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Thank you for this amazing website. I have large breasts with stretch marks and downward pointing nipples, and until today I always thought my breasts were ugly and strange. Now I feel less alone. It is so good to see what other women's breasts look like, and hear that other people feel just as insecure about the way they look. I wish we didn't have to look at so many pictures of 'perfect' breasts in the media.


I'm 14 and growing up/going through puberty in these times is really stressful ... there are tons of un-meetable standards and this weird archetype for what's good and what's not. This website is really helpful to me and probably alot of other girls my age that are too self - conscious to come forward with it. I was always self-conscious about my breasts and the rest of my body, but I think it's more important to embrace yourself and know the difference between what's normal and what's not than to fit in with society's standards for the "perfect" woman. (:


I have been self conscious about my breast size since elementary school, yes elementary school. When I was in 4th grade, I developed early; however, after that initial development, by breasts seemed to stop growing. I was teased for this too. The media plays a huge role in women's collective self esteem issues in regards to their breasts, but it is not the media that is picking on women for their flaws. Often times, it is other women who have their own set of flaws that they are ridiculed for that are reinforcing what the media is saying by tearing down other women. If we all, as a collective group of women could just encourage each other and make each other feel as should we are beautiful, we will have dethroned the power the media has over us. Honestly, we can't afford to keep beating each other down. If we won't stand up for ourselves, then how can we possibly hope to see change in the media and the society in which we live?


Thank you so much for your site. I was sitting in bed researching breast implants online, and then I just happened to google "what do normal breasts look like?" and your site came up. When I started to browse the images, I cried.

I am a 25 year old girl, and I thought my breasts were too saggy and ugly because I have gained and lost so much weight and also did a lot of compulsive exercising in college. Your site makes me GRATEFUL for my breasts and I am looking at them completely differently. I think my breasts look so pretty now.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this site. It can literally change lives, since I don't know how mine would have been different if I had decided to get breast implants.

I am going to share this site with my friends, sister and Mom so that they can feel great about their breasts too!

Sincerely, Sophia

Firstly I would like to say that this site is a great tool for giving women of all shapes and sizes the confidence boost they may need. I like also how there is a strong message here that the physical aspects are not the most important. However I would also like to point out that men are visual beings. This does not give them the right to put women down for their looks (this is not negotiable) but we cannot say that guys should be told they are immature for having preferences. Breasts are the physical tools for babies sustenance that is correct. But to negate the fact that they play a large part in the physical attractive qualities of the female from a mans point of view (sexually desirable) is equally unacceptable.

If a man was to tease and put down a women for having nothing much up top, or for having lots, or anywhere in between, I would be furious. However I would not be angry at all if it was simply a preference he had based on nothing more than what he likes. In this same vein I would be furious if I heard any woman slagging guys off for their taste in what they like physically in a woman, if those men had not been negative towards anyone in that regard, and it had simply got out what they liked.

Everyone is going to be different and should be free to love there bodies. Just as everyone should be free to like the bodies of others who attract them.

I just wanted to say I like this site, it pleases me to see so many women being happy with their breasts. Just don't expect everyone to agree with you. Better still wait until you find someone who loves them as much as you or more and all will be fine.

Just because I don't find everyone attractive, does not mean that not everyone is beautiful.


I am 46yrs and had a kidney transplant in 2003. I was born with left breast small and the right one extra laege. My mother said the doctor actually pumped milk from my little breast when I was a baby. I have hated my chest all my life. In school I would not change gym cloths or go swimming. I have spent my life hideing my breast. Today I was looking information on breast surgery. I came across your site,and I could not believe my eyes. There really are other women like me. I have hated my body and felt like a freak all my life. My heart broke when I seen others that hurt like me. I not looking for a surgery anymore. I am blessed with a kidney and a healthy body. Thank you for opening my eyes and heart. Angela


For a while now, I'e been worrying over my breasts' shapes (one is slightly larger than the other)and wondering whether or not they're normal and what I can do about it. I've been to this site before, and every time I feel insecure about my chest and wish I had done something to them, I think about the women here and how they can feel secure about their shape and how I should accept and even embrace mine. I have heard that even the world-famous Snooki had natural, sagging breasts and how Kim Kardashian regretted having breast implants because of the way they feel so foreign to her body.
In all, thank you for bringing me and so many women hope and comfort. Keep up the good work!

Ivoriania Phillips

Hello, I am a mother of 3 children. I nursed 2 of them. After my second child at age 24, I had surgery on my left breast due to removal of a tumor. I had it since I was 18 years old. That surgery created a scar along the top right of my areola, damaging my milk ducts.... I was unable to breastfeed on my left breast but able to nurse my daughter for 2 years on only one boobie.....I


Beautiful ladies!
I cannot express enough the hurt that I feel about my saggy breasts, I am 38 uk size 10/12 "5,4" tall & I'm a 36B... My breasts have always been a bit saggy but since I lost weight they really seemed to head south, I have had 2 children but could not breast feed,... anyway after seeing and reading such honest opinions I feel so much better..."I am not alone" that feels so good :) My husband tells me that he thinks that 85% of women don't have "perfect" breasts, that didn't really help as all I could think was bet he wishes I was one of the 15% :( anyway I have what I have and if they're not good enough then "tough" they're mine and I'm gonna be proud from this day forward... Thankyou for your site guys, so many women around the world feeling low (excuse the pun) about their breasts when really,breasts DO NOT define us! Thanks ladies (& men) for sharing it really has helped me. Xxxxxxxxxxx San :)


All breasts are lovely, they are a natural part of a person just like a nose or ears. As a man i know that women's breasts are different than mine and also that there is something in my brain that appreciates every one of them regardless of size or shape. I have been married for forty years to a woman with a 32 a and everytime I see them I am amazed.


I'm 48 years old. I have always thought my breasts were small. I am Chinese in descent with 1/64th Portuguese - not sure if that is a factor or not. I am 5' 3'' and have weighed from just under 100 #s in high school to a high of 136#s about year ago. I cut all the hidden soy out of my diet (predominately organic & grassfed) and in weeks(weird), I was down to 114#s, and have been there since. In a celebration that I would "finally" look good, I spent like 6 months in (expensive, but temporarily worth it) Victoria Secret bras. I "looked" good in the mirror. I just felt like a fraud because I knew what was "underneath" - the dreaded "air-gap" in my cups. I finally gave up on them, and found "training bra". It feels more "honest".

For almost 20 years I had just given up on bras. It was so damaging to my self-esteem to go shopping for bras. I have always been rather physically active. so the # is 34 or 36. I started out, trying on "C" and "B" cups and then down to "A", if they have them; find out I am smaller than "A", get disgusted and leave. I retry once every 10 years so so. Sometimes, I buy some, wear the bras that "fit", knowing all the time that I had a giant empty air-gap in the cup; since my nipples and surrounding area are rather flat. I'd live in dread of "crumpled breasts" - when the bra cup shape relaxes into the air-gap. Sometimes that time never came, but I'd stop wearing them anyhow - comfort, mental or emotional would win out first.

That almost all women's breasts "point" outward some! I thought I was sagging that way from not wearing a bra all these years! And, that it appears quite normal that the breast is one portion and that the upper chest is separate - so the breast shape curves back in, and then plumps back out under the arm pits IS NORMAL? Even with my weigh loss, that is my shape. I've always hated that "defective" part of me. When I tried on bras, if I didn't have the muscle tightened, I would "blump" (plumpy-bump) out there and thought I needed to lose weight. It still happens now. Discovered that most breasts aren't rounded upwards/on top, like the bra shape would lead you to believe. I guess they kind of "flow" into the cups and fill them (for bigger/normal/white(?) women??


I am glad I have stumbled on this website. I thought things were very strange for me but like all other women we aren't perfect and nobody will be. I hope that other women who have problems with their breasts can come and find this website so they don't feel alone and I now know what myself and others are going through. Thanks for the help. I feel so much better to see that I am as normal as others and I am not alone.


Hi, I'm Miranda. I'm 15 and I've always felt so weird and ugly because of my breast. One is bigger than the other, my nipples are different sizes and they sag too... I've never had kids, my mom told me that it's because my bra size is 34D but I still hated myself for doing whatever I did wrong. When I found this website, I was so relived!! At first I was thinking "Oh I wish I had her breasts or maybe hers. Then I could be pretty". Then I came across 3 pictures and 2 articles. They looked JUST like mine!! And all the articles explained EVERYTHING! Let me just say, that made me smile and boosted my confidence from a 3% to a 110%!! Thank you so much for making it possible for me to end this year in a good mood and feeling beautiful!

I couldn't have done it without this website!!
thank you so much! more than you could ever know

Love, Miranda

super awesome website!!!
Increased my worldview at least by little. :)
I wish I can see a girl and appreciate her ignoring her figure.

Kamal Banga

Hi! My name is Rochelle and I am a Eurasian living in Singapore. I am 19 and my bra size is 32A. I got my small breasts from my Chinese mom, whose breasts are even smaller than mine (we compared it in front of the mirror once). One thing I learned from her is that no matter your bra size, if you wear it confidently, people won't mind. and guys too! At least those who are worth your time. My parents have been married for 20 years now and are still very much in love. So you see, guys don't love girls for their boobs :)


I am a fifteen year old girl with a 32A cupsize, and I HATE my breasts! I want to honestly thank whoever made this website! It has seriously helped me accept my God given body. No one is perfect, but we're all BEAUTIFUL! :) <3

Kylea Smiley

I am 20 years old. I used to be much more uncomfortable with my small breasts when I was younger, but I've moved on, for the most part. I never really got much negative attention for being small, which helped. It also helps that my sweetheart doesn't mind them at all.
I have scoliosis which causes my left breast to stick out more than the right, almost a full cup size. My condition isn't exactly rare, though,


I'm 17 and I have 34B sized breasts. I have always have be ashamed of my breast size because everyone in my family is bigger than me, and the same in my school. I thought it wasn't ok for me to be this size, so I was planning to get a boob job, but now that I look at this site I realize that it's ok to have a small bust and now I'm fine with it! I love my breasts.

This is a wonderful website. I used to worry about my daughter's breasts but going through the pictures has helped me realise that they are normal although on the large side. It is ok that they sag even if she has never been pregnant or used contraceptives before.


I found your site. It's a very good site. A lot of women today are worried about their breast size. Size doesn't matter it's more about being the best person you can be in the body that GOD GAVE YOU.


Like so many teen girls, my breasts are something I worry about. At around 13, I was embarrassed about my barely-there A's, and now at 18, my fuller D's still feel shameful. Having been flat-chested, full-chested, and every size in between, I can confidently say to other girls stressing over their breasts that it's not the appearance of them that matters, rather their function and the fact that they're your own, unique as their owner. I couldn't have come to this realization without your website, thank you so much!


I have to say, as a 20 year old male, I prefer girls with small breasts. So don't worry if yours are small, a lot of guys prefer that!


Ladies, none of you should have any negative feelings about your breasts. I think the majority of men appreciate a woman's breasts just as they are, big, small, large or small nipple, etc. I, like many men, couldn't care less about stretch marks, sagging or veins showing. It's a non-issue. If anything, I think most men would rather a woman not have surgical implants to create 'perky' breasts. I believe most men would rather have you be as God created you. In other words, for the naturally beautiful women that you are. Never, ever forget that.


I am a 25-year old Nigerian lady, have always had small breast, and I wear size 32, (padded, which makes it look fuller). I am very comfortable the way they are and I wear any type of cloth because they are firm. Ladies with small breast should quit worrying. Small breasts don't sag.


I greatly agree with most of the ladies here. It is a shame the way people are so obsessed with the ridiculous fake breasts. All you ladies are beautiful.


I hate pornography. It destroys all what is supposed to be humanly natural, huge breasts and that's why guys that are fixated with those strippers' bodies can't make healthy sexual arousal with a normal woman. They destroy themselves with ''perfect bodies'' idea in which are only sexual objects, instead of understanding that our bodies are part of a marvellous part of the physiology of the human body, not garments.


I think this website really helps girls with their own body problems. And seeing all these pictures, really makes you feel better about your own.


I'm 17, with size B breasts, and I've always hated them - I wished they were fuller and I thought they maybe sagged a bit much and pointed outward a little. I hated bikini season because of my small boobs, and I was so self-conscious and ashamed. Being self concious about my breasts contributed to extreme body issues I have. However, this site has helped me take a huge step towards accepting my body - I now love my breasts :) Thankyou so much.


I am so glad to have found this site. I have never been completely comfortable with my breast, always a little confused about why they didn't look like the breasts around me. I was one of the first girls to menstruate and grow breasts in my class at age 9 and 10. But despite being an early bloomer all my friends ended up with much larger breast than mine. My sisters all have very large breasts DD and E, one sister had a reduction and is very happy with it, it was necessary for her spinal health. I recently found out when I was 23 that my mother had implants and used to have small breast like me. That made me feel better about my own. My boyfriend commented once about my big areolae and that he did not expect them to be that big the first time he saw them. At first I was a little hurt, but now I know he loves them and was just confused about the diversity breast himself! Since entering my mid twenties, my breasts have slowly gotten bigger and are the perfect hand-full B or C size right now, but they droop quite a bit. The pictures on this site show how different breasts are and how they change though out a woman's life. Thank you so much for the info and pictures on this site. I wish I could have seen it when I was a teen. THANK YOU!!!


Thank you so much!!! I always felt my brest where not normal. I'm so happy that these ladies bared all to let people know that those barbies are not real. Thanks ladies you lifted my confidence a lot. I feel much better about myself now.


I love this site, always come on when I'm feeling down about my breasts.. I just wanted to ask something - why is it people say saggy breast are disgusting? or that it's wrong to have them when you're young? do they not realise how it makes us feel? It makes me teary when I read something like "It's so lame and disgusting to have saggy breasts at such a young age" or "You're not supposed to be saggy at that age!!" Do they not understand that it can be because of genetics or weightloss?! We can't help it... has the media brainwashed people that much? People are so stupid. I hate the media.. makes me want to kill myself, I have no hope!


I found this site by looking for bra sizes for abnormal breasts. I have one two sizes bigger than the other one because of pcos.((polycistic ovarian syndrome)) I'm not too overweight,but I am 5'7". It's hard to go out because one size is a 38c and the other is like a 32c and I am very self conscious about it. I usually wear big shirts to hide them,because it's really hard to find bras,you jsut have to keep going.


Firstly congratulations on your fantastic site, what you are doing I'm sure has helped countless women to realise that they are normal and it's the media portrayal of the 'perfect breast' that is so far off the mark!
I'm a fella and am a self confessed 'boob man'. There is one word that comes up everytime I'm asked to describe the perfect boobs and it's 'NATURAL'. Ladies, believe me, guys might make comments about the girls in the media but the reality is that most guys love natural boobs, and yes, even ones with quirks :-)
I'm angry that due to the media pushing these images of 'plastic' barbie girls in our faces so much that people now have such a warped view of what is 'normal'. Some of the comments the ladies in your galleries have made left me speechless. Saying how unhappy they are with thier boobs when they are perfect just the way they are.
Please ladies, stay natural and love your boobs..... we do!


Just checking out the breasts. All different in shapes and sizes. It is true that men don't really care that much. We do like to look at them. Myself, I like the smaller ones.

I can't tell you what a huge help your site has been to me. I got breast implants at the age of 20 because I felt that my natural breasts (which were between an A and a B cup before my surgery) were woefully small. My mother used to tell me that I had a boy's body and my first boyfriend also made me feel self-conscious about my breasts. The only breasts I'd ever seen were my mother's large ones and of course all of those non-realistic swimsuit models and actresses that we are all conditioned to view as "ideal." All of these factors influenced me to have the surgery, and countless women have undoubtedly been similarly influenced to get augmentations.

I am now, several years later, seriously considering having the implants removed and this site has been a TREMENDOUS help to me. The gallery is full of beautiful, NATURAL, breasts--not only large ones, but small ones as well. Having looked at all of the pictures on this site and having looked at hundreds of implanted breasts on plastic surgery sites, in 99.9% of cases, I have to say that even the best looking fake breasts do not look as pretty as natural ones--regardless of size, sagging, stretch marks, etc. Nor do they FEEL as good either! It is so encouraging to me not only to see how beautiful small breasts look, but to read the comments from men, comments which have made me realize that I was wrong to assume I'd be completely written off because of my small breasts and wrong to assume that all men prefer larger breasts. I had no idea that men are pressured to express a preference for large breasts in order to appear more masculine!

The articles on this site have also helped me stop obsessing over my breasts as the sole determinant of my attractiveness. I really think women's fixation on their breasts is such a sad waste of time. I have spent countless hours in front of the mirror loathing my breasts, feeling depressed about my breasts, and searching the internet for pills and creams... hours which could have been much better spent studying and writing papers for school, volunteering, participating in hobbies, spending time with friends and family, learning a new skill, etc. There are SO many more worthwhile areas of self-improvement than one's breasts!

I just had to say thank you to the creators of this site, to all of the women and teens who shared their pictures (you're all beautiful!), and to all of the men who took the time to leave honest comments! I feel so much better now about going from my fake DDs to my natural A/B cups, and anyone who has a problem with my real breasts will just have to go jump in a lake!


Wonderful! I have always felt weird admitting that I hate the plastic, unreal "porn star" boobs that bedeck Hollywood and most of the Internet. These lovely, real breasts have restored my faith in the natural beauty of women.


Everyone has their pysical downfalls that make them shy towards photography, I do too. My penis curves south, but I am ok with it. Accept ourself as you are.


I am a male and I really enjoyed seeing so many breasts and reading the stories that go with them. It is nice that there can be such a site and it not be pornographic in spirit.

I wanted to just give some encouragement to all those women out there that have small breasts... they look great! I know many men who find small breasts attractive and that is my own preference.


I came upon this site by accident. My wife has small, A or AA size breasts and is shy about even swimming. She always felt that she was not beautiful, until I found your site and she read the comments by other women, small, medium, and large breasted. She is happier now about her size now. By the way she is tall, 5'9" and 109 lbs.


Breasts are most beautiful part of the body of a woman and they should be proud of it and the breasts become more beautiful, shapely and good looking more they are fed to children.


I just happened upon this site but what I would like to say to all the women here, good for you. Breasts are nothing. I can't have a good coonversation with them and they aren't going to save my life. Once again, congratulations to all of you.

Hi. Great job guys. I love your site. I was going to have my breasts done but after seeing the pictures I can safely say that that won't be happening and I guess I just really wanted to say thank you. I was so unhappy with my breasts untill about 30 minutes ago but now I see its such a trivial thing to worry about. I can't believe that I was actually going to let someone cut into my body and stuff my chest full of plastic!!! How stupid am I!!! I was so caught up on myself that I didn't even think of the 'side effects'. Now I see that, although my breasts may look better after surgery, there is no guarantee that they actually will or that they won't deflate or rupture, or whatever else it is that fake boobs might do! Its so so so not worth the risk and after seeing the pictures I know that my breasts really aren't that bad. They're not perfect but who cares? I think I wanted the surgery to make myself look more appealing to men but, seriously - who cares what men think!!! lol.
If they only love me for my boobs, who needs em?!! I think all the girls on your site are very brave they deserve a big thumbs up. I have realised that I wouldn't treat these girls badly for not having 'perfect' breasts, so why should I treat myself badly? I think its horrid what the media does to women and I just hope your site gets out to as many yourng girls as possible. It's a real God-send. Thanks again. You guys are great.


This website is fantastic! It's so nice to see "normal", natural breasts, it's really reassuring. I'm a 36D, with a pretty thin and athletic frame. It's nice to see that not all big-chested women look like porn stars.


I love this site, I visit every so often when I start to feel insecure about my breasts and always feel reassured. The sad thing is I'm 45 and you'd think I would get over my insecurities already. My breasts started to sag almost as soon as they developed. In my thirties I consulted with a plastic surgeon for a lift and ended up with implants instead. They ended up sagging again anyway. They look fairly natural despite the implants but still I fret and worry especially since I am thinking about dating again after 6 years of being single. It is terrible the pressure we women feel to be perfect.


I am 21 yrs old and very large breasted. Thanks to your website I have learned to put aside the complexes I had about my breasts.


I am 20 and feel so much better about my breasts after looking at these pictures. My breast are very saggy, and have been this way ever since I lost a lot of weight. I have actually been dumped over it not once but twice and have been told that men find it to be a deal breaker. I refuse to get surgery done because I don't feel comfortable about that.


I'm a newly divorced, 24 year old mom of 3 (8, 3, and 1). Honestly, I didn't have a problem with my breasts until after I had my kids. I've always been petite (5'2 105-110) and by 10th grade, I'd developed to a size 34C and I was fine with that. When I had my oldest, I grew a cup size and was REALLY happy with my overall appearance (still petite, but filled in well). When I stopped breastfeeding after 18 months, my chest shrunk down to a 34A/B and they sagged. With my other two children, I stopped breastfeeding earlier hoping that I might be able to hold onto the C/D I'd grown back into, but no luck; back to the A/B range. Ever since my first, I've been VERY conscious about my breast size to the point of even trying "natural enhancement" pills to try to make them grow again (nothing worked). Since my separation/divorce, I've been feeling more confident about my body, but every now and then, the image in the mirror just wouldn't look right (tonight was one of those times). Thankfully I was led to research what "average" breasts really were and I'm happy to have found this site. It was especially helpful to read the comments from the guys. :o) I can now go to bed with the assurance that my breasts are fine just the way they are. :o)


I feel that this website is great cuz it shows that everyone is different and the only time when they compare us flat-chested people are to big perfect remodelized breasts who are not even real. This website is great it shows everyone's differences!


Looking through some of these pictures has made me realize that my breasts are normal. I've always thought they were too saggy and the areolas were too big, but knowing that other people have breasts that look like mine makes me believe I don't have to keep a bra on during the deed for fear of a man not liking me. THANK YOU!


I am 53 and never realized that everyone looked so different! This is a wonderful site and I can't wait to show my daughters to stop worrying!


Thank you so much for this website. Believe me when I say you really helped me. I am 19 years old and my breasts are very assymetrical and have been since I started developing 7 years ago. One of them is an A cup while the other is a C. I have been very self-conscious of them for years and hate wearing bathing suits or dresses where I can't wear a bra to even them out. I now have an insert which evens them out but in some cases the difference is noticeable. I have always been ashamed of them and am afraid to face guys for fear that they will be grossed out. I have been considering plastic surgery to even them out for years but this website and other people's stories have really helped me reconsider that plan and accept my lopsided breasts for what they are. Thank you so much for this website. You definitely helped me.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Women are beautiful because they are DIFFERENT! It is a terrible tragedy for a woman to hate her body, thank you so much for helping to fight this sad trend!


Hi I'm a newly 15 y/o and a 36DD and I have to say that up until a year ago I was somewhat ashamed of my boobs... but now I think about it and they're not going anywhere anytime soon, so instead of hiding them now I want to wear no more baggy shirts and stuff... I still am a bit embarassed by them like I'm not going to run in gym but soon I will grow past all that... But I have to say this site made me feel a bit normal. I mean for being a teen, my boobs arent the perkest so yeah... I'm just hoping they stop growing! There is just one thing I want to say to all the "smaller chested females": having big boobs is great in the sense I can fill my shirts out with no problem... lol. But just think you probably have no problem with like playing baseball or golf. Well big-breasted people do because they get in the way... but I have a problem when small people complain about have small boobs and then people say well if you had big boobs... and they go on and list the problems and all that, I mean yeah having big boob does have its downs (in more ways than one) but small boobs have problems too. One more thing, stop bashing the big-breasted by calling us whores and sluts... not all are, sorry! I really enjoyed your website and learned a thing or two with peoples comments, thanks!


I actually cried while looking at the pics of normal breasts. Like my "make-up awakening", this really hits home. I have large (up to H while nursing)), very droopy breasts that are asymmetrical w/ very large areolas and nipples (and a few stray hairs, too). How nice to know I'm NORMAL. I don't want to wear these painful u/w bras anymore -- my boobs shouldn't look like a 17-year-old's with implants! What a weight off my chest - LOL!

Daniele R.

I'm a 20 year old with, I think, beautiful breasts (C-cup, average looking nipples, aoreolas, etc). This website terrified me - especially the pics of breasts after and during breast-feeding. I was also horrified to learn that, even if I opt NOT to breast-feed, my breasts will still be affected. This is a horrible thing to say, but, some of the breasts on this page seemed not just unattractive, but absolutely disgusting and hideous. (Hang on; I'm almost done being ignorant...) I guess I'd just like to say that, I didn't THINK the media had affected me (Victoria's Secret catalogs never made me self-conscious, and in fact, I usually notice slight imperfections in the women that make me realize that hey, it's okay for me to have a little bit of fat too, because even the models have little love handles, for example). Apparently I'm dead wrong though - It MUST be that the media and society have affected me, in a terrible way, so that I find myself "horrified" by pictures of completely NORMAL breasts. This site has definitely opened my eyes to an attitude problem that I didn't even know I had. A picture really is worth a thousand words, and I didn't realize I was so grossed out by (and afraid of getting) sagging breasts until I saw actual pictures of them. In the future though, I will try to keep in mind that breasts are not "supposed" to look like anything other than breasts. I'm willing to learn. I just hope that men will do the same.


Thank you so much for this website! I am a 15 year old and I have size C cup breats. I was always very self-concious about my breasts because I feel I have very large areolas. The pictures that you've posted and the educational information has shown me that I'm not the only one worried about my breasts, and it doesn't matter what they look like because they ARE only for the purpose of breastfeeding. Thank you! xox


A 67 yr old male with gynecomastia, I was referred to your photo gallery and found a lot more. My measurements would indicate I would be a 48 A. Small for a woman perhaps, but I suffered with them and thought they were huge. Over time I have learned that the range of normal is indeed very wide. You can bet my 4 daughters and 9 grand-daughters will be referred to your site. The same mania that sends our girls to seek surgery to augment their breasts is sending a legion of young boys and men to reduce theirs. Boys and girls alike, our youth are being mutilated as a result of the sexualization of our breasts.


I'm 21 and have 34DD breasts, I have been lucky in that they have always been perky-ish, but was afraid that they would sag terribly. I have been very ill and lost a lot of weight and my fear of sagging breasts became a reality. Thanks to this website I feel a lot better, knowing that my breasts are normal has made an incredible impact in my life! Thank you!


Hi I'm 16 years old and am slightly ashamed of my breasts. I wear size 34A bra. I wish I was a size B. I came to this site looking for ways to help my breasts grow. I now feel better and am better educated about what "normal" breasts are suppose to look like, instead of what tv leads us to believe. I don't want to make my breasts larger for any man or because of whats on tv, I just would like the way they'd look in low cut shirts better than I do now. Do you think in time they could still grow to be a b size? Please comment. Oh and thank you for your site, it truley helped.


Your breasts may still grow and develop; or they may not. Some girls' breasts get a little fuller even in their early twenties. Only time will tell!

Whenever I take my bra off, my nipples get cold and I have to rub them or hold them to mke them feel better. Then these little bumps form on the nipples. Is this bad?


It's not bad, just normal. Please see normal nipple pictures.

I just wanted 2 say this site is awesome, and it really helped me. I'm 14 years old, 5'2 and 95 pounds, with 32 AA breasts, and very small nipples. I always used to wear bras with huge padding and sometimes even 2 bras to make it look like I have breasts. I always planned on getting surgery when I was old enough and getting implants but after seeing this site now I relize that my breasts are beautiful and God didn't put them there to be a sex object! Now I'm happy with my breasts, and I pity all the models out there who get implants, because they will never really relize their real beauty and be happy with themselves.




I was self-conscious of my small breasts throughout my teens; I just couldn't understand how I ended up with tiny 34As, when my mom and all the other women in my family were blessed with voluptuos Ds. Well, at 24 I have finally realised that I have been blessed too, in my own way, and that my breasts are healthy, small and beautiful! Guys are attracted to inner beauty and the self-confidence that comes from truly accepting yourself the way you are, big or small. Thanks for an awesome site, we need more of this type of discussion on and off the web!


I can't even begin to express my gratitude for this site! Thank you so so so much!!! I am 20 years old and the last few years I've been worried sick about the look of my breasts. I've always thought they looked pretty saggy, like a woman's in her forties. I am still self-concious about them, but I now know that I'm not alone and that I'm normal!!! Who would've thought! In reality I never had any problem with my breasts myself, what I was really worried about was that a future boyfriend might take off my bra and be disappointed in me because I don't own firm perky breasts like the models in the commercials. I thought very seriously about plastic surgery but thanks to this site it is no longer an option I am considering! I am beautiful just the way I am and if a man won't appreciate me because of my boobs then he is not worth my time and attention! :D


Wow... I really appreciate this website. It really made me understand that my boobs arent all that odd looking! Thanks alot.


I am very happy to see this non-sexual and education website which is really helpful to analyze things which are difficult to understand. I truly appreciate being able to see photos of regular breasts in a non-sexual way. I saw some like mine, which before I thought odd (mine). Now, I feel, "Wow, mine are average after all." Thank you.


Thank you so much for making me feel normal again. I'm 33 years old and my breasts are very large and starting to sag. I'm also worried that they might look worse after I lose weight and was considering a breast lift, but this site has given me the reassurance that I so desperately needed. I'm so sick of being bombarded with perfect, perky breasts in the media.
Thanks again!


As a teenager I was the skinniest boy in school. I was self-conscious and ashamed of my "abnormal" body. So I know how the women on your website feel about not have "perfect" breasts. Your website helped me appreciate what women go through, how absurd our obsession with women having "perfect" bodies is. And it reminded me how important it is to love ourselves and the bodies Nature gave us.


Why are they a sexual stimuli? Because they are something forbidden for men to see everyday. So they (the males) use their imagination and that is what is stimulating them. To guess what they would see (the forbidden).
After a stint on a nude beach, where these items are aplenty, the stimulation reaction dissappears as it is a common sight. Nothing special.
That's what this guy can tell you.


After viewing your breast gallery, I discovered that my breasts are not that bad after all... Thanks.


Thank you for this website. My small breasts (A cup) made me feel a little inadequate. Although my breasts provided milk for my son for almost 3 years. After viewing the diverse shapes and sizes of breasts on your site, I appreciate my breasts more because they are mine and unique!!!!


Hi, I'm Atia and I'm 15. My chest size is a 35AA. Sometimes I think about getting larger boobs but I don't really care no more. Sometimes I wish I was a size B instead of an A, but it's ok for me. Now I feel more better cause there are people like me ^_^ I think I'm still under changes because I have pain and lumps or "buds" are still growing I think O.o, I love your site!! xD


I am a male with 38b breasts, they have always been large. I have no problems having large boobs for a man, but they ache a lot because I also run a lot. Wearing a bra has helped, but feel strange wearing one at times. Would like to know if there are any other men with this problem. I am straight and do not crossdress except for wearing a bra as needed.


Yes, there are other men. The medical circles use the word "gynecomastia" to mean if a male has substantial breasts. You can easily find information and discussion forums about this if you do a web search for "gynecomastia forum".

Thank goodness there is a site that shows what breasts should really look like! Please believe me, all you "flat-chested" ladies out there... there are many of us who are very jealous of you. I developed very young and very quickly. I've been a DD for a long time and hate it. My back gets sore, bras dig in and pinch, clothes are impossible to find that fit correctly and the visual alone has caused a lot of trouble in life, from boys teasing me when young, to some grown up men treating me like a bimbo. Personally, I would kill to not HAVE to wear a bra at all times, and am considering a reduction at this point in my life. I'm very envious of women who can wear pretty bras, be comfortable and not get negative attention for it. Please, consider yourself lucky and completely normal!!