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I only wear a bra if I'm popping out to the shop quickly. I'm a hermit (we prefer the term 'housecat') so I rarely head outside, but if I go out properly, I wear - sit down, this might shock you - a corset. No, not a bustier or a basque. A corset. With steel bones and waist compression and everything.

I have scoliosis and hyperlordosis of the spine, as well as fibromyalgia. It's incredibly painful. Wearing a corset, as well as being extremely comfortable, holds my body in alignment. All my joints, from shoulder to ankle, are put in the proper place. No, it isn't bad for me. No, it won't damage my organs (as the effect it has on my body is less than the effect of pregnancy). Ever since I started wearing them, my life has been so much better and easier. Boo, bras. Woo, corsets.

A. Cat

I am 65 and have a breast size of 34J. I wear a bra to work but thats all. It is off when I get in the car to go home and I never wear it around the house - or anywhere else if I can get away with it. I've spent too many years now strapping these things to my chest and I'm tired of it. When anyone comes to my house I'm braless and if they are uneasy with it they can leave. I would never wish these giant things on anyone. They are a pain in the shoulders and always get in the way. I wish I could be flat chested. Boobs are only good for nursing babies and entertaining men.


Health and comfort is more important than what others do or what traditionally had been done over years, breasts are not sex object, people should look at them normally like organ to be used for breastfeeding, holy things. Wearing bra all the time is not necessary.


I have fairly large and heavy breasts, and my shoulders ache if I don't wear bras. It's really annoying, because I hate spending so much money on undergarments. It's also annoying for me when i'm looking for a DDD and they're padded. I know a lot of women are uncomfortable with people seeing the outline of their nipples under their shirts, but my boobs are large enough that I don't want any more volume under my shirt.

I've had a lot of people whisper-tell me that my nipples "are showing" or that they can see my bra-strap and it's really hard for me to not shoot them a look, because everyone has nipples, and I can see your panty lines. But you shouldn't be embarrassed that I know that you wear underwear just like I shouldn't be embarrassed that I choose to wear a bra!


Great article, thank you. I love how it emphasises choice - there is nothing wrong with wearing a bra so long as you are consciously making a choice about what is best for you and your body (bras used to actually bruise me above my sternum, which sticks out quite a lot, so my choice was obvious).

I also feel that a significant issue in the decision to wear or not wear bras is acknowledging the fact that the industry which designs, produces and sells them - and has a vested interest in convincing women to be uncomfortable with or ashamed of their bodies - is very predominantly male. It would be great if you could provide information (I'm thinking of your bra alternatives section) on products that are designed and produced by women.


Thank you so much!!!!!I am in seventh grade and my friends are allways telling me to were bras but now I know I can go without one! I wont wear any bras from now on!!!


many negative view of women without a bra. But the truth is a woman without is a normal thing. you can try and prove himself. to consider if you are not using a bra is not to attract attention.
Consider the following:
A. Use a tight singlet and tie with a cloth belt below the breast. This will prevent swaying and bouncing breasts bounced. It will also give more support if your breasts are a little slack.
2. If you have small breasts nipple and areola will usually more prevalent than large breasts. Use nursing pads, very easily found even in traditional markets.

Up here is actually quite encourage you to try without a bra. It's very effective for small and large breasts. Next up to you to wear any clothes outside. Good luck :-)

Rizka Febria

Fibrous painful breasts most of my life. During a rear end collision, my bra hooks were shoved into my spine and almost severed my spinal cord. I couldn't wear a back closure bra. I've always hated bras, but after that, I almost couldn't wear one. Not even a front closure bra. I moved back to FL almost a year ago and as it is extremely hot and bras make me feel like I'm suffocating, I've been almost bra free for an entire year.

My breasts are almost lump free! All of those little lumps that the doctor told me were from drinking too much coffee are gone! But I'm a 38DD that has lost over 50 lbs. and I'm 52 so I sag a bit and I'm now in the process of finding a way to stay cool without a bra, but to keep from looking like they are ready to knock against my knees! LOL! Not that bad. But clothing in general are made for women who wear bras, so I'm also getting back into sewing.


I think anyway, whether or not comfortable bra, it really depends on habit. I was still 18, and I began to wear a bra age 13. When I was 17, I got itchy in the breast, and the doctor advised not to wear a bra for a while until the itch disappeared. only about 1 week of the itch is gone, and I was allowed to wear a bra again. when I was wearing a bra is not comfortable, and I still do not wear a bra until now


I am 13. My breasts grew up at 11. I didn't wear a bra till date. My breasts are natura shaped. I don't think that bras are useful for girls.


Before I had children only have small breasts, but have a large frame. When my son was born and started nursing, my breasts enlarged to 3 sizes bigger. Because it feels uncomfortable, I decided to not wear a bra during breastfeeding. But now that my children aged 2 years and 4 months and not nursing, I try to wear a bra anymore, but I feel uncomfortable. I finally chose was no longer wear a bra until an unspecified time limit.


Thanks to your article, I hate wearing bras (don't feel comfortable on my shoulder and the underwire feels uncomfortable). I've bought a custom one but still hates it. I wear camis underneath or layered my clothes as mentioned in your article to avoid wearing one. I feel women's breast should feel free and relax, not to have something pressed on it.


I hate bras. I don't want to wear one, but have to because I am fat and I have big boobs. I in the process of losing weight. Once I loose my hundred pounds, my bras are bye bye.


I actually like bras, I think they are pretty, and I've never felt that they were uncomfortable. I do sometimes like to go without one, and it can be nice, but I actually feel much MORE sexual without a bra. Not in a bad way, but I don't think I would be comfortable without a bra in a professional environment, simply because not wearing a bra makes me more aware of my breasts and sexuality.


I am Ouishi and15 years old. My breasts grew up when I was 11. Since then I wear bras but not at home. I wear one to hide my nipple when I go outside, but not more than 8 hours a day. Because they destroy the natural shape of breasts. My breasts is in natural shape because of not wearing them too much. I am happy with my breasts since they are medium sized and beautiful. My girl friends at school always regrets when they looked at my bosom. Your website is good. I love it.

I am over the MOON about finding your site! I have just recently stopped wearing a bra and I feel so free and excited about being a woman. I am breastfeeding my 4 yr old and have suffered with engorgement and mastitis quite a lot. I am sure it has to do with the bras I have worn. I was curious about what I have always heard, that bras are needed to support the breasts, so I wanted to find out if this is really true. So glad I found your site. Thank you!


I think they are really pointless. i never wear a bra so when i do now i feel like i cant boobs are about 36 d or something, they're not huge but really small. i just wear a camisole underneath. its a bit annoying in the summer when you want to wear a dress or a top, but i'm going to sew material into the inside of my tops and dresses


I ordered an "Active Go Dry Tank" from Old Navy and it came today. That actually worked out nicely, and it only cost $7.50. I ordered an extra small so the bottom part would be narrow enough for my breasts not to slip down. Luckily, that's just what happened. It doesn't feel tight at all, it's not tight like a bra, but still narrow enough so my breasts stay above the line. The material is 95% cotton, 5% spandex so it's very soft and comfortable. My breasts rest freely in the upper part. The back is a racer back, so I don't have any pressure on my shoulders - no underwire, nothing at all in fact around my stomach/ribcage ! Interestingly enough, when I put a shirt over it, it looks like I'm wearing a bra. But I don't feel at all like I'm wearing a bra, just that my breasts are resting with a small bit of support in soft cotton. These shirts are amazing as I'm a 34 DDD-DDDD. Now I can go bra free in soft comfort. I haven't felt like this since I was 9 before my breasts suddenly grew fast and furious ! It sure is comfortable for me.


I only wear a bra if I dress up, otherwise I never wear one and mine are very firm and up there but small.


I breast fed both our sons, who are 18 months apart, and only wore bras when I was in public. However, thankfully, I do not have huge breasts, and would definitely get breast reduction if mine were huge and uncomfortable. My heart goes out to large breasted women. Our society is so weird. It loves breasts, but ridicules women who have them. Don't even get me started on the fake boobs. They disgust me. Breasts are for breast feeding our children. They are not genitals.

I want to add that I have been ridiculed a lot over the years about my nipples --- it is sickening !!! The last time, I swear I am not kidding, that I was publicly ridiculed was many years ago, on west cliff drive, our path along the ocean. First, a car full of surfers started making remarks, "Yes, it is chilly today and ted hut!!!" Then, a car full of people yelled and screamed at me, "Hey!!!! look at her nipples!!!! Woo hoo!!!" on and on ---- I was so humiliated. I swore never again!! And from then on, I started putting band aids across my nipples when I wore certain clothes. I just cannot handle crap like this anymore. Thank God for me, I joined the millions of women who become, in their fifties and on, magicians --- and disappear!!!! So, now, no one looks at me at all---- which I absolutely love ---- now I joke that no one would notice me, even if I was walking topless!!!

Linda B Thompson

We got a comment that a bandeau bra is really comfortable without any straps to dig into the shoulders. It is a bra, yes, but might work well for some women as an alternative to regular bras.


This is great and all and I would go braless, except I really do feel more comfortable with a bra than without. I hate the feeling of loose fabric against my nipples. I can't even sleep without at least sorta loose bra on. The only time I'm relieved by not wearing a bra is if I'm absolutely naked, which isn't exactly an option outside my bedroom unless I decide to be a nudist (not happening, by the way.)


15 minutes of reading could save you $5,000 or more on breast implants!! It did me! Thank you 100x's for this site. I actually just took my bra off after reading this and it does feel better!lol I believe I stumbled upon this website tonight for a purpose. The idea that I needed to get breasts implants to fill out my breasts again after pregnancy and nursing was getting more absurd the more and I read. May you continue to bless and encourage women everywhere!

Britta Platt

WOW are you a lifesaver! I'm in 7th grade and even after years of wearing bras, I've never felt comfortable in them. So I decided that I'll only be wearing camis and sports bras now!


Your site, in a way, has saved me. I am a model and have always felt pressure to be thin and have larger breasts. I have a petite frame and am a B cup now. After coming across your site I can honestly say I feel more at ease with myself as a woman then I ever have before. I am proud of my body, my shape and it was this site that helped me get to that point. Thank you for putting it up. I, truly, feel so liberated and my fiance couldn't be happier about that either. We both agree with what you have stated. Breasts are not a sexual thing. It is society that says that. They are symbols of life giving. Thank you always! I am proud to be a woman.

Rose Kathence Mae

I appreciate this site as I always wore a bra and my breasts used to ache. But now, I don't wear one and I am perfectly comfortable.


I stumbled upon this website about six months ago (was google-ing for some anti-bra websites, because I find them very uncomfortable) and it reassured me that there is nothing wrong with not wearing a bra. Ever since then, I have been wearing bandeau bras when I go outside. A bandeau bra is infinitely more comfortable, but I still take it off when I'm at home. My breasts are on the smaller side (B) so I don't really experience any problems.


Hi, I was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and was weaning my two year old. I was told by my midwife to wear a bra all the time, and did. I also had a "sexy" underwire one, that always seemed to jab me were I now have a tumor. Hmm...I'm braless now! Thanx for your site.


I hate wearing bra coz I feel more comfortable without bra. And I think that our nipples should be free, it shouldn't be closed by bra.


I'm a 34B to 34C, and while I'm usually quite comfortable in a bra, I tend to avoid the styles with underwire or lots of padding. I've just never found it to be aesthetically appealing. One style of bra that is very popular and that I love are bralettes- They come in super pretty pull-on styles (though may be better suited to younger women) and are better than trying to cover yourself in layers of camis. I'm wearing one from American Apparel and am loving it.


I developed very early; got my first bra at age seven!! I hadn't even noticed the changes but my mom did. By the time I was ten, I wore a 32B. By then all the kids noticed. And we all know how cruel kids can be. I felt like a freak with my bouncy breasts. By my early teen years I already had fibrocystic disease. And my breasts were hurting. I suffered into my early 30's until on a routine visit to my gynecologist she found a lump and off I went to have my first mammogram. Fourteen suspicious images later, my Gyno helped me get in touch with a surgeon. Early the following morning I was in surgery. It turned out to be 'just' a cyst. Phew! That was in January. In June I suddenly had a stuffy feeling in my left arm, from the armpit down to my hand. I touched my breast scar............ it was very hard. Back to the operating room. This time the surgeon said he had to remove some lymph nodes that were not working. My breast was so sore, even after the incision healed. I could not s tand wearing a bra and started going to work braless. Yeah, my breasts still hurt from the fibroystic disease. In November, I felt even more discomfort under my scar and something else appeared in my right breast. The surgeon attempted aspirating the sites but didn't get anything. He vacillated -- should he go back in?? Again? I had to know for sure. We agreed and we went back to the operating room. This time encompassing a portion of the scar tissue and some of the ducts were found a mass of pre-cancerous cells. They were removed and after thorough examination found to have been removed with clean margins. After reading all of the comments on your website, I am wondering if getting rid of my bras following my 2nd surgery helped with the positive outcome of my last surgery. Along with the surgeons skill. That last surgery was just over twenty years ago. I have rarely worn a bra since then. The only occasions when I have worn a bra was if I thought someone else might be offen ded. After I read the post from Karen who sums it all up for me "if my natural breast are going to be the main event then the party should be for me." From here on out - no more bras for me.


I am so impressed that so many women are going braless. I find women let their brests be open breathe,to be relaxed. Keep your exercises and your breasts will continue to be well, allow the sun to be on your breasts for vitamin D will help with breast cancer. There will be a day that women will be accepted topless in this country, and be free. I am encouraging women to express their desires to be topless, and enjoy their breasts, that is the natural way.


I'm now 25 years old, height 5.48 ft, and weighs 114.64 lbs. I have heavy breasts, about 4 lbs. I am a high school teacher. I can not use a bra, because the straps will make the shoulder and back pain. whereas if not using a bra at all, my breasts would bounce, and it would be very embarrassing in front of students. As an alternative, I'm wearing tube top in my teaching clothes. This is very convenient, and no pain at all. Last week, I tried to wear it while exercising. These are very comfortable and breasts were not bounce.


Personally, I will absolutely continue to wear a bra! If someone else chooses to not wear one- that is their choice. None of my business and I could care less. For myself I strongly believe in wearing a bra!


I'm someone who wore bra everywhere I go but I swear after knowing all the risk involved, I've changed.

Donkor Angelina

My breast is being developed but I don't wear a bra, cause I hate bra and it feels so weird wearing them. I feel irritated and I hate wearing them


Hi, I love your website. I want to thank you for such an informative and thorough website. I am 43 yrs. old and all my life I thought my breast were sagging but to my surprise they actually fall under the "normal" category and they even got perkier after I decided not to use bras. This website has opened my eyes to the importance and health for going braless (I've been braless at home only. Do not have the guts to go in public, yet. With a 36C breast I don't think I can get away with it but I will try:). Anyway, I began using camisoles with shelf bra like your website suggested and I absolutely love it. I feel so free:) Question: Recently, I bought the "Genie Bra" because it has no wires and the users claim that it is like not wairing a bra at all. They call it, "the perfect camisole". What do you think about this bra? I know it is about personal preference but I just want to know if this bra is alright to wear since I did not see it on your "Bra Alternatives" lis ting and I really want to go braless for my health ---and freedom. Thanks again for all your help.


The Genie bra looked just fine as a bra alternative. The main thing is that it allows some breast movement (unlike bras), and slight breast movement is a good, healthy thing.

So it is ultimately up to you. : )

Very true. It's not at all necessary to wear the bra. Rather without bra I feel a lot comfortable & cool.


I'm 25. I myself don't like one, cause the way we dress allows us to feel free and not shy without one. But others, if they like, they should, but it must be fit and free. And I was shocked to know that some jobs force us to wear one.

a girl

By far the most comfortable "bra" in the world is the coobie. check it out. It is like a soft exercise top with small pads. (for those days you don't want your nipples to show)


I have very large breasts (36 FF) and I find going braless MUCH more comfortable than wearing one. I can go jogging or do jumping jacks, and my breasts flop all over the place, but they never hurt; I think that's because I've strengthened my ligaments so much. I have a lot of small-breasted friends that can't even jump up in the air once braless without their breasts hurting. I believe it's because they've weakened themselves by constantly wearing bras to "help" with the pain. And when it's hot out (I'm in the South) and I'm all sweaty, I find it hilarious that I can make my breasts hyperplane over my ribs by swinging them from side to side XD So please ladies, I know in the beginning of going braless you're going to be sore and hurt, but you'll soon build up strength, and the freedom of movement and breezes of air are like nothing else in the world! Don't let society tell you what to do with your own body!

p.s.- On a side note, I find that most women don't know what a menstrual cup is, so I thought I'd just mention it here. It's a better alternative to tampons and pads for periods. Because it's not made out of fibers there's no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, and it doesn't scratch up the inside of the vagina like tampons do. It's much cleaner and more hygienic, more earth-friendly, and it saves you money! You only need one to last for your life, so no more packages of tampons and pads! So if you still get your period, please google the different types of menstrual cups; I promise you won't regret it and it will change your life!


While watching a reality TV show on ABC this evening, I noticed that part of the T-shirt of one of the show participants (a teenage girl) was blurred out. At first, I assumed there must have been some offensive writing on the T-shirt, but in a later shot of the girl, I realized what the issue was. She was not wearing a bra, and was medium to large chested. So, you could see the natural shape of her breasts (Offense #1), and you could see the movement of her breasts (Offense #2). Im assuming here that the network blurred her chest because it was deemed offensive, but of course, I dont know if this was perhaps something requested by the family. Either way, I'm sure if she had been wearing, for example, a low-cut top WITH a bra, it would have been no problem, even if you had been able to see most of her breasts. It would have been ok because her breasts would have been in the shape deemed acceptable by today's society, and they wouldn't have been moving around as much. (The T-shirt she was wearing on TV was a big, full-coverage T-shirt). I can't understand how more people dont see what a ridiculous standard this is. It doesn't make any sense.


Actually I don't like to wear a bra. But it's needed when we go out otherwise the breast goes shapeless and the nipples will project. So in my opinion it is useful to some extent. But a bra is uncomforttable if it is so tight, I don't wear it when I'm in home. I feel comfortable even though my breast is quite big.


Hello, thanks for this website. I'm thinking about going bra-free after reading an article about the possibility that constant bra use contributes to sagging through atrophy of the Cooper's ligaments. This week I started wearing a shelf tank top instead of a bra, and I already like the feeling. It gives light support and it's much less restricive than a bra or sports crop top. Since I'm 36B it's quite easy so far.

I've found being braless frees you in more ways than one. Why do we have to kind of lock our breasts away and immobilise them in order to be socially acceptable? I don't feel there's a big taboo about my breasts any more, it's only another body part. If there's no obvious movement, I guess it's my business and no-one else's. :)

There should be more bras for women who decide to wear them with small breasts, but, please no underwire. I love my small breasts, why would I want a huge padded bra with wire?

Diana Gwilt

If I don't wear a bra, my breasts hurt like hell because my breasts are big and the bra supports them and keep them up. When I don't wear a bra, my breast pains me and also my chest, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I try not to keep them on all day, when going to bed sometimes I take it off, but if I sleep on my belly ohhh, so what I do is I sleep in my bra most of the time. When I don't, I sleep on my back, so it you are ok without them, thumbs up. If not, wear them, you're free. From Jamaica.


Hey ladies, I'm 18 and was so shocked after reading this. I'm a DD and I've worn a wired bra since I was about 12, every day and every night I'd wear it. My mother always told me not to sleep with a bra on but I always felt self-conscious and weird without one, like it wasn't right. Anyway I've taken my bra off for the first time in 6 years and let me tell you it feels sooooo COMFORTABLE!!! I've just realised how nice it is not to have straps on you back and shoulders or hard wire digging in when you bend down. Over the years my mentality must of just accepted it as normal but anyways I'm not going to go braless public because unfortunately my breasts are different size/shape and would look unsightly but I will definitely go braless at night and in the house. I will think of it as taking my makeup off every night, and breathe a nice long sigh of relief :) (can't believe I never did this sooner)


Wearing a bra is fine, just don't do it for popularity. If you're a preteen just like my friends, so you can wear a bra if you want to. Even if you're old or young, just keep your thoughts to yourself and don't tell your friends any bad advice about to wear a bra or to not.


Looks like I have wasted a lot of money on bras. I was always skeptical whenever I would get measured. I have been told each time that I am a 34B but I can literally fit my entire arm through the band when I wear that size. AND Victoria's Secret doesn't even carry 32C in the store so what can I do? Who knew bras were so complicated!?!


Nice blog, or whatever. I'm 14 and I wear a bra some times 24/7. I'm not like double deee but I'm like the size below that. Anywho after reading this Ima wear no bra to school :) for the first time since like third grade. So thank you, just hope we don't have a water fight or any thing (last day field day BTW ) Haha

I am 21 yr.old university girl. I hate to wear a bra. When I am at home use maxi and not wear bra, but for the sake of society at the time when out I wear the bra. It appears that my breast is cover with some heavy cloth and air are not coming. When without bra I feel free in all respect. 2nd thing is when a girl use to wear the bra, a permanent shade of bra looks over breast and in side of chest.This looks also bad. My breast size is normal and not saggy. This my feeling what the other girls think I can say.

Nazma Khan

I feel a lot more comfortable mentally when I'm wearing a bra. It's never hurt when I wore one (or if it did I threw it away) I have quite a few reasons, bouncing, to shape, esp. with low dresses & shirts to cover from an accident! And made nipples not visible. But hey if i could do all that without one who wouldn't?


Reading all the comments has made me feel less of a freak. A long time ago I decided why should I be uncomfortable for the comfort of others. Especially, people I may pass on the street who are a part of my life for only seconds. I no longer spend my day pulling up, pulling down and living for the moment of relief when I got home. I have gone braless for almost 20 years. It was less obvious when I was younger and weighed less. I have had friends and family members request I wear a bra for certain occasions. I either decline to attend to or respect their request. Mostly I just don't go, if my natural breast are going to be the main event then the party should be for me. I am a person who does not like attention so I do try to layer or wear vest or sweaters or cross my arms while walking. I have no control over the natural reaction of my nipples and never will understand why this is such an issue. These are the same people who are disturbed by other natural bodily funct ions such as gas. It happens to all of us. I am a much happier person if I am comfortable. Wearing a bra causes me neck pain and constant discomfort. And I agree with all who say the "proper size" is tight. My grandmother had DD breast and had deep scars and crevice in her shoulder from years of wearing a bra. Why disfigure yourself? As I age and have gained weight, the breast have enlarged and have started to droop. Before gravity hit there was no issue of underbreast sweat. I would much rather use a bit of powder than trap the sweat in with a bra. I always felt as though a bra were a sweat trap. Why can men just pull off their shirt when it is hot, but we are expected to wear a form fitting garment along with a shirt. We get hot too. In my opinion, naked man boobs are far more distracting that a braless woman. There is nothing sexy about a bra for large breasted women. They can add all the lace they want but it still looks like a midevil suit of armor. The only bras that are "sexy" are those worn by small breasted woman who have no need for a bra or support. I have been self conscious to the point of considering breast reduction to reduce the bounce and sway. But after reading the article and ALL the comments I feel more secure in my decision to go braless. I believe I will not uncross my arms, pull back my shoulders and walk through that parking lot or store with my head held high. Maybe I will stare back and let people know how uncomfortable that is. I will continue to hold my breast while walking on stairs or running and will us a sports bra (not the uniboob kind) for high impact. Went on a zipline this past weekend and the guy shook the line several times and the bounce was quite uncomfortable. The A shirt I had worn underneath did nothing when it was soaked with sweat. Glad to know there are positive health reasons to support my decision.


Great reading! Excellent research on bra wearing. I myself am not so much as opinionated. Wearing a bra is most important to any women. A bra helps supports the breast and your back spine. Bra wearing standard keeps getting stronger. Bra wearing isn't so bad when you wear a comfortable, loose fitting bra that allows your breasts to move somewhat freely, rather than closely restraining them against the body at all times. I also believe going braless whenever you can! When you're at home, at night when sleeping, or whenever you feel personally comfortable enough go braless! It really is liberating and it's a step in the right direction toward breast health. These are just important factors to any women across the world. Just my philosophy. mk


I'm 24 and I am not wearing bra yet. I was thinking that it is important to wear it. But now I will not wear it bcoz "I HATE IT" and it is not important.

sangeeta pawar

I have DD breasts, and I have to wear a bra or I am in pain. I also have to be sure to wear something with adequate padding because I am very sensitive to cold. I teach, and while I realize my body is just having a natural reaction to the temperature, I'd rather my students just be focused on the lesson. So, my bras help cover up my sensitive nipples. However, I do not sleep in a bra.


Hey, very informative... I wanted to add that I didn't wear one during my nursing years. I have two kids and I found it much easier to go brafree throughout pregnacy and breastfeeding. I wear one only when I go out. And now after reading this, I know some more ways to chuck wearing a bra.

Thanks for an informative article.


I'm 14 and I am not wearing bra yet. I was thinking that it is important to wear it. But now I will not wear it bcoz "I HATE IT" and it is not important.


Thank you, very good info even for a large breasted man wearing a bra.The info was very informative and eye opening for me.
Thank you


I'm writing in support of women who go brafree or want to. Except for wearing a sports bra for comfort when I work out, I go brafree all of the time. If you want to wear bras and prefer them, then do what's best for you. But many of us don't like them for various reasons, we don't like wearing them all of the time, and our choices should be respected as well. Why should I wear something that is uncomfortable and restrictive to me just because I'm expected to by other people?

For all of you advocating the professional bra fitting like it's the solution to all of women's problems with bras, I don't buy it based on personal experience. I've had two professional bra fittings in the past where I was put in such uncomfortably tight bras, there is no way I would have worn it. When I asked the sales lady if I could go up one size due to the tightness, she told me I was wearing the right size. Then she said she wanted me to be comfortable. I told her that clearly she didn't want me to be comfortable or else she wouldn't have been forcing me into that ridiculously tight bra. I left that store, she made no sale, and I decided I was not going to try bras anymore after those bad experiences.

Just because I don't wear bras doesnt mean I go completely without undergarments. I'm not interested in showing off my body (contrary to what a lot of people think about women who go brafree)-that's not why I go brafree. I go brafree purely for comfort. I wear camisoles, tank tops, tube tops for undergarments and I frequently wear loose-fitting tiered tops with ruffles (perfect for summer), vests, and scarves. I get lots of compliments from women on what I wear and I get no indication that they can tell Im not wearing a bra. This is how I can go about my life, going to work, church, class, all brafree without anyone knowing and without being bothered by women's judgments and men's harassment. I get to have my freedom because I have figured out how to go brafree privately. I did have to make some changes and additions to my wardrobe, but it's been worth it. Perhaps there are a lot of women like me, going brafree regardless of what society says, all without the rest of you knowing it, to protect ourselves from constant judgment and harassment.

Women who wear bras show off their breasts and cleavage far more than I do. And for those hung up on nipples showing, unless you are wearing a heavily padded bra, nipples can show through bras too. Should we be all be chastised for not being able to control this part of our body? If there weren't so much immaturity (from both men and women) about nipples and womens bodies in general, it wouldn't be such a big deal.

If you really want to go brafree and it's comfortable for you, there are ways to make it work so you can go brafree in public also, without being bothered by others. I say this being a woman who, by society's standards in the U.S., has large breasts.


Thanks for telling us why girls wear bras, and this reason is true, and I learned some new things. THIS is important for us.


The bra is a issue with my husband. Thank you for making me know I really don't need one. He will like this website.


Hi. I'm 18. I myself don't like one, cause the way we dress allows us to feel free and not shy without one. But others, if they like, they should, but it must be fit and free. And I was shocked to know that some jobs force us to wear one.

a girl

Sorry, I simply just liked to keep my chest warmer and hide my tits from sticking out (looks weird to me, other people are fine with it, but just my preference). It's comfortable, like how I like socks on my feet under my shoes. Or simply just wanting comfort like a scarf, earmuffs, vest, and whatnot.

Although this article has many good points, you seem to be leaning against bras.

Yeah, I don't know. I personally don't like push-ups and such, but bras are pretty comfy. The normal ones without the wires and foam are alright.

I am a 36c and my my breasts tend to feel really heavy. It hurts when I don't wear a bra. It's probably because I'm used to it. I started wearing it less like at home because I heard about the plausible cancer risk. It really hurts though without it. I usually wear a sports bra...

19 years old

A bra is simply a social item and not actually necessary all the time. How many other countries feel the way we do about them?


Okay really do we want our breast flying out everywhere? I'm mean personally I wear a bra a lot, but not 24/7, but when I'm out, do I really want my boobs flying into people's faces?


Don't laugh, my bra does two jobs. It supports my breasts and how many times have I gone out to the shopping mall or on vacation and I carry my money and credit cards inside the cup. My two pockets make great storage when I don't have pockets or I just want to carry something and know it's safe.


Hi. I wear a 34DDD Bra because my "Boobs" are so full & firm, yet my nipples actually protrude quite a lot and are very sensitive. I feel MUCH more comfortable without one of those 'garments' on. That is actually ok, isn't it?, I mean as far as health and ongevity are concerned.. Janice Flightning

I am surprised by the many women who have left comments in support of bras. Of course, if one is physically more comfortable wearing a bra, that's one thing. I cannot pass judgement on one's physical comfort. However, does it not seem inane, that there is a part of your body that in its natural form, its natural shape, is indecent or immoral? Yet, if your breasts are in a bra, and the shape has been changed, and they are not moving around as much, then suddenly you can be proud of them. You can wear clothes to show them off. You can even show some cleavage. But please, don't show off your nipples - they are the most indecent of all, even though every human being has them.

What about women in countries where they must cover up their arms or hair, for example, otherwise they are considered indecent? Men will leer at them and make comments. Yet, all they need to do is cover up, and all will be well. American women think they are so liberated (and comparatively, they are of course), but how is the societal norm that breasts must be bound any different? Bind them up, change the shape, keep them from moving, then the men wont leer. Well, they wont leer as much.

To the men who have stated that breasts are indeed sexual in nature and that men are just hard-wired to be attracted to/obsessed with breasts: do you think you are entirely aware of all the ways in which you have been socialized, brain washed, etc.? I know I'm not. Culture and society greatly influence the way we see the world, what we believe, and what we feel. Was there not a time (correct me if I'm wrong), that the sight of a woman's ankle would get a man excited? (because they were considered taboo) Could you imagine yourself getting overly excited at the sight of an ankle? Or, at the sight of a womans bare arm?


No matter how many preofessional bra fitters I go to, I have yet to find a comfortable fitting bra. I'm 35 and my told size is a 34 DD. A 34 is so tight that it constricts my breathing and leaves red marks. The sales ladies always tell me... but it is your right fit!!! So I think bras are a lot like shoes. Manufacturers only have ONE type of bra and expect everyone's diverse shapes to fit well in them. Ever had wide feet or high arches and try to fit into heels? So I wear a 36 DD bra as that seems to be the best fit, but truly, no bra size I have tried accually 'fits' me. I go braless as much of the time as possible. I am very fortunate that my breasts are quite firm and do not droop (no children). The only time I wear a bra is when I am at work or in public when I wear thin clothing (ie no winter jacket to cover them up when I do a milk run). I do this for modesty's sake, as I feel that is what society expects of me. I feel that if I were at work and people noticed my natural breast movement, it would offend them. I either wish I could find a bra that accually fit me, or if I could live like the ancient Greeks, where breast movement was not considered vulgar.



Great read!

I seveloped early, and gained weight throughout my teen years & twenties, so my breasts became pretty big by my late twenties (46 DDD).

I always found bras to be very uncomfortable, even when fitted by a professional, so I always wore a loose one. About a decade ago I've moved from ISrael to the US (Atlanta) for my job, and every one seemed happy with my performance there at first.

Then, about 3.5 years after my move - I was sent back home due to 'excessive Internet use', which seeemed to be a little too much for most of my co worksers back then. Only about a year later one of the co workers I've kept in touch with told me that there were rumors floating around that someone complained I was 'indecent' and therefore terminated without warning or reason.


This is a very interesting website with great information. Thank You so much for giving us this site.

I am a 42DD breast size and I am very happy with my breasts and their size. One is a little larger than the other and they hang different but they are great.

There is nothing better than going braless, I find that my breasts are much more comfortable and they feel much better over all. I used to wear a bra but was miserable. I like very much to feel them swing and sway and bounce. It took me a while to get used to the idea but now I would NEVER go back to wearing a bra.

I hope more ladies try going braless and realize the comfort and the freedom and I would bet they will not want to wear a bra again.

I am in my early 60's and want to keep my breasts happy and healthy.


I have been wearing a bra most of my life and at age 60, because of the amount of back, shoulder and under-arm aching, I dislike wearing them. For the past few years, I have been wearing them less and less. When I go out, I wear one because convention dictates it, but when I get home, I can't wait to take it off. Even with the use of a bra extender, to try to take the pressure off, it really doesn't help. I suffer from a genetic form of lymphodema and find bras cause me pain.


Are women supposed to wear a fresh bra every day? Like changing your underware?? This is not spam. It is a serious question.


Hello Kim,
That depends on how dirty the bra gets from wearing it for one day. Generally, no. But in hot climates, perhaps yes. Or, if you're nursing and often leak breast milk.

Perhaps because my breasts are small and halfway between two clothing sizes, I have never had a bra that was really comfortable. The more the inevitably too big bra stuck out, the more I felt that I needed one to cover myself up. Often I slept in it as well, because I work long shifts and fell asleep without undressing. Now I have perfect comfort, a perfect seamless bust line, and less chance of developing breast cancer, just by wearing a simple stretchy vest instead. Thank you!


Hi my name is mandy and I'm 18 years old. For most of my teenage years I felt very uncomfortable with my breasts because all my other friends had those pointy "goodlooking" breasts. I often blamed my mother for not providing me with a proper bra to wear when I was younger or else I would have had those "nice" breasts. I wore bras to sleep all the time and throughout most of the days. I have large breasts 38DD as I started to develop at an early age. Needless 2 say again, that I was very uncomfortable and had the 'brilliant' idea that if I wore a bra all the time my breats would stop drooping. But thanks to your site I was enlightened; immediately I took off and threw away the bra I was wearing to bed and have learnt that this is all natural. THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR SITE!!! The only thing I regret is not finding it sooner as I may have caused more sagging wearing the bra. We do need more sites like this to enlighten women and the public..all my love!


Bras are necessary for women with big breasts. I have medium sized breast but I feel uncomfortable without bras as I have boy colleagues and I feel shy while talking to them. This may be due to the habit of wearing bras or as a moral of society.

Shivangi Chaturvedi

I am eighteen with a very ample bosom. This year I adopted a no bra policy at home because the relief of taking it off is instant. It is the comfort of nature to me. Before I left for college, my mother bought me two new bras (greatly needed). We are both big busted and so are fitted from a woman who is a consultant for the Custom Fit Bra Company. I get better support from these bras, but do not like wearing them when I don't have to. I get sweaty and dislike the constriction and fabric folding under my breasts. I don't think in this life I will ever not wear a bra in public for modesty reasons (which is a bit annoying). I have a resentful suspicion that bras are a man-made brand of modesty. In my life, modesty is a commandment I readily prescribe to, especially when so many women (do not condemn as a bigot, I am being sincere and frank) dress like harlots. I am a member of the LDS or "Mormon" church, so I understand the principle of not having breasts on display for all to see. But I would like to ask God if bras were part of his plan. Eve didn't wear one! It bums me out how I have to sacrifice comfort for propriety. When boys are over, I must wear one. Even though my breasts are covered, the fact that they hang is "inappropriate!" Ugh. When I started not to wear my bra here in the privacy of my college apartment, my roommate asked me why I did not wear one. She wears hers all the time. She is indoctrinated like the rest of us. I told her it was for comfort, and she said I should get a new bra. I often have to defend my bras. My aunts comment on the shape of my breasts with the bras I wear. They are used to common underwire ones that push your breasts together and give them a round shape. But the support is not there, so you bounce more! I tell them my bras are fine. I know society frowns on sagging bouncy breasts in public, and I do too (brainwashed)! At the same time so many females do bounce and sag because they don't get proper support from their bras, and I wonder why they don't take better care. I support bras in public, but strongly defend a woman's right to go braless at home.


Bras and breasts..... Most girls would love to have many alternatives to bra especially the heavy breasted ones. Am a medium-sized girl and I find easy to go braless anytime I want. I wear lots and lots of elastic and supportive tubes instead. It all depends on the breast shape, size, what the girl wants to wear (dress), where she is going and what she would be doing and the owner's personality.

okegbenle olayinka

A bandeau bra is really comfortable without any straps to dig into the shoulders. It is a bra, yes, but might work well for some women as an alternative to regular bras.


I'm sorry but I have to wear a bra at all time. I feel weird without one, and yes, I do have big boobs and I always wondered and I hated running and all my flat-chested friends loved to.


Bras should be wear but in night one can go braless. Otherwise it's quite shameful. As for example, I being a busty girl (I'm 28, weight is 55 but my boobs are 38) can never even imagine to go braless. Already I feel quite ashamed for having so big boobs. I had been facing this problem since my childhood that people make fun of me, seduce me due to my very big boobs. So any bust woman like me can't go braless although I feel quite uncomfortable at times wearing bra. As my boobs are wonderful in shape and very tight but even then I have to wear bras all the time. I want to fantasize my life without bras how I will look like.


One of the first encounters of brafree women I had was outside a cinema when I was 12. I recall my friend's mother tutting about how they were drooping, and being a little confused as it was the first time I had noticed something like that.

As a 12-year-old, I was a 32 B and still didn't understand why I shouldn't run into the sea in just my knickers! At that age, I remember watching a film with my father and younger brother about a nudist camp and it never worried me.

It wasn't until I went away on a school trip -for some reason I didn't pay attention at previous ones- also aged 12 that I noticed my classmates were not only fussy about getting changed in front of me (I did so without a care who was watching) but they also wore bras to sleep! They seemed to find me as shocking as I found them.

To this day we have disagreements about breasts. I'm glad I found this site because I have -on many occasions- wondered why I should consider my breasts sexual, or as a taboo. To me they are my body, and I am as worried about them being seen as I am my arms. It is the sexualisation of them which concerns me.

I usually avoid getting dressed for as long as possible, donning nightware if I have to seem decent.

Today, I tried going brafree, just in the house. I have a low cut t-shirt which concerned me slightly, at first. But, then I realised that it made them seem smaller- and with my 32 E breasts I sometimes worry that other people think them big, as I ger many comments telling me so (but have always considered myself 'normal' even though my friends and classmates suggest otherwise).

I tried it to relieve the tension around my sides, which I can always feel. I'm now far more comfortable.

Neither my brother nor my father has noticed, then again, they didn't notice when I had my hair cut, yesterday, either!


I usually don't wear bras. I feel pain & discomfort with bras but my husband likes me wearing bras without any dress. So I wear it for his wish.


I developed early... At 12 my breasts were DDD... They hurt, my shoulders kill me... I have over the years developed deep groves in my shoulders and a painful condition in the muscles and nerves from the weight...
I agree with other women... Why is there no bra that doesn't cause agony for us with huge breasts? I am not overweight which adds to the problem...
I think if anyone who envies big breasts could go one week with them, they would understand just how miserable it can be for so many. Surgery is not an option for me... Or I would have gladly had them reduced. Girls with small breasts? You are the fortunate ones..~! Most of us with heavy big breasts envy YOU~!


Hello! I am Sana. I'm 13 years old. I don't know that should I wear a bra or not yet. My breast is very big. It's too heavy. when I met my friends in school they asked me that how come your breast is too big? we all girls are of same age then I was suprised to know. Then the next day I told my mum that I need a bra to wear. So she gave me a bra to wear. The next day when I went to school every one was saying that how come your breast became so small. So I told them that I wore a bra inside.


I'm 15, and have slept with a bra since I was 11. My bra size is a 36C. After reading this I desided to not wear a bra while sleeping and wearing a tank top instead. However, I am one of those girls who has to wear a bra. I feel gross without one.


I was just sitting in bed and saw some bras on my chair and wondered how why they are called that. Does anyone know where the actual word 'Bra' originated from?


It's short for "brassiere". See also

I'm a 20 year old woman who's at a non-conventional college where many students don't wear bras. However, I do choose to wear one as a 36D (yes, I had mine fitted) I find it very painful to go without. This may be due to my scoliosis (which developed in my elementary school years) and I find that without a good well-fitted bra I am far too much pain. There are other women out there like me at my school who feel the reverse pressure to go braless. Wearing a bra or not wearing a bra is a matter of personal choice and personal comfort. Yes, some people may be "brainwashed" by current norms and no longer be comfortable with the idea of going braless, but I see no reason for them to change. Maybe they could teach their children differently.


Do you ever remember a rather peculiar TV commercial that used a fully dressed little girl and a very beautiful maiden getting dressed and the little one asked her directly on camera "Why do you wear a bra? " It was shown even near children's programmes in the mid Seventies and my friends in school chattered about it all the time. It went off the air and people seem to have really forgotten about it. It was for a perfectly well known brand and product.

Jason in UK

Yes, even in my mamma's breasts they cause an injury of skin I think, so we should wear it in a limited period.


About the comment on bras leaving marks and that perhaps being your breasts telling you something,

- I say wrong bra! I well fitted bra does should not leave marks or cause any discomfort at all. And since a lot of women wear the wrong bra size, it should be factored in.

Hugs from Norway




Well, I do not like to wear a bra and I never did. I am 34 now and I wear a tank top that has a bra built in. It is very comfortable.


I started wearing a bra when I was 9 and that was a sports bra and I felt so good. Now I am 20 and I wear the underwire and cup but at night I take it off and when I am doing a sport I wear a sports bra and I love it.
Thank you Komal

I've recently given up on wearing bras, especially right now in the summer. Getting the right size is hard seeing as everywhere that does bra fittings is usually busy, and bras also tend to cost a lot. Black camisoles and vests are the best if a bra is uncomfortable, in my opinion as they feel weightless and don't cause any pain.


Hey y'all! I'm 17 and I wear a sports bra! They are really comfortable and I love to wear them! I started to wear a bra when I was 10 years old. I'm a sporty girl, so I didn't think that an underwire or a cup bra would work for me.


I'm 27 and I recently started wearing sports bras instead of the underwires that I had been wearing since I was a teenager. They offer just as much support for my 36Ds and are WAY more comfortable. The only drawback is that my breasts are allowed to shift to their natural shape and my nipples look really low. This is only when it's cold and really is more of a plus since they're not being pushed and shoved to look a certain way and are allowed to do what they do naturally. I'm glad I found this site now, because I was wondering if I was doing the right thing by losing the underwire.


Well, to me I think it's all down to the person and what they do. I mean I'm 14 and I wear a bra, I do so because I wish to. Sometimes I like it when people wear bras since at the gym it's not a nice sight when a woman with large breasts is skipping. But it's all down to them.
I can go braless but I just prefer not to. But also if you wear a bra in your school shirt, guys tend not to stare at your chest as much since they can't see it. Unless its a black bra or dark coloured so it shows through.


Well, I do not like to wear a bra and I never did. I am 20 now and I wear a tank top that has a bra built in. It is very comfortable after awhile but it's up to you and don't let your mom yell at you for not wearing one... It's fine.


Well, women wear bra to make shape of their breasts. I have experience in Pakistan. The Girls start wearing bra from their Youth age, about 13, and their mothers refer them step by step, different kinds of bra. When she grow up with their age, the bra changed, and in the young age, when she about 22 age, she is a woman and her breasts in her good shape, and later on in the age of 25 it completely get a Good shape. And women wear bra also after marriage because after marriage, her breasts have milk and so it be sensitive so she has to support her Breasts.

Tahir Ali

Hey. I'm Joanie. I'm only 13 and I hate bras. They're soo uncomfortable... but my mom always says how I need to wear a bra but I still don't. I have found something that does work for me. I wear tight tanktops really thin though under my shirts. And I mean I'm only 13 so I don't really have boobs yet. I'm like a 34A but still won't wear a bra. I used to wear jackets to hide the pointyness but now that I'm using tank tops I don't worry that much anymore... I love this website. We should all just go braless. This world would be soo much easier for girls. I mean we already have enough to worry about... thanks =]

Now I'm 13 yo. Almost 3 years my mom gave me bras, but I never felt enjoy, I always felt like atsma, but not asthma, just my felt. Then I said to my mom, may I wear no bra again. My mom said, wearing bra or not is your right, if you like you may continue it. But if not, you can stop it. Then I went to my room, and replaced my bra, then I met my mom again and said, started from now I didn't wear bra again. As 32C breasts, hard to go without bra. So when I go, especially to school, I wear jacket, except in class room. My classmates have known about it, but they didn't give negative response. Thanks for my friends


I found this site in the right time. Today, my friend, Carla, dressed not usual. She came to my home before I went to work. She dressed with thin and loose shirt. She usually dresses in tight shirt. When I asked her, she said that she didnt wear bra. Wow, I didn't believe...
When she went home, then I think about not wear bra to work, inspired by her. Then I replace my bra, just put my top under my work uniform. Then in work I search about braless, and I found this site. I read page by page, and I believed it was true. When I was at home, I find all bras I have, and I threw to trash, as result now I don't have bra again. Now I don't care if I have 38e boobs. Bye bye bras...


Hi, I'm Lessy, 14 years old. Now I'm in junior high school. My tits was starting to grow when I was 8 yo in elementary school. When I was 7th grade, my teacher told me to wear a bra. When I asked my mom, she said no, because bra was not good for health. So until now I don't wera bra.
She said, my tits had been big. To reduce bouncing, she suggested to wear an elastic tight shirt. And I find it work well at me.


Very interesting meaningful explanation! Especially it rules out all the myths & beliefs among girls & women wat to go. Why don't you publish them or even Oprah can take this topic up as the reach is huge so many will be educated on this good article, very true contents




Basically after becoming ill many years ago with chronic pain including headaches and muscle pain, I stopped wearing a bra- sometimes even in public. It was just too physically painful and uncomfortable. Also, being somewhat religious and having bad experiences, I sometimes looked/look at lingerie (as with makeup) with all its varieties with some suspicion.

I suppose also compounding this problem of my discomfort of wearing bras was that I didn't realize one should get one's bra size measured periodically as it changes over time.

I feel best without a bra but a friend told me this was a bad habit ie. my breasts will sag (I read this was a myth on your site) and my mother also criticized my bralessness. These comments was buttressed/further evidenced when I went to try on a top at the department store one time, the sales associate recommended I get a push up bra. Then when I travelled to Korea and spent time with relatives, even there I didn't wear a bra due to the pain but I should have layered my clothing- I was just too used to not wearing a bra being homebound with my mother.

So after that trip to Korea, I started looking for bras. I did get my bust measured at a department store in Canada and found that my bra size went up a cup. I bought some bras on sale-one camisole, one criss cross loose sports bra and one other lacey bra. I couldn't afford better quality ones but even after trying a variety of more expensive bras in the change room, none of them felt really comfortable. I still find wearing bras uncomfortable even with the right size. (I'm going to read through your site more carefully.)

Therefore still experiencing discomfort (a year after my visit to Korea), today I went to a lingerie store where they sell European bras, probably at two or three times the price of the bras I have seen at other stores ie. $100 Canadian. The owner told me bras from Europe are more complex and specially fitted than North American bras. Is this true? I just don't want to be "ripped off" because I'm on a limited budget-- they do have a sale- buy one Chantelle bra (probably at $100), get one free but it's still expensive for me. Please advise if you can!

Susan Lee

I am 18 years old. I wear a 36C. I don't mind going braless at all. I'll wear a cami or no cami and im perfectly fine. I don't care if my nipples show they are normal everyone has them so whats the big deal. Although I go braless I still wear them for support, if I don't my boobs hurt from bouncing around. So the way I see it is... bras are good for the support. As long as you wear the correct size. The wrong size hurts worse than wearing no bra.


Ever since I was 12 my mom and female relatives have been pestering me to wear a bra. I really never understood why I had to, but refused from the beginning mainly because I viewed it as being a "step into womanhood" and had no inclination to grow up. Now at 17 years of age I still don't wear one, and it's come with its hardships, but I am truly happy and comfortable. Because I absolutely refused my parents' demand to wear a bra, I was punished: my dad took my door off its hinges for four months and my mom threatened to withdraw me from high school band, my only passion in life as a 14 year old. Though band has been tough trying to hide my uncontained breasts and unshaven legs, I've not let this situation hinder my life. I honestly thought I was the only one in this dilemma, so thank you very much for creating this website. I wear a jacket everyday to school so no one can tell, but if no one wore bras and females abandoned this ridiculous undergarment, then we wouldn't have to live under the scrutiny of manipulated public!


I am a career woman, so I must keep my appearance while I am working. As a woman with 36D, hard to find some clothes that compatible. When I wore a blazer, no problem if I didn't wear a bra. But not always I wore a blazer, sometimes I wore a T-shirt, and it was no possible. But it [was] different when I just went to market maybe, no problem if I didn't wear bra, because it had no effect with my career.


Hi, I have always had a problem with bras too. I find them very uncomfortable. I have used just about every tip you describe for being out in public without a bra. One 'undershirt' type garment that I found recently is very comfortable. It would be too warm in a southern climate, but it is great to wear under other garments. The company name is Elita, and their garments are made from bamboo fibre with a tiny bit of lycra. I found them in Sears (Canada) in the underwear, loungewear department.

Thanks for this webpage - it's great.




As a women with a 40 I-J cup a bra is essential, in fact I am considering reduction. Why are bras so uncomfortable? I have been fitted by experts, bought bras from 20-80.00 and they all suck. WHY are they not comfortable and supportive? We can put a man on the moon but bras are nothing more than some torture device!


I've worn a bra for the last forty years. Being a 36DD it felt more comfortable when working or doing sport. Having looked at the comments on your site, I now wear a bra as little as possible. I'm lucky as my breasts are still quite firm, so I wearing a tee shirt under a top stops most of the movement. It's very liberating to be able to leave my bra off whenever I can. I work at home for part of the week, so on those days I can wear what I like. Guess what, no bra! Thanks for a website that encouraged me to think that this was okay.


HI, I have always had a problem with bras too. I find them very uncomfortable. I have used just about every tip you describe for being out in public without a bra. One 'undershirt' type garment that I found recently is very comfortable. It would be too warm in a southern climate, but it is great to wear under other garments. The company name is Elita, and their garments are made from bamboo fibre with a tiny bit of lycra. I found them in Sears (Canada) in the underwear, loungewear department.

Thanks for this webpage - it's great.


This article a very excellent source of information. I also feel we can go braless if it is more advantage. We women can bring that change. Thanks


I would like to know how other women deal with going without a bra, large breasted, when a professional appearance matters. I am comfortable dressing as I please in my home town out shopping, going to a doctor's office, going out socially etc. I work usually from home. But when I go in front of an audience to speak, or to meetings where I have to also be looked at when I am trying to persuade others of what I'm saying - I find that it distracts people too much, not in a sexual way but by their discomfort. I keep thinking, If I could find some heavy loose printed fabric that was also comfortable (or wear a turtleneck underneath in winter or tank top in summer), it could work - but I don't know where to find any such thing. How have other women with large breasts dealt with the problem? I am encouraged to find so many others also making the decision to be comfortable in their bodies and not conform and constrict ourselves.


I love braless. I am braless all day. And even I don't have bra at all. I am 25 and I have no big boobs, just 36D. One day, I was invited on meeting that all participants must wear a white shirt and black skirt. Then, I wore as requirement, and I looked in the mirror. Oh, I could see two points in my chest. I didn't know what should I do, I had no time to buy bra. I didn't think so far, I took my top and I wore it under my shirt. It could reduce nipple showing.
And then in meeting room, air conditioner made air so cold, and sure my nipples were erect. Oh, it was shameful [embarrassing] experience, but I love it. I will never wear bra although it can be ashamed [embarrassing].


I've found that tight tops can reduce bouncing very well. Before when I was at work, I just put vest without undershirt or bra, and sure my boobs always bounced up down left right depending on body movement, and it was shameful. And yesterday, when I had to wear a white shirt, I put a tight top with cream colored. And I never thought before that it could reduce boobs movement. And now I always wear tops under my shirt.


I found many women prefer to go braless, but just a few keeped braless at work. At 1st time we were braless at work, exactly many people would look at me, but for many times people would be usual. Now, when I am at work, I just take a tanktop with cotton fabric then a blazer. Or sometimes just a shirt at Friday. No one care my nips poke up cause of cold. I just found some of my friends has followed me. One of them has fat body and very big boobs, but she feel enjoy braless.


I just feel odd when I don't wear a bra. Since mine are so big, they just sag beneath the shirt and it's obvious. But when wearing a bra your stomach actually looks thinner and you look thinner. How they say there's a higher risk for cancer, well if you're gonna get cancer you're gonna get it, it would just maybe prevent you from getting it sooner than later. Sure, it's more comfortable not wearing a bra, but I prefer wearing one then to not.


Your site is most helpful. I am post mastectomy and do not want to wear a prosthesis or any form of bra at all and am finding it hard to find clothing that fits my personal choice. It works in winter with fleece vests and allo. Isn't it about time we just "bare it all" which might do more towards awareness of BC.

Thanks again


I have been reading the comments from everyone and I am glad there are other women out there that has freed themselves from wearing a bra. I was a 44DD and could have been a 44DDD. I had back surgery in 2001 and the doctor told me then that I needed a breast reduction. Since I am 5'3" my breasts were very large for my frame and the older I got the longer they got. I am 53 and have been wearing a bra since the age of 12. The straps always dug into my shoulders and I could never get use to the wires on the bras. This past summer I suffered with a rash under my breasts all summer long. In November I made a decision to have my breasts reduced. I had the surgery done and I have never been happier. They ended up taking four pounds of breast off. My back and shoulders no longer hurt and when I bend over I don't fall over like before. I am now a comfortable B and I hate to wear a bra now. I feel so much better then I ever have. Breast reduction may not be for everyone but if you have back problems and shoulder problems and suffer from the rashes it is the best thing you can do for yourself. My insurance covered the surgery also. I can wear my tops without a bra now and I love it. I would never want to be top heavy again.


I really love your site. I am a D cup and I go braless as much as possible. I do not care what people think anymore. I am going braless because I want to and I feel comfortable doing it. I would like to go braless at work but I have not figured out how to do it yet. Also my left breast is a little bigger than my righ one. Thanks again for a great site.




I have read thru the comments on this page and a few other pages on this website, and noticed that many women are afraid to go brafree in public because their nipples show. Due to the fact that your breasts/nipples are accustomed to having a bra cover them, your breasts are used to being under a "shield" so to speak. Take away the shield, and then what? Your nipples erect out of fear, surprise, and exposure! This normal feeling of erectness IS normal, because of your nipples sensitivity. This sensitivity goes away, usually from about 3 weeks to 2 months of totally going brafree. (from personal experience).
But believe me, the transition is worth it! Sure you'll be self conscious, but aren't you anyway, when you wear a new shirt or outfit that is a little too modern?
We all have a false sense of modesty derived from our western culture society's peer pressure.
It's the breaking free to be different that always scares every one of us!! No one wants fingers pointed at them! You've GOT to be STRONG to be brave. No one can go brafree FOR YOU! You have to do it, alone, for your own health's sake! You only have one life to live! You only have the one body you have now! Why screw it up, just because of male pressure to do so, from modesty to self consciousness or nipple awareness! You've GOT to take the same stand your nipples take when you go BRAFREE! Who's with me? WHO'S WITH ME ????!!!!!


As a women with a 40 I-J cup a bra is essential, in fact I am considering reduction. Why are bras so uncomfortable? I have been fitted by experts, bought bras from 20-80.00 and they all suck. WHY are they not comfortable and supportive? We can put a man on the moon but bras are nothing more than some torture device!


Something you did not mention. My bra has 2 functions. The obvious being it gives me support. The other I use it as a pocket to carry my money and credit card sometimes even a cell phone. This is a habit I have and I don't think alone. It's something many women do.


I am so happy I stumbled across your site. Now I have a good excuse for when I go braless, which is often. I knew there was a reason I instinctively disliked them.


I have FMS. Going without a bra has become a must due to the pain in my back, neck, and arms. This has been a help.

Anita Jones

I just wanted to say I was uncomfortable not wearing a bra even around my house, especially around my brother and father. After reading this website, I realized how truly, well, messed up that is for my sense of confidence etc... Anyways now I realized that it is perfectly alright to let my breasts go wild and free (just kidding, but I do realize that they don't have to be immobilized to be decent.) thanks


Regarding Sarah's comment
I don't think there should be a problem with not wearing a bra around your brother and father. It is completely normal. I have a younger brother and I don't wear a bra around him sometimes, once in a while if the two of us are home alone I go around topless, no big deal so don't worry about it.


Just wanted to write here because my reason for wearing a bra isn't on the list. I have small breasts, but I have to wear a bra 24 hours a day because they are just too sensitive. If I don't wear one the breasts and especially the nipples will rub against the fabric of my clothes and cause me great discomfort.


Halleluiah!! Someone who feels the same way I do about these antiquated torture devices we call bras. I am thrilled to find the information and passionately hope that the notion of being "brafree" becomes a way of life for all of us.

Thanks a million!!


I have written a book on bras and breast cancer, after 10 years of research and reading "Dressed to Kill". My book, "Is Your Bra Killing You?" can be purchased at Lulu also it can be found on Bras are definitely destroying the natural look of women's breasts, when they are out of their bras. All for the sake of culture, and peer pressure. And so called "dress codes." Work tells women what underwear to wear? Where is your freedom of choice then, women? SOMEBODY needs to speak up for you rights about that!


For those who would like to have more objective or measurable experience with bra vs no bra, I would suggest a simple test. Try to wear a bra for only one breast, leaving another free (braless). Then it will be like a scientific research or your own clinical trial, and another breast will serve as a control. You need to modify some bra for that purpose, cutting away half of it (either for the left or right breast) and substituting it with a suitable strap around your body. Try it for a week or better for a few months and observe how it feels and what is the difference. After that, if needed, you can change sides.
It will be interesting and fun. I agree, however, that it will work better for moderate size breasts, otherwise the asymmetry may be little bit too noticeable.

far away

I'm 26 and I've never worn a bra in my life. My mother is the same way as well as my sister. Both of them have smaller breasts than me like B cups but I think I'm more like a DD or DDD. I've recently thought about starting to wear a bra but I haven't decided for sure yet. But I'm glad to see others like me who don't wear bras!


Wow, I am glad I came across this site! I am 25 and have small breasts and have always struggled to find bras that fit and are comfortable as I also have a broad back and sensitive skin. I was constantly pulling up straps, pulling down the cups that would slide up over my boobs and wriggling around trying to get the itch from seams and tags and catches and buckles digging in on my shoulders. As a teenager I mostly wore cami-bras and sports bras but as I got older I thought that a shaped/padded bra gave me a better look/shape. I stopped wearing a bra at home a long time ago but still wore one to work for appearances sake. The first thing I'd do when I got home was whip it off! It has all frustrated me so much that I have just recently stopped wearing a bra at all but I still feel self conscious as I think my boobs have a weird shape and the whole nipple thing. Reading this site however is definitely enlightening and now I am more excited and confident about being proud of being bra free!

Thanks muchly, I'll definitely be sharing this with my friends!


I read all comments, but found not mention of possible infections caused by store brand new bras. Please make sure you WASH bras and panties you buy right before you wear them. Many women suffered terrible infections, since many manufactures of bras place their merchandise in warehouses full of dust and/or mold before heading to your store. I understand we love to wear "new" things, but your health should always come first.


I hate wearing bras and have decided I am not longer going to wear a bra. I have DD's and my nipples are erect constantly. I try to conceal the nips when in public, but sometimes wish I could let it all hang out and not be worried someone might see a small bulge. We all have them, right? Anyway, I feel so much better not wearing a bra. I have been wearing camis just to keep the jiggle down. I just want all you ladies that want to be bra free to go for it. If enough of us do it, hopefully one day it won't be considered trashy.


I think its really comfortable wearing bras. I'm just thirteen but when my mother asked me to wear one I got angry with her, but after trying one now I know how comfortable and useful it is. LOL


I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful site - This section alone on bras was quite the comfort to me, as being a heavier chested woman I have never seen the benefit of wearing a bra (red marks and discomfort have been the norm) aside from trying to please the public eye.

So thank you! Your image section also helped ease my nervousness about the fact my breasts aren't round and supple as Hollywood/pornography claims they should be.


I really love your site. I am a d cup and I go braless as much as possible. I do not care what people think anymore. I am going braless becsuse I want to and I feel comfortable doing it. I would like to go braless at work but I have not figured out how to do it yet. Also my left breast is a little bigger than my righ one. Thanks again for a great site.


THIS IS THE GREATEST WEBSITE I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS... I have worn a bra every day and every night of my life ever since my boobs started to grow. The only time I took my bra off was to take a shower. Because of this website I learned how wrong that really was. From doing that, guess where it left me? My boobs went from a firm 38C to a saggy 38B. What a horrable experience after all those years thinking I was taking care of myself. As of today, I will be going braless while I am at home. I have been for about an hour now and IT FEELS SO GOOD! At first I felt so different but it was actually my boobs breathing for once! Once I get my boobs back into shape, I am going to wear my favorite t-shirt without a bra :) THANK YOU!! I'LL KEEP YOU UPDATED!

21 year old

I would love to go bra free all of the time but I feel that when I go to work I should wear a bra. But I think that when I go back to work in September, I might try wearing a cami instead.


As a model I'm expected to go braless with many pieces, however when I tell a photographer or another model that I go braless the majority of the time, "Why?" is the most common response. They present garments in magazines and on the runway without a bra because it looks better and makes it more feminine, yet expect you to wear one on everyday ocassions.

When I want to look "sexy" or with certain pieces I'll put on a bra, but personally I love my 32C's. I loved them when they were A's and I'll love them when they are bigger, I'll love them when they are leaky and nourishing my children one day, and when you love something you don't hide it.

PLUS men aren't expected to wear a jock strap everyday.... seriously why should I be expected to pack my breast into a cup.


I'm so glad I had came across this site. I haven't worn a bra for over a year now. It just feels natural to me. I have been wanting to explore any health benefits that wearing a bra will do for you. Nobody has been able to answer me... except that it is to be worn for social acceptability and to look perky for men. I don't care if I happen to bounce, I think it is whoever has a problem with it has their own issues they need to deal with.... not me having to conform to their ideal.

I also breastfed my children and a lot of the time I was braless. It just was natural to be that way... I even walked around my home braless while they were growing up... because I wanted them to think breasts were a normal part of the body... not something that HAS to be covered and bound up.... thus I also wanted to desexualize breasts.

I would encourage them to enjoy their nakedness.... play outside with the winds blowing across their bodies... It is natural. We are not meant to be bound up to look pretty and perfectly presentable.

Although my children are older now... and reject the values I have tried to instill in them... that is not my fault. But from a society that condems anything that is out of their defination of a box.

I just want to say I'm so happy for this site... it confirms so much of what I have always believed... I'm so happy to join a community for this. Thank You


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