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Women are great. You love your body for what God gives you - sometimes a man needs to wear a bra for health, some are made to just wear lady wear - we all made by God


Although I am not posting a picture, this is a great site. I am 42 have nursed 2 childen. I have always hated my body. I'm 5'8" and weigh 130. I was a model as a teenager. I had D cups. Still hated everything about me. I had my children, nursing reduced my size to a B. Still hated everything about my body. Now at 42, I love me. I wish I felt this way for 42 years. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Who cares what the media determines how we look. We are smarter, stronger, and more important than that image! This is exactly what your site proves.

Becci Kendrick

You guys rock! What a confidence booster. I love my boobs now. Jst remember You were made perfect jst the way you are. High 5 to all the brave n beautiful ladies


As a young person I had small breasts 34A to AA where my left one was slightly larger than my right one. I was never happy with them because clothes and bathing suits didn't fit. I had, by the way, lots of dark, long hair around the nipples. My grandma advised me to put band-aids over my nipple and then I wouldn't need a bra LOL. Generally I didn't wear a bra. Still don't.

At 30 I had a lumpectomy (was told it was benign, in retrospect probably not) and so now was uneven.

At 45 I had to have a mastectomy on the same side as the lumpectomy due to breast cancer. The surgeon rebuilt me with my own fat and made me a C (I had not asked for that and was mad about it). It didn't "look like me". As part of the process I was reshaped back to my "normal" size. My other breast wasn't sagging.

At 56 I got breast cancer on the other side and had a mastectomy due to 5 tumors (I still wasn't sagging on that side). Now I was upset I hadn't gotten them both cut off the first time around and been reconstructed so I'd be the same because then both sides would look more or less alike. Didn't do it because I didn't want to lose my other breast, breast sensation...

Because I couldn't have the same reconstruction surgery again (you can only do a free tram flap reconstruction - fat from your stomach makes the breast and this hurts a lot - the single most painful thing in my life, not to mention leaves other permanent problems so not a recommended 'weight loss' method) and had an implant put in. That implant looks very unnatural and feels weird, even now 2 years later. When they perfect rebuilding a breast with your own liquified fat cells over a scaffolding I intend to have the implant replaced.

In retrospect I wish I had somehow not spent much of my younger years hating how small I was. Now I'd give anything to have my breasts back. Implants aren't forever, the other reconstructed side does sag a bit. I miss having breast sensation, looking normal without clothes on... The scars are visible and get in the way of bathing suits. The ones around my belly make people think I had vanity surgery to remove belly fat. The nipple reconstruction failed on one side. I haven't bothered on the other. No need for my grandmother's band-aid solution now.

It is really too bad that this society partly defines women by their breast. Makes the entire breast cancer thing more traumatic. For many of us not in the "middle of the bell curve" for breast size and shape, it makes growing up more traumatic.


I looked at this site looking for Bra sizing. A lot of men go for larger breasts. I would say I like small firm breasts but I have just met someone with medium floppy breasts and I just love them. The key thing is they go with her and they are part of a beautiful whole woman. I would say that those girls who worry about breast size should remember that their breasts are only part of their overall body shape and whtaever that shape is somebody will love it. Be at peace with yourself - if another doesn't appreciate you, so what.

mike jackson

Anytime I see pictures of women's breasts I remember my mother right away and thank her for having breasfed me. Blessed are you all women who bring life to a every person to the world. Far be from everyone of you that evil thing... Breast Cancer. Love you all.


Your site is a godsend. My wife and l had one child, a son. My wife passed a few years ago. At the age of 53, I now find myself raising two granddaughter. They are 13 and 11, and both are beginning to develop breast. There is a rather expensive store I took them to be fitted for bras. Your site has been invaluable when talking to them about their development. I recently recruited a dear friend of mine to deal with other aspects of the maturing process as they will probably be more comfortable getting that information from a woman. Thank you for arming me with the information to properly explain what is happening as far as their breasts are concerned.


My breasts started to develop when I was 9. Yes I was 9 and wore a 28A. I was so embarrassed and always crossed my arms in front of my chest at school. My breasts seemed to go up by year,

I am 6ft tall and wear a British size 16 in trousers. I am fine and comfortable with the way I look and think this site is a beautfiul one allowing women to see the beauty among themselves. Hollywood is terrible and I think breast implants are also terrible. Who wants goopy jelly balls of plastic in their breasts anyway? and it leaves horrible scars on the bottom of your breast. Everyone is beautiful!!!


It does not matter if your breasts are small or big. Me, I like small breasts and if a woman looks at the super stars like, "I wish my breasts were like that," there is something wrong. Those superstars don't know what beauty is. If you have small breasts, that is what God wanted you to have, be happy.

michael estes

It would be helpful for me, as a 42 y.o, who nurse 2 children to see normal breasts of peolpe my own age. I was very unsatisfied with my breasts after I weaned my youngest son and considered surgery. I'm not a big fan of pain so I never went thru with it....Thank you for the information about breast involution, that was helpful. I'm still not happy with my older saggy size A (but used to be size B) breasts.


I had no idea there was a website like this one! After seeing that its normal to look the way I do, gives me some comfort! Thank you for making this website and giving ladies the opportunity to appreciate what they have.


Hi. My breasts are between C-D cup. However, after looking at women with big breasts I felt mine were pathetic. After going to your site, I realise normal varies from person to person.


I am a 28-year old female. I was a 32A until age 20 when I became pregant with our first child. I've since breastfed all of our three sons and am now a 32B (and 10 pounds heavier than 8 years ago). My husband has been encouraging me to get breast implants for years now but I've never been sure it's a good idea. Sometimes I wish I had bigger breasts and sometimes I'm happy with the way mine are. Interestingly we looked at your boob galleries together and everytime he commented that a "set" looked nice it was a woman who was a DD or larger.... Not sure if it's the media influence or not but I think all guys need to get a grip! Small is beautiful too!


Thank you so much for this site! It has made me begin to accept my breasts for what they are. A very relieved friend recommended this site to me, and I am so thankful she did so. To everyone who felt that this website helped them: pass on the word!

I struggled for years with self-image. I wish this site was around when my problems began back in 5th grade when I started developing - but I do not feel the need to hide anymore.

Thank you so very much for this website!!


I'm suprised how many women are not happy with their breasts. I don't mean to be a jerk, but guys aren't nearly that picky. I wish you all could be as accepting of them as guys are.


It is sad how we have been brainwashed by the media to believe people have perfect boobs. Most of those celebrities are not natural. The women I have seen on this website represent your everyday woman. I am so happy. This page changes lives. I know because it has changed mine. Never again will I worry about the size of my big nipples. Let's embrace our uniqueness, ladies. Cheers everyone.




Thank you so much.
This is probably going to sound stereotypical of some teenage girl on the internet, but I've always been self-conscious about my breasts. They're tubular and always have had big areolas, with bumps and I've always worried about this. I'm nearly 16 and I guess I'm influenced by the media, seeing how all celebrities have small nipples and perfect round breasts made jme wonder if I had some disease, or if I'd ever have "normal"-looking breasts. I wear padded bras that make them look rounder and almost always wear a bra, period.
Your site helped me so much, I feel better about myself just reading it.

Thank you.


Do you know why there's a rise in cosmetic surgery? Do you know why women take drastic measures to achieve the "perfect body" by going under the knife?
I'll tell why. It's because they feel self-conscious about themselves, whether their breasts are too big, too small, too saggy, or they have a little fat on their bodies, etc. As a male, I am deeply ashamed of the male population for making women feel self-conscious about their bodies.
I'm married to a wonderful woman. I admit my wife is fat, her breasts are big( ff-cups ), and they're sagging. But who cares!! She talked about breast reduction, but I talked her out of it. I built up her low esteem, like a loving husband should do. I told her that I loved her unconditionally, saggy boobs and all!! Then she rewarded me in her own way. //smile//


Thanks to this website I now know that I don't have as odd of breasts as I thought I did. I see from a lot of these pictures, actually, they are pretty normal compared to everyone else. Thanks for the up lift... hehe... little pun.


I think your picture gallery of different breast sizes and shapes were okay, but..., I didn't see any humongous, gigantic, breasts. And there are some women who have back- breaking, natural breasts out there, I mean breasts that almost touch the knees.

I was looking at your site and I appreciate it a great deal. I was just sad to see that none of us people with four nipples are represented. Will that change?

"I like your site but I dont see any pics of women that look like me :'( "

Not everybody is willing to to have their breast pic posted on the internet. This is not a 'medical' collection but by volunteers. So unfortunately it is not covering every possible variation like humongous breasts, or deformities like someone with four nipples, etc. Also we will not post minors' pictures. The pictures should give you a good idea of the huge variation within women's breasts - but yes, there exists even more variation than what these pics show.

I am 22 years old and I have always thought I had sagging breasts (40 D) for my age. Never had those perky breast. This site made me realize I am normal and those superstars we see on T.V are not reality. Thanx a bunch.


I have never seen anything like your website. I truly appreciate being able to see photos of regular breasts in a non- sexual way. I saw some like mine, which before I thought odd (mine). Now, I feel, "Wow, mine are average after all." Thank you.


I think this web site is great, I am 19 and being a 32H they are sagging a bit and thought I was too young for this to start happening to me, but seeing these pictures of other people it has made me feel a lot better about my self, thank you


Thank you for this website. I am 34 and single and 30 pounds overweight. My breasts headed south 6 years ago and I've been so worried about what men might think that I actually avoid dating good looking men. With films and magazine ads full of perfect breasts it's hard not to constantly compare myself to them. This site helps put it in perspective.


Before seeing this site I would never look at myself without feeling like I was the only girl who didn't like what they were looking at, but thanks to this site that was made clear that it's all in my head and I really love myself now 4 who I am, thank you soooo much, you's are great. I can't thank you enough 4 everything you have done 4 me -xoxoxox- breasts are not who you are, I will always remember that!


Thank you. Until I saw this website I was convinced that my saggy, lopsided breasts were absolutely abnormal and hideously ugly. Working on a college campus, I'm surrounded by the perky breasts of girls in their late teens and early 20's and this has distorted my perception of "normal." Growing up overweight, my breasts developed (and began to sag) earlier than most. I never experienced "perky", or at least was too young and asexual at that point to enjoy them. Thank you for helping me understand and appreciate my body for what it is. :o)


Thank you so much for this website. It has really created a learning experience for me.

Jordan coyne

Very interesting... We are too preoccupied with breast size.. To the point that many women are depressed, or obsessed regarding their size, shape etc... none of which should make a difference to the mate or to them, they are a wonder of nature, no matter what the size or shape.


I am 21 years old and ever since my teens I have thought my breasts were ugly and deformed. I have recently tried to commit suicide and as a result was a patient in a mental health ward, all due to the way I perceive my breasts. This site has helped me to understand that I am a normal woman. I hope it will stop other women from suffering the way I have over the years.


I have to thank you for this site. I typed in 'breasts' on a search engine to specifically find out why our culture is so hung up on them and was surprised and glad to find information and pictures of a normal female body. As a young girl growing up I felt enormous pressure from media and my peers to have a 'perfect' body with large, perky breasts. I always feared mine were too small to be attractive but over the years as I stopped paying so much attention to magazines and media I have come to accept and love my normal, beautiful breasts the way they are. and as God intended when I have children my breasts will comfort and feed them and I will feel no shame in my body, and I will never go under the knife the conform what society thinks is 'perfect'. Your website is a huge inspiration and relief and I hope women everywhere have the happy opportunity to come across this site.
Thank you for giving women back their confidence,


I was a bit depressed after the birth of my first child to see how far south my breasts went. They were no longer firm but instead somewhat "smooshy".

I overcame it when I realized that my sagging breasts are my badge of motherhood. :) And I wouldn't trade my two beautiful children for firm boobs in a million years.


I am a sociology student doing a paper on the obsession of breasts and your articles in here gave me such good information
Thank you!

Well done for finally allowing me to feel comfortable with my breasts! I'm 29 and naturally a FF cup, and having breast fed 4 children they sag a little. Until I saw your site I was saving for a breast reduction, not any more !!


I normally thought I was abnormal as at the age of sixteen I have sagging breats. But now I know that I am normal.
thank u

pooh bear

I agree that the breast is more or less meant for feeding our young. But when a mother can't, for what ever reason I hope none here condenm her for it and saying she is an unfit mother.