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This is a very inspiring website, especially for a fourteen year old who for the longest time didn't know her actual bra size. I'm the medium breasted daughter (40C) of a large breasted mother (about 40DD or 38E I'd say).

For the past two years I'd been worried that my breasts were too "pointy", making me look like I was wearing traffic cones after taking my bra off. This site has relieved my worries and informed me of the different shapes a woman's breasts can be. Today I got a new confidence in my breasts, knowing that it is alright that they are still growing, even though they started when I was almost nine years old. (As said above, I'm 14 now.)
Thank you for being so body positive!


I love this site. I happened to stumble on it while considering fake breasts and have since begun to feel more comfortable with my own body. These woman (and men) are beautiful and I thank them and the creators of this site for giving real woman a real perspective on others and ourselves! Many Thanks!


Wow. What an amazing website you've put together. I just wish something like this had been around decades ago. I'm in my 50s & ever since I hit puberty at age 11 my breasts have been small & droopy with very large areolas. Nothing at all like the breasts you see on women in movies & magazines - those women all have tiny areolas sitting high on their full, round breasts. I always thought my breasts were hideous & that if a man ever saw them he'd be repulsed. It's 1 reason I've never been in a relationship. You can't imagine how relieved I was when I perused your website & saw photo after photo of women whose breasts look just like mine! I'm not a freak of nature after all! THANK YOU for this website!!


Let me preface this with you're probably not going to want to hear this but let me say it anyway. I've read the letters on this page and I sense a lot of anxiety that my mind tells me should be eased. I'm trying to understand all the anxiety about breasts. Women, like men, have all sizes and types of noses, ears, feet and other characteristics that all go to make them the "individual" being that they are. I'm in my sixties and I never met a breast that I didn't like. I spent some time in the Navy, my mom was a nurse with several medical texts around the house. I've been married a few times over the years so I've experienced my share of breasts in my time. I literally sailed around the world in my time.

Now accidents, disease aside I never met a breast that I didn't like or that wasn't lovely to one degree or another all different but all lovely. I simply don't understand all the anxiety over breasts but I know it exists, a lot. It's almost like women are not supposed to complain about the the size of a mans member, BUT, women can still "perform" as it were.

Now we must get back to basics breasts are not supposed to be mirror, friends, their basic reason for existence is to feed offspring with a secondary purpose of attracting the opposite sex as a mate. From what I've seen over the years is breasts fulfill both roles quite effectively, thank you Mother Nature.

Ladies, relax and enjoy your breasts. Don't be self conscious about them. Your man likes em and if they're the type that insists upon silicone dump em. Them silicone things are like halves of old tennis balls and that stuff will poison you. Keep and relish and enjoy what Mother Nature gave and share em with your significant other. This is long enough so I'll shut-up now and bid you adieu.


I found this site whilst searching for smaller sized bras to fit my slight and tomboyish frame. It is so good to see that normal is so diverse and healthy, as opposed to the typical media imagery everywhere. I experienced many negative comments when I was younger about my 'size' from both sexes, but also a few flattering ones in more recent years. Now in my mid-thirties, I only feel a bit awkward sometimes in a bikini/swimsuit and I brush off the negative words/looks I occasionally get, which tend to be (I noticed), from people with their own body-image issues. Bra/bikini shopping is still a chore, very limited in choice but I like my breasts as they are, on average a 28C/30B.


Being a breast aficionado I wonder about some of these women. Breasts are absolutely wonderful. Assymmetrical is fine. Hair is fine. Sagging is fine. Small is fine. Large is fine. Veins are fine. Large areola is fine. Any sort of nipple is fine. I come from the generation which was grateful for the the offer of a little squeeze. Not all guys expect perfection or deserve it. Remember that cleanliness is important, though.


I grew up in Ethiopia and developed a practical understanding of breast. A young Ethiopian boy would get called away from our play and his mom would nurse him. I think it was like a snack. He was about 5-6 yrs. old. Breast were simply used for their purpose.

In the bush clothing was optional and usually not necessary. There were many varieties of breast, both in shape, size and appearance. I was 9 yrs. old at the time and during the next 10 years, to me, breasts just became another part of the body.

I came to the states to be educated and all I found out was that they weren't breast but tits.

It is all in the perspective of the culture.


I think a woman's breasts are beautiful no matter the size or shape. It's a very personal thing, but before finding this site I really didn't know that some women have hang ups about their breasts. And...ladies.. as other men have mentioned..I love small breasts.


Hi, I absolutely love this website. I have struggled with trying to love my breasts for a while now. I loved them at first, then all the guys I knew or went to school with would make fun of other girls breasts they had seen who had large nipples, they called them pepperoni nipples and balogne nipples. I would think to myself about how that could be me they were making fun of. I have a large areola and a 34C sometimes 34D, so they have never been perfect or perky. I have been dating the same guy for 7 months now and I love him and he loves me, but I have never shared my breasts with anyone, so definitely not a boyfriend. I now know that I am extremely normal, this website has really helped.
Thank you,

I used to think I was not normal. I have went from a side 34 a to a 34B. I always thought I was small or not normal. Now I see I am not.


Ladies, never worry about the size, shape, nipples, anything to do with your breasts. Any real man wont care. We have our own insecurites with penis size, erectile disfunction, etc. Breasts are great in their natural state. Implants are not needed. Just be yourself. Everything else will follow.


I think this is a great website for women as a place to gain some perspective and feel better about how they look or how they feel about their breasts.

I was directed here from a story I read and I think this is a very positive site. And for what it's worth, from a male point of view, I think the women on this site all have beautiful bodies and shouldn't feel bad or odd about their size or shape. I know that's easy for me to say, but as a male who finds women attractive, there is no one type that fits that stereotype.

All women are beautiful in different ways and large breasts, small breasts, breasts that sag or stick out, large nipples, small nipples... none of that changes your beauty. It enhances it because it is part of what makes you unique.

Celebrate that and understand that most men (once you get past our surface nonsense) find beauty in women for exactly who they are and not some piece of advertising we've been force-fed. We do really see you a beautiful and we do really find that beauty, not just in the obvious ways, but also in the ways that make you special and unique.


So glad to "see" other ladies' boobs, as you don't know how other ladies look.. might sound prude, but so glad that I'm not alone, like my breasts they are very saggy, now I feel more confident of accepting how they are.


This site is so amazing! I never really realized how beautiful breasts are until I watched these photos. I just love how they are all unique. I calms me to see that my breasts aren't abnormal and I suddenly don't feel so bad about them sagging and being big. Every woman should watch this. Thank you so much for broadening my view!
,br> Johanne

Another great page who's link is posted on Experiance project. As a guy I'm floored women do not like their breasts more but ... well --- the only thing I can do is try to understand and help them. I do not want them unhappy, unsatisfied, feeling ugly, not feelilng beautiful get a reduction - the list goes on ank on.
Please keep the good work up. Your page is truely unique, helpful and needed.
Kind Regards,
Allen - male - helpful - kind

Hi, I just wanted to say that reading on the comments on this website made me feel better. I'm 16, and I'm a 32DD. I was a late bloomer, and I think my chest really popped out around 7th - 8th grade. I thought I was a C cup, and then I got measured one day, and I found out I was a 32DD (32DDD in some brands). It was a complete shock for me because I have always have been thin & tiny, so I thought my breasts would be as well. My friends are in disbelief when I tell them my bra size. I'm extremely self-conscious when I wear a bikini because guys notice me. Having large breasts is so hard for me because I LOVE fashion, and I can't wear many trends because of my size. Thank you so much for having this site, it makes me realize that i'm not alone :)


This site has helped me out a lot. My bra size is 36B, and I always thought everyone elses boobs looked like the pornstars I've seen. That is not true at all. It makes me feel better knowing I have normal boobs. Now, that I can appreciate them myself, it will be easier for me to allow my fiancee to appreciate them too! :)


First of all thanks for creating this place. It should be promoted or shared a lot more than it is. It's true that many times we women are not happy with our bodies, especially because of all the influence that the media and "perfect bodies" are and look like. Truth is we are real, and that is about all that needs to be said. But it is also true that most women do not have those "perfect" breasts. As many other women I have also travelled a strange path of love and acceptance, and I still feel pretty shy when anyone sees my breasts, as if I should be different, when I am what I am and people who love for that do not care. It's just reality, and I love my reality.


I think from a man's view the woman are much more critical of their bodies than we are. I once took five late 20s girls out for the day on the boat with my wife and I. I sat back and listened as the girls talked about their ugly toes, butts and boobs and thought these girls are all great looking and the boats all around us had guys looking at them. If a guy is attracted to you there is probably a reason, go with it, there is a lid for every pot. Plus we get tired of hearing about your faults, you make us question what we see in you. So be confident in who you are and enjoy yourselves in the company of the ones who find interest in you.


I have always been quite self-conscious of my breasts. I'm 14 years old and have size 34E/34F breasts, I'm slightly overweight (not too much) I'm considered normal not fat or skinny. My worries about my breasts are: My areola's are particularly large and are very dark (I'm very pale skinned) and that my boobs sag. I'm also thinking that one of my breasts is bigger than the other. I'm so happy that I've stumbled across this website, it has made me a lot less self conscious! Thank you!


This was a revelation for me. What a marvel for me that most women feel poorly about their breasts. I have had my own journey to self love and acceptance, my many woman friends have helped with that. I have seen a lot of breasts in my life. Hippy parents and then later hanging nude at lake fronts with my girlfriends and their friends. Being a Doula as well has me in a position of seeing nudity. So the normal breast is just that, normal. I am not plagued with insecurity and I wear normal breasts. One is slightly larger. What once was a pretty, large slopping brown breast with large areolas and large nipples is now a softer well used version. Pregnancy and breast-feeding have given my pretty young boobs sag where there once was slope. This is life. After doing extended care. Let me tell you now, they are not going to get perkyish and tight ever again. I wanted to share my deeply felt encouragement to ALL women; for one moment a day please affirm your beauty as a real miracle. Do this until you do not have to anymore. Forget the woman in the magazine, the highly paid freaks of nature because she is getting in the way of appreciating and loving what you got.


This site is very eye-opening and helped me to see that my breasts are as normal as every other woman. I am 33, a size 38H and have always felt that my breasts are too large. I want to have a breast reduction but do not want affect the chances of breastfeeding in the future since I haven't had children yet. Thank you for sharing the stories of many women. It has helped me to feel even more proud of the breast that God has given me.


I was browsing through sites to find a site that would let my g.f. know that her breasts are perfect when I ran into this site. As I read around all the comments and the Q 7 A and galleries, I saw how insecure a lot of these girls where. I just wanted to say that they all have beautiful breasts and they should all be happy with the body they have.


Hi, I'm so happy that I've found this website. I have small breasts but I would like them to get bigger. A lot of women today have different sizes of breasts but please don't let them hold you back. Thank you.


First I want to take a moment to tell you about me. I am an average red blooded American male. That been said your probably think that I am some sicko on here trying to get a free look, but I'm not. I am a happily married man who is concerned about his wife and found this site trying to get information for her. My wife is young and as a child was very overweight. When she lost the weight her breasts changed. I am happy with them but she is convinced that they are non-existent. When I met her she was about a 36D-D cup and now about a 34B. But to her, all she sees is flat hanging skin where her breasts used to be. She is coming around but is still self-conscious about them. She has finally stoped trying to hide them from me when she is changing or going to the shower. I say that to tell you ladies that I read through several of your posts with your pics and really you all look nice. Several of you have said you wish you were bigger and that you would like to look like those girls you see in porn and I want to tell you please don't. Most all guys I know and have met don't want more than a C cup. If you are bigger then that so be it, you're beautifull and be happy but take what you have and be proud. It's not your breasts we like or fall in love with--it's who you are. And that is what makes all the difference in the world. You are beautiful, don't think is know it because you are. God made you who you are and He makes no mistakes. I am glad that I have found this site so that I can show it to my wife and hope that she will take to heart that she is beautiful as well and should be proud of who she had and what she has. Thank you for the site and your time.


I'm 17 years old and I have a 34G or GG or H bra size! I've always thought I was a freak and far too young to have large breasts. This website has helped me so much, I should consider myself lucky that some women get it worse than me and have no self condfience at all. I still find it extremely hard to get appropiate tops to cover up my whole chest when i do work placement for college. It is same thing in every placement, they ask me to try to cover up my chest. The only way I can do this is to wear turtle neck jumpers! We all should be comfortable in our bodies and accept what we have!


This website has just made my day. I always used to think I had horrible, abnormal, bad looking breasts because exactly what you mentioned... I've seen on tv and in videos breasts being so round and perky! But they are not like that at all! I now know I am normal!


hi thanx a alot for this site.......... all you guys. I am from Iindia... my breasts are small... but they are well shaped.. and previously I thought it is not normal... but after seeing this site.. my confidence level is boosted.. and I know I have normal breasts.. thank you again..


I came on to this site looking for a turn on but I got an education. I wanted to see different nude breasts by size so I could size up girls I meet. What I learned was that it's not the size that makes them attractive. I really hope this helps me to respect women more for who they are instead of porn which brings me down. I read the caption on a picture of a girl with attractive but small breast saying that this site helps her remember women come in all shapes and sizes. That's what inspired me to comment. I wish I could tell her directly that she is beautiful. Keep up the good work 007b!

nerdy guy 25 years old

I also have breast issues as I see it. I had very nice breasts but had gotten pregnant at 15, they went from 36C to 38D painfully. I breastfed and they sagged ever since. I've had 2 children, breastfed twice, and am a 36 C/D size. They swell around my period which is nice, they look fuller then. I'm also fixed (not sure if that effects anything). I had hopes I could pick up my breasts with more exercise but according to some information I read on the last site, it seems to be a hopeless cause. I've had saggy breasts since I was 16 yrs old and am going to turn 29 in two days. My saggy breasts are a huge blow in my self-esteem though I am very attractive. Your site made me cry and I hope I have the courage someday to accept myself. I'm told I'm beautiful daily by all kinds of men but I feel unattractive. I'm 5'2" 129lbs and measure 36x28x34. Thank for the dose of reality I needed. I thank everyone who had the strength to show their natural beauty. I hope society will stop destroying real beauty and making our children feel unhappy with what they were meant to be. Natural....

Sara Wellhoefer

I'm a man who has always been attracted to women's breasts. I find all the women here to have attractive breasts. I have seen all types and none seemed in any way ugly, just different. While there are differences in both size and type, what is really important is the person not their breasts as far as I'm concerned. I've known men who find large breasts attractive, but I also know some who like small breasts also. Same for conical breasts. I find it interesting and informative to see the realistic comments that women have posted here. In my opinion, you are all beautiful.


I stumbled across this web page and could not help but to explore. What I found was a lot of women who were not happy with their breasts. I was amazed! I have always thought the most wonderful thing God ever created was a woman and her breasts. Never saw a bad one! If women are truly self-concious about their breasts because of what men might think of them, well, believe me it's all in their heads. Every guy I ever talked with said they loved a woman's breast. They, like me, did not care if they were big, little, turned up, hanging down, big nipples, small nipples, spread apart, close together, etc. The only negatives I ever heard was that no guy I ever talked to loved phony breasts. We all love the real ones. I hope I have made some of your subscribers feel better about them selves. By the way, I'm married and love my wife's big, saggy stretch marked breasts.


It is my belief that breasts are like fingerprints. There are not any two out there that are exactly alike. Even the fake ones that are made to be perfect, which in my opinion are not ever perfect. I have had the opportunity to handle fake breasts, and yes, even though the hype is all there, they lack the feel of realism. So to all the women out there who are having issues with your breasts, please remember they are all beautiful in their own special way, and someone will love you and them just the way you are, even with the lights on.


I will start with, I was not aware that women are so concerned about the size of their breasts. As far as I'm concerned, the size of a woman's are of no significant importance. Soft breasts are preferred and stuffed breasts are like reality TV. Totally fake. I will also say that back in the 50s, when I was in grade school, teachers we had would say that man is the most intelligent creature on the planet, which makes me wonder why we are so stupid about breast size. Oh yes, and our sexuality, case in point. In school, the girls would be on one side of the room and the boys on the other side of the room with 2 rows of desks down the middle that were empty.

I never thought about my breasts until my man mentioned it took him some time to get used to them. I have large areolas and the media portrays the "acceptable" breasts as round, perky, and with smaller areolas. Now, a mother of 3 boys, I WANT them to see this site and to see how beautiful women are in so many different ways. I am 33 years old, and today is the first day in my life, now that I've viewed this site, that I can say I am proud of what I was born with. Plus, I've learned that most men just love boobs. Period. Big, small, perky, saggy.


I read on another site about having small breasts just before I found this one, and I didn't feel it helped me gain any confidence, but then I entered this one, and got to see pictures of others breasts, and for the first time ever, I felt blessed, despite wanting bigger breasts (I'm pretty close to being flat, as I don't even "fit" into an A-cup, but at least have gotten contours of a breast the last year, despite there is no volume). I think this summer will be the first one I'll use my top without a bra, haven't used it since I bought it over 2 yrs ago, since you can't have a bra under. I even sent this page to my sister that had a child to show her that her breasts isn't abnormal either, she always have been blessed when it comes to size, but felt they sagged, think this page will give her another idea. :)
Also sent the link to the a mother's body or something page to my mom and her, as they always have complained about their bodies. Think it's awesome that someone makes a page like this with real pictures sent in by different people! :)

Good luck further on:)


You are all created wonderfully, uniquely and beautifully.
If we all looked the same our lives wouldn't be so beautiful.

Don't ever think that you have to look like the brushed model from Hollywood or from the cover of magazines, it doesn't even happen for them. Don't worry about having the size or shape that another woman has, she doesn't have the perfect breasts and body that you have.

Hollywood and the press are nothing but lies about the true beauty of a woman, and it's not just about the body.

My wife and our 5 my daughters have all seen and struggled themselves with the Hollywood lies and false sense of security. Ladies, rise up and Love your body, just the way you were wonderfully created.

Your body is no mistake. It's perfect!! Your Beautiful Ladies!!!
Smile, be proud, and enjoy how beautiful you are. Inside and out. It's yours, it's your temple, and no one else's.

If some man doesn't like you for who you are, then he's the one missing out, not you. He's not the man for you, and you wouldn't want him anyways.

Everything, and I mean everything is in the eyes of the beholder. So have confidence in how you look and feel. Most men that are lovers, love romance, and are after your heart.

Now go out in the world and show them how beautiful you are!! (No, that doesn't mean to flaunt or reveal your body). Believe it or not, men will respect you better, when you dress modest and have confidence in yourself.

That attracts men that are keepers.


I have been to the website on multiple occasions to reassure myself of the normality of my breasts. I am not normally self-conscious about myself but at times, when I am down, I just feel disgusted about them. Point is that most girls on this website are older and start with 18 - I am 16 and it is very upsetting that my breasts sag at such a young age. They're very pale and quite saggy and it's very saddening to have to listen to guys talk about some other girls' perfect breasts, obviously without surgery.
But I am very glad that you have made this website, it just cheers me up a bit. Thank you x


I spent most of my life as a 32A, even after three children. I breast fed them all. Now, after menopause, I am a 34C. I have always been comfortable with my size because it is 'me'. I've never had any complaints from my partner(s), in fact (I've married twice) both husbands have preferred small breasts. Be proud of what you have got, it's yours. Why do women have implants? Would they be so keen to show off an artificial limb?


Great site. I felt a little uncomfort with my breasts. I am 18 years old and I am glad to see that I have the same breasts like many women... when they are 75D they must be heavy but when you see models and pornactresses with that silicon boobs (today it is sometimes very difficult to recognize breast surgery) you start to think your breasts are BIG THANKS TO YOU!


I wish it were possible to reassure many of these fine ladies, as it seems many are thinking they are inadequate in some way, yet, as a man I find them beautiful, especially those that seem smaller.

Terry Smith, RPh

I was VERY insecure about my breasts until I stumbled onto this site. I now realise that many women are insecure about themselves thanks to the bloody media and am ashamed to say that I have also fallen victim to the idealistic views on women. This site has opened my eyes and I am now very happy with myself. My boyfriend is jumping for joy now too :P
Thank you soooooooooooo much


I really, really love this page. I am a 16-year-old from Germany and I am always so insecure about my breasts. Sometimes I think, I am not normal and I feel ugly. A few months ago I went to the doctor and he told me that everything is ok with me. But there are still days when I think that my breasts won't grow any more and I will never become a real woman. But then, I look up your site and watch all these pictures of normal breasts of normal women and afterwards I always feel so much better. Thank you for this site!!


After reading this site I realized I've never once seen a picture of a average woman's breasts! Only porn star boobs, and it always made me feel super self conscious but this site made me feel so much better!


This website helped because it made me realize that the image TV puts out that everyone has a great body is not always true and that everyday women don't always look like that.


Hi! My name's Abby, and I was always rather self-concious about my boobs as well, and I'm rather, well, I think this is great that you displayed this and I think that even these things should be shown to women and younger-older teenagers to help lower their self-conciousness about boobs/breasts :) thanks appreciate it, and am glad now I dont feel self-concious anymore haha


Thank you so much for your brilliant website! Oh that such a thing would have existed 25 years ago! As a 48-year old caucasian, 5' 4", overweight mother of two, both breastfed, I'm finally coming to a place of appreciating what I thought were small and strange breasts.
My nipples have always been inverted and quite pale, but accidentally stumbling upon your site has given me a new confidence on the 'normality' of my breasts. I currently wear a 14DD (Australian sizing) but started developing late at 15. Married at 22, I was a 12A. Imagine my shock with my first pregnancy and breast feeding when I increased to a 16D. It was the first time I learned to appreciate my smaller breasts. I didn't know what to do with these large breasts, they kept getting in the way!
Now I'm just happy that I have healthy breasts and my husband of 25 years has always been extremely delighted, regardless of the 'ups and downs'! What a gift you've given me, and women everywhere, in showing us that abnormal is normal and the epitomy of perfect is abnormal for the general population.
Regards, Kay

A lot of ladies on here complain of large areolas and nipples. STOP IT! Men love it, and who cares if they didn't. I will post pictures in the future (don't have camera cord). I am Black American, 29 and my boyfriend loves my over-sized areolas. I think that it is beautiful and different from what is shown everywhere else. My breasts are barely a B, but I love them and he loves me dearly. I jokingly poked around for his viewpoint about enlargement. He told me that I better not ever get implants and that he loves my confidence. He said(what I have always felt) that my doing so would make him look at me a little differently because I sold out and lost the essence of what makes me special - my beautiful personality. REAL MEN DON'T CARE!


Your site is great and very imformative. Very educational and what a comfort it must be to most women who have lived most of their lives wondering if they were different than others. Thank you for your great site because in this day and age of perfection this is quite enlighting. I am a Medical Doctor who has to deal with this issue all the time and sometimes I am not sure how to comfort some I treat.

gerry roberts

Thank you, this is an incredible project. And so necessary! I too came across your site while I was researching the possibility of having a surgical lift or reduction, and got kind of sickened by plastic surgery sites I started googling 'natural breasts' - and while I actually have a consultation tomorrow, I think that this site may well help me to decide against surgery. Looking at these pictures, I am grateful to all the contributors, moved to read peoples testimonies so thank you all. I must say I was really shocked to learn that women with small firm breasts, which for me have always been the perfect ideal that I wished my own breasts conformed to - and then to learn that many of these same women have felt awful for years about their breasts for not being big enough though gladly some of them feel a lot better now. I get the idea that there is far more pressure on American women to have big breasts than in the UK and Europe, and that fake big-breastedness is a more universal ideal of beauty over there whereas, although unfortunately we are now catching up in the plastic surgery stakes here in the UK, big fake round breasts are still considered kind of tacky and over the top by many people, only coveted by a mainstream, TV-watching kind of demographic whereas small natural breasts are considered to be more kind of indie and elegant and cool.

As for me, I am 36 years old, no kids, I take a 34 D or DD or even E cup. I am self conscious about what I consider to be the emptiness of my breasts since losing about 25lb - and keeping the weight off about 10 years ago - & although past boyfriends have always told me they're beautiful, I have been self-conscious since then. I like them better aesthetically for about 10 days a month, just before, during, and after my period when they are fuller, and then I can see what my bfs could see in them, only during this time they are also incredibly tender and heavy, causing me terrible neck and headaches at times although I find that keeping my up with my general fitness and muscle tone helps with this a lot. So, empty but painless, or fuller but painful, I am always a bit dissatified. I developed quite early, and was so self-conscious I stooped a lot to hide them - I am now having physiotherapy to correct the bad postural habits I developed during this period of my life. Also men do stare and shout stuff at women with bigger breasts, and I'm sure that you do also attract particular kinds of men - "tit-men", basically - as well as men who are actually truly interested in you. I can handle the attention - of all sorts - much better now I'm a grown woman, but it was really tough when I was younger. So - that's it - all I want to say now is - women love yourselves! xx


Oooh I am soo freaking happy I have found this site, and that it was made! Because for a while now I thought that because my breasts weren't perky that they were ugly or something like that. But no!! Now that I knew they are normal I am rather a happy camper!!

I am soo happy!! Because over the past year or so I have noticed that I have ugly stretch marks on the top of my breasts from when I was around a C and I am now well into a 40 DD, and I think my boobs are starting to grow again.

I thought they were ugly because they weren't as perky as my other friends', or that I didn't have as much cleavage, or even that they looked weird because I had bumps around my nipples, but thanks to this site I am so glad I have the boobs I do.

I was not happy with them, I was just wondering that if a guy ever saw them that he wouldn't be happy because they weren't perky, or that I have ugly stretch marks because they are too big and I have lost a lot of weight from when I was in the 8 or 9 grade. And now that I am graduating next month I'm just really happy!!


Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou... Your site has made me all teary. I have never been comfortable with my breasts. I am almost 30, in Australia (where EVERYONE wears bikinis EVERYWHERE in Summer) and I have never had the confidence to wear a bikini top and nothing on top of it. Bring on summer.... IM NORMAL!!!!

Thankyou sooooooo much. *sniff sniff* (still a bit teary)


This site is amazing! At 43 I am finally relieved to know there are normal women out there like me.

Could I also say that it's not just the media pushing perfect boobs - there's considerable peer group pressure from women who have had breast augmentation as they became strong advocates for the surgery. I have met several women who have undergone breast augmentation and other types of plastic surgery and part of their "post purchase" behaviour is to boast about how their lives have improved and how great they now look. They tell us "normal" ones that we are mad not to try and look our best and that our lives would improve with bigger or more shapely boobs, tummy tucks, liposuction etc.

Recently, one such woman actually laughed at me in my bikini in front of a group of male and female friends. She announced that I looked out of proportion and that I would be a lot happier if I had plastic surgery.

I wondered if other women around the world have noticed this similar cruel behaviour in women who have undergone plastic surgery such as breast implants? Does anyone have any advice on how to react when targetted by one of these "plastic people"?

Thanks again for your brilliant site. I'm sending it to all my friends.


one lady's that are big breasted to help with the pain in the back is to do upper and lower back workout. One lady is a jjcup with no pain in the back.


Ei, this site is ok... But i hav a question... See my friend has uneven breasts. She told me her right breast is bigger than the left one. Is that normal? And will i be even? Is it also true that if you a boy touched your breasts, it will grow bigger?! Thanks!


It's normal to have uneven breasts. Touching your breasts won't make them grow bigger.

I never like my asymetrical breasts, but now i've seen the pictures of normal breasts i realise this is perfectly normal. I started developing quite early, but stuck at an a for years before, well, exploding into a d cup. This has resulted in stretch marks i would rather not have, but now i see it's completley normal. To people who want breast implants; think forwward, do you honestly want to look like you're wearing a bullet bra at 70?



Thanks to the wonderful cup lettering system, I have hated the letter A since the day I grew into it.
23 female, tall, skinny, A cup. I've been blessed with a healthy appetite and the inability to gain weight. I am the envy of many of my friends. I still struggle to this day with the size of my breasts. Oddly enough, I am very happy with my body, including my breasts, when I can tune out what I am told to think. But then, I have 'friends' say to me, "Oh, I'm soo sorry." You've got such a great body to make up for your lack of boobs." Um, excuse me? What's wrong with my breasts?? All my life, I've struggled with my BEAUTIFUL breasts thanks to our society telling me my breasts are not the norm.. Well guess what, I love them. I've contemplated breast implants like I'm sure most woman have, regardless of breast size. And what an injustice I would be doing to myself and woman of my size who have succumbed to the views of our society as facts. GOD made me perfect, in the image of GOD. GOD does not make mistakes. I AM PERFECT. I am PROUD that my children will not have a mother with fake breasts. How could I explain to my own daughter that she is perfect the way she is, no matter WHAT her insecurity may be if Mommy went and got breast implants so she could "look" better for other people for no real reason at all. I will wear my breasts and wear them proudly 'til the day I die. I am beautiful. I think women with small breasts are more attractive than woman with big breasts. They have more confidence than those who give in to fake breasts. Natural, no matter what size is the sexiest, most beautiful thing. We come in all shapes and sizes. Ok I'm done venting...thanks for listening!

attractive in upstate NY

I was wondering if having some hair around the areola is normal, as well as slight hair between the breasts?


Some hair around areola is perfectly normal. Between the breasts, I don't know. If a woman has masculine-type hair on face, for example, that condition is called hirsutism.

hi im 19 from england and have been wearing the wrong size bra (36E) for over 9 years now coz everybody told me i was being silly when i kept suggesting my ample sized bras were too small for me. finally i got measured in rigby and peller and discovered im a 30G. Even with a properly fitting bra my breasts are very painful as they are so heavy. it irritates me immensely when women complain about wanting bigger breasts. they are very uncomfortable and i dont find them particularly attractive. i cant do sport as they dont make sports bras in my size and nowhere stocks any clothes that look remotely demure over these huge things. all i can think is that these women want to impress men that find nothing more than their breasts appealing. women should be happy however they look. god blesses u with whatever he gives you and i may not be totally satisfied with these boobs, im absolutely sure gona put up with them and would never ever change them!!


You are doing a great job of spreading awareness. It seems like a bacon of light in the media-sick society. This proves that the more the media rules the 'blinder' we get to the truth.
Hope this site will help many realise the importance of their beautiful wives in comparison to the 'Cindy Crawford' disease.


It's really wonderful seeing all the help and reassurance this site has provided to so many women!
I am 18 and have very large breasts. I had DD breasts and then started taking birth control pills to help with my severe menstrual cramping, and my breasts grew to DDD. They weren't supposed to grow anymore! lol! I've endured years of teasing about my breasts, not being able to find very many dresses for formals, having to buy $40 or $50 bras because only certain stores, usually expensive ones, carry bras in such large sizes. If I don't wear a bra and run down the stairs in my house, I hit myself in the face with them. OUCH. They also hinder playing the viola and singing, which are two of the major loves of my life and my two college majors. With the viola, they make it hard to find a shoulder rest that doesn't dig into my skin, and my viola sits flatter on my chest that it would most other people, so it affects my whole technique. They make it hard to bring my elbow far enough under the viola to have correct position. And with singing, they affect my upright posture so I can't stand up quite as straight as other girls sometimes. Having 11 pounds of extra weight hanging off of the chest like this really can affect posture. If I don't wear a bra while practicing, they press on my ribcage and so I can't take the deep breaths I usually take for singing. I never played sports, mainly because I can hardly ever find sports bras that can support my chest well enough. I play a physical video game, Dance Dance Revolution, and after a couple of hard games, my breasts can get very achy that night and/or the next day.
In spite of all that, I do like my breasts how they are. They're not perfect by America's standards of beauty, but I plan on using them to give life to my children (when I have them, that is), and that, I think, makes any woman's breasts perfect.
After a long and hard search, I have found a man who loves me for ME and not for my breasts. He says that I, with my big slightly saggy breasts and the bit of extra padding on my hips, butt, and tummy, am the most beautiful woman on earth. I wish that every man could have the same opinon of all these wonderful, beautiful women that are so ashamed of the beautiful bodies that they have been given. If a woman breast feeds, she's giving the gift of life to a child. What greater gift can be given than the gift of life?
Sorry this is kind of long, but it's just so nice to find a place like this that I couldn' help but sharing.


breasts are just fine........ after 49 years of healthy living and breastfeeding 3 sons 12 to 28 months each I feel quite proud they have served me well. Your approach to breasts is helpful in creating some balance and education for our culture. A reminder ....
Mamograms hurt but do their job in screening for breast cancer. I get my boobs squished every other year and do self exams every couple months....


Thank you so much for all the guys with the positive comments in here. I cried happy tears to hear from men saying that it is ok. Women can tell me, my husband can tell me but one expects her husband to tell her that she is wonderful the way she is and yet in the back of your mind you think, well he is just saying that but really he is like every other man that stares at all those perfect, round and large breasts. The photos helped me too because all I have seen are the ones in the movies. The breasts that never look like mine. I was believing that that was really what mine should be like and I was looking for ways to enlarge mine when I found this site.


After having 5 children i felt very self-conscious about how i saw my own breast. Now i know that i am not the only one that has minor disperfections. thank you, i am glad that i have found a website to make me feel secure about myself again.


Thank you! I am currently breastfeeding my 5 month old. I was surfing the web concerned with how my breasts will look after I wean her. I've always had small breasts (more than A but not quite B) and I was beginning to worry about them a lot and whether I should consider implants. This site opened my eyes! My breasts are currently fulfilling there purpose. It's true that they may look different afterwards but that's just something I'll deal with. Our society really does put too much emphasis on these two masses on our chest. I guess it's time to get over that. I think I'll be a lot more accepting of my new body and be proud that it looks like this because I chose to do the right thing for my baby.


Hi, I'm a male, 42 yrs, and I was wasting my time, cruising the porn websites, getting turned on... when I realized that it is all just one big charade... I'll have to find better ways to deal with my boredom from now on... Thanks for the eye-opener... men should be spending their time in better ways, being more devoted to their families... thanks for this.