren't just sexual objects, but I do enjoy the smaller sized breasts. I find girls with them more attractive than if they had larger breasts. This is more of a personal preference. And most of my friends don't like the big breasts either.


I had an abusive boyfriend whom I did not know was abusive in the start of the relationship. I told him I was insecure about my small breasts, he in turn would literally stare at women with large breasts in public with me next to him, and then deny what he did. In one occasion, we were gathered all together and there was a girl with super large breasts, my ex-boyfriend and his brother where almost drooling over her breasts, while she was laughing. I felt inferior, degraded and disrespected among other feelings. I left this guy of course, but I still feel ashamed of what happened. I think one way to get back at him is to work on my self-esteem since really, nor him, his brother or the girl seem to be worth much. Can some men give me feedback?

Mary P.

You have hit the nail on the head with site. Breasts are and have been a natural part of being a woman. Breast size does not matter. As I man, a woman who feels comfortable about herself, is always attactive. You don't need tatoo's or enlarge your breast, be who you are and be proud of it. Small or large they are beautiful. I niece of mine has been very concerned about her breast size as she has been teased at school by her follow girls. My niece is 13 and I love what her mom said. "Do you want boys who love your boobs or you?" My niece thought about and then started to laugh, and said "I never thought about it that way." She is now is slowly becoming more confident about herself.


Unbeknownst to me, my mother opted to get breast implants soon after my sister and I had finished breast feeding. The surgeon did a spectacular job, and I hadn't the slightest idea they were fake until I hit about 15, looked down at my A cups and said "Mom, what!? These look nothing like your perfect 36Cs!" She informed me that my breasts were in fact BIGGER than hers had been at my age and that hers weren't real! I was horrified, but she assured me that my breasts are perfect-- "They're what you were born with, how can they be wrong?! Don't make the mistake I made!" she said. Several years later, her silicone implants burst and began to leak profusely, wreaking havoc throughout her system. Thanks to her, this website, the support of my fantastic man (who in fact PREFERS larger breasts, but just can't get enough of my tiny ones because well... they're MINE!) I have become a strong advocate of natural breasts, in all their various forms. I've even managed to convince a girl scheduled for consultation NOT to get implants. Keep up the good work here, and I'll do the same!


Hi. I'm 17 years old and I have an extremely hard time finding a comfortable, fitting bra because I have a particularly small band size and tiny shoulders but a large cup size. I know many young people today are influenced by TV and advertisements, but in reality, big breasts aren't all that great. They're actually very difficult to deal with most of the time, and if you have a small figure like me, will get you lots of unwanted attention, even if you wear very modest clothes. To secure one's large breasts, one must either resort to painful underwire or deal with drooping sports bras that allow your breasts to fall on your stomach when you sit down - I have these problems and my breasts aren't even nearly as saggy as some of the pictures on your site. In short, the obsession with big breasts needs to stop. They're more a pain than a blessing, and size shouldn't matter in love or in childbearing. As long as it works, who cares?

I am 21 and I am also small breasted young lady, after all those comments now I feel more better, because before I didn't pay much attention to my breast sized since my first boyfriend told it to me, he was 32 and I was only 18 that time, I don't know what was the main reason we broke up (maybe because I am virgin and he didn't want to waste his time and energy on me) but when he left he just said that I should be more round at the bottom and have bigger breasts than I have... That was a biggest shame I ever had, the man I loved till death told things like that...
The time passes, and I am still kind of scary that my bf won't accept me as I am cause he doesn't know how small I am, maybe I should talk to him first instead, but how to begin the topic like that? (due to our culture we don't talk about sex and stuff like that before the marriage)... I would be really appreciate everybody for any advice...


Leyla: I believe the first guy that was your boyfriend did not love you because when you love you love a person the way the person is. The other guy, if he loves you, might not be even worried about your small breast size and if he is, consider getting someone else, till you find true love.


Leyla, you should feel comfortable with the person that you are dating, and to feel accepted as well. If you think you can't talk to him about this matter, try talk therapy with a woman as a therapist. Communication if a very important key in a relationship.


Hi, I am a guy and I think this website is excellent and there should be more like it. I absolutely hate breast implants or anything that shows that a woman is ashamed of her God-given body. Fake breast are no different than relying on makeup and great clothes to be accepted. Girls are more than just objects. Even if a girl has what I might think are the perfect breasts, she would have to have the personality since that's what really makes a person attractive. Only shallow people are attracted to shallow people. As far as Hollywood goes, they say not to associate yourself with harmful people so don't watch mainstream television and don't open the fashion magazines. They are there to harm your self image to get you to give your money away. Natural is IN. Any kind of "natural" is beautiful.


I love small breasts. As a teen, my father told me any many who doesn't like large breasts must be gay. I was dating a girl with small breasts at the time, and was offended. I later married a woman slender woman with very small breasts, and really loved them that way. Now divorced, I certainly don't choose my dates by their breast size but I have once again fallen in love with a small breasted woman. There are many comments here from men saying that confidence is more important than size. Of course this is true, but I wonder how many insecure women dismiss this as sidestepping the issue. Please believe that there are men who don't just love you as you are, but actually prize you for what you are. We really, honestly do love small breasts.


I am a 50 year old man. If I could say one thing to all the women who are insecure about their breast sizes... Hollywood and the main stream media (msm) are mostly responsible for your anxiety. The beautiful large breasted women who they use in marketing most likely represent the breasts of their obese (overfed) mothers. The most important aspect of beautiful breasts to me is symmetry. As I examined these before and after photos I was struck with how many women wanted to increase cup size. Only a handful (my opinion) actually needed work. Those breast looked like cans or otherwise not like breasts.

I enjoy a woman who is confident in herself and smart enough to realize that her breast size is not what makes her a woman. I like small breasts. Don't let Hollywood or peer pressure influence you. If you're unhappy and you think increasing your boob size is going to make you happier you should probably get counseling.

Mr. G

I am a large chested female (36DD) and I believe that having small breast will not take away from the quality of breast feeding nor are they less sexy. Small breast are beautiful. Women are beautiful and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and should be celebrated. To my small chested sisters, you and your breast are beautiful. Never be ashamed of them


I think the whole this is amusing actually, this whole obsession with breasts. It's a mind game that the US media plays on us making us think we have to be a certain way in order to fit in. Imagine this, what if...SMALLER BREASTS were the "in" thing. What if everywhere in the US media all we saw were small breasts? What if bras were taboo, and not wearing one made you sexy and chic? What if, in magazines and on TV, whenever breasts were emphasized, smaller was better? Would we have this implant craze? NO. We'd have a reduction craze. There would have never been an industry popping up around breast implants, and larger breasted women would be the ones made to "feel inferior". It is all pretty silly actually.

I myself have small breasts. Usually I don't think about them much at all. Occasionally I fall into the mind trap just like everyone else and my breasts take center stage. I was stuck in that trap this morning, hence the reason I am even at this sight. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that it really doesn't matter. Men and women, when the attraction is genuine, are attracted to each other for ALL SORTS of different reasons. Breast size doesn't really factor that heavily into the equation. So please remember, they are just titties ladies. Big small, weirdly shaped, or perfectly round they don't effect what kind of woman you are. Trouble is, it's hard to separate ourselves from this when we see boobies everywhere. But we should all be diligent and try to. If we did, then platic surgeons would have no market, and perhaps this whole silly craze would go away and we could all focus on more important things that really matter.



I wish I could with a magic wand give you the self-confidence you need. I am married to a wonderful lady who has nursed 4 children. She started with a firm but small B. She is now a little less firm and a little smaller but still perky.

If she were larger she probably would be hanging with no muscle tone left. Smaller is better. My daughters are encouraged by me and there mother regarding the benefits of being petite.

Implants never (too hard), In Tahiti they are referred to as Pamplemouse (grapefruit) and not given a very high regard. We prefer natural.

I like'em petite. Rejoice in your petiteness. Don't listen to the US media. Those fake breasts only look good in those low cut dresses. They are not pleasant to the touch.


I visited a site about small breasts and one man said that his wife had small breasts and was insecure about them,(he wished she was not) then he said he preferred large breasts. His wife feels insecure because she knows how he thinks, and he should prefer his wifes small breasts than fantasizing about them being big, (because big is supposed to be better). This is not true, and appreciating her breasts however they are would make her feel so much better.


Speaking as a man who has always been drawn to petite women, I find it heart-breaking that there are so many girls and women for whom this quality is such a source of anxiety. I realize there are many factors that influence this: notions of Hollywood perfection, the media in general, schoolyard taunts ...and of course, perhaps behind most of these things, ranks of dumb-witted men!

Yes, we're all a little obsessed with body image, but then we're programmed by nature to respond to visual stimulus and to find certain features aesthetically or sexually attractive. But just as there is boundless diversity in our physical characteristics, so too is there in what each of us is likely to find attractive.

Without exception, every one of the photos that feature on this page depict perfectly proportioned, absolutely 100% feminine examples of the female form; they are a testament to the wonderful diversity of nature.

Yet it seems that men who appreciate women with small breasts are like a silent constituency, never vocal in our enthusiasm the way that the big is best contingent are, we've allowed them to continue setting this ridiculous agenda about the ideal body shape. There is a weird social pressure on men too, an automatic assumption that what we want to see on a woman's body are large breasts. In fact, for me, and many like me, quite the opposite is true; for us (if talking solely in terms of our sexual responses) it is the proportions of small-breasted women that stir our feelings. And of course that is entirely to be expected , nature wants us to find each other attractive, so just as there will be women with small breasts, naturally there will also be men who adore this quality about their appearance. So, finally, to all those men like me, I wish you'd speak up against this mad obsession with big-is-better, and maybe we can do something to make the small-breasted women of the world feel appreciated for the delightful contribution that theyre making to the physical beauty of the human race.


To all the lovely girls who are reading, more guys would rather be caressing someone they love, someone who loves them back than holding the breast of a girl who doesn't care about them. Any man who is serious about you, is just as happy with who you are, whether you are a A or DD or G. It doesn't matter. What matters more to a man is that the girl he has has the fortune of caressing, loves him for who he is.

Men can be turned on by a girl's breast. However a girl who is confident about herself regardless of her breast size has far more appeal, in terms of looks and sensuality, than a DD girl who still believes her breasts too small.

To every lady who thinks having bigger breast will imrpove your love life, here's my personal experience as a guy. A man who seriously loves you will love you for who you are first and foremost. So there is no need to be too concerned about the size of your breast. Chances are, the guy sitting next to you in the cinema or hugging you to sleep at night is more than happy with the size of your breasts. After all, bigger sized breast didn't guarantee Pamela Lee Anderson a happy future.

Takumi Ashahide

Small breasts are great. Large breasts are OK. Breast implants are terrible and should be avoided like the plague. Sexiness is determined by how the woman feels about herself, not breast size.


I am a man and I think that it's what is inside the woman that matters, all women are beautiful and whatever her breast size is, is irrelevant. Remember the old adage "more than a handful is wasted".

K R Debley

I fit into a size 36A and for a while I hated the size of my breasts. The breasts themselves weren't the issue but the fact that they weren't proportionate to the rest of my body. I am 5'3 and weigh 145 pounds. I'm not exactly petite, so my small breasts bothered me, especially in comparison with my wide shoulders and thighs. However, I soon figured that I couldn't do anything about my body shape and started to appreciate the pros. Hey, I still have curves, you know? They only thing I should be worried about is eating healthy, getting exercise, and working hard at school, and eventually I will become what I am intended to become. Breast implants sicken me; I couldn't ever imagine cut myself up in order to appeal to people I don't even know. To the 17 year old who said that she 4'10 and 88lbs that barely fits into a 32 A: you're only 17, why are there guys commenting on the shape of your breasts? Multiple boys, for that matter? I'm not making any assumptions, mind you, since I don't know you. I only mean to say that you have more to focus on in this time in your life than what "immature boys" think of you; you still have so much time to grow, inside and out. Once you focus on your personal goals and your own identity, guys who really appreciate who are you for you will appear in your life. You have so much time!! I think the true culprit here is the need to feel attractive when one's still practically a child! There should be no rush to grow up; TV and magazines have pushed teen beauty as well and it's awful. By the way, I am 17 years old myself and I am proud to say that I know my place in the world and whose opinions really matter. I only have a little bit of time before I has to assume the responsibilities of an adult and it's too overwhelming without creating issues with myself. The last thing I need is to worry about what some dude thinks of me. I know I still have much to learn.


Small breasts are better than large size. Large hang down more. If you have a small cup size CHEER UP and be proud of yourself. I am a 61 year old male.


Personally I love smaller breasts. To all women reading this don't worry about breast size because all breasts are beautiful.

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