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Hey there!

I absolutely love that you created this website. I somehow found this website through Reddit, of all places, and I'm so happy that I decided to check it out!

I think the breast gallery is a splendid idea. I myself had literally never seen a pair of naked breasts except my own (and my mother's when I was very young of course), so I was astonished to find out that there is such diversity amongst them! Keep up the good work!

I would like to submit a picture for the natural breast gallery myself, but I'm only 15 (I'll be 16 in July) and I saw you don't accept pictures from underage people, which is completely understandable of course (laws and such), even though these pictures are actually FAR from pornography. Anyway, I'll make sure to submit a photo or two once I turn 18, so I can contribute to the gallery of normal breasts.

From your website I learned that it's totally normal to have asymmetric breasts. Mine are ever so slightly asymmetric (my left one is slightly larger than the right), and when I noticed it for the first time I was slightly anxious and hoped they would even out. Of course, they may, but I doubt it. And to be honest, I don't really care that much about that anymore.

I remember I also used to be somewhat insecure because I thought my areolas were a tad too large. After looking through your gallery I can't help but laugh at myself, because my areolas are actually rather on the smaller side. I think I thought my areolas were too large because they just got larger from puberty than they were before, which is of course completely normal.

From your website I also learned that I have "flat nipples" and "fluffy areolas," which actually surprised me because I thought all nipples and areolas were soft like mine and only became erect when it got cold, randomly, friction against clothing, etc. I'm actually happy that my nipples are soft and I actually wouldn't want them to change, because I feel it would be something of a nuisance to deal with nipples visibly "peeking through" my blouse/T-shirt all the time. In fact I think fluffy areolas are kind of cute and soft and add to the softness of the breast.

And finally, I learned that my breast shape would be considered to be "small, round, and perky," which is pretty cool I guess. I used to wish I had bigger breasts, but now I don't. I actually think small breasts are really pretty and cute and I'm happy mine are the way they are.

Sorry for the very long comment lol.

Thank you again for creating this awesome website.


I found your site while searching vestigial or supernumerary nipples. I found it interesting that one in fifty persons has one or more extra nipples.

However, I think that your readers should be aware that what appears to an extra nipple or mole may not be. My wife had a mark on her tummy, which was there long before I met her. It was sometimes sore, and sometimes bled. When we visited a Dr about it, it was just a brown lump, which he said was a vestigial nipple and not to worry about it. He would not listen when we told him it got sore and sometimes bled. I had tried treating it with antibiotic ointment, and it would appear to heal and disappear and then come back. He ignored everything we tried to tell him. Young guy who figured he knew it all. Also misinformed me about a health issue.

Eventially, after twice per day dressing changes with an over the counter antibiotic ointment for 8 weeks, it did not come back. We have no way of knowing what it was, but it was certainly not a nipple.

Accordingly, I would suggest to your readers that if one has an apparent "extra nipple" which does not behave like the regular ones, find a good doctor who listens, and find out what it is, even if it means having it removed for lab testing. I think we got lucky - it was an infection that cleared up, but might have been more serious.

Bruce Nelson

Thank you so so much for this site. I have larger breasts and have always been super self conscious about my areolas (they're pretty large) and this site made me realize that it's actually pretty common to be that size, and that I'm not some freak with super big areolas. This did wonders for my mental body image. I cannot thank you and all your contributors enough.


I just wanted to say that your website has made me feel SO much better about myself. I've always been overweight and I'm almost 27 now, have a little girl, and I was born with a condition doctors call inverted or "shy" nipples. Whereas most women have nipples that are round and soft, mine, even when they poke out, kinda dip in the middle. I've always been so embarrassed about that and it's just made me feel so weird for my whole life. Thank you so much for showing me (in a TASTEFUL way) that not all women have these huge perky boobs that stand at attention all the time and are perfectly round and makes me feel like maybe I'm not such a freak after all.


I just wanted to leave a comment for the women worrying because their nipples are very seldom erect. Mine were like that until I got pregnant with my daughter and now they never go flat. It was just an interesting flip!


My name is Zoë. I'm almost 20 years old. I love my breasts. I have for a while. I do love them, but I've always been nervous others won't. They sag a lot... they pretty much always have. I've never really had super perky breasts... But what I've been most self conscious about was my nipples. They're flat and always have been. I've been kind of terrified I won't be able to breastfeed because my nipples are flat. Breastfeeding has always been in my plan. I've heard it hurts at first, but I'm really looking forward to the special bonding you get with your child during breastfeeding you can't get with a bottle (not to mention the health benefits for the baby). Seeing pictures of a 35 year old woman with breasts that look just like mine who says she's breastfed three children and reading your section about nipples really helped me. I love my breasts. They are really amazing. And now I know that others will love them too. My breasts aren't "weird," they're normal and they're beautiful. Thank you so much for this website. It really helped me.

Thanks for your site! I have flat nipples with large areola andit was nice to see that I am not alone! Its in our nature to compare ourselves and Im not one to talk to friends and ask for a show and tell! I have had the same feelings as many as the other women who have posted. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for this! I always worried about those little bumps on my areolas and now I'm worry free! :)

Jasmine Nicole

Thank you very much I was worried the little bumps on my areola was a symptom of pregnancy, now I'm happy to se it's normal for non-pregnant woman aswell. I will still go for a pregnancy test aswell, but I do feel much better now :)


I'm 20 years old and I always thought my nipples were messed up because they were puffy almost all the time. I kept seeing topless girls in movies, and none of them had nipples like me so I thought something was wrong with me. Now I know it's totally normal, so that makes me feel so much better about myself! :)


Hey I'm 16 and I was really worried that what my nipples look like was not normal but thanks to this website I now know it's perfectly fine, thank God. THANKS!


Thank you for your page. I have always worried about my flat nipples meaning I wasn't fully woman. I am happy to learn that it is normal.


I'm Naomi and 15 years old. I always worry about my boobs but now I know is normal and nice. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!


Well... this website is simply the best. I had worries that I had pores (this is just happening now) on my areoles with whitish things only visible to me coming out and sometimes hair. I dont know. I feel better.


Hi! I'm 16 and was really worried about a lot of things mentioned here, but now I know it's totally normal, thank you so much! :)


This website needs a gold star!! I've been worried about the little bumps on my nipples for a while, but now I know they'ere the montgomery glands and it has certainly put my mind at rest :) Thanks a lot.

Happy Lady

A fantastic and informative website. We are a group of female university students ranging in age from 19-23. We ended up looking at topless women in a 'lad's magazine' a male friend had bought the other day, discussing what was 'normal' hence randomly stumbling accross this website after searching on Google. One friend got quite upset describing to us how self-conscious she was about her nipples and until talking with us all didn't realise that in fact she was perfectly normal (which really brings home the fact that we women don't talk about our bodies enough for so many reasons) and we will be linking your website to her to further prove this!

Your site is brilliantly informative on what can be such a sensitive issue and additionally is a tool for improving the self image of many women once visiting. I think this site would be especially useful for girls at all stages of puberty, a time where it is so much more difficult to ask questions or talk about anything you feel may not be 'normal', especially when the only thing out there for girls to compare themselves to these days are airbrushed billboards, music video's and 'lads magazines'- there really needs to be more sites like this one.

A huge thank you on behalf of women everywhere!
Lauren, Charlie, Molly & Beth, UK x

Hi! I'm 16 and was really worried about alot of things mentioned here, but now I know it's totally normal, thank you so much! :)


I'm 16... and even I had some misconceptions regarding these issues.. this site really helped me clear all those thoughts... thanks :)


This is an awesome webpage. I really appreciate the effort put into it making tons of women feel comfortable with their bodies. It's nice to know that you are not the only one with larger areolas. And that they are very normal. So thank you. Thank you:)


This website is amazing, I now feel great about my boobs... Thankyou so much!- actually crying

Slightly worried

I always wanted to see what other girls looked like to see if I was 'normal' but how does a teenage girl do that? I am naturally modest, so the subject never came up around other girls, but inside, I yearned to know if I was normal.
Unfortunetly I was molested as a teenager by my best friends father. He thought I was asleep and as I was lying on my stomach he actually reached under me and grabbed my breasts. He then made the comment that I had "the kind of boobs that I didn't have to wear a bra". I guess he meant I had flat nipples. I was 15 and terrified of telling on him firstly, but honestly I was more terrified that I was deformed or something. After seeing your website, I can finally feel like I am not the one with the problem, he is.
(I am 50 and have been married for 25 years, and just assumed that my husband was "pretending" to like my breasts)
I finally got up the nerve to see if I could find pictures of other breasts.....WHEW...what a relief!


I am seventeen and have always been worried about my breast. I always thought that blackheads and pimples were not suppose to pop up on a woman's breast. Now that I found this page, it makes me feel more confident about them. Thank you.


Thank you so so much! I thought there was something wrong with me too. it's nice to know that I am more normal thought lol.


Thank you so much for this. I feel so much better about myself on the outside. I know because of pregnancy there will be alot of changes, and some things will not remain the same, but being able to see it helps alot. We are not alone, and the great thing is we are all different, yet still beautiful. I wonder if guys google this stuff? lol Keep up the great work!


I have always tried to hide my breasts till I found this web page, due to what I thought was an oddity, a very small nipple about 6 mm. What I learned from this page it that it's normal. I'm not going to go flash everyone now but I'm sure it will bring more confidence and less stress. I Thank You!!


Thank you sooo much :) I'm 16 and ever since I was young, I thought there was something wrong with me since my nipples do have 'goosebumps' and get wrinkly when it is cold and its colour is also very dark. My mum's is smooth so yes I did get worried. SO THANK YOU! :D


Welll it was very helpful to know how my nipples are gonna look like. I won't get as freaken out when it happens. This was a great load off my chest. Because honestly, being a first time mom is kinda scary so trying to find out things as soon as possible. To be aware of what's gonna happen to my body. Well, thank you for the help =]


(: I'm so glad I found this website. I thought I was sorta weird or a freak but I was glad that I found people in common with me and were older! Great website, I feel better now and reassured I'm not weird or different or I have anything wrong with me at all.

-KC <3

I'm 41 and have always felt self-concious about my breasts! Thank-you so much for this article, I finally know I'm not abnormal and will be proud of my great breasts!


I'm 16 and I have always been self-consious about my breast. I am so glad I had found this website because I always thought my breasts were strange and not normal. I am 36-D with light pink areolas that are large and really small nipples that barely get hard. This website made me realize that a lot of people are self-conscious about the breasts and that I do have regular breasts and I don't have to worry. Thanks.


So, I am very glad for this website. I am a seventeen year old, I will be eighteen in less than two months and I have always hated my breasts because of the bumps on my aerola. Thanks to you guys, I am now aware what those bumps are and do not need to concern myself with them whereas beforehand they have always worried me. I wear a size 36 C, so my boobs arent huge or small really. I love what you guys are going, but to be honest, you pretty much convinced me to never have kids. Haha!


I'm glad this was the site I first came to when searching about the little bumps around my nipples! Thank you so much for showing me these are normal :) They should teach us more about our bodies when we are young at school or something definitely.
I'm only worried about them sagging early on in my life now because I have 38G boobs and I'm 22 and trying to lose weight. Is there not any way to help them not sag? :P


I'm happy I found this site because I was afraid that my nipples would always stay dark. I'm 17 and have a six-month old daughter. I wasn't sure if the way my breasts looked how they should or not so thnx. Very helpful.


This site has boosted my self-confidence so much. For the longest time, I've always been completely embarrassed by my breasts; they're small (34B) with large, pink, flat nipples with a few black hairs sprouting around the areola. As if that weren't enough, I also have stretch marks. I've always been weary about changing in front of friends, and accidentally flashing someone was my worst nightmare. I was completely ashamed of my body.

After reading this site, though, I've realized that they're not hideous at all. I'm perfectly normal! Now, I'm seventeen and proud of my body. All of the pictures showed me how different nipples can be, and helped me learn to like (or at least tolerate) my own.

Thank you so much for the site and support! It's helped me tremendously.

Nat :)

I'm 13, and I know I'm probably too young to worry about my nipples, but I was curious. I don't like mine at all, this website made me a bit happier that I wasn't "the only one" or something. I'm a 38D (I know it's weird) and my nipples NEVER get hard or anything, unless I get the goosebumps, but nothing else affects them. Maybe I should just wait until I get older before I worry or something haha


I have always HATED my breasts. This site has somewhat reasurred me. Thank you so much! I am 15, almost 16 and I hate the way my boobs look! I'm a 34DD, and I have large and pretty pale areolas. I also have the montgomery bumps. I have always felt embarrassed and jealous of my friends because of those two problems.

I sometimes cry about it. My bra doesn't even cover up my nipples all the way. I feel so abnormal. I've never told anyone that I've hated my nipples. Not my mom, friends, no one. And also my right breast is slightly larger than my left one. It makes me mad, cause I wish I had "Cute" breasts. I think mine are ugly.

Thank you for all the pictures and stuff. It had helped. (:


Thxs I have flat nipples. I was scared, I thought I had a problem. Thx love u guys who did this, it was kinda embarrassing thinking that I was abnormal.


Thank you so much for this wonderful information, I feel so much better about my breasts now knowing I'm not the only one who thought I was abnormal for having a larger areola and flatish nipples! Haha, I feel so silly for thinking I needed a boob job, my ex always compared me to the girls on the porn sites, but now I have a fantastic man and I'm proud to say that my breasts are all mine, that they are natural and NORMAL! YAY!


Hi! I was searching on google about pale nipples! It has always embarrassed me. I have a bf that loves my breasts but I always find myself looking in the mirror and wondering why mine aren't darker, and my nipples bigger. I've always thought that I'm abnormal and that everyone else's are darker but I noticed that it's not true!! I also have flatter nipples too so I'm so self-conscience. My friend pokes fun at me all the time, saying that I'm entirely comfortable about my body except for something doesn't matter! I proudly can say that I have very nice boobs that are DD's but not saggy (if you were to cover my nipples, BUT I think they become disgusting because of my nipples. I'm afraid that they are way too small and if I get pregnant the baby won't be able to latch on because they are flat too :( thanks for the site though!!!! It made my confidence boost incredibly.

Emily k.

I'm also 16 and have been pretty weirded out by my freakishly flat nipps (the word nipple just makes me giggle, I'm young!) so I'm glad I finally googled this, because there is no way I'd ever find a way to verbally voice a concern like that without being judged for caring about it. Thanks for the pictures and the reassurance!


Wow! This was really helpful. My boobs are tubular, and I'm only 14. They've been this way for as long as I can remember. I always thought something was wrong with them, such as breast cancer. Of course I know that it's too early for me to seriously worry about breast cancer at this age, but it may run in the family and I'm always careful about it. My areolas are rather large, and my nipples only come out in the cold or when rubbed. I always thought this would be a self conscious problem when I become sexually active, but now I feel confident with my breasts! Thank you for helping me realize that I am normal, not matter what I, or others, may think.

Sincerely, Krissy

Wow, this helped so much thank you. I am 17 and I have triple D boobs. I just learned I also have Montgomery glands hahaha. I have spent months worried about it and today I decided to look it up and this was the first site that popped up. I also learned having flat lighter and larger areolas was normal. Thank you so much, you have put my mind at ease.


I've always HATED my breasts. Ever since I was nine when they started growing, I've wanted them to just drop off XD My nipples started off puffy and inverted. I never told my mum, and I started wearing bras to try and make the puffiness less visible through clothes. I dreaded wearing a swimsuit, because they never covered it up, they just made it more visible. When I was about 12 I suppose, they changed. My breasts started to grow rapidly, and the nipples did too. My bra size eventually got to a 34E, but the nipple seems to stretch with the breast, instead of staying as a small, coin sized red circle. Nowadays, my areola is just about indistinguishable from my normal skin colour, and if put the index fingers and thumbs together on your hands, that is roughly the size. My nipples are also flat.

Watching films, I die inside, seeing a perfect nipple. I never knew mine were normal. I frequently cry, just wishing I could have normal breasts. When I was nine, i thought I had breast cancer. It's stupid I know, but it terrified me. I didn't even bother to tell anyone because my nipples were so ugly. That's how much I hated them. I still do. They make me angry.

I'm seventeen next month, and you know, I can't stay a virgin forever, but the thought of letting any man see my breasts terrified me. I know they'll freak out. I'm happy to finally know that I'm normal, but I just really wish I could have just been one of these girls with small, pointy coloured nipples.


Thank you so much for this website. I have had hair around my areolas for some years now, and the amount has increased, so I had been worried for a while. Doing a search I came across your site and found that I'm still "normal," whatever that means, huh? All the various pictures were a great idea to help women (and I guess men, too) out. Thanks again!


I'm a 16 year old and have always been troubled about the way my breast and nipples are, I felt very embarrassed and thought I was abnormal but this site has done wonders and brought my confidence up! thanks. (>.<)


Thank you so much! My nipples are very perky yet super small. They are about the size of a dime, I thought I was weird but now you've made me realize that I really am not. Whereas I used to feel ashamed of them I now feel blessed. Thank you so much. I now have better self-esteem. I know it sounds kind of drastic, but after I finished reading this article I felt way better about myself. I'm going to make a commitment to slimming down and exercising more to get where I want to be. Thank you so much. You have truly made a difference and God bless you.


Ali :")

I'm 15 years old and I was so worried that my nipples weren't "normal".
I am a 32 b and my nipples are a little bigger than a quarter.
they have the little bumps and a few blonde hairs. The areola is slightly darker than the nipple itself.
I always worried that they were bigger than most and I thought it was weird that when they were not erect, they were "cone-shaped". This makes me feel a little better, although I wish guys knew all this information.


This site helped me understand why my areolas look the way they do. They developed the "puffy" look at age 16. I thought I had done something wrong. My guess was that I shouldn't have been sleeping on my stomach where pressure was constantly being applied to my breast. Now I know that a lot of teens go through the same thing. It was a relief to hear that my areolas will change when pregnant. Now I at least have something to look forward to when thinking about pregnancy.


Wow whew I thought my nipples weren't normal, but when I saw this, I was so relieved that there are other women out there who have the same kind of breast or nipples. I thought something was wrong with me, but now I know there are just different kinds of nipples.



I really thought I was different. I was really self-consious until I saw this. Thanks, it's really helped. Now I know there's nothing wrong and I am normal.x


So glad to have found this site... wish I had seen it many years ago, when I was all hating my nipples! Three years ago, I had a double mastectomy with a DIEP flap reconstruction, and the two scars where my nipples used to be are different sized. I have put off the tattooing and nipple reconstruction both out of dread and because I couldn't figure they'd ever match. Finally, I decided to get decorative tattoos that would obscure the whole conundrum. But having looked at this site, I think I can feel okay about a much simpler solution. THANKS!

Katie Johnsonius

Thank you for this website, I'm 28 and trying to get pregnant with my first child. I've been self concious about my nipples for a long time and only because I don't have a nipple that sticks out like a rocket! My husband thought mine weren't normal and this website made me feel a lot better. Thank you so much.


This site has made me feel better about myself. I used to worry about my nipples at first because no one else had as large an areolar as mine! I blamed the design of my bras and didn't know that so many women around the world have just the same kind of breasts as I do, especially teenagers. I agree with Jean; media and porn show plastic people with plastic and perfect bodies, which makes us feel like we're the only ones with imperfect (and normal!) body designs. Thankyou so much.
Trenlana(Age 16)

Wow, I was so self-consious about my nipples because the aureola was kind of larger than thos of my friend's. I'm 16 and am really annoyed because when my nipples aren't "erect" they're kind of "cone-like" and it looks weird. Maybe it actually isn't weird after all. Thank you very much for this site, now I know that there are many different nipples, that don't fit that "normal" nipple description. (:!


I first found this site a couple years ago and was impressed and glad to see it. Since then, I've lost a lot of weight and am now 27. Recently I've been feeling like maybe my breasts are too saggy and weird with my large aerola and almost flat nipple and how the nipples/aerola scrunches up so weirdly when touched or cold/nervous.
So I searched again and found this website again.
Yay! Thanks! So glad to see real breasts and some that are similar to mine.
The man I love talks about how sick the media/porn is that it spreads lies about men's sizes and also about women, this is included.
We are suppose to have these perky perfect breasts and that's not the norm.
I see some breasts on here that I think look more "normal" and I'm like "those are nice" but we are all different and individual. So it'll take time for me to "love" them, but this site is amazing.

Thanks so much.
Kudos for who thought the idea up.


I agree with many that this was very helpful and encouraging. I have always thought my breasts were odd too because of the bumps and large areola. Thanks!


I'd like to thank everyone who helped in creating this site. I recently turned sixteen and the way my nipples use to wrinkle bothered me so much. I was always scared to ask my parent or go the doctors, but once I saw and read the information and saw the photos I feel reasured that everything is normal and healthy. Once again a huge thank you!

Renny Lynn

Thank you so much for this site and pictures. I am 19 years old and I have always been concerned because I seem to have more hair than most people. This is especially difficult for me because otherwise I have a really nice body, but I am always embarrassed because of the light "happy trail" I have and barely noticed the hair on my nipples in comparison. I had never been concerned about it until one time a few years ago while bra shopping a friend looked over and said "What is that?!" referring to one of the hairs growing around my areola. I brushed it off joking that I was a hairy beast, but I have obsessed about it and my other body hair ever since then. I usually trim with fine scissors the hair around my nipples, and I still feel self conscious of it, but this site helped me to realize that the small hairs around my nipples are normal at least.


I was starting to think about surgery to get perky nipples. I have always felt self-conscoius about my flat ones that don't stiffen up when I'm aroused - an ex took it as proof I wasn't attracted to him! Thanks to your site I'm going to stop those thoughts, I'm very normal. Cheers


Thank you so much. I'm 14 and I have those bumps on my nipples. I never told mom, but I was super scared because I thought I had acne or some kind of disease. Now I know everything is totally fine.


This should totally be properly covered in school. Mainstream media's love of the fake has made us all feel insecure at least once, right? I'm 22 and have only recently started to accept and even like my boobs. Everyone should see this! Thank you. x


This is exactly what I was searching for. I am 29 yrs old with a 3 year old daughter. I was so self conscious about my always erect nipples that I had to be prodded by the midwife to start nursing my baby girl. Ever since I was a teenager I have always fallen victim to rude and insensitive comments when guys see my nipples sticking out. I live in a 3rd world country in the tropics and most women still don't practice wearing bras everyday. I have learnt to ignore some of the comments or I simply answer with a smile. My fiance has also been helping me overcome how I feel about my body and I must say I find his therapy rather soothing. I used to feel so unpretty.


I think that site was funny and Very interesting..... I never Knew.... that there was so many kind of nipples out there lol.....I knew that there were diffrent sizes.... But wow... you learn something everyday... lol

Nikki wine

Wow!! Thank you so much for posting great information on such a delicate topic many women worry about!! I'm 18 and my breasts aren't exactly "perfect" in media terms, and every little thing that I would think was weird would worry me. It's so great to know that the little hairs around my nipple and the bumps are normal. Now I can worry less. Thank you so much!!

Elli C.

I'm 19 and I thought I was weird or something. This site really help me understand that my breast is okay... I was putting acne cream on my breast for the bumps... I understand now Thanks.


I've been so self conscious about my nipples. I have a small pink nipple and a lighter pink areola. The reason I thought they looked so weird was because I have an areola the size of doorknob and a tiny nipple... And I since I have 36C's I assume that if I get a breast reduction they'll be more perky.. But this site has definitely helped me out. But I'm still self conscious.. ): Thanks anyways <33

Ashley N. Butler

This site helped me alot!
I'm 14 and I have bumps AND hairs around my nipples, and I was really worried about the bumps! When I stumbled across this site, I most definitely felt reassured that the bumps were normal, so thank you so much!


I was always wondering why I had hair around my nipples. I thought that there was something wrong with me. I even thought that I had a pimple on the side of my nipple, but now I know I don't.

Thank you, This site was very helpful


Thank you for this site. I am 52 and have hated my breast since I was a teen, always embarrassed by them. I do not have perky boobs like you see on T.V. and mags. I also have a very light areola and inverted nipples, oh and yes the bumps around the nipple. Never too late to learn I guess and it is nice to know you are not alone and not everyone has perfect breast with big perky nipples.


Thanks a bunch!
I'm just thirteen and I've always became worried if my breasts were weird because I had larger nipples. This site really helped me out. Thanks again! :D


This site is very helpful! However, I came across it too late, I "popped" one of the little bumps, now I have a major infection... the little bump got bigger and now it's practically full of bacteria... looks like a big pimple... =/

Thank you so much for making this site! I have been really worried for the last 6 months about some lumps on my areola which I have found out on this site are Montgomery Glands. I am so glad to have found this site as I had been really worried about it but too ashamed and embarrassed to ask anyone about it. So thank you!!! Xxx



I was always self conscious about my breast let alone my nipples. I was always thinking mine didn't look normal and some guy would say "those aren't normal" now I feel more confident.

Thank you soooo soo soo much again! :D


This site has been very helpful and a huge relief. I have the flat nipples and was seriously considering mentioning it to my GP because I, like a lot of other young women, had not seen any images, etc like mine. Its great that this site is here to inform and educate us about things we may not feel comfortable talking about. So thank you so much!


I'm a male who was looking for images of unusual/large nipples and so stumbled upon this site. I believe your webpages may go a long way toward helping to alleviate concerns women, esp young women, so often have about their nipples/breasts. With the almost ridiculous emphasis society and the media place upon "perfection" in the female form, perhaps this tutorial will help to expand the defination of what that term encompasses. For what it's worth: as far as men go, few would even notice these variations that so many girls obscess over, much less see them as some type of imperfection. More like "unique" and a totally desireable thing altogether.


I'm 14 and have 44DDD size boob and they had those little bumps on them and I have that big dark colored thing around my nipples but now I feel better:)
Sidney Kathleen James

I am really happy I found this page. It has really helped me realise that I'm normal. I'm only 13, 14 soon, and I was worried that my nipples were odd but now I know they are just normal and loads of other women have the same "problem" as me :D


I am so glad I found this site! I have those bumps around my areolas on both of my breasts. I have been observing magazines and still nothing matched what I have. But this site made me quit worrying. I now know that the bumps are very normal. Thank you!


I'm so glad I found this website! I have always noticed that I have a bigger areola area than what I "thought" was normal! I'm so thankful to see that many women have big areolas! This website has definitely raised my confidence about my breasts!


I'm a 31 year old woman with breast asymmetry. I've been extremely self-conscious of my breasts and nipples for years now, and this site has gone a long way to making me feel more normal!

My left breast is fuller than my right breast, and the areola of the left nipple is larger and darker than the one on the right breast. I have sensitive 'outies', and usually wear lightly padded bras so that my nipples don't show. I'm a full B-cup, or light C-cup, so I can get away with a little padding.

The differences between my left and right breasts and nipples are noticeable when I'm naked, but my husband still thinks that my breasts are beautiful, so I content myself with that.


I thought I was weird just because I have larger nipples. They are not huge and they're not ugly, it's just I've seen people with a lot smaller nipples than me, but after this I see a lot of people do have larger nipples and I feel fine with them now.


I came to this site hoping to learn about the "bumps" on my nipples and was relieved to find that I'm not the only one! I am glad to know these are called Montgomery Glands and that they are normal. Thank you so much for the information!


my name is Kristen, and I'm 22. For the past two years, I started noticing little black hairs growing around my nipples. (Areola) Since I'm a natural blonde, and blonde hair covers my arms and legs this was quite freaky for me. First thoughts of fear were of course, "Oh my God, Breast Cancer!"
But since it doesn't run in my family, the real fear was, I'm just so pumped full of testosterone, I will eventually have more hair on my chest than my Husband.
And through the years, it seemed to hold true to the tale "Don't pluck it, 2 will grow back in it's place." And these hairs increased. I was starting to consider getting them lasered privately without my husband knowing.
Because I was ashamed, and I've never seen any other breasts aside from what comes on late TV commercials of women flashing their "Perfect Breasts," which I had always hoped was because of plastic surgery.
But how would I know, I'm young, I have an A-cup which has always made me uncomfortable, and now I have black hairs forming around my areola.
My hopes had completey sunken, so I was googling, "Hairy Nipples." To see what would first come up, because I wasn't sure what I was looking for.
I opened 10 - 12 websites, but yours was the first I read, and then afterwards I closed all others.
I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel like I don't have to hide it anymore.
Maybe I'll tease my husband that my testosterone is higher than his or something to introduce the situation in a comical way.
I'm a klutz with scissors, I would never be able to trim the hairs for fear of damaging myself.
I hope to have children one day, and I do plan on breastfeeding. And your website was just a wealth of information and relief.
I can't tell you how relieved I am. I just wanted to say, thank you. Many many thanks for putting something like this on the internet. Anyways, a thousand thanks again. I really applaud your website, and yourself.
-Sincerely, Kristen.

Wow! Now that I saw this website, I definitely feel more confident about my boobs. I am 10 yrs and have an inverted nipple. I'M NOT WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIRRRRRRRDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY.


Honestly, when I saw all these girls on TV with perfect perky nipples. I got worried that I wasn't normal. But now that I see I'm not the only one with flat nipples I feel fine. Or at least a lot better than before. This site just lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders (: thank you so very much.


Wow, my breasts have been through a few of those stages! What I was most worried about was the nipple lump that I have on one breast though my doctor never said anything. This site has put my mind at ease (I'm normal!) Thank you for the informative site!


Thank you so much! I am so relieved, I have seen in magazines and movies- the nude women always seemed to have perfect, perky, erect nipples all the time and I began to wonder if there was something wrong with my breasts since they are not always erect, unless it's cold or I touched them... I was very self-conscious of my flat nipples... I had no idea that it was common among other teens as well, and am so glad to hear I'm not the only one.


Whoa THANK YOU!! I'm 14 and I stumbled into this site while looking up zits on nipples in Google. Thanks for all the good info!!:] I 'popped' a couple though....:[ but now I know, I won't pop ever again!! And at least I'll know what the infection is from if I get one!!:] THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


I feel much better looking at this website ! I've always thought that mine were diffenent from others. They looked quite strange. Now I have come to realize that mine are just as normal as anyone else's!


Ladies, it does not matter what you may or may not feel is not right/correct with your body. A TRUE man will love you for you. We all, men and women, have some form of feelings of abnormal/weirdness about our bodies. We all, everyone one of us, are different. That being the case, how can there be a normal? Learn to appreciate who and what YOU are.


Thank you so much for this website. I have small A-cups and ever since I got them I was always worried that they looked wrong and that they hadn't finished developing. And thanks to this website I can see that my breasts don't have to look like something from a magazine or TV and that I am just another regular woman. And girls, do not think that a guy will look at your breasts and run away, because if the guy is really a keeper, he will like you for whom you are, not what you look like. Thanks again for this website. God Bless you all


I have flat nipples too, so no worries now, thank you. I have always felt odd about them as I have 34D natural breasts but looking at images over the years in magazines, I expected I was a freak at not having sticky out nipples... I am happy to know I am normal. Thank you. :)


This site is the best site ever! I was so worried about my nipples that I might not be "normal" but I am :) I was very scared of my condition and now I have nothing to worry about. Thank you very much!

Hey, thanks for all the info, I'm 15 and have had big boobs since I was little (I currently wear a 38F) and about 2 or 3 years ago I started noticing that my nipples were.. strange... cause they aren't constantly erect like my mother's or my grandma's but mostly flat but I feel better after reading this and especially after reading all the comments about how many people thought that they were weird.


Thank you so much for posting this page. I am 30 years old, never been pregnant, and have been embarrassed of my nipples all of my life. Apparently I have "flat nipples" and I am so happy to see that I am normal and other women have the same issue.


This site was so useful! :) I thought there was something wrong b/c of my nipples were pulled in instead of out. Now I'm 10 years old and I wear a 34DD. Thnx 4 the help :)


I'm so grateful I found this site. I have those little moisturizers but at 1st I thought they were serious or some kind of cancer which worried me everyday..... I am now relieved to know that they are not. So my tiny petite nipples got mini moisturizers and don't need my help... lol


Your website has helped me tremendously! I am a 16 year old woman, and I know that I developed at an early age. About two years ago I noticed those white bumps on my nipples. I have been very self conscious about them, and yes, I thought they were zits at first. I was so relieved when I read your explanation. Now I can embrace my mini moisturizers!


As a guy, I thought this site was very useful in particular to women about their breasts. It makes all of us realize that boobs come in all sizes, shapes and colours, and that normalcy is not always restricted to any particular type.
Personally I like my woman to have very pale, fair breasts with pink areola, and nipples that stick out. But everyone has their preferences, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the woman who has the breasts.


I'm 17 and so much more confident now about my flat nipples. I know I'm only young but if seems like I have been waiting for them to change into what I thought was "normal" ...they are normal I guess though.

Brittany Scott

I was always worried about the little bumps but I'm not anymore. This website was very helpful, thank you!


This site has helped me so much. I have tubular breasts. On top on of that. They must be a AA. I also developed a couple of tiny bumps that when squeezed, a waxy white substance comes out. I am okay with having small breasts, but I just wish they weren't so puffy.


Soooo I'm 14 and I have a flat areola and then sometimes when I'm cold or rub it, it gets hard. I thought that there was something wrong with me but now I know there is other people like me. I am still kind of paranoid about them though cause my best friend's nipples are really nice :/ Thank you!!


I have the bumps!!! :) Soooo happy I found this site, I was really worried that the bumps were pimples! Also have a few hairs, I figured those were normal but it was still nice to hear.

I'm so glad I found this website. After reading and looking at all the different nipples, it's makes me realize just be proud of what you have. There is no such thing as a bad nipple. BE PROUD.


Hey I'm Sharon, 23. This is a great site providing some very important info about nipples... I've had big breasts since I was 13, and I became so conscious because of them.. Now I wear size 38 B, but am comfortable with them now...


Thank you. I feel it's very important that we actually educate ourselves on matters concerning our body because body shape affects one's self esteem. Your photos are useful to make us believe that we aren't as abnormal or ugly as we think. We begin to accept our shapes and feel beautiful. That's very important.


Well I think that it's all normal I guess, I am 18 years old and I have no kids and my nipples are very dark and have bumps around it. But I have small breast. I was very scared and didn't know what to do but now looking at all this information now make me feel better about the whole nipple thing (lol)


This site really opened up my knowledge of ... that's right, nipples. I always wondered if there was something wrong with me because I noticed my nipples were small compared to my friends BUT now I know they come in different sizes as do most things so now I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. thanks!! :)


I'm only 19 but I'm already a 32D, and I thought those little bumps were a bad thing and I was kind of paranoid about them! And also, I thought it was really weird that I had a somewhat large areola, and again, I thought there was something wrong with that. Thanks for proving me wrong!! ^-^


I'm 16 and have flat nipples. I absolutely hate it! But I always thought it was something wrong with me, glad to know I'm not the only one[=

Thank-you for a very informative website, I've learnt more about female breasts & what's normal in two visits than I did in all my human anatomy\biology classes. AND I'm still learning. Not bad for a 53yr old care assistant.


Am so glad I visited this website. Firstly I started getting hair on my breasts after giving birth to my gorgeous daughter. It was a bit of worry, I shaved them off but they just got darker and left stains on my breasts which I am still trying to get rid of! Does anyone know how I can give my breasts a fresher look??? Then the other day I poked one of the "bumps" and a white substance came out. I totally freaked and thought I had cancer.. thanx so much for this website!!


I am 13 and already a 34DD no joke! Also I thought my boobs were really weird but now I realise they're not and I was worried about not having a nipple that is erect all the time.


I am so happy I found this website I because I'm 14 and I have a 43DD and I always thought just because they are big I was supposed to have an dark areola not a skin tones on. NOW I'M WORRY FREE, THANK YOU

Aaliyah Jones

22 Years old and only just starting to appreciate my body as it is. Worried about my nipples being too erect - panicked as I thought it was a sign of pregnancy which I don't want to happen just yet (I did check with a test)- but they stay erect for ages and only really go puffy when I sleep. Thanks to this site I am more confident in my breasts and am more proud of them. Oh and thanks for mentioning nipple covers. Never heard of them looking into them now. :) Thanks. Flik


I absolutely loved this website, thank you soooo much!! This has helped me a lot!
I'm a 17 year old with 40DDD breasts. My nipples hardly ever get hard and I thought there was something wrong with them but this website educated me on all the different types and how everyone's slightly different but doesn't mean it's abnormal thankssss(:


Hi, I'm a 20 year old virgin and have only recently began to learn about my body. (Mother gave me an "informative" book when I was 11, but I only looked at the pictures, and I'd never taken anatomy) So I've only in the last 2 years really noticed and became curious about the little bumps on my areolas. One of them turned white this past year so I thought it was a zit and squeezed it. Since then I had done that to them, figuring I just had acne. But your website has opened my eyes and helped me stop doing that since it can cause harm to my body. I'm glad it's normal and I don't have to feel like I don't take care of myself! Thank you so much!!!

Just wanted to say how great this page was!
I am 17 and always thought my nipples were freaks of nature and am really insecure about them.. after a sqiz at this page I realised they were completley normal!!!
Thanks a heap, I was getting so self-conscious I was contemplating surgery!! I now realise that that was crazy so THANKS!!!


This website really is a confidence booster! Since I was 13 I've had large nipples and was very self-conscience about them. Now at 16 I feel comfortable with my boobs. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!


This website is very helpful, I think this should be on a little packet when elementary schools do the puberty day at school.


I'm so glad I found this!! I'm only 15 but I'm already a 36D, and I thought those little bumps were a bad thing and I was kind of paranoid about them! And also, I thought it was really weird that I had a somewhat large areola, and again, I thought there was something wrong with that. Thanks for proving me wrong!! ^-^

Breana True

I am so glad I came across this site. I'm 16 and have always thought my breast were unnatural. Thank you.


Thanks soooooooo much. I have flat and saggy boobs and I am only 18. But I thought my nipples were not normal.. I guess they are. I guess seeing the girls in like pornography and stuff makes a lot of girls think something is wrong with our bodies.


I see and know you get this all the time, but I HAD to show you again how much your site means to the world. I looked at your "nipple gallery" for what's normal. I'm 18 and I have always hated my breasts, but now I realize they're as normal as my own two eyes. I'm a 40DDD and have larger, very pale areolas. I thought for the longest time that because I had hair around them I was a manly freak. I want to pretty much thank you for my sanity. Because of your site, I know that I am completely normal. Thank you so much! Seeing all the comments and pictures made me feel so much better about myself. I saw a picture that looked almost exactly like me! I don't feel like a freak anymore. I can't seem to stress that enough...

I am so happy I have come across this website. I thought I'd be the only one to walk on this planet with, to me anyway, breasts that are different. I have just turned 20 and my mood swing changes when it comes to my breasts. But my main concern is of course the nipples. They're both completely different - some people that have seen them can't tell any difference but of course they're going to say that eh?
My right breast has an inverted (which looks normal when erected) nipple whilst the left is normal but at the same time looks like I have double. I really do hope I ain't the only one who has this problem because it is so embarassing for me.

Thank you so much for this website exisitng, it's great!


I have one nipple larger than the other, not just slightly, a very large difference. I dont know if that's normal..


Hello Emily,
I think that even if such isn't common, that we should define normality more in the terms of, does the breast and nipple work as intended? The shapes and sizes vary very much. Whether the nipple is long or the areola is large, your nipples are probably perfectly normal and functional.

So... having such asymmetry might not be very common, but I wouldn't define it as "abnormal". Others may have differing opinions. I haven't seen any scientific definition anywhere, though.

This website had given me so much relief! I thought that my nipples were abnormal... the small bumps, and the size of the areola made me really self-consious. Thank you so much!


Okay... my nipples are light brown and I think they look really ugly. I'm 18 and my boyfriend asked me if he can take a look at them and I told him no because I think they're just really ugly and uncool... Can someone help me because I think I'm making my life miserable! I can't stop it, it's my brain that makes me think that about my body!! I need help please : )
Thanks you so much, lola : P

Hi Lola,
There's no need to feel miserable over that. Areola color varies quite a bit among women. Think of yours as unique! We women don't worry if our hair color is a bit different - it can be cool!

You can also send the link to this nipple gallery page to your boyfriend... so he can realize the variety of women's nipples and areolas and be "educated".

This is incredibly helpful to me. I found this website through google because after many years of concern, I finally tried to figure out what the bumps on my areola were. Now that I know they are Montgomery glands and that they aren't unusual, I feel significantly more secure about my body image. I found a photograph that completely resembled what concerned me, and it was normal! I don't feel weird anymore, and I am ever so grateful.


Your website has helped me tremendously! I am a 16 year old woman, and I know that I developed at an early age. About two years ago I noticed those white bumps on my nipples. I have been very self conscious about them, and yes, I thought they were zits at first. I was so relieved when I read your explanation. Now I can embrace my mini moisturizers!

Betsy, 16, Illinois

This is such a positive website!!!! You ladies and everyone else with an uplifting comment are amazing!!!! Happy Valentine's Day Too!


Thanks for an eye opener and informative article. I hope now a whole lot of women teens and otherwise can heave a sigh of relief and relax coz it's normal... the breast is natural after all!


Just like everyone else I had always wondered what the horrible lumps on my areolas were. I have so many. My partner called them baby braille when our son was born said it helped him find milk! It's nice to know they are normal. Been so embarrassed about my breasts since puberty. I have had one significally larger than the other.. Now having breast fed 3 children there is well over a cup size between them, which makes buying bras very hard. But despite this and the nasty looking bumps I now know they aren't so weird and I wouldn't change them... They are part of what makes me, me. My partner's personal preference is smaller boobs. With me he says he's spoiled.. he's got one of each!
Thank you so much for your site it's amazing.


I want to take this advantage to admonish women to quit going for breast enlargement because it has a severe negative effect, if not now may be in the future when the time comes to breastfeed, and remember every woman is at risk of breast cancer.

Akinnadeju Sunday

I am 19 years old and recently started taking birth control. I have had slight hairs around my areola for a few years and I was so self concious about it because I didn't know if this was normal! The other night I was changing and the little bumps on my areola stood out to me for some reason (I have noticed them before but was never concerned) and I started thinking that maybe this had something to do with birth control and I started worrying about how normal this is. This page made me so much more comfortable about my breast, thank you for posting pictures. This has really helped! :)


Thank you for creating this site. I think it's wonderful, and I'm 14. I absolutely hate the image that the media puts into women and girls' minds that your breasts have to be one way; large and perky. Mine aren't like that, and from these pictures, you can tell that no woman really and truely fits that stereotype without a thousand different ridiculous and painful surgeries and procedures! Ouch!
I'm starting to learn more and more each day about how the media is truely evil with their thoughts. I used to be terribly self-conscious about my breasts being small, but now I realize I'm stuck with them, and I don't intend to have any kind of work done on them. And I'm happy with them. After all, I could just not have them at all, but I realize that my body is beautiful, no matter what anybody thinks. Thanks for putting this article out there!


You really rock. My areola are small and become erect in cold weather. It is so nice to see other breasts and to see mine are fine. I recently had my nipples pierced but found they rejected the metals used, they were apparently not pure gold. I may not re-pierce them but am currently unsure. I have not had children and am reproductive but 4 years ago I met a wonderful man who does not wish children and I think, well perhaps...


This website helpedd a ton! I'm 17, and I have flat nipples, and large areolas, and I'm so self conscious! I still want them smaller, but seeing that so many women and girls have the same 'self consciousness' I do, it makes me feel a little better.


Just a thankyou for all of this information. When going through puberty there are many changes to the breasts and it is hard to know what is a 'normal' change and what you need to be concerned about. Since I have started to become older and I still had some white areas that sometimes had discharge around them I was worried but couldn't find much information on my specific concerns. I thank you for not just keeping to the "What's normal when breastfeeding" and having pictures has been a good help. I wish there was more knowledge given to teenagers as it can be a big worry and many, like me, would not share worries of this nature. Thanks


Thank you so much for this website! I was so worried about my breasts, but after reading this website I realize I am normal. Seeing all the comments made me feel so much better about myself, now that I know that I'm not alone in my concerns. I'm 17 years old and I was worrying so much about what guys will think of me when they see my breasts, but now I realize that everyone's breasts are different!


Thanks soooooooo much. I have flat and saggy boobs and I am only 18. But I thought my nipples were not normal.. I guess they are. I guess seeing the girls in like pornography and stuff makes a lot of girls think something is wrong with our bodies.


This website was so helpful to me! Partially, because I am a med student, but also because I was panicking and worrying whether or not I was 'normal' or if something was actually wrong. After looking at the pictures and reading the information, I felt much more at ease. Now, I feel more confident with myself and can even share this website and my new knowledge with my teenage sister. Thank You SOOOO Much!


I just really wanted to say Thank You for posting this website! I am 19 years old and really REALLY hate my nipples. I know that other women have nipples like mine, but since I was just reading up on breast cancer and such, one website DID say that having bumps around my nipples could be an early breast lump, so naturally I kind of freaked out and decided to look around some more.

Needless to say, I stumbled upon this website and am now EXTREMELY grateful that I came about it. It's amazing! Thank you so so so much for posting PICTURES, even! This really helped me relate and feel more comfortable. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for this site. I'm 19 and I have spent 7 years thinking I was a freak for having bumps on my nipples. I had never ever once heard of Montgomery glands. I'm so happy that this is normal thing. You're helping a lot of girls be comfortable with themselves and realize that they are not alone. Thank you.


I had my nipple pierced and it didn't always stay erect. I would only recommend having it done if you really want it. I loved having mine as it felt nice but was soon causing me pain as I kept catching it. Hope this helps =]


THANK YOU for this website. I was beginning to feel inferior and negative about how my nipples looked in relation to other women's. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and was beginning to get concerned re: my pale areolas and somewhat "flat" nipples. It was nice to find this website to help me feel more normal! THANK YOU!


Hi, my name is Janette. I'm not sure if I have something wrong as in breast cancer, but I've always had that thought in my head. My nipples have always been flat and I've always felt self conscious and made me feel I wasn't normal. I always wanted to know if other girls had nipples like mine. Now looking through the pictures I can see them and I know that not all nipples have to be perfect. We get stressed out with so many women flaunting their perfect nipples and we think that if our nipples are not like theirs that we are not normal. God made me this way and I will love my body. I am getting married in 6 months and worried about what my husband will think but he's a great guy and I know he will always love me because nipples don't make up the person that we are. I hope everyone of you girls will learn to love each one just as we are, like I'm starting to love myself thanks to all of your comments. I'm so glad I found this page.


I'm so glad I found this website. I'm 16 I've been extremely self conscious and embarressed about my flat nipples since I was about 13. I honestly thought something was wrong with me. But now I'm well informed. Even though I still want to do something about my nipples I no longer have to worry about possibly having a problem.


I am so so glad I found your site, you speak the most sense I have heard in a long time. I am training to become a midwife and have encountered many women who, like men wihin our culture, have been conditioned to think that their breasts are purely for sex and for their men; I will be directing them right towards your site from now on! thank you ^.^


Hi! Thank you for this website. I can't tell you how self-conscious I've been about my breasts, at least since I was thirteen or fourteen. They're 34DD with big areolas and always thought that was weird. I'm 20 years old now, and while I've been doing better lately, I still sort of cringe when I have to take my bra off with my guy. And I can't be in the moment when he's touching my breasts because I cannot believe that he likes them! I have trouble believing that he actually likes these breasts that have bothered me for so long, that seem too big, too saggy for a 20 year old, with areolas that cover too much space.

I always envied my friends with A-size breasts. It seemed so convenient. They can wear any swim suit, run without drawing attention to their breasts... And the areolas always bothered me the most. They made me feel like a leper.

And today, looking at this website really helps. I honestly cried when reading everyone's comments. I can't believe we women, beautiful people that we are who work so hard to love others and take care of families, that we let stupid things like nipples make us question our self worth! I literally worried that my large areolas would keep guys from liking me. And right now, writing this, I realize how stupid that thought is. Downright stupid. My breasts are beautiful.

Thank you for helping me see that.


This website helped me so much. I thought I was some crazy person with freaky breasts, I also thought I had breast cancer, but knowing that I don't and that all this is so normal, I'm so much more happy, and reassured. Thank you so much (:




Is it normal to have one nipple light and the other slightly darker? I'm only 18 and never been pregnant...


I have heard of this happening, so I assume it is normal. At any case, all it is, is variations in pigment so it is not dangerous.

Thank you for making this site! I have been worried about the bumps on my areola ever since I was 12. I also worried about having "puffy" nipples and thought something was wrong with them because nobody (to my knowledge) in my family has them. Thanks to your site, I know that I am normal. Maybe even better than normal ha ha! Thanks again :)


I do not like wearing bras and try not to wear them in winter under sweatshirts. In summer it is more difficult since my nipples are hard all the time and even show through 2 layers of cotton material. Is there anything I can do to make the nipples soften or not show through?


You might try get silicone nipple covers. The drawback is, they won't breathe.

Another idea is, perhaps nursing pads would work? You can buy those in many places.

Hi, I've always been scared because I thought my large areolas and it's glands were abnormal. I'm eighteen years old. Also, I have soft nipples, "flat breast" where my nipple barely pops out until I take my shirt off in the cold. On my areolas, and around the side of my breast, sometimes the skin is a little flaky. The skin around my armpits isn't too moist, but it isn't nearly as dry as the flakes I sometimes find on my breast. I've had all of these features for years. I read the whole article, I got some reassurance and now I don't feel so bad about myself.


I am eighteen years old, and my bra size is 34 B. Because I have Type I Diabetes, puberty came EXTREMELY late for me. I did not get my periond until I was seventeen and under treatment of a pediatric gynocologist. My main concern is with my nipples. I believe they are too small. Everything else is fine to me, but my nipples have been a source of angst and frustration for some time now. I learned I have flat nipples (thanks to your wonderful website), and that actually gave me a large amount of relief. But even when erect, my nipples are so tiny. They will only protrude about 1/8 of an inch, and their diameter is slightly smaller than that of a pencil eraser. Are they "normal" and developed, or are they still developing? Are there any medical consequences associated with small nipples? Would small nipples affect my ability to breastfeed?

Thank you.

If you just got your period 1 year ago, then your breasts / nipples could still be developing and growing. However, I do not really know how diabetes would affect all this.

I wouldn't worry about the nipple size. Your nipples don't sound strange to me at all. They have tiny openings for the milk to come out. During pregnancy the breasts and nipples will grow a LOT. Then, the baby does NOT grab the NIPPLE to feed and suckle on - it takes into its mouth a good part of the areola which includes the nipple. The baby's mouth presses against the AREOLA and the nipple just lets the milk out. The baby takes into its mouth the whole or most of areola! Not the nipple only!

It seems likely that the sexual meaning of breasts is cultural. All the same, it isn't something we can change, any more than we can change the meaning of a word just by wanting to--even though the meaning is culturally (i.e., linguistically) determined.


Is it normal to have one nipple light and the other slightly darker? I'm only 18 and never been pregnant... >


I have heard of this happening, so I assume it is normal. It's not very common though. All it is, is just skin pigment.

OK girls, I'm a 16 year old guy and I am here to clear out all the lies you gals think about yourselves. Here's the deal, guys love any kind of nipple/breast. I don't care if you're an A cup with a tiny nipple or a DD with huge areolas... It really doesn't matter how large they are, in fact many guys actually like smaller breasts and areolas because we think they are "cute".

AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT THOSE BUMPS! Guys will just think they are supposed to be there and will never think about them again I promise. If you are ever told that your breasts are too small buy another guy (not boyfriend/husband) just ignore it. Your man will not care what size, shape, color, etc. your breasts and nipples are, he will like them because they are YOURS and will almost always find them PERFECT THE WAY THEY ARE.

I hope this cleared up some misconceptions (more in teenagers) that some girls may have had.


My breast was not big. How can I improve it? I want it milk. I have my nipple pierced, and it doesn't make them erect all the time, and it's really annoying, because it keeps catching when you get changed. I'm thinking of taking mine out.


I am a bit self-conscious of my nipples. I have small, less-than-A-cup breasts but they are nicely shaped. My nipples used to be very flat all the time and are now very erect and round all the time after having had them pierced. The jewellery is gone now but they are still erect. I do prefer them more now than when flat though.

The interesting thing is while the NIPPLE grew, the areola did not. So now they look a little disproportionate.

But seriously girls, your guys just love your breasts, it doesn't matter what they are like! And if he is one of the few that think they are not good enough, then he is a loser and should be dropped immediately.

This site is fabulous, I wish every woman could see it, particularly every girl before she gets a warped view of 'normal'!


I have my nipple pierced, and it doesn't make them erect all the time, and it's really annoying, because it keeps catching when you get changed. I'm thinking of taking mine out.


Before I had children I had small breasts. My nipples where sort of flat (I see from the pictures that this is true for me) but came out no problem when cold or aroused. Since then I have breastfed 4 children and have stretch marks on my breasts. They really had to stretch as I make alot of milk in the first few months. Now that I am no longer breastfeeding my areolas have sunken in. My breasts almost turn inside out when I lift my arms. It looks terrible. You don't seem to address this problem. Is this permanant now? Does it go away after a certain time of not breast feeding when something inside them builds up again?? (wishful thinking!?!) Why is it like this?? Any information is good information - if you have the time!


I am not quite sure what you mean by the description that your breasts turn inside out. But be it as it may, it all sounds like it's certainly within normal limits, because pregnancies and nursing change our bodies. If you have weaned a long time ago, it is probably permanent as it is now.

However, if you are saying that your breasts feel emptyish inside, then IF it's just a few months since you weaned, then they may indeed "fill in" with fat once again.

During pregnancy, the fat gives way for milk gland development. With weaning, the milk glands atrophy as they're no longer needed.

In many women, the fat gets deposited back in the breast after weaning, but not always.

You would probably enjoy visiting this website; it's about mothers' bodies overall, not specifically breasts: The Shape of a Mother.

Wow -I love this website! It's an amazing, positive, self-affirming celebration of the diversity of the human body. Thanks for helping to spread the message that we're all "normal"


I seriously cried when I found out inverted nipples are common, I'm pregnant and still inverted... It made it so much easier knowing other women out there arent "freaks" that I thought I was... Thank you soooo so much!


I stumbled on to this site. It has been an eye opener to the problems that so many women face every day of their lives and suffer in silence. I take my hat off to them all and do hope that there is more that can be done both for their bodies and their self-respect.


I have had a few warts on my hands recently, and so I was worried that I had a wart on my breast because I had never seen any bumps on my areola before.

I have one, on my right breast, and most of my warts were on my right hand, so I had thought it was a wart. But now, I realize it's a Montgomery Gland.

And a good thing too! Otherwise I probably would've used a wart removal band-aid on it, which would likely be worse than "popping"/squeezing it!

I am so thankful for your site. And I have not seen any breasts like mine either. But the guy I'm with loves them, and has made me love them too, which I never thought would happen, until it did. :)


Thanks for this awesome site. Ladies!!! Picture a Flower Garden: It has flowers of different shapes, sizes and colours. Instead of beating ourselves up, lets find our place in this Flower Garden and enjoy our beauty both within and without.


I love this site and I hope it helps any woman who is struggling with the lie they have been fed by the media and society about what "normal and sexy" is in breasts. Keep up the good work.


Right off the bat, I'm a guy. I was wondering the net and stumbled across this site, a great informational site if I do say. I learned a thing or three. (That hair around a womans nipple is not 'rare' and that inverted nipples are. Plus the name of those extra little bumps on womens areola, Montgomery Glands!)
After reading the comments left by so many different women. I just want y'all to know for each and every size and shape of breast there are, there are men who like them and THAT IS NORMAL.
I myself have a conundrum for you ladies. I prefer small to flat A-cup breasts with large nipples AND I prefer large (D and up) NATURAL pendulous breasts with large nipples and large dark areola's and Montgomery glands and can see blue veins. So what many of you ladies see as problems, I see as perfection. And I'm not the only one either.


Hello Ladies,

I'd like to say to all of you out there that you should never be ashamed of your body. As this page shows, there is a great variety of appearances and don't think that each of you is not beautiful to someone. The beauty of God's creation is in it's variety and diversity.

Be happy with the gifts that you have been given.


Hey, I'm 14 years old and worry about my nipple size! I am a 38dd and have very small nipples, which I am worried about, is there any chance that they will get bigger or are they going to be small forever?


Hello Jess,
You're probably meaning your areola size and not your nipples. Look through our gallery on this page. You will see great variety. Some girls have very small areolas.

They won't probably change for now, but when/if you get pregnant, most women's areolas enlarge, sometimes quite a bit.

Thank you so much for this website! I've always felt weird, because I have gigantic areola's, not only that, but after 5 kids and breastfeeding them all, I started noticing more "bumps" on them. I was always embarrassed to ask the dr. for fear of being laughed at. Now I know, I'm perfectly "normal". Thanks Again


I think this site is very good because it can help women know what normal and relieve the stress that women suffer from needlessly. It has helped me also by enabling me to just be informed so that I can encourage my wife during the times when her self esteem is low. Since seeing this website she has become more comfortable with her own body including her breasts.

David Wheeler

When I scrolled down to the pictures, I almost cried with relief. I too am a virgin and was convinced that the "disgusting and abnormal" bumps on my areolas would repulse men. But your site shows women who look just like me! Praise the LORD--I'm not a freak! Thank you.


Oh my, thank you so much for this information I seriously thought I had breast cancer because just today when I got out of the shower I noticed my areaola was big and puffy and I completly freaked out! But I didn't tell anyone 'cause I was too scared so I went on the net and researched and I found this site and it helped me soo much, by the way, i'm a 12 year old girl and that's why I didn't know much about this stuff 'cause no one ever told me about it so thanks to this site I know there's nothing wrong with my breasts !

Stephaniee- xo

thank-you so much for this site! I always assumed that my asymmetrical and slightly sagging breasts with large areola and montgomery glands were 'abnormal'... now I see that perfectly round breasts with perfectly pointing nipples is just unrealistic! keep up the good work!


I think this site is really a nice idea....especially for people who are wondering if they are normal or is there something wrong....the truth is always nice to hear in an age of deception and misconceptions


WoW! This site has saved me. I am 22 and have always been so self-conscious about my large aereolas. I cover them while showering, making love, or changing in front of my man. And we have been together for 3 years. I don't even like looking at them in the mirror. The only time I wouldn't mind him seeing me was when I was cold, because my aereola decreased in size. I truly believe this site is my road to recovery. I cannot put into words how wonderful it is to see that so many women have such beautiful and different breasts. Thank you for helping me to love mine!


Thank you for showing me and other women how normal our "imagined" abnormal breasts, nipples, and areolas are.


Thank you for this site. Now I know I am not the only one worrying about my nipples. I had hairy areolas and inverted nipples. I also had stretch marks arround my areola and I guess its normal.

ara mikaela

i found this site extremely helpful. i've always been ashamed of my breasts--I thought they were abnormal because they had bigger areolas than those shown in hollywood/porn movies. I also wondered whether or not the "bumps" (montgomery glands) were a symptom of cancer or something. Haha. Thank God I discovered your site. Or else I would still be misinformed by popular media.


I have large breasts and have large areola and very fine hairs, I even have noticeable veins surprisingly none of this bothered me. I hate the fact they droop (39 with no children but significant weight-loss) but I have lumps on one of them I now think these are montgomery glands I've been brave enough to talk to doctors but they just dont bother to explain stuff. Thank you for your site my family has a history of breast cancer so its really nice to be able to have some idea of normal.


I kinda wondered at why my nipples were rather small. I didn't think it particularly unusual, but atleast I know it's not uncommon.


I was very selfconcious about my huge nipples.But after looking at this site I feel a whole lot better!


thank you for your website! it has made me more confident about myself.

This website provides excellent information! Thanks for explaining, and showing, how many different breast variations that there are. I see I'm not the only one who worries!


I just wanted to say thank you for the site... the gallery, especially is nice when people start to wonder if they are normal. Thank you.


I think that this site is amazing! I was worried about my nipples being inverted and bumps around my areola but I was too embarrased to talk to my mom or doctor about it. This was the first site that came up in my search on google and it is a relief to hear that I have perfetly normal breasts. Thank you!


Why is it that everyone seems to accept that large breasts are more favoured and more sexy. Gals, take heart I think smaller breasts has so much more sex appeal - and such woman can just be more comfortable in sporting activities..Bigger is NOT better

Take care


MONTGOMERY GLANDS AND EXCESSIVE SQUEEZING...please read on if you are uncomfortable with your breasts in any way:

I do not want to start off the same way as everyone else but honestly thank you so much for this site. I'm a 27 year old who has come to terms with my breasts but has always wondered why they don't look like "girls gone wild"ish.

I have had enlarged areola as long as I can remember and have started "popping" my montegomery glands as soon as I thought they were zits (10+ years old). from poking and prodding and obsessing I've realized that my areola has only gotten larger and that my bumps have never even faded let alone gone away. I have stopped many times throughout my phase but haven't ever fully quit squeezing these "zit-like" things. I wish information like this was available to me at a younger age.

I've had access to internet several years now but have yet to see breasts like mine. My areola is largish and I have over 30 enlarged bumps on each of them (a few of them with dark hairs around the edge of the areola). The lumps are especially prominent when my nipples are hard... almost looks triangular if you look down at them like the areola is part of the nipple. I hope to submit some photos in the future to further educate young girls that you are not alone and this is not abnormal. Please stop "squeezing" and "popping" perfectly normal parts of your body. If I had heard this years ago I do believe my areola would be much smaller...

We are all beautiful. If one young girl reads this and sees how unimportant a porn body is I could only hope to tell her how much more important personal acceptance is. You WILL be o.k. Even the most fantastic friends will offer uneducated opinions on your body if asked. I love my friends but even to this day I won't go topless in front of my roommate because of the insecurities I've felt in front of other females.

on the upside....MALES DO NOT FEEL THIS WAY! Please don't sell yourself short... there are amazing men out there who only glance at what you consider an abnormality and only see amazing uniqueness and beauty. You are not alone and you are truly UNIQUE... not ABNORMAL. Please do not obsess... believe in yourself and know that all of the truly influential and strong women in our society are the people who were concerned about things far removed from themselves.

I really hope this allows someone to see things from a different side of light!

I would like to say thank you for this wonderful site about 'normal' breasts. I have some stretch marks near my breasts and under my arms. Before finding this site through wikipedia, I had always thought I was the only girl in this world with these ugly stretch marks and had always been so ashamed of myself. But now after reading this site, I can truly think that I am a beautiful person just the way I am.. and most of all, I am perfectly normal!

Thank you so much for making me happy with being myself once again...


I have a question about Montgomery glands. I am too embarresed to bring this up to my gyn, but I pick (squueze out the white substance/fluid like a pimple) at them and I am afraid this might cause cancer. Do you know anything about this? Will they go away if i stop. I keep picking at them because they look gross. Any help you can give would be appreciated. By the by I am 24 and have not had children, don't know if this makes a difference.


It shouldn't cause cancer, no, but it can cause them to become infected. In fact, they might already be infected and stay that way while you squeeze.

Stopping squeezing them won't make them go away because they are there for a purpose. But yours may look more prominent if they happen to be infected (I can't be sure of that), and so then letting the infection heal might make them appear less prominent, sort of 'blend in' more with the rest of the areola.

They are part of our anatomy so please don't feel they are something gross.

Also, we have had several people ask about this so you're not the only woman in the world who's squeezed them... that's why our page mentions not to squeeze them - because some do. So your doc might have heard of it happening too.

My boobs are huge and so are my nipples. They have scars on them because I was on Dr. 90210 and I got a size D. And I also have a lot of hair around my nipples and my aerola and I am 21 so now I know I am not alone.


Thanks for making this website easy and straight to the matter.I really felt uneasy when I first noticed the bumps on my breast and I did not want to go to my own doctor can you beleive that?I am really glad that this website is around because it's for women with Real questions like this no matter how small I was really worried but I don't have to worry anymore.Thank you for listening and answering my questions and have a great day! Alani Major, Washington, D.C.

I had always been looked at with jelousy, because I matured early. My nipples started to bud when I was 8, they were an A by 11, B by 12, C by 13, D by 14, they were a double D until I was 16, then went back to a D. A few weeks ago my friend made a comment that my breasts were already beginning to sag. Everyone else said she was nuts, but I was uncertain because she was always so free with compliments. Since that day I had been looking at my breasts with dissatisfaction, and I had JUST gotten over the uncomfortable shock of getting them! But after I looked at your site, I KNEW they were normal. It's a common misconception that all breasts are "perky", and now I have proof! It turns out, all my friends are unhapy with their breasts, so I'll recommend this site! Thankyou sooooo much!


This site really helped me to not feel so self conscious about my nipple hair. I am 21 and I have been thikning that I am weird because I have hair around my aerola. I thought I am not feminine enough, but this site has been helpful for me to know that I am not alone and this is not abnormal.

I wish the media did not portray "perfect" breasts because this makes women everywhere feel uncomfortable because they do not measure up. I have learned that beauty is being you, however you are. Plus, if you have a good guy who truly loves you for you, he will think you are beautiful exactly how you are and these little things wont really matter. Us ladies simply need to have confidence in who we were made to be!


THANK YOU! I spent a whole day convinced I had breast cancer because I noticed some prominent bumps on my areolae that I have just leared are Montgomery glands. Why didn't anyone ever mention this??? Like a doctor, or sex ed teacher in school?
Speaking of glands - though off the topic of breasts - I want everyone reading this to know that next to the labia are several glands, I think the Bertolli's glands, that can become blocked up and hard; spent a day thinking I had labia cancer, too, until I went to the doctor and she told me to sit in a bath with Epsom salts.
It's ridiculous how little we know about our own bodies.

veiny boob girl

I just learned after all these years I have Montgomery Glands which a Dr. has never stated such. I also have inverted nipples, don't see what I have above..... As a young girl, I was so embarrassed of my breasts, I still am but as you get older you accept what you have. Believe me, I have "freaked" out a few people in my days, inverted nipples are not as common as I thought.


I have very pale nipples, and it always made me self-conscious. Seeing this gallery and reading about how different nipples and breasts can be from woman to woman has reassured me that I'm not weird, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of! Thanks!


Why are women's nipples taboo while men's are nothing? Men's are just smaller versions of women's. If you took pix of them and made them look the same size, you couldn't tell the diff. Men can go shirtless most places in public. Just carry a shirt to throw on before going inside businesses. Washington state has a law that allows women to go shirtless (nude from waist up) anywhere men are allowed to do so. Also, if men have been allowed to go shirtless in a place, they can't change the rule on men to keep shirtless women out.


Wow, I am 48 and while dressing for sleep, I saw that my areola's had changed to pale. I freaked a bit and thought about an internet search. Your site, first one to come up on google, put me at ease. Thank you for such an easy way to not worry about that sudden change. It's most likely happened before, but I just didn't notice. I'm tired, going to bed stress free. Thanks.


your site has made me feel a little bit better about the apperence of my breasts. I'm 16 boys always tease me saying that my chest is saggy droopy or to far space apart, but nobody has everseen them but me. but if you look down my shirt you can tell. I think this site has really helped me alot thankyou


I am man. The site is a very interested and most influential on the topic of breasts. The myths men have regarding breasts play a negative role and make woman do un natural and sometime unhealthy things with their breasts. Both men and woman need to be educated on the subject of breasts and their upkeeping.