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I am a male. Great web site. Learned a lot. And ladies, live with what you have. A breast is a pretty thing.


"Many women have "learned" that touching nipples is supposed to excite them sexually - so then it does, but it is the brain that is responsible for their sexual feelings."
I'm so glad for this explanation! I never felt or showed the response my partner was expecting when playing with my nipples. I had thought them to be clinically insensitive to touch. But now I understand they're perfectly normal and so is my emotional wiring! He had somewhere along the way learned that women were "supposed to" react wildly. Whereas I was remembering back into childhood when play-nursing my doll while watching mom nursing my sibling and my thoughts really were anything but sexual.


This is good analysis.Keep the good work up.Hope to see more discussions on the female body complexities and also about men and their complexities.


Men love breasts in general, but not all. Ladies, do not feel bad about nothing! If your breasts are too big, there is a right man like me who will adore you for that. If they are too small, trust me, I know so many guys who loose their mind when they see smaller breasts. Here is what you should know ladies! Be open with your man!!! Most men have in their mind that breasts are the most sensitive part on a female body. And even sayings like "if you touch her breast you have it all" have worsen the thinking. Therefore some men could play with your breasts thinking that they are making you aroused. You need to tell him how you feel for he might be doing that just for you, not for him. In some cultures, women expose their breasts and men see them as they see any other part of the body. In some uncivilized societies, people don't even know about erogenous zones. So forget about porn, I think that porn industry in North America is making some people loose their self-esteem thinking that to be perfect you have to look like those stars. Forget it! It's business, the truth is whether your breasts are big or small, with wide areola or long nipples, there is someone who will love you just the way you are.


Thank you

I found the page when I noticed that I have been wearing a bra that did not fit well so I said to myself "what does a C size breast look like"? I was afraid to look this up because I knew pornography might pop up (even w/ safe search). So I said "OK God can I look at C size breast what do you think"? - because I avoid pornography for past personal reasons - but I sincerely wanted to know. Well suddenly a phrase dropped into my mind to type into the search box and this was the first page to pop up. Thanks Lord, He wanted me to know but in the right context and to help me tear down some very destructive beliefs I have. Reading the comments helped tremendously especially from men with such healthy mindsets. I love God!

Selena S.

My wife when asked that by touching her breast she get more sexual excitement. By manipulating her nipples she reach to the climax of the sex quickly. Without touching her breast and nipples she does not get much I believe that breast has some kind of sexual relationship, if not with all women but to most of them.

Dawa Sherpa

This is very great website, I've been thinking of breast surgery for breast firming, but this website has educated me a lot, because I thought sagging breast is not normal and not attractive. I'm so worried about my breast but thanks to you. lola

Growing up in Britain was not on the whole a happy experience. It would have been considered highly improper for a young son to have helped his mother out by bathing his younger sister. But it was normal for a young girl to bath her younger brother. I was born in 1930, and never saw a women naked until my early twenties. That was not particularly unusual for my class.

When I was 29 I met a Dr Rolf and became a body worker. My female clients were very mixed and would usually wear bra and panties. Sometimes they didn't want to be bothered and would strip everything off. They always had an expectation that their breasts and vagina were off limits, and I always honored that.

After I had finished work I would be strolling down the road and would meet a young woman, and would be covertly interested in her shape and size mainly of her breasts. I would often wonder why in common with most men that had become an obsession with me. When I was working I never had this as a problem.

I was of the belief that in a very close contact such as a professional body work session, your client had given consent to a certain kind of privileged act, which they would not normally agree to. Agreeing that a stranger would have access to their body in what was a very intimate act would be unlikely in any other situation. That had to be respected on all levels. If you as the practitioner could not abide by that you should only work on males.

Later I became an anthropologist, and visited several countries where men and women were brought up in a very different manner. Breasts were not regarded as providing sexual interest or pleasure. How a person behaved was much more of a factor. Were they kind, not only to their partners, but to everybody. Did they help and nurture their children.

In Hawaii, Bali and other sharing and caring cultures, whether or not clothes were worn were questions of climate and convenience. The key that I began to notice was did the culture require men to be aggressive and focused on achieving wealth or not. If so then the culture worked very hard to ensure that men were subject to sexual rejection and frustration.

In non sharing cultures the media is violence focused. No images of natural lovemaking that would show intimate behaviour was legal or available. In sharing and caring cultures that encouraged movies that had sexuality as part of the story line were freely shown even to minors. But violence was heavily censured on the public media. This was Scandinavia in the 60's until the late 80's, when immigrants from heavily repressed cultures began to be accepted in many Scandinavian cultures.

When I went to study in Denmark in the late 60's I was amazed that I could see nude sunbathers of all ages and sexes in the public parks, swimming pools, and green spaces. It was there that I lost my desires to look at breasts! My conclusion is as follows. Societies that, like the Scandinavian group, encourage the practice of public nudity, ban violence on the media, and have very low levels of violence to women.

They have high rates of women in executive positions in major corporations. In parliament women are nearly on a par with men. Men do not stare at nude women or make stupid remarks. It is a much healthier culture, or was. Breastfeeding is encouraged and is not an unusual sight. Intimacy is preferred rather than riches.


There are no such thing as "scientific facts" as you speak of them. It's largely a misnomer and this is coming from a graduate student in biology. I feel that breasts are sexual, however that doesn't mean that they have to be hidden. They are certainly more sexual than a woman's butt both by hormone releasing ability and sensitivity and of course sexual response from males. I think it's better to not focus on what is sexual and what is not, but rather focus on being respectful. As you said, any part of a woman can be sexy, let's accept them as sexual and still embrace breasts as the multi-functioning beautiful organs they are. The classification of sexual to me doesn't mean that they need to be covered up at all times or only thought of as sexual.


To anyone considering a boob job please reconsider. I moved to South Louisiana and was amazed at the number of boob jobs as well as the age of those that had them. My wife teaches high school and her students are having them at 17 and 18. Looking through the pictures and reading the comments that go with them on this site was most surprising especially in the A to B category. From a guy's perspective it is just not that big a deal. I prefer small breasts but my wife has C's that are now D's due to pregnancy. That said I wouldn't trade her for anything nor do I want a scalpel anywhere near her unless medically necessary. It is heart breaking hearing the insecurity of the 13 to 20 range about their body image. I have 2 nieces, 13 and 16, who I hope are not going through this pain but it seems to be so common I am concerned they are. Of the women I know that have had boob jobs, they always go overboard and I have not seen one that I preferred to what they had before(they are quick to tell me they did not do it for me for what that is worth). A small frame and DD's don't look right. Not to sound like a sick bastard but one of my wife's students was thin framed, 18, A cup at best, beautiful and wanting a boob job. If she got C's it would not have looked right and never really does.
As for my wife, before I actually saw her breasts, I could not tell how perfect they were with her clothes on. By the time whomever you are dating actually sees what many of you are so self-conscious about, it is a non issue (I just got lucky). At 40 I can tell you the girls I was in 8-12th grade with these supposedly perfect DD boobs are either way overweight or fighting a daily weight battle that the girls they made fun of are not fighting.
I know this site is about natural boobs but I think a section on women with boob jobs would be appropriate. Talk about unattractive. Also don't forget men have their own issues with the size of their body parts. That said 99.9% of men are not willing to go under the knife to do anything about it even if it were free. Why should you? Will Rogers is famous for saying, "I never met a man I didn't like". Like Will Rogers, most men never met a breast they didn't like. Until reading this site I had no idea this many women were so obsessed about their breasts. Speaking for the men out there, you really don't need to obsess about your breasts. We will do it for you. Just post some more of your natural breast pictures and disregard adding that boob job section.


I thank Carol who wrote this. This really opened my eyes. I am 16 years old and I take a parenting class at my high school. (our school is a option for kids who do not have a good education from other schools, and is the best option for teen parents to be ridiculed in high school) I do not have any children of my own right now, but I prefer taking a class at an early age might help me debunk parenting and help me to avoid pregnancy in my teen years. So far, it has helped very dramatically, in a good way. Recently, we had a woman come in and tell us about the benefits of breastfeeding. (For a long time, I always used to think that breastfeeding was GROSS, as it involved breasts and nipples, and well you know, the particular parts of a woman whereas the world viewed it as 'sexual' and erotic.) She explained to us that breastfeeding was a the MOST nutritional way for your baby, that it has more vitamins than formula, that it is convenient, and that it's free, unlike pricey formulas and bottles. I was amazed that she said that. Doesn't every woman want their baby to be healthy? Unfortunately not. As you explained above, culture tends to drive people into thinking that a woman's breasts and nipples are only used for sexual arousal. That when a woman breastfeeds, it's 'gross' or 'disgusting' that she would do that in PUBLIC- when she's only feeding her child, something that humans have done since we've been on this Earth! How crazy! I for one, if I was to ever start planning to have a family, I would definitely consider breastfeeding. Not anymore do I think it is a sexual act. It's a way to bond and feed your children, so why don't mothers do it more often, even IF IN PUBLIC? It makes me sad that the world turns this way, but I know I'll be glad when I breastfeed in public. Thanks.


Thank you, I now feel like I am totally normal!
For other women out there who like their breasts to be touched you're not alone. I feel aroused when my boyfriend touches mine or I can stimulate myself by just rubbing/touching them. I was reading about the possible drawbacks of wearing a bra so have started to go without in the house. The free feeling and contact of my breasts with my clothes can also make me feel stimulated. I never understood why I liked this but it helps to understand that sexuality is in the mind. The scientific facts in this section have really helped me get my head around things.


I was quite pleased to have found your website. I am almost 60. I can't stand for my husband to touch or suck on my breast for about 10 years now. Every time he touches me, which it usually is on the breast, I almost cringe because it hurts. At least I don't feel like I'm some non caring, weird person. He just steps back afraid he'll get his feelings hurt if I don't accept his touch. Reading this has made me feel like there is nothing wrong with me and it's good to know others have been down this road. Thank you so much. I feel so much better about myself.


After reading this article "Is breastfeedig a sexual act?" For me not, it is an act of motherly love. I am a mother of a 6-year old girl and breastfed her for 2 years. I did not experience arousal never at all. I just wanted to become close to my daughter and it really works, so to all pregnant mothers, and incoming mothers I encourage you to do the same thing.

fanie andres

I really just like your stand on our Creator :) that is really cool to see! And I also like that you try to downplay breasts as such a sexual thing, I for one know men who don't want boobs the way the world expects them to, and I'm glad to know that it really is not all about that.


Breastfeeding is good in every angle because breast is natural while other child feeding is man made. Children can gain something natural from their mother's breastfeeding. Mothers, I want to use this opportunity to tell you that breastfeeding is the best to give your child.


As a Licensed Massage Therapist no longer practicing, women breasts can be massaged in a mannmer to cause lymphatic drainage toward the underarm lymph nodes, however avoiding contact with the nipples. It bears to warn any one massage therapist that the patients must request it and for the massage therapist to avoid touching them in such a manner that would mislead the patient to think that they are being improperly touched.

John Ventura

I would say my breast and nipples are indeed sex organs. Having my breast played with and gently squeezed and my hard nipples sucked on and gently pulled stright out as far as I can take it. I start automatically having very intense orgasms. Thats just playing with only my breast and nipples.


I love this quote "If breastfeeding is sexual then a bottle is a dildo." I can't believe how controversial this whole breastfeeding thing is!! I am currently ebf my 7 month old... even now I get the occasional comment, "Wow you're still doing that!" or "When are you going to wean him?" I just laugh things like this off... I'll keep doing it until he decides he has had enough, not just because someone gives a negative comment or suggestion!


I am the mother of 3 children and we are expecting our 4th. I attempted brestfeeding with our oldest and found it very challenging. I stopped after about 3 months. I found that I could not seperate my breast from my sexuality and felt like I was in the wrong by brestfeeding my children. I know and understand that breastfeeding is the BEST option for feeding. I plan to try again with our 4th and have been trying to get past my veiw points abouts breasts and sex. Reading these articles was immensley helpful, it helped me to realize that culture was all that influencing my feelings and that the female breast are meant to feed our children not as sexual objects. Thank you for helping me see the light.


I think we're slowly coming out of these dark ages about breasts and what they're really for. More and more moms are breastfeeding and I do my best to be an advocate for that. I nursed my daughter until she was 4 and my son weaned himself at 17 months and I even tandem nursed the two for one year. The best years of my life! There is no substitute for mama's milk - the nutrients and the love are irreplaceable. Making something as natural and healthy as breastfeeding sexual is so narrow-minded and stupid.


I can't even believe that breastfeeding has to be justified! We wouldn't be here if it was wrong because there was no formula back in the day.

We ARE MAMMALS!! the word MAMMAL comes from "mammary glands" That's what is in commom with all mammals.. BREASTFEEDING


Breastfeeding is more of a "sensual" pleasure, than "sexual". Like a backrub.

I think one of the unrecognized benefits of breastfeeding a baby is that the frequent skin contact fulfills a need for touch and cuddling that women crave. Women often complain that husbands want to have sex when the woman "only wanted to cuddle." Husbands are frustrated the woman turns down sex, and wives are frustrated by lack of cuddling. Babies never tire of being held and cuddled, and both mom and baby thrive on it!


Thank you for the article on "Is breastfeeding a sexual act?" A question that has been in my mind most of my life.

My sister couldn't breastfeed because it felt good. She thought, if it felt good with her baby it must be a sin ....

I think breastfeeding is as beautiful as a child's laughter...
Oh! I better watch it, somebody in Texas will think I am a pervert for thinking a child's laughter is beautiful..

I do have three grown children and five grandkids.
Their naked skin against mine, as I tried to be a help, was a "Warm Fuzzy".... nothing sexual there.

I watched in amazement as my two daughters, one stepdaugher, and many friends breastfeed their children... nothing sexual there... just the peace in my heart... bringing a smile to my face... Breastfeeding is about the child, not the mother...
Love Ya!
Norman P

Breasts are God's way of feeding a new born~!


I read your page on the false view of breastfeeding being a sexual act, and I remembered something from when I was but a very young child, not long after my mother stopped lactating.

My parents were in bed watching TV, and my mother had her shirt off. I was still quite young (only a few years old), but I remember her letting me suckle on her nipple at my request, as it did help calm me down and brought back memories. I sucked on it for a bit, and then was a little disappointed at the lack of milk. I walked off. But looking back now, I know that never once did any sexual thought come across my mind, and I doubt one came across hers.

Also, in regards to your pages on why breasts are seen as sexual objects or objects of obsession, something that was mentioned on a nudist website (Pure Nudism was the place) is very similar to some of your explanations. One example given there was a child of nudist parents and his eight year old friend finding a Playboy magazine. The one without nudist parents giggles and enjoys the pictures, while the one with nudist parents looks at them and says that that's what people look like without clothes, and there's nothing really big about them. Frankly enough, being exposed to breasts enough from my studies in the arts and having a little sister that I've helped my mother raise, I find little attraction to breasts nowadays.

Thank you for taking the time to make =). It's been quite educational, and several female friends of mine absolutely love the place. It's also increased my respect for women and those who breastfeed. I was breastfed exclusively, as were my five siblings, and I thank my mother for it, as nothing is better for the developing child than a breast full of milk.

-Sam Tootell

PS Good luck with educating more people on the true purpose of breasts =). Being able to draw nude figures without being viewed as a pervert truly helps out my reputation as an artist.

I would have to agree with this site, no matter how "sexual" use men may find the breasts, they still have a particular function like all our other organs in our body. We should get it out of our heads that breasts are the main thing in terms of what makes a woman. This may seem like a daft solution, but maybe women should just not wear anything on the top half of the body. Then we may get bored of the breasts, and move onto something else, like the mind.


Thank you, thank you,
your site was such a source of peace to me....
I have spent much time on it and am finally feeling much more comfortable with myself for the first time ever!!


I'm glad the family is reunited and saddened by the fact that this still happens.

I have 2 daughters, one 16 which I breastfed for 4 weeks, and a 10-year old which I breastfed for 6 weeks. For the first one I never nursed in public, and the 2nd one I was told not to nurse in public, but use the public restroom from my husband because he didn't understand and we weren't taught that breastfeeding is a good thing AND nothing to be ashamed of. I wish I would have done it longer and in the open, but I stopped go to back to work full time and not to embarrass anyone. I shortchanged myself and my girls of this wonderful blessing and of teaching others. If I could do it over again, I would for as long as they needed to nurse. I am 35 and we are not planning on having any more children.

I agree that the most sexual organ in our bodies is the brain. And we need to change our brain towards the women's breast and think of it as a grace from our GOD to them to feed their babies and take out the tradition ideas about that issue...


I find it outrageous and silly that anyone would find breastfeeding sexual. Breastfeeding is a natural part of life and should be respected as one. As for breasts being sexual objects, the media and the porn industry made them sexual and people seem to forget that breasts are really milk organs.


Thank you for your sincere objective views in your article.
I think that it is just SICK how our society has evolved with regards to women and breastfeeding. I am appalled at the store clerks obvious naivete and perverted mind and the minds of the people who sought to prosecute an innocent couple.
America needs to get back to the basics and recognise that God intended the breast of a woman to be used as how this family did.... to ensure that their child received the nutrition and nutrients that only breast-feeding could give. Procecutors need to stop majoring in minor issues and do the job that they were called to do.... to procecute the guilty, not the innocent.


I think that is so sad. When I BF my first child my husbands family would disappear in a heartbeat when I started to feed her.


I may be male... but I mean come on. Breastfeeding a baby and they are charged with sex abuse? x.x so much for "Freedom" in our state. For the male side, breastfeeding is something that is done with babies which will make them healthier. Not something for the men to watch and drool on.


I think this is absolutely ridiculous. That poor child and those poor parents!! I think breastfeeding is a natural part of life and if people don't like it they can look the other way.

KellyF-BFing supporter

I am very impressed by your article. With all the obvious, proven, benefits of breatsfeeding (it's the way God intended!), it was a shock to me how many people (men and women) were uncomfortable around me while I breastfed. They were worried that my nipple might show. I was as discreet as possible, but I thought how sad it is that some in our society feel shame about nourishment of a baby. Bravo on your article!


It is really amazing and tragic that we associate the pleasure of cuddling and touch with sexual stimulation. Any fool should be able to tell the difference, but our culture (prudes and libertines both) has been so obsessed with sex for such a long time now that even intelligent, sensitive, good-hearted people get confused. Thanks for telling the truth!


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