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I have been very encouraged by this webpage n it has helped me to realise that I can feel comfortable no matter how small or large my breast is. A man will love me for me, no matter my breast size...Great job!!


Hello, I'm 25 and I'm from Latin America. I've never been happy with my breasts but your website has help me realize I have to learn to accept myself by the way I am and feel comfortable with my body.

It's amazing to see there's so many women with my same fears and concerns, it makes me feel I'm not alone.
It's so relieving to see the pictures and find other breasts that look like mine, makes me realize my breast are perfectly normal.
You should include a spanish version of your website for people who don't speak english.

Thank you very much for building up this website.



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I hate my boobs but this site made me realize I'm not the only one with imperfect boobs. I'm 20 so I always thought, "I'm young! Why don't I have round, perky boobs?" I definitely feel that seeing celebrity's boobs have contributed to my insecurity. I also always felt that my friend's boobs were nicer & more lifted than mine. But of course there's a thing called push up bras. So, this site definitely opened my mind up to reality... natural boobs are going to be imperfect and that's 100% okay!


My wife had insecurities about her breasts when we first became intimate and also had an eating disorder. She died due to heart arrhythmia associated with bulimarexia that she had expertly hidden from me. I just want to say to all the women that visit this wonderfully supportive site that body image is in your mind and mirror. Nobody-forgive the pun-is perfect and there are many guys that will think you are beautiful just the way you are. He also is not perfect but loves you.

The beauty myth is a multi-billion dollar industry designed to make you feel bad about yourself. It's simple and veiled exploitation. In my experience, so-called beautiful women suffer the most and carry a lot of baggage. Love begins with self esteem, self esteem begins with accepting yourself and working with your interior strengths. Take care of yourself through eating responsibly and looking at the sky occasionally. It is a hard life for any person that competes for body image validation. Beauty pageants are so sad. Is she really crying because she is so happy? Hmmmm. On behalf of all guys with a dedicated heart: WE LOVE YOU!!


My advice, if it is not life threatening leave it as it is!! It does not matter if one is bigger than the other or they are very large. What matters is that you are comfortable with them and they are not butchered up.


Am a black African girl 22 years and I never had child, my natural breast is saggy and one is a little bit bigger. I am worried about the appearance but now am happy to know they are normal and natural. thanks


For those women who feel theirs are too small, just remember, it's quality, not quantity that matters! (.)(.)

Little Timmy31

Thank you for providing a site that men can also view. By seeing the unique and different breasts makes each pair beautiful. Men also have breast issues, we desire our mates to have lovely breast. This site lets us know that breasts are wonderful no matter shape, size, proportion. What matters is that you love them. They are your breasts, love them for what they are!

will ring

Fascinating little site. I'm 19 and a 38C. Recently I took this bra-finder thingy online, which left me feeling just terrible about my breasts (when previously I'd never felt that way before). They're naturally far apart and pendulous; apparently the way they're supposed to be at my age is round, pert, supported, etc. So I'm so glad to see a lot of women on this website with breasts like mine. On that bra-finder thing, they also mentioned that wearing a bra consistently will prevent sagging (again, why do my breasts need to be "prevented" from doing what they normally do?). And you guys rebuked that! Thank you for putting this up.




I'm glad I found your site. I'm pregnant right now with my 2nd child and I've always felt my breasts are a little saggy, even before I got pregnant. I've never actually looked at normal breasts, only the ones on porn or movies and they just make you feel horrible. Thank you so much for this site!


I came here after googling "exercises for saggy breast". After looking at this page, I don't feel so bad about my breasts. I like many others that post their breasts, have suffered from severe weight gain and loss and that has caused my own already early developing, larger breasts to sag prematurely. I feel better though about the whole situation knowing that I am not alone. Besides I have a husband that has loved everything about me despite weight gain and loss for almost 12 years and that is what matters.


This is a good site, I wish there were more like it. Too much emphasis is placed on perfection that can never be attained. When you love yourself, others will love you too. All of you ladies look plenty fine to me.


I came across this website by chance and it was very educational. A lot of the things I've read about and seen are things that I have dealt and battled with too. I had to start wearing a bra after I turned 10 and had the largest bust not just in my grade but sometimes throughout the student body at the school. I've gone up to a D cup since then and I'm only 21. I was born with a third nipple because the breasts tissue just didn't make it all the way up with the other tissue. My areola also has always been fairly large. I'm slightly overweight but I have a pear shaped body so the biggest thing from the waist up are my breasts. I'm fairly thin on the top half but with wide hips and fairly large thighs I've been insecure everywhere on my body. Hearing these stories and seeing pictures makes me feel a little better about the way my body looks because a lot of people on here have the same situation that I have! I seem to only see super skinny people and it's nice to know I'm not as alone as I thought I was.

Miranda J.

I got to this website by Googling "small breasts". I've always been self conscious about my small breasts, more so now that I'm single after being married for 5 years.

I wanted to know what guys really think of small breasts but I clicked on this link and looked at all pictures. I saw some that resembled mine but I didn't think they looked bad. I was like "hey that's me!" Then I saw pictures of much bigger breasts- I had no idea they looked like this and I don't want them. I'm not saying they look bad, but I read their stories. It's not good times with bigger ones.

I think mine are pretty now (this is coming from someone with low self esteem most of the time).

I also think the breast-craze is funny now. They really are just breasts and guys go crazy over them. In the end, I'm proud of my breasts.
Thank you for this informative and uplifting website. I feel better and I made sure to share this with my friends. Thank you!


This is good kownledge to girls, ladies, mothers and grandmas about their health and to know many original facts. Which good to them in the future. I really learnt many things thank you


Whether you have big or small breasts, you have to learn appreciating them yourself before anyone can!

Ntokozo Malinga

I think this site is very helpful as it has given me more confidence about myself and that there is no such thing as a perfect natural breast because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder:)


This website has helped a lot. I just turned 18 a few weeks ago and was considering getting surgery to "fix" my breasts. I'm a 36 E and I've been that size since I was 14. I always thought something was wrong with my breasts, since they sagged a little more than my friend's (who were all a's, b's and c's) but this website has helped me realize that we come in all different shapes and sizes, so thank you. Now I can use my "surgery money" towards something meaningful, and practical. A car so I can stop using my mom's? I think so! And all because this website showed me that everyone is different and that my boobs are perfect just the way they are.


This really helped me. I thought I had a medical problem with the difference in size of my boobies! I was always afraid I had some kind of hormone disorder that made them different sizes but then I looked on here and saw that I had nothing to worry about! Not only did this boost my confidence, but it saved me a trip to the doctor. Although my boyfriend always told me I was beautiful, I never quite felt that way until I saw this website. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) I feel beautiful and worth it :)


Wow, I'm amazed! Especially beacause of the fact that I was actually surprised when I saw these pictures, it's like I have never seen a "real" pair before.. And I'm really ashamed of that!

This year my breasts have grown a little bigger, so they're saggier and have some stretchmarks, which they didn't have before. I've felt so horrible about that, I thought I had the boobs of a 40-yearold and I just couldn't accept that they were "destroyed". But now that I've seen this website I feel so much better and I just want to thank you so much! I've realized that I'm perfectly normal. Good job!


I really appreciate this site. I'm 30 years old and have size D breasts that I've always thought of as saggy and too far apart. Looking at these photos makes me feel equal parts empowered by all the beautiful diversity of shapes and sizes there are and saddened to know how unnecessarily we all beat ourselves up over impossible standards.

Breasts are wonderful and gorgeous and sexy. They are NOT melons.

Thank you, thank you.


Hello I am 15 and I am barely getting "acquainted" with my body. I had never before "explored the unknown" and to be honest I never ever noticed that my right breast was slightly bigger than my left and my left was slightly higher than my right. o.o
I thought something was wrong with me -.-
As I looked on information I came across this site and I realized that I shouldn't be too scare of this cuz it's normal. Breast shapes and sizes differ and that's ok =) a woman must love and cherish herself regardless we were born the way we are and we should rejoice for what we have =) even with the deformities in our lives because nothing is perfect =)

To those women who have small or medium breasts: Please do not disfigure them with silicone!

When we were in high school, big breasts were a big deal, for a couple of reasons. First, most of us (maybe I'm dating myself)had not actually seen a naked breast before. Second, at that stage of life breasts are a sign of sexual maturity. But some of us matured beyond high school. If you're looking for a man who did, then quit worrying about your breast size.


Am 18 next month and have always been consious of my self. My breast sleeps and I don't like it. I wanted it to stand but after reading all those comments and seeing the pics I knew I was way better and not putting myself down.


Nice issue, for wild & desperate guys like me. Now I see breasts of a woman as a normal part of her body and separate breasts from sexiness.

Kamal Banga

Thank you so much for your site. I am 35 and have always hated my breasts. I am and have been single most of my life and it is partly for this reason. I wish all girls and women could see your site. I always think I cannot have love because I cannot afford cosmetic surgery. And I have seen a few pics here quite like my own healthy but stretchy breasts.


Thanks a lot for making a wonderful website like this. I can be considered young compared to those women that published their photos but despite my age (15), I am really uncomfortable with the way I look. I also don't really like my breast not just because the media, I also thought I differed from my friends. But now I understand that I am not different, because there is no such thing called "differency". Therefore, if the opinion of being different didn't exist, there wouldn't be the opinion of being normal. Sorry for my lame English, my mother language isn't English. Anyway, thanks a lot!


I'm so glad I came across your site. Seeing most of the brave women that have posted pictures are mostly "have not been pregnant", it makes me feel comfortable with the size of my breasts since I've not only slept w/out a bra or worn a sports bra~but also breastfed both of my babies *now 2&4. Being late 20's I wish I had the perky "youthful" chest, but have no regrets~ Breast IS Best! Thank you.

Hi, my name is Celena. I'm 16 years old. I have always been extremely self-consicous because my nipples are flat. I didnt know until I came to this website knowing that it's normal. Thank you so much, this website made me feel so much better!


I'm 12. Everyone is always sooo excited to have bigger breasts. But not me. I hate it! I'm in the 7th grade and I'm already wearing a 34B! I'm sick of it. My siblings make fun of me, and I just don't like it. I want smaller breasts. Mine are bigger than everyone's in my grade at school. I dont think there's a way to make them any smaller.


I think that is better to just have natural breasts big or small in general. Implants i would think make you feel worse because of having a 'beauty' to be artifical. And besides...breasts weren't made to be for looks or to be attractive. They simply ARE NOT props, and are used for the beauty of birth. Thankyou for making this website and having women and teens world wide step up their self confidence.


I'm 12 & a 34B and I'm always made fun of because of my boobs being big. And I thought I was just weird. I'm glad it's not just me! There's more things that I thought was wrong but I got proved wrong I guess!


Very useful site. Everyone can benefit from seeing the variety of shapes and sizes, particularly since we encounter so many idealized breast images. People should know that those are not what real people look like.



E since I was 12 I have always had small breasts at the age of 15 my breast after this site I was not so worried about the size of my breast.
Thanks so much for making this site,

Thank you so much for this website. I have always disliked my breasts. I was overweight growing up, until age 31, when I lost about 100 lbs. I started to develop at age 9 and by 10, my mother had me wearing full bras and girdles. I grew up being told how abnormal my breasts are, because no one else in my family had sagging breasts like mine. And after losing weight, all I have been thinking about is how I wanted to "fix" my breasts so that they can be "normal". After viewing this website and reading about how women have felt about their breasts, I realize that my breasts are just as normal as the brave and beautiful women that have let us see their beauty. I don't need to fix my breasts, I just needed to fix my outlook and get a reality check! Again, thank you.


I READ these articles. Too bad you don't have an area for men to write in (not porn idiots). Beauty is in the person not the body. I read insecure comments and think "You're kidding me, why would she think this." Maybe you need an area where men can write, so ladies can understand men. Like they say they compare themselves to models. I am not a model, I am a normal guy (husband). There are a lot of beautiful people here and probably in their lives guys think they are beautiful and they should know.


Very inspirational. No breast is really the same. Really could have done without the man breast shots, but on comparison all thousands of our breasts will always be more beautiful than any one of theirs. I seems that the women who breastfed their babies are more ok with their breasts. I am, because of that, and I retired the bra too.


I have been tremendously reassured by your page. I'm fifteen and before finding this site had never heard of puffy nipples or Montgomery glands. It's rididculous to think that young females are not just armed with this information in the first place! It would ease so many insecurities. For years I believed there was something weird about my breasts and now looking at your pictures and the immense number of comments echoing this exact same sentiment I realise that most young girls (and older ones too!) feel like I did. Thank you so much. This might be one of the most empowering sites I've ever come across.


This site is very helpful. I have had big breasts ever since I was in grade school and have always been self conscious of them. I was actually researching a breast lift while coming across this site. Thank you!




This website is amazing! It shows the real beauty. As a guy I think that women are beautiful in all kinds of shapes. Girls need to embrace your breasts the way they are. Stick with what you got! It's perfect for your body.
As long as you're happy with what you look like, that's what counts. Confidence is just as attractive as appearance.


Wow, I'm completely amazed at the levels of angst, consternation, anxiety, and depression women and girls of all ages experience due solely to their breasts. I seriously had NO idea.
But I want ALL of the women who have taken the brave step of posting their breasts on this site and talking so openly about such a personal matter to know something. While this site aims to focus society's attention more on the life-sustaining purposes of breasts, the fact remains that men are indeed aroused, intrigued, fascinated, mystified, and entranced by women's breasts. And guess what? We are NOT as picky as you think! I have reviewed every single page of user-submitted photos, and I found beauty in most every one. When a woman decides to let us (men) see, feel, (or what have you) their breasts, we are NOT going to sit there and evaluate and grade them! We are going to be elated that you feel we are worthy of you deciding to "let us in" to you on such a personal and intimate level! So ladies / girls, be proud of what God gave you and know that anybody who DOES give you a hard time because of your DNA (because really that's what it all comes down to and we can't control our DNA!) isn't worthy of your time or attention. Move on to someone who appreciates you and who IS worthy of your time and attention!!


I am so glad I came across this site! I've been self-conscious about my breasts ever since they started growing. They sag alot, my nipples are never perky and I have HUGE areolas. Seeing that alot of other women have almost the exact same breasts as me makes me alot more comfortable with my breasts. Thank you to whoever came up with this site!


Don't worry about what your breast look like. Thats not what makes you beautiful. Yeah, some men do look at that kind of thing, but if all they are worrired about is bust size; then they really aren't looking at what really matters, Love.
Myself being a man (a rather overweight one), I know what it is like going through life with people making fun of you. That really isn't what matters though. Your body is what makes you; YOU! I personally prefer a gal with smaller breast, and until today, I was unaware of how many female both young and old, feel bad because they're not (big). Who CARES, I know I don't.
I hope this helps gals! Just remember, what you look like doesn't determine you; it's everything else.


I must say, this site has helped me feel better about my breasts quite a bit! I hate to say it, but like most I fell for what the media portrayed as "perfect breasts." I'm 120 pounds with 34C sized breasts, large areolas, and a little bit of sag. I would never get implants or anything done to them, because I believe that sort of thing is just stupid, but regardless I am still self-conscious about my breasts. It's to the point that I am still a little embarrassed when my husband of 4 and a half years see's them (Even though he has no problems with them)! But now after seeing this site I have a better understanding of just how normal they are and will push myself to accept them more and be happier with myself. Thank you!


I like this site so much. It's so helpful for women. It's realize them they are normal. It's give them confidence.
Thanks lot for this..!
best wishes for the team 007b.
Sonu Buter

I'm 17 years old, with a B-cup and for as long as I can remember I have had droopy breasts. I had my first period when I was 9 and that was about the same time my breasts started growing. I remember the first day I started feeling selfconcious about my breasts - I was about 11-12 years old and I had a sleepover at a friend. We were about to put on our pyjamas and I took off my bra and she looked at me and said: "Your breasts are like pencils, do you think they will ever get normal?" Ever since that day I take of my bra after I put on my pyjamas.

Now when I said droopy breasts I meant it. Gravity has done it's work well, unfortunatly. My nipples are small and point downwards and I have a fairly big areola. Also my nipples are flat, they only stick out when I'm cold.

I am really embarrased by them. I don't even want people to see me in a bra/bikini, because even then you can tell how droopy they are. I also have a few stretchmarks, but they don't bother me as much. I am afraid to get in a relationship, because I am afraid that whoever I am with will break up with me when they see my breasts. I always imagine that they will have a horrified look on their face. Because why would a guy want a girl with droopy breasts, when they can have a girl with nice perky breasts?

My friends describe me as nice and sweet and they always wonder why I have never had a boyfriend. But I can't tell them it's because I am ashamed of my breasts. Because when I look at them they all seem to have nice breasts that aren't all droopy. Whenever I take a shower I cannot help but look at them and think I wish I could lift them. But at the same time I know I would never, ever take surgery. I really hope that one day I will meet a man that will love me for who I am. And that he will tell me I am beautiful despite all my imperfections. But is that possible with the "Hollywood image" people are given these days? Because it sure FEELS impossible.

Celine J.

I have been insecure my whole life about my breasts I am 28 and recently gave birth to a third child whom I have been breast feeding now for 2 going on 3 wks. I have had to supplement with formula, because of this website I found out that I may have Hypo-plastic Breasts.... My breasts are tubular in shape and are very wide set with large areolas and nipples that are erect now but weren't before I got pregnant. This site is a "God send" for me because I have been trying to figure out what was wrong with me with my first 2 children who I tried to breast feed but was unsuccessful at doing so and knew it was a problem internally with my breasts and it wasnt in my head. Ladies, trust me, you are all beautiful inside and out. It doesn't matter how big our boobs are we are all still so beautiful!!!!!


I have looked at some of your web site, and just had to write. I am a relatively older male, and have, at least since puberty, been fascinated and delighted by female breasts. I found your site very sad in the regard that so many women are unhappy with their breasts. While everyone surely has different breasts, not one in a thousand has unattractive breasts. I only wish that they could recognize and accept that fact. I have seen another site at one time showing women who had had breast implants, showing both before and after pictures. In virtually every case, they looked better in the before picture than in the after. Why any woman would consider doing that to themselves is beyond me.
Anyway, please keep up the good work, and keep reassuring all women that their breasts are beautiful just as they are.

I just wanted to pass along that I have always thought breasts on the smaller side were sexier than larger breasts. I am amazed at how many women on this site with very sexy breasts think they are too small or in some other way not sexy. I am happy that many ladies have commented that they are accepting of their bodies and are not considering breast enlargement. I know it seems, according to mainstream media, that ALL men like huge breasts. But I can assure you that there are many, like me, who think a woman with A-cups can be very sexy. The bottom line is, please don't let the media tell you what you should look like to be sexy. Enjoy this life that you have been given to the fullest and don't fret about things that are non-issues. Thanks to all ladies for contributing your information to this site. It is helpful for men as well as women.


My breasts are natural 36DD, but I have a lot of self-esteem issues from the way natural DD's compare to implant-DD's. While I fill out my bra perfectly, sometimes I feel like they must be too small or not perky and full enough like you see celebrities and pornstars have. I feel frustrated at the unrealistic expectations many men have when finding out my bra size, because they expect under the bra that I will look just like famous people do. Not everyone realizes that there is such a huge difference between natural and fake breasts! I am tired of feeling badly and insecure about my chest, but am finding comfort in looking through your site to see other women the same size as me looking just like I do! Thank you!


These pictures and comments are very inspirational... However, it saddens me to see that MANY women on these pictures obviously do not wear the right bra size! Pretty much 80% of women are wearing too little bra... I had the same problem for years. If your bra is sliding down or if the straps are always falling down, it is most likely because the back stripe is too big and the cup size is too small as well, not giving you enough support! The underwire should go all the way under your arm... I really really urge you to go and get yourselves properly fitted at a specialized shop! Wearing the right bra size is going to dramatically improve your silhouette and will allow you to wear clothes you never thought you could wear before, not mentioning the back problems getting much better with the right support. Also, less sagging breasts for those of you with larger boobs ;) Remember, wearing a wrong size is like not wearing a proper bra at all, and one day without a bra equals to 10 days less of natural support overall...


Hi I'm 18 years old and I feel like this is a good website for people who are uncomfortable with their breasts. Mine are uneven and I like the way I look and I found a guy that loves me for me and not the way my breast look. Ladies, don't worry about your breasts. Just remember that it's not all about your breasts -- it's more than that. Your friend Lucy

Thank you so much for this site! I am a 41 year old African American woman who for years have hated her body. I am what is considered obese. At 5'2" I am 222 pounds. My breasts are sagging due to the weight gain after 3 children. I was really feeling down about myself until I came across this site. You have so many images out there (and people too) telling you you need to have the perfect body. Thanks to this site I don't feel alone anymore. Thank you very much.


I'm a boy aged 17, I really liked what you are showing on your site. It has made me aware that not every girl I should go out with should have porn-star type of boobs. Anyway we all have our imperfections but what matters is the person.


Wow, I always was unhappy about my breasts and wanted to get implants, but reading it, and that is it natural made me change my mind, thank you!


I like this website because it makes me feel more normal. I am a 34B and sometimes I feel my breast are small. My ex-boyfriend always said that he did not care about my size, but he ended up marrying someone that looks like DD. Now I am married too and my husband keeps insisting to get surgery to make them larger. At times I feel very comfortable with my size and I have told him that I am not having surgery and that he has to accept me just the way I am, but other times I feel that if they were larger he would be more attracted to me. He watches too much pornography which makes me angry because I feel that he is comparing my breast with theirs (which is unfair because most of those girls have fake breast). This website made me understand that my breast are beautiful just the way they are.


I wish your site had been around 22 years ago when I got implants at 26 years of age. They are now leaking and causing an immune response and I have to have another surgery to remove them. I was led to believe that they would last a lifetime but found out that is not true. The average time they last before failure is 10-15 years.

When I think back to that time 22 years ago I remember why I did it. I had been teased mercilessly growing up because of my flat chest- even by my mother. I had essentially no breast tissue- like a pre-pubescent child- and felt deformed all my life. I felt so, so hideous. I could never look at myself in a mirror naked. I had two relationships in a row in which the men cheated on me and I was sure it was because I was not sexy. I was so deeply depressed when I did the surgery- which my mother had promoted. I just wanted to look "normal", not voluptuous, but have had lots of side effects including numbness, scarring and hardening, and now the arthritis type pain that have made it not worth it. I now know that normal was what I was before the surgery, not after.

I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who is supporting me through this latest problem.

My advice to all women is to think long and hard before having implants. No one ever talks about the serious health consequences and they are significant. If you are depressed and feel awful about yourself get counseling and talk to people who love you for who you are. Do not get surgery in response to what other people say or do- even if it is your partner or your mother!


I visited your site once before and felt better after going through it, but that was quite a few months ago. I just came across it again after a bit of a self-esteem roller coaster and was so glad I did, because the first picture I saw could have been my reflection. It's the first time in my life I've seen another girl close to my age (20) with a small chest AND scoliosis, a deformity which causes your rib cage to be uneven. I go through severe stages of self-consciousness sometimes and when I try to find self-esteem boosters, it often becomes worse. There are lots of forums where women (and men) discuss AA breasts and come to the consensus that they are just as attractive as larger ones, but after reading through all of the postings, I always realize that the other girls don't actual have skeletal abnormalities.

Seeing that I'm not the only person who looks like this has made me feel infinitely more confident. I think I'll always have issues with my body image, but it has more to do with the way I was raised and the "friends" who teased me than with what I actually look like.

For any young girls on this site who are stressing over their body image: STOP. You are letting other people rob you of some potentially great years. Obsessing changes nothing and the only opinion of your body that will ever matter is your own.

Ladies - Have to commend you one and all on how beautiful you really are. I have never understood the obsession with size - breasts are beautiful no matter how large, small, or shaped they may be. I do wish women were more confident on how they look - naturally. I know many men are more impressed in a womans comfort in her own skin than anything else. Love who you are and how you are - you may be surprised how attractive others may really see you as. I for one - would never date a woman who had implants. A cups to D's - they are all so beautiful


Ladies Everywhere,

Don't worry about what your breast look like. Thats not what makes you beautiful. Yeah, some men do look at that kind of thing, but if all they are worrired about is bust size; then they really aren't looking at what really matters, Love.
Myself being a man (a rather overweight one), I know what it is like going through life with people making fun of you. That really isn't what matters though. Your body is what makes you; YOU! I personally prefer a gal with smaller breast, and until today, I was unaware of how many female both young and old, feel bad because they're not(big). Who CARES, I know I don't.
I hope this helps gals! Just remember, what you look like doesn't determine you; it's everything else.


After reading up on this subject, then reading these females' comments, it makes me more educated and gives me a whole new outlook on the subject. I don't think guys really think about females' appearance, they just take what they get and love it under certain circumstances. A good guy would.


I was searching for a cure for saggy breasts and found that I didn't have anything to worry about. I'd been looking at airbrushed pictures and implants and feeling like I was a monster. I feel so much better knowing that so many other women have felt the same way. I hope we can see that we are not monsters, we are real women.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was looking for a site with pictures of developing breasts, as it seems my one child is beginning to develop. I wanted to know what to expect, particularly since I was a "late bloomer". I certainly never developed as young as she is now, and I wanted to know what was normal and how to encourage her to be self confident. This site is wonderful, with so many pictures of normal breasts that are not media perfect. It would be nice if everything showed such a nice variety so we all grew up with a realistic sense of development.

Seeing all of these women has put my mind at ease. Even the women whom I think have perfect breasts say they think their areolas are too big or something. I see many whose breasts sag like mine, and now I know it's not abnormal. The same with one being bigger than the other from breastfeeding. I have a much more realistic view of breasts now, though it's taken me to mid thirties to figure this out.


What a fabulous website! I am so happy - and relieved -to see normal breasts for a change. Thank you for restoring my confidence!