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Thank you for creating this site, I feel a little more comfortable with my own breast now. I used to think they where weird because of television, and because of what the media wants people to believe in what's "beautiful" and what isn't. It's funny how television influences our own minds... A healthy mind and a healthy body is what really matters in the end.


Thank you!!!! This website shows that we are supposed to be different. I'm not brave enough yet to submit a picture. It is helping with my extremely low self esteem.


I love this website. I think it is fantastic and certainly helpful for women who question the aesthetics or the health of their breasts. I am 25 years old and have always questioned the appearance of my breasts. I am now 3 years postpartum and ask myself why I was ever self conscious to begin with. It probably had something to do with the media, or the magazines, or the fact that I felt that if I wasn't perfect I wasn't worth it. Well, today with my sagging boobies after breast feeding I am gratuitous toward this website for showing me that I am normal, and I fed a child and I am amazing. Thank you so much!


Ladies, I think all breasts are normal, you need to get over your worry about your boobs. God gave you what you have and any man worth his weight will love you for you so don't worry.


I am a therapeutic massage therapist specializing in Orthopedic Massage. Having been told about this website by a patient I have referred patients with questions/concerns about their breasts to this site, first, to define "Normal." More often than not I have offered referrals for evaluation of breast reduction secondary to neck and back pain rather than augmentation. Many women have asked questions about symmetry. Few women look at proportions to the rest of their body. The site really excels with the narratives. It has been my experience that women in the U.S. really have little to compare them selves with! Most go to sexually oriented, usually intended for males, types of pictures. It is also helpful for males in that they rarely see anything but the magazines. A very helpful source, thank you!


After a comprehensive analysis of your site I have a couple insights. I am a guy. I like them ALL. If your partner can't accept you with the ones you have, you have the wrong guy.


After seen these breast pictures I know my breasts are normal size. I always thought my breasts were small, but now I know they are normal. But I most say, you women have great breasts and you should be proud of them.


Hello, I am 19 years old and have always had body-image issues. I ended up on this site because I found a link from a blogger who has their page based on anatomically incorrectly drawn female figures in comic/anime type art. I thought I might share my story. When I started developing around age 11, it seemed I was late (majority of the girls my age developed from 8 to 9 years old). When I started, I used to get teased and called "pencil tits" because I was not allowed to wear a training bra (my foster mother at the time was very anti-bra). Then due to all of this, I gained weight to gain boobs. I gained the weight too rapidly and I regret it to this day; I went from 120lbs-220lbs in a matter of 6 months and since then have been "yo-yo"ing my weight give or take 20lbs since then. I had those green/purple spidermarks everywhere which have now faded into stretch marks. The shape has changed over the years and now I wished I was patient to see if my double A's would get bigger. I bounce back and forth between a B and a D, and I have no idea what my proper size is. The largest size I've been up to was a double D. I've been so desperate over the years to get surgery to the point where I hated the sight of my nude body to the point of utter disgust. I've tried creams, herbs, diets. I wish I had seen this website sooner. I am still struggling to see something different in the mirror. I am still sexually attracted to the porn industry type/surgically enhanced breasts. I do like the normal ones, but I feel hardwired into believing this is beauty. Logically I know this is not meant to be. I've lived in some foster homes where nude-ness was supported, but most of the homes I went to required you to wear a bra at all times, even in sleep. I've only recently started spending my time more nude at home and trying to comfortable with who I am. Little by little I am changing the way I see the mirror and these pictures. But seeing this site has helped with putting it in writing and displaying side-by-side displays of what is normal in a respectful, non-sexual way. Thank you all.


I'm a male and this is a great site, it supports all the women that have small breasts, and they need not worry about it. I want to tell all these women as a male that small breasts are beautiful,and not all men like large breasts..Feel great about that part of your body...

I applaud all of these women for being brave enough to allow their bodies to be shown on here. I am 5' tall 100 pounds. I was a 32A but had breast augmentation and the plastic surgeon was able to keep my breasts the same shape as originally had just made them bigger. Unfortunately the surgeon went behind my back and implanted larger than requested and gave me D cup size implants. I am happy with the shape and look but they are way too big for my body so will be going back to a different surgeon and be reduced to C cup implants. After looking at this gallery I feel thankful as many of these women are very young and have issues with their breasts. I think my biggest issue is my skin. I can live with my breasts large or small but I hate my skin.


Thank you, Thank you for placing this website up for women who are either considering breast augumentation due to cancer surgery. What the scars may look like both underarm and whole breast itself. Before/after photos of what surgeries can/cannot do. I thought I was the only one out there with breast issues, how my husband accepts these flaws with love and not bitterness. Thank you 007 Breasts


I don't normally wear a bra because I am more comfortable without one. Recently, though, I got a job with white uniform shirts, and my nipples showed through, so I decided it was time to get around to finding a bra that fit. I ended up finding it in the kids' clothing section - a lone beige bra in my size in a sea of "Hello Kitty" and little frogs with rainbows. Anyway, by the looks of it, I may not be the only adult woman looking in the girls' department for bras who isn't shopping for her daughter. Thanks.


Every one has the right to "LIVE", is the bottom of the day, one thing. Daughters of Eve just don't worry,the world on other-side is equally colorful.

Saleh Sheikh

Kudos to 007B! Why is a 52-year old man visiting this site, you may ask. Because I care, my mom had breast cancer, one of my wife's sisters has had it, and a few other ladies in our circle of friend's have been affected by it! I think this is a top notch web site for helping females of all ages cope with some of society's most questionable issues.

Why is breast feeding so controversial? I can only guess that the people who deem it inappropriate to breast feed in public have skewed ideas on what normal means!

As a man, I find breasts of all shapes and sizes attractive. My wife has medium sized pendulous breasts and when she sits, some times her nipples turn in and touch her tummy. I adore her breasts and can not imagine her having surgery to change them in any way! Modern medicine has made some great strides, but when I see all the women who have suffered through different types of trauma because of implants and other types of breast augmentation that have gone wrong, it breaks my heart! There is of course a place for surgery , ie breast cancer etcetera. If a man can't get past the shape or size of a woman's breasts he has issues and should be regarded accordingly.

I know it's human nature to seldom be happy with what we are born with. I'm bald, I have one testicle larger than the other, and my penis is slightly twisted, however I have no inclination to get a hair transplant, or try to "enhance" my man hood as it were.

Be your self ladies, you'll get more respect from those who really know you, and don't fall victim to society's concept of "perfect"! Remember there are people out there who love you for who you really are.


Women, stop obsessing over the size, shape, perkiness of your breasts. They are beautiful as they are. DO NOT get surgery, even if you say you don't want them larger (lie), all breasts are beautiful just as you were given them and how they have changed over the years. The worst thing you can do is let a man mess with the perfection God created. Leave them natural, the majority of the men in the world would rather have it that way.


I think all of you women should be very proud of the fact that you had the courage to bare your breasts. My girlfriend has always been sensitive about the size of her breasts (she is an E cup) and always thought that they were too big. As a male I would like to assure all of the women that had posted on this forum that loving yourself and being happy with who you are and what you have is very, very alluring to men and size, shape and perkyness is not so important. We men deal with similar issues about our bodies in many different areas and we like when women are confident in who they are. I apologise if this is meant to be just a female forum but your pictures and stores have helped my girlfriend love who and what she is in a way that maybe I couldn't, so thank you all


Really great site.... I have been insecure about my breasts for many years as I felt they were too droopy. Now looking at pictures of younger women (I am 40) I realise that that's just how some of us are made. I have breastfed 4 children all for 2 years each and actually they only sag more now because I am older, NOT because I breastfed. As I tell my daughters... they are not put on your body to fill your frock! You might as well do something useful with them. My husband was very supportive of me breastfeeding but always had an unhealthy interest in porn which really wore away at my self confidence in my breasts and myself in general, especially when he would make negative comments about my breasts... it was the main thing that led to our divorce. I am still struggling to love my body and have no confidence to start a new relationship even though it has been 4 years. Your site has really helped me start to accept who I am and when I have a bad day I will look at it to inspire me...thanks


I am 18 years old, 32D bra size. I started developing around 14. I only became self conscious of my breasts when I turned 16 and started to notice different celebrities or models who have really perky breasts and small nipples. It made me realize that my boobs do sag a little and I have very large areolas, I had become very self conscious. Your website has really helped me to understand that normal boobs come in all shapes and sizes and that every woman should embrace her body. I believe this website is very important and should be known by more young girls, who feel the pressure to have the "perfect body image" that society wants them to have. Thank you!


I think this page is great. I am 18. I am a 36B and am very self-consious of my breast. Small breasts run on my mom's side of the family. I never liked my breasts for the fact the are small, pointed, and have stretch marks..... but now seeing all these real breasts makes me love mine a little more thank you :)


I hate my breasts with a passion. I admire all of the women on the website who have taken photos of their breasts. Looking at all of the pictures I have realised that my breasts are unique and are not small but petite and suite my frame. Thankyou for making this site. It has helped me overcome my hate for my body :)


I'm 17 and this made me feel less self conscious. Thank you to the women of this site. I now feel much more appreciative of my 38 C breasts, I realize that the slight sagging is normal, and other girl's chest also looks more or less like mine.


I have had breast enhancement surgery years ago (I'm 39 now) and while doing research I really wish I would have had a site like this to look at. I still would have had my operation and would never regret doing so but having access to a site like this would have made me feel a lot better about my natural self. You only see breasts in mags and movies, not real women and this is problem. One of the best ideas anyone could have come up with. I only have one thing to say about one of the comments on your pages - one lady said her nipple piercing changed the size of her breast - I do not see how that is true and do not want anyone misunderstanding - I am a professional tattooist and piercer and the nipple piercing DOES NOT cange the shape of your breast - the jewelry can give you the illusion of a slightly bigger breast and in many cases being different due to piercing women feel better about their breast but it does not physically change the shape of it.
Miss Tiger

I will be very honest and nice about the women on this site. My wife is a 40C cup but her aerolas are small. I love my wife with all my heart; but I think large aerolas are beautiful and women should not be ashamed of them. God made women beautiful to look at. Men are just masculine and have a lot more to be ashamed of than women. Thanks and ladies please be proud of what God gave you.


Hi, I never realized how self conscious women were about their breasts and how much they suffer because of society's expectations or because of the media. Also we really live in a truly repressive society sexually and in so many other ways, how truly sad. I am very happy that your site has helped some women better accept themselves the way they are; that is truly a gift. The part about male breast feeding was fascinating and remain a serious taboo in our society as in the rest of the world and that needs to change.

dr nick fennelli

Thank you very much for this website!
I didn't really feel comfortable with my boobs... but now when I've seen how different they can look even as normal I feel more happy about mine, and my husband loves them! =)


Ladies, I stumbled on this site by accident and was amazed at the variations I saw, having only had 3 intimate relationships in my 70+ years, then I came to realise you all have different and unique faces, so why shouldn't your breasts be unique?
I cannot understand the slavish observance to the media fashions regarding breast standards.
For instance, looking at the galleries I notice almost all the photographs show a good deal of separation between nipples, when did someone decide that artificially squeezing a 'cleavage' is an acceptable appearance?
Must be less than comfortable.

Jim Marshall

Thanks, my boobs arent that bad, I mean I've been looking at this site for about 5 hours now looking at mine and then at the pictures and I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly happy with my ladies!


I came across this site after one particular tearful night - I have a very awkward pair of boobs - one is almost two cup sizes larger than the other. My body is fine, otherwise, I've an hourlass figure I'm proud of, and I like my bum, too. However, having a B boob and a D boob, I get quite self conscious about the way I look. I'm 21 years old and have considered surgery to align them, but eventually gave up on the idea. I wear a happy medium bra - a 36C, but it makes my bigger boob ache and doesn't properly support my smaller one.
This site, however, has made me a hundred times more confident. My boyfriend never comments on the difference, or makes fun of me for them, and I realised that the only person who thinks I'm abnormal is me! Thanks so much for this project, it's really opened my eyes and made me realise that I'm not the only one who doesn't have 'celebrity' boobs! I'd recommend this to all my girlfriends who have worries about their shape and size!


How informative that so many women are not happy with their breasts! Too small, too saggy, nipples too big, nipples pointing the 'wrong' way, different sizes, etc. Also, many have exactly the kind of breasts others wish for, but they also wish for something different than what they have! It's more of a statement about the false expectation of beauty our society puts on people than about the people themselves.

From this man's view, I am much more impressed seeing a woman who holds her posture erect, head high, who is confident, warm and genuine. All the other worries are just a meaningless waste.

I appreciate this site for being informative, honest, and confidence building!


I think your site is very informative and also kind of intriguing. I never really thought about natural breasts as not perky or large as most of the women I have seen are one or both. Thank you for the information you provide and keep it up, it is very informative to us idiots.


I'm 14 years old (almost 15), and my breasts just started growing, I don't know, a year ago. All my friends seem very comfortable with themselves and are even comfortable enough to say, go skinny dipping in other people's pools. Of course I'm never around then or when they change in front of me I don't sit there and stare, so I haven't actually seen anyone else breasts. I have always been jealous of their confidence. I think I'm an A cup, (I've never been properly fitted) and haven't shopped for bras since I first got one (from the kids section) and it's a 32A. But I don't really care about my size, I'm actually only uncomfortable with my nipples witch are either flat or inverted I'm not sure. Your gallery helped me so much, I'm not completely confident (due to being a teenager with emotional problems) but I do feel a lot better about myself thank you.


I think women and teens should love the breasts that they have. People should love them for what they are and not to change them. As a man, I love every shape size of a woman breasts. I don't mind if they're are big or small. Women and teens out there, love your body God gave you.


I had never felt the relief from any heart destroying problem that is capable of making one mental or commit suicide than the day I stumbled into this site while trying to study about breast cancers. Many a time we worry about irrelevant things out of inexperience for what others pass through in life, but I have come to know that I need not kill myself over a pair of shoes when others have no legs.

'Maria', you are one in a million person in the world. I know you are a great counsellor, keep it up you are doing a great job of saving lives.


I came across this website by accident - and though never had any continuous issues of confidence regarding my breasts (I am a 38 GG-british sizing) - like most women I have hated them from time to time. Your website has made me realise -even more than I already did -that there is no such thing as 'normal' in the media hyped sense -and that indeed my boobs are actually very nice -thankyou -for my 45 yrs and 5 children later-in fact they are quite possibly my best feature and I love them. I intend to tell my daughter -and sisters and neices about this site -as let's face it -how often do we actually get to see REAL boobs??? They are hidden under clothes and in bras and don't tend to come out in public. Therefore it is possible for the media to market their total rubbish about the perfect breasts and us ladies fall for it hook, line, and sinker, because we all too often have nothing to compare our own with. A fabulous site -keep up the good work!!!!

ellen doherty

Ladies and girls, I am 11 and I am already a 34A. I look at skinny girls in my grade and I just am so jealous. They are flat. A few girls in my grade have the same size as me but I definately have the ugliest body. But I am getting through that enjoying my life and ignoring the fact that I have bigger breasts than I should. They are just extra layers of skin and fat anyway. Sincerely,


Ladies, please remember what your breasts are foremost designed to do...they are to feed your babies first, they are to be admired and touched by men second. Do not lose sight of that reality. You are all beautiful!!!


Wonderful site! Some of the comments made me want to cry with recognition and empathy. I am a 34DDD or 34E and my breasts have not been "perky" since age 11 or 12. I have had a lot of stretch marks since age 13 or 14.

Oh how I wish this site had been around when I was a teenager. Thank you for doing this.


You have a wonderful web site. I was one of the early developing girls and I am (at age 43) an E cup. I have been conflicted more years than I care to count over my breasts. Alternating between hating and loving them. It wasn't until my 40's that I began to accept my breasts. I wish this web site had been available when I was going thru puberty. Seeing breasts as natural instead of sexual is very good for all women. Thank you.

May Sandifer

Hello, my friend showed me your site when I commented on how "unnatural" my breasts were. Turns out, they're normal. I have big boobs and to me they look saggy. I always hated and the shape and used to think of getting surgery to "fix" that. I get really worried that if I meet a guy and he sees my boobs he won't like them.

Anyways, I just wanted to say this site helped alot. I'm not so harsh on my boobs anymore. :D


Ladies, Girls, I've led a long life, married 3 times, once to a textbook barbie type, once to a lady who weighed over 300 lbs, and the last somewhere in between. I just want to say, do NOT be ashamed of your body. Any man who truly loves you will love whatever body you have. If he puts you down or rejects you because of your body, HE has a problem, not you, and you are better off without him. Just my 2 cents worth.


I'm 35. I have always hated my breasts. I have a difficult time showing them to anyone in any context. I feel somewhat better after coming across this website. Thank you.

I must admit to finding this site by accident. I am a middle age man who views life in many dimensions. All my life, I've described as sensitive and concerned about the feeling women. Though married for many years, during my lifetime, I've dated a few women when single. What I found attractive about many of them had less to do with body parts, size or weight. It had more to do with their ability to communicate, personality, common interest, compatibility, knowledge and education and of last sexuality. Personally, my ideal woman has never been limited a by body type, or breast size. Im not sure, but I believe a man must have invented some the devices that restrict women, such as the bra, the girdle, and pantyhose.  All are designed to tell women what makes them attractive. Women in the magazine and TV ads are not average women. They are idealized images of what society tells us how women should look to be considered attractive or beautiful.

Many years ago, while in college, I dated a young woman who was self-conscious about her small breast size. I saw her as attractive, beautiful, intelligent, interesting, and sensitive with a big heart and companion for people. She was then and still is a wonderful woman. I remember my many failed attempts to reassure her to no end that she should not be concerned about the size of her breasts. Out of frustration, I asked her directly, has any man ever asked you for some breast? She laughed so hard that I still remember the expression on her face. What she had to offer came more from inside than her perceived breast related deficiencies. What she is was far more important than the size of her breast.

My ideal woman has never been limited to one particular body type, or breast size. Like men, women come in all shapes and sizes, and a woman's most attractive feature is self-confidence. Some of the comments I've read by women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s on this site are very inspiring. Their self-confidence has allowed them to enjoy lasting relationships with husbands, partners, and children while I'm sure addressing more important concerns during their lives.

We should all say, Bless them all; bless them all, the long and the short and the tall. Bless all the women of all shapes and sizes with good health, fulfilling relationships, healthy and happy children, and the ability to realize their individual dreams, whatever they may be. Remember, your cup size, shape or weight should never determine totally how you see yourselves.


Thank you for this site. I am 26 and I never had the perky breasts I see in magazines. I feel much more confident, my husband asks me why do I hide them from him. I will not anymore thanks again.


I'm 30. My left breast is extremely larger than the right side. I have two children. I have never been happy with my breasts so I was very happy to see this site. I was a 36 B but have gone to a 38 C since falling pregnant. I had never been pregnant before and now since my pregnancy my nipples have gotten a lot bigger! I have been on birth control several times since my teens this always used to cause an increase in my cup size but never made my nipples get bigger. At the moment my breasts ache constantly and the nipples are very tender and sore.


The size and shape of the female breasts are not important. It's the person they're attached to that matters.


I thank God for this site. I'm 32 and I've always been self-conscious about my breasts because I thought they sagged.

In high school, I was a 36 C and now after children and weightgain I'm about a 38D. But, after getting married and seeing how they satisfy my husband and how efficiently they've feed 3 children so far, I'm extremely thankful.

Seeing this site really makes me know just how normal I am and gives me a lot to be thankful for. They're a nice size, they're basically symmetrical, nice nipples, hey I can't complain. My girls may not be featured in the latest video, but I thank God that I've had no problems with them and they're a blessing to me.

Realizing the deceit of the media made me decide to educate my girls about the beauty of natural breasts when they come of age. For now, I've got a little time since they're only 4 and 1.

Thank you guys!


I'm a guy and I'm happy with the work you've done here allowing real people to show everyone what real breasts look like. This I believe will curb the lies the media use to brainwash people into not accepting themselves as they are. I hope more that the ladies would come to peace with the shape, orientation and size of their natural breasts and learn to love them so. That would help all of us a lot because unless the ladies see and accept the beauties of their features, they possibly will never believe it when we tell them how beautiful we think they are.
Thanks again.


I came upon this website while doing research on mothers nursing babies. As an artist and hoping to do a series of paintings on that subject, I find that the majority of women are too hard on theirselves when it comes to size and symmetry of their breasts. That's a shame as I don't think most men feel that way. Some men like large breasts, some men like small breasts, if he doesn't appreciate what God gave you, you don't need him. Breast augmentation should only be done if there is a deformity. All breasts are beautiful as is the female body. If men didn't love the female body, the human race would have died out centuries ago. Love yourselves, ladies. Don

Wow, with one click I found your site and I can't believe how good my breasts are! I've known for a while that my poor body image (esp. about my breasts) was not logical or probably even warranted, but mostly it's been caused by the fact that the media only shows "the best" breasts. I've always wondered what the normal, natural range of breasts was, but I wasn't going to wander around locker rooms or anything like that. I didn't even consider that there would actually be a natural, normal and NOT-perfect breast site.

Bless you, I think everyone should see your site at some point in their lives.


I just finished breast feeding my daughter, and I was feeling so bad about my breasts that I tried to find a "cure" online by looking for something I could wear that would make my breast appear beautiful. But after seeing what is real I am happy with mine. I wouldn't change them they are a part of me. Thank you sooo much I am going to share this website with my friends!!!!!


I love your site! I have always been uncomfortable with my B-cup sized breasts (I guess I'm lucky to have any cleavage at all!) but after seeing this site it has made me a bit more comfortable with them. Also, I am obese and I am pear shaped so I tend to think that makes my boobs look even smaller. I also just had a thought that if you could make cup size categories just so women can see how different breasts are at different cup sizes might help with other women's self esteem as well. Thanks so much for this site!


The problem with cup sizes is, first of all not all women know theirs accurately. Second, judging from pictures won't be accurate either. Third, the cup size varies according to band size. 32A breasts are not the same size as 36A breasts. It just isn't quite "linear".