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I breastfed my babies & loved it; I assumed every mother would. I was surprised to find that a friend was deeply repulsed when she tried it. Obviously it was not a good choice for her. I've not seen this subject addressed before. Our society sexualises breasts so heavily that it's a bit surprising that more women don't seem to have this reaction.


I had mt 1st child at 15, 2nd at 17, 3rd at 28 and 4th and 30. I bottle fed my 1st 2 because no one introduced me to the option of breast feeding in my teen mom years. Everyone was more focused on the teen pregnancy rather HOW to assist this teen mom be a great mom. I did try breifly with my 2nd child but without much help from my immediate family and no access to lacation professionals who were willing to help I gave up very quickly.

Fast forward 10 years and I was able to be proactive where breastfeeding was concerned. I did lots of reseach. I talked to my doctors about it. I informed my family about it so they wouldn't be looking at me like I was crazy once the baby got here. It was great. It was such a bonding activity and I knew my baby was getting what she needed. I also breast fed my 4th child.

For me breast feeding was difficult at the beginning. The 1st few days are horrendous because it hurt, but once I figured out the correct technique and my baby learned what to do we hit it off!

We bonded, it's so much more cost effective than formula, I trust my milk, and sometimes there have been scares with tainted baby formula, and I could feed on demand with never having to warm a bottle.

I have been on both sides and I whole heartedly prefer breast feeding! Thanks for your site!


As a mother of two and a nurse I understand the benefits of breastfeeding. When a mother is deciding on what is best for her baby there are many different types of formula out there as well as breast feeding and the benefits of both must be taken into consideration of the family. For instance the first week of breast feeding is really important in the sense that the baby gets all the antibodies from their mom in her colistrum. This also provides great chances for bonding. But what about the father that wants to feel that connection with their child. Is it wrong to deny him the chance to bond with his baby if its done through formula feeding or pumping. Some women struggle with the baby blues and find it difficult to breast feed but are much happier and find it easier to bottle feed. Would that not be best for the baby a mother that is happy and finds it easier to handle the stress and blues of her life this way. I think what is best for the baby is always that they are eating and are healthy and growing. That the baby bonds with their parents and that love and affection be bestowed upon them. If thats done through breast feeding or by bottle feeding does it really matter?

I was unable to breast feed my first child for medical reasons and he was formula fed. He is a healthy, smart, amazing child he hit all of his developmental stages at an early age and continues to grow.

My second child was breast fed and formula fed. She is also an amazing child and continues to surprise me with how smart she is. Both my children are healthy and have never spent any sick days in a doctors office or ER room.

So I believe that each parent has the right to choose what is best for their child and no other person has the right to judge them. And if we all can stop fighting over whose way is better then maybe we can support each other more and provide better understanding for both methods.

I wish every mother the best with raising their child, they are a special gift to us all.


It drives me crazy the debate between breast or bottle. When I had my daughter at age 20 I breastfed her, and some looked down on me, but it was my choice. I have never once even before kids condemned either choice. And now I have had my second chilld at age 24, my son, and sadly no breast milk came in at all, no matter what we tried nothing, and it was painful to my heart. But there is no difference, he is just as healthy as my daughter. I'm young, yes I know, but if you breastfeed way to go, if you bottle feed, it's not cuz your lazy, so way to go. No one has ANY rights to judge somebody on how they feed THEIR children. You choose what you think is best, and to me mothers breast feeding or not should support each others choices. Moms have to stick together, maybe there are reasons for the bottle or breast like mine. And people who don't have children don't know anything. Most nursing instructors, or people that work in any field with children I have came to realize don't even have kids. So mothers stick together. Our children should not be raised in a war zone, sometimes a mother is all the child has. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm pretty sure somebody supported you in your choices. Other mothers need that too. There are some of us who had no support at all through pregnancy.


Hello, I have two children. My first I formula fed as I had her latched wrong so was in agony and my second one I'm breastfeeding. I love breastfeeding (so much easier!)

On the other hand I've got to say... where are all these breastfeeding mothers who look down on formula feeding mothers because I can honestly say I'm yet to meet another mum that breastfeeds/breastfed and get nothing but strange looks and comments from mothers who formula feed about breastfeeding mostly from my friends too!! I think all that matters is a baby is fed whether it be breast or formula. Good Luck all mummies! xx


As a mom who did exclusive pumping for three months, I can understand the 'looks' moms get when they feed their babies from a bottle. We started having nursing problems when my baby girl was a few days old. It was painful, stressful. My husband suggested I pump, and when she was 8 days old we got an inexpensive hand pump to try out. Those weeks with the hand pump were easily the worst of my entire life. But it worked. Eventually, I bought a double electric pump and used that until my baby was three months old. My nipples had finally FINALLY healed then (yes it took almost 3 complete months) and we were able to nurse again. My daughter is almost a year old and we're still nursing and plan to continue until she's 2. I understand not making moms feel bad for choosing formula when breastfeeding 'didn't work', but looking back I can see what caused my early problems nursing, and how it could've been avoided. Sticking with it was the most difficult, challenging and rewarding thing I've ever done, and I'm so pleased and proud to have been successful!

P.S. I just laugh when other moms (usually older) tell me my baby is too old for breastfeeding...especially now that she has 4 teeth!


Breastfeeding is really holistic in feeding a baby because it contain all classes of food in their right propotion. Beside one have to endeavour to practice exclusive breastfeeding not to be guilty, even in public places to breastfeed your baby, because it's primarily intended for that, not only to sensualize or sexual excitement.

Muhammed Trawally

Thanks for the article covering both sides of the issue. This is a personal decision for each mother to make. It is not anyone else's business what I choose to do. You decide for yourself and your babies. I will decide for myself and my babies. I support both breast and bottle feeders and I am not going to judge you. Does not matter what anyone says or thinks because I'm still going to decide for myself. Either way, I know many people (some breast, some bottle fed) that turned out healthy and smart! We are not in anyone else's shoes but our own. Perhaps if we were really in someone else's shoes- we would have made the same decision. The choice to breastfeed or bottle feed is not necessarily black and white for everyone.


My son was born at 36 weeks and was on oxygen and in a humidicrib for 1 week. I could not breastfeed. He was bottlefed my expressed breastmilk before he was able to breastfeed. I had all sorts of attachment problems with him due to this. I hated breastfeeding and associated it with pain. I started having milk problems due to me tensing up when I fed him, so by 4 months he was getting mostly formula until I stopped completely at 5 months. I felt so guilty and found people were judgemental of my decision to bottlefeed him.

My daughter was a normal birth and she is 4 and a half months and I am still exclusively breastfeeding her. It is a completely different experience and I love feeding her. It allows me to bond with her.


The debate of breast vs. formula (not bottle because you can put breastmilk in the bottle) has been going on for years. I understand both sides and had several difficulties myself, when my son was born. That didin't stop me from seeking help. I had to seek the help from 4 people at the hospital who said that they were lactation consultants and then finally i got help from one who had 25 years experience...WOW what a difference it made!

The bottom line is, seek professional help from a lactation consultant and have doctors who are pro-breastfeeding because there are some doctors that do not know much or advocate breastfeeding and they will give you the wrong advice!!

There are medicines that you can take for depression and still breastfeed with. There are pain medicines that will help, but will not make you so sedated that you can't breastfeed. Yes, you should want to do what is best for your child, but remember that formula should only be considered if it is MEDICALLY NECESSARY and there is a breastfeeding initiative now, in which you have to sign a release form to receive it at certain hospitals because it is considered medicine, which is the way it should be!!

For the mothers that formula fed, that have made previous comments, learn as much as you can about breastfeeding from the proper people. If you have to give your baby formula, because that is what it is, then so be it, but at least know that you absolutely, 100% tried everything to breastfeed before giving formula because it is glorified cow's milk in a bottle. A doctor would really get angry if any parent gave their baby cow's milk in the first year and formula is just that with "comfort proteins!" The formula companies just don't market to mothers, they market to doctors who are sometimes bigger clients!

The formula companies are the ones who have decreased mothers confidence and suggest that it is ok! So many formula adds visually, with pictures, make the appearance of breastmilk and formula being equivalent, but it has only been around for about the past 60 years! Breastmilk has been around for centuries! The evidence in reasearch studies is so horrible because we haven't been able to perform very many long-term studies on formula use let alone get big enough population sizes of subjects and correct research methodology to perform those studies without some bias. The evidence is SOOO inconclusive!

It's your responsibility as a parent to know the facts!! Just don't give up so easily with breastfeeding because it is a learned skill, not an instinctual one!


I am so surprised that western society can be offended by a breastfeeding mother in public, yet won't bat an eyelid at a woman wearing skimpy clothes/bikini/low cut tops?!?! The so-called liberated Western woman has the "right" to dress as she chooses and reveal her breasts, except when nourishing her child, because it then seems offensive? What's wrong with everybody? I breastfed exclusively for six months with my little boy and continued to nurse him till he was 2 years and 5 months when he gradually stopped himself. As for the comment about bottle feeding moms being lazy, I have to admit I think BF is perfect for a lazy mom... I couldn't imagine getting up to make up formula in the middle of the night... I used lay in bed and nurse my son!!!!


As a mother I feel women need to be more educated on breast feeding. Women need to know that breastfeeding is the healthiest thing for a child and cheap. That is because people look at me as a weirdo because my son is one and I'm still nursing him. At first my family was supportive; now they think he's too big and old. I feel a child would grow out of breastfeeding when he/she is ready. It's a natural beautiful thing to do for your child and healthy.


I too wanted to breast feed my daughter, I however was in shock from the pain from my emergency cesarian (as I was so sure I was going to have a natural birth, I never read about what a cesarian was).. so from the shock I could not produce more than 15 mls of milk, 25 mls when I engorged, I pumped, she suckled, it was strange even doctors said I should have produced more, never happened, I was trully upset but as long as my baby was getting SOMETHING then I was happy, now she's so smart, healthy and beautiful.. don't think for one second that I was lazy or selfish, I almost died for my baby girl.. but sometimes people shouldn't judge others unless they've walked in their paths..


Wow lots of angry comments on here. I am the mother of a 15mo. old baby boy. I had every intention of breast feeding durring my pregnancy, but just it just didn't happen. From complications durring delivery to being put on strong anti-depressants just days after delivery it just didn't happen for me and my son. He was completely formula fed since birth and is the healthyist child I know. I think it is wrong for someone to tell me that I was being selfish by taking medication to help my severe depression, instead of breastfeeding. I did what was best for my baby. I still beleive breastfeeding is the best way to go if you are able. Just remember that not everyone can do it.


I am all about breastfeeding at least for the first couple months. There are so many significant long term health effects. I had my 2 girls less than 10 months apart and because of high risk pregnancy I stopped BF but I got a lot of criticism from my family for breastfeeding... "Why would you wanna do that?" If they only knew!!! If you feel it's for you, do it because there are so many nutritional benefits! New links to autism and increased odds if you formula feed. Bedwetting, mortality rates, celiac disease, meningitis etc... lots to look into. Know that you have done everything to make your baby healthy! :) have a great day


I am currently nursing my 16-month old son, and I hear some of those comments listed above often, "Are you still doing that?" It drives me crazy, I am also currently working on an argumentive essay about breastfeeding, and the results of doing so. Good or bad, and I have yet to find bad results, other than the negative effect that the public give to us nursing mothers. I feel breastfeeding should be something that is taught to the fullest extent, especially in childbirth class, and they should push the issue a little further before one gives birth to a baby. If not medically possible, then bottle. I firmly believe now and I always have that breast is best.

Stefanie Richardson

Wwomen should be encouraged to breast feed their children putting into account that the baby is the most important thing to them, so it's paramount for them to be breast fed so as to thrive better.... They should never be discouraged by people's attitudes anyway..

Wow, so many women don't breastfeed because it isn't right for them...what about doing what's right for your child? Shouldn't your children be the most important thing in the world to you? Shouldn't they be worth making the effort to breastfeed?

I don't understand this "me, me, me" attitude that so many women have nowadays. Instead of always thinking about yourself, think about what is in the best interest of your child.


I appreciate the sentiment of not making bottle feeding Moms feel guilty for the way they have chosen to feed their children. In my case with both of my children I had every intention of breast feeding them as long as possible, it just didn't work for us. My oldest was put on formula at 2 months because of my own issues with post-partum depression. In our case neither us were enjoying the experience. Right or wrong, we chose to formula feed. Still, I felt tremendous guilt so when I got pregnant with my next child. I was determined to make breastfeeding work this time around. My youngest is now 7 weeks old and I'm facing early weaning again. I will be returning to work soon and my schedule is such that I have to actually be away from her for 3 days at a time, not just a single 8 hour shift. It's just not possible, given my supply, to pump enough milk. I hope to be able to maintain enough of a supply to be able to breastfeed once or twice a day, even if I'm not much more than a pacifier, because I really do enjoy breastfeeding now.


It should be more considered what is best for the baby not the parents, seeing on how formula feeding is proven to increase the risks of illness, infection and SIDS. I don't think enough parents know this or take the time to research into it. Yes it is every parent's choice but and there many choices for your baby, good ones and bad ones. There needs to be more support for breast feeding, and none for formula, yes we all understand that some mothers can't, but in all truth the amount of women who truly can not breast feed is very small. Too many just find it too difficult and stressful and don't have the proper support or knowledge to carry on. It's just too easy to go buy a can of powder and prop up a bottle in your baby's mouth.


I just want to say that I myself am pro breast; however breastfeeding is every difficult in some cases. It is not a skill that we as women are born with, it needs to be learned. Not every woman has the time and patience to fight for her breast milk. Some babies refuse to take the breast. I get that breastfeeding in public could be uncomfortable for the people surrounding me but it's not like I am exposing myself to you. I strongly suggest pumping if breastfeeding is uncomfortable because the baby needs the nutrients that a lot of formulas can not provide.


Why is it that women that choose to bottle feed have to whisper about it? I thought it was a choice made taking into consideration specific needs of the parents. Now it seems that bottle feeding is only acceptable if the child is adopted. The pendulum will always swing back. Last night I read the story of a woman in England who experienced a long birth that included a lot of surgery and a half an hour later a midwife was poking her awake to nurse her baby. After two days of trying and failing the woman had herself transferred to another hospital and the baby was finally bottle fed. She and her husband were still pissed off.


I have a 5m 2 wk old baby. I've decided to breastfeed, and only use bottle when I'm at work. I understand both sides of the debate. I believe though, that most people decide to bottle feed mostly because they feel weird or embarassed to breastfeed. I did at first but I got over it. I know breastfeeding in public sounds tormenting.


I am a mother of a four-month old girl. I have chosen to bottle feed my child. I don't think there is enough support out there for women that decide to bottle feed. Both my sisters breast feed their babies. Good for them but I didn't and couldn't!!! So I really think for all of those women out there that decide to bottle feed, don't feel guilty!!!!!! Parenting is far more then just how you decide to feed them!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for this article! I am a "lactivist" and working towards my midwifery cert.s and currently birth coaching. I agree that I and many pro-BF'ers can be too pushy. I think this mainly comes out from frustration of people not being properly informed, not because of the mothers choice. There is only 1-3% of the world's population that cannot BF due to malformation or breast related issues. Around 20% of US women were sexually assaulted and as a results a minimal % may find BF'ing difficult BUT most of that small % can pump with no problem.

Shockingly, a careful study of statistics shows that 9,000 lives could be saved yearly in the USA by exclusive/extended breastfeeding! That is because breastfeeding infants have only 1/5th the rate of SIDS, and half the rate of the overall infant deaths. BF'ing is a God given gift and right! Not only to women but also and more so to their children. I know (or hope I know) that we all deeply love our children.

A few facts: Milk doesn't just show up as the baby comes out. It normally takes 3-4 days for your supply to let down.
A few have said: Formula is easier and BF'ing is too much stress-To these people all I can do is pray. How much better it is to have warm milk already ready at 3am! Everyone sleeps nicer. As for it being too much stress-No it's LOVE. Just because something "works" doesn't mean it's the best for them. If your 3yr old stopped having fits if you gave her candy every time, is that good for her? We owe our children our time. It is our responsibility to teach our children.


This debate is one I was unfortunately caught in the middle of after giving birth recently via C-section. I was left with a screaming baby during the height of summer that had not received a drop of colostrum or milk from me for 3 days. At no time did any of the midwives suggest that formula be given, and I thought I was surrounded by experts - so reluctantly I did not suggest that formula be given. Bear in mind I was also on a lot of pain medication and was in no real state to make a rational decision. On the third evening, my partner finally said to a midwife that the baby needed feeding. It took 4 midwives and me to sign a consent form before finally receiving 30 mls of formula for my baby! Ridiculous? You bet! This could have been so much easier if these women had the decency to share their philosophy regarding feeding from the 'get go,' but to also remind me that it was MY CHOICE and that there were OPTIONS! I discharged myself on the 5th day, although in hindsight would have done much earlier. My milk came through on the 6th day - there was no way I would have held out on feeding my child until then.

What bothers me is when I think of the bigger picture here - at 15 (or God forbid younger) my daughter is probably going to ingest substances that I don't approve of and that aren't that good for her - yet there's a fierce debate over breast versus formula. This is stupid and puts new mothers under unnecessary stress. The irony is that the more you stress a new mother out, the longer it may take for her milk to actually come through. Anyone who has any sense should opt for the middle of the road approach.


I am a mother of 3 children. My stepson came to live with us when he was 5 months old. He was so ill from being in a horrible environment, could [not] hold food down from his acid reflux; my doctor recommended that I take meds to try and get breastmilk in because it might help him get better faster. I am a very lucky mom because it worked! Within 3 weeks he was gaining weight properly and doing amazing! My youngest is now 7 months and I nursed him until he was 19 months old... I hope that all moms know that whatever works for them works for them... I hope all mothers out there can get the support needed to feed their child either way breast or bottle, but dont be hard on yourself if it doesnt work! Good luck!


I was dead set on breastfeeding since I learned all of the benefits at prenatal class. Upon delivery my baby girl had problems breathing and thus I wasn't able to breastfeed right away, because she was taken to receive oxygen. This was hard on me and my milk supply because now after every boob feed, I have to top her up with formula, I truly don't like to use formula since I want her to solely rely on the breast. That's why I've been taking lots of herbal supplements and Domperidone, and all of this effort and stress I blame on the fact that the hospital took her. But I can't be grudging because if they didn't she wouldn't be alive. To all mothers, sometimes due to difficulties it just isn't possible to solely breastfeed so you can't beat yourself up about it, because I did and that just doesn't help your weak supply as it is. But try to breastfeed as much as you can.

Gosia G-T

After reading your article about breatfeeding versus bottle feeding I felt I had to comment and stick up for women who decide to bottle feed. So much is written today about breastfeeding but very little about those who decide to formula feed. I have a 6-month old and gave breastfeeding a go as I was made to feel guilty if I didn't by various health professionals and my husband! I gave up after a month as I found the whole experience just too much hassle. My son hardly put on any weight and we were constantly at the gp's getting him weighed. I was then told that I probably wasn't producing enough and to go on to formula. He has now put on weight rapidly. Whilst I accept that breastfeeding has its benefits, so does bottle feeding. Now that my son is on formula I feel I have some of my former life back. My husband can help with the feeds, I can leave him if I need to go out of the house and my son seems a lot more content with a bottle than he ever did being breastfed.
I don't condemn women who do choose to breatfeed for a long time but disagree with those who say formula doesn't give your child a healthy start. For me I wish I had had the guts to say no to breastfeeding when he was first born. My husband is keen to try for another baby (mad!) and I have made it perfectly clear that when the time comes I will not be choosing the breastfeeding option.

Rebecca Ennis

I'm glad to read this. A lot of formula feeding moms are offended when you offer information about breastfeeding to a pregnant woman. They are offended simply by the information. Reading this helps me understand this, and if they read it to I'm sure they would be more understanding as well.

Also I'm glad you mentioned that breast milk may be in that bottle. I was one of the people who could not nurse and could only exclusively pump. She received only breast milk, but people always assumed it was formula. I'm glad it was mentioned.


I had troubles getting started with the breastfeeding, even though I desperately wanted it to work. The birth of my son had been quite difficult and he was weak and wouldn't suck properly. The nurses told me to try with a nipple shield and so I ended up using it for a few weeks. My baby wanted to nurse all the time and never seemed satisfied. Another problem might have been that I hardly ate anything for about three weeks after giving birth. I think that my poor nutrition, the baby having had a tough start and the nipple shield all had to do with the fact that I didn't produce enough milk to satisfy my baby. Since my son didn't gain weight, I was told to feed him with formula. The nurses were quite aggressive about it. I didn't want to give up, so I nursed him, then I pumped, then I fed him the pumped milk and then I fed him formula. This took about one and a half hours each time. It was maddening. Then I met with a good lactation consultant and we made up a plan: I stopped using the nipple shield (and my baby quickly got used to sucking without it - contrary to what most people had said!) and nursed him intensely, every two hours, for four days. I ate a lot and tried to rest as much as possible. And it worked! After six weeks of fighting, it finally worked! Since then I have been breastfeeding him exclusively and we have no problems at all. I enjoy nursing him very much and I'm so happy that I didn't give up!


Of course breasts are for nursing, breast feeding is as natural as child birth itself.
Humans are categorically grouped among the animal kingdom as mammals, classified as mammals because they feed their young by nursing. It is not a question do I nurse my baby or not. Except for among humans an offspring would not survive without being nursed by its mother or in some cases by another animal of the same species. A female who had lost its young would adopt the infant and raise it, it's been known to happen. Human babies a hundred years or so ago would not survive were it not for its mother or a wet nurse. Surrogate nursing. Medically there may have been some improvising done medically to feed a baby if something were to happen to its natural mother and if there were no lactating mother in the community willing to step in and nurse the child to preserve its life.
I was burn in the 30s and my mother nursed all 12 of us for 18 or more months each. Besides it was a natural form of birth control. About the time she would be weaning the child she would become pregnant with the next child. Each of us children was 2 to three years apart or so. Back then it was as natural to see mothers nurse their babies as it was to drink raw cow's milk and churn your own butter. Dr. George Boswell the BR-Dr.

Dr. George Boswell the BR-DR

I am a breastfeeding mother and I always have people telling me how weird it is to breastfeed and I shouldn't do it anymore (my baby is only four months old!) people are just misinformed about it. I know I am benefiting my baby and I won't quit because someone looks down upon it!


Love your site!!
I love your Presentations of the female body & also the way you are doing it to inform future young ones that what God gives you "IS" all you need to feed a child. You don't need formula, but there are a hand full of people who can't breastfeed & that's the ones the formula is intended.


WoW, I have to do a report on proper baby care and if not for this report I would have never bother to look this up nor would I find the difference out. I'm also glad to find this out for when I get married to recomended it to my wife. So thanks :)


I can't believe women are so catty as to remark on a woman's right to choose (not abortion) but with how we feed our children. I am a proud mother of 2 little boys who where both formula-fed. Yes, both by choose and for medical reasons (lovenox can be passed through breast milk). My oldest is 4 years old and has never had an ear infection or major illness. My 1 year old is the healthiest kid you would meet. We have turned on each other as women and should be ashamed of ourselves. Shouldn't the question be what we are like as parents? So a mom who both breatsfeeds & BEATS her child is a better, more attentive mom because she breastfeeds? No, I bottle feed because it was what I wanted!! We as women should be united in raising well adjusted, happy & polite kids.
Tracy Albertson

In response to Tracy Albertson's comments, research shows that there is a substantial decrease in child abuse where the mother breastfeeds her children, so I think you would be pushed to find a breastfeeding mother beating her children as this is almost nonexistent. As I work with women and babies everyday, I can tell you that every baby that has been taken from their mother's care for child abuse was not breastfeeding and never would have been.


I completely thank you for being open to both breastfeeding and formula-feeding. After so many books and websites only talked about how "breast is best," I decided that I would breastfeed. Unfortunately, after having my son, I soon found out that the shape and form of my breast did not let me produce milk. Because I "heard" such bad things about formula feeding, I was almost starving my child because I was afraid to use formula. I shortly realized that even though I could not breastfeed, I could still have a connection with my son and we became a happy family after many hours of guilt. I hope information gets out about both sides of the story like this website, because it would have made the first few days of my son's life, much more enjoyable.


I thought your article was very well and sensitively written taking into consideration both the feelings of breastfeeding and bottle feeding mothers. It is a shame though that this controversy even arises. Of course it is better to breastfeed, it logically must be, otherwise women would not have breasts for that purpose. It is a shame that the mothers who really want to breastfeed give up because they are not 'educated' about breastfeeding. In this instance, although maybe a little cruel, what if there was no other option? I bet all the mothers out there would suddenly be able to breastfeed if their babies lives were at stake! In very much the same way an obese person who claims they cannot lose weight would suddenly lose pounds if made to stay in a concentration camp. So I think its a question of choice, once choices are removed and only one remains, well, you have no choice and you do the best you can. However mankind has become spoilt for choice and it is not always easy to choose what is best.

Veronica Coulston

I had my first child at 19 years old and breastfed her exclusively till she was 14 months, and only stopped because I was 4 months pregnant with my 2nd daughter and just felt it was time and she began to wean herself. I guess cuz the milk changed and tasted different due to being preganant.. Now my second daughter is 8 months old and she's still nursing, I did it and do it becasue it's best for my children and as their mother before they were even born I promised them the best, so why not give them something right from my body that no one else can provide them with. It wasn't easy at first, it hurt but I didn't give up, and I didn't even have a lot of support with it from my family or friends, I think just because I was young. But I think because I'm young I enjoy proving people wrong and I still am to this day. I love the looks I get! Advice: hang in there don't give up, give it a few more days it will get better and the pain will go away, I promise. Before you throw in the towel give it a few more days, your baby deserves it!


NOTE: the pain is likely caused by a wrong latch. If you're in the same situation, ask someone to show you the right latch [a friend, nurse, lactation consultant] and you'll avoid the pain.

Thank you so much for your site, I just happened to come across it while I was doing some research on Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. My husband and I have decided that we'd like to start a family and want to know the facts on the important questions. Because of your site I know without a doubt that I will breastfeed. I Come from a family of 6 kids (I'm #4 in line), my mother tried to nurse me while in the hospital (but was unsuccessful in doing so, there was not a lot of info out there 25 years ago); but was able to nurse my younger brother and sister. Because of your site I feel encouraged to talk to others who are or have nursed. It has been a HUGE eye opener. Thanks again so much for your site and for helping those of us who didn't know any better.


With my first two children I bottle fed. I did pump with my 1st because she was early and I did try but after one month I could not do it anymore. It was a personal reason why I didn't (at the time a baby sucking on my boobs was just not for me)Now I am pregnant with my third baby and I do plan on breast feeding. I think people should not judge one way or another, because people are getting way to judgmental!!! I may be planning on breast feeding my baby but I still firmly believe that even a breast feeding mother can breast feed without exposing everything!! Nothing worst than going out to eat with my husband and across from us is a mother totally exposed. But if thats how you choose to feed your baby go ahead I can turn my head too!!


Thank you for showing both sides. As a labor and delivery nurse I think it's imperative that neither side feels the pressure to do either. Sometimes I feel as though "lactivists" tend to shun those that bottle feed without ever knowing or considering the person's situation. It is NOT always a possibility and despite many formed minds.....yes, some of us mothers have to return to work when their babies are just tiny...and we have jobs that are not conducive to pumping.


I have a seven in half month old baby girl and I am only 19. To take a decision of breastfeeding or formula feeding was very hard. I have been wating to quit breast feeding but I always go back and look up all the good thing about breast feeding and I change my mind. This changed my mind one more time and I will be breast feeding.


I believe that we all have a freedom of choice, since our babies can't choose yet we should make the right choice for them. Breastfeeding is the best option for your child,I understand it may not work for all. I believe that a mother should at least try to breastfeed, before she says that she is too busy. Angelica Taylor

As a bottle-feeder, I was looking for support before giving birth again, and that is how I found this article. After the birth of my second child, I was harrassed by a nurse the moment I was wheeled out of delivery, exhausted and traumatized. She asked if I was going to breastfeed, and when I responded "no", she accused me of not wanting the best for my baby. After several minutes of browbeating me, she promised to return in the morning to "convince" me of how wrong I was for preferring to bottlefeed.

Quite frankly, I tried breastfeeding with my first child, and I felt like I had no identity as person anymore, just as the baby's milk machine. I felt like I simply didn't exist as a person, just as a source of food. Obviously, I am not psychologically equipped to breastfeed.

I had to respond to numerous strangers' accusations and questions about my bottle-feeding. This made me bitter, helped sink me into depression, and lessened my joy in my new baby.

Thank you for your very balanced article about both breast-feeders and bottle-feeders being attacked unjustly.

I know that for some people, breastfeeding may be the right choice, but it is not the right choice for everyone -- and bottle-feeders should not have to explain their reasons for not breastfeeding to anyone who confronts them!

My best friends are all breast-feeders, and I never demanded their reasons for choosing to nurse. Not my business!


This article in particular is wonderful. So much more balanced than what you ordinarily find on the subject.

I'm not a mother. I'm not even pregnant - nor will I be for some time. I'm very pro-breastfeeding for many many reasons, most of which are already covered on this site. I also strongly believe in the freedom of choice, and that certainly goes for the choice between breast and bottle feeding.

I'm curious, though, whereas I know what I would like to do, why the intense focus on the breast? If it's feeding the child that is so important, does it really matter which container the supply is held in? By which I mean, why is it so important that a mother feed her child on her breast as opposed to feeding a child from a bottle filled with breastmilk? It's frustrating, because so much of the focus is on breast-vs-bottle wherein bottle is equated with formula, but that's simply not the case.

I'll admit to not being entirely positive, but the newer bottle nips on the market supposedly provide bebe with nearly the same freedom to stop and breathe so oxygen levels are higher and little tummies don't fill up so quickly.

Personally, my choice when my partner and I have children is to breastfeed as well as bottle feed expressed milk due to my life circumstances. I have my concerns about nipple confusion, but ultimately, that bebe is healthy is so much more important to me. Is the difference between my nipple and some of the newer bottle nipples really so great then when the milk is the same?


I personally wouldn't think that there is an awful lot of difference. What DOES make a big difference though is how much skin touch the baby gets. So when bottle feeding, hold the baby close to you.

However, pumping takes a lot of time and efforts, plus more money. Plus storing the milk makes it lose a little bit of the "goodies". So certainly breastfeeding is way easier, cheaper, and more convenient. But some ladies have to pump because of working and other circumstances.

So not to worry about this.

Thank you for posting this website. Before my baby was born, I had every intention of breastfeeding exclusively. I even thought poorly of mothers who bottlefed or didn't even try to breastfeed. Once my baby was born, I did breastfeed for a week - only to find out that my baby was on her way to becoming severly dehydrated from not getting the milk. It wasn't a supply problem, it was a suck problem. Try as I could, my baby just couldn't get the milk she needed. I began pumping and bottlefeeding her the expressed breastmilk, but even that wasn't enough, so she also takes formula. No one can tell me that I'm lazy for not giving breastfeeding a "two month chance" as one commenter stated. If we'd waited two months before switching to a bottle, my baby would have starved, and I'd have had no more milk anyway! As your website stated, neither bottlefeeding moms or breastfeeding moms should be condemned for the way they feed their babies. It's their own business, and should be left as such.


Breastfeeding is not only best for your baby, but it is also best for you. I would like to see a study of breastfeeding mothers versus bottlefeeding mothers. I would like for expectant moms to be able to compare one and the others phsycological volitility, their weight loss, their levels of stress, among other things. I think that that would also help mothers to decide wether or not to breastfeed.


It's a great website! Thank you! Lots of different opinions. I wish people would feel a bit more positive about their choices, though. Afterall, all mothers wish only the best for their little ones.
I am breastfeeding my 15 months old baby-girl, and I can definitely tell that it is very beneficial for her!! People should read a lot about breastfeeding before making their choices. I think it's a magic drink for babies, it really does miracles!


I really enjoyed your article on breast vs. bottle. I, contrary to what people said breast fed my first baby for three weeks but ended up switching to a bottle. Mainly because I didn't have an adequate amout of information and began to fear that I wasn't feeding him properly. Now however I do tend to regret that I didn't finish at least a while longer and fully intend to with my next baby. So I do encourage women to breast feed it's quite an experience, and to get ALL the information possible even things you think you know still ask you'll be surprised.

keisha brown

Congratulations to the webmaster! This is one of the most informative (and uniquely different!) website that I've ever read. Even though I managed to breastfed both my lovely kids, it doesn't mean that I have the right to say mothers who bottle-fed their babies are selfish or lazy! They have their own reasons and necessity. The only thing that make me sad is that, when a mother (especially first timer) doesn't have enough knowledge and support to breastfeed their child. In this modern era, that shouldn't be a reason for not breastfeeding. Good luck!


First off, no one in my family ever breast-fed their children, besides my grandmother. It was like it was a taboo. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I researched my different options, and after reading all the benefits of breast-feeding I knew it was the right thing to do. However, I never realized the ridicule I would receive from people. Mostly older adults, around my parents age. I assume it is because most of them did not breastfeed. However, I am proud to say that my daughter has only had one cold, and she is now 2 (and not totally weaned). I met other mothers in playgroups and messageboards that have experienced the same thing. And really we should be praised, because we are doing what is best for our children.


I took my daughter off my breast very early. She was 2 months old. I began bottle feeding her she lost alot of weight. we had to rush her to the hospital. We found out that she had cow protein allegy. Formula we found out that forumula has cow milk in it. I was so disspointed in my self for giving up on my baby and my self. I but my baby in danger deciding to stop breastfeeding. I'm pregant again 5 years later and now is very informed about breastfeeding and making the best decision for my child and I.

Kenya McKenzie

I wish I had been able to breast feed having found out I had pre eclampsia from about 6 months pregnant . I encountered not very helpul midwifes who try to push me into breastfeeding, but I could not unfortunately being too ill.

dee adcock

I am currently breastfeeding my 15 month old daughter Lilly and she is showing no signs of wanting to wean. At this time I will just let her choose when to wean. Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your child for so many reasons, I really don't understand why more women don't do it, I think maybe it is not really talked about as much as bottle feeding. I know when you have a baby the hospital seems to push the bottle and that is the worse thing you can do is to feed the baby a bottle before it get used to the breast. My daughter has never had a bottle she went from the breast right to a cup . Also for anyone thinking of breastfeeding I will tell you this it is alot easier to breastfeed than to have to deal with bottles and making and buying formula.


I think we can all agree that, from a purely scientific standpoint, breast-feeding is superior but sometimes, for good reasons, woman decide not to.

I have a relative, however, who chose not to breast-feed because she didn't want her boobs to sag. I am sorry, but that is a bad reason and I think, fundamentally, she is not a good mother. Breasts aren't ornaments! Plus, who cares? Does she think her life will be better if her boobs hang a little higher? Has anyone encountered this insanity?


Yes, this kind of thing happens here and there. That is one of the things we here at 007 Breasts are trying to educate women about: that breast appearance varies tremendously, how media images affect us, and how (in most cases) it's not worth worrying about. Her breasts might sag anyway though, because of breast growth during pregnancy.

Breast feeding is a natural process and an important key to good health for a nursing mother and her new born. It is not a new development or a new process, it is as old as mankind. Women of all cultures, ethnics and social background even religious groups all over the world practice breast feeding.

Yulando Brown

Well, all I have to say abou thtis article is that I do know sometimes some mothers do not produce alot of milk such as my cousin. I felt really bad after reading this article b/c I pressured her to pump and do whatever it takes, but in the end I just called her lazy!!! I am 23 years old and had my beautiful son on Feb. 4, 05. I am still breastfeeding and boy in the begining I was crying.. no I was balling when I would give Brendan my breast. It honestly lasted (the hurting) like about 3 weeks. But then it was a breeze!!! It hurt b/c he wasn't latching on correctly and my nips were ripping.. ughhh I dont even want to remember but what I can say is that even though it hurt soooo bad, I still gave it to him b/c I just wanted the best for my baby.... and I will do it all over again when I have my next bundle of joy!!

Jennefer Mitsel

I wanted to brestfeed my daughter when she was born but for some reason my body didn't produce enought breast milk for her. I had to bottle feed her. A lot of people called me a bad mother because I wasn't breast feeding her. Others called me lazy. Some people will never understand until the have a child and that is just how the world works


Hi, my name is Yuri and I have a 9 monthe old baby. I wish I would of know of your site before. There is a lot of stuff here that I would of liked to know before I had my baby! But I'm also learning a lot so, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! and thanks for the info.

Yuri Jimenez,17

I think its the right of a child to be breast fed that's what nature promotes and they shouldn't be deprived of this right unless there's a serious unavoidable reason.I am a mom myself and intend to breast feed my baby.

Mariam Baig

Is this study showing more bottle fed babies die the first year than breast fed babies a correlative study? Have they taken all factors into consideration? (ie. that more moms who breast feed may be better educated...etc.?)


Here's a link to that study that compiled results from many different scientific studies: Formula Feeding Doubles Infant Deaths in America. Basically, formula-fed babies have a higher risk of getting sick in various ways, which results in greater risk of infant death, too..

I think that breastfeeding is better no matter how you put, its up to the mother and I dont feel that they should be criticized for their choice!

Amanda Anderson

I'm a mother of two. I breastfed my first child till he was 4 1/2. At the time I did it because it was best but now that this new research has come out saying that not only breastmilk is best, but formula is DANGEROUS then there is no dispute in my mind. My second child is EXCLUSIVELY breastfed as was my first. As for the new moms out there. Good luck and don't loose hope. There is much support out there still.


Thank you for promoting breasts as organs for nourishment, I was trying to wean my 4 month baby, but she won't give up easily, so after reading about breasts, I'm going to continue breastfeeding her, until she weans herself. I feel bad about not breastfeeding my 4 yr old daughter longer than 3 months. I was misinformed about formula and breastfeeding.I come from Africa, and there's no issue about mothers breastfeeding their babies in public or anywhere they want. When it's a baby breastfeeding, people don't look at the breast as a sexual thing, if one makes a comment about it, they will definitely get into a verbal fight with the mother, besides only the rich can afford formula, that's why women in developing countries breastfeed for 1+ years. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OF INFORMING THE PUBLIC ABOUT BREASTFEEDING AND IT'S BENEFITS.


I'm always struck by the concept some have that breastfeeding a baby should be done in private. Since when has eating been an "act to be done in private"?

Until every table at the public restaurant is curtained off, or every seat in the airplane is so curtained--for eating privacy!--then the very idea of a blanket needing to be draped over a breastfeeding mom and baby should be seen as similarly ridiculous.


I find nothing wrong with bottle feeding my child. I think that it is a personel choice. (Aside from the reasons listed above there are other good reasons for breast feeding.) I am a social worker and provide in home services. I am on the road daily and in and out of court. Breast feeding/pumping in NOT an option.) I think that women that breastfeed and men whom have no clue on the subject should respect others more. I am pregnant and hear comments daily.


I think that people should be considerate to the fact that mothers breastfeeding do it in public areas as it is and has been done for generations and also is a fact of life! Is it not?! And also if some people decide on bottle feeding, that is fair enough too, as it is their choice, but personally I believe in doing what would be best for the baby so breastfeeding is the way to go!!!!!


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