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I have struggled with self image for a very long time and upon searching "normal breasts" online to compare mine to, I found this website. It has made me feel so much better about myself seeing the beautiful and unique plethora of normal breasts on women of all shapes and sizes. I'm a small B with medium sized nipples and have never really liked their puffiness or size.

Madeline L

I have no idea how I came across your website.... since I am a man. But I am a loving husband and a father of 3 girls whose age is 19, 19, and 16.... and 3 nieces I see every day who are 12, 9, and 7. Your website is very informative and very educational. I only hope after I show your site to my wife that we can use it to help inform our kids and our relatives children (when the time is right) all the useful information your site as to offer. Thank you for making such an informative and educational website. Your work is much appreciated !!!!!

I appreciate your site and cause for which it exists! It is encouraging to have a place where the uniqueness of women's bodies can be realized.

For all of the women who have contributed photos, thank you. You are helping men and women like me get beyond the obsession with women's breasts. Something we have been conditioned in North America all my life.

God made each of us unique. He does not make mistakes. Large, small, round, flat, there really is no right or wrong. If you wish to change your look that is your choice. However, please do not make the mistake of comparing with others. All women are God's most beautiful creation. Just know that you are. I thank our Creator for His mercy and grace for giving such beauty to life as women.


This is directed to all women from a male's point of view, women's breasts regardless of size, or shape and form are to be respected always. They are necessary at birth to feed us males. So let's get away from the torture of implants, surgeries, cosmetics, and get out there and enjoy life as it is. Hope this is helpful, reason being a good close friend of mine has lost one of her breasts due to cancer.


As a man I can truthfully say all these women's breasts look great. Don't assume all men want perfect breasts. Remember that everyone is unique and that in itself is beautiful. I don't see anything bad here at all. These women are different from one another and I personally like that. They should be happy with what they have.


I actually tried to make a site like this once through a blog platform, but people misunderstood it, so i stopped. But this is amazing! I love this site!

Karoline Lester

The most exciting and loving gift one can give to another is themselves. You can't get it anywhere else, just you. When a boy/man falls in love with you, they will love all of you just as you are. Whether an A cup or DD, whether puffy, inverted or pokies, when you offer yourself with love, the right person will receive with love and attempt to give back more. If he doesn't, he's not the one.

This web site should be required reading for girls sex ed! Excellent job! I've shared this site with my grown kids to share with my granddaughters as they begin their journey into womanhood.

Michael in NC

I'm 19 years old and I didn't really have boobs till I was about 16. I have always been self conscious about the way my boobs look because my nipples stick out strait and are half inverted. I really love this site it has helped me to see that I'm not the only one that has issues with my breasts because for so long I literally thought that everyone on the whole planet had nicer breasts than me but now I have come to realize that every woman's breast are unique and different and it's ok to be different! Beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder.


All of you women have beautiful breasts! I was so insecure about my 34A but after looking at this and seeing all these other women putting themselves out there and me knowing I'm not alone made me feel so much better and I thank you all for that! You guys are truly inspirational!


I wish more women would speak out more about mens breast addiction, and now, women have become addicted!!! Sadly we are a society which women have fought to become liberated but to our demise,we've become more powerless in our fight. We are controlled and brainwashed by the media, movies, magazines, celebrities, strippers and pornstars who capitalize on "mens fantasies." Women must wise up and STOP being "Men's Entertainment" this is the Real Power. Start loving yourself and fight for who you truly are.


I made the stupid mistake of having implants and am left with scarring and a-symetrical breasts. Coming onto this site has made me feel so much better about them. I don't feel like a freak now and honestly can see breasts in a new light, I think all the women on here look beautiful because most importantly, they are natural. I think implants look ugly and hope more young girls will be able to see this site and think again, because implants are very dangerous and I will have lymph glands swollen with silicon for the rest of my life. Thank you to all the women who have contributed to this site!!!!




I have had breasts that were burned since I was a child of 6. They grew to what I thought was normal for me. I am glad to see that my normal is the same as other normals for other women. While I do have scar tissue over my breasts, they did grow and I do have the same issues, one is larger than the other, I don't like how they look (mine have burn scars on them) and I only have one nipple that is more of a protution than a nipple. I thank you for this site as it helped me to see that my problems are not any different than women who have no scars and have "normal" breasts. Big, small, stretched, not stretched, scarred, nipple, no nipple, we are all the same in that we wish they were more uniform, looked more alike and didn't have such a huge impact on our self esteem.


This site is great! the media pushes soooo much hype at women that "normal" women think they are abnormal and worry and sometimes hate themselves. Away with the media (tv, movies, magazines) that push fake women who are air brushed and photoshopped to death. Men and women should see this site. Now do they have one for penises? (men agonize over theirs more than they admit. Time to get back to reality folks!!! :)


Thank you so much for this website, for so long I have thought my breasts were extremely strange and that they weren't normal.
Now thanks to your site I'm can see that mine are perfectly normal, So thankyou, thankyou very much. :)


This site is brilliant, I was worried that my breasts were ugly due to all the plastic surgery and pornography breasts, but I now realise that mine are perfectly normal :) thanks

There is no such thing as "perfect breasts" surgically "fixed" or not. If you were to look closer to all the "perfect" or "ideal" breasts the media shows, you will be able to see their slight imperfections also. I was an eary bloomer and got my breasts at 9 years of age. I was always worried that they weren't good enough and wished for bigger and more lush breasts. By the time I was 14, I had a large D and my nipples weren't as big or standing as erect as my friends. This made me feel like I had horrible breasts and the stretch marks from my breasts growing so fast didn't help my confidence either. Somewhere between age 14 and 16, I began to accept my breasts the way they were and even enjoyed them. I got pregant at 17 and my breasts just ballooned to a 36DD. The stretch marks looked so deep and were a dark shade of purple. My sister would point them out and say how bad they were and how she would hate to have them and that just devestated me! The day after I had my baby my b reasts ballooned once again. I never did get another fitted bra so I just new I was spilling out of my 36E. My breasts were very full and heavy. They started to sag from the weight. I breast fed until i lost my milk when my daughter was 9 months. And now my breasts are not firm at all. They have an empty bag feeling to me and they don't look full. After losing my fullness, my breasts look to be sagging even more. My husband likes to tease me and and make jokes about after nursing breasts look like fried eggs hanging on a nail. That hurt coming from my husband and when he brought up breast enhancement surgery I was all for it until I came across this website. I have changed my mind and I am starting to love my breasts how they are. My husband looked at this website too and it changed his outlook. He is supporting me fully. For those of you who are thinking about surgically enhancing or reducing your size, think about the pros and the cons. I can only see one positive and it i s molding yourself into the social "image" the media thinks is right. The negatives are, the results won't always stay in your favor, you can ruin your breasts, you will never accept you for who YOU ARE, and you still won't be "perfect". Embrace who you are and love yourself because you are perfect for YOU. You are your harshest judge and the only way to please yourself, you need to stop changing to fit in and be you. When you accept yourself, that will be the day you feel perfect. Everyone has worries about their self image. Break the cycle and love you. Help others love themselves. Every body is beautiful inside and out.

Teigan Watkins

I love this website. I really really do. Thank you so much for providing this resource of information to the world. I wish I had known about this website when I was in high school, it would have made the 'band-aid bra' comments a little easier to take.


I didn't get larger breasts (as in, they didn't develop much) until fifth or sixth grade. Almost all of the other girls had A-B cups then, when I was still rather flatchested. Then, in seventh grade, I met a rather busty girl and became close friends. I found out something from her: Some women would prefer to have smaller breasts. To use her words: "I would be the most flat-chested chick you ever met if I could."
This site taught me to accept myself for the B-cup I am.
~Natasha, a much wiser 18-year-old

This website literally saved my life. I am 17, and my insecurity about my breast size has ruined the three serious relationships I have been in. This insecurity pushed me into a depression that nearly drove me to suicide.

Since I stumbled upon this site, I feel so much more confident about my breasts, and body as a whole. It has helped me to realize that I look totally normal, and that I should just be confident about my breasts. Thank you so much. You have helped me to not hold myself to supermodel standards, and to just accept myself as I am. I have not had a suicidal thought since I came on your website, so thank you!


I am so happy I found this site. I thought that since my breasts turned outward just a little that something was wrong with them. Turns out a lot of the normal breasts pictures showed that for larger women/larger breasts. :) So, I do have normal boobs. I'm glad I don't have to have porn star boobs... the surgery sounds painful!


I don't know where to start or how to say thankyou enough to all the beautiful and amazing women who have created and shared with this website. I'm a 21 year old women, and i have 34B breasts - I struggle with them all the time, constantly worrying they aren't "big enough" - honestly what does that even mean?!?! I hate how the media depicts how women are "suppose" to look - or in particular our boobs!! No wonder men have such expectations, and women for that fact. All we see are huge perfect breasts all over the world, but this website shows that what the media shows us isn't beautiful - REAL WOMEN ARE. I know i'll still struggle with my breasts, but it does give me some peace of mind to know women all over the world think the same from time to time - even women who I would think wouldn't (those who have bigger breasts then me)! Such a silly thought to think that breasts make someone happy, and I need to stop letting mine control my moods or my self confidence!!!

We need to focus more on the fact that every individual is beautiful in every way!! Keep your heads high girls!!!


So pleased there is a website to show what real breasts look like-I developed breasts very young and they were between a D-DD through my 20's. At age 29 I was in a near fatal car crash where my already pendulous breasts became an airbag and saved my life. I have gained a lot of weight since then (broke both knees) and aged (41 now)and they remind me of windsocks I have to move out from under me when I sleep on my side. But they saved my life and my husband (who met me several years after the accident) reminds me of this every time I look in the mirror and feel sad about their shape. And young ones- do NOT worry about what your breasts look like-I used to think mine were awful when I was young and now I look back and realize they were lovely! And if your significant other is seeing them for the first time, they are probably just as concerned about you judging them on their merits-I now call mine the 'twins' since I spend so much time corralling them into bras. They're yours-love them!


If breasts were visible as in many native communities to this day are in Africa, Asia and South America-we would not see them as taboo or sexual objects-but society and the media have made them highly sexualised, when in fact all they are: a pair of mammary potrusions that women use to nourish their babies with.By default,if you hide something, it becomes something that needs to be seen or desired to be,the same goes for the bum and our genitals. Its human nature but in essence we are simply flesh,blood and bones with a spiritual inner-being controlling it-that is all in a nutshell.


I'm a guy. I spent most my life fixated on the classic cultural look a the time - large breasts. Out of that cultural bent and the peer pressure, I wasted a lot of opportunities for loving relationships with a lot of women, simply because I was too stupid to see how wonderful they were apart from breast size. I write it off to the foolishness of you, you are free to call me a jerk, I certainly was the loser in any case. I'm married to a wonderful woman with smaller breasts who is absolutely the perfect match for me because of interest and personality. The site is wonderful. To any guys who may have showed up to look at 'boobs', grow up. You'll have a lot more fun and find a lot more satisfaction if you do. Love is where you find it and it is not defined by the physical. After 30 years of marriage, my wife is more lovely than the day I met her. Why am I here? I'm an author looking for more information. This site is great for conceptualizing physical features in this one area.


I always worried about my breast if they were not hanging to much, or to big or wathever the complaining was. I'm not american but dutch (black) and thank God porn-breasts do not have a great influence here than in America. But I can understand why guy's think normal breast are pointy and not hanging even a tiny bit, we can blame the porn, music and modeling industry for that.

Thank you! afters seeing this page I love my breast :)


Ladies, most likely not news to you, but men also worry about their size. It's true for both, size doesnt count. Confidence is the real key >:)


Hello! I just have to say THANK YOU. I am a girl that has been insecure about my breasts for a while. I'm 15 and have 75DD/E (I guess thats european size?) my breast are a bit "saggy" and my nipples and the area around there has always been a bit "strange" for me. I have totally been brainwashed by all the movies and everything. I thought breast were supposed to be perfectly round and big.

THIS website made me feel better about myself. And reading all the comments from boys, actually saying that natural breast are pretty, really made my day better :)

Again, Thank you!


Thank you for this site. 100% thank you. I personally think my breasts have no problems that bother me. I am a C cup and have a few stretch marks on the inner parts of my breasts which I learned to quickly accept and love. It gets tiresome seeing nothing but perky bulging breasts that create earthquakes when they bounce all over the media and online. These women are beautiful, and bless all of our health. If my breasts weren't even, and it bothered me, I wouldn't mind finding a fix for it ((nobody should feel like they HAVE TO, that's just awful)). But above all I'd be thankful to at least be healthy.


I have to admit that I was searching for "normal" breasts out of curiosity. I grew up thinking that my breasts were abnormal for every reason possible. I also thought guys would like me if they were bigger but then again I was in high school. I have matured since then and grew to love them. Mine look like half the pictures on here. I am happy with my self now. Ladies, the confidence comes from within not the media or obsessed men. Learn to love what you have. Don't think about breast implants, the men on here are right. It is not attractive, you gain all the WRONG kind of attention and they look fake. All you YOUNG GIRLS in grade school and high school please, please let yourself develope before judging yourself or letting some hard headed kid poke fun at you and whatever you do don't take pictures of them and send them to some boy. This can come back to haunt you. I am very proud to have found this website because these are real people with real opinions. I am also glad to learn that men are not obsessed with breasts as I thought they were. Sorry guys! Ladies stay true to yourself. The saying goes, "Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind."

Female 22 yr. old

Hi I have always been self concious of my boobs. I remember when I was at a slumber party in 6th or 7th grade and all the girls were changing and one of my friends said my nipples werent normal. I didn't know that at the time and since then I've been super self-conscious about them. I'm a DD I am overweight. My areolas are very pale and they look like the same color of the rest of my skin. I have inverted nipples that I hate. But I have seen that many women also have them. My breasts are quite saggy and I hate looking at them in the mirror. But since I've been on this site I do feel better about them. I'm going to try and let my man see them. I don't want to be ashamed any longer. My boobs are normal! Thanks to everyone on this site.(:


I am male and in my life have known many ladies who have either had 'too little' or 'too much' mammary tissue. My best friend had reduction from 38DDD to 38 DD and the results were outstanding in relieving her chronic (and painful) backache. Conversely, one friend had her breat size increased which really gave her confidence a boost. Not all men are fixated on a women's breasts... although admittedly many males are truly obsessed with these organs. I know the benefits of breastfeeding from my tenure as a community-based Family Educator and Field Director. Young ladies, please do your homework when it comes to breastfeeding. Mother nature knows what she's doing and your babies health will thank you for it. As for "real" women's breasts: they (breasts) are just one dynamic of a women's charms-pardon me if that sounds 'programmed' as I am most intriqued by a woman's eyes-and its not a chore to keep my eyes pinned on the two orbs that some say are the 'windows to the soul"... her eyes. Who's to say what is "normal"? I pray those who suffer from self-esteem issues relative to breast size or symetry. Love yourself and that will outshine any real or imagined asymmetry or size issue.


Hi, I just have to say I love this website. Since I was like 9 I was fat and I had tiby boobs because of my fat self. I already knew about sex do not ask me how, but I was so concerned I would never get naked with anyone because I did not think I was normal. I felt like a pig. Right now I'm 19 and when I found this website I was 17 trying to find answers to things I was too afraid to ask because in school all the girls pretended to be perfect. After I saw the images here I gained so much confidence. Now I feel good about my body. I lost a lot of weight but my boobs are not that saggy. I feel pretty good. I am a virgin and I'm happy because I didn't do anything for the purpose of having a man. I actually want to stay a virgin for as long as I can. Either way I think this is a great website because without it I would not have been happy with my body i would have been stuck in my hole.


I am a guy that prefers smaller breast on a woman but ladies, I want you to know you are all beautiful regardless of breast size. It doesn't matter if your breasts are large, medium, small, different sizes or if you are flat chested, you are perfect.

Michael B.

I think women obsess over their breast size & shape much more than is necessary. I think I am a pretty typical male, & to be honest, I find all of the breasts pictured on this site to be attractive. They're all different, & beautiful in their own way. Whether they have stretch marks or veins or are large or small or symmetrical or asymmetrical or perky or saggy or have big or small areolas & nipples, they're all beautiful in their own way. A few guys zero in on one particular type of breast & have a fetish for that style, but that's actually kind of rare. Believe me, I have had this conversation with lots of buddies over the years, & if women only knew what guys are thinking & saying about their breasts, women would relax & not worry about their breasts, because guys like them just the way they are. Truly.


I am a seventeen going on eighteen year old. I currently wear a 42DDD. I started developing breasts when I was nine years old. I always got unwanted attention from my male peers because of it which me me hate having large breasts. Seeing these women's stories and having breasts presented in a non sexual way makes me feel comfortable with my own. Thank you


As a male I say size don't matter as long as they are real I'm not a fan of implants ..women should be fortunate and give thanks that they have some breast to call a breast and not have breast cancer and missing one or both.


Not all men are obsessed with big breasts. I actually prefer a women with smaller breasts. I find petite chested women much more attractive. And, I absolutely do not find artifically enhanced breasts attractive at all. I would strongly discourage any women from having breast enhancements. Many men find small chested women beautiful and any man that does not accept you for your natural beauty is not worth wasting your time with.


I love real breasts, I find them more attractive Big or small they are AWESOME! I hate plastic surgery unless it's for somone that has a messed up face from an accident or somthing then thats ok I guess but real breasts are better!

Zebra Stallion

I'm 22 and have always had asymmetrical breasts. The right one is a 36D, the left is a 36C. For a long time I felt very very insecure and self conscious about them. I would look in the mirror at myself and cry. I never go braless under tops if there are other people in the house because i feel like its really noticable. Your website has helped me so much, I saw a few photos that are exactly like mine! I look at your website and read the comments when I'm having a down day. I still feel self conscious about them but not as bad as I was. I'm trying to love what god gave me :) I especially take notice of all the lovely comments from guys! Comments like these help build our confidence too!? So thank you!?


Not all men are assholes and not all men are looking for perfect breasts.

I myself recognize that breasts come in different shapes and sizes as do penises and as do people. It might benefit these women to realize that we also understand that nobody is perfect and furthermore, we are just as self concious about our penises as women are about their breasts.

I have looked at a lot of the pictures on here and yes, some of them don't fit the "status quo" as dictated by the porn industry. But hey, I think that it lends to each person's individuality.

I just want women to know that not everyone is looking for a porn star....

Hi, as a teenage guy being on this site I have to say the women in these pictures are extremely brave to show the part of their body they feel most insecure about. Now I know it's probably been said but for the women out there who are saddened. Cheer up! There's a man (or woman) out there for everyone and you all should be proud no matter what people say or do to you. I'm glad to know that this site is here to help women feel better and become more aware about themselves. Please ignore the idiotic comments from the ignorant guys who accidentally show up here and I hope you all enjoy life with new-found confidence in yourselves.


I was (and still am) pretty self-conscious about my breasts. I'm 20 years old, and I wear a 32D, which fits my left side perfectly, but my right is more like a 32C. My left boob is a bit fattier and softer also. When I'm on the pill sometimes it evens them out a bit though...

I'm pretty tall and slim, and no one ever believes I'm a D, because everyone thinks of a D as a 36D... Which makes me really self-conscious because my friends all tell me I'm a B and I'm not wearing the right size, blah blah blah.

Anyways, I came across your site about a year ago, and I love how it really puts it into perspective. My boobs are normal, and actually somewhat perky. I really do wish my right was a bit bigger, because bras and shirts often fit strange or uncomfortably, but there are much worse things in life than having slightly uneven breasts.

Thank you so much for this site, it has really helped my confidence when I didn't have much.


I was in a relationship where I was told my breasts WERE NOT BIG ENOUGH or GOOD ENOUGH for "his desires" and it made me feel awful about myself. I have carried that self hatred with me for a very long time (even with my husband telling me my breasts are beautiful and perfect). In fact I didn't let that hatred go until JUST NOW. Thank your for this site .. it has truly helped me realize that I am not alone when it comes to not being "perfect" in that area .. but that won't stop me from loving them !! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH !!


Boy have I been brain washed by the media! My 34A boobs are gorgeous, just like every woman's boobs are! Thanks for helping me realize this.


Wow, this is an outstanding website. For many years I thought I was maybe the only one at a young age with saggy breast. And wanted to get surgery, I'm a 20 years old female, virgin, who thought something was wrong with my breast. I know I'm beautiful just the way God created me and so is every woman out there. At a young age my breast were developing and it was a normal size for my age and as I got older they became bigger and bigger. By the time I was 13 wearing D cup size. Today I wear 42 DD, I have friends who have been pregnant and has a child and has perky breast, I thought something was wrong with my body. And I'm also very curvy, it's time for us women to stop looking at what media and society has to say about our body and how they should look. If a man can't accept you for who you are, no reason to be with him in the first place. May this website be a blessing to women around the world. Big or Small breast EMBRACE them. Thank you, God bless!


For years I thought I was weird because I was a very late bloomer. I didn't really start to develop until I took birth control to control ovarian cysts. I had horrible issues with girls at my school picking on me because of how small my breasts were and spent years being called a "She-man" and being mistaken for a girly looking man. Around the age of 20 they finally began to grow and I found that one was bigger than the other which made me feel really uncomfortable and it was more noticeable because my ribcage is an unusual shape. Knowing it is something that is normal I am not so self-conscious of how they look and I am happy with them. Seeing mostly only women who have implants or relatively 'perfect' looking breasts made me feel exceedingly inadequate. Now I am much happier to have my smaller, perkier, and natural breasts. Thanks so much for having this amazing site, it really does help more than I could have ever hoped for.


I'm 22, 5'9Ft tall & From Africa. I'm presently on breast enlargement pills, I stumbled on this website this morning and I must say I'm really encouraged. I have non-saggy really small breast which could be perky if only they were bigger. I can't begin to mention the ridicule I've faced from both family & friends alike coz of my size. As a lot of people know, african women are most times endowed & this is honestly the first time I'm seeing breast as small as mine. I'm deeply encouraged by this website, I really hope to stop my quest for bigger breast as I've been trying naturally with herbs & ointments for over a year. I'm so relieved that it's totally normal to have tiny beautiful breast. Thank u for making me feel confident again.


Small boobs are beautiful. Somewhat smaller than average boobs are beautiful. Average size boobs are beautiful. Somewhat larger than average size boobs are beautiful. Large boobs are beautiful. Assymetrical boobs are beautiful. Conclusion: All boobs are beautiful. They are what God gave you, so be secure and satisfied with what you have. Did I mention that all boobs are beautiful??????


After spending about an hour and a half reading the stories from these women and looking at their breasts, I already started to see breasts as non-sexual and not at all arousing.


This page was so helpful. I'm 21 and a really late developer which has always made me quite self-concious. It's nice to know it's perfectly normal to develop in your body's own time. Thank you!


I'm only sixteen, almost seventeen. My bra tag reads 32B, but they look so much smaller than that. The pompous girls at my school have been no help in my self confidence issues (some of them had called me "cone-tits" for about two years because of my small breasts). I stand at 5ft 3inches, and weigh 94.4lbs. When I told my boyfriend that I was going to start working out to try and gain weight, he commented: "Maybe your chest will get bigger too." However annoying and hurtful society is when it comes to the feminine body image, I know now that this website, and all of the people who have viewed it so far, is there to combat the terrible misconceptions and offer relief. Mrci trs beaucoup!


After seeing so many of my female friends go through problems like talked on this site, I now see where i can help them, by directing them here so that they can see how special they are, and are not alone in anything. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who stepped up and showed the world and told their stories.

Thank you so, so much.


Hello, I am an 18 year old with at last measurement 34F size boobs. I have never really had that much of a problem with my breasts, in fact I have always liked them for the most part. However my left breast is quite a bit larger than my other breast and along with being large my nipple and aereola are very flat and not resposive for the most part. Not to mention on both breasts I have serious strech marks on the outsides because of my fast development. So while I wouldn't say I had problem with how my breasts looked, I can't say I was 100% happy either, and yet when I completely stumbled across this site I immediately felt better and realized that frankly, my breasts can't get more normal and I am happy to have them uneven or not :)

I would like to mention that I love how men are commenting on here about how great this site is. I think that the mens' reassurences are better in some ways than any other text on this site because it proves to us women that men have similar problems and really don't expect prefection.

As for the sexification of breasts that is something that I agree should be toned down a lot. While I understand that biologically breasts can be very attractive to men I also have always been curious about the fact that although men technially have breasts they can take of their shirt and women can't just because we've a bit more flesh in that area. The woman chooses when her boobs are a sexual object and no one else should have the right to do that. The media is such a sad source for women to see breasts, I at least had the benefit of seeing my mother (of 2 children brestfed both) and some of my friends so I can say that that helped me to realise the vast differences in breasts of women. But some are not so lucky and this website really changes your opinion on you body, even me who thought I didn't care that much so THANK YOU!


Thank you sooooooooooooo much for your website! It has helped me feel more normal about my breast shape. I thought I was the only one in the world with the tuberous breast shape.


Wow. I almost cried when I saw this site and all the people who contributed to the making of it. I have always hated my breasts and thought I was the only one who went through what I felt about them. It makes me feel better knowing others with the same kind of breasts like me and how they are learning to love themselves. You go girls! Take care everyone!


I'm a younger teen, and therefore mine are still growing so I've been a bit worried that I won't come out 'perfect'. This site has been great- I know that it's perfectly normal to not look like some completely plastic celebrity. ;D


I recently commented about my small breasts and to be honest I thought I would never come to be comfortable in my skin, but after really reading and looking through your gallery I think I'm freed from the prison I called my body. I had never really seen a naked woman other than the ones who show their bodies for a living, and they of course like women who are hand models would be "perfect". I took another look in the mirror and wow! I have perfect little breasts! I understand now. Thank you. There should be a way to get this message out so other women and young girls don't have to go through years of self hatred. I can't believe that this is all it took for me to get a different perspective. Thank you again. And ladies look at yourself as a whole, not part by part. Love yourself!


Hi! I love your site and will be sharing some of my experiences. One thing that is a bit unique about me is that I have never given birth to a baby but have spent about ten years breastfeeding my adopted children. I plan to tell both of my daughters about this site. My oldest daughter, age 20, has a cup size difference from one side to the other. Finding a bra that fits her, either in the cups or around, is really challenging. She goes braless most of the time and that usually works fine. My youngest daughter, age 16, is very small breasted. She didn't start getting any breast development at all until she was 13. She was starting to worry that she wasn't ever going to. Then, one started developing about a month before the other. Coming from that, I think she is pretty happy with her quite symmetric, A cup breasts. I think I have been pretty successful at helping them accept their bodies. They look totally different; one is a blue-eyed blond and the other is Haitian and Filipina, but they are both very beautiful girls. However, I think it is pretty much impossible to live in America and not have some of the attitude that breasts and other body parts have to be a specific size and shape, so I would like them to see some of the pictures here.

Looking at these pictures, I think some of the larger breasts probably appear larger than they are, especially in those that someone has taken, themselves, from only a few inches away.

Best Wishes!


This helped my child. She was nervous about what is going to happen to her chest, because she is at the age of when they'd get breasts so I showed her and she felt much better. Thank you.


Cannot thank you guys enough. Being the age of fifteen you get overly self conscious about your body. Especially my boobs. They are not quite puffy but they do erect when cold. I would look in the mirror and cry and call myself weird. And not even a day after finding this website I already feel like a million bucks and to know that I am not the only one.... thank you guys. you don't understand how this boosted up myself esteem and made me feel quite better about myself. Cause you are right every woman is unique her body is also. It's also nice to see that there are real men out there, never would I imagine them not caring about the size or shapes of breasts. Thank you all much once again. I don't think you truly understand the good that you are doing. Thank you much love.:)


All those breasts were lovely. The women should be proud that nature endowed them with such. They should know that silicone implants makes them look like robots.


To all the women out there, everyone in this world is different and unique. This means that your breasts and every other part of your body is supposed to be different and unique too. So there's no such thing as to big or too small... I believe the INDIVIDUALIZATION of a woman and her breasts is what brings out the beauty in her. It's sad to see women so self consious about their breasts when their supposed to be different anyway. This is how I think of it. You all should too.
-A man named Jay

Oh my God, thank you so much for this site. After breastfeeding two children for a total of four years my breasts are sagging, flat and just not what they once were (I'm only 25), but your site helped me realize that they are totally normal! "Perfect" breasts in media are often the result of going under the knife,
thank you

Wow, what a wonderful site this is, in so many ways.

First of all I am amazed and truly grateful to see how many men have posted here! For my whole life, I have had many more female friends than male. Although I very happy being a heterosexual male, I have always just seemed to identify more with women. Because, looking at how men in general are in the world, how they act, how they treat those around them, the unimaginable amount of pain and suffering in the world they have caused and the shape they've led our planet to be in, has left me with a very low opinion of those of my gender. So, my first thank you is for how wonderful it is to see on here how many other men there are out there who do truly love women, in all their shapes and sizes, for who and what they truly are--a wonder and a blessing. So thank you my brothers for reminding me that there's more of us good guys around that it may seem like at times.

My second thank you is for how amazingly healing this site is for all the women out there who have experienced emotional pain and suffering over issues with their breasts and/or general appearance. As was mentioned in one post on here, even if this site had only helped one person, that would be a wonderful thing. This site though has helped hundreds, or even thousands and more! So I most certainly second this site for the Nobel prize. ; )

Next, I want you women to know that you are not the only ones who can have breast issues. At least one person here has already written of an ex-boyfriend who had issues with his large breasts. For me, I have larger than usual nipples. For several of my early years (my 'tween' years I'd say, after the innocence of childhood but before the confidence and maturity of later teen years) I was incredibly self conscious about them. It was literally agony for me to appear in public without a shirt on. One of the most amazing and sad things about it is that, when I look back now, I was very likely the only person who ever even noticed them at all! So I went through all that pain and suffering for nothing! So remember all, we tend to be our own worst judges and the things which seem so horrible about ourselves in our own eyes are, most of the time, not or hardly even noticeable by anyone else. So be kinder to yourself!

Another thing I want to say is that it greatly disturbs me the number of teen girls who get breast implants these days; a number which is increasing all the time. I also find quite disturbing the number of very young girls on here who post that they wish their breasts were bigger. It is my sincere wish that their finding and reading through this site will help heal them of such unhealthily thinking. Your body is developing at exactly the rate that is natural for you! So please don't worry or rush yourselves!

Finally, I want to share a story with you. In 1991, in Ontario, Canada, a young university student named Gwen Jacob decided to take off her top (and bra) on a hot day and was fined for public indecency. Well, this young lady was not about to take that and decided to fight it. It went all the way to the provincial supreme court-and she won! Her two main arguments were these, she said:
1- There are men out there who have bigger breasts than I do. So why should they be able to be topless in public but I cannot. 2- (and this is the most important one) My breasts are only a sexual 'object' when I decide they are, not when someone else does.

I couldn't agree more, and apparently neither could the supreme court for not only was her charge dismissed, but they changed the law in Ontario allowing women to be topless in public in any area a man could be! So I don't agree with those who say women's breasts are not sexual, and I don't agree with those who say they are. I agree with Gwen- only each and every individual woman can decide, in any given moment, if her breasts are sexual or not.

So please remember this ladies. You're Breasts Are Yours! Only YOU can ever decide if you breasts are sexual or not, and most importantly, Only You can (and Should!) decide how you feel about this very special part of your body. Never let anyone tell you any different!

And breasts Are special! They can literaly provide the stuff of life to babies, they can be an incredibly comforting place to lay one's head in times of grief, suffering or for any reason at all. They are Beautiful and, c'mon, let's admit it, they can be Fun! ; D

So three cheers for this site! Three cheers for women! And three cheers for Breasts! May all you wonderful ladies on this site, and all over the world, fall deeply, madly in love with your breasts. Because they (You) deserve it!

I'm done : )


Reading the comments about 20+ year old women who "have never seen real breasts live" in their life I feel quite confused.

I know the cultural differences in this respect can be huge, but where I grew up in northern Europe, I can't imagine how this could have been possible. Girls shared a dressing room and went to a common shower after a gym class at school or an exercise at their sport. Parents could freely dress and undress at home together with their children while going to shower. A group of girls might have gone swimming together bare naked at late summer hours if they didn't have swimming suits with them and there weren't unwanted people around. In swimming halls, taking a shower without swimming suit (men and women separeted ofcourse, but girls+women together) was mandatory before going to the pool to ensure hygieny. And so on and so on.

There was nothing sexual in any of those events or situations. The girls were able to see breasts of different age, shape and size while growing up. All that was normal.

Even then, some girls ended up very unsecure about their breasts as they entered adulthood.

I can only imagine how much more one could worry if the only naked breasts to compare to are those in top models or porn stars.

Thanks for the site, hopefully it helps a lot of girls/women re-gain confidence and realize they are perfectly normal!


I would like to advice ladies to stop thinking [so much] about how their breasts look like. Some men like ladies with small, while others like big. So this can be confusing; you love a man who wants small, while on the other side you want to have a surgery to enlarge your breasts. Ladies, please, out there men understand every thing in creation, men are not looking for perfect ladies. A real man never bothered by shapes of breasts. If a man loves you cos of nice breasts then if you happen to have cancer hence losing one breast, the man then will stop loving you.


I've never understood why women's breasts could be considered "offensive" or "indecent" while some people are willing to pay to look at them. How can it be unacceptable on a beach but perfectly acceptable in a Vegas show? It's almost as if women don't own their own breasts. They can't bare them for their own reasons, but it's okay if someone else is profiting from it? It's just so blatantly sexist.


Thank you for this site. I have spent hours looking in the mirror and never being satisfied with my breast.They are small, awkwardly shaped, and nothing fits me right. Growing up I always felt awkward about my breast, for a while I thought it was just taking me longer to develop. Well I am 22 years old now and I know it is just not going to happen, no matter how hard wish or pray. I am trying to come to accept my body now. I did look into surgery but it just doesn't look like something I would want to put myself through. In addition I would hate to miss out on the bonding experience of breastfeeding (that is if and when I have children). It hasn't been an easy journey for me and I still have a long way to go; some days are better then others. Anyways thank you again you don't know how much better I feel knowing that I am not the only one who struggles to except and love the things that make us different and unique.


Growing up I noticed my breasts weren't what I thought was the "norm", perky round breasts. Mine were more pointed. I'm so glad I found this site. It has given me the confidence I've longed for and now that I see all these lovely pictures it's a reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Love yourself always.


I am 16 years old, and currently having a hard time accepting my breasts. I have a size of 36C and they are more pointed. I feel so self conscious about not wearing a bra. I am trying to learn to accept my body and this site really did help. Thank you so much :)


Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I'm 16 and quite chubby but my breasts are small, long, saggy and far apart, and just generally not what I've been exposed to as 'normal' in the media, and they have driven me to feel so socially isolated and depressed, but after looking at this site I just feel so NORMAL and CONTENT! We're all beautiful girls! My love to you all! xoxoxo


This is a great site for most women who think they have abnormal breasts (but haven't). Sadly because of media coverage of silicone enhanced actresses or models or perkily formed natural breasts on page three of the UK newspapers, a lot of women think they have horrible breasts. Women, I understand, come in all shapes and forms, small, round and large, saggy, flat, pointy or lopsided. I love my breasts because they are a part of me and make who I am. I'm a 38D. They are not too large, slightly uneven, not as pert as they once were as I'm 50 now, but I like them the way they are and I wish other women would accept if they have less than perfect breasts, because actually no one is perfect. And my husband loves my breasts too. Laura x

I think this is an excellent website. I have always felt insecure about the shape of my breasts - when I was in grade-school developing people would make fun of my shape - madonna breasts lol or cones - the shape has never really went away. I went to research about breast development and found this site. Turns out there are other women out there who do not have perfectly round breasts. I think this website is a huge self esteem booster. Women must learn to love who they are, no matter what shape and size.


Most of girls think that her breast is the great asset of her beauty but it is not so. Natural beauty is the true. So many female convert in big breast by surgery. If you want to show only hot one it is not true. You keep your breast which are natural one.


I'm sick of men forming their opinion based on an exposure of largely media influenced images of how breast are supposed to look!


This is a great site, first off. I have alwasys been concerned about how my breasts look, and I now realize they are normal. I am happy with them and u should be too. No matter what they look like. And if u r worried about what guys think, if they really love you, well they won;t care. :) This site has helped me a lot and I am now perfectly content with my breasts in every possible way!


Regarding female breasts, I think that they're just part of the body and should not be veiwed as sexual.

David H.

Wow this is a great site. I am a large breasted woman and have been since I was 12 when I wore a 34c. I am now 27 have one child and were a 36FF. I never really knew what natural large breasts looked like because I'm the only one in my family who has them. I guess most large breasts are kinda saggy just like mine.


It's nice to see a site where people can share their concerns or thoughts about appearances. Just as we all have diiferent likes of food, music, TV/movies, we all have different tastes in physical appearance. If you feel self-conscious about your body, don't feel alone. What you might see as an imperfection might be perfect in someone else's eyes. Love yourself and be proud of youself, you are a creation unlike any other!


I think it is wonderful that you are exhibiting normal pictures of normal breasts in all their variety for women to see, especially young women. Women, especially in America, grow up in a society where females receive and absorb a constant barage of messages about what is deemed acceptable body form, but is idealized by both sexes, and how they 'should' look. Nature creates variety, and aside from mastectomy patients and true deformities, it saddens me how often women augment their breasts to fit this ridiculous mold of 'ideal.' Humans need support, unconditional love and acceptance, not to feel any more 'less-than' than they already do. I see actresses like Milla Jovovich, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Portia De Rossi and many others with smaller breasts who have not implanted themselves with a foreign substance into their bodies as positive role models for women of all ages to love themselves as they are. Thanks again.

Christopher Borgstadt

Having looked at some of the pictures of breasts, I do not think that a person with big breasts should be too worried about their breast sizes. I also have big breasts and was uncortable with them a few months ago until I realised that many people at my age wanted to have breasts that were of my breast size. Now I appreciate the breasts I have because maybe if I had smaller breasts, I would have wanted much bigger ones.

Zethembiso Mkhize

Well, there are a variety of different looks of the female breast. I was very surprised to see so many with hairy nipples! My wife has been reassured that she is not the only one who has hair around her nipples. We enjoyed looking if you know what I mean!!!!


I am nine years old, and I wear an A cup. I am in the fourth grade, and want bigger breasts. Thanks to this site, I now know that everyone's breasts are different! Thanks!!!!


Hi I'm a 21 year old male and I just wanted to say that this is a great site. Women's breasts should be celebrated no matter the size or shape. I hope all the female visitors to this site find men (and women) who appreciate who they are and what their boobs look like. All women are beautiful, ladies, celebrate your boobs!


I agree. Female breasts are primarily for feeding babies. I don't understand why some men regard them as sexual organs.

David H

I'm 22 years old and I have had large breasts all my life and I have had children but I never breast fed them. Over the years I have sen my breasts change shape and start to sag. I'm not overweight. I never let my husband see them or anything. I've always been depressed about them for the last three years. I cry when I look in the mirror. I'm always asking myself why do I have to look like this (my breasts)? but I found this site and seeing all these pictures has made me feel better inside. I'm hoping as time goes on I can feel sexier and want to wear swimsuits and cute tank tops but I can't because my breasts have taken over my life. And I want to be able to one day look in the mirror and say our just fine and normal and not cry cause I feel unsexy and ugly. Thank you for all of the pics you have posted online for women with my same thoughts can see we are normal.


As a healing arts practitioner it is useful to view the photos and read the stories. On a personal note, I noticed in many stories the woman disliking or dissatisfied with her breasts. And, I said to myself, "No, they're beautiful; just the way they are!"

William Comer,BSc,CN

I was in my doctors office when in a pamphlet it was suggested to women to search up this site. I've always been a little selfconcious about my breasts because I have "inverted nipples" and my breasts are pretty small, small enough to often go braless. I have never felt so happy with my breasts before in my life. After seeing this website I can not say how much I love my shape and my nipples! All these breasts are beautiful on this website! Hooray for normal breasts!

xoxo -size 34A

I think this website gives a healthy real picture of womens breasts and is definately needed against medias/celebraties silicone filled women. I live in Finland and we go to sauna naked among our family members, so I have seen my mom's, my sister's and even my friends breasts and have always know they come in different shapes and sizes. It makes me sad that so many American women and men see only silicone breasts thinking that's how they're supposed to be and too many men grow up expecting every woman to have big perfect perky boobs. I hope your website gets lots of positive exposure and also men viewers. After all we have breasts so we can feed our offspring :)


Hi, I'm 17 almost 18. I'm about 5'4 and I weigh 158. I'm a size 34/36A sometimes 32B. I've always been self-concious about my small breasts. My mom is a size 36C, so wat happened to me? I always hated having small breasts, I always taught people would take one look at my mom and then wonder what went wrong with me. I'm always worried about what guys think of my small breasts, ussually I always covered them when I passed by a guy. But not anymore! Thanks to this website and all the peole who have commented, especially the guys, I feel more confident in myself. I hope to fing a guy like one of you, one that likes me and my small breasts. Thank You.


Je me sens vraiment plus en confiance apres avoir vu ce site. Je me sens moin seule et moin degueu :) Merci beaucoup.


[I really feel more confident after seeing this site. I feel less alone and less yucky :) Thank you very much.]

Hi, I'm 15 years old and I'm around 136-140 pounds. I guess you could say that's normal. Everyone seems to like my body including boys of course. Today we did a lab experiment in my class, and my guy and girlfriends and me started talking about my breasts because they are big (36C), which I think is normal for my age and weight. They could see how my breasts were a little curved over in my bra a little bit, and started joking about it and talking about how they sag. This made me very upset and I almost wanted to cry. They were also talking about how perky theirs are. The thing is, their breasts are smaller than mine, so I did get the thought that they might be trying to talk about mine to get rid of their insecurities. I thought about this until school ended and I got home, I wanted to find more information about breast growth and shape and came across this website! This website has truly made my day and I couldn't feel more comfortable with my breast now =) I put this link in my favorites bar to remind me that my breasts are totally normal. Oh and my areolas are large too, but I like it.


THANK YOU so much for this website. I finally got to look at other women's breasts, and now I'm feeling really ok with what I have. They sag, I'm 55, have breast fed four babies, and I never did have those cute little perky things that seem to be coveted by men. My weight has fluctuated over the years. If I loose weight, by breasts decrease also. It was just nice to see all the different breasts out there and to realize mine are normal.


For one thing, there are some porn sites that celebrate real boobs and if you look at those, the diversity is just like this site! I went through my own oddessy with my boobs. By the time I was 19 I thought they were the greatest. Set low, but full, not saggy. Then I had my first baby. My milk came in and so did the lightening bolts, streaking across my beautiful breasts like a summer storm. Despite my husband's reassurance, I hated to look at myself. I nursed baby 1 for only six weeks. Before baby 2 I went to LeLeche League group to learn how to handle all the inconveniences of breast feeding so I wouldn't give up so soon. This time the nursing experience was wonderful, easy, and easy to transport! I breastfed this one for 9 months, baby 3 for 3 years (we built a house ourselves and it was easier to get her to take a nap in the bathtub if I nursed her to sleep). Baby 4 only got 18 months. That experience has completely changed my view of breasts. It makes one realize that they were not made to be a man's playground, but an efficient way to feed children! Other cultures admire pendulous breasts because it showed fertility and wisdom. Today, I look like the mother earth totem, huge breasts, big belly, and really quite proud.

Mary Ann

I'm a late bloomer not getting my mentral cycle until I was 15 which kinda left me in a "A" cup category. Before I looked at this site I was very VERY self concious about my breasts because they are "too small". I've always felt like an outcast and got teased about my "flat chest" . After visiting this website I'm just happy to have healthy breasts that are even :) THANK YOU sooo much this site helped a lot !! I think this site should be refered to students in health class! Thank you !! :)


I've always been shy about my breasts, but slowly im learning to like them and im sure there are many other girls/women out there that feel the same way. But remember this: Yes some girls/women may have 'prefect boobs' but they also lack other things.
I have small boobs, inverted nipples, a petite figure, a spotty back and gappy teeth, but I make up for that with the fact that so many girls have said that they're jealous of my long hair, I have pretty blue eyes, naturally long eyelashes, a 'cute' nose, nice bum and everyone thinks I have a lovely, caring and funny personality.
No-one is prefect, you have to learn to love the aspects of your body that you dont like and make the most of your best qualities. And as for finding 'the one' if he doesnt like the way you look he's not worth keeping :)

Hello everyone. I am only 15 years old and I have 32 C boobs
I am so self-concious with my boobs and I cry mostly every night because I want bigger ones and yes we all are different but I'm really amazed that you ladies are comfortable and confident showing your breasts.
I just hope mine will grow and well done and it makes me feel better now I've seen others and know that we are all different so thank you girls!!! xxxx :') <3

charlotte walsh

I have looked at the breast augmentation sites and I can not believe the number of lovely, prefect, young women who have ruined their breasts with implant surgery. What were they thinking?


I feel empowered by all those women who have come to terms with their boobs. I'm a teenager who is 15 and I no longer feel embarrassed.

tanyaradzwa taruvinga

I absolutely love the idea of this website! I'm 19 and I have always thought my breasts were deformed. This website has just changed my life. I stumbled upon it through Yahoo Answers and after looking at the images and stories I could cry. I'm so happy that I'm not abnormal and that I can love what I have and not constantly compare them to those AWFUL media images!

I would like to tell my story just because it may help someone somewhere!

I actually like having size A breasts the majority of the time. But some clothing or swimsuits make life difficult. But with determination you can find what is right for your body. (I was a very late bloomer for today's standards, around 16.)On top of have "smaller" breasts they are uneven and different shapes. One is a full A, it is round and pretty much the description of "normal". The other one, however, I have hated for as long as it has existed. It is about 3/4 of an A. It is more of a triangular shape because it doesn't seem to have any "boobage" (I call it) under the nipple area. It's not "rounded out" on the bottom half. Because of that, it is physically a half an inch higher on my torso than the other. (Making my bras sit crooked sometimes, depends on the bra.) The nipple appears to be "looking down" just a tad when compared to the "normal" boob. Also I have Montgomery's tubercles on my breasts. I have always dreaded intimacy, even though I have decided to wait until marriage. Just the thought of it was not good, I have enough issues with swim suits!!! Haha! But after seeing this website I feel so much better knowing I am normal! It is also encouraging to see the male comments letting us know guys really don't care, and if they do they are jerks! I feel so much better now that I have something other than CRAPPY MEDIA to "compare" myself with. It's nice seeing so many other women with such similar breasts! I no longer feel odd, ugly or embarrassed! Thank you!!!


Thanks for the breast pix. It's good for girls to share their breasts with everyone... and they should realize that WHO they are is much more important that the shape of their fun bags! For Real !!! Rock On

...the Arch

This is the best site I've ever come across on breast issues! It's so consoling to know what actual normal breast looks like, now I'm so so comfortable with mine, thought of a surgery, but won't go down that lane anymore. Thanks,this really helped.


Hi, I'm no artist, but I feel that the female body is the most beautiful work of art in existence, and as a man I am furious with what the media has done to women. None of you have anything to be ashamed of, don't let it get to you. There is nothing wrong with smaller breasts!!! In fact I really prefer them to the larger ones. Do yourselves a favor, be proud or your body the way it is.


I'm a male of 22yrs, Nigerian, I discovered this site yesterday while searching for pornographic pictures. Looking through the pictures I discovered how women are looked at as sex objects by men like me. It is hard not to think of sex when I see breasts. I hope that the sex perspective will be eradicated, with all your efforts thank u for making this site it is helping.


Your sexuality comes from within, I know your boob might feel wierd but... so does my penis... isn't that what makes me male? I have worried all my life that it's too small for a woman to enjoy. I realize now it's my heart that counts! STAY STRONG... LUVS from PAUL

I want to thank you for creating this site. It helps women and girls of all ages from all over the world accept themselves the way they are which is beautiful. I will be using this site for when I have a daughter or granddaughters; it is a great informative site. I know when I was young, a lot of girls that went to my school had low self esteem about themselves and they were from all over the world, from India, China, France, and Nigeria etc. (grew up in New York). So just wanted to add it's not just American girls with low self-esteem about themselves, it's all over, but also wanted to add this site deserves a Nobel prize for again being very informative.


Look, I really am hesitate in saying anything to you girls. But you have to know, deep down men don't care about one side being bigger than the other, or being very small, if he does, he is a fool... but most men, only care you have breast. And you large women, please, you very small women, please.... you're getting the idea from this web site, that breast are breast... bottom line, it's who you are that counts, and forget the idea of stretch marks.... men don't care, if he does he is a fool... but this web page is good to let you know about yourself and if it helps one woman, then it's done more than its JOB. The healthy woman has breasts.... I'm sorry if I've step over the line, but what I have read, most of you women just need to know, from a man's point of view. Please appreciate yourself and what you have, some women only have one. And some of you know it too. I hope what I have said really helps, I won't be back... just saying. A Man, A Husband, A Father, and now A G'pa( so proud).
Ladies just enjoy them.


Thank you SOO much for this website! I'm 16, and it was so refreshing to finally learn about real women breasts and not the fake ones on TV. I was always a little worried about if mine were "normal", but now I know they are. Everyone is different! Thank you :)


I'm an active and attractive 46 year old male. I love the heart of a woman and not what's implanted that covers the heart. I don't think any of the women's breast posted here are gross. What I do think is gross are implants. Keep It Real, Ladies!

Joe Roam

This was very interesting to "See"... I feel better, I never knew the extreme of differences for breasts... The big gals want smaller ones and the little gals want bigger ones... Once my friend was contemplating a boob job because she is "Boy Flat"... But her boyfriend at the time said, "Why waste money on new boobs, but could you buy a new attitude?"... Men and people in general like "cheerful, loving, non perfectionist, happy people"... if you're full or flat, 100 lbs or 200 lbs, shape and size does not matter as long as you are "CLEAN" take a bath, and as long as you are happy to be around... If you're not totally happy with your boobs keep your shirt on in public, BUT be happy that you are alive, and healthy! This opinion is from a 47 yr old woman 135 lbs, 5ft 2, mom of 6, breast fed 5 babies 14 weeks, never caught on to nursing due to small nipples that protruded more with each child. (32 A before first birth going up to a double DD each pregnancy, settling one bra size up with each child. Ending at 36 to 40 D. Bra free at home, unless certain company comes... I do wear a bra in public if needed... my mom has resigned to tank tops. I worry about looking fat more than droopy, it is pride that makes me wear a bra in public, I feel like a low-class slob without it... but at home I am free, and sleep 100% totally free.


I'm 11 years old, turning 12 this March 2011, and I still don't have my period. I'm currently in sixth grade and are surrounded by many pretty, shapely girls. They have all the curves and most of them have big shapely breasts. Even my friends have them! It's unfair. When I look at my breasts, they're still small, and not fully grown, not one bit 'curvy'. I'm worrying that they will not grow, but when I came to this site, I realized that I was being silly and insecure. I'm still young, and most of those 'shapely' girls are a year older and already have their periods. So I guess I was kind of overreacting. But I'm scared that my breasts will never grow. My cousin, who's in 5th grade and is much shorter than me, already has a curvy figure and big breasts. I just still feel a bit embarrassed and a little insecure ....


You are all beautiful. You are brave for sharing with us and as one wrote, men have insecurites about being "normal" too. Love yourself for being who you are.


Don't know where to begin.. thank you soooo much for your site and all the brave, beautiful, strong women who have contributed. Also, the men who have commented it has made me have hope - so thank you. And thank God for sending me here after I prayed for help to accept my breasts. I felt so encouraged by the stories on here, they have truly been a kind of healing & encouragement for me, so much so, that I wanted to share my own. Maybe someone needs to read this.

I'm 26 now but first started having sex between the ages of 15 & 17. I made the decision, aged 17 when God rescued me, to wait until I'm married before having sex again, to wait for the one God created me to be with. Someone who would truly love me in every sense of the word 'love' - 1 Corinthians 13.

It has taken a loooong time for me to begin to understand, accept and heal from what happened to me in those couple of years I was sexually active. Of the two boyfriends I was sexually active with, the first was insecure and had told me of abuse in his past. He felt he had 'man boobs' and would never let me see him fully naked. I loved him so much, that would never have mattered to me anyway. I still pray for him.

I wasn't overly insecure before but I wasn't entirely happy with my breasts. A few months into our relationship, he began to comment on his disliking their shape and would 'advise' me to try to improve them - they are medium/ large and slightly sagging, even then they were. He was unfaithful to me so I ended it but the thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and shame never left me.

The second boyfriend I'm sorry to say made things much worse. We were friends initially, then got into a relationship but after a while, he began to abuse me. It started off mentally & emotionally, where he would say things hurtful to harm me. Then, it turned physical. He would throw me about, punch me, threaten to kill me and made me do sexual things that I didn't want to do. My breasts were something he loved to ridicule.

That's when God rescued me and told me to get rid of him. I did and immediately turned my life over to my Creator & the One who loves me so much He died for me. And, I must tell you, my life has been turned from deep grey ashes to a beautiful rainbow. I'm alive and well, not a victim but a strong woman with a lot of passion for life and a lot of love for people. Nevertheless, my self-worth went through the ground after these experiences. I always felt I could never be pleasing to look at naked to a man, didn't feel like a real woman, felt I could never let a man see me naked because he wouldn't love me if he did, I had an overwhelming fear of sex, and the list goes on!

Some of you have said the same and it is so strange to think we go through these torturous thoughts & feelings alone when others are going through exactly the same. We truly have to guard our hearts & our bodies cos when we give them to the wrong person the damage is done & trust me when I say, only God can deal with that baggage. My bags are much MUCH lighter than when I first gave them to Him but He is still dealing with mine! Our stories are meant to help one another, I truly believe that. I considered breast lift surgery so many times but have never gone through with it partly because I know God thinks Im beautiful the way I am, partly because I don't want to make a decision like that without my future husband - as my body will be as much his as his will be mine! And also, because my future children could suffer if I can't breastfeed afterwards.

So, to date, I am learning to love this shell and accept me for me, knowing that one day when Jesus comes to clean up this world and rescue all of us from it for good, I'll be given a new body ;). Thank you again for all who have contributed to this website! You pray for me, I'll pray for you x. Before I go, I'd just like to recommend 'Boy meets Girl' by Joshua Harris for anyone who has been or is going through what I have. This book has helped me in a huge way to look at relationships positively again and deals with the issue of baggage from your past. Much love & best wishes for the future, Minnie xxx

I really like this site. Walls of text telling me that I'm normal is one thing, but seeing huge amounts of pictures to prove it makes it more believable. :) Thank you so much for all the information that you offer.


As a straight male aged 44, I can honestly say a woman's breast size is of no real importance to me. The sex organ everyone should engage is their brain.


This website has made me realize all my "imperfections" are apart of everyone in this world. Everyone has their own stories, but we are all simply beautiful inside. Thank you for creating this website. You make me feel real again.


I started crying as I viewed the pics on this site - thanks to everyone who took part in this, especially whoever put it all together. I have always had very soft, slightly saggy breasts with large nipples. I have stretch marks from gaining weight during and post pregnancy, and a slightly empty sack-like look from losing the weight later. One day I decided to google "different types of natural women's breasts" and found this site. Thank goodness, because I have always been self-conscious about "the girls" but there are so many breasts in the gallery like mine!! Thanks again, so much!!


I love breasts with large areola - don't be self-conscious! All of these breasts are beautiful - and of course it doesn't matter anyway. Let's focus on the important things in life.


Wow, this cite has made me feel so much more confident about my natural body that God gave me. I am seventeen. I doubt I will consider breast implants when I get older. Plus I have finally found the one and he loves me.


Any woman that has submitted to this site are beautiful, no matter what they think. The media has traumatized every woman, and it's refreshing to think, "Oh, my boobs like this too! I'm not alone." Wonderful site, finally something real. Well done. You're all beautiful!


Thank you do much for making this website. It was so helpful. I've been self concious of my nipples for a long time now. I feel better knowing that I am not the only one who is so worried about appearance and that I share the same issues with many women. Thanks!


I am doing research because I am developing a new bra with new sizing options that will provide women with a new level of comfort. Every woman is different and every woman is uniquely beautiful. One size doesn't fit all with the current sizing and availability options nor is it that way with what men like. Men like a variety of shapes and sizes so I can tell you for a fact there is no one particular size or shape of breast, nipple, or areola that men like. The truth is women that we love you and your bodies just the way they are. So please be proud of what you have and walk with your head held high because you are beautiful!


Hi, I'm a teenager and currently still in high school. One day I stumbled over a pile of my dad's playboy magazines and ever since then I've been freaking out about my chest. My breasts are big (runs in the family) and sag a little bit. I've worried about it so much that when I started thinking about being with a guy, I got depressed because I thought he would find me lacking and wouldn't like me because of it. This site is spectacular and has helped me so much, and has helped me find out a lot of the stuff I need to know.
Thank you so much, you have helped me a lot and so many other women as well.


The essence of a real woman is to be endowed with a milk producing gland on her body regardless of size, shape or saggyness. A female with no milk producing glands is not a female. Therefore, any woman with a milk producing gland should understand that she has been made in the image of God and she is an adorable being. The primary reason for having breasts on a female is for the nurturing of off-springs. The rest is cosmetic. To worry about the size, sagginess or ??? of your breast is baseless in the same vein like men worrying about the size of their penis. Women are amongst some of the most beautiful creations of God.


I don't think you should worry because if a man loves you, it would not matter. But I do know of some old ways to do if you don't want your breast to sag. One is push ups and that will help tone them up. But you're beautiful anyways


Push-ups can help tone the muscles behind the breasts, but not the breasts themselves. Then when your muscles are toned, your posture might improve and it may indeed make it appear that the breasts sag less. However, toning the chest muscles does not affect the breasts themselves because breasts don't have any muscles in them.

I have battled with having big boobs my whole life. My whole family have been D's and DD's so I expected to be quite big but I'm almost 15 years old and I am now a 32/10G.
I struggle constantly to find clothes and bathers that actually look like they fit me. I am a size 8/10 which is american 4/6 but I am forced to buy clothes in a size 18 just so it isn't tight on my chest. If being self consious wasn't enough, I have old men staring at my chest all the time! I am unable to buy clothes, bathers or bras in shops so I have to order them online from a UK site called Bravissimo but even their clothes are too old for me. I am only 15 and I would look and feel stupid wearing a button up blouse. All I want is for clothes to fit me and to feel comfortable with my body. Someone, please someone, design clothes for teenage girls with big boobs.


Hi, I am Ashley. I am 4 foot 10 and had not had my period yet. I am flat cheasted but they grew a little bit. I can already tell my right chest is going to be a little bigger than my left one. Every one of my friends said I'm lucky because you have cramps when you get your period and they hate 'em, but I said, "Yea sure.... whatever u say." I wear a padded bra but I'm alergic to it. I wear them all day and all night. They don't make me happy. I rather have real breasts but don't think so bad about it, like for example I'm in special ed. I'm in it 'cause I'm a slow learner. Well people who are flat, just think of it as a slow body lol. It takes a little more time for me to learn things, just think of it as a slow body and it's taking a little more time to develop.


I love that you included the part about hypoplastic/IGT breasts, but I suffer from that and my boobs looked 'normal' but smallish. I see some on the first page that looked very much like mine prior to breastfeeding. With the proper herbs and a lot of work, my boobs did finally grow mammary tissue (to look like another pair on the first page) and my 11 month old is still exclusively breastfed. This condition is so common, yet it's rarely diagnosed or even heard about!


Thanks so much for making this site and for everyone that posted anything. I'm 20 and my breasts are really sagging. I can't quite say I love em yet but thanks to this site I can say I'm sure I'll get there ;-)


I'm an 18 year old girl, and I've been self-conscious of my breasts since 7th grade. My 40DDD chest lacks cleavage, sags, and my areolas are extremely large, oval shaped, and face down-ward. The only breasts I've been able to compare mine to have been ones I've seen in porns, and a few of my close friends who have "perfect" boobs. Needless to say, this site made me feel so much better about my chest. Most of the breasts in photos here look so similar to mine. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with a chest that looks like mine!


THANK YOU!!! I am sharing this site with all of my girlfriends because I think the occasional reality check is necessary for all our sanity! I always hated my breasts; they are saggy, stretch-marked, so white you can see ALL the veins, and I have huge areolas. I think it's important to remember that these porn star breasts we're all used to seeing, well, they're just not every woman!


I'm a guy but I can't speak for all men..
A few nights ago I was looking at a gallery of before and after pictures of breast augmentation.. I can understand how some women may want to have implants because of cancer.. but there were so many breasts that were beautiful and after the implants it looked so unnatural.. there were info about the girls.. some as young as 19..

It's like tattoos.. it may look cool.. maybe for a few days or maybe a few months or years.. but it's nothing like the natural..

I appreciate this site, it's beneficial to women's self-confidence. Many kudos to those who chose to create this site. I hope many more women see it!


I think this is a great webpage! Helpful, reassuring. I'm only 14 constantly worried about my breasts but now I feel slghtly better thankyou!


All of these women who have submitted are beautiful. Their breasts are a part of their bodies just like their arm or cheek. They were wonderfully and beautifully made. My hope is that all of you find the mate that is not shallow and accepts and loves you for your own beauty, and to find garments that work for you so that you will not suffer with the debilatating wish to be "like" someone else or what you see in media. I am a 39 year old mother of four, who suffered for a while with body image. Now, I am perfectly in love with my imperfect aging body and I hope to instill in my daughters a love for their own bodies.


Hi, looking at this website has really helped me, I am 17 with very obvious asymmetrical breasts and they are very depressing to me, I am so insecure about them and thought I was the only one until now. Thank you so much.


Hello, I'mn 13 years old and I have nothing at all.
This site has made me feel very good about my body and has shown me that my breast will soon grow. I don't even fit into a bra but I know that if they don't grow that much it doesn't matter and that they will be fine!

This site has made me feel very good about my breasts. I have very small ones, almost nothing at all. It's made me realise that people are in all different shapes and sizes!


Thank you!! How can every person in America see this site?! I wear a 34A and I am very thin with big hips. I love my body, I think it's a perfect dancer body. Unfortunately, everywhere I look, everywhere I go, I see girls (I live in Southern California) with large enhanced breasts. I see them get jobs before me (I'm in the entertainment business), make more money, I see them get admired more. The thing is, I can't STAND fake breasts! I would never get mine done because I hate the way they look and I hate the way they feel. Our society is making us smaller busted girls feel insignificant and I think that is wrong!! I think treating women like sex objects brings down feminine morale. Women are so powerful (we create life after all) that men need something to bring us down. I found your site because I was trying to figure out where the American obsession with breasts came from. I think you're right on. I have shared this site with some girls who feel they are inadequate (due to constant messaging that bigger=better) and they have thanked me. So, thank you for "being real"! Let's spread this message on to all growing girls that they are beautiful as they are naturally.


Most of these breasts look very normal to me, and really no different than anyone having, say, a different nose than her friend or sister ~ my boobs may be more normal and ok than I previously thought, but my current boyfriend said something about my veins (I am a light-skinned redhead) and ever since then I feel very ashamed of them and not womanly at all-like an ugly freak. I am grateful you guys bared your breasts~I feel more like I am just me now, and really should just concentrate on other matters-it does hurt one's esteem though when rude comments are aimed in your direction. That does hurt.


Thank you for making this site. Lately, I've been kind of self-conscious about the shape of my breasts. I always thought that they were not quite as round as they *should* be, but looking at these, I realize that my shape is not only perfectly normal, but also perfectly beautiful.

Hi, my name is Melanie and I'm 21 years old. I have very small breast in which I was very insecure about, like at age 20 was when I really began to accept my body and just be happy with how it looks. I am still a little insecure but I will blame that on my boyfriend who says "When I get a lot of money I'm going to get your breast bigger," making me feel I'm not good enough. But your website has shown me that I'm not the only one who has small breasts and that not every man or most men doesn't care about size and the advantages I have being small breasted. And even though I have small breasts, I will never scoop so low as to getting breast implants because I want to be natural, the way God made me. And I believe women who mess that up are just even more insecure than I am.


I think men are far less analytical about women's breasts than the women themselves. I can't speak for all men, but I don't have a particular favourite. What I think would be a real turn-off is fake breasts - they look ridiculous. Please, if you are worried about small breasts, just learn to love them and don't spoil your body and bank balance by having a surgeon rip open your flesh and insert balloons in your chest. It DOESN'T look good.


Those breasts are just as God made them and there's nothing anybody can do to reduce or enlarge it. Mine is very very small and I've tried alot to make it a little bit bigger but it didn't work for me. Though, my sweetheart loves the way it is, and that made me to love him more. So, I urge those that has small breasts like me to accept it because there's nothing they'll do that will change it unless they're pregnant.


Beautiful breasts. One of the most amazing things about real breasts is they constantly change shape. They look very different when a woman is standing up compared to lying down and all positions in between. Each shape is beautiful. I will never get tired of seeing them. Fake ones sit there like concrete. I would not even want to touch them.

Greg Scott

Waoh! Since my early year of 15, I have always had this great obsession for breasts. Though am now 26 and still a virgin, but every day the obsession for breasts seem to be getting stronger. I am never attracted to sex.... because I don't fancy the female sex organ... for me, it's all about breasts, breasts, breasts.... and in many occasion it has landed me in trouble. Actually, I kind of stumbled on your site, while I was searching for images of breasts on Google. But now, I have learned that I have merely been taken my obsession too far, and instantly need to curb it. I will henceforth try to picture breasts just like any other body parts..... Thanks a lot for this...keep up the good work.


It is an amazing site indeed. A sort of relief to some of our women. You see, I believe in natural things and we ought to be proud of what we recieve from God.


As a male, I find this site absolutely amazing. I look at the world around us and find so much wrong. One of the biggest problems I see is our obsession with perfection. Going so far as to more or less bully young women into costly (both financially and emotionally) procedures, which in my opinion ruin natural beauty. I thank the creators of this web site for giving women a chance to see how perfect they already are.


I've always been uncomfortable with my breasts because I have inverted nipples. I think your website is a wonderful way to show normal women that porn star bodies are not normal.


This web site has really helped me. I have always thought there was something wrong with my breasts. My left breast is much bigger than my right. This website has shown me that there is nothing wrong with me. After seeing what normal breasts look like, I feel much more comfortable with myself.


I am 16 years old and I am overweight. My breasts are really small compared to the rest of my body. I wear a 38B and I'm scared if I lose weight, I'll have nothing left.


Hi Oli,
Your fear is understandable considering how the society has "brainwashed" us to think that small breasts are undesirable... But the way I see it, is that small breasts are beautiful, and of course they are NORMAL, because it's perfectly normal for women to have small breasts. So if you need to lose weight for your health's sake, don't put it off because of your breasts.

See also our page on small breasts.

I wanted to send a message to other women out there who are self-conscious about their breasts, large or small. Don't be ashamed of what you have; I am a Australian 10A (32A US) size and have gone through the thoughts and feelings that many others on this website have gone through - "why aren't my breasts as big as hers?"

After reading through this website and the honest comments and feelings of other women here, I have realised that I can learn to love what I have (and actually have a supportive group of people around me that I hadn't considered before). Going through the galleries of women who thought they had tiny/ugly breasts I was looking at these photos and thinking to myself, "Tiny? They're bigger than mine and they're gorgeous! She's crazy!"

Ladies, you need to love what you have. Magazines and TV are constantly revolving around digital manipulation and/or artificial breast implants. Whilst a woman might think she'd feel better with these fake alternatives, there really is no healthy gain out of it, confidence-wise or not. Remember, while your breasts may not be what "Hollywood" claims all women should be, it could be a whole lot worse. You could be unfortunate enough to have to have your breasts removed entirely due to breast cancer - but let me just add that there is NOTHING to be ashamed of in that situation. If anything, I salute you for your pain, strength and effort to overcome the battle of breast cancer.

For those of you who think you are too small, they could be smaller! Love them.
For those of you who think you are too large, they could be larger! Love them.

I am fortunate to have my soon-to-be husband love me for exactly who I am and gives me confidence in my breast size. I'm pleased to see there are other men out there who aren't afraid to provide that confidence to their partners (and even to those they don't know, right here on this website).

Enjoy them, learn to love them. With the right mentality and the right kind of people surrounding you to love you as you are, the better off this society and you will be.

- Anonymous, Australia.

I came across your website looking for information on inverted nipples. I have to say I am very pleased that this website exists. As a man, I would like to cast my vote for the natural breast - ladies, no matter how big or small or what the shape or size or color is, whether you have unevenly sized breasts or inverted nipples, whether you have large aureoles or small, round or oval, pale, dark, brown, pink, large nipples or small, whatever - natural breasts are a thing of wonder, and any man worth his salt prefers them to be natural. If you want to feel better about yourself, it isn't achieved by putting plastic in your boobs. It's achieved by refusing to let the people around you decide what you should think of yourself and your looks and value. Decide for yourself, and stay natural. I can't tell you how many guys I know who simply won't date a woman who has implants. It's an absolute dealbreaker for a lot of us, believe it or not, and those guys who favor the idea are not thinking with the right head.

Also, no matter what shape, size, color or "configuration" you have, rest assured, there is someone out there who will gaze upon them and see perfection. You are not your breasts, and you don't have to accept what other say, or think, as your self image. Just say NO to "cosmetic surgery". Learn to appreciate yourself and become strong in your self appreciation, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It doesn't matter what they think; it matters what YOU think. The North American (specifically United States) society is getting sicker all the time, with its blind focus on the media's idea of perfect. Shows like America's Top Model don't show you beauty, they show you what the sick and twisted New York model agencies consider USE-able. Same with magazines. So if you don't look like the girls in the magazines and model shows, guess what? YOU'RE NORMAL! Give yourself a hug, and be thankful for that.


I'm a 19 year old boy from Phoenix and I was browsing your site after a friend of mine asked me a bunch of questions and I referred her here.

I was discouraged as I read your q & a to read all these girls so concerned about being too small, when in fact to me, and many other guys, smaller-type breasts can be very attractive! But most importantly, girls need to remember that if they are interested in somebody or wanting somebody who is going to judge them just on the size of their breasts that they aren't looking correctly.

keep up the good work!


I want to thank you for your wonderful website and the pictures of what normal women's breasts look like.

I am a 26 year old with large and extremely sagging breasts, which have been like that for at least the last 10 years. They lie flat on my stomach and the nipples point downwards. For the longest time I have been so ashamed of myself, hating myself for being so ugly and for not being able to be a "real woman" and sexually pleasing from a man's point of view. My self-loathing and lack of confidence has made me miss out on so much of my life, I feel I have lost some of the best years of my life which I can never get back again.

I have never had the confidence to strip off in front of a man, and only much cajoling by my wonderful husband has allowed me to at least be naked in front of him without hiding behind things.

I have thought very often about breast surgery to try and lift them, but knowing that it cannot be done well and without leaving scars, and wishing for a rapid advance in medical capabilities so that I can feel like a proper woman at last, and despairing that it won't happen in my lifetime.

I have spent my adult life feeling like a hideous freak, and that breasts of other women of my age must surely not sag nearly so much, and that I must resemble a woman of 60 years of more, and that I could never ever be thought of as even remotely attractive or normal when naked. All the pictures of breasts that are readily available (porn/tv) are perfect and uplifted and bear very little resemblance to my own, so even knowing that the media is distorting I felt that I was abnormal.

I want to thank you and the brave women whose pictures are here for showing me that there are many other people my age with breasts like mine. I cried as I saw the site, to know that I am not alone. I regret the time that I have lost, hating myself. I hope that as many women as possible can see your site and be reassured, especially young women, so that they may have confidence in themselves and not become brainwashed by the media.

Thank you again.


I cannot thank you enough for your incredible website. Every time I begin to feel ashamed and unhappy about the way my breasts look, I visit your website to remind myself that I am beautiful the way I am. It is inspiring to see all of the beautiful, diverse women on this site and reassuring to know that perky, "perfect" breasts are not the only kinds of breasts that are out there.

I am excited and grateful that your website is fighting to change the public's stereotypes of what breasts should look like and I wish you luck and success. Thank you again!


Thank you very much for your site, its been really helpful and comforting to me! If only it was there earlier, when I was a young girl and had constant worries about my breasts.. But thats okay, thank God I found your site, it really took a huge load off my back knowing that other females are just like me! I'm feeling much better about my breasts now... it will take time to fully accept my body, but I'm certainly getting there! Thank you and thanks to those strong women that posted their pictures!! Really helped!

Thanks and God Bless!!

I could never really understand why my breasts developed the way they are today. When I was 13, I developed into a 40DD, and never had been the same since gym class in middle school. Girls would always tease me by stuffing their bras with toilet paper, and always shout out "Watch out! She might break your neck with those breasts!" It's been horrible on my self-esteem. Now I am 20, and feeling much better about myself after reading this website. There were minor concerns here and there, but after glimpsing through this website, it had answered my concerns, and put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for bringing this to light. I never would've thought that my breasts were indeed "average" (even though they did mature at an early age. Hey, best to live with what you get, right?). So.. Looking back, I do have to laugh a bit. The girls that teased me back then now have had breast enchancements done, and done poorly, I might add. (One poor girl was convinced that basketball-sized breasts are the "Hot" look these days. I still wonder how she gets around without knocking anything over..)
To sum it up. Thank you.

Keep up the good word, and I'll help by sending the page to a few of my friends with the same concerns.


I'm 27 year old male, I met an amazing girl 10 months ago. She's constantly worried about her wonderful, beautiful, perfect breasts. I adore them. Please don't worry about what people think about them, for every pair of asymmetrical, slightly sagging breasts, there's an insecure, slightly overweight, fairly hairy, average looking guy like me who's paranoid about the size of his penis.

Love your boobs! They deserve it!!!


I was in a very minor auto accident and was hit in the chest with an airbag. I had no idea how common breast injuries are from airbags. This made me hyper-aware of some breast issues. I've always thought mine are ugly and gross. Your web site made me realize they are pretty normal.

I was wondering if you might consider putting something on your web site about airbags and breast injuries. It *really* hurts! ;o) The bruising can cause all kinds of new problems. There are actually quite a few journal articles on this so it must be a common issue.

Great web site!


I am a 24-year old with perky breasts and one is an A cup and the other is a C Cup and they have been that way since I started developing at age 11. They have never been the same size and I have yet to cope, but with this site, even though I haven't seen any like mine, I know there are. That does comfort a little, my boyfriend doesn't want me to get a boob job, they are perfect the way they are.
To all you girls with small breasts, at least you don't have to wear a padded bra with one extra pad, it's double the headache, not being able to wear anything because you are afraid someone might notice and make fun of you.
Thank you for this web site, at least I'm not different. But one question when you are in school and they are teaching sex ed, they should tell girls that there can be more of a slight difference. So there is no feeling of being deformed for lack of info. Why don't they do that? I was told there can be a slight difference.

still coping

Thank you so much for this site. It did bring me to tears but it was great to see I wasn't the only one who feels self-conscious about their breast size. I am 27 yrs old with no kids and always wished my breast would grow but till this day I am a 34AA. I have always been naturally thin and it's very hard to put on any weight. My mother has tried her best to make me feel secure about myself and to be proud of who I am but it is extremely hard with Media nowadays. I was anti-cosmetic surgery but every day I get closer and closer to scheduling a consultation with a surgeon. It's just very hard being a 27yr old single female in NYC and being a size 34AA. When I was younger I had hope that people and men would accept me the way I was but when the years keep going by, you start questioning yourself on whether you should consider changing part of your body to feel more secure and confident about yourself. This site is definitely going to make me hold off on the decision of getting implants and I'll try my best to stay strong.


Hello. I'm an artist who likes to draw the nude figure. I get really annoyed that the media image of feminine beauty which is fed to everyone is that a beautiful female has to be thin "perfect" etc. It's drivel. Feminine beauty is in every female. The hairless female body with no stretchmarks does exist ... with the use of photoshop etc. So I am trying to find natural female models of all shapes and sizes to draw and capture their God-given beauty. Only problem is they usually don't have the confidence needed because of the media image. Wish me luck and great site.


I would first off like to say that this site is really awesome. I was just surfing the net when I came across this site I started looking around and it made me feel good to know that my breasts were normal. Since I developed into puberty, I have always been self conscious about my breasts. At the age of 14, I had already a 36c bra cup. So, a lot of people would call me names. Now that I'm 19, I feel more confident about my breasts. I have a wonderful fiance that moved over 1000 miles just to be with me. I thank God everyday for sending me such a wonderful man. He's definitely made my self-esteem higher. :)


Personally, I prefer women with smaller breasts -- perky or normal, it doesn't matter. I'm not one of those "bigger is better" guys. Ironically enough, my wife has D sized breasts, and ones that sag at that.

I don't understand why so many guys care about "big breasts" -- what makes a person special and attractive is their personality, and (not to be obscene, but...) as far as sex goes, it's not the breasts that are primarily involved anyway, right?

I hope that more women can be happy or at least content with their bodies the way they are and stop having breast implants and such. Breast reductions are practical and eliminate back problems in some cases, so they can be practical, but implants (with the exception of reconstructive surgery after a masectomy) are useless IMO.

You can always dress to maximize / emphasize or minimize your breasts. As far as how they look when you're naked; unless you're a nude model, how many people really see you naked, so how much of the time does it really matter if they're big, small, uneven, sag, etc?

Focus on being healthy and happy and finding a relationship with someone who isn't obsessed with any "defects" they may perceive with YOUR breasts... !


I just thought your readers should know that there ARE men out here in the world who love, appreciate and prefer smaller breasted women. Most of us, in fact, don't find larger breasts attractive or desirable. They make women look out of balance. Those women who are less endowed just need to find the man that appreciates what they have and prefers that body configuration. Trust me, we're out here, and we're looking too. It's difficult to find single women with smaller breasts, because, the truth is, most of them are married already.

I just wanted to say THANKS to all the women who are proud of what God gave them and showed off their breasts. I'm 23 and have had two children and am very self-consious of what mine look like even at a 38C with them having a little bit a size difference and the sagging. So thank you for this website and stating that breasts don't have to be big, fake and perky the celebrities and porn stars. So thanks again, you've helped me tremandously!!!


I'm really glad that I found this site. I have always hated my breasts since I blossomed to a B-cup in 5th grade and even now as a 34 DD (I'm 22). Buying bras and tops can be difficult and it's depressing when people notice you only for your chest.

I was considering breast reduction but this site has definitely helped me appreciate my body and not feel like I have a saggy or big chest.

Ladies! Our breasts are beautiful big or small.

I found this site via a search engine. I wish that more people could be aware that "normal" spans a vast range. I am 38 years old. I breastfed all four of my children for at least 2 years, have had large breasts (for my frame...5'1", ranging from 105 pounds (34DD) to my heaviest at term with my third child at 190 pounds (42DD). At this time, I am around 140 pounds with 38 DDD breasts. I would prefer to go braless but camisoles and such don't look good on me and I really don't wish to have my nipples sticking out while talking to a prospective client. I have had some luck with tanks that have some built in support.
I'm beginning to realize that we are being conned into believing that ideal breasts are "perky" and young, when I know that my breasts have served their purpose well... that is, feeding my children, and are even more beautiful now than when I was younger. Thank you all you braver women than I for showing what REAL breasts look like!


I really love what you have done here. For a long time my mind was set on large breasts but as my love and care for my girlfriend grew, size never seemed to bother me anymore. I mean I thought it was nice but it wasn't something I needed or really sought after. Sometimes I wish the things you said could be as easy to eventually deal with when it comes to us males and the continuous fret about our penis size. I don't know why other men worry, if it is because they feel like they must compete. All I know is that I just want to make my girl feel special and I decided that I don't need sex or any of that anymore, I have my art and her beauty to inspire me every last inch of her bountiful beauty. If more people just got up and spoke out like you did here just maybe we could slow down all the lust in the U.S. for a little while. I know everyone says that I am being hard on myself when I say "I am underserving to be in the presence of a woman." But that is how I feel, they can be so accepting and happy with their body if us guys and other people would just shut up and let them be happy and the beautiful women they are. Oh well, I don't with my useless rambling just know I am supportive of how you feel. I just [wish] I wasn't so self-conscious about what I know alot of women say "They say that size doesn't matter to them," but it does to us sometimes. I know there is more to life than our sexual feelings but sometimes that is one of the most distracting and painful feelings I know of.


I am a 22-year old guy and it was good to visit this site. It's important to know that none of us are perfect, and to try to attain physical perfection is vanity, we will all get old and saggy. It is CHARACTER, MORALES, VALUES that are more important than breast size. I am also self-conscious over my small penis, and have never had sex due to my morales and feel like I would never satisfy a woman at times. But I just want love and I know I could please the life partner I will have. Body image affects both men and women, the oversexualization of both sexes, the large-breasted thin women and the big men with rippling muscles and six pack (this image has mostly been propogated through the use of steroids, and breast enlargement and tummy tucks). It is important we teach children about these things, both boys and girls. Boys usually will never talk about body image because men are supposed to be calm and collected at all times, not caring about their bodies, but they do. Those huge men spend ridiculous amounts of time in the gym, sometimes to the detriment of their health and families. It's time to stop believing the unrealistic images the media gives us and to focus on loving and caring for each other.


I love this site. It is about time someone put a site for what real breasts look like without photoshopping the results to look like porn stars of fakies. Thank you.

Melissa Strong