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I really want to share my feelings and opinion about woman that are flat chested. Actually those photos that i have seen are really what my breast looks like. And after seeing those i feel normal. Im 24 years old. Before i accept the fact that im flat chested. But when i look the social media accounts of my boyfriend he follows woman with big boobs. That makes me angry and sad. that time i dont want to talk to him. Because thats my biggest insecurity even though he said that im enough and he accept me for who i am. Im still insecure and feel jealous. Woman with big boobs looks attractive. But after reading this article its clear to me now that im a normal person. And being a flat chested woman doesn't make me a less woman. And always remember that we are beautiful just the way we are.


I'm almost 34, never pregnant, and completely flat-chested. I remember I found your site years and years ago (most likely doing what I was doing recently, which was searching for men's opinions on flat chests...usually they're incredibly depressing) . But I'd always remembered this one site that showed *normal people* and I remember feeling so much better about myself afterwards. I could never find the page again, so I was overjoyed when I stumbled here again. It's *so* positive and uplifting... I know God made us all unique, but living in North America, it's hard to not want more. I've dated two guys who were fantastic when it came to my chest, but I still can't help but be insecure and wear gel inserts constantly In so many ways, I wish all the flat-chested women would just come out of the closet but I'm convinced every single one of us is doing the same thing.

There is one thing I'm curuious about...I always look up whether or not people keep their breasts after pregnancy – especially if they're completely flat-chested. I saw the progression of the one who was pregnant, but I'd be interested in a follow-up, or with someone who was truly flat-chested, had breast-fed, and then perhaps a year after weaning. I've heard that those who have breasts already are usually smaller, but I'm curious what the comparison is for those who started out truly-flat-chested.

Still though, in my head I keep coming back to the male comments and how affirming they are (I'm glad you don't allow willy-nilly commenters – lands, that would most likely kill the positive spirit stone dead)....I also remember a line I read years ago on the flat-chested page, admonishing looking at other girls' chests out of envy, and to stop it – it really resonated with me, because it's exactly what I do. The more and more I read these comments and see the normal photos though, I'm more and more thankful for being me.

Should I indeed get married, one day I'll most likely show this site to my husband and my kids (male or female)...I really really hope you keep it up; please never take it down. Thank you so much <3


I am a 32 year old flat chested woman and I've always been extremely insecure about this when other girls were developing at "normal" rates. I was never breast fed as low to almost no milk production runs in my family. When sexual education began around 11 years old I knew and understood that most men in North America are sexually attracted to larger breasts and having almost nothing to "work with" (I considered breast implants when I was younger until I began experiencing severe back pain at 22 and decided that increased pain for the sake or larger breasts was not worth it) has really hurt my feelings of being a woman. I saw a comment on a different post here that a woman felt she may have to start acting "manly" to match her figure of being flat chested and that is a lot like how I feel. I like being a girly girl, but I feel like my outward appearance doesn't match my inward feelings of being a beautiful woman. Even when I've talked openly to understanding male friends who've expressed that they think I look fine and even sexy has not helped this feeling of being a "lesser woman." I wish this was not even an issue because being flat chested makes me feel like a young grade school boy and that's not a good feeling. I can understand why men enjoy breasts in a sexual manner because they are beautiful, but a grown woman whose breasts could be compared to young boys is embarrassing and makes me feel like less of a woman. I'm 5'9" and 140lbs, so I'm a normal healthy weight for my height. Even when I was overweight (218lbs at highest) I still had almost nothing that could be called breasts. Because of this insecurity I feel I've had to "over-compensate" by keeping my hair long so I wouldn't be confused for a boy if I chose to go braless in public, which I do most of the time for comfort's sake and then I usually wear a big sweatshirt to hide the fact there is nothing there. I know it can be equally as embarrassing and not fun for large breasted women to go braless, but it's a different because they are typically ogled and lusted after whereas I feel invisible around those types of women. I wish there was plastic surgery for self confidence, but that comes from the inside, can't be bought and can't be artificially implanted, though one can fake confidence, but you can still detect fake confidence. I just want to feel like a "normal" woman with "normal" breast size (my dream would be a 36 C because I think that fits my size and shape), but having full-time artificial implants isn't worth the increase in my overall pain.


I'm a 20-35 year old guy and I want every girl who feels flat-chested to know that flat-chested does not mean you cannot get a man. I've seen girls with small chests such as the ones shown in the "small breasts section" and I love them all. You have to realize that breasts are not everything. From a personal perspective, I had to choose between 2 girls, one with small breasts probably like AA vs a girl with CC or D. I would have married either one, but the flatter girl declined me and told me to marry the other girl. The key is to not worry about your body, but to focus on enjoying the time with people. One girl thought she had "no breasts" and the other thought hers were too big. Have fun and talk to people, a true friend or love will not care about your breasts and only want you for your kind heart. Those girls won my heart by being there for me when I needed help and showed me they cared for me. Recently I hung out with another friend and only now I notice that she was completely flat!!! I've known her for several years!!! So please realize there is more to beauty than just your breasts. Men who only care about your breast have a sex addiction and just want to grab you not get to know you. Eat healthy, avoid drugs, smoking, and alcohol and excessive makeup and you will be beautiful naturally.

Thank you so much for creating an honest collection of what "normal" breasts look like. I would like to add my story for any teenage girls who worry that their breasts are "flat".

I was completely flat (not even an AA - no fatty tissue) until I was 16 and was sure there was something wrong with me. I am sporty and have always been slender, but I knew other slender girls who were at least an A or B cup. However, at 22 I am a 32DD, which I was professionally fitted with and has been my size since I was around 20. This happened without me gaining any other body fat and I am still sporty, I was just a late developer. There is nothing to worry about if you are flat chested and still going through puberty! Remember, menstruating is just one of the changes that comes with puberty and does not mean you will stop developing there.

Funny I grew up flat and made fun of, I didn't feel woman enough and had low self esteem, but now that I'm 30 I realize that this whole "big boobs" thing is not that important. For example my husband loved big boobs and use to make fun of girls with small chest, and the irony he ended up falling in love with one of the flatest girl, me lol. I had nothing even after my first baby, not until 25 that they started growing, talk about a late bloomer, to bearly a B, after my 4th baby they grew to a C and I liked that they were big and had a glimpse of how I'll look with bigger breast, not bad, but they were uncomfortable, I like running and they were bouncing too much even with two tight sport bras. I noticed they pulled at the top like if they wanted to sag. Also all my friends had bigger breast and breastfed their babies, I had small breast but my baby was bigger than theirs, since my breast were smaller, they emptied faster but my baby got that rich fatty milk more often. That's when I learn to truly love my breast, there was nothing wrong with them, they were doing their job, and a great job I had a big baby who was exclusively breastfed. Also since they were always small even after four kids, they dont sag.

Anyways I learned that it's not the size of the breast that matters, men like breast, big, small, they're still breasts and the sooner you realize that the better. I just wish I didn't spend so much time being sad about it. Now I walk with confidence with my small breasts. My breast size is still bearly a B but I have more attention... confidence girls.


All women should be satisfied with the breasts they have. Personally I love small breasts, the smaller the better. Even flat chested women are beautiful to me. You look very sexy. Don't get breast enlargements.


I live in Latin America, where a women's sensuality has a lot to do with the way her body is: Round hips, round breasts, big butt. In addition to that, their is sexism which sees women as objects of sexual attraction.

I have flat chest, and my body is not curvy and I had to deal with this since puberty (now I am 29). I often felt ugly, embarrassed and was teased by other girls.

Around my mid-twenties I met a wonderful man who loved me the way I am, but I still did not like myself and I was constantly thinking he would fall in love with another women that had a stereotyped body. And that's when it hit me, I had to learn to see my beauty through my eyes and not through others.

I found this page because I was looking for nice bras for petite figures (you can't find them in my home country), and I found this page. As I read some of the teenage girls comments, I felt sad for them and remembered how hard it was for me at that time.

I would like to let them know that being "different" gives you and advantage in life. The key is to question and understand your insecurity, not become a victim of it or label yourself with it.

I would recommend either counseling or therapy to learn why you feel like that and why society makes you feel like that. I would also recommend to take dancing classes (specially ballet, oriental/belly dancing, tango or flamenco) as it helps you learn that sensuality is inside you and not outside.

I hope my message helps girls that are looking for an answer


This is a wonderful site and how I wish something like this would have existed when I was in junior high and high school (ages ago! I'm in my forties now; computers didn't even exist then!). Anyway, even at my age, it cheers me up, knowing at least NOW that, though I felt I was the only flat-chested girl in jr high and high school, there were many other girls experiencing the same thing and feeling the say way. There had to be-all of you young ones out there in your pre-teens and teens and early twenties see that you are far from alone in this.

This is a great site in emphasizing that breast are primarily for breastfeeding our young-and that is true. However, I do have to add that even having A or B breasts must add to a woman's or girl's feeling of sexuality. I personally am still not even a double AA. Of course, having lived longer and having a loving husband, etc. has taken the sting out of it a lot. But how I empathize with you young ones! I really do. I know that deep pain; I know about joking about yourself when you really want to cry. I know how it is to have a mother and sister who developed normally. I hope this isn't the same for most of you younger ones, but my mother and sister actually made fun of me. I have had guys make humiliating comments, too. But even though I was slightly overweight in my twenties and thirties, I was told I did have pretty hair and face and I have always had semi-decent, feminine legs.

But I have to say, there is something about breasts (even smaller ones, remember, I practically have none), that seems to add a feeling of true femininity and positive sexuality to a girl or woman. I am not disagreeing with this wonderful site and their information, I guess I am just saying that not developing breasts is, in a way, like not developing any other body part you are supposed to have. I work with a young woman who was born without an index finger on her right hand. She was forever explaining to people that it was a birth defect and not from some accident, etc. Well, to me, breasts-not flat chests-are a real body part that a woman should develop in her early or mid-teens. To NOT develop always felt like (to me) actually missing a body part we are supposed to have. I still wake up in the morning (even in my forties!), feeling an absence of weight on my chest, that I know is supposed to be there. I never had children, so I don't even know what it's like to grow in pregnancy.

I developed normally in every other area though and at the proper age: At age 11, I started getting underarm hair and lots of pubic hair, I also developed little 'nubs' on my chest; at 12 1/2 started my period and developed hips, etc. So, I don't have the answers on why many of us don't develop normally. But I can say, after being a bit negative on this post, I feel you youngster's angst and hurt and I remember how deep it cut. But it really does get better. And thank God for this site. It covers everything about breasts, lots of good information. And it sure has shown me that I certainly was not, and am not, alone. And neither are all of you wonderful girls and ladies out there! Let's focus on our all of our good points and continue to build each other up, whenever possible. We are sisters and friends, even though we haven't personally met. God Bless you all.


My name is Angie and would just like to say what a wonderful website, I'm flat chested myself and still find it hard to ever feel normal with being flat chested, it is so nice to see there is support and understanding in the subject
Angie x

I periodically comment on this site because this is a beautiful, informative, and empowering site for women of all ages. I am 47 years old now, so I've lived with my 'not-even-double AA' breast size for many years now. I developed normally as a kid: period started at 12 1/2 years of age, pubic hair started coming in at age 11. I guess I got the 'breast bud' and that was it. I have just pointed nipples sitting atop a tiny,conical bump on each side. Once, I measured my breast size myself, going by instructions in a woman's magazine and was horrified to find that I was in the negative in regards to the numbers!
I have always hated and been tormented by my flat chest. It didn't help that for many years I was very much overweight. Did that help my breasts grow more? No, of course not, just my luck. But this isn't a post of despair. I just wanted all the flat-chested girls and women out there to know that you are not alone. There are many of us who wake up every morning and the first thing we feel are the absence of the weight that should be on our chest.
This site has been a terrific and empowering source of information and inspiration for me. Although, as I've grown older, it has gotten better to a degree but this is a thing that can really mess with your psyche! Ladies and young women, I know the feeling of despair that can come over you when you are trying on swimsuits or tank tops, etc. I know the feeling of wanting to cry at odd times when you either see 'normal' sized females or are thinking you are less than female because of underdevelopment. Who knows why our bodies chose to stop growing in that area? I have married a man who says he doesn't care what my bra size is and I feel really does love me. Although, honestly, sometimes I feel he is secretly disappointed when we make love or when he views my naked body. Still, at age 47, I'm still having issues. But it DOES get better and reading this site and realizing the TRUTH of it all helps tremendously. We can still produce milk, we still have milk ducts in there, and we are ALL WOMAN.
I love this site because there are so many like-minded women on here, where we can relate. We know that having a flat chest is not the worst problem in the world. We know we can still have relationships. And by the wonderful male contributors to this forum, we also know that many men really do view small breasts as beautiful and many men really are turned on by other aspects of a woman, and that, deep down, for most men, it really is our personality and attitude that is the ultimate turn-on once they get to know us. So, know that your feelings are real but they are shared and empathized by many of us in the same situation. We understand. Let's concentrate on our good points and many other wonderful aspects of our femininity! Good blessings to you all.


While my husband seems okay with my (totally) flat chest, I feel so unwomanly because there is nothing there for him to feel--no breast tissue to cup, just two flat, tiny nipples that never get erect even when I am aroused. At least he doesn't mind seeing or touching my (lack of) breasts. When you have been called hurtful things like "Man Chest" and "Eunich" all your life by so-called friends and even strangers on the street, it is hard to think well of yourself. But seeing there are others like myself on this site is helpful when I get really down. I just wish I had had access to something like this decades ago when I realized I was never going to develop any breasts.


Thanks for this website. I could not imagine there are so many girls with the same issue as mine! Sometimes I feel like ALL women have boobs, and I'm the only one without.
When I was in school all friends started to grow breasts and mine were silent. I was so desperate that I promised myself that if by 15 I'm still flat - I'll suicide. Now I'm 32, I still look like a 15y.o. and I have a man who loves me and my ribs:)
I'm confident in my body in day to day routine but have to admit I try to avoid public showers (like in a pool or a gym). Also I joke and make fun of my boobs which you may interpret as a sign of confidence or vice versa. Julie

I have always had smaller breasts, all through high school I was so self conscious of it. I was super skinny too and wore a 34A. Then when I reached my early 20's I gained just a little bit of weight and was so happy when I could wear some 34B's. It's weird because different brands fit and some didn't. I then got pregnant when I was 24 and thought that my breasts were going to get so big, seriously I was looking forward to it and thought that would be the biggest perk to being pregnant (next to having my wonderful daughter of course). Well my breasts did not grow at all!! I breastfeed my daughter for 18 months and only in the beginning did they look larger. One breast produced more milk than the other so I went around with a large 34B and a large 34A, how embarassing! I weaned my daughter at 18 months and to celebrate I went to Victoria's Secret to buy myself some nice bras, I got fitted and am now back down to a 34A. It sucks, but as an adult I am not as self conscious. I used to want breast implants but I would never want to teach my daughter that as women we have to be perfect or change things about us to be happy. My husband loves me as I am and has never even hinted that he wanted to change anything about my appearance. I feel so bad for all of the teenagers that are going through what I went through. Don't listen to anyone that wants to put you down. People that do that always feel bad about themselves and just want to bring people down with them.


I am usually always embarrassed about my breasts. I am a 34A cup and I am married, have been with the same person for 14yrs, and he loves me even though I am small chested. He loves me, he knows that it bothers me, and I know sometimes he wishes that I had bigger breasts so I could wear certain types of clothes. But I respect him for that very much. He is the love of my life, and my best friend. Still hate being small like I am but it made me feel better coming to this site!!!


I am 22 years old and don't even fit in my 32AA push-up bra. Blah. I was a 33A until I got pregnant with my daughter, ballooned, nursed and now I have nothing. My husband and I joke that my baby ate my boobs!

At 5'6 and 100lbs I can honestly say I am generally quite happy with my chest size. Sure I don't have cleavage and Victoria Secret is my best friend but overall I am happy.

Keep in mind that as flat chested woman we do not have to worry about the medical issues that large chested woman have such as back pain because our chests are too large. We also can pull off more styles of clothing like backless or strapless shirts and not even have to worry about a bra.

Don't get me wrong..I see larger chested woman and think "man..I just want a 32B!!" but to be truly happy in life you have to love yourself for who you are.


I just turned 16 and really like the way my body looks, except for my flat chest (34AA). Im 5'7 and 120lbs, but I get so down when I think about my breasts (or lack thereof). It truly feels like guys only have one thing on their mind, especially when it comes to high school boys. It makes me feel soo much better to read the articles from other women who know what it feels like to be depressed or outcast because of breast size. Because when I look around at my school I'm the only one with a completely flat chest. It's the worst feeling to not be able to do anything about it and even though people say it will get better one day or you'll find a guy who loves you, the thing is this is right now and it sucks to feel like an outsider.


Finally somewhere to go to help with self-esteem - I'm flat-chested (I mean FLAT) and my best friend is small-bodied but with DDD's that cause her back pain... seeing this site makes us feel far more "normal" - watch TV or see "popular: magazines and women have implants or are wearing "tricking" foundations... that's just not reality... we know lots of women between us, and implants are just never seen nor heard of... in our community it's "what you see is what you get," but sometimes women will joke about getting implants and it's only out of an insecure question: "Would my mate like my body better (this way)?" Talking to men (brothers, cousins, friends, boyfriends) I honestly think men - around here anyway - prefer natural... really, I think there's something patholologically wrong with a guy who prefers a FAKE breast! That's like preferring fake eyes! (another Hollywood insanity - especially on dark-skinned Black and brown women who are so beautiful with their own natural deep brown eyes - who would want to change that?! Unless you don't like yourself... ditto, wearing someone else's hair - (weaves are from Asian women's heads - it's truly tragic that Black women are now refusing to be seen in their natural state as the bearers of the lovely, interesting, pretty hair god gave them...) Back to breasts: there's a breast type for every attraction...this site helps us see that and accept have one for penises and testicles, so men can stop feeling similar insecurities!


Thank you for making this site. I have had fairly large breast since high school but when I got pregnant I went up to a 42FF and am self conscience about how much they sag. It's great to see real women and read their stories. When I am done breastfeeding I am planning on looking into getting a reduction, but not for appearance rather for my back problems.


A note from a guy here. I'm much more attracted to tiny or flat chest than to medium or big. And I often find huge ones repulsive. Sorry, but that's true and I don't mean to offend anyone, as every man has his own taste. All this peer pressure on girls to have huge boobs and media image of what's sexy is disgusting to me. It's not only girls who are made to keep up to this 'standard', you know. Guys are under pressure of image of masculinity, too. And if you are a real man you must love huge boobs, that's it. I found myself having hard times to admit to other guys that I don't like huge boobs at all.

But it's not a big deal to meet a girl who's endowed in that sense. It's OK with me if her breast is big but it's not the only thing that matters. There's personality. Heart. Attitude. Habits. Worldview. Her wholeness. Still, as to purely body shape, regardless of personality, I love slender and no big boobs. All the movies where boys drool when they see giant boobs are, essentially, bullshit. I didn't. Some do. It varies.

Dear small to none sized girls, you ARE pretty. You may be luckier, your breasts won't sag for very long. Men have too different tastes as for areolas, nipples, colors, sizes and shapes. And many men like them very different - I'm on the smaller side of scale.

Shame on the media and bullies, flat chested girls are also very beautiful and charming.

It's not fair judging people for what they have no power to choose. If your breast is your only reason to be proud of yourself - nuff said, I wouldn't date such a girl. Once I came across a survey whether men like small breasts, and the majority do, as it turns out. Breast size is overhyped as a measure of sexuality.

That what I honestly think. Flat chested girls can be very pretty too.

It's worth noting that not all girls want they breasts big, especially in countries where there's no such a pressure for big size. It's an USA's fetish of choice, now spread worldwide. I, myself, as a boy, didn't want a very big penis. Many men I know are repulsed by the 'whore' image hyped as super sexy - huge boobs, plump lips, high heels, stockings and tons of makeup plus a fake smile. It's a major turn off for me, actually. It's not boobs that make you a woman.


I have no breasts. I mean nothing I look like I have tiny pecks not breasts. Like an eight year old! I mean I don't even fit into an aa bra! I get really mad when girls with a's or b's say there flat chested! I'd kill to have a full a or better yet a b! Its extremely painful to have no breasts for me in this society. I feel like I am not a women and I disgust men. It's so painful to feel like you aren't good enough. I've considered surgery but I don't want to have scars. Sometimes when I'm in a positive mood I think that it's okay. My (non) breasts fit my little body. I also know that on the up side I will attract a certain type of man. That will look past breasts. Girls with bigger boobs have to admit they get a lot of pigs hitting on them. Some men love small boobs it's totally weird but there is actually porn called "flat chested girls." I came across it while googling small boobs. Goes to show some men find it sexy and some don't, but do you really want a man who wants you for your breasts? NO! Breasts aren't for men there for babies! I know this isn't what girls want to hear but it's true. Small chested girls look classy! Surgery is always an option. But that's a lifetime of boob care! And surgery gross! Some girls don't have boobs, love it or change it.


When I was in junior high and high school, I was completely flat-chested. I was about a 32A up until grade 11 or 12, when I grew to a 32B. (I was super skinny and started gaining some weight around age 17).

Anyways, I am now 19 almost 20, 115 lbs and 5'8". My boobs are a 32C (which is still not big, looks like a 34B). My left is a full 32C, almost D, but my right is barely a 32C... and the left kind of sags more than the right, so I always need to wear a supportive push-up or padded bra.

I am basically really insecure about the size difference and just wish my right was the same size as my left. It makes bra, bikini, and even shirt shopping difficult. I have to use extra removable padding in my right side, and it still looks different.

I think having small boobs would be better than asymmetrical, especially if it's almost a full size difference. When I had really small boobs, my right was still smaller than my left, and now since I'll be 20 in about a month, I highly doubt my right will ever catch up to my left. In fact my left has felt like it's growing more. None of my bras fit right and it really makes me depressed, but the images of normal boobs is really helping me to start liking my boobs :)

So if you're lucky enough to have perky, symmetrical breasts, no matter what the size, you should be happy with them! I would be!


I'm a guy, and happily married - 26 years now - to a wonderful, beautiful woman with tiny breasts. And I LOVE it!! I wouldn't want it any other way. In fact I playfully tell her even smaller, including flat, is fine for me.

The girls I had before I met my wife were also very small. Every one of them. It's what I like. So yes, there are great guys who like small breasts.

Interestingly, I was the guy who got chased by lots of girls. Believe it or not, most of them were small/flat chested. So there's something subconscious here, at some level, no?


I have been teased and even called gay because I hardly have any breasts. I am 39years old and have seen teenage girls with breasts bigger than mine. I try to wear padded bras but still feel like I am defective. There is no way I can afford the enlargement surgery.

I started reading this just to find out how horrible the society make one feel. I'm 34 years old and did grow up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; until I was 22. Back in my teenager time, the perfect body was very small breasts, round butt and very thin waist. I always feared that my breast would grow and get as big and large as my mom's. So, I remember sleeping in my bra, and not moving my arms too much so it wouldn't grow. Hahaha, that of course didn't help. But, my genetics is stronger from my father's side, all women had small breasts. So, I was "lucky" for been petite and a small B cup, sometimes an A cup (depended of my weight).

Well, moved to US after my 22 birthday, and realized I was "flat breasted" and "disproportional" for the American society. Go figure! It sometimes bothered me but deep inside myself I loved my small breasts. Truly, at points to get some "bad friends" who had larger breasts to make fun of me; saying that in no way I could be happy, that they believed I should get an implant. Hahaha Again!!!

I never told anyone I was unhappy with my size and wanted larger. I actually always believed that smaller breasted women are more elegant and classier. I still do believe. I CAN wear low cut or tight shirt and look cute, classy, and in shape. As "my big breast friends look too sexy or low classy. Sorry but it's my opinion. And it's all about opinion here. Mine is, women with smaller breasts look beautiful and delicate. If you have small breasts, you will never have to wonder of the man are looking below your neck; they will see your face and your confidence first. I do love my small breasts and all the low cut top I wear. The other cut that was not made for my body shape you be in the store clearance forever if would depend on mr to change my body to fit the clothe instead to change the clothe to fit my loved body. So we can make the society change their view of perfection. Perfection for ms is confidence and love the way we look!!!


Hi, I am fifteen years old with barely anything. I weigh 125 pounds but I am 5'9. I am a size 32AA and I hate it. I get mocked because of my lack of breasts. All my friends have gotten their boobs and make fun of me because I am a year older and still haven't. And I'm not getting boobs, I know, because my mom doesn't have anything either. I got my period at age 12, and 3 years later my boobs still haven't grown. I hate it so much, but looking at all these comments on here as helped me tremendously. I thought about getting surgery but now I know that beauty is on the inside and it really doesn't matter. and it's dangerous. Looking at these comments also makes me feel as if I'm not alone and clearly I'm not. So thank you to all who have commented because you have helped me more than you know! :)


Hey, guys!
I am 17-years old, turning 18 quite soon. I am completely flat-chested (nope, not even an AA), and I've come to accept myself the way I am. For a long while I was very upset over not having breasts. During 7th to 8th grade, while the girls in my class else was going through those changes, I had huge body-image issues. I was even severely teased about my lack of bosom.
Now, however, I feel better than ever! I don't let the size of my chest get in the way, and I enjoy life to the fullest regardless. If someone says something about my tiny boobs, I just joke about it with them!
Despite being literally chestless, many people are interested in me, both girls and boys, which at first was quite surprising. I guess if you don't let your flaws bother you, they won't bother others either.
I know how all of you flat-chested girls feel. Sure, I have issues finding bathing suits and the likes, but I could never change myself just because Victoria's Secret tells me that D-cups are a good idea. Just learn to love your non-existant bosom. It's not easy, but once you do, you'll be unstoppable!
100% flat-chested and proud of it

I'm 18 years old and I am flat-chested. All of my life, I have hated the way I look. I'm skinny, due to my extremely fast metabolism, and I'm 5'9", which just adds to how thin I look. So having a flat chest, I look awkward. I was constantly teased in school, by friends, and even by family.
But I met my boyfriend 10 months ago, and my life has been changed ever since. He is disgusted by big breasts, and loves me for who I am. To him, I am beautiful, every bit of me. He says that when we hug, we can be even closer since I don't have boobs. He says he wouldn't have me any other way. I have never been happier. I feel very grateful to have him. Now, I'm comfortable with my body. (Despite the fact that I still can't find bathing suits that fit--that's one thing that still bothers me)

So girls, don't think that ALL men in the world want large-breasted women. If a man refuses to see you for who you really are because they don't approve of your body, then they are NOT worth it. There IS someone out there who will love you for exactly who you are.


HappyA is so right. I think the reason why a lot of us are so insecure is because so many women wear padded bras or get breast implants we don't know how common it really is to have small breasts. Of course knowing that doesn't help me me any less insecure though :(


It is the SOCIETY that emphasizes the breast size more than any other part of the female body. Every girl that has even a slightest resemblance of breasts is trying to push them out of a low cut top. This is just getting ridiculous. Yes, having breasts (even small ones) creates a nice shape, making a female body beautiful. But so do hips, small waist, long legs, flat abs, perky buttocks, etc. You can't have everything! Only very few lucky ones do. And you gotta make the best from what you have. Make sure the rest of your body looks good and top that with distinctive (and nice) personality, so you can compensate for your imperfection. I know how hard it is to feel confident when you are not feeling this way at all. But life is too short to waste it on regret and sorrow. This is coming from a flat-chested 29y/o woman. I went through all the pains of High School, teasing, crying, painful break-ups, depression and everything you can imagine. And I am still struggling with self-confidence issues and always will (at least to some extent). But it's very true that CONFIDENCE makes you attractive, not a particular part of the body. Sexuality it is something inside; it's the way she walks, and talks, and laughs... I always got lot of attention from men despite 32AA breasts. And they didn't have a problem with my flat chest (I did). The thing is that when you fall in love with somebody, this person is not always perfect. But when you are attracted to somebody, it doesn't matter! And then you fall in love EVEN with their flaws! Another thought to consider. You are unhappy and depressed because of your breasts, I totally understand. But what about people with congenital deformities, people without limbs, people that suffer from incurable diseases? A lot of them live and try to make the best from their living! They are dating, going out, having hobbies, getting married. If they can do it, you can do it too!


Im 13 and am not even a AA!! It really gets me down and even upsets my mum coz there nothing she can do, the boys take the mikey and the girls don't help. But this site really helps when your having a bad day, and I know I'm only 13 but I don't feel normal, I don't want big boobs, just something!

I'm quite proud of myself, so many girls at my school wear padded bras, but I've just accepted that I aint got boobs, it's in my genes to develop really late but my mum is an E, so fingers crossed, when I'm older I'll feel more normal! Thanks


I think that the girls who post here should know that A LOT of men find smaller chested girls to be more attractive. I prefer a flat chested appearance than a large chested appearance. I find so wonderfully sexy. But seriously, even though I prefer flat, female sexiness is NOT about breasts. You can be super sexy with no breasts at all or with large breasts, either way.

If you are small or flat chested, then use that to your advantage by dressing to it. Look at Kate Hudson, she is nearly totally flat and she is a super sexy celebrity.

I say, enjoy what you have and look around. When you open your eyes beyond your self-disapproval, you will find a world of people like me who think you are beautiful.


Hey, I'm almost 20 and have practically no breasts (about 32A/34AA). I hate having to show my body whether it be in the pool, on the beach or even in front of my man. I wouldn't mind having small breasts if I was generally petite but at 5'11" and 8 and a half stone, my bony frame and non-existent cleavage stick out like a sore thumb. I know there have been a few comments about how women like me should try to put on some weight to see if our breasts fill out a bit more, but this is far easier said than done - especially when you have an already huge appetite like mine! I don't think I will ever 'love' my breasts but I do find that wearing the right clothes helps my confidence a little - things like pretty patterned tops or tops with a deep V in the back. I just wish there was something that could make them look a little prettier when uncovered...


I am a 16 years old high school girl with a flat chest. I am about a size 32A. Everyone else that I know, both older and younger, have bigger breasts than I do. I began my period when I was 12 and thought that I would at least have something by now, but still nothing. Reading this site has helped, yet reading about alot of these women that never ended up growing any breasts and are now in their 40s with still nothing makes me think there is a chance that I won't ever grow. I know that there are some women out there that begin developing even when they are in their 20s, but I know there is a chance that I won't ever grow. Both my mother and my grandmother are size D, yet I can sometimes barely even fit into a regular size A. In my opinion, breast size really doesn't matter, what truly matters is the person inside.

I always say that if I never end up developing, surgery will most definitely be out of the question because this is simply the body that mother nature intended for me. If anyone has a problem with it, they can go cry about it themselves because what they say/think won't affect me. In many ways I am very confident, and in many other ways I am extremely insecure. I don't like a lot of things about myself (especially my small chest) but whatever anyone says doesn't matter to me because I know deep down I am a great person and that is what matters. I'm not gorgeous, however I have pretty features. I believe I am a beautiful person on the inside and my breast size shouldn't matter, however seeing how many women around me are larger and how much better they look in their clothes than I do, I can't help but feel insecure sometimes. Not to mention all the comments I hear from some people. My boyfriend loves me very much and says I am the best girl he has ever met. Yet where he works, a lot of gorgeous women with great bodies go there all the time (he even works with gorgeous women) and he always says how hot he thinks they are. Sometimes he even says that he wishes my chest was bigger like theirs that this would make me even more perfect than I already am, which doesn't help my self esteem. I really hope they grow, I don't even want them to be big I just want them to be noticable. Though whatever happens to me in the future and whether my breasts grow or not I must say this: ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, ALL WOMEN ARE INSECURE ABOUT SOMETHING THEY HAVE, AND ALL WOMEN ARE WONDERFULLY UNIQUE NO MATTER WHAT!!!


Hey my name's kourtnea... I'm 16, in the 10th grade and weigh about 95 lbs. I have small boobs. I'm a 34 A and very self-concious about them.... Girls if you're worried about guys making fun of you, don't be because you know what? They are a bunch of JERKS!!! There is a guy out there for you who won't care what size your boobs are, it's about you and you on the inside :) I'm dating an amazing guy that loves me for me. He calls me beautiful all the time. See girls, your guy's out there. Don't give up and don't settle for a jerk that makes fun of them!!! I used to think that's all guys wanted was girls with big boobs. Well I'm PROUD to say I was wrong; not all guys are like that :) So be strong and pround and love who you are!!! :)


It breaks my heart when I see a small-chested woman or flat chested woman getting breast implants. I have always thought that small chested women were much more attractive than their more well-endowed counterparts. When I was growing up, some of the nicest, most pleasant girls I knew in high school were small and/or flat chested women.

There is more to a woman than her bra size, and I can say that I have had several nice friendships with small chested women. I also think that in addition to being very nice and friendly women, they also look very "hot" to me as well, in terms of sexuality. Nothing wrong with you at all.


I'd like to say thank you for this website. I'm 20 and flat-chested, since I hit puberty I've been very self-conscious of by breasts. It's caused me to run away from relationships because I don't want the guy to see my breasts and laugh. I was actually looking for information on breast implants when I came across your website. So happy to know i'm not the only one who's flat-chested! Self-confidence is WAY up! Thank you!

The prettiest women I've ever met had the smallest breast I have ever seen. I and all the men I know never cared about breast size. Only women really care and the guys that do, well you don't need such a small minded guy anyway. Be proud of your body no matter what size bust you have.


I am 16 and I got my period when I was 12. My boobs haven't really grown in the last 3 years. I have developed normally everywhere except for my breasts. That is I am approximately a 34AA.
I have to say that I have been lucky in that no one has ever picked on me because of my lack of big boobs, so until reading the comments on this website I didn't realise it was such a common problem. I guess that is because I come across as confident & pretty. I guess the trick is to BELIEVE yourself pretty, show off the good aspects of your body and personality. After all being known as the nice/funny/cute girl is much better than being known for your big boobs.
Just because you weren't given something by nature doesn't mean you can't acquire something better. Even though you might not have big boobs you might be an exquisite kisser (or become one with practice :D) and a guy would definitely come back for that.


I'm small busted, but I've always thought that being flat-chested is really beautiful, and wished for the look. Not everyone has the same standards of beauty :)


I am 21 year old Indian woman and flat chested. I am very much touched by this site. Thanks. Keep up the good work. I have been insulted and mocked all my life for being fat yet flat chested. But from today onwards I am really going to change my attitude towards my own body although I would love to have normal size but I will no longer care about people making fun at me.


My sister and I have been dealing with breast insecurities since we were young teens. We were a 34AA, and looking for answers to solve the question "why me?!" Of course, we went to our mother for help, who had perfect 34C's, and she told us that we'll get them when we have children. (WRONG. My sister had a lovely baby girl, and she did swell to a 38C when her milk came in, but shrank back to a 36AA-A size.) She'd push too-padded bras on us, tell us not to buy certain clothes that exaggerate the 'flatness' and tell us that we can have surgery when we're 18. I would catch her wearing my clothing... which she was able to fill out better than I ever could. When I was a young teen, she took me to doctors so I could ask if my breasts were 'normal.' She never once said that our small breasts were beautiful, or normal. My guy friends drooled over my mom, and my girlfriends asked if I was REALLY her child. I withdrew from others and developed bad attitudes toward my classmates -- boys and girls alike. I had no confidence; I was so nervous when playing sports (the dreaded sports-bra!) Despite all this, I had no problem finding guys who wanted to date me. Hrm...

Fast forward. I'm a 25 year old woman, who still owns a set of 34AA's. My mother, the lady who dealt out so much negativity to my body, neglected to tell me that her 34C's were the result of a breast augmentation. I had so much HATE in my heart when my dad told me. Deep down inside, I always knew that she didn't like the way I looked. But it was because she didn't love herself, and she projected her own self-hatred onto her children. I'm not going to say that I don't have my own hang-ups with my breasts on occasion, but after my experiences with my mother, I'm starting to realize that she was wrong, and that my 34AA's are beautiful. I don't want to go down the road she did. She lost a great man (my dad) in her life because of her negativity, and not because she had small breasts. She can't blame her body for her loss, she can only blame her personality. Ouch.

I wanted to share my story for a few reasons. 1.) You are not alone. Many breasts, of all sizes, enhance, or just plain hide their tits with clothing, makeup, padding, or surgery.

2.) There will be men (and WOMEN) who feel like your breasts are out of their comfort zone, like my mother did. Please, please, PLEASE! Do not let these people define you -- even if the voice is coming from your own head. If the hurt won't stop, find someone who you can confide in. (A big thanks goes out to my boyfriends, who reassured me during some very dark times.)

3.) Don't attack your breasts, or other women's. Seeing my body type with full D's used to make me sick to my stomach. She would ruin my day. Did she mean to? Some women might be happy, but I'm sure that others would have felt horrible if I told them that I cried in my car because they have noticeable breasts and I don't. You know you can't change that part of your body -- and neither can they. I would refuse to go out in public because I feared that someone would say something negative or laugh at me. I missed so many cookouts, concerts, and gatherings. I missed out on some really great times...with people who really wanted me there.


Hey, I hope this can help some of you out there Including my self.
I am 23 and my chest is 29 1/2 inches around with very small breasts. I am married (going on 8 years) with two beautiful daughters. I have always hated my breasts-love my body, just not my breasts. I've even considered just walking around with no shirt like men do- cuz I often feel no different. I've always been convinced that all men like bigger breasts than I have. I have my ups and downs, some times my downs are longer than my ups especially in summer. I don't wear padded bras, rarely do I wear bras at all! I feel fake with padding on my chest- Not fake to everyone, just to me. I am bigger than that. Not to say that padded bras are bad, or that you shouldn't wear them, I just can't.
My oldest sister (I am one with eight sisters) had implants for eight years, and just had them taken out. I also can't bring myself to get implants. I have made my life and my family's life miserable at times because I didn't know how to accept myself. I wonder now how all those horrible outings with friends, or swimming pool parties would have been if I had just been happy with me. I have always felt 2nd to all the other girls because of what I used to call My deformity. I have found that people can and will be harsh especially about something they don't understand themselves. And many women need to put other women down in some way to feel adequate about themselves- it is what it is. I now do affirmations to myself every day in the mirror. I say I am perfect. I am beautiful with a sensual body. Some days this is what gets my day to be great, some days not so much, but I do it anyways, everyday. Be true to you and you will be the greatest you there is. This is a hard concept to grasp, but the truth is you are what you think. Today's thoughts are tomorrows will be's. Think of yourself the way you want to be, others will either follow or fall away. None of that is going to change who you are. It hasn't me. I am still me. I am still a being of light, love, and compassion. I am and always will be me. Find who you are and maybe this concern of phsical attributes will fall away.


There is nothing wrong with being flat-chested or having small breast size. I'm a 19 year-old guy and I myself don't think it makes much of a difference because attitude goes a lot farther for me than big breasts. So chin up, girls, and be happy with what God gave you. If your man doesn't accept you for who you are and what you have, maybe you should consider if he's really the guy for you. Good luck and cheer up. Most girls don't realize that even though they may have small breasts, they may have other things that are turn ons for guys, like sparkling eyes, radiant smiles, or just good attitudes. Bye and cheer up, and if you can't tell, I don't mind if my girl has small breasts or not, I rather prefer smaller size I think they are cuter.


I enjoy this site... I have always been "flat chested" -34 AA- (thought I would grow in my teen years, but at 26... just don't care anymore)... I have never had an issue with any man... in fact I believe that my "not so there chest" has helped aid men in looking at everything else that I have to offer. Who wants to be woman who a man choses due to breast size? Besides that, I never have to worry about having sagging breasts or severe back pain. A personality of energy, intelligence, and confidence are what a man wants... (what woman here judges a man on his size?)


Wow! Since I posted that comment and read the other responses I've come to realize that I'm not alone. I'm now very comfortable with my body and I've found a confidence in me I've never had, I actually feel attractive! This site has helped me overcome this problem I've been uncomfortable for a while now THANKS sooooo much.

I'm 15.. older than most of my friends but they look at me as the younger girl. I'm not too short (5'4") and about 100 lbs. I'm a size 34 A and all my friends are Bs or Cs. My 20 year old sister was size C in high school. My half-sister is still small and in her twenties. I used to get made fun of until I started laughing and going along with it. Once I got into high school, everyone forgot about it and now i'm actually kinda popular. I still worry about wearing a swimsuit because I have a completely flat chest and wish it was bigger. I think if I just forget about it and let it go, then i'll feel a lot better about myself and hey, maybe someday I won't be so flat.

By the way... people think me and my 12 year old sister are the same age. And, I still get kids menus and stuff like that. It's not fun but hey, when me and my friends are old maybe i'll still look younger than everyone else. :]


I'm 26, 155 pounds, and I don't fill out an A cup. I've never seen an AA bra in my life, but maybe that's because I live in the middle of nowhere, and I've never really sought one. I've never thought about my own breasts as a sexual thing. [...] It took me a long time to accept that I wasn't going to fully develop. Even at 19 years old, I thought I would be a very late bloomer. I had even read an article in a magazine about a man whose hormones switched gears on him, and he developed breasts, his body hair became finer, and his testicles shrank. I thought if it could happen to him, it could happen to me, it was only a matter of time. But alas, at 21 years old I came to grips with the reality that my tummy would always stick out further than my breasts. People would make jokes in good humor, and I would only lash out at them. It was not something I took lightly. Whenever I meet women, or see them on television or magazines, I find myself studying their breasts and comparing myself. I can't help it. I coveted them for so long, it's hard to let it go. I've considered breast implants, and was beginning to see them as my only entry to a proportionate and sexually fulfilling life. Then, just recently, I heard a man on television comment that he liked women's breasts "as flat as a pancake". I was shocked. Only once before, when I was about 6, had I heard anything about men liking smaller breasts, and that was from my grandma. She told me in Brazil men liked small breasts and big butts (not that she had ever been there). Now I have come across this website, and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted their positive commentary. Now I can see that there are so many men and women that can make up their own minds about what is feminine and sexy. In my whole life I have only met-face to face- one other girl with breasts as small as mine (and believe me, I've been lookin' for 'em), and she was about 50 pounds lighter than me. I felt painfully alone. I just wanted to say that this commentary, esp. the men's, has brought tears to my eyes, and I believe that something like this only shatters our negative self images. There is nothing worse than feeling that you are alone and unwanted.


I am glad to have found this site, to be 100% honest, no one, with the exception of my beloved man knows the truth. I am a very small chested woman. Almost nothing there at all. I am 21 years old and yes I am very underweight, 106 lbs 5' 3". I have tried many options to increase my bust size, all except surgery. Throughout my teen years, when I should have been developing, I was in a coma, in and out of the hospital. I have always blamed my shape on that because I know that is the time that is most critical in breast development. I am much more comfortable with myself now, after all these years, but I am not sure I will ever be 100% because I do not feel like a woman, more like a small boy. I do wear padded bras and no one really knows, but it's a hard thing to take your bra off and show a guy for the first time. I am very lucky to have my beloved who accepts me for who I am.

Whoever created this site is really helping and calming down a lot of teenagers including me... but I am kind of sad that I have small breasts.... but I guess it's okay since you can't really do much about it... Anyways, it's a really good site and makes you feel calm whichever kind of breasts you have... really liked it...!!

As a 22-year old who is flat chested and has an older sister who is also flat-chested, while my other 2 sisters are a B-cup and C-cup. Growing up I was always jealous of them because they had breasts and everyone else who had breasts. I always worried that because I was skinny and was flat-chested, no guy will ever like me but for me. Now though it does still suck not having breast and being skinny, there are more important things in life than not having breasts, and I know that one day I will find that guy who will love me for me. But first I need to gain weight.


Oh, my, so much angst among the teenage comments on this page!

I thank God for age and hindsight. My story... at 12, mom took me to get my first training bra... I wore it for about a year waiting for something to grow that I could put in it. By the time I was 14, I was fed up with wearing that stupid itchy harness, and stopped. I was flat-chested all through high school and college, and still am, at the age of 31! People made fun of me, which people will do, because they are stupid, but you survive. They say the best revenge is living well, and it is... it also helps to be able to make fun of yourself--then you steal your heckler's thunder.

In my early twenties, I gained a new appreciation of my physical self and my looks (including my itty-bitties), and began to enjoy myself for the first time in my life. Men began noticing me. One very sweet and wonderful man married me, and the dress fitter for my wedding was scandalized when I told her I didn't wear a bra. She asked my bra size and I said I didn't know. I still don't know. I have never been fitted for a bra, not since that stupid trainer, so I have no idea how "big " I am, but I suspect it's a 32 A or AA.

Now I look at women and their breasts, and still envy (just a little) the girls with nice "handful-sized" breasts. But mostly I am happy with who I am and what I've been given. Smaller breasts are supposed to be more sensitive, and my husband will attest to this! Also, find women who look like you in the boob department to look up to. I love Debra Messing, I think she is beautiful, smart, and fabulous!


Hi everybody!!

After reading all the comments on this page, I must admit that I feel so much better knowing that I'm not the only one with a flat chest on the planet!! I'm 21 and to be honest I've been flat chested since I can remember, probably am a 32AA! It's one of those things that always bothers me in the back of my mind and frankly is a pretty big issue for me, especially being a woman in this day and age...... But after reading all these comments I suppose I should try n make peace with it and if I cant.. well there are always other options!! It comes down to making the right choice for yourself... whether it's using padded bras, unpadded bras, considering surgery or just being as you are... Hope you'll do what makes YOU feel sexy and special!!

Wow, so good to see there are other out there like me. I'm 24 about 130lbs and have had 2 children. I am truly flat chested, wearing a 32AA. Having children did not increase my breast size at all, and to the bafflement of lactation consultants I was only able to produce 1 oz of milk an hour. I've learned to live with it, and occasionally wear a padded bra when wearing a dress that requires it, because the breasts lines look noticeably, well.. sunken, lol. Hubby of five years love them. So I'm happy.


I'm 23 years old and in the US Navy and will be for life. I'm in great shape and feel great. This info would be for the ladies that feel insecure about their breasts being like in the A size and such. I have always loved small breasted women. To read some of this has shocked me, I had no idea girls were THAT bothered by their small breast size, I prefer it like some guys prefer larger ones. I noticed a lot of girls saying that they were messed with because they don't have full breasts. Men that think that way are a waste of your life. And any girl that would say that to hurt you is a b****. Love yourself; you're beautiful!

Hans Severinsen

I really don't know what size I am anymore. A couple days ago I read about the "band/cup relation" and went out and tried on a different bra, completely different size. My most comfortable bra is a 34A, and I don't fill it out all the way, but it's close to my body so it doesn't make me feel like I have no boobs. Then I went out and found this 32B, which was a huge shock because I can never fill out even the nearly A bras. It's really tight around the ribs, but it feels GREAT being able to fill in a cup. I've been fitted at victoria's secret, and they say "oh, you're this size, but we don't have it, so here, try on this one, it should be just as good." So I've given up on being fitted there, since all they seem to want is the sale, not to actually recommend a properly fitting bra.

I'm tiny all over. 5'6" and about 100 lbs. I've always been small, I'm not anorexic (though I am a very picky eater). The only curve I seem to have are my hips, which aren't much, but they give my waist a curve. I don't have a butt either.

I've found a wonderful man, who I've been with for over a year, accepts me the way I am. In fact, he hates it when I say I want bigger boobs. He says they're fine and that he loves them, because they're a part of me. His last girlfriend had bigger boobs (and bigger everything, since I'm so small). He said there's really not much good about having big boobs, that they are always in the way when you hug and stuff. Then I went off thinking about it, and boobs are just blobs of fat sitting on your chest. Not something to envy, nor something to distain. It's your body, in all it's uniqueness.


I was 10 when I started getting breasts and 11 when I started my period. But after I turned 12, my extremely slowly growing chest came to a halt. My mom is COMPLETELY flat. I am "lucky" enough to fill a AA. I am 19 now and all my Junior high and high school years I was picked on. I'm married now, and though my husband says he loves me the way I am, I still feel like I cannot give him what every husband is "supposed" to have. I've been checking into implants, but I decided last night that it's just way to risky.

It's so nice to know that I am not alone. Shopping for bras and a sexy things is very hard. I usually end up sticking a small sock in the cups to make it fit. But I decided I would MUCH rather have a flat chest then large saggy breasts when I get old ;]

I think we all need to stop hiding our size. Maybe if everyone who is small chested decided to show it via no padding, no stuffing- we would realize how many of us there really are. And take pride in the fact that we are not alone.


I'm 21 and I'm extremely petite, I'm currently 94 lbs and I've never been able to go over 96 lbs. My metabolism is very fast so I'm thin all over, including my chest. I really don't know what size I am because I've never found a bra that fit me. I seriously considered breast augmentation, I only planned to go up to a B so I could fill in clothes, but after looking through doctors and before and after photos, I decided there was absolutely no way I was going through it. I could not find a single photo that looked normal and beautiful. I pride myself on the fact that I can exercise and run around without a bra and not get tired. I love sleeping flat on my stomach and not having to worry about my breasts getting in the way. If it means I have to pin and alter my clothes for the rest of my life, it's better than the pain of constant surgery.

I have been on birth control for the past year to alleviate monthly menstral pain and I have noticed an improvement in fullness since, I am filling in clothes better. Please don't try to take birth control as an attempt to make yourself bigger, I only take it to help with my deathly cramps every month, it was just a side effect I didn't know would happen. Remember, birth control has it's own list of side effects that aren't positive, let's be smart about it. They didn't make them bigger, just fuller, I am still no where near fitting into the smallest bra's they make.

Thanks to this site for posting real pictures of real women that are proud to be who they are. I especially appreciate those of the woman during pregnancy, my mother had the same side effect and went from an A Cup to a C Cup after three children, but she did not breast feed.

I love there is finally a place for girls and women to go to be proud of being normal women! Nobody should want to feel like water balloon replacements. =)

Much love, Kristen

I think this site gives an excellent understanding of womans breasts and that cup size don't matter. Your born with what you got and should be happy with that. I am a 34 A but don't quit fill out the cup & I have had two of my aunts have breast implants & I think that its sad they couldnt be happy with their bodies. Media is a big cause of this. People grow up believing big is beautiful when it comes to breasts because of what they hear on TV or read and it's so shallow. You shouldn't care what others think because if people can't like your body the way it is they are not the kind of person you need to be around. All I can say is be confident in your breasts and use them to breastfeed like they were meant for!


Hi! I am 16 years old. I am worried because I am almost flat chested and havent seen hardly any change in my breast development since 7th grade. I started my period when I was 13 but it is still irregular. I am embarrassed going swimming because although I wear a padded bikini it hardly gives me any shape and I worry I am the only one like this. my mother told me to wait a bit longer as she was the same and is now size 38b. but sometimes I fear I may never much longer should I wait? Is this normal?t hanks!!


Hello Anna,
If your mom was a late bloomer as regards to breasts, then you might be too. In some girls breasts do develop later on.

If your period is still irregular, that might be something to look into. If your period is irregular, you may not be ovulating.

If you don't ovulate, your ovaries won't produce progesterone. If your ovaries won't produce progesterone, your breast glands won't develop fully now. (They can do that, though, during pregnancy.)

Could you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)?
Do you eat normally and get good nutrition? Are you normal weight?
One herb that may be helfup for regulating periods is called maca.

Hopefully you can get some ideas to investigate the situation with your period some more.

Hey Guys, well I'm 18..totally underweight..85 to be FLAT CHESTED!! and I mean FLAT...ever since 6th grade I been stuffing my bra with years goes by I put more in so it would look like I autully grow some...sadly I still do now...i alway wonder if anything was wrong with me..i feel soo hopeless and different all the time..recently I told my 2 and an half year BF the truth bout my Flat chest..he totally understand and he say he love me for who I am not what I look like.....reading all the comments make me feel better about I know I'm not the only one out there....ThankS!!


Hey every1!! Im 13 years old and I'm a A13, fair size. I've had lots of comments about my boobs from guys (perverted pigs...most of em) and I think they are big enough. When I was little I wanted big boobs like barbie and paris and every other supermodel you could think of.
I came here looking for a way to get my boobs bigger so people would like me more because I'm not like that much at my school. I can be an awful person and I'm violent and backstabbing. Instead of finding a way... I wound a will. I got something more powerful that breast size, I got confindence. I now realise that breast size is not important. Its the size of your heart. Its not what fills your bra, its what fills your mind... loving and kind thoughts that will make you liked more than big boobs. In my group of friends I HAD the biggest boobs. They all agreed with me on that. But I was also the worst friend. Thanx to all those ppl out there who posted these comments. Even tho u don't know me, I thank u for helping me to be a better person... and my boobs had no part in this. Thanx xxxx


This is a wonderful web-site that is full of caring and sharing. It sure did wonders for the way I think and feel about my body! I'm 28 and a small 12A, and the most annoying thing about it is clothes and bra shopping. However, my 10DD friend reckons she has a worse time than me. She and I have one thing in common - when we find that one bra in a million that fits, we seriously bulk-buy, just in case we happen to never, ever find one again and have to wear the same old bra for the rest of our lives! By the way, some contraceptive pills do actually increase breast size (just a bit), and the one that I took also improved my complexion. I'm sure they work better than herbal pills.


Hi guys and girls :)

Just wanted to let all the girls who're worried about their flat chests to stop worrying about it, and know that there are people out there (me included) that find flat chests to be very good-looking! Furthermore, it's who the girl is on the inside (personality etc.), not what's on the outside! My lady has a flat chest, but she's the most amazing girl I know! Beauty is on the inside, not the outside.

And to those thinking about implants; think twice. For one, they're damn expensive, and two, there's a chance they'll cause problems in the future!

Just know that there are guys out there who appreciate flat chests and small breasts :)


Thanks to all the women and men posting their comments here. These pages are good to read when I'm having my 'down' moments about the way I look.

I am 29 years old and am so lucky to have health and a decent face and body (although my breasts are tiny - I seem to weigh up at a 34AAA and can only buy underwear online). However I still feel inadequate as a woman sometimes, especially as my sternum protrudes farther than my breasts do so all that can be seen from the side is my bony chest sticking out!!

During these times I make myself think about how lucky I am in other ways (having shapely legs, or a great bone structure) and encourage myself to love my breasts and enjoy their pre-pubescent appearance. It's funny that young womens' bodies are said to be the most beautiful, so us 'flatties' should relish the fact that our bodies will appear younger throughout our lives. They won't sag and droop, and they'll certainly never reach our knees.

The big-breasted-beauty next door, or behind the bar will only look pneumatic for so long, and it will be more difficult for these women to maintain their shape and their confidence as they get older and lose those attributes that they have relied on for so long. So in a funny way, us flat chested women will be far more attractive as we have accepted ourselves and learned how to make the most of our attributes.

So, shoulders back, chins up and slap that smile on.


I'm 17 years old and have always been a naturally small girl, I'm 5'6 and 115 pounds, I didn't have anything at all to put in a bra until I was in the 8th grade, now I'm a junior in high school and I'm a 34 B, so all you younger girls hoping you'll get bigger as you grow older, there is still hope, don't be so hard on yourselves, besides small breasted women are beautiful!!!


Thank you for your wonderful site. I want all of the posters on here with flat chests to know that I sympathize with you all and can completely and totally relate. I am in my forties now but my flat chest still bothers me, to a degree. I developed normally in every other way as an adolescent: normal period and normal age for beginning my period, pubic hair, hips, etc. But my breasts? I got little 'nubs' and that was it. And it wasn't a genetic thing; my sister and mother had B and C cups. Like many other posters with this problem, I have totally flat breasts but DO have 2 nipples that jut out enough that I can't even get by with not wearing some kind of bra to cover them up. I can't fit into an A or even an AA. Like the young ones on here that are "obsessing" on this, I want to tell you, I hurt with you. People may not think this is a big deal, but it's only the women who have boobs, or men, that don't think it is. And I agree with the one poster who said, "Whoever said that being flat-chested makes your clothes fit better?" It doesn't!

I know what it's like to feel like you aren't quite a "real" woman. I know what that pain in your heart feels like when you don't feel whole or normal. I know the embarrassment of having people laugh and make jokes about my body, as I laughed along with them but cried on the inside. I know what it's like to buy a cute outfit only to have it look awful because I had no chest where one was supposed to be and that outfit didn't look like it did on that mannequin (and a mannequin with small "breasts", at that!) at the store.

But I want you young and not-so-young girls to know that, just like the wonderful men that have posted on this board say, there are men out there that love their wives because of who they are not what sits on their chest! And I wish I had the benefit of this site in my teens and twenties because it has helped me tremendously! Take the advice of the flat-chested ones who have posted on here that have goals and love who they are, inside and out. It make take time and there will still be those "I hate my flat chest!" times, but take heed to the ones that tell you truly, it IS WHO you are as a person; your heart, your sense of humor, your passion in your work and in life that make you, YOU.

And as you get older, it DOES get much easier. I probably have had the biggest hang up of anyone over not having breasts but that pain and obsession gradually went away (though not completely) as the years have gone by. I am happily married (no children) to a man who truly loves me and makes me feel special in every way. So, put your chins up and know that you ARE "REAL" women! And you are ALL beautiful. If your friends make remarks sometimes or other people do, remember, it is their shallowness and ignorance that make them say those things. They don't understand but we do!
Blessings to you all.

It's comforting to know I am not alone. I have days that I am not bothered by my flat chest (right side AA, left side A). It's just on days that I see my 10 year olds chest being larger than mine. And when my husband hands me my daughter's bra, because he thinks it's mine. Or when I am trying to find a bra or swimsuit. I am determined to come out with an awesome fashion line for barely there breasts!


I'm in my 20s. I wear an AA bra. I have a boyfriend but I never feel good enough. I know his friends laugh at me behind my back for not having "tits". I always feel bad going to work and having to hear the guys talk about breasts and stuff. Or talking about women who have "man bodies".. when I'm right there and it's like I'm not even there. I always feel bad. I try to embrace my body. But hearing the term "flat chest" especially from other women doesn't seem right. I think all women out there with a small chest should be calling it small chested, not flat. It makes things seem like its okay for men to make fun and say things like that.


If you think that bigger breasts do something for you, then you've caught onto the hype. You see all the television, magazines, models, and guys making comments about big boobies and think "that's the way it must be." There's lots of guys who love flat or small chests. There's a lot of guy's who relate large breast = overweight. But most of all, large or small, nothing is creepier than an artificial chest. 80% of men do not care about your chest size. The ones that do fall into the obsessive-compulsive category. Where they only like women with a certain hair length, hair color, height, accent, or even name. There's no feature that is attractive to 100% of all men, certainly not breast size.

Having large breasts is really just the modern day fad. In time it will go away, to be replaced by something equally as ridiculous. It's like when women would bind each foot because having small feet was considered attractive, or when neck stretching by putting a series of gold rings around the neck was considered attractive, or when wearing a corset to inhibit breathing and make women wasp-shaped was considered attractive.

If you're not shaped like the current hype, don't sweat it. Real life is much different from television and magazines, people will find you beautiful the way you are. Trust me on this.


Girls, ladies and women! One day, a man will love YOU, not your cup size... those so-called men out there looking for huge breasts, literally "the bigger, the better", are just people willing to... ahem... have some fun, they are the men who can barely refrain from drooling whenever they see large breasts. True beauty is that of real women, not that of porn starlets, not that of people thinking "breasts are beautiful, big breasts are more beautiful, the biggest breasts are the most beautiful". Looking better doesn't mean having larger breasts, looking better could mean feeling better with the way you look now... happy people are always gorgeous.

From a teenage male

I have read most of the comments from both sides: female and male. I'm a 36A, 56, 18 years old, and find it, at times, to be frustrating to "fit" in a certain type of outfit, though when trying clothing that accentuates other aspects of my body, discover it to be quite beautiful. Not everything is about breast size. I don't know if I can say I too have had a problem with my size... I might've wanted a bigger size now and then, but plastic surgery has never been an option. Ive always been aware of my size compared to other friends, but everyone is different. Ive learned to accept myself, and try not to have media influence my outlook in my life.

A while back, I was concerned about how guys would see me, but analyzing many situations, they approached me because of my personality, intelligence, etc.

I truly think women should be confident in themselves in every way, shape and form. Do this for yourself and not for another. If guys here are commenting about the way a woman carries herself, or that confidence plays a HUGE role in a relationship, then it must be true on their side. Sometimes, it is a little difficult to find a person who will not be critical about appearances, but Trust and Communication seem to be the key.


Well I'm 17 years old and I really like this site, coz it helped lots of sad girls. for example me.. I am in love with a guy but he is always asking me to work on my body to get a hotter look. Well that hurts me alot because there is nothing I can do about it, but now I can say if anyone loves me will love me coz of me and not coz of my body or my boobs.. I will be 18 soon and I only wear 32a. Its true sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs but not anymore.. I like my boobs and like to live as I am

thanx alot with all my wishes to all girls with small boobs

I went through some bad experiences myself because I was near-flat chested. I got made fun of in middle school by the catty bitches, known as my male classmates, all the time. Then I would think, "Well, breast size is genetic, so my younger sister will have to go through this eventually too. At least I know I won't be the only one." But whaddyaknow, when my sister (4yrs younger) reached middle school, she didn't have that problem... and she surpassed me (despite being 4 yrs younger)! It was sooo annoying. And yes, I agree that after high school, the teasing decreases but never actually stops. ...

And as for someone saying that clothes fit you better when you're flat? Who says? Obviously someone who hasn't tried fitting A-cups into a bikini top or halter tops. Prom dresses too, for that matter. It was a difficult and humiliating experience.

Eventually, I splurged on implants. This is NOT for everyone and I'm not trying to tell all you girls to go run out and get implants. ... I did it for myself and I feel great! The only thing is, you start to realize peoples' true colors after you get a surgery like that. For example, guys who snubbed you or wanted to be "just friends" before... and now that you have implants, they start sl*** themselves in front of you. It's flattering, but at the same time insulting. But it should be a choice for YOU to make on your own.


REAL men love breasts of all shapes and sizes! To all the women out there with small breasts, there are men who love you. No, maybe not the majority, but such is life. You could reverse the question and ask how many women like a balding man? It doesn't matter though, because you'll cross paths with many people in life.

A real man loves each and every woman for who she is. Just be yourself, be confident in yourself, and know that once a man falls in love, he will be mesmerized by YOU, not your breast size.

Kevin John Fenton

this is to all the women that are on here and self-contious about their flat chests....there are many guys that do like women that are flat chested...I should know... I am one of them. To be honest, as a guy looking for a beatuiful flat chested women... it is hard for us too...... most flat women cover it up and padd...... either that or get be who u are and be proud! You women are gorgeous and u should know it.


I am flat chested and always have been. I am 31 years old and even after having two children I have remained the same. I never had any trouble attracting men because they saw the real me and not my chest size. Be confident about your body,love the skin your in,because that is what people see. There are plenty of A list actresses out there exactly the same, and the men love them.


I used to have small breasts. Now I only have one. You see, I used to be unsatisfied until I got cursed with cancer in one breast and lost it because it was diseased. Now I would do anything to have that small breast back.

Note: I wouldn't add anything topical to your breast to enhance the size. Personally, I think a lot of these products have agents in them not only to increase bust size but to stimulate breast cancer. Don't trust the safe labels on the products, they're not safe.And if you should get breast cancer some day, you'll never forgive yourself for taking the pills/medication. A safer bust enlargement alternative is implant surgery.


for all of you girls that have small titties....don't change! There are plenty of guys like me that love tiny breasts. Be proud of what you have and don't let anyone's comments get you down.


Hey everyone! I'm 17 and I have tiny tiny boobs. I'm 5'3 and and weigh about 120 pounds and I got my period when I was 13. No matter what I do, my fat always goes to the wrong places... they never end up in my breasts. I know I shouldn't care about my breast size but it is not nice to be around people who have bigger breasts and they always seem to look nicer in prom dresses. And I also hate the fact that my mom doesn't like my breasts either.


To all these beautiful girls without a large chest, please stop worrying about it and accept your body as it is. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who feels comfortable and sure about her body.

If a guy does not like your chest then stick away from him!!! He will probably complain about many other things later in life. Same for guys: avoid women running for your big muscles and your money; its probably fun during the moment, but it will become hell later on.

My girlfriend is Japanese with a very fine chest and body; she is very comfortable with herself and that makes her the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen.


Hi this is to all the women out there. I am 19 years old and weigh 135 lbs. I wear a size 34 A bra. My worst expreience was when a man told me he thought I was pretty but couldnt talk to me beause my breast size didnt fit his standards. And I have to tell you that really did hurt. But I got over it. I have meet sooo many men that love small breast and plus all I can really do is joke about it. I'll even be the first one to bring up my breast size but commenting a dude has bigger breast than I do and well both start cracking up. God made all women beautiful and unique so love yourself I know I do.


Well,all women (and men) are insecure about some part of their body. I usually wear the smallest B cups or the biggest A one and it fits me. Peronsally, I love my breasts. I'm very outgoing and I have self confidence, but sometimes I get insecure infront of men, because I don't want them to be disapointed. I'd like for them to love the way I look. I know I'm not going to judge THEM by physical appearance...ever, but I just always feel like they're judging ME by it...and that I'm never good enough. And society telling everyone that big breast are better and making it seem like C or DD sizes are normal for a petite woman in all other aspects (which is ridiculous) is not helping at all. I hate the way implants look and would never do that to my body, but Hollywood seems to be telling people that's the right way to go.

I think that's very wrong. Everyone has insecurities...if you had bigger breasts, you'll find something else that's not perfect about yourself and worry about that. The one truth is:nobody is perfect. Self confidence is truly what makes you stand out from the crowd, tough. So be happy with who you are! Plus, after all these great comments from men I wonder where I can find one like that?!=P Thanks for the positive comments. Keep this website is great!!


I'm 15 and I AM NEAR-FLATCHESTED..which bothers me alot sister is always pointing it out to me and most ppl I know tease me and stuff. I'm asked if I'm anerexic and I'm not.. I eat like a horse. and boys make fun of me... and once I went to buy a bra and a lady started laughing at me /to my face\ I felt horrible. I was depressed about it but after seeing that I'm not alone on this I feel better. and Trust me I am flat! I only have a pinch of breast. and I am really thin 2.


I am very happy to have this opportunity to say that I am very attracted to small breast's, A-cup and below. Big breast's are just so much fat or some kind of stuffing. Please don't alter them!


My GF is 7a, which I'm told is fairly flat. The only problem I find, is when she gets sad going bra shopping!
To me she's perfect in every way


I have to say this as someone who was formerly properly flat-chested - you need to start taking fenugreek and red clover tablets. They might not work on everyone but if you want to avoid a life of complete misery they're worth trying. I've gone from being 31" to 34" and I'm still growing. Its taken me 2 years to work out what herbs work best on me but now I know what works the skies the limit.

I'm so glad that I didn't get implants but I'm also glad that I persisted with my experimenting and refused to listen to people who just told me that I should learn to live with it. I'm not saying it will work for everyone, I just want others who are going through the same problem to keep their options open and to keep trying because you never know.


Alright, I am 14 (I got my period when I was 13) and I just spent a good part of my day reading this page, and I don't regret it one bit. It has helped my self-esteem some to know that other people are going through the same things I am (although you all seem to be skinny), but we can all find something wrong with ourselfs.

I like the way I look most of the time eventhough I am quite small chested. I do feel self-consious around my friends because they are atleast b,c cups. One of my friends is very thin, but she has nice looking breasts, I would love to have her body. My friends don't make fun of me, but I still feel odd in a bikini around them. I am on the edge of being overweight, but I still have 36a bra size, and I dislike the shape of my breasts. Also, they are kinda like a flat cone shape and stuff, its hard to explain, but it's very unattractive. So, I am just about overweight and I have small breasts and it sometimes seems like my stomach sticks out more than my breasts do. I know thats not normal because heavier weight girls usually have big breasts. My mom says they will keep growing, but I don't know.

I have other body flaws, but I am hoping I grow out of them, as I am now eating healthier and excersizing more. My mom has bigger breasts, but me and my older sister arnt even close.


heya, I am 15 and am flat chested and it really annoys me, I know people say don't worry about it but it relly upsets me. most of my clothes don't look good on me and people always make jokes and it really upsets me. people always say try wearing padded bra's but guys always no that it padded and I think they feel really unconfortable. I am a dancer and am quite skinny, and it really annoys me because no matter what I eat I don't put on wieght because I dance all day, eveyday. I hate the way everything is about women having the perfect image. the right breasts, the right butt, the perfect figure. thing is not having breasts(i no this sounds stupid)but it makes me feel terrible, all my mates are over cup C and i'm still on A. by this age my mum was already a C. I no breasts shouldn't matter. but I think the world is expecting us to look perfect and we cant all look like a barbie! I think this site is really good because it shows tips and also I no at least there there are other women out there that don't have much bust and there still proud of there bodies, u go girls! (lol corney!)


I am only 13 and in 7th grade but at school I feel like an outcast because I am flat-chested and I have heard that once you get your period you start to get your structure and I haven't saw any big changes yet. I mean not many of my friends are any bigger except for my 5th GRADE, 12 YEAR OLD FRIEND! She is already a size C and I'm with her almost everyday. Hard to say but I'm jealous. Maybe in some time they will grow to be size C. I guess I will just have to wait and see.


If small breasts were some sort of handicap, why is it that small-breasted women marry, have children, and live vibrant, fruitful lives? My 32As didn't stop me from getting the husband, the career, or the life that I wanted.


I'm a 29 year old female who until recently imagined that I was the only gal in the world with a chestlike mine - basically flat and underdeveloped. Like most writers here, I developed normal menstrual patterns from age 13, but my breasts kinda began to bud and then stopped. Maybe it's psychological - I remember wishing and hoping I'd never have breasts, because they looked awkward and a nuisance to deal with.

Having said that, I am attractive and work in TV in front of the camera. I just wear padded bras to cover any flaws. I have never let any man see me topless. But discovering this site and seeing I am not "abnormal" as I previously thought - I believe I can accept my body and not be afraid to show it in future.

29 y/o F

I have always been very thin and slightly underweight. At high school my parents always said I'd fill out and grow as I got older like my friends. But I am now 20 years old, a part time model and university student, and still hate my body. I can't put on weight yet I eat like a horse but still my very small breasts never grew. (no matter what contraceptive pill or implant I took) however I have a curvy bottom and hips, and rest of me is fine but I have never been confident no matter how many guys have shown interest. And I can honestly say none of them have been bothered about my 32a breasts. It's just some days I feel like a boy when I look in the mirror, so I put on my trusty padded bra and hold my head up high, only to meet my annoyed guy when he notices my grown 3 sizes overnight boobs. He hates me wearing my gel/water and padded bras. But yet I catch him looking at Pamela's and page 3 girls DD boobs all the time. It upsets me but I know if they love you they don't care what size you are. And if I can come to terms with my unfair share then you can too, look at all those flat chested famous people out there!! Like Nicole Kidman-grace from "Will and Grace" and many more ....keep your chin up because most of you have not even started growing yet and remember ...great things come in small packages!!!
viki, England

I have been flat-chested all of my life, my sister and I call them mosquito bites, or nibbles, some say that joking about them makes it easier, but it really just covers up the embarrasment for a short while. I am now almost thirty, have had two kids, taken herbal breast enhancers, and still nothing, but after reading some of these comments my self-esteem may just be a little higher, because now I know that I am not alone in some of these feelings. thank you. tegan


I started my period when I was 11 also started to form breast then as well. I am now 19 and there has been absolutely no change. (meaning all that I have is nipples) I have also been wearing the same water bra since I was in the 10th grade. I am a perfectly healthy woman, I am 5'9" , I weigh 135lbs. I have never been able to wear a real bra. I ordered pills called Saw Palmetto and fennyl greek in which I looked up as a natural over the counter herb, that are shown to increase breast size. Do you think that there is any hope in this or do you know of any way other than this? Because this has been a physical and a mental problem for as long as I can remember and is still a huge problem till this day and as a final result I believe I will get a breast agumentation that scares me, but I believe it will ultimately be the best way for me to carry on a natural, healthy, somewhat normal life & relationships with others and a good career. Please if you have any other way I would love to hear it.


As far as those herbal products, I suggest you check out Objective information on herbal breast enlargement pills? and Breast Enhancement report from Some women do report some changes, but often they do not work.

I do not know of anything that would surely make a flat-chested woman's breasts to grow. However, they DO often grow during pregnancy!

I am totally flat chested but for the most part, I have come to terms with it and have kept a positive attitude. I am now 30 and married to the most wonderful, un-superficial man.

Truly, having a small bra size definitely has its advantages, and I would not be who I am today if it weren't so. I am fairly athletic and flopping boobs have never been a problem. Although I have no idea what flopping boobs feel like, they seem like they could be a discomfort. I do not suffer back problems from front side overload, and I can decide whether to go with or without chest (depending on the bra) on any given day. Sleezy men do not ogle at my breasts or whistle at them. So when guys approached me, I could be pretty sure it wasn't for that. And when I am 65 years old, my nipples will not sag to my belly button.

Sure, there are lots of clothes (e.g. bikinis) which would look better if they were 'filled in', but there are also a lot of clothes which wouldn't look so good in women with large chests. And yes, I still get carded because I look 15, but I will continue to take that as a compliment for as long as it happens.

I've always believed that a healthy body is beautiful and instead of obssessing about how small my chest is, I try to be thankful for my health, youthful body, and the people who love me just as I am.


Ladies, if you don't know this, some men think flat breast are gorgeous. Don't ever be embarrished by your lack, be proud and find that man who thinks you're beautiful. I'm one of those men and I know there are others.


Hey all you girles that are flat-chested should not feel depressed or sad you're great how you are, and you shouldn't think about it as much, sooner or later you WILL find a guy that will like you how you are not cause of your look. I am 14 years old and I am "34,B" And sometimes I feel different because people are always telling me oh " the girl with the big boobs " that makes me feel shy, and makes me cry I wish that I could have them smaller. Did you notice that girls that have big breasts want them a little smaller and girls that have them small want them a little bigger? That's weird! just think about it...


I know there are alot of posts but I hope this gets noticed. I love small chested women and always have. not because of simple attraction but in my experience women with larger breasts tend to have larger egos which is VERY unattractive. I beleive Scott posted above about breasts as lures..i see through this. And there is the simple factor of being attracted. I personally don't like them big because it's disgusting and ages teribly unless there fake which look equally bad. Nothing is worse than fakes in my opinion so yvette PLEASE don't go through with the operation! There are men out there and everybody's tastes ARE different so you WILL find a man for you that you don't have to "just settle" with. Your breast size is no reason for you to suffer an abusive relationship. You are beatiful regardless of what others think. Love yourself and live happy.


I just wanted to say to all of the women that fret about their bodies, and how they feel in relation to the societal view concerning breast size, feel good about who you are, always. I'm a man that empathizes with you concerning your distress on physical appearance. I have always been my own worst critic. I learned over time to be proud of who I am and happy with both my outer and inner appearance. My opinion is only one amongst a sea of men, and I'm not here to say that all men only prefer large breasts, but you should not feel sad, guilty, depressed or deformed. You are who you are. Live your life with joy, and if you are destined to enjoy your time with a significant other then know that they will cherish your soul, not your body. Are not we all destined to change with time? A chest does not make a woman just as a particular appendage does not make a man. Remember that, because it really is the actions of a person that makes them stand out in the crowd. I trully wish that my comments help because it is such wasted energy to worry about something that you cannot change. Yes, a woman can have surgery to alter her appearance, but as a man voicing an opinion on that subject, my view is that by commiting to that procedure, a woman submits herself to a change that alters who she really is and what she contributes. I wish you all happiness.


Since most of the comments are by "flat" women, I am adding a man's opinion. Sorry you are so caught up in it and please get over it. It is a useless waste of angst. Breasts are all different sizes and cute no matter what. If everyone was the same height it would be boring! Differences are attractive. Taste varies. Some males think large breasts are freakish. Some are attracted to small. Whatever the case, if someone is coming on to you because of your breasts, then they aren't the best choice. You should want someone interested in you. Tits are not a lure (although they are often used that way): your personality is!


I love your site, it is very informative and helpful. But it still doesn't make me feel any better about my body. Everytime I try to do research on my problem I just end up crying. Especially since no one seems to know why this happens! I'm what you call a "truly flat chested girl". I have no clevage but very large nipples (so I have to wear something to cover them) even though there is no bra that fits me I shop in the pre-teen section for size A bras (with padding) so that no one will know. I've tried everything, birth control pills, meditation, cream; someone once suggested a depo shot but I'm afraid of possible side effects and I know it's progesterone (not estrogen) based so it probably won't work. I once scheduled an appointment with a doctor for this problem and the woman on the phone didn't want to schedule it ( I guess she thought I was just a stupid little girl) she actually laughed. When I finally got to the gynechologist she had a look and didn't know what the problem could be. They took a hormone test on my blood and everything, it turned out to be normal, my periods are normal, my weight is normal, my pubic hair is normal. I was 17, she gave me bc pills and told me to wait untill I'm 18 and then to check back with her again.

Being flat chested didn't stop me from getting a boyfriend. I actually had a boyfriend for a long time and actually stayed with and loved him even though in the back of my mind I knew he was a womanizer (I was in denial) because it didn't bother him that I'm flat chested and I was afraid that I wouldn't find anyone else who wouldn't mind. ...

...I finally told my mom about the problem and she said that I may be flat now but too look on the bright side that when I have kids, I will grow breasts. Yea well now there is no bright side. ...

Now that I'm 18 the only hope I have is plastic surgery, my mom said she would co-sign for me, if I couldn't bare to wait any longer and if the doctor is willing to finance it. ...

I know there are guys out there who don't mind but I don't want to have to settle for a guy who will just settle for me. ... How can u tell which guys will care and which ones wont? ... It would be nice to just change into my soccer clothes in the locker room with the other girls without worrying about them telling the whole school, it would be nice not to wear big sweaters everyday even when it's hot out, it would be nice to go to the beach without feeling embarrassed and inferior, or to even find a prom dress that fits right on EVERY part. It would be nice to just have confidence for ONCE.

I know there are all kinds of risks for breast implants but if breast implants did not exist I would probably kill myself. ... anyways, I know it's bad but I've made up my mind about the implants, now I just have to worry about the pain, getting it financed and stuggling to make a payment of at least $150 dollars every month for who knows how long even though I'm broke and am only as good as my highschool education... just to be normal and to have what everyother girl already has and is unknowingly blessed with.
Even an A cup would be nice =(


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I am almost 45 and have SIX great children, all of whom were totally breastfed - I made lots of milk - and yet I totally understand what you are all going through. I am 38AA (just barely), and have always had a hard time with it, but I feel blessed that my husband has always loved me the way I am. I often ask myself, "Why?" and get into an insecure mode. My husband has at times gotten fed up with me for even worrying about it. I am definitely the one with the obsession. Once he said, "If you had the boobs you wish you had, we probably wouldn't even have met... you'd be showing them off at St. Tropez!!" This got me thinking that maybe having small breasts is, at least for me, a way of learning to value other things in life besides appearances... the beauty of nature, goodness, and truth. God knows us very well, and even though I think I would love to be showing off those boobs like "everyone else" (especially in the summer)(though you ladies remind me that IT IS NOT EVERYONE ELSE who has big boobs) I think He gave me this "little" cross to bear as a reminder.

One other thing: it is DEFINITELY toughest in high school, but unfortunately in some ways our whole society seems to be turning into one big peer-pressure blasted high school thanks mainly to the mainstream media and pornography industry. BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU! THIS SITE IS GREAT!
mrs k

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