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Breasts are unique... I have seen all on this page, and I loved them all... you should all be proud of what you got... Greetings from Denmark


Tell all these women their breast are beautiful. They are all different. Be thankful for what the good Lord gave you. I to had big breast until 2009 when I had stage 2 breast cancer and lost my left breast.I am so thankful to be alive.I am reminded everytime I look in the mirror how beautiful my breast were no matter how imperfect they were.

Linda Yarborough

I discovered this site from a link from the naked vegan cooking website, which in turn I discovered from a Channel 4 documentary about nudity and naturism. I'm 25 and it is only in the past few years that I have started feeling comfortable with my body, mostly due to the constant support (and compliments!) from my darling of 4 years. I have small breasts (32A) and all through my teens I hated my body- too little on top and too much on bottom, an inbalance that I now know a significant number of women have felt. My view of what I "should" look like was utterly ridiculous and while it's great that I realise that now, it would have saved me a lot of trouble to have discovered this sooner. I appreciate my body now, even with its flaws, and also by accepting my own body it has altered how I view others as well- no more jealousy and no more judgement, everyone is beautiful. So, for everyone, of all ages, but especially for those young enough to have the right view from the very start and throughout their lives, I thank you for this website.

Becca Roberts

Some men like any kind of breast so do not worry about the situation your breast is, even though it is small or large, whichever. Do not lose hope, you will still have a lover that will show you no difference between you and others.


It does not matter to me how big or little a woman's breasts are. That enlargement pill ad is on TV all the time. Shows like "Sex and the City" talk about size a lot. When I was in school, chicks talked about a lot. Some dudes put rolled-up socks in their pants to make themself look bigger. Other buy the pills. So women are not the only ones with body image problems. Society just don't care about ours. There are not any sites like this for guys with small or normal penis.


Even though I still feel bad about my breast size, this website still has helped me. I just don't feel like much of a young woman with my breast size, but it's nice to know that other people have insecurities about their breasts and it's not just me. Maybe some day I'll be at ease with the way I look instead of always comparing myself to others.


I have very long 10 inch hypoplastic tubular breasts and I always thought I was the only one with unperfect breasts. This site helped my self-esteem. Thanks to the creator of this site.

Ruthy Grey

I loved your site. The internet is fantastic for spreading information. It's so good to see so many different shapes and sizes! I gave in and had breast implants last year - I'm glad I did it's taken away the shame I felt if naked - I felt so "unacceptable". At first I felt HUGE (I went up to a 34b) and now a year later I'm beginning to feel unacceptable again(!!!) yes it's crazy... then thank God I clicked on your site and "sobered up"! Thank you!

Just a remark on breast-feeding though... while I share in the view that it is the best type of feeding for babies, my sister who could not feed felt criticized for bottle feeding. Let's remember - not all women can breast feed and should not be made to feel wrong or guilty.

And on bras ... personally I've always felt more comfortable wearing one especially when running! Zia

Thank you for enlightening me. Thanks for the morale-boost!


Hey I just want to say that this website has helped me realize that EVERY set is NORMAL. So many guys my age complain about small/saggy/asymmetrical/"cookie cutters"/nipples, etc, but everyone is normal and original! THANKS


Wonderful gallery of pictures and very reassuring to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Nancy Hoehn

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As a lactation consultant, I was thrilled to see your site... finally a place where women can actually see other breasts outside of a 'sex site'!

Jeanne Cygnus, IBCLC

Thank you so much for have this site available for those of us too shy to ask or look. I have been having some pain and have been searching for information. Your site has opened my eyes to what is really normal. Wow! I have a new perspective about myself and what others think. Thank you to you and to the ladies that partisipated with their pictures.


I think the human body is pretty as it is.. why the big hoopla about nipples? Men have nipples too and TV doesn't blur them, they should like they do to ours nipples....

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. I breastfed my 2 kids for a year each. Recently lost over 40 lbs. and my belly and breasts "deflated". I recently had a tummy tuck and have now been obsessing over my breasts. I actually have a date booked for surgery, despite the fact that I always said I would never put anything fake into my body. After much resistance from family members about this surgery and reading your site -I finally woke up - I was in a 2 week "fog" over this - and I finally woke up! Why would I want to put something fake and dangerous in my body that would have to come out a few times in my life time??? My husband loves me just the way I am - I would actually do this just to look good in a bathing suit and feel like I can keep up with celebrities??? I have been in such a horrible state over this - I have been feeling like I was inadequate because I have sagging breasts with loose skin and I am only 34 and the rest of me looks great. It is normal for a woman who has breast fed for 2 years to look like this! The women with implants should feel inadequate because they are fake!!!!! I can understand women who have cancer and want reconstruction - but young girls who are 20 and no kids yet - that do this just to be bigger - are going to feel very sorry in the future! Your site has helped me to accept my breasts - be thankful I am healthy and beautiful even with saggy boobs - and I am cancelling my surgery first thing tomorrow!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angela

As a man I prefer natural women. Apart from breast implants there are all kinds of, so called, "improvements" for men and women yet I find this grotesque. Does nobody appreciate the opposite sex for his or her personality any more? Is it really possible to love someone purely for his or her physical appearance? I think not. These kinds of relationships will all was lose their way. We will one day all be old and we cannot stop the aging process no matter what. Let us not obsess about physicality but appreciate each other for who we are.


This web site really helped me. I am still very upset at my husband for looking at other breasts. I felt like I wasn't good enough cause I just had a baby and I got strech marks. He started looking right after I started getting them. But now I dont feel so bad seeing some of the breasts on here; he should like me for me and not my breasts.

This site changed my porn crazy mind... Thanks a lot...

Murthy Kristen

It's so refreshing to know there are people out there who are not twisted. I know so many people, women included, who are grossed out when they notice a woman discreetly breastfeeding. Our society has been brain washed, it's time we take back our brains!


Thanx soooo much. I have asymetrical breasts so this site helped me b/c I thought I was just so deformed. Thanks sooo much


It's relieving to see this site though I don't think men understand these differences and that's why women get so uptight, right? I'm in my 20s with a very regular nice chest but I still get so worried at all the possible criticism I might receive because men seem so aware of the "sagging" possibility. I don't mind that men are bald - what's their problem?


Now the only thing you need to do is display photos of women's natural bodies--no surgery or airbrushing allowed! That would make a lot of women feel normal and less depressed. Thanks for your site!


Thank you for this web site. It helped me explain our bodies to my daughter.


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
It made me cry, but I'm doing a lot of that now, because I have so many things wrong with me. I'm hoping to have these 20 year old implants out and not replaced. Please wish me luck.

Molly Bloom

I'm so glad I stumbled onto your site. I'm a Christian Naturist, and I see what our society has done to so many women, destroying their self-image and shaming them about their bodies. Now I have an informative site I can send someone to, so they can see for themselves the truth. Thank you.


I appreciate a site like yours. I'm a labor and delivery nurse and a pastor. For years I have despised the media's pornographic use of women, turning the God-designed female anatomy into a lust-inspiring commercial entity. It is a blatant statement of the sexual dysfunction of our society and of the twistedness of how our society values women. Some years ago I wrote this poem which I thought your staff might appreciate, especially the last few lines (which shows how open, public breastfeeding ought to be viewed). Your group, 007 Breasts, is doing a service to the value of women's breasts as tools of nurture, which is their true beauty in nature!

David Hatton, RN


A poet and pornographer were arguing out loud
Upon a city street where their debate had drawn a crowd.
But fed on mocking satire from the smut-shop marketeer,
The gathering was led to chide the poet's "prudish" fear.

A screaming female cry rang out to cheer the rights of porn:
"My naked beauty's mine to sell! Free speech!" she yelled with scorn.
But then an aging prostitute brought silence with her shout:
"My beauty's gone! Let's have free speech, and hear the poet out!"

Conviction filled the poet's voice: "I stand for womanhood!
Who bought a woman's nudity, no beauty understood!
Who sold her flesh as slop to fill the feeding troughs of swine,
Was swindled of her value, doesn't know her worth, or mine!"

"Our dignity as humans teach the secrecy of love.
The privacy of mating is a treasure from above.
But make the sacred common, and you lace the truth with lies:
The gifts of lovers were not meant for wanton public eyes!

"I welcome mothers' lovely breasts exposed to nurse their young!
Bring on your photographs of birth! Its beauties I have sung!
Describe your wife as absolutely gorgeous in the nude,
But strip her for the world to see, and you're a fool, and lewd!

"No healthy woman really wants the hurt that lust inspires,
Nor can a spouse compete against a fantasy's desires.
Just analyze the rapist's diet: what's his daily fare?
The smiling lies that porno-pimps pay unclad girls to wear!

"The question's not of freedom, nor is it of rights denied.
We've sold our children's safety while our family honor died.
An endless carnal thirst is gushing from pornography
To drown the due respect that each man owes womanity.

"If you will strip the nude they pay to twist the gawker's mind,
Down underneath her stark bare chest and spreading legs you'll find
A misled sister, daughter, cousin, mother, niece or wife
Who's auctioned by a trade that drains her image of its life.

"Beneath the powdered skin they hire to pose for sordid fame,
A woman's raped of self-esteem and plundered of her shame.
But sons who buy their sister's theft have been the most untrue:
They fail to guard the woman's worth that manhood calls them to!"

The prostitute began to clap . . . a teacher joined nearby,
Some older men took off their caps . . . two girls began to cry.
One mother opened up her blouse to sing while baby nursed.
But most were very quiet as the gathering dispersed.

-- David L. Hatton, 5/29/96
[from Poems Between Death and Life, (c)1999

Every man and boy should see these beautiful, normal breasts!


Thank you so much for putting this site together. It is helping me mentally heal through the shame of having saggy breast!


I have had a complex for quite some time about my imperfect breasts. It always upsets me to see these supermodels with big and perky breasts. Seeing it so much makes you believe that's the standard you have to live up to. Although it's difficult to convince myself otherwise, this site has helped me to move in that direction. Thank you.


This is such a good site. It has made me feel so much better. I used to think I was abnormal. now I know... I'm normal :)

a teenager

I thought this was a great website and in the end it really did made me feel better about my breasts. So thanx to everyone for that!


Can't thank you enough for this site!! I have nursed two children and was a bit distressed at how my breasts seem to have assumed their new lower position! I went onto the web to see if I could find some information on what happens to breasts during pregnancy/lactation and weaning so I will know what to expect. I was so dismayed that most of the links I could find were to plastic surgeon's sites which offer services to 'repair the damage' done by pregnancy and breastfeeding. What depressed me futher was that the women's breasts in the 'before' photos tended to look better than I thought my own did!! Anyway, then I came across THIS site and what a relief to see actual normal (beautiful) breasts on real women (i.e. not 'Hollywood' breasts). I found your links very informative also and ripped off my annoying and painful 'nursing' bra while reading one of them and I don't plan to put it back on!

Keep up the good work and I sure wish North Americans would move away from this obsession and delusion about womens breasts having to be round hard balls with nipples pointing up to the sky!


Great idea for a site... No garbage, just the truth. We need more of this instead of what we see mainstream.


I think you have a great site here. I was at centre island on the weekend, and I saw a women breastfeeding her 20 month old son. We talked a little, I told her that more women should do the same thing. My two little girls were breastfed until they were 2 years old.

Robert Rayner

Your site is very informative in a very interesting yet proper way. This is the kind of education that our children should get in school. My hat's off to you!


Women seem to make much more fuss about breast size than the men I know do. If you like a woman, you like her breasts, as you like her hands or anything... Take any woman with "perfect" breasts and a horrible character at 20... At 40 or 50 the perfect body will be history, but her character will be as bad as if she were still 20... I'd rather have a flatchested woman with a nice character...


Amen. I love your site. It's about time someone said what every woman is thinking!

i love you

I can't tell you how much this site has meant to me. Thank you so much! I've always felt my breasts were ugly because I have large areola and all the breasts I've ever seen were in movies or in magazines and they all have small to medium sized areola. I was beginning to think I was a freak, and it was very emotionally and psychologically distressing. But, then I thought about it and I reasoned that someone on the planet had to look like me. So, I went online to find something to convince me that I'm not a freak, I'm beautiful. I can't tell you how much junk I had to sift through before I found this site, but I am so happy I did! You need to publicise this site more for girls like me who may be beginning to think they're ugly freaks. Thank you again. Great Website!


Not only do I think we should go braless but I think we should have the right to go topless, and men should respect us for that.

sam sowell

Hey- I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one out there who has assymetrical breasts! I am also lactating, and I think breats are BEAUTIFUL!!!


I have nursed two babies and before I got pregnant with my first child my breast were always an issue for me. I felt they were too small and the were not the perky round breasts I had been used to seeing in magazines and movies. Mine had a very large areola and not much else. Just and areola enlarged with a small amount of breast flesh raised up. I always felt they were not attractive. When I got pregnant The climate I live in was hot and a bra was uncomfortabe due to the heat. So I did not wear one. Once my breasts began to enlarge and milk began to produce in the breasts mine took on a naturally sagging apperance with an elongated areola. After nursing my child and realizing from the experience that in fact they are not sexual organs at all I began to accept them more. During my second pregnancy I did wear a bra. I guess deep down I had wondered if breastfeeding and the lack of wearing a bra had made my breasts sag so much. After nursing my second child for over a year I have not sagged any further but not due to wearing a bra. It is because my breasts assumed their natural lower position. It is as if breastfeeding breast gravitate to a new position lower and closer to your babies mouth making it easy to rest your baby in you arms and be comfortable as opposed to having perky breasts which you would have to raise your baby up very high and hold them there for as long as they nursed. How uncomfortabel! To summarize, my breasts are for my baby and she does not care that they are not perky and round. She loves them so much because they give her warm sweet milk and she loves me.......


This is great seeing normal breasts as opposed to (hollywood) Breasts is great. It makes women with breasts like mine that are not the same size and which do not stand as perky as tv and other advertising propaganda potray them to be like. I am happy with my breasts because they do the job they were given to me to do: feed my babies. And for the past three years they have done just that. I have nursed two boys one 3 and the other 16 months and I continue to nurse them both.. Until they are ready to give it up.. It is theirs in fact so who am I to set a limit and time restraints.


American men ARE babies when it comes to breasts...and pigs. It's way past time to accept breasts as what they organ to feed babies...they are nice to see but the obsession with them is sickening. Let women be top free or make us men wear tops..that'd cause a lot of men to change their views on the subject


Wow I feel normal now! Thanks! Since I had my daughter four months ago I noticed they're not as perky, and felt sort of upset about it but now seeing what normal breast look like I feel better. So the perky super models, and them famous woman aren't normal then that have perky ones (they are fake mostly!). I wear a nursing bra and underwear to bed. I'll have to try sleeping without a bra tonight to see how that goes.