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For the girls and ladies here with asymetric breasts, or nervous about their breasts. I'm a guy in my 40's and a few years ago noticed glandular gynocomastia (male breasts) starting. Finding out and knowing it's harmless but costs 6000 - 8000 to remove I try to ignore it but as time goes by they get larger and the left one is always larger. I wear baggy shirts and over layers when I can, and always wonder if people notice. On cold days the left can become very visible if I'm underdressed. After hours and hours of all sorts of research I decided to attempt to make the right match, (I have no idea why it matters as I hide them as best as I can) I found a few mins of massage 2x each day made a significant difference. The right breast is closer to the left, but took many months for any change to take effect. Fortunately my wife finds my obsession with this amusing and not crazy. I understand and relate to the women here who are worried about the appearance of their breast shape and size.


Thank you for creating a website like this, we need more employing ones like this. I am nineteen and I have been struggling with my breast size for years. I am relatively small 32-26-34. I am not entirely sure of my breast size I usually wear 34B sometimes an A cup, I am too ashamed to even get myself sized because what is the point of it for small breasts. I feel like less of a woman, not as attracted to my beloved even though He says I'm perfect I know he would prefer me with larger breasts. I hate wearing bathing suits, I'm ashamed of my body. I get most of my insecurities from my friends or browsing pictures online, even looking at some of the pictures here. I wish my breasts were larger or at least fuller. People say that since I have small breasts I'm lucky because I don't have to wear a bra, unfortunately for me that is not the case. I am self conscious and I have pointy breast and prefer to wear a bring to make them look more round. I actually wish I could gain more weight and be more curvy, I believe curvy women are the most attractive. Everyone seems to hate on the skinny girls nowadays. I've been called too skinny, you must know that is just as hurtful as being called too fat I'm sure. I don't know if I'll even love my body, I hope one day I can accept it.


Wow what a great site! As a man I've always thought what it is about a woman's breast that takes over the rational mind/thinking? After all... it's just flesh, but such power over "us" men. So, to apologies, esp to the women here, I, we as men come across as pigs! Truth is, we really appreciate the female body, just have a bad way of expressing it. Like at work for example, when a woman bends down and I see an unexpected down shirt view, as a gentleman I politely look away, but...I don't want to! They are So Beautiful! Every shape/size! Why is something so beautiful, so forbidden? I wish like in old paintings where the naked human body was embraced and NOT such a Taboo thing. That's why I am so glad to hear the women here embrace their unique beauty/sizes!! Bravo! Now maybe u can let your man appreciate u too? Don't listen to any negative comments affect your self-esteem. You are all unique, and I think u are all Beautiful!!!


This website was a fab idea. It's totaly ridicilous how men and society can influence us to think that there is something wrong with us. Vaginal surgery, boob implants... No woman should be with a man who doesn't appreciate every centimeter of her natural body and her personality. First of all, we must learn to appreciate our own bodies of course. Once one learns to accept oneself, it is much easier for others to accept you...and much easier to ignore people who don't.


I find it interesting that so many women judge their bodies, when they are not the ones who created, or even have to look, at them. I have never met a man who could not enjoy the body of the woman he actually loved (not lusted for) in a healthy manner, and I have never seen anyone who was not attractive. Moreover, I have learned that breastfeeding does not just allow the mom's body to provide antibodies to the child's body, but it actually provides the building blocks so the child's body learns how to build the antibodies the mom's milk passes on. This is very important when considering whether you want your children to have immune systems that know what to do when they encounter germs and diseases. Formula can never make up for this characteristic of breast feeding.


Let me first start off by saying I wish I would have found this site a long time ago. I want to share with you all what has unfortunately become my life, a story I hope u can all learn from. (not that any of you would allow this to happen to yourselves.. but maybe it will help you love yourselves, cuz I couldn't)

Let me start from the beginning. Growing up I was incredibly insecure. I was an obese kid and at that time I don't really know if I realized how much I hated myself. I started cutting young, fell into severe depression, and developed an eating disorder that was way out of control.

You couldn't pay me to say something nice about myself and I especially hated my breasts. They just didnt look right for someone my age. I would cut them and other parts of my body.

I was depressed, anxious, awkward, self concious, embarrassed of my body, and truly did hate myself... I sometimes thought of suicide but I really didn't want to die I just hated my life that bad. People would tell me I was pretty and I would smile, and slowly a small piece of me would die inside because I felt I was lying to them because I wasn't really pretty. I thought I owed them the truth in some twisted way. Isn't that crazy? I thought I was grotesque. My insecurities ran so deep that I would walk into a room and wouldn't say hi to people. It wasn't cuz I didn't like them or because I was a conceited b****, it truly was cuz I felt like I wasn't even worth saying hi to. It's sad isn't it.. cuz I know I'm not the only person that felt like that, and I know there are many women who walk through life feeling insignificant and useless cuz of how they feel about themselves. Hopefully my story will help u look at yourself in a better light.

Let's skip forward a little bit. After much patience and perseverance, I was able to obtain the chest I desired. I didn't get surgery and don't listen to the doctors when they say there is nothing else but surgery to help them if u are desiring to do so. Depending on what they look like and what your problem with them is u can help them if you feel that would boost your confidence and give to you brighter days.

Well, here is what shattered my life forever. I went to someone's house one night with a friend, I thought, prior to obtaining my now physical appearance. I was really out of place and so incredibly anxious. I was using liquor to try to ease the anxiety but before I knew it I woke up the next day, bra askew in a place I did not know. (and I wasn't raped or nething, I don't want you to think that). I was still drunk and late for work and had to leave. My friend had already left me behind.

I had no recollection of what happened and asked her repeatedly over the next few days if I did nething or there was something I should know about. She said if nething had happened she would have already told me.

Overtime I had had small recounts of what occurred. And, when I realized what I did. I was beyond mortified. I honestly don't think there is a word to describe it. I had found out that I had removed my bra in a complete blacked out stooper and some guy took advantage of this hideously shocking situation and had a picture taken of my breast unknowingly in front of about 6 strangers. I know it must have been a sight to see but I really wish he would not have. It was fun and games for him but ruined me. And, yes I know it is my fault but I wish it would have gone down differently and not gone at all. How could I let something like that happen. Especially with how I felt about my body. I missed out on so much in my life because I hated my body so much. Summertime always sucked let's just say that.

Well, thanks to 21st century technology the picture has been being passed around ever since. I believe people in my neighborhood have seen it and people actually would come in and harass me at my job. It was hell. I was so confused how could I do something like that? why? what is wrong with me? I hated myself why would I humiliate myself. That was my worst fear come true. It to this day makes absolutely no sense. I'm more humiliated for my family and friends etc.. then I am for myself now. I've had to detach myself in a way to go through daily life. I don't really feel a huge roller coaster of emotions and I never let myself get too excited about anything (or can't).

I'm not really sure what my life holds for me anymore. I'm not really sure what to do. I've talked to professionals about it and they all think I'm paranoid and overacting. Not really sure why but that's what the one said. If this happened to someone they knew or their own daughter I'm sure they wouldn't be thinking they were overacting tho.

It's kind of weird because I've come to accept myself so much more now. I think it's a combination of the fact I don't look like what's in the picture anymore and this whole thing has in a twisted way helped me find love for myself. Or more than I had to start with. My esteem is very low and my confidence is depleted but I guess that is to be expected cuz of it. But I do have more love for me than before it all happened. I guess the whole point of me telling you this is because I want you to love yourselves.. all of you. You never let anyone else change how you view yourself unless it's for the better. It could always be worse. And I used to hate hearing that saying but it's true. If you feel the way I felt about my body please talk to someone. It will help you get your thoughts straight and set you up for more positive thinking... it may require patience but then you won't end up in a situation like me. I don't think you will. But, I never thought with as shy and insecure that I was that something like that would happen to me. I really wish I would I have talked to someone sooner before it was too late. I feel I was headed for a crash and I didn't even know it was gunna happen in my own mind.

I feel if I would have actually loved myself then things would have turned out differently and I never would have put myself in that position. So ladies, it could be worse, at least you don't have a humiliating picture being passed around for all to see with your name and address on it. Just please all love yourselves. Not everyone will love you back but as long as you have those special ones who do.. who cares about the other people, and believe me that has helped me tremendously. Hope this helped someone. I really wish I would have found this site before all this happened.


I'm 16 years old, 34D cup, average body, and am a little self-conscious about my breasts. My friend showed me this site, just wanted to say it's a real confidence booster... looking through the gallery I see women complaining about their breasts, and I'm saying "What's she talking about, I'd love mine to look like those!" My friend is a B and has beautiful breasts but she says she'd like them to be as big as mine... I prefer smaller breasts though, the "bigger is better" attitude isn't for me :)


Thank you so much to all the women who have posted photos and info on this site. I am 23 and have always been self-concious about my small breasts. I was worried they hadn't developed properly, their shape is really pointy because of my large nipples with really big areola. They only look normal to me if I get really cold when the nipple is erect, and bras never seemed to fit me growing up. Even til 19.
Ladies- don't let your dislike of your breasts stop you from going and get fitted (wearing your normal bra). I found out I was wearing the wrong bra size, and it made my boobs feel much smaller and abnormal than they really were. I wore a 34A and it turned out I was a 30C!! I almost cried with relief of finding a well -fitting bra. Turns out this is a surprisingly similar size. If you can get to a 'La Senza' to get measured I would. Other places don't seem to do it properly. I still can't wear some bras as they seem to accentuate the pointy look of my breasts, but it's so great that some fit me well now!
I was so upset about the look of my breasts I was always considering any method to get them bigger. I even thought I would never find a man who would accept my 'weird' breasts. I had accepted I'd have to find someone 'lower' than myself, to sort of bargain to find someone. I was wrong! I'm now with a man I totally love, who loves my breasts despite their odd shape :-). I was waiting for him to break up with me when he saw them, and I warned him they were 'weird' but when he saw them he asked me what I was talking about. Breasts like penises come in all shapes and sizes and if he really loves you for YOU it won't be very important to him anyway!
No-one ever tells you some men prefer women with small breasts as well!


I like this site, and how it lets people see what REAL women look like. I don't mean to say that nipped and tucked Hollywood stars aren't real women, but parts of their bodies sure aren't. I like being able to refer to this site when I start feeling inadequate when my breasts are involved. I really do think it should be promoted further, so that people don't just happen upon it by accident. I think schools mention this site during sex ed., and doctors should also keep it on hand for women who are feeling pressured by society to get breast augmentation surgery.


Thanks a zillion times. My female friends tell me they love my kind of breast and wish it was theirs but I always felt they were teasing me indirectly and just wanted to make me feel good about myself. I was checking on how to enhance my breast when I found this page. I decided to read comments writeen by guys to know what they think. I think they prefer it natural. I accept I have the best breast ever. In fact, I accept myself and all my features. I'm the best and my search ends here. Guys thanks for your encouragment.


Thank you for this! someone very close to me had told me about her breasts, and the emotional agony she's been in trying to make them look even. I love her dearly and it hurts me so much that she feels such ways about her breasts. I understand how your body image can drag you to hell. I am a 21 year old male, I've suffered with anorexia and bulimia since the age of 14. Please take care of your body and love your body the way it is. We are all beautiful inside and out. I know it's easier said than done.. it's still a lesson I am learning. Love the good, and what some considered (flawed) and live your life. Thank you again.


I have to say, most of these seem fine to me. Before someone yells pervert, I'm here for research. My lovely darling has somewhat sagging breasts with large areolas and is paranoid about it so I decided to prove it isn't different. Anyhow, this is a very good site. Women need to stop thinking those "sluts," pardon my French, in porn are standard.


This site really helped, I have always been very self concious of my breasts because they look very weird to me, even though my husband says nothing is wrong with them. Looking at all of the different pictures made me feel very proud of my breasts and made me more aware to love my breasts just the way they are! Thank You!!!

T. Ra

Women should accept the way their breasts are. No matter how the size is. Failure to accept the size and the shape leave women in psychological problems that may lead them to start reacting in an abnormal way. People were created different and therefore the size of their breasts can't be the same. They should be proud of their bodies! They should feel that they are special!


I stumbled on this site/page gratefully. My breasts aren't 'perky' but they're mine, LOL. I have some sagginess and I think they're spaced apart a little too much but seeing all these pictures are eye opening. Normally the breasts I see are 'perfect' which I have labeled implants :)

Roseanne T.

....Before I found this site... I was very self conscious about my breasts... especially after what one of my exs told me they were 'saggy' .......but coming to this site I now understand that mine are beautiful, just like every other woman on here. Thank you so much for making me comfortable in my own skin again... I couldn't have asked for a greater gift.~


Hi, I'm 22 and have a bra measurement of 38C going on D. I'm glad I found this website, I thought that my concerns were only my own but as it seems a lot of women are as self-conscious as I am and worried about their appearance. I always thought that my breasts weren't perky or attractive enough, even after receiving positive comments. The space between the breasts, the drooping, nipples facing downwards like hanging on the edge, it felt unnatural to me. I never had the 'staring straight forward' kind of breasts and like a lot of women said on here, my breasts are a bit flat at the top and don't have a fleshy end at the bottom, the areolas are wide and basically hide most of the breast's edge. I don't feel comfortable wearing a bra-less top or wearing a bikini around peers. I've had some weight issues, gaining and losing it that made my breasts look even droopier and with stretch marks all around. But it doesn't look that bad now and I would definitely never call them saggy at the point in life I am now; never been pregnant, never breastfed, they're quite full. I've grown accustomed to them and I don't feel as bad now as I did before. Being able to see the photographic content and comments on this website has helped me get a clearer idea about the world around me. Too bad that we don't receive much education about what is normal and what we shouldn't idealise.


Every woman is beautiful, women are about beauty, everyone is different, clothes, shoes, make up, and the guy who doesn't realize that is a idiot.


I am an 18yr old who - like most females my age - is fairly insecure about my body. I truly wanted to thank you for your website which has not only assured me that I am 'normal' but given me the confidence to see that it's ok if I do not fit the media's definition of this term. thank you.


Thank you so much for this lovely website. I typed 'ugly boobs' into Google and expected to see a photo of my breasts, instead I viewed a few articles on botched surgery on skinny girls and questions of why young girls believe it's so appealing when men are claiming it's not. Then I stumbled across this site. I am 25 years old, uk size 14 and a 34DD. My breasts are spaced far apart and my nipples are large, pale and point outwards. The comments from men (and girls) on this inspirational site have made me feel so confident because anonymous comments and photos aren't lies or cover ups to make anyone feel better. If these breasts aren't beautiful, people would certainly say. Thank you :) x (. ) ( .) x (o)(o) x (.)(.)


These pictures have really helped me feel better about my boobs. I thought I wasn't normal till I looked at these, but suppose everyone is different in different ways. I am 19 years old and have 36DD boobs. I hate my boobs but this website has made me feel better about them thankyou. summer

I am a man and love breasts, but have been dulled by the media flashing the same thing of what their perception is of beautiful breasts. The real thing is the reason why I ended up on this website. I loved reading the stories of you making peace with your breasts and want to compliment all of you on your courage to share these truly, truthful, beautiful pictures.


Hi yall that think your breasts are ugly, every single one of you are beautiful, so just to say I can't stand to see anyone hurt, so think positive please. If not I'm sad.


I believe that many girls who see movie stars or porn stars feel they aren't perfect but what most girls don't think at the time is they've had plastic surgery and touch ups. I'm one of those girls. I'm almost 17 and ever since I started to develop I noticed that my left boob was smaller than my right. So about a year ago I went to a plastic surgeon and they told me my insurance won't pay to get implants, but this site showed me that no one's perfect and we all have our flaws. Thank you!


I feel way better about my breasts. I'm young, I'm a mother of 2 kids at the age of 16 breastfed like 1 month each. I feel way super better about myself even though I'm young.


I think that you should let the guys weigh in on some of these pictures. Some of these girls are insecure for no reason whatsoever. They look fine but are still feeling insecure. One oriental girl thinks that her nipples are too big. I didn't get it...


I cannot thank you enough for this site. At 18, I am a 34B. I know this is an average cup size, and I have never wanted larger breasts. However, I have always been ridiculed by my sister and family for my so-called "cone boobs". For a long time I have been ashamed of my breasts because they supposedly weren't round enough and just didn't look right. Your site has helped me realize that they are perfectly normal, and I feel so much more confident. Before I found your site, I would frown at myself in the mirror every morning, thinking how ugly and misshapen I was. Now I just smile and say, "Good morning, ladies!"

I also quit wearing my bra, and I've been bra-fee for almost two weeks now. I always hated wearing my bra. It was just too tight, and being a natural "belly breather", I felt like I couldn't take in a full breath. Plus, having my "cone boobs" means that no bra has ever fit me how it should. The straps fall off my shoulders, and the cups constantly slide around. I'm always reaching down my shirt to readjust everything.

I wanted to quit wearing my bra for the longest time, but I was afraid I'd look indecent. As conservative and shy as I am, the thought of having boys "oogle" me was scary, and I didn't want people to think less of me because I wasn't dressed "properly".

Your site helped me take the leap. It reaffirmed everything I've always believed. I've never seen a breast as indecent because, after all, it is how a woman is meant to feed her child. To know that there are others in the world who share my opinion was empowering. For the sake of decency, I've been wearinng tank tops and camisoles to hide my nipples, but there willl be no more bra wearing for me!

Again, I can't thank you enough for this site and the information you are sharing. It is so important that young men and women, and even adult men and women are educated properly about breasts. Everyone should visit this site!

I want ladies to know that men don't want large breast. My girl has very small brest and they could not be any more beautiful. I would never want anything more. I hate to hear someone say they want a boob job. Anything natural is better than plastic. You are all beatiful, hope this helps someone.


I think this website is helpful for women who are unconfident about their breast size. I myself had already two babies and at first my breasts grew, and it went down. With my second one it stayed a little bigger. I am now a size 34AA, so my breasts was even smaller back the I am 27 and proud of my body after dealing with many insecurities in the past, thank God I overcome that already :D


I happened upon the 007b site after seeing a documentary where a woman with perfectly nice little breasts received silicon implants. What a waste. Insecurity about supposedly nonconforming breasts seems to be mostly brought on and perpetuated by girl peer review that begins in puberty. What guys think about breasts probably does not really matter much, but for your male comment collection, here the long held inclinations of one 60 years old.
I like the engineering point of view: once the mammary function is there, smaller is better.
I like the esthetic point of view: the smallest size hints at mammary functionality, the largest size still does not need a bra.
I like the practical point of view: any size short of smothering is fine - wear them with cheerful confidence and somebody like me will love them.


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I am really happy I found this page. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Again
Thank you so much for this website. I have small A-cups and ever since I got them I was always worried that they looked wrong and that they hadn't finished developing. And thanks to this website I can see that my breasts don't have to look like something from a magazine or TV and that I am just another regular woman. And girls, do not think that a guy will look at your breasts and run away, because if the guy is really a keeper, he will like you for whom you are, not what you look like. Thanks again for this website. God Bless you all


I've currently turned 16, and been more curious about myself quite a bit. I have been worried about my breast being odd the wondering if I'm normal at ll. This has been really helpful, because I was really insecure before. Now if I have a future partner that questions it, I can tell them that anything about my breast that looks abnormal is actually normal.


Thank you SO much for this website. I am an 18 year old female. I hated my breasts completely up until I recently found this site. I never thought anyone else had breasts like mine and I thought they were different and ugly. I got those feelings toward them from all the "perfect" breasts I had seen on TV. I am so thankful now that I know other women have breasts just like mine. It has given me so much more confidence in them. I think it is so wrong for TV and the media to completely disrespect the female body and constantly show it as a sex symbol. It is very degrading and women should not sink to that level. I have always had a very very hard time accepting my body, and it made me very depressed. It was also very hard knowing the kind of things men thought about what a woman's breasts should look like or what her body should look like. It really made me hate men for a very long time because I never thought I was good enough. Now because of this site and my loving boyfriend I finally have confidence in my breasts.

-And to all the women and girls out there that have low self-confidence and low self-esteem because of the way that their body looks, you definitely are NOT alone. LOVE you body for what it is. Don't let any person tell you that you are not good enough. No woman's breast should be used as a sexual symbol. And thank you to all of the women that posted the photos on here. That has really helped me so much.

Thank You,

I just want to say that I think this site is wonderful... I go back and forth a lot concerning the way I feel about my breasts but coming on here and looking at the pictures/reading the comments always puts me in a healthy frame of mind as it reminds me that all of us are unique and that there is no "perfect" or "ideal" standard that we should have to measure up to. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and if you believe in yourself and accept your body, believe me, that will shine through. :)

I have had big boobs all my life that started developing when I was about 10 or so. No one ever explained to me about proper bra etiquette and so I spent most of my puberty and teenage years wearing bras that were too small or that didn't fit right and wasn't properly fitted until I was 18. I don't know whether or not this had an effect on the way my breasts look today but oh well... I'm a 34DDD and as a result of genetics or developing early they are far from perky... they don't sag too bad but I've often wished they sat a little higher on my chest. Another thing I used to feel very self-conscious about are my aereola, which are about 3" in diameter. I always thought they were too big but coming on here has made me realize that having big ones is not as uncommon as I thought. I've lost about 15 pounds since high school (I'm 21 now) and have lost a small amount of volume especially in the top parts of my breasts. They both have stretch marks and a bit of loose skin on the left one from losing weight I guess... the left one is also a little bigger than the right one... like I said, sometimes I get self-conscious

What I hope for all of you girls and women who come here and look at the pictures on this site is that you learn to feel proud of your body instead of feeling bad or ashamed about it... it sounds cliche but everyone is beautiful in their own way and being unique is what makes that happen... love yourself for who/how you are and own your body, because in the end it is that confidence that is more important than anything else. :)


I just want to thank you and your wonderful web site! I'm almost 17 and I always wanted a big chest, which any men will like, but being small-breasted made me hate them and wish them to grow fast. Now I'm 75b (34B or so) and along with the web site I learned to LOVE my breasts, because they are natural, soft, beautiful (along with my slenderness they look GREAT) and the most important: THEY ARE MINE! And I think that every girl or woman have to learn how to love her breasts, because they are alike the members of the family - they won't change. So girls be proud of your breasts and of who you are!

I read some comments by some women how *all* men like *every* kind of breast regardless. As a male I have to say this isn't true. That's like claiming every woman likes every type of penis out there, or whatever. While a few people actually might not care, they are in a minority as most people do have opinions and physical preferences. I know a guy who will only date Asians mostly because that's what he finds appealing. Does that make him evil? Some guys like heavy gals, some like thin and skinny. Some vary from weight, how tall someone is, piercing, tats, or a huge majority of other options. The point I'm making is people do have things they tend to prefer; even women. I think it's being rather extreme and shortsighted, or possibly just defensive to state everyone has to like everything.


Hello, I'm only 15, but feel very uncomfortable about my body, I think my breasts are very saggy for my age, and having looked on this site has helped me realise that breasts come in a whole range of shapes and sizes... although looking on this website has made me notice that my breasts are as about as saggy as 19-22 year olds. It has also made me feel much better about myself and that I shouldn't worry whether my breasts sag or not as long as they can be used for what they are meant to be used for. And if your boyfriend/husband doesn't like the way your breasts are, then they are not worth it, because after all, if they really loved you, they wouldn't worry...


Thank you so much for this site, I'm 28 with small 36aa boobs which I'm desperately trying to love. Seeing all these wonderful normal shapes and sizes and hearing other people feeling the same way as me- I just feel so much more contented!


Hey I'm 13 years old and I have always had small breasts. My friends had big ones by 7th grade and only me and 3 other girls in the grade have none. I tried wearing a padded bra one day but all my friends noticed and made fun of me cuz I "stuffed my bra". I used to cry so much. All I know is that it doesn't matter what you have now cuz you will most of the time grow.... especially if you are my age you have plenty of time and I thank this website with all my heart for showing me that......

luv alwayz..

Thanks for this site. I came online to seek for confidence in my small breasts, barely then an A cup. I'm 23 and envious of people who can wear the clothes they want. I feel like I can too wear anything I want except the fancy tops or low cut shirts not to mention the fancy dresses. I think my low self esteem always impacted the way I dress myself. I'm still trying to fight over it.

A young lady

This is an uplifting, inspirational site... more please! Thanks for the reassuring images of real women & what real breasts are like. My whole life, I've believed that my tiny breasts aren't good. People seem to have this stupid mindset that large breasts are feminine, beautiful, perfect, sexy, etc... while small breasts are unfairly labeled ugly, abnormal, not sexy, not feminine.
It hurts to be called flat-chested & have this concept shoved down your throat. 60% of women in America are small-breasted, an A or B cup. The majority of women don't naturally have 36D/DD breasts that are round & perky on their slender frames. I wish I could love my breasts the way they are & I try, but I'm near tears whenever somebody pokes fun of small-breasted women or breast enlargement commercials are on TV. Beautiful women come in all shapes & sizes but rather than seeing the beauty of diversity, people ridicule it. These days hardly anyone has natural breasts anymore... they've been brainwashed into the "bigger is better" mindset. Thanks so much for cheering up a girl who wants to love her natural boobs the way they are.


I just want you to know that this is a wonderful site, I have always been very self-conscious about my size and shape and nipples. I now realize they are normal and extremely common. This is what should be plastered on tv and magazines, not silicone implants!


My doctor said to me when I got breast cancer "Jennifer, your breasts have done their duty now, you've fed all your children, they are only milk bottles, but your milk comes in much more beautiful containers."


Goodness me! What an array of normal boobs!! Just goes to show doesnt it, that we're all normal, just different.
Fantastic site, I'm 43, breast fed all my children and have now lost a breast due to cancer so even though I'm lop-sideed, I'm still half normal.