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Thank you! I showed this page to my 17 year old daughter. She has one breast that is much smaller than the other. After seeing the women here and reading their stories she no longer sees herself as strange and is not begging for surgery anymore. So thank you thank you!


I somehow managed to stumble across your site and I'm glad I did. I'm a 36-year old female that has had large breasts from a young age. 12 g ( Australian size). I can't remember when I first grew breasts, but all of a sudden they were there. At a time where you are already uncomfortable about your body it was made worse with having a large chest when so many other girls didn't. I felt like my breasts became public property as boys and girls would talk about them freely. "Wow are they real?" (which if I was older and more confident I should have said, "No, if they were, I would have bought a better pair") or "Wow your boobs are huge!" ("Er, thanks I hadn't noticed, and thanks for pointing them out to everyone else in a 10-metre circle.") I always wore high necked tops and hunched my shoulders. I was so embarrassed and loathed them and all the attention they received.

As I got into my early 20's, I was still not happy with my breasts and thought they were too big and ugly, and considered a breast reduction. I was also very overweight and was told to lose the weight as breasts are made of fat. I dreamt of small perky boobs like normal people had. (Admittly I never had the surgery but did drop a fair amount of weight).

In the last few years, I have learned to accept them the way they are and be proud of them. They are part of me. I still am prone to hate on them every so often. I'm glad I stumbled on your site and can now see my breasts are pretty normal. What a relief to see normal boobs on normal people and not perfect ones like what we see in main stream media. This is a great site and wish it had been around 10 years ago.


Thank the Good Lord for this article! I can't speak for other men. In fact, on this particular subject, I wouldn't want to. I seem to be the only man I know who absolutely HATES breast implants. I can deal with some augmentations, but they seem to be few and far between. An augmentation I can deal with is one I don't know is there.

Some of these implants are not only potentially harmful to the woman carrying them, they look like some doctor stuffed an orange under a woman's skin. I fail to understand why so many men find that attractive. The term "craterboob" actually refers to a pocket of flesh not filled out by the spherical bags of silicone. Every time I see one of these I want to hurl. There are CLEARLY too many women out there with no idea how beautiful their natural breasts are.

Men's desires have been twisted over the years. Some men don't care whether they're real, as long as they're big. These men care more about eye candy than the health of our better halves. There's nothing I can do about them. However, please be aware that there are a few of us who would rather have them small and natural than augmented in any way.

Sometimes I don't realize how lucky I am. My wife is happy with her chest and feels no need to change them. What if she were small? What if she told me she were getting implants? I'd start by threatening divorce. That wouldn't hold much water becaus I can't live without my wife. If she saw through that, I guess the next step would be begging and pleading. I'd refuse to take her to the doctor's office, but I can't refuse to pick her up. How could I ever squeeze them again? Our marriage would never be the same. I'd still love her, but one of the best parts of lovemaking (or is that two?) would be gone. It would bring tears to my eyes.

What God hath brought together, let no man put under the knife!


I'm 48, correcly fitted for a 36DD. 5 ft. 10", US size 10. 3 children, breastfed all. Thank you for posting photos. I think my boobs are fabulous when I raise my arms straight up in the air! :)


I've ALWAYS been self-conscious about my breasts, since they developed I've been harassed by everyone from my father and brothers to girlfriends about them. I have naturally inverted nippples like my Grandmother had. 15 years ago I did a home treatment to draw them out which was reasonably successful. I did succeeed in breast feeding even with large engorged breasts and relatively flat/small nipples. My breasts always seemed to be saggy and after pregnancy seemed positively deflated, though currently being the heaviest I've ever been they are lovely and full, but I dread the idea that they'll go back to being deflated again if I ever do actually shift the weight. I've recently begun a new relationship and this man has assured me that I have very full breasts for their size. I can take that as a mixed compliment depending on how I'm feeling generally about my appearance. Some years back I consulted a surgeon about reduction and uplift and as some other contributer here said, came away feeling worse than ever about my breasts. I couldn't have the surgery at the time because I was over a certain weight and have failed to get down to the correct BMI but having seen your pics and realising how blessed I am, I'm glad I haven't changed my breasts at all, though I will hopefully someday lose weight and have the 'supplemental breast tissue/fat' under my arms removed. Thank you so very much for this site. I've realised that I do in fact have very nice, natural breasts.


Thanks to this site I no longer feel alone. I am 18 years old and have asymmetrical breasts. I recently visited a surgeon discussing either reduction in one breast or implant in the other, and since I thought I was the only one I was seriously considering surgery. But thanks to the images provided and the information I now know I am NOT alone, so maybe I don't need surgery. ♥ THANKS


I'm 14 years old and I am sooo self conscience about my breasts. I have been for quite a while. I have a larger areola than I suppose most women, and I'm soo worried about a guy ever seeing them! I don't want to take my clothes off, and have him be disgusted with me. But, this site has helped me greatly. The only breasts I have ever seen have been obviously worked on (movies,tv,porn,etc.), and this helps me realize that everyone has different breasts. I'm still not fully comfortable, but I'm trying to get there.


I'm 43 and wear a size 38J. It's good to see a site that allows people to view REAL breasts. An entire generation of men have no idea what kind of variety is out there. And, no one ever mentions that with surgery, you can lose sensation. I have considered breast reduction but I've seen the results and they aren't always an improvement. I'd say my biggest problem is overheated breasts. I used to weigh 250 so I do have a lot of stretch marks that are quite deep. I recently read that there is a link between wearing a bra and cancer. Bras inhibit lymphatic drainage which can lead to fibrocystic breast which I have. If a man is so thoughtless to complain about your breast then you don't need him.


I think that the most important thing is for us to love and accept ourselves-the way we are. For some reason,we look to our partner to reassure us... but it's truly-our job. No matter what the insecurity is... we have to love ourselves through it.. In this society of being obsessed with size and perfection,small breasts may make one feel less than perfect... (even though it shouldn't! It's true... beauty comes in all shapes... and it's in the eye of the beholder... So, be sure to love what you have!! If you learn to love yourself-nobody can take it away from you..At that point-if someone doesn't adore you-the way you are... you'll know that it's his inability to truly love and appreciate you...his problem-not your's!)

Also, dealing with this ... Is a good opportunity to grow older gracefully... (the older we get... the more self-love we will need... as our health and looks-go downhill...) Nobody is perfect...that's life!! We have to learn to deal with it... And love ourselves...

One more thing, I have read somewhere...that people we find irresistable (men or women) ,many times are not your typical "attractive" people.... We all think we have a "type"... but when you meet a person-you truly love... it all changes... For a deep person-love and attraction is so much deeper than what you see on the surface...

Imperfections are actually endearing!


Hi, my name's Jasmin, I'm 18, currently a senior in high school, and have read your website throughly. I'm an A cup, and I'm 5"1. I've been teased by my sister who is 5"5, and an 8th grader but has a C cup and have also been teased by some of my friends, but after reading your website I feel a lot more confident about who I am. As young as I may be, I have thought about having surgery to increase my breast size, but now I feel I don't have to, because I as an individual am different, and I have to accept my differences. I have a boyfriend, and he loves me for who I am, and has never downed me or said anything about my breast size. So if there are any girls who believe that having bigger breast will make you happy, you're wrong, it will only make you look for something else that you believe is not "perfect". Love yourself for who you are, and appreciate your differences, embrace them, because there's nothing sexier than confidence!!<3


Ok that makes me feel better... because my breasts are big, and I have really big areolas and it makes me uncomfortable, but after seeing other breasts makes me feel ok and special to have breasts like mine and I think all women should be happy with their breasts, thanks

I am 21 years old and it's scary to hear that girl as young as 10 have double D breast sizes, but also a reality check on how early these young girls need to be coached on how to maintain a healty self-esteem. It's even more scary to see the effects that come from the media's portrayal of beauty. This site is very helpful to the "regular everyday" women. Always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and kids enjoy your childhood. Don't get caught in the stereotypical media image of what beauty is.


I'm a 15 year old teenager, and lately I've been trying to get to know my body. I've seen breasts in movies, and they always seem so nice and round, it made me feel terrible about mine. I came across this website and I nearly teared up of joy when I discovered my breasts were... well, normal. I never would've dared to talk to my mother about this so I just want to say thank you. I feel so great now. These are real women. I just wish everybody could know that. Thank you so much!!


Hello. My name's Palesa and like many people here I stumbled on this site by accident. I am a 17-year old girl and currently suffer from agoraphobia. Not feeling able to go outside means your life is suprisingly limited and a result of that has been that I've really lost my confidence :(. Inside I know that I am beautiful and I know it's down to my confidence. Though, I can hardly look at myself in the mirror without thinking that I'm ugly or wanting to cry. I am a more or less healthish size 10 by English standards, but I hate my breasts. They are 34Es. And it's as though every day I spend staying at home, I just feel more self-conscious than the last. Your site is amazing and has helped me. In hindsight I think I might have thought that the media's view on breasts would have spread to all websites and I wouldn't have found a website like this. I personally wish I was around a B cup rather than being bigger because the aspect I'm self concious about is the sagging. Its''weird because I have considerd sergery a fair amount but at the same time I don't know if I could live with myself. I have an idea that I wouldn't know what I really was anymore if I started changing myself.
I hope that when I become an adult gradually I'll start to accept myself again. And I hope that girls all over the world can love and accept themselves. x


I am a physician. Thanks to breast gallery for displaying breasts of different shapes sizes. It is evident that size and shapes of breasts depend on health, age and endocrinal functions. The pictures will help me in my profession.


Wow- this site sure helped me feel a bit better and more informed!
I am 18 and never really had any breasts. All the fat cells that I would love to have in the right place went to the hips and butt.
But you helped me realize that medium big and perky just isn't the norm.


I'm 13 and in my school girls have big breasts and it seemes that im the only one flat chested. People say that I still have time to grow. And this site has helped me see that I do have time to grow.


I am only 16 but I worry about my breasts. I have natural size C-cup breasts and I have worries that are are too big, already. My breasts have already began to sag and it worries me but I'm beginning to see that breasts of all sizes are normal and this site has helped me to see this.


Hi! I'm a 18 year old girl and I think this site is great because girls at my age are really stressed about body image.. and some even want to get breast implants! So I showed this site to one of my friends wo wanted to get implants, and she feels quite normal and happy with her breasts now! Thanx heaps, you are doing a great job! Keep it up!


Believe me, I was very gratified to see such an informative site breasts. I am sure other women in India will also be interested in this site, as talking about breasts in India is a taboo.
Good Work

Purya Bedi

I've never had any issues with my breasts, but I think this is a great site to let every woman know she is perfectly normal and need not compare herself to the unrealistic images portrayed in the media. The female body is a wonderous gift from God and each woman is beautiful in her uniqueness. Great work!


I think that this site helps those who are self-conscious of their breasts. I, like most women, think that my breasts are ugly and deformed. I am glad that there are other people that are like me and that I am not the only one who worries about her breasts. I am only 14 but I still used to think that I would end up with something wrong with my breasts because they didn't look as big or as round as those girls that were supposed to be my age in the movies. I am glad that I now know that I am just like everybody else. Thank you and I hope that more people like myself will realize that it is normal to worry about your breasts and that it is ok to not be like the ladies in the pictures, movies, and internet.


Thank you so much for creating this website! I have always felt extremely insecure about my breasts because of my abnormally large areolae, but it is comforting to see that this is not so uncommon after all.


I went online looking for an explanation as to why my breasts are so abnormally small. Imagine my surprise and relief when I found out that there's nothing abnormal about my breasts at all! Thank you for helping women everywhere!


I am a young woman who just turned eighteen, and I used to worry because my breasts are two different sizes, but now I just realize that I am absolutely beautiful and my problem is not even really a problem. It's so minimal, but of course I'd blow it out of proportion. My boyfriend says he loves my body, and websites like this help me even more!


I think this website is wonderful. I'm young, and although I haven't known about it for very long, I think I have tubular breasts. Until now everything I've found on this 'condition' has been constant 'breast augmentation' and 'deformity' and whatnot, with little to no explanation about the breast feeding complications or that there were any at all, which confused me greatly, quite frankly. This site has been very informative and extraordinarily reassuring, and I have to say, I was very suprised to find it. It is communication like this, one way or another, that discourages absurdities like pointless breast implants to 'fix' a shape which is in its natural beauty as is; which I have to say I am thankful for, because for a while I was driving myself mad wondering what was wrong with me and if it could be fixed. Thank you for making the information available, and through this, support.

M. Murphy

Very educational site really the greatness of a woman lies in her motherhood and that is the greatest blessing of the God to give her the chance to feed her children, unlike Man. This is a site where a man can realise where he is lesser than woman.


Hello, I'm 16. I would just like to thank you for this site!! This site has helped me a great great deal. See I am very uncomfortable with my breasts. I have a 34A size cup and it's so Embarrassing.. expecially since my best friend is like a whole year younger then me and she's a 34C. I felt very uncomfortable and thought there really was something wrong with me. Does exercising make your breasts smaller? I'm very athletic so I was just wondering. Well again thank you sooo much. I feel a lot better about my small breasts now.


Hello Aminka,
Thanks for your comment! It is always nice when our site has helped someone. To your question... Exercising can cause a smaller breast size in the sense that athletic people often have a low body fat content. The skinnier you are, the smaller also your breasts are. When you gain weight (or fat), you will also gain some fat in your breasts too. When you lose weight (fat), you lose some from your breasts too. But of course it is very healthy and good for you to exercise!

This is a wonderful site. I am a 34 year old male who grew up being OBSESSED with large breasted women. I was conditioned by TV, books, porn and society in general to LUST after large breasted women. Little did I know that what I have been chasing is a false fantasy, a mirage created by a very vain society of which I have become a part of. Seeing large breasts as God intended us to see them has been a breath of fresh air. They were not meant to be arousing, but our society has twisted this so bad that many many men are chasing after women for their bodies, and not their hearts and souls. I am very proud of the fact that I married a small breasted woman (A cup) because of her heart and soul, her friendship and her unending love for me. I chose WISELY. Still, I have had problems trying to forget the fantasies that this society has conditioned me to have, especially when women dress provocatively in public. This website is a blessing because it presents women's breasts as they were meant to be seen - so this is natural! The pictures are not arousing and that is a relief. Women - please do your part to dress decently (cover up!) in public, Men - all of you should spread the word about this website. Perhaps men will then begin to look for women who are truly beautiful..... on the inside!

Calmed down

I am 19 and have what I consider to be really saggy breasts. They have about half the fat they had before I lost 60 pounds and the same amount of skin. I have been so embarrassed about them that I decided I would never let anyone see them. All I can say in response to this site is Thank You. This was a fantastic idea and agree with those who've said that all of America should see it.
thanks again

"Size Doesn't Matter, it's whats on the inside that counts"
Im a 19 yr old male and I found your website very educational. It was touching to see what girls/women go thru after being fed by the Western Media of barbie doll looks. Teenagers (male and female) should visit informational sites like this in order to grow up to be a great citizen to this world. They should learn to appreciate each other instead of looking down. They should be fully satisfied with how they look. The REAL MEN seeks for ladies' confidence and their love. They don't go for only the looks. It's the perverts who do. Nowadays guys are only into how women look and their sizes and visit porn sites on the net to satisfy their sexual desires. I'm not saying that I'm an exceptional case. I have visited those sites too before but it's really discouraging for a young teen afterwards. They all wannabe the models they watch on TV. Guys also go through the same feelings when they see muscular men and that sort. I personally think that GOD has created each and everyone differently in order to show His greatness that He can create a human being in all sorts of ways. If we all were created the same way, the world woudn't be such an interesting place and we wouldn't appreciate others and that we may get to know each other who are made differently. I sincerely hope that all males and females who are low on self esteem to visit this site and accept how they are created instead of fretting over it. And models who think they are beautiful with those artificial boobs and bodies should also visit this site. They are lower on self-esteem than the average men and women. No wonder they go through all the pains of surgery to get themselves rid of their low esteem.

"I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul." "I believe that beauty magazines promote low self esteem" (affirmation-savage garden)


This is a great site! I forwarded it to my mom, who is a breast cancer survivor and foster mom to teenage girls. I was very self-conscious about my breasts as a preteen/teen. I started developing a bit early (11) and got teased. My sisters had the opposite problem, developed late because they were very thin, and they also were teased.

I got my first education in "normal breasts" in Navy Boot Camp. We all had to shower together in open showers and there was no time or place to hide. I saw women's breasts of different shapes, sizes, big areolas, small ones, etc. It was a real eye-opener.

I am now a nursing mother. I stopped wearing bras regularly in my early 20's, and now wear support camis most of the time. I breastfeed in public and don't worry about whether anyone sees anything or not. The only person who has ever said anything about it is my father, who won't let me nurse in front of other family members at his house. I'm going to send him a link to this site, maybe he'll learn something!


Hi all, just wanted to share an anecdote:
I'm 22 now, and I've had fairly large breasts since I was 13 or so. About a couple of years after my breasts began to form and fill out, they began to sag a bit. At the time, they filled D cups.

They were jiggly, decidedly NOT firm, and they wouldn't stand up as I believed they were meant to. The sagging in particular distressed me to no end, especially since the only breasts I ever saw (besides mine, my mother's, and the large, perky jugs I caught a glimpse of in my dad's old playboy mags) were lifted and firm-looking under tops. I used to pull the skin above my breasts and dream of having plastic surgery to lift them. My mother even managed to convince me that my breasts were abnormal. She'd tell me, "Well, I have an excuse for my breasts to sag; they fed you and your brother. YOU don't."

Dressing in front of her was painful. I'd stay wrapped in towels after showers, move my clothing to another room, anything to prevent her noting and commenting on their lack of lift: "You need to do exercise to firm them up." "They shouldn't look like that at your age."

It took me three years in college, and a wonderfully 'shameless' roommate who was confident enough about her body to walk around in the buff, to get over my shame at not having 'perfect' breasts. This site is AWESOME--I wish it had existed when I was a teenager; I would have been much more comfortable with my own body had I known how normal breasts actually look.

When I visit my mother over vacations, she still confronts me about my saggy breasts. Now that I know better, the pain is gone, and I can joke about it now: I look back at her, laugh, and ask her to 'stop staring at my chest!'